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Operation 'BOA' Bank Of America
Operation 'BOA' Bank Of America image

[ Moderator note: The 3 press releases regarding Operation BoA have been merged to avoid clutter. ]

Following content and link was observed on  

"IRC: HIVEMIND: PORT 6667#loic TARGET: #operationBOA JOIN HIVE NOW | Don't fire yet; Recruit!" & " Recruit!!!" 

[Usernames have been removed]



Following is text from image

Operation: Payback

irc:// est. 2010



We all know what Bank of America is responsible for and who profits from it.

There is substantial speculation that Bank of America will be WikiLeaks' next target. At the Hack in the Box Conference in 2009, Julian Assange claimed to be in possession of a top executive's hard drive.

But there is little reason to wait for the contents to be leaked. Bank of America's history of fraud and ethical misconduct are already well documented in the news. Here are four reasons why it is our target and leaving Bank of America should be your New Year's resolution. 

No coordination is needed anymore. The world knows about you and your methods, anons - as shown when we took a giant dumb on Mastercard, Visa and PayPal. You also know your range of tools by now. You can fire manually using LOIC or a range of other tools such as hpin, slowloris, slowpost, or even ping them from your command prompt. 

And remember, what Hitler did was legal in Germany, lol.
Get on IRC!


Get on or IRC network!







  1. irc://
  2. #OperationBOA
  3. Topic in #OperationPayback : "OPERATION PAYBACK | Up-to-date IRC address: | There is NO target until it is in this topic! | We did NOT attack SpamHaus.| #OperationBOA"

We are attacking BoA Monday morning when the banks open. After agreement between users the time of the attack is set to:

Mon 27-Dec-05:05pm UTC/GMT
Mon 27-Dec-09:05am PST(San Fransisco)
Mon 27-Dec-12:05pm EST(New York)

For more information join and tune on channel #OperationBoA

More infromation regarding hive and target will be given between the attack. If something get's wrong you can join one of our several #OperationPayback on several other severs like:

If you can't connect to hive then attack the target manually at the set time.


Spread: Attack time: Mon 27-Dec-05:05pm UTC/GMT | Target: Bank of America | Info: #OperationBoA

Join the conversation! 48 comment(s) already posted - click to post one yourself, anonymously of course.
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