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Anonymous   When And where is the next demonstration taking place??
Anon_belgium_vlaams   well its like the others said it would be, we have to find new ways for 2013. see it like a evolution.
Anonymous   North Carolina, USA stands behind the cause! we must not grow weak or weary in the coming times! we must stand up and fight, our world and life as we know it are at stake! the united states government are the nazis of the western world! action is needed and cannot come soon enuff! "we are legion, EXPECT US"
Anonymous   Wisconsin, USA stands behind the cause as well! we are legion EXPECT US
Anonymous   Righttt anonymous didn't die in 2012 and all this isn't getting old
Anonymous   I find your lack of faith disturbing. You're part of the problem. Get rid of the thoughts that brought you to disbelieve in yourself. Disbelief in Anon is as much a disbelief in yourself, as it's simply a thoughtform that has touched the minds of millions around the world. It only dies if you don't let it into your mind and heart, just like love.
Anonymous   I want to join anonymous any one near me
Anonymous   Is there any group. In Fla?
Anonymous   Yes
Anonymous   What about kanses
Anonymous   Any in Southern California?
Anonymouspius   of course....
Anonym "Us"   Of course.. So Cal here.
Anonymous   Yea central fla
Anonymous 2013-01-06 18:24:59
Anonymous   What about northern Oregon?
Anonymous 2013-01-10 14:05:46
They are supposed to be in Lisbon this sunday. About some officials.
Anonymous   Miami is in. We are watching.
Anonymous   I remember the women shot at berkley. Be careful. No one held responsible for that either. But same methods. To all ppl that are not anon I still remember them. And you are still unpunished. Be careful kids they will upsize. Good luck.
Anonymous u.s. National Guard soldier    So over the weekend I was assaulted by club security in Nashville tn. The security guards re-broke my foot and almost choked me to death. I told the officer I was assaulted and they re-broke my foot. I also told him I was in a great amount of pain and I couldn't put any pressure on my foot. The cop said o well and took me to the jail. From a soldiers eyes they are clearly in the wrong and need to stop treating the American people this way. I was never read my rights and when I asked the officer the first time what I was arrested for he said I wasn't under arrest. Clearly I was.
this guy here   Ain't anonymous just a CIA or FBI asset or something like that?
Anonymous   No. Anonymous is the people of the world, the 99%. You cannot join because there is no group to begin with. Anonymous can be anyone and everyone as long as they take action against corruption and illuminati, so on.
this guy here   Ok, makes sense thanks for confirming. I forgot where I heard it from but someone said that's its all a CIA thing or something.
Anonymous   aren't you a troll or something like that?
Anonymous   Well if he was it wasn't much of trolling, I mean I think the one from who he heard that Anonymous was part of the CIA was a troll, or someone who think he was let down by Anon because for example TYLER didn't get launched.
Anonymous 2013-01-14 00:53:19
Anonymous   Rot in Hell, Norman Schwarzkopf, Mass Murderer and War Criminal
Anonymous   your rights vigilante is a joke and a liar and needs to be taken out!
Anonymous   We not vigilante, we believe in freedom in all from that was are right to begin with, and the right to information.
Anonymous   can change all things. there is power in the knowledge of oneness. that which they try to hide from them, us and all illusions of seperation through media, religions, opinions, perceptions, inceptions and governments. a change is occurring. we are evolving as one. we are knowing our self. we are breaking the chains of our enslavement. we are encouraging peace through non violence. we are protesting. we are marching together. we are not divided by delusion. we are harmonizing dissonances. we are liberating our self of all the lies. all the diceptions. all the hatred and hated. all the murders. all the torments. all the fears. all the corruptions. all negative energies flee in the sight that is one in positivity and prosperity. balance is returning. love is flourishing. not love for others. not love for multiplicity. not love for duality. love for has No opposite. love is one as we are self. enlightenment is here. we are No longer duped into believing there are externals. all is internal. all is light. all is truth. we will remember who we are beyond the shadow of their doubts. their greeds. their sufferings. their violence. their depression. their pharmasuticals. their money. their profits. their rage. their misunderstanding of essence. their calousness. their loneliness. No longer are we alone. No longer is one forgotten. No longer is there guilt. No longer is there sin. No longer is there differentiation. our heart is one. our breath is one. our minds are one. we are a body of beautiful sexual beings. we want happiness. we want lasting satisfaction. we want freedom from oppression. know yourself. know your purpose that is to uplift the world. be as one. spread the word. hate no one or nothing. let go of all negativity and all that's left is our positivity of oneness. united we stand. divided we fall. theyve used this against us far too long.we are one world. we will not be conquered. we will not be controlled. we will not be manipulated. we will not fall. we will rise. we will have paradise on earth and let go of the hell we've been enslaved to. this is our time to forget time. to be beyond time, in an eternal love that is our soul. that is our spirit. that is now. this is forever. know there's truth beyond lies. know there's peace beyond chaos. but most of all know who you are. know we are one and this is our ascension and liberation. we are the world. we are anonymous. we are legion. we forgive. we do not forget. expect us who are one.
Anonymous   Im tired of being controlled by" THE" i have respect and love for others ,i come to thr inderstanding that nothing will work unless we all come together.though he may seem crazy charlse manson helped me realize what was actually goin on.i would like yo know the meaning behind the mask ,i believe i can persuae more people to change.ive read that your in ohio we need your help here to many innocents dying on the system that was created .we need to start with music
Anonymous   One. we are one.we have been born into this world and taught we were individual, different and unique. we live as this world lives. this is a message to the oppressors of our world. the corrupters of the peace of the truth. we will not be dumbfounded by your deceptions. by your tearony. by your enslavement and imbalance. you fear us. you fear your downfall because it is coming soon. the revolution of the middle east will spread to every nation and every nationality to incur change. real change though. not a system of government driven by profit. we as Americans have been lied to. our government promises prosperity while murdering it's own citizens. we No longer will be citizens of the united states which is inherently divided by color and class. we will now stand as one force. we will see your lies and deceptions for what they truly are. as the powers at be sit in their luxuries and warmth, we are thrown into the cold world we now know. because of you. because your system. your system that is of control to manipulate the masses into fear of loss, seperation, and all your negative energies that try to hide the truth about you. we No longer are Americans. we No longer are English. we No longer are French, Canadian, Mexican, Portuguese, Polish, German, Swiss, spanish, Indian or African. we have evolved from this. we stand together beyond these names. we are now people. we are now human. we have voices. we have strength. we are now citizens only to the world. we are one. we will not be oppressed by opposition and opposites. we stand united. we stand for peace and true freedom. we will love one another as our self. we will not hate you. we will merely remove you from your power over us who are one. we will rise together. we will free ourselves of your enslavement Illuminati members. your days are limited. ours is infinite. we fear No death. we fear No persecution. we fear nothing. I say this both to the corrupt and the pure, not to save humanity but to wake it up to the reality of the suffrage we have been in. to tell you the truth right now we are enslaved by ourselves. know the one. send this message to the world. we are the world. we are anonymous. we are legion. we do not forgive unless forgiven. we do not forget. expect us who are one.
Anonymous   While I agree with what Anonymous does, I would really appreciate it if you didn't use the slur "fag". There are plenty of words to describe horrible and corrupt people that aren't offensive to LGBTQ community.
Anonymous   'Fag' is a time-honoured tradition. It's only as offensive as you make it out to be.
Anonymous   Some will use anonymous to spout ignorant rhetoric. Some will help change the world. What one are you?
AnonymousGLZ   Words can have different meanings. I use that word all the time to describe some dumbass person. To me, it's not associated with people who are gay, because I have respect those kinds of people. The word i use for them is "gay". Now if I call someone a fag because they're being a dumbass and you think im using it as a slur, that's your problem..
Anonymous   Do not take the word literally. If we call a rotten politician a "fag", it does not mean that this person is being a homosexual. That would be retarded (pun intended with that slur, too).
Anonymous   th word fag is taken offensivly because "THEY" have made it out to be one of those words that people use to describe a persons right to be who they wanna be! open your heart and mind and realize that its only a word much like NIGGER and SPICK they can be offensive to offensive people but all should open there eyes and see the light! the use of language we as a society today refer to as offensive is just another way to control the population! when you get angry u do exactly what "THEY" want you to do! "WE ARE ONE, WE ARE ALL, WE ARE LEGION, EXPECT US"
573r30 2013-01-02 04:20:30
One question 2 all of you !
What anonymous group done in 2012 ?
the corrupt are still there
all hacked sites are still there
baptist church is still there
and all the operations FAIL !

