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Anonymous 2012-12-18 23:19:33

cant wait!
Anonymous   whats on de 21st?
Anonymous   Where can I find TYLER? Maybe Im a little slow but I thought it was going to be everywhere?
Anonymous   What is code tyler mean
Anonymous   TYLER stands for Tyler Durden, one of the main characters in the movie fight club. The operation title "Project Mayhem" is also a reference from the film. Lastly the objective of "Project Mayhem"in the film was to accomplish the same objective Anon is currently trying to accomplish, cripple the financial markets(shouldn't be hard now) and cause mass fear and chaos in the people. This in turn causes the people to rebel and prompts change and freedom throughout the world.
Anonymous Blessing    so lemme get this straight, what their trying to accomplish is establish fear and chaos to establish change? I stand for what they're for; change and all that. But I think the way they're doing it is wrong. I see what they're trying to do, they're trying to copy the way change was made in V For Vendetta. The people there were scared and afraid and were under such horrible government. All I'm trying to get across is that using fear and chaos to get people to change, does not work as well as you might think. I'm from Canada, does that make any difference?
Anonymous 2012-12-25 14:14:47
''All I'm trying to get across is that using fear and chaos to get people to change, does not work as well as you might think.''

very true - 'fear' tends to center in the middle classes who, in majority of cases, then demand authoritarian govt of power and order which they believe will provide social stability and prevent them [middle] from 'falling' into the working class. Of course the above is a generalization but one founded on 20th c history. Class consciousness, severity of econ conditions plus often right or center populist charisma seem to stand out as variables.
Anonymous   umm witch mean we meet up where they did in the movie? lol i dunno...
Anonymous 2012-12-29 19:16:28
It means Anonymous is so unoriginal they have to base all our revolution ideas off movies. That's what code Tyler means.... the aesthetics of operation Mayhem & other Lame Operations came entirely from
V for vendetta, the Matrix, and Fight Club & probably a few other movies.

Anonymous has become a false flag puppet organization manipulated by the C.I.A & the Republican Tea party with the intent on rebel rousing the people of the internet and the people of the world into violent conflict with Law Enforcement in order to justify any corrupt policy regarding internet censorship and removal of right that comes down the line.

Don't believe me? Look it up!

