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AnonNews - Everything Anonymous

AnonNews is an independent and uncensored (but moderated) news platform for Anonymous. Anyone is welcome to post a submission, and can do so by clicking the "Add" button for a category.
If you need help or have questions regarding AnonNews, please join our IRC channel.

Read these guidelines. Not reading them may get you banned.

While no censorship based on opinion, views, etc. takes place on AnonNews, there are several guidelines in place to keep content on the site relevant. Read these guidelines completely before submitting a related site. Not reading them may get you banned.

This section is solely for Anonymous-related websites. The site must represent a group or 'part' of Anonymous. Examples are IRC networks, Anonymous event planners, specific Anonymous-related news sites or blogs, and so on.

Related sites have to be notable. This essentially means that your blog with 20 visitors a day and 3 total posts is not going to be accepted. An (almost) empty website is not going to be accepted either. For networks/groups/'cells', there must be an established userbase already. Websites run by one person will only be accepted if they offer considerable value (your blog with weekly opinion posts will probably not get accepted, whereas a blog with frequent news about various Anonymous groups will be accepted).

This is not Craigslist. This is not a place to advertise your new site - this section is intended to help people find useful Anonymous-related resources that already exist. If you are looking to start something new, and you're looking for people to join, the forums would be a better place.

Only very few entries will be accepted. The intention is to keep this section as small as possible, offering a brief overview of related resources for people that want to learn more about Anonymous or get actively involved with it. Only the most notable and useful submissions will be accepted.

Keep the submission title to the point. The title must be the name of the site, or, if it doesn't have a name, a brief description of what the site is. No slogans, no URLs, no explanations - keep that for the site itself.

If you have read the guidelines,

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Creative Commons Attribution All content on this website is automatically licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license. You are free to redistribute and/or remix it, but you have to credit the author, or, if the author is unknown ("Anonymous"), place a backlink to the corresponding page on AnonNews and attribute it to "Anonymous".
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