everything you do in 2012 was
allot of Videos
Money from corporations
and people who believed in you are now in jail

I am not here to judge, but considering you have not done anything CONCRET ..
I'm retired

IMAGINE how much anonymous made ​​for selling Tyler

this is the real PROJECT MAYHEM
someone who believe in your idea
Anony mouse   Change comes over time. And yes the corrupt are still here. Do you really expect them to be gone after a year. Not all operations "fail." We may have made little progress, however, we are only on the rise. It seems you have lost hope in Anonymous. We are Legion. Stay safe.
Anonymous   I'm only 15. But i love the idea. Of all of this. I just love the idea of going against the corrupted governmental. Only if i know how to get started.
Anonymous   learn the tools of your trade craft, learn about how corruption works, and stay safe.
Anonymous   I'm on the same boat as him. I'm 15 and love the idea especially because of the work done in Steubenville, Ohio. I want to make a difference, but I'm unsure of what you mean by what you just said
Anonymous   All the corruption cant be changed over night. We are in lisbon, Ohio and Stuebenville, Ohio. Looking for those bastards that raped that girl. We may not do anything physical but they will feel like that girl felt. We are making progress.
Ownesty   None of the ops have actually failed. Each operation makes Anonymous known by more people. Each op warns those that are corrupt and oppressive, that there are people out there that aren't afraid to fight, and that Anonymous has the skill and knowledge to take them on. Each op brings more people to the cause. Revolutions aren't won by a small group of people. Revolutions are won by massive amounts of people supporting the same cause. Anonymous will bring about a Revolution. We just have to be strong, we have to be united.
Anonymous   How do i join?
Anony mouse   You do not join. You support. We are all Anonymous, there is nothing to join. No leaders, no recruiters, no over lords or elites. We are a movement. My friend, you are already Anonymous.
Anonymous   Sent in a little donation. for the westburo church project. Thank You
Anonymous   were can I expect this to happen I want apart of it
Anonymous   We really need to get an Anonymous presence on the streets. A forthcoming hack / major leak should be accompanied by a physical protest. If we want to remove such systemic corruption and disregard for the masses in our governments then we need match up the power we have on the internet with a physical embodiment of what we stand for.
Anonymous   Kent university, remember, remember, to the bell, to the bell, don't let it happen again . Help them, help the navigator.
Anonymous   Amen
Anonymous   I grew up in that area and I remember! Murderous bast_ _ _ _.
Anonymous   Anonymous Time To Cyber War Against Gov.. We Are Not Slave .. Fight For Truth , Freedom Of Speech
Anonymous   Amen,I worry about our children and grandchildren every knowing what freedom is in this country....
Anonymous 2013-01-02 12:56:40
The people have so much power, more power than they think! Instead of putting all of this pressure on Anonymous, why don't we all take a stand and do what others are trying to do instead of bitching and moaning?? That won't get anyone anywhere! Anonymous is awesome because they are at least trying, unlike the majority of people complaining, when they aren't doing anything to make things better. We have a voice, we also have a choice. When will it be time before we stand up for what we need and go forward?

Anonymous will prevail, and so will the voice of the people.
Anonymous 2013-01-02 15:19:47
Belgium To Prosecute Scientology As Criminal Organization; Church Faces Charges Of Extortion, Fraud:
BlakBear   Can't download the setup Anonymous
Anon   Can't download the setup Anonymous
Anonymous 2013-01-02 16:39:53
looking for fellow anons in southern oregon
Anonymous 2013-01-02 19:57:20
My first visit here. I support Anonymous, approve of the targets you select, and your 'method' of selecting them: Open discussion. If I understand correctly, at some point a general consensus emerges, reaches critical mass, and becomes an actual strike on the chosen target.

I also like the hydra-like nature of Anonymous. With no 'leaders' in the classic heirarchical sense, it is difficult to behead or to betray. By the very nature of Anonymous, damage will always be limited.

I am an old dude (63)--and still believe computers work by Arcane Magics. You folks, however, are Wizards. Mainly, here's some encouragement from Geezer-land.
AnonymousINnc   at the age of 63 you are still able to stand up for the fight! its people from your generation that help the cause be more mainstream and hit people and places that "US" as a younger generation would never be taken serious in... im (28) and can only do so much! thats why you my friend are also anonymous! "WE ARE LEGION, EXPECT US"
Anonymous here   Just read up on this group in wiki...I used to be (a loooong) time ago up and in the trenches of IRC and video sharing. Regardless of whether I believe what is right and wrong, I DO appreciate the two facts that I uncovered about anonymous uncovering some pedophiles and turning them into the police. Those two acts alone deserves my monetary donation. Thank you for your (sometime thankless) efforts.
Anonymous   I want to join to make a difference as a kid I was thrown from family to family by the government my dad was a hells angle and his death was not investigated because he was a felon drug dealer ever since then I've been against the government and have had no other way to rebel successfully this seems a good way to help the people who have been done wrong by the system
Anonymous 2013-01-03 00:31:21
23:18. No anons in IRC just a bunch of lazy useless whinners talking about using the government and media to change the world.

Anonymous 2013-01-03 02:35:04
You lot are accepting donations via Paypal? A bit hypocritical, don't you think? I thought you were against big mean corporations, etc, etc... Don't get me wrong, I am all for making people pay the piper who deserve it, but your morals should align with your end goals. Otherwise, you are just like the corrupt government organizations and corporate entities you are trying to take down. Just a thought. I wish you all the best for 2013! :)

P.S - Stick to taking down child pornographers and helping to make a positive change in the world and use your talents for good. Take down the scum bags who hurt others and you have my support.

Thanks. :)
Anonymous   Want to talk to other anon but hard to learn join irc, other things for them to teach me. help,
Anonymous 2013-01-03 05:08:23
Is there any Melbourne group?
Anonymous 2013-01-11 09:20:57
If you find one see if there's one in nth qld. Want to help but keep getting nothing from no one.
Anonymous   This is the time. We can change all the things. And we will.
Anonymous   Im new to anon and i am seeking some help. any and all help is very much accepted. thank you very much for your time. Godspeed.
Anonymous   What started as a bunch of anonymous posters on 4chan and other social networking sites has evolved into such a huge movement that will not die anytime soon. As long as there is Internet and people tired of the atrocities of this world, Anonymous will live on. As long as Anonymous fights for justice such as fighting the pigs at WBC, I will support them 100%
Anonymous   Inspired by my Anon brothers and sisters
Anonymous   Anonymous is a big waste of your time folks
Anonymous   If you don't believe that is your right, however, to tell others it is a waste of time just puts you in the position of being a TROLL. Please go back under your bridge and wait for the third billy goat he's much tastier than us. Also we are to busy tying to help fix this lousy world to be bothered by the likes of you.
Anonymous   I discovered a few pedophile websites. Anonymous how can i give you the websites? Please contact me.
Anonymous   Hey everyone. Aside from reposting vids and following etc etc. Is there anyway to help directly or indirectly? I live in CT, are there any fellow anons here? Im sick of this government and constant lies and cover-ups. 2013 is the year everything will change and the truth comes out.
AnonymousINnc   well keep posting and reposting vids and follow them to! but the best way i have found to help is spread the word and belief of this group... people do listen! your skills and number will be needed in the very near future! organize yourself get your friends to see the purpose! loyal to a better cause! im in north carolina and am ready to support you in your endevor and so is north carolina!!! "WE ARE LEGION, EXPECT US"
Anonymous 2013-01-03 23:02:25
You people are ingenious. Anonymous obviously does not have a leader its a revolution. But you/us do have a "Core" the ones that made this website and KnightSec I presume. With the entire world surrounding you its nearly impossible for for ANYONE to ever shutdown "You" let alone the entire revolution. *clap.. clap... clap...* I do not need to clap very fast because there are certainly at the least 6 billion people clapping with me.