Final Boss of the Internet? FBI!
Anonymous 2012-12-29 22:10:54
i mean its possible anonymous has been infiltrated, but the same for any other society or whatever the fuck you want to call it.AS LONG AS the people of anonymous stay peaceful like they have been for the most part, the government wont be able to be like "ya these ppl are violent lets take away their rights and bla bla bla bla." if we are peaceful and shit and keep doing what we are doing, change will come.........eventually.
P.S. dont think tyler is code.i think its what they say it to be, if not atleast we would change the minds of the people faster(although i highly disagree with doing this could backfire real fucking quick on anonymous if we arent careful), because face it people dont want to come to terms with what is happening right now because humans i find like to push problems away instead of coming to terms with them, unless ofcourse its with there money.
Anonymous   2012 Is at a end 2013 dawns app on us.. What will we do, what will we change.. all i know is South Africa itself needs change, america needs to stop hiding secrets.
Anonymous   If in fact you guys and gals are as good as you say you are then why is it that you would need anyone to leak anything? Why can you not cut right in to the NSA, CIA or FBI's computers and get the information that you think is there? I, just like so many others fully believe that George Bush was behind 9-11. so go get the memo's, they have to be in a computer somewhere.
Anonymous - H.R.G   Because that kind of stuff is on closed systems, they wont be connected to the internet or they will be heavily encrypted, you can get a program called truecrypt that is freeware thet will encrypt files ect in a 256bit AES, SERPANT, TWO-FISH cascading encryption, think what they have, you can pull info but unless you can decrypt to clear text its useless and how could you prove it anyway, to prove it you would need access to there systems and they wouldn't let a judge or anyone else into that
Anonymous   Besides, if they did that, it would put the whole group in danger. Part of how Anonymous is still up-and-running is that the government isn't set upon putting them all in jail. Take a look at UGNazis.
Anonymous   agreed i have seen the servers 200 ft underground.
Anonymous   george bush was a pawn. The owner of the buildings is the one who decided to take a huge insurancy policy out on the buildings 2 weeks before this happened, in the media video you can even see explosions like it was being detonated remotely this was also used to initiate the never ending war on 'terror' ...funny considering the US funded Al-CIA-Da. Its all just used to go and get their resources, and impliment the Illuminati (New world order, or Englo-American Union) controlled Bank. evelyn de rothchild , in all but 3 countries currency is simply a IOU to this mans family.
Anonymous   George Bush was/is easily manipulated. He has 0 confidence, has average intelligence, and everything based on the profile I have created on him points to perfect patsy.
Anonymous 2012-12-29 16:32:13
The fact that 911 was a false flag is now readily apparent to all thinking people. How many people have viewed Loose Change or Pilots for Truth videos or architects for truth,or seen on You Tube ,CIA Insider Tells truth About 911: Time TO Change Your Worldview.How many more saw the burning and smoking and smelled the still burnimg remnants weeks and months after the fact when we all know only thermite allows for oxygenless combustion. Only thermite can melt metal like that as jet fuel alone is of inadequate temperature by far to produce the result. Then theres building seven, and the multiple timed explosions timed to create implosion and dont forget Pentagon and Shanksville where the coroner said he ceased being a coroner half an hour after arriving as there were no bodies or aircraft parts like the pentagon . Then theres the found passports and engines in wreckage at twin towers of the wrong manufactureer and the fact that so called terrorists are alive and well and working in the middle east.Follow the money trail leading to Halliburton and Cheney.
Also look for memos between Cheney and Halliburton regarding the Halliburton loophole in the clean Drinking water act.He got a special loophole so they could frack.That puts tons of volatile and toxic carcinogens into the water tables, chemicals like tolulene and Xylene that make people sick even those who live far from the natural gas drilling sites.
Anonymous   People should view the documentary Gasland to learn more about the destruction of our limited and irreplacable drinking water aquifirs.Peoples tap water can actually be set on fire as it pours from the spigot.We have Dick Cheney and the Haliburton loophole that he created so that the Clean Drinking Water Act doesnt apply and doesnt protect us to thank for this , your poor drinking water quality is more profit for him.
Anonymous 2012-12-29 16:49:16
What if we were able to prove at least warning was given and even prove that warning went unheeded. Culpability is just a step from that and could we get the Patriot Act revoked and Guantanamo Bay closed and regain habeas corpus and posse comitatus and possibly even a repeal of NDAA, and NDRA, Would a disbanding and cancellation of stellar wind and an end to government money and lucrative contracts for Blackwater be too much to hope for. Theres also the important factor of microwave mind control , augmented cognition and artificial telepathy and its illegal use against the citizenry and the citizenry of allied nations.
Terrorism is and always has been so much fertilizer, says 28yr FBI DIR.LA Ret.Ted Gunderson You Tube.
mindcontrolhumanrights 2006 Sonoma State University Project Censored Media Freedom Foundation
Anonymous 2012-12-21 04:45:42
the Belgian Government should start listening to the voice of the people, and stop suppressing.

another political partie to the top.
who were not elected by the people, is dictatorship.
Anonymous 2012-12-23 20:04:13
the australian government should also listen to the people, we need a massive change the system is designedto make the rich richer and to suppress the rest of us
Anonymous   i cant believe the media and politicians are using this conneticut shooting as a distraction for the HSBC exec's not getting any punishment. Also the benghazi attacks are barely being investigated and publicized. Clinton was unable to testify due to sickness like come on already. this world has gone to shit. Nobody is accountable for their own actions anymore.
Anonymous   Then it is time for us to be accountable. It is time for us to stop complaining like pre menstrual hipster fags about what is wrong in our lives. It is time for us to come together, to be responsible for ourselves, to accept punishment for our actions as it says in the bible. Heaven and Hell is on earth and we can make it Heaven or Hell for ourselves. There will still be secrets, and greedy bastards running people through the hamster wheel of our daily lives. That is inevitable. What is not, is our choices we make in our daily lives. We can choose to pull over and help that potential friend out with there flat tire, but do you? Do you stand up for the person who is ridiculed or do you laugh with the sheep. Do you like a certain genre of music or film? Do you like it because everyone does or hate it because everyone loves it. Both ends of the spectrum radiate hate, bigotry, glutony, envy. It's up to you to not be a tool for both sides because, lets face it. It's always a war on something.
Anonymous 2012-12-20 20:33:37
"pre-menstrual" hipster fags. Think you're just a great bunch of guys, eh?
Anonymous 2012-12-21 06:52:02
And you are? GTFO
Anonymous   Just a clever expression...troll
Anonymous   This guyyy..^^^^^^
Anonymous 2012-12-21 12:59:15
there is no pre about full fladge
Anonymous 2012-12-26 09:09:38
Very good comment -

''We can choose to pull over and help that potential friend out...''

