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Operation Last Call, To End It All


Greetings World,


We write today in hopes of inspiring a World of change and progress.

Many recent occurrences have given us foresight into a World that has instilled in us a deep sense of grievance.  Modern times have shown us so much suffering, worrying, pain, regret, remorse, etc... We see family and friends stressed about debt, about the possibility of losing their job(s), about being able to keep their car/house or being able to support their family.  We see the rich that don't care and the poor that want to help. We see very crooked judicial systems sentencing good people and letting the bad walk free.  We see governments that can't operate, and people being punished for their government’s mistakes. We see very unjust wars being called justified. We see killing, torture, rape, drugs, abuse, hate, bullying, cruelness, lies, secrets and so much more that shouldn't be...

There's a great deal of bad in this World, but before we can influence change we must first acknowledge that we all contribute to the problem.  As humans it is in our nature to negatively impact our environment, to an extent.  However, when you look at the many great feats humans have accomplished throughout history, it's frustrating to see what we've become.  It's as if the advancement of human civilization has come to a screeching halt.  Technology, machinery, science, etc....continues to advance, but at what cost? In living with the luxuries of modern life we counteractively inflict pain and suffering upon those who cannot.  Think about the things you own...  More than likely money was the medium by which those things were obtained, but what have others done in order to earn that money?  What have CEOs done? Do you believe that they earned every penny honestly?  Or did they just sit back and collect, stomping on anyone that happened to cross their path?  In 2011, the average U.S. CEO "earned" more than $11 million, which is approximately 231 times more than the average worker.  The CEO-to-worker compensation ratio in 1965 was approximately 20 to 1, in 1973 ~22 to 1, in 1978 ~29 to 1 and in 1989 ~59 to 1.

One of the most distinguishing features differentiating humans from other primates is the connectivity of our brains, which is the most predominant in the cerebral cortex.  However, while differences within the brain may be involved, it's the communication and empathy humans’ share that surpasses all other differences. Nevertheless, as time goes by it seems as if the gap between us and other primates is closing. Whatever happened to the superior beings that took care of all mankind and watched over the animals that inhabit this planet?  Have we become too caught up in ourselves and our lives?  Have we become so entangled in the media, TV, and the rest of society that we become whatever it is they want us to be?

If the rest of civilization would take a moment to try to envision the World the way we (Anons) do, maybe we could change it.  Change would not be easy, as it seems we have gone beyond the point of an easy fix. The problem could be compared to a computer’s software becoming infected with a virus.  If that virus is caught early, it's not real hard to fix, even if the operating system is nearly unrecoverable one can always reinstall.  However, if a computer becomes infected with virus after virus and is not repaired it could face damage to its hardware components.  The problem could also be compared to a vehicle with a leaking head gasket. While it’d cost a fair amount to replace a gasket with a small leak, it's not unreasonable to get it fixed. However, if someone continues to drive the vehicle, even after oil and coolant start to mix or coolant begins to leak; odds are the repair will be much more costly; possibly causing the vehicle to be considered totaled (a total loss).

So what could be done to fix humankind?  It would seem that the best bet would be to restart the system, like the Great Depression restarted the system.  Times would be very hard for a while, as they were during the Great Depression, but think of what we'd gain.  People would realize the importance of family & friends and realize that they don't need all the possessions they've become so accustomed to.  People’s imagination would flourish, and they'd start thinking for themselves.  Men would become gentlemen and women would become ladies.  Debt would be gone, and a monetary system re-established.  Governments would be rebuilt to better serve their people.  The list goes on and on…  So, how would one go about restarting the system?  The answers lie in the cause of the Great Depression.  Today’s world of electronic money can be a wonderful thing.  That and the panic of investors losing money could potentially create a road to perfection.  Sacrifices would have to be made in order to achieve the greater good, but if we continue along our current path we’ll suffer a fate far worse than one we’d encounter if we change now.   And the best way for us to bring change now would be with a plan of action, word of mouth and some good ol' binary code.

When analyzing a problem most people weigh the pros and cons to aid in the decision making process.  When examining a situation where all roads would lead to a loss, one should try to leave out any bias thoughts and attempt to predict which route would be most beneficial to the future of this World.  In other words, when we look to the future we should try to determine all the benefits and consequences for each and every possible route.

If a person were to explain their observations of a colony of ants, they may say that an ant colony seems to show resemblance to human civilization.  Noting that both move about their habit, completely oblivious to what lies beyond the area surrounding them, performing their job, day in, day out, until the day they die.  Both occasionally go outside of their normal territory, but make it no further really, still just a small distance from what they know.  And what they know they hardly know, but because it’s all they’ve ever known, they think they know.  The observer may also note that the difference between humans and ants is that when something disturbs the anthill, the ants scurry about like humans do if their world is disrupted, except the ants act selflessly, doing only what benefits the anthill as a whole.  The fighters attack to defend the rest, the workers begin moving the queen’s eggs deeper down into the anthill, and other workers help the queen down into the hill, if she’s exposed.  No matter what they may face they follow through with their duty, even if it means they’ll die in doing so.

Lastly, it should be known that the date and specifics of this operation are to be decided by all.  Everyone is welcome to join and together we'll wake the World up!

Join the conversation! 395 comment(s) already posted - click to post one yourself, anonymously of course.
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