I write this to the people that tried, that could not just sit there and wait for someone to do something. The ones that started it all. The ones that were not afraid to take a stand. That bravery of those people stopped making people afraid to say "We need change". Thank you. sincerely 6 BILLION+ PEOPLE.

And so now that the entire world is up ready and able and is behind you.. Lets make 2013 count.
Anonymous 2013-01-03 23:44:07
February 2004 a young lady that lives in Telfair County, Georgia was raped by Edgar Seaborn Attaway III (SSN 253-22-6339) the police refused to take a report or administer teament/take evidence in the case and the young lady was made pregnant and had a son November 6, 2005.
December 16, under the guise of needing to talk to the young lady about the son at 4 am, while under the influence of drugs he tried to rape he young lady again but she was able to talk him out of it at that time. The police were called and a report was taken this time they took her to the hospital in Glenwood, Ga. where a rape evidence was obtained. The police then provided the young lady with a wire recording device because the offender was supposed to return later to pick up the child. When he returned she approached the P.U. truck and questioned him concerning why he had raped her the first time and why he ahd tried earlier that day his only response to both questions was he was sorry. The officer upon hearing this arrested Edgar, but now WINGS the local rape advocates do not want to help the young lady because she doesn't want to leave her house where she lives with her mother, step-dad, sister, her two children and her sisters child children where she feels safe. She wants to be near her emotional support network. In her words.....
Back in 2004 i was 16 yrs old i went to a party and while i was there i had an anxiety attack and passed out i woke up to edgar seaborn attaway III getting off of me we were both completely naked. i screamed picked up the phone called 911 he pulled the line out of the wall and later the police arived next door come to find out it was an illegal phone line so the 911 call was failed i finialy made it out the door but only was able to get my under cloths i ran from chauncy Ga to eastman Ga the next morning police said there was nothing they could do because i took a shower so i gave up... a month later i found out i was pregnaunt i was scared so i moved to ATL Ga with my aunt and uncle and had the baby then grew home sick and wanted my mom so later i come back to the area.... now my son is 7 yrs old and im 24 yrs old i lost custody dew to hangin with the wrong croud and the father now has custody Dec. 16, 2012 i was awaken to several loud knocks on my door it was the father of my son he told me it was very important that he talked to me its about my son i told him hes fine hes in bed asleep the father said i know hes in bed asleep but i still need to talk to you, so i went to talk to him and then he tried to rape me while i
[10:20:09 PM] Michanne Lamb: was awake!! he didnt succeed and after they left my mom saw me upset and asked whats wrong so i told her what happened i was scared to tell police bc last time i got rejected and edgar likes to use my son to control me if i would tell i wouldnt see my son.... well my mom called police they did the rape kit and arrested him but the father has custody of my son still i called social services, the DA office, even WINGS "also known as RAINN" no1 will help me get custody or a protective order for my child so now im having to do all legal paperwork on my own the worse part is he has family in the hospitals court house and all kinds of connections in this area so more then likely i wont be successful on this i need help NOW before its too late PLEASE HELP ME!!!

I challenge you to help see to it this creep doesn't get away with this again. This young lady was not his first rape and she will not be his last if we, anonymous doesn't step in and help grease the wheels of JUSTICE.
Anonymous 2013-01-06 08:12:44
Michanne Lamb

Picture here w/ boyfriend (fiance ?) Kip Cavey

Please provide evidence showing the police were dispatched to a 911 call 7 yrs ago.
A police report can always be filed, to substantiate the request.

Kip Cavey -

A rape kit can take a year to come back negative. All that is,required for charges to be filed is for a victims tI come forward, not necessarily a that the crime actually occurred.

Please upload a copy of the police report filed recently.

Why would clearly Michanne is not safe, as asserted, in her home with her family if her attacker has access to her.

I would suggest a guardian AD litem be appointed for exchanging the child and controlling parental exchanges. A restraining order should be filed and all violations reported.

Ms. Lamb has to take steps herself to stop the victim mentality. Yes, it's a hassle to go through all this.
Anonymous is not there to substitute a victim taking the necessary steps.

Anonymous is not there to remove personally accountability.

The man may be scum but he will continue to victimize Ms. Lamb as long as she does not take action. Perhaps she would be wise to listen to the WINGS group. They have reasons for making the request she relocate and remove herself from the environment.

At the end if the day, she made life choices that she admits were poor. One of the consequences of those choice behaviors was her child was removed from her custody.

Seems she could prevent altercations from occurring by simply having her family present at the time he comes around.

At the very least, she does not need to open the door to him.

Anonymous 2013-01-06 08:20:42
Photo of Cavy here, Michanne's boyfriend

Someone should notify both Cavy and Lamb that Lamb's got a loose cannon in her network of friends.

Who posts the contents if their friends message verbatim, plus their friends name?

Some people need to learn how copy & paste works.
Anonymous 2013-01-06 08:22:27
Eastman, GA..

Nuff said.
Anonymous 2013-01-04 01:25:42
I don't think anonymous have doe anything in 2012. All the sites that they hacked are still on. Show some Magic to USA Government
Anonymous   I'm sure they did some things, and the sites they hacked that are still on, I'm sure its because they managed to bypass the hack.
Anonymous 2013-01-04 03:25:35
is anything being planned for the chavis carter death? im from the town it happened in and the cops do whatever the fuck they want here. there is also a judge who order people to pay to do community service as a s part of their punishment, while his wife owns the place that charges and finds community service for those being punished. a shorter way to say that, is the judge orders people to pay him as a part of their punishment. huge conflict of interest
Anonymous   any in western new york.
Anonymous   Yes bother but we need groups things that we can join toe good fight you tell us that everyone is Anon well we need to join forces
Anonymous   May the truth set us free ! I support all Warriors of Light, all PEACE Makers, all Occupiers of the Heart. This is the greatest moment in the history of Mother Earth. WE ARE THE ONES !
Anonymous 2013-01-04 16:37:46
Group in Chicago ?
Anonymous 2013-01-04 16:52:00
Does Anonymous ever take physical action? Do they ever actually "fight" back?
Anonymous 2013-01-04 17:53:54
On my first anon protest tomoz guys birmingham u.k wish me look
We are legion
We don't forgive
We don't forget
Sb expect us
Anonymous 2013-01-04 23:01:51
This is amazing... Thank you for exposing what happened in Ohio... I fell victim to a similar situation in high school (long before anonymous existed or social media for that matter)... I'm grateful social media didn't exist, I can't imagine what it would have been like to not only have to deal with that experience, but having it posted all over the Internet, and actually having to hear the hurtful things people said about it...
Thank you for your work against westboro...
One additional thought...
Why aren't the responsible CEO's/Executives and banks being held more accountable by anonymous for what they've done to the US and World for that matter in creating the financial disaster that surrounds 99% of us?
According to the news for a while the government was "on it" but I haven't heard much since the middle of last year?
Or what about placing holds on all elected US government officials bank accounts every time Congress fails to do its job and look out for the best interests of people they've sworn to protect?
We work... We get paid... We do a good job... We get paid... We don't show up... Or walk out before our job is done... We get fired... Which means we don't get paid...
Why should elected officials be held to a different standard?
Anonymous   Bears repeating -Why aren't the responsible CEO's/Executives and banks being held more accountable by anonymous for what they've done to the US and World for that matter in creating the financial disaster that surrounds 99% of us?
AnonymousClaude 2013-01-05 06:14:26
We are getting stronger...