Yes, and in doing so you might save his/her life - this really does happen though usually not because of a flat tire [sometimes wrong, i.e. absolutely contraindicated, meds when docs don't communicate and patient fails to check]. The 'thank you' is meaningful not a hollywood smile.
Anonymous   It's time for Impeachment of Obama. And quickly.
Anonymous 2012-12-29 22:17:59
Anonymous 2012-12-30 00:33:42
Categorising people is their strategy, and its called divide and conquer.Its not the poor people destroying this world , the only one we have, and as you say you gain inspiration and guidance from the bible, they are destroying Gods creation and not only being greedy and poor stewards of the earth but poisoning the soil,air and water as well as taking away God given freedoms and rights.They are satanists, the very word Illuminati is derived from satanism. They are guided by one axiom, greed.They destroy everything, pooples minds, imaginations, creativity, love, relationships, families,livlihoods,careers,and they do it all for greed.How do they do this without getting caught, they keep a code of silence using ceremonies that are satanic , where people, sometimes children are murdured and or sexually abused. Often if not always this is filmed for blackmail purposes to maintain the code of silence.who are they. They are the so called elite. They are the police, security services, military, and even political and religious leaders, as well as the top people in business, media , entertainment, media,health care and all areas of society. They communicate through symbols, sighns, phonetic speech, and microwave silent sound.Do some research on the technology as its been around for quite a while and is one of their main tools. with it they can speak to an individuals outer ear or directly into a persons mind. Its also possible and quite routine to read individuals thoughts as they appear on a computer screen before a user or controller who can synthesize voices to confuse and manipulate a person.Its also possible to manipulate emotions through microwaves as well as implanting subliminal messages, thoughts and images. Mind control or thought control is not science fiction but is real and happening in the present.What I just described is termed as artificial telepathy or augmented cognition.This is often done to activists and creative types to neutralize a perceived threat and steal intellectual property as they not only wish to dominate by any and all means but also to profit in all ways at the expense of people.
The idea is to always be undermining the strongest most intelligent people and to maintain a divide and conquer strategy so that the individual is always in a state of fear and anxiety, thinking theyer crazy and doubting themselves but with over half a million targetted individuals in America alone , which I believe to be an underestimation, how can this be viewed as anything but a real phenomenon. The history of the technology is no secret and a little research can reveal a lot about the people behind this and the motivations behind this war against the people and their freedoms. Our very freedom to think our own thoughts is and has been put at risk, not to mentionm all other aspects of personal autonomy and freedom. In a thought control environment the long standing institutions of society cannot function as anything other than a tool for the furtherance of their goals of domination. Thin of it all they have to do is silently direct the police to apprehend an individual , silently direct a healthn care official to sign papers declaring someone mentally unfit or unstable or in court threaten or bribe the judge or jurors or attourneys as they listen in on what should be a private attorney client conversation.They can also direct random people to harass, intimidate or attack an individual seen as a threat to their consolidation of power. They can and do use their powers of technology and influence over all areas of society to lessen life possibilities for people not in agreement with their Nazisatanic destructive agenda so that that person is socially isolated, unemployed and harassed to the point of constant distraction.They keep people from having progression in career , relationships and sexlife and they do this for fun as well as for strategic destruction of perceived enemies of the cult.
They stage false flag media events to destabilise and create fear in the population, scapegoating segments of society.They use fear and media and false and staged events as tools of mass manipulation to acheive their goals of control and dominance.The police are and have been a major part of this and the microwave silent speech manipulation along with the constant electronic surveillance of people for control and manipulation through established blackmailand or bribery strategies. Police also recruit criminal elements as operatives and they do as instructed to gain rewards in monetary or sexual forms.Greed, fear,peer pressure anddesire for sex are the main motivations drawn upon in this technology of mind control.They alternately feed and destroy the human ego to manipulate.
Have you noticed that were always in a state of war.Have you noticed that theres poppy fields in Afghanistan and theyre never mentioned on the news ever as an economic factor.tet we know that over the last ten years poppy production has increased by ninety five percent.RTemember the false flag event of the gulf of Tonkin where a false attack against a US ship was staged to spur US military involvement in Vietnam where it went on for a long time and much money was made by many. remember Air America, it was a covert CIA airforce to run guns and drugs and probably women sex slaves as well. The bodies of dead soldiers coming home were used to transport drugs to US soil.
What do you think is on those military flights coming back from Afghanistan.
Did ypou see the latest CIA torture plane , a GUlfstream jet went down with an ever decreasing ammount of tons of cocaine on board. The more law enforcement departments it went through a smaller amount of cocaine was reported. Ever notice that police never go to trial or go to jail. Why theyre either the cleanest most moral bunch of boyscouts in the world or theyre involved in organised crime up to their eyeballs. Give a guy a badge and a gun and let them supervise themselves with no civilian empowered rotational oversight and they just go nuts , I mean rampantly criminal as they view the badge as a lisense to do whatever the heck they want.Add mind control and mind reading and mind altering technology to that and thats the problem we face now .The institutions of legality and governance were never structured to deal with such widespread corruption especially when the new silent speech and mind altering and surveillance technologies are added to the problem because concentrated power without oversight and checks and balances leads to tyranny.
The problem lies in misuse of military technologies including satellites and surveillance using the bogus excuse of bogus "terrorism" as well as lack of effective oversight. Having Police enforce themselves was naive at best to begin with regardless of these new and widely abused technologies. I mean what did we expect we had police policing themselves, didnt we realise that peer pressure and human weaknesses were factors and that any corruption would become homogenous and spread throughout all security and government apparatuses growing like a cancer fed by fear of bogus false flag supposed "terrorist threats" made ever worse as we threw more and more money at the so called security problem which really amounted to throwing gas onto an already out of control fire.Add to that the growing and out of control sex slavery satanic human trafficking and murder human sacrifice and pedophile child slavery and brainwashing abuse problem and you can more or less see where we are.
We didnt anticipate such a need for effective oversight and we let corruption grow and grow like a cancer.Now every system is rife with it.If the system were a single body Id recommend massive chemotherapy as the whole body seems to be one big tumor, maybe thats what the chemtrail flights are about, but rather than medicine I think thats an attempt to spread materials around that are extremely bad for human health.If I didnt know better Id say it was an attempt to eradicate much of the population, do I know better. Its certainly what it looks like although Id like to be proven wrong.Are fibres not being used as vehicles for dangerous chemicals and nano organisms to enter the human body as part of another massive involuntary experiment, theres a lot of those and theyre all involuntary as informed consent is required and in a mind control environment informed consent cannot be formed reliably so its all involuntary except for those of course who enthusiastically proceed with this process of victimising and controlling the public.Theyll all say they were following orders but weve all heard that before.Its time for another round of them if we can sooner rather than later because we all know what happened last time. Do we want another mass slaughter. Be careful how you answer because from the way theyre proceeding you might very well be among the fallen and there nare those who seem quite enthusiastic about the prospect of being on the end that deals out mass slaughter.These are the monsters youve created so be warned, silence has been interpreted as consent in the past and continues to be seen that way, so be warned.Ive taken the time to give warnings before and theyve been ignored. I will likely continue to give warnings as long as Im alive but I dont know how long that will be , as others whove given warnings have been killed by poison and or other means.This is to all people on the world wide web , I can warn you and provide information but you must take concrete action and organise to take that concrete action and this is literally a life or death issue for many many people.Giving up or losing is a non option. We persevere and we win our freedom and better lives or we die as captive victims of experimentation sound familiar.This time theyre after all of us and together we stand divided we fall isnt just an expression.Forgive me if I sound passionless as the attacks have deadened some of my emotions , try to guard against that if you can.I think they poisoned 28 yr FBI LA Vet Ted Gunderson who on his YOu Tube videos warned about a lot of the same things Im trying to strike the right balance if there is one of warning you adequately while at the same time avoiding his fate.Dont give up without a fight . Thats been done and you know how that ends.
Anonymous Dischordian   ...I see the Fnords.
L0rd Byron   I have some non-public information in regards to a well-known cruise industry company, will post it publicly later on these days ( after editing and all the shit ). These filthy rich back stabbing bastards that treat their employees like trash and abuse everything to fit their own needs will get a message, a small message now, that can become a big one later on so people stop making the same mistakes all over again. Stop becoming prostitutes for money, stop being the corporations own bitch, think motherfuckers, think...
Legion Aldaris   Post that shit!!!
The Wolf at the Door 2012-12-19 08:19:25
I dont believe that governments are obsolete. What we need is to is wake washington the fuck up. The only reason they get away with their bullshit is because we let them. Its time we ask questions and demand answers.