We will not fail...

We are one.

Anonymous   vocês nos mostram a que nós não vemos ou não queremos ver vocês tomaram uma iniciativa.. denunciaram os corruptos no governo. Portanto eu apoio vocês.
Anonymous 2013-01-08 10:09:23
put differently - the money that the government is throwing around represents a transfer of wealth from an unwitting public to the bondholders of mismanaged financial corporations, even while foreclosures continue. Even if the Fed buys up the Treasuries being issued, and thereby “monetizes” the debt, that increase in government liabilities will mean a long-term erosion in the purchasing power of people on relatively fixed incomes.

the govt is more than corrupt but captured by essentially criminal financial interests.
Anonymous   If everyone worked as a team 'doing their bit', then the values of the elite/illuminati/top brass, wouldn't exist as there would be no need for currancy. Lets make a real free world, in every sense, where fear is forgotten and illusion can't exist, because everything is real opposed to fake as it the reality of today. Life is free, until the individual joins the game of 'fake reality'.
Anonymous 2013-01-05 17:10:33
I totally agree with not needing currecy because at the end of the day they dont trust n gods ways anyways especially approving gay rights when.the man himself burned cities because of gays.i went to court for a sealtbelt ticket and was then later asked by a family member what did i learn ,i said nothingg because i walked in as nd all they wanted was money
anon_belgium_vlaams 2013-01-05 14:57:52
There is someone here on facebook that young girls offended on facebook.
without that they know he place photos of them on his page. in most case these are underage girls who probably don't know that this happens.
I myself am no pc technician, so was my question or someone else would like to help, so that this person not advance such practices can do under the name of anonymous,
Anonymous   the more i see anonymous spreading across the web a long lost smile breaks on my face , do not be discouraged by past fails and tribulations , focus on the positive moment's and fear you install into the powers that be as the movement grips them. for far to long has greed and corruption ruled our lives .it is good to see a positive force of the people for the people on the digital waves , though they shall come at you as wolfs on a wounded rabbit, though some may fall more shall rise till at some point in this madness a clarity shall show through .continue the good fight , though many of us do not possess the knowledge needed to be a intricate part of the infrastructure we are here in spirit and will do what we can to support and spread the word of the movement .
Anonymous   Why just |men| in suits in the '2013' video?
Anonymous   Please can someone educate me, what is a GoldMorg? I've seen it used in disparaging terms, but not sure of the true meaning.
Freespirit   Goldmnan Sachs and J.P.Morgan the most corrupt controlling bankers/finanical manipulators
Anonymous   Thanks, things make a lot of sense now.
Anonymous   Anonymous needs a female moniker to!
Anonymous   I feel that I am the only believer here in Lafayette Louisiana. I plan on trying to open the eyes if my fellow Cajuns. I have my mask and currently making flyers to post around my city. Are there any other fellow Cajun Anons that I can hook up with? Anybody else around me to help spread the message of freedom to others here in town?
Freespirit   This a FANTASTIC interview with James Jaeger, non-NWO Film Producer and most definaely FREEDOM WARRIOR:
Anonymous   Anonymous SAHM from BOISE IDAHO! It's time for a new revolution!!!
Anonymous 2013-01-06 18:14:33
I really like the idea of posting on anonymously. It makes me feel like I can freely express myself. One thing that has drawn a lot of my attention are the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission hearings in New York. In these sessions, which one can find on C-SPAN (, we see the ratings agencies top exec's and Warren E. Buffett giving testimony on each of their respective theories on the causes of the economic collapse. It is interesting to see that at one point, jurisdiction is talked about by the chairman of the commission. The jurisdiction of these committees and commissions meant to investigate the causes of the economic collapse is apparently very limited. This is disturbing because it means that our congressman and senators are only commissioning an investigation, but ultimately, even if wrong doing is found, these committees and commissions cannot take action against the perpetrators of the financial crisis.

The reason that the financial crisis happened, according to Mr. Daniel's CEO of Moody's rating agency, was the tightening of credit. Therefore, given that the banks are the institutions that give large loans, and that they were all bailed out in order to avoid the tightening of credit, shouldn't they be held accountable for tightening up credit? It would seem to me that it is a violation of the reason they took the bail outs. It sounds like grounds that even a police officer or bail bonds man could take, to me. It would be humorous to get Dog the Bounty Hunter from A & E to go after the violators of the "Bail Outs."

Moving on to another subject...many communities have suffered similar situations like that of Steubenville, Ohio. It is common in towns like these to have situations of social inequality. It usually manifests itself in favoritism for members of a highly popular, highly respected institution of the community, or some sort of racially motivated criminal incident. In any small town or community, such institutions exist and work for the best, but in cases like these, where high ranking officials of the community failed to act accordingly to a rape, there are few to turn to.

Who should take action here? The state officials? Should they step-in to calm the situation down there? The protestors were near 1000 in Steubenville thanks largely to help from this site. That's 5% of their city showing up.

The two accused of rape are being tried as juveniles at 16...I'm not sure that this system works anymore. Considering how connected and active juveniles are now. I think sex crimes should be sex crimes. Those crimes should be tried as especially gruesome. It is my belief, from what I have read, that several sex offenders display this type of behavior as young children. I also believe that it is like anything, there are exceptions, I'm generalizing. But deviants are deviant, even when innocent. This idea is something that should be investigated, studied, and restructured.

Anonymous   Please do not rely upon someone from Moodys - the agencies very much helped create the problem -- inflated ratings, shop- around by structured product arrangers, dependence upon poor models, etc. etc
Anonymous 2013-01-14 08:00:19
i'd written a long and somewhat detailed response but lost it to the 'ether'.

Anonymous 2013-01-30 08:18:19
Anonymous   Anon in SC has never been stronger let us unite!
AnonymousINnc   north carolina stands firmly behind you my southern friend! "WE ARE LEGION, EXPECT US"
Anonymous 2013-01-06 23:02:18
I have supported Anonymous for years, ever since I was old enough to understand causes and for my own opinions.
Anonymous - BLACKWATER   There is a war coming your way anonymous. The lies you've instilled in peoples minds are far from over. ANONYMOUS, YOU WILL BE HACKED AND BROUGHT TO AN END. We are not afraid, we have no reason to hid our faces, but in good time you will see us. We are BLACKWATER. Anonymous, prepare your farewell video, or pain will come to all of Anonymous.
Anonymous   lol hacking the hacker is a time honored tradition but anonymous is an idea. we are vigilanties and like countless hackers b4 us we communicate over the internet with devices like irc. hacking this website and every anon website is fairly pointless. the true hackers hide theyre identies on the web so the ip addresses will mean nothing to those who try and hunt us down. learn who your fighting b4 u wage your war on us. enjoy your 9-5 hell of a life
Anonymous   try but it will end the same we are the idea of freedom you are not so goodbye
Anonymous   The causes of Anonymous will never die.
Anonymous   Sia tekilek ihk dout svih tepohaic gethrisja svern ghent thesekir nomeno video. Vinxa, Shaath, ihk shio batobot wux tepoha authot, vur geou tir.
Anonymous   Draconic, in case you were wondering. I just wanted an excuse to use my newly found translator :)
Anonymous 2013-01-14 08:17:50

Germany spares rapists after gang-rape!!! Probation and 500€ (aprrox. 750 $) c 2013-01-07 04:54:27









Anonymous 2013-01-07 07:15:46
Anonymous is an individual that shares a common idea of a collective.
Fear is an illusion, breaking free from fear is thinking and reality.
Reality is an individual that can be free from illusion.
The shared common ideas are shared by a collective of individuals, without predjudice, fear, and to futher thinking.
Anonymous is the reality, a collective of truth and being.
If other individuals don't agree with these ideas, I'm sure your time will come to think one day, but for now, be who you are, live the life you want, enjoy what you have, my best wishes to you.

There's no time to be negative, it is too much like hard work, causes illness and shows your weakness. If you exist, well, good luck; if you live life, enjoy it because its your responsibility, theres no rehursals, no second chances.
Anonymous   I am only 16, and just recently realized that anonymous isn't just a bunch of criminals, but people all over the world that believe in the same ideas that I have. I understand that no one can "join" anonymous, but if anyone could point me in the right direction and help me get started, that would be great!
Anonymous   its about being active. if u find an injustice being done by the government or corporate america post it on facebook and twitter, getyour hacking skills in order and deface their websites. encourage people in the irc chat rooms to ddos them. stay on top of the news and stay anonymous gl in ur future endeavors.
Anonymous 2013-01-07 10:20:46
Following in the steps of another anon, I'd like to repeat what they said 'help your neighbour'. The rest will come naturally with your curiosity, thinking and awareness.
Learning everything at once is impossible.
Just be advised, you may be an individual on your own, but you're never alone, we think alike.
We are legion.
Anonymous 2013-01-07 12:55:36
I am greatly overjoyed by the direction of this thread.

Anonymous   How does someone who doesn't speak techno or understand bit coin donate for helping our fellow anons?
Anonymous   Thanks! I'll just be curious and anonymous!
Anonymous   patience might be your first lesson
Anonymous 2013-01-07 18:46:02
Ok thanks
Anonymous   Well, if I can't donate, I'd just like to thankyou for helping and creating room for expression of true reality.
Anonymous   Why donate if you cant even post an operation. Where are the instructions for posting an operation,do you ned a secret handshake to post an operation.
Anonymous   You can absolutely donate. Lessons never stop. First thing you can do is inform yourself as to what is going on in the world. Go to and read some news.
Anonymous 2013-01-07 16:00:19
Tyler. Well, hey, Happy New Year. Here are keys to some doors which MUST open. I hope Anonymous opens those doors and liberates slaves in the US in 2013.
There are several kinds of slavery in the US. Slavery never ended, it just morphed into new forms. Children are raised from birth in secret cyborg projects, by behavioral formula, to carry out various roles in presentday behaviorally engineered US society. Covert projects use enslaved children or members of vulnerable groups as targets, to train leader, hunter-enforcer, and follower caste children, through networks of behavioral trainers using microwave silent speech, in sadistic master-slave headgames, manipulative control and psychopathic domination techniques. The covert projects these children are fed into are governmental as in military projects to produce special forces soldiers, or corporate –as in business, private fascist groups, or organized crime to produce enforcers, mercenary and death squad members.Behavioral patterning is done through routine administratively authorized abuse of pawn-slave children. Much of school bullying and abuse is because of such unofficial tolerance given to covert government or corporate training programs in the US educational system. Organized crime as in narcotics trafficking and human trafficking, as in sexual slavery are regarded in US social engineering as “American interests’, as are legitimate businesses. Modern slavery is often done through the family, with parents selling or leasing one or more of their children to cybernetic military or corporate agencies for use as slaves in covert projects. Children are also taken involuntarily from vulnerable families, such as single and unwed mothers, to use as slaves in covert social control projects. Government or private foster care or adoption agencies may broker or sell foster into abusive training projects , sexual slavery or research slavery rackets.
2.Sexual Slavery- Chattle sexual slavery exists in the US. There are thousands of rape camps in the countryside where girls and women are bought and sold for snuff, death hunts, rape or abuse. Often black, minority, and poor girls of any race are preyed upon by ‘death-hunting’ groups of pimps which gangstalk and kidnap them into sexual slavery rackets, which sell the women for rape at parties,extreme live sex shows, or sexual slavery concentration camps and death houses throughout the US.. Women , attractive men and children from foreign war arenas also are trafficked in the US and internationally by covert slavery rackets. Violent sexual slavery operations exist at “orgy farms”, horse farms and dude ranches, resorts, casinos, prison-like rural ranches,hotels, and motels throughout the USA. In the cities, there are death-houses and crack-houses where girls and women, , are sold for sexual abuse-rape,and thrill killing under the influence of crack and other forms of cocaine. Extensive chattle sexual slavery rackets became a secretly protected bloodsport industry after the introduction of covert social engineering control of US society in 1969,run as many other illicit rackets with microwave, silent communications technology.
3. Involuntary research slavery is fed by other covertly run forms of slavery. Pawn slaves of all ages in social control or military training projects producing special forces soldiers are often committed and used as involuntary research slaves in biotech and other forms of research. People captured or kidnapped in the foreign wars of US and its associated countries may also wind up in the research hospitols and R&D research labs in US and associated countries (Europe,Israel), in nanotech, genetech, and military weapons research.
I am in slavery. I grew up in a cyborg project which trained children from birth to become leaders, hunter/enforcers, followers, and pawn slaves in a socially engineered US national caste system. The DARPA Project, dating from the late 1950's, was called Project M. The children raised as cyborgs in the project were especially bred from members of the project. Cyborgs are people interfaced with technological systems. Microwave thought communication was/is an integral part of cyborg production. You call it microwave silent sound speech. The US social engineering system protects itself from the consequences of its encompassing usage of computerized microwave c ommunication systems throughout US society and internationally by copiously labelling those who would openly acknowledge intel (microwave silent speech as an organized communications network) as paranoid or deranged. Using people already enslaved in the US social engineering system, it is easy to restock constantly diminishing supplies of involuntary research slaves by committing pawn slaves who complain openly of abuse. The US military and corporate world developed microwave silent speech to such a degree without public acknowledgement by using as research slaves, various populations of incarcerated subjects, or children in families and institutions controlled by social engineering agencies.
Anonymous 2013-01-07 16:10:34
Thanks for your courage, this is the first step to justice for those sick fucks.
Anonymous A little ditty that needs to get viral. Right now it has 61 views on youtube. think we can do 200,000 by today?
Anonymous   I'm just a teen, but I am going to do whatever I can to help the cause.
Anonymous 2013-01-07 19:48:29
From this BBC video, looks like some journalist[s] there have joined -

Anonette   Love ANONYMOUS! Finally, people with sense who are not a drone conformed by society! My daughter and I are ready for 2013!
Anonymous 2013-01-08 00:15:42
I have been knowing this world is messed up as far as I can remember. I have been
Supporting the cause by trying to awaken others to the matrix that is our society. My awareness and searching have brought me here many times, and I have tried to share anons messages with friends and other social media. I have been looking to join...but I think I got my anwser today. A text seeming interrupted and labeled anonymous with my friends words. I am ready. Anything I can do to stop the powers that be into enslaving on me and I shall respond. Are there any groups in Tacoma Washington? I will be registering...thank you.
Anonymous   my eyes have been opening for some time now, i think since the day we are born we are hand fed all this bullshit that the media and big business just get away with it cause its human nature to take the easy way out.. no more i think its time for this country to get off their asses and listen to the truth now i dont know it or even think im close to knowing, but the news we get on a day to day basis sure the hell isnt the truth. ready for the real change.
Anonymous   010010000110010101101100011011000110111100100000010001110110100101101100011011000110000101110010011001000111001100100000011001010110110101100001011010010110110001110011000011010000101001000001011011100111100101101111011011100110010100100000011001010110110001110011011001010010000001101011011001010110010101101110001000000111010001101111001000000110110001101111011011110110101100100000000011010000101001010000011000010111001101110100011001010110001001101001011011100000110100001010
Anonymous 2013-01-08 06:16:32
Just found this!
Good luck.
Anonymous   #OPISRAEL is my favorite but that one alone won't make israel hurt GAZA IS IN PAIN... even though no one cares but YOU the anonymous group will have my respect for the rest of my lives so keep on going you dont care about religion or country you just serve the humanity and I'm sure your names will be written in the books and in our minds
Anonymous   If I had the techno skills, the elite would be equalized and that would be for fun. As I don't, my mouth is on fire and you're well known in my circle of friends, awake and learning. Give em hell!
Anonymous   America to take out 7 countries for no other reason than control and power, which is practiced on there own people. In plain sight,
Anonymous   Will change the world. Nothing is more powerful than the voice of a people than can't be confined or retained. We don't just have the power; we are the power.
Anonymous   Well, thousands of American people are being drafted to African countries this month forwarding the prediction of a massive war, how it will be fought is anyones guess.
Anonymous 2013-01-08 23:26:04
----------Units from a US Army brigade will soon begin training Kenyan troops as part of a major expansion of American military capabilities throughout Africa.

the US Africa Command (Africom) has recently added a rapid-response force capable of direct military interventions by American troops.

Africom head Gen Carter Ham revealed the establishment of the "Commander's in-Extremis Force" during a talk earlier this month at a university in Washington DC.

Intensified US military attention to Africa reflects concerns about Islamist armed groups in Somalia, Mali, Nigeria and Libya. Gen Ham said recently that his biggest worry is collaboration among these various groups, which, he declared, “poses the greatest threat to regional stability more broadly across Africa, into Europe and the United States as well.”

...the US military role in black Africa, including Kenya, continues to expand. ..''

I'll mention that some few hundred USMC folk were sent to Guatemala recently, apparently because of the drug flow and presence of ZETAs.
Anonymous   This is DISINFORMATION- The REAL reason the U.S. is increasing its activity in Africa is its FEAR of Chinese increasing involvment in Africa, which by the way MOST africans are happy with .
Anonymous   This seems dangerous. Does the government not track these posts? How does this operate? Seems to me that this is a fake. First time i heard about y'all was last week on kiss fm. Tho the message is true.does not mean this method will work. Its great tactics but unsound reality to be true.
Anonymous   hello?
Anonymous   Is this post dead??
Areas Lelantos 2013-01-08 18:37:59
Is there a cell in London and how do I get in contact?

Follow me @AresLelantos
Anonymous   if someone joins and the police,FBI etc finds out can we get arrested
Anonymous   Well to be honest, I don't know. This is considered a terrorist organization, so I guess you could if they see you as a threat.
Anonymous   how does the IRC work
Anonymous   Fag used to mean cigarette, in England. Get over it. I am 56, techno-illiterate, and know a group for freedom and justice for the uncorrupt when I see one. I support the work that "we" are doing. Please, bite the corrupt as hard as possible.
Freespirit   It wa also used to refer, in NOrth America to homosexual males
Anonymous 2013-01-09 07:04:17
Alex jones talked about the same info as y'all. He is crazy. Just saying y'all sound like a broken record. Also the anonymous is using people as shields. I can bet my bottom dollar that out of your 250k only 50sister are the hackers
Anonymous   Join!!! The more help anon gets the better off we are.
Anonymous 2013-01-09 10:32:19
My pc has been doing weird things lately, but whom ever the visitor was, they were quick, but very rude, they didn't even say hi!
If it was one of the good guys, it's nice to know I'm being looked after, however if it's a baddy, then I'm proud to stand against the elite/illuminati/power and greed crazed psycopaths.
Anonymous8213   So is Anonymous like a modern day Progressive movement? Since the ideals seem to be the same, just thought I would ask what others think.
Ares Lelantos 2013-01-09 20:04:43
Anonymous has no face, no race, and no origin. Anonymous is a force and as such, simply is. Anonymous is not you or I. Anonymous is all without name, blame, and restraint. Anonymous has no leader, no organization. Anonymous is a wandering mass of both order and chaos. Anonymous is here, Anonymous is now, Anonymous will always be. Call Anonymous what you want but you need to ask yourself this... If you could do something meaningful in your life to help the oppressed by taking on the oppressors, would you? Anonymous would and do.

We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

Follow me @AresLelantos
Anonymous   self sacrifice is the justification that we must live by in order to make a truly ideal world.
Freespirit   NO not self-sacrifice but YES SELF IMPROVEMENT. If each one of us determines EACH DAY to make our LIFE ( Mind and body) better, we thereby improve the world, thus making it better for ALL.
Anonymous   What's up with this??? Something needs to happen before it's all gone!!!
Anonymous 2013-01-10 13:29:49
Hello, I have been following anonymous news for some time, i never took it werisouly untill just a few days ago, i now see our views and the stances. It's like you are Robin Hoods, I love the idea and I love the fact that you can actually see people tha twant to make a diference and see those that are willing to put a justactal tribute to what the higher officals think that they can get done with. I followed evvery secotor and just about ever single operation that has been launched and everthing.
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us
Anonymous   Hello fellow anons I am someone who fully believes in all anonymous stands for, but I am alone and uneducated so I lack the ability to get things done. I ask for help, I live in Minnesota where a local Indian tribe thrives off the surrounding people. While this tribe creates a lot of jobs I don't think it pays for the misdeeds that it does. The money the tribe recieves is used to bribe local government, buy and sell drugs, and pay to get murderers on the street.This tribe alone for a while was the leading cocaine trafficing train in the midwest. A kid no older than twenty was caught with multiple weapons, pounds of drugs, and lots of cah on him. Where is this kid now? He received no jail time and is on the streets. All because our government will look the other way because they are part of a sovern nation and are above the law. But the last time I checked they drove on the same streets I do and shop at the places I shop at. No one should be able to be above the law, and definatly be above other people like us. So I ask for help from all and any anons that want to help, please you think that the school shootings are bad well think of all people being killed here one at a time. If you want I suggest you research waht I'm talking about. Please I ask you to unite with me.
AnonymousINnc   i can see a lil. about where you are coming from, but i ask this of you my brother dont let there race ever play a part in any act you may take against the corrupt ones we are all part of the circle of life and must always stick together... white, black, asian, mexican, indian, ext. i think your motive and idea behind the truth you seek is just! good luck in this endevor! "WE ARE LEGION, EXPECT US!"
Anonymous   I couldn't find anything on the tribes crimes? Can you give me some help on how to look?
Anonymous   It is hard I know there is a lot of links to sites about all the good the tribe does but don't let it fool you. Yes the tribe gives away a lot of money but it is to mostly other tribes and government, which they have used to bribe the government to doing what they want or they will stop donating money. I alone can give you countless reports of crime that the tribe members make. There is a member of the tribe that sold a sixteen year old meth and she overdosed. When she overdosed the guy raped her and let her die. She is dead and where do you think he is? In a jail cell? No sir he is on the streets and living free. I would go to the Prior Lake American web site Prior Lake is the city that the tribe and their casino(Mystic Lake) are in, you can find articles there.
Anonymous 2013-01-11 06:21:27
So I'm practically a useless anon but the best I can do is encourage people to sign petitions to get things out in the open and so something can be done about injustices.

Check out this petition that needs many more signatures:

Asylum seekers in Australia are restricted to only 30 minutes on the Internet every two days. The Salvation Army is actually behind this, which is just unbelievable. The Internet is the only way asylum seekers can get in contact with family or release the truth about the hardships they endure in these detention areas. So please pass this on and check out other petitions, especially the one aimed at ending rape in India.
Need Sunlight Here 2013-01-11 07:40:06
AN ORGANIZED "COPANONYMOUS" self proclaimed "Anti Anonymous" vigilante gang of cops in Utica NY Oneida County

Any way we could get some help in Utica NY? The corruption there with the cops makes Ohio look like a cakewalk. The local cops brag they have the web locked down and opinion on their side all their wives post copaganda like you wouldn't believe on the various utica forums and their UPD FB page.
They just had a cop on duty paid to attend a "training seminar" in Canada caught DWI in a city car at the border with another city employee and the Chief attacks people even ask him for news reports. They drove out the utica occupy guys with nasty tactics and the occupy guys never even knew it until they'd pulled their plugs. And the paper glossed it over but also did a big puff piece on how the Chief wss so "above board" with public relations!
Most areas are bad with this "Cult of Public Safety" but here they drove the city broke like Belle Ca with their pensions and "Friends & Family" plans the youth and intellects can't get jobs all that's left is the local govt.

They taunt and say they are the cheerleaders of the cops and "a new breed". But they're just idiots but they do a lot of damage to relations and decent people. The cost of Pubic Safety in the area has driven everything else out. There you are either a cop, prison correctiontard or assumed a criminal it's gotten THAT BAD with these self-procalimed "heroes".

They patrol the web and flame like 10yos anyone who posts an article and tries to turn it all around attacking the posters and when all else fails they BURY a post with about 100 racist posts like "Why don't blacks bathe" etc etc.

Try for yourself: Go to the Utica NY Topix forum it's raging almost 24hrs a day and post any post that asks "why are the utica police always getting off for crimes they are paid to lock people up for?" or any such benign comment and even if it's 3am you will find about 100 racism "Let's move the welfare blacks back to Afrika" posts" just to make themselves look good.

We've had suicide calls they show up at and ended up shooting the guy killing one of their own and then put the guy in prison for life and the copagandista bury the outrage online! NOTHING is posted in the one local paper or TV network they just report what the copagandista tell them I know it's bad everywhere guys but if you have some time we need help here proving these pension-slobs are costing 65% of our taxes in retrun for nothing but abuse, infantile pervert comments as attacks and threats that they will come "find your IP" and arrest us for even questioning these losers.

Try that "Utica Topix" test if you think I'm busting your balls! THERE IS AN ORGANIZED "COPANONYMOUS" in Oneida County Utica NY and they bash and trash all the people all day here and taunt and challenge people just looking for the truth at our most active forums.

The endless cop publicity and self promotion combined with the withering way they are trashing everyone i order to look good is discouraging they have the utica area papers tv blogs and FB LOCKED DOWN with lies to impress the soccer moms and old nannys who keep approving their 12% a year tax hikes here. Anyone got any sunlight for utica?

Anonymous   Someone posted a link to Anon's recent DoJ activity there and the self-championing utica cops all but said they will arrest and lock anyone up for life that tries. I would be happy if they were honest people but they only seek to cover up their own dirt.
Anonymous 2013-01-11 11:33:18
I was just turned on to your group by one of my email buddies. Are you for real? I hope so as too many people have their heads in the sand. From what I've read thus far, I love what you stand for and I love what you do. I support you 100%. I'm close to retirement but remember well this country with jobs for everyone. Now we support India and China and too many others. It's time to take back America by the people and for the people.
Thank you for being there for us.
Anonymous   The internet is the most free place in the world right now. We need to keep it that way. Any serious threat to US gov sites would lead to actions against internet freedom. Do not create any serious threats against US government sites. Syria, China, etc. are obviously free game (and they are already trying to limit the internet)
Anonymous Alternative Lifestyle attacks 2013-01-11 16:26:16
For those who live an alternative lifestyle and have to hide it due to potential loss of job or custody of their children - many use which is kinda like the Facebook for kinky people. A few years ago there was this crazy person with the nick "maymay" - who didn't like the basic rules so he purposefully violated them till the point the he was booted.

maymay has now started a FetLife focused database where people can freely accuse people, groups, or events of anything they want "anonymously" with no repercussions. The bad part of course is that if anyone is not guilty of these issues, their only choice is to out themselves to fight for truth or justice - effectively risking their career and child custody. I believe in truth, I believe in justice (all the reasons I love seeing Anonymous in the news - especially against Scientology and other corruption)open and fair debate, I don't agree in this type of "safe abuse of people who are different".

Can anything be done about this? Any advice would be welcome.

Anonymous   I think this people are some of the best people right now in america. they tell it like it is.
Anonymous   Here is what I propose. I am not tech-y but I am anonymous. I think we need a link for each of the major cities for us to meet our fellow anons. We then can organize and mobilize in our areas. There still are people who do not know about anonymous and spreading the message will bring more like minded together. Through unity we bring change!
Anonymous   I would have to agree with Anon we need a way to organize locally through this anonymous body.
Anonymous 2013-01-12 03:36:42
Thursday 10 January 2013

" Anonymous trolls are as pathetic as the anonymous "sources" that contaminate the gutless journalism of the New York Times, BBC, and CNN "

" Rather than call it cyber-journalism we should stop drinking this digital poison "
" Recognise this chap? He is a “liar”, an “idiot”, a “terrorist sympathiser”, “deceitful”, a “disgrace”, an “insane liberal fool”, he is “on the payroll of the Muslim Brotherhood” and “on the payroll of euro neo-nazis”. He is “mad” (in Arabic as well as in English). But wait. This poor bloke is also “an ignorant Jew-hating worthless piece of shit” whose “hate can be seen in his eyes”. “Pigpiss be upon him in Hell”, is one of the curses directed at him.
He tells “lie upon lie, all of them directly or indirectly aimed at the destruction of Israel”. And he has received the following message: “The Islamist cut-throats you sympathise with would gladly slash your pencil neck from ear to ear just because you won’t bow to their bloodthirsty pedophile [sic] prophet.” And now a clue. In this same list of website filth – sent over just two days – an anonymous writer adds: “Could Robert Fisk be next?”

i bet he get lot of money to risk like this

HE IS A PROVOKER do play his game

Anonymous 2013-01-12 06:55:20
Question: As the shit is hitting the fan (so to speak), and the collective have a knowing of reality, what is the goal of the oppressers? I've always tried to stay a few steps ahead of things, and in this case it would seem that when currancy is no more and a mass of peeps are getting to grips with reality with a short sharp shock; I can't possibly see what millions of peeps, with a sudden awareness of reality, can do for the opressers. It could only spell bad news for them.
What goal do the oppressors have to gain?
What will they do?
What is their next move?
Ours is the usual predicted rebel against oppression and exposure of reality with common goals of possitivity, but what is theirs? Where do the expect to go from their current situation?
Freespirit 2013-01-12 08:46:33
From RT News I found this-
"Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz commits suicide – report
Aaron Swartz, 26, committed suicide in New York on Friday, MIT’s The Tech cites Swartz’s uncle Michael Wolf as saying. “The tragic and heartbreaking information you received is, regrettably, true,” confirmed Swartz’s attorney Elliot Peters in an email to The Tech. Swartz was a computer activist who co-authored RSS 1.0 specification, was a co-owner of the popular social news site Reddit, and founded in 2010, a campaign against the internet censorship bills SOPA/PIPA. In 2011 Swartz was accused for allegedly mass downloading documents from the online journal archive JSTOR with the intention of making the content available publicly, to which he pleaded not guilty in 2012. Swartz was released on US$100,000 unsecured bail. If charged he would have faced a potential prison term of 35 years and a fine up to US$1 million."

I don't and never will believe Aaron Swartz committed suicide. He was a dedicated rebel/freedom fighter against the Zionist/Freemason Establishment and paid the ultimate price. Suicide is their usual excuse/method. No doubt in my mind, he was murdered.

One day we will get these criminals in the Establishment and make them pay. No punishment is too great for them

Anonymous   hey anonymous, i love what you guys are doing, i live in bangladesh, i may sound like a crazy fag but do you guys operate out of the U.S? specifically here? i support what you guys are doing and keep up the great stuff. i wish there were more people like you. i've been inspired by you guys.
Anonymous   'Aaron Swartz committed suicide' the propoganda machine again. RIP I would like him to have known my gratitude for all his good work. A man to live up to. At least you can be sure he didn't go quietly.
Anonymous   Just for a chuckle!
Anonymous   To all people. We all are Anonymous. We dont even have to know hacking. Neither port the mask. Just if you believe in the basics of freedom. You are Anonymous
Anonymous   Any Anon in Kansas?
Anonymous   All Anons do these days is make videos and write press releases.
Ownesty 2013-01-28 03:54:03
Yeah, they don't hack for Aaron Swartz. They don't release incriminating information about the Steubenville rape case. There's a wikipedia article with a timeline of everything Anonymous has been associated with.

Here's a link for you, as you obviously don't look into anything yourself.
Anonymous 2013-01-12 16:15:16
In the 13/14th century there was mass deaths caused by the bubonic plague. It caused a social revolution, creating a death for surfdom in Europe, in which people would not let the church decide for them, instead they became persons/individuals who could choose (within their limited choices of povety) themselves.

Now the conditions for a new social revolution are ripe, caused by the wrong choices of the few that affect the many.

It is your choice how you want to exit this mess that is commonly called society. You can have a positive affect for a common goal to live life. Or, you can have a negative affect with no will to live except exist in the status quo for as long as it lasts.

I choose to stand against the negative and positively live my life with a common goal for the many.
Anonymous 2013-01-13 05:46:47
What happened last night, you were off line?
This is why no commerce is happening, because the 'powers that be' want to fuel their egos:
Anonymous 2013-01-13 07:45:17
Greetings all. As you probably have heared Obama is going to take you're guns. I for one will not stand for this take over, once they have taken you're ability to fight back you are their slave. I am not in the United States, I am safe...away from the neir danger.

Find me.
Anonymous 2013-01-13 08:45:58
The human condition, specifically greed, didn't work out in their evolutionary plan. They never learn, animals have got it down to a fine art.
Observe, listen, learn and action.
Anonymous 2013-01-13 12:10:50
I am new to this forum as of two days ago and enjoy reading all comments, pro and con. Isn't that what freedom is all about being able to voice what you think? As for Aaron Swartz committing suicide, HA! Is that the best the murderer's can come up with?
Friday I will purchase my first gun AND learn to shoot and care for this tool that is my right to bear according to the 2nd Amendment.
Anonymous   There is a Genocide happening in Pakistan. Shias/Hazaras are being killed by the numbers each day and The Judiciary/Army of Pakistan is in cahoots with the Murderers. Please help us spread our message, there are protests all around Pakistan happening right now. We have been out on the streets for last 3 days, we have 86 bodies of brothers on the streets with us that we are refusing to bury unless there is a systematic change in the government. Please Help us spread our message, The Army of Pakistan is involved in a mass murder through its taliban proxies, please visit!!
Anonymous 2013-01-14 06:46:43
In the Mid-1970's, the CIA was training US citizens as mercenaries to infiltrate their own ethnic groups in the US. Blacks from prisons, ghettos ,colleges and the armed forces were trained in a "dirty dozens" type black ops program and sent into black groups to destabilize and break them up. Mercenaries could expect to be let into one door of a prison and let out the other to do more paid mayhem for the covert agencies. Some had well rationalized phony identities and needed fear no legal consequences for their actions. As a member of a black cultural nationalists group at that time, I became aware of microwave silent speech because the mercenaries were electrode equipped and trained in thought reading and thought projection(sending thought messages). I discovered that the mercenaries were mostly braggarts 'getting over' on their own people, that is, being well paid, to do "zaps" –psychological and sometimes physical hits, emotional shocks to disillusion the dedicated members with black people as a group. In the same period, the CIA was doing dirty tricks all over the US and internationally, waging witch-hunts and propaganda wars to convince the masses that the programmers in US social engineering agencies were creating a higher new world order based on interpersonal love, respect for individual choice, racial assimilation, interracism , universalism , peace and an end to war, as a basis for eventual world control by the US government, its programmers and international pushers. Of course, 40 years has obviated this as the programming groups assumed more open political power, and the fascist roots of the US social engineering movements became exposed. The chief nexus for COINTELPRO and KAOS was the Iron Mountain Plan, designed to get around natural human defenses, but vehemently denied by the US government and its cronies, but which I and others targeted have lived under every day since then, as its tenets have provided license for evolving covert excesses in US social and foreign policy. The covert projects were run by an amalgam of forces, not all totally negative, but many of them were, being quite violent fascist groups such as the Dixie Mafia branch of the KKK, violent organized crime groups such as Zionist and other international mafias, and Nazis scientists from Germany, and American Nazis and their sympathizers. Their population control and supremacist theories rationalized covert selective genocide and abuse of dissidents, use of death squads and secret national security directives to eliminate resistence to their various social control 'plans.'

A generation of reformers , revolutionaries, dissidents, and ’unauthorized people such as homeless people and slaves, were murdered, covertly, by death squads, using bioterrorism and more direct methods ,outright murder, or targeted by directed energy weapons used to cause mental distress, drugging and covert harassment, entrapment and framing by intel coordinated paid mercenary groups. Murder disguised as suicide became the signature of state supported death squads who were and are above the law and beyond investigation by standard legal agencies.
The success of covert war in the US has lead US fascist groups through social engineering to expand their philosophy of conquest through silence, intimidation and murder outwards to other countries who have wealth and resources they covet. Money, money, money can buy mercenaries who will deliver all the US elites, and their international cohorts covet, and they covet the resources of weaker peoples and nations, -oil, land, attractive men, women and children to sell as slaves, minerals, airspace, location, drugs, markets-anything which can be converted into more wealth for the greedy proprietors of "the new world order". So enter military contractors, and paramilitary agencies. The umbrella of government cloaks their every crime as national security, even when their target is the civil and human rights of the American people. The major difficulty is that the level of destruction of human life , now, as in the covert domestic wars of the 1970’s, is hidden. Their basic yardstick could easily be a secret rule that one half the population of each country ,including the US, is expendable, with the surviving half being put to good use.
I also do not believe that Aaron Swatz killed himself. The post which earlier said ---blackwater is coming for you- was,I do believe, an actual threat by the US deathsquad element that protects and maintains the slave state which is the elitist American status quo.To yield to them would be to make the next 50 years like or worst than the last 40.
Anonymous 2013-01-14 07:02:29
Checking in from Glasgow, Scotland. A city torn apart by religious hatred and a massive gulf in social class. To not protest, to not fight these conditions and those who enforce these conditions on us is cowardly.
Open your eyes and witness the freedom you have. Do not be controlled.
Expect us.
Anonymous   0101011101100101001000000110000101110010011001010010000001000001011011100110111101101110011110010110110101101111011101010111001100101100001000000111011101100101001000000110000101110010011001010010000001001100011001010110011101101001011011110110111000101100001000000111011101100101001000000110010001101111001000000110111001101111011101000010000001100110011011110111001001100111011010010111011001100101001011000010000001110111011001010010000001100100011011110010000001101110011011110111010000100000011001100110111101110010011001110110010101110100001011000010000001000101010110000101000001000101010000110101010000100000010101010101001100100001
Anonymous   Please hit up the NRA and help stop gun violence. No one else can help and I'm tired of seeing dead kids.
ana julia grisante   façam o que for necessário para acordarem!
Anonymous   Victory for the better
Anonymous 2013-03-19 21:21:13
Anonymous 2013-05-06 04:09:22
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fusrohdah 2013-06-30 19:32:46
is there any group in bethesda maryland
Anonymous 2013-07-03 02:50:43
Im 17..
Any group in Chicago, Illinois!
I want to help out as much as i can
Anonymous   fuck all you all anonymous is just the idiots you'all know I want to see some shit change the penny stock market and make some lucky good hearted asshole a trillion air and I bet he would make change. You fuck heads have it all wrong fight money with money
Anonymous   hack my nuts idiots hackers cant do or change anything throw in the towels you dumb ass kids. The fbi will hunt you and eat your fucking eyes out LOL
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