The One Who Reigns 2012-12-19 09:03:36
We should evict the corrupt politicians and recreate our government as a true democracy, through the internet and the power of the people it is possible. But all of it starts with asking questions. Question Everything.

Anonymous   Science channel
Anonymous   agreed question everything the people of the world need to stand united and take the world back from these greedy motherfuckers
Anonymous 2013-01-06 17:09:47
Government and a monetary system will always lead to political and economic stratification, there is no way to avoid this fact. In order to have equality there must be no government and no monetary system.

Personally I believe that we should allow people to live how they want, if you want to live in a democracy, go for it. but dont fuck with the people that want to live in other ways.
Anonymous   Thats the problem. They ARE awake, and they are VERY effective at fulfilling the agenda... Its just not the agenda which the people approved.
Anonymous Blessing    That's exactly the point I'm trying to exaggerate.
Anonymous   pull ur head out!
AnonTrigger   Isn't Dec. 21st also Operation: Black Out?
Anonymous   No one be afraid of what's happening on December 21st. This is a step forward in the world. Information will be leaked that moves the human race further in it's race against the leaders of the world.
Anonymous 2012-12-20 00:15:55
Yes thats al true email me about what I can do to help even protest
Anonymous   if you can protest, do'll learn a lot [and likely be able to teach a few things as well].
AnonTrigger   I do believe that this is a good thing. This is an amazing operation to be carried out by amazing people. Any information that is leaked shall allow less ignorance in which our government has put upon us before. Everyone should do their part to participate, no matter how small the bit of information. If you cant find any... just help to spread the information that is leaked. Remember, they can't stop all of us. Good luck Anonymous.
AnonWolf   21 12 2012 is end of the word... For all of those who are corrupted.
AnonX   It's time to free our brotherhood out there. This will be a great knock-out for all that have corrupted in this world! We must fight! Good luck, my friends!
The governor   I support you 100% of the way! It is time to join together and fight for our rights
Anonymous   The end of the world as we know it may well be the beginning of the world as we want it.
Anonymous   Exactly my ideal! Well said Anonymous. You are quite right. The world that we shall help create will be better for everyone.
Anonymous 2012-12-19 14:45:44
Anonymous   I hope you're right. Call me a pessimist, but I fear too many people are unwilling to breakout of what they've been conditioned to believe is "comfort"
Anonymous   I think 'want' may be a bit far, it's my opinion that 'wants' are what got us into the position we're in at the minute. I think 'need' would be more fitting.
Anonymous   Brothers and sisters,haven't we noticed that we tend to you a lot of the words such as "me,him,her,I" too much? The only reason i bring this up is because we speak as if we're separated however the reality of it is that we are all here facing the same hardships and daily obstacles. We must stay together for the big picture,which is creating a world in which people help,care and create with each other. The corruption and fear has slowly but surely teared us apart for a while. But that ends this year, the 21st will mark the start of reuniting us all. Its time to take our lives that were stolen from us back!
Anonymous   I want to be more involved but I'm just now getting on board with anonymous. I want to help expose what is unjust. How do I start? What do I do? Also what is code tyler?
Anonymous   Anonymous is more of an entity rather than a group or individual
Anonymous   I am a big fan of anonymous i want to be anonymous please help i want to talk to other anonymous people .please help i want to know how to hack i want to know how to fight fir freedom please help me anonymous
Anonymous   nobody is a part of anonymous. anonymous is not an idea, a group, or a single person. it is an idea. and ideas are bullet proof. "watch v for vandetta"
Anonymous 2012-12-20 16:37:36
It's not a idea, it is an idea????

Anonymous Dischordian 2012-12-30 06:02:05
If you want to be Anonymous, then simply be Anonymous! Teach yourself the skills you think you need to contribute to the ideals that we hold dear. If you want to hack, learn to hack. If you want to join in physical protests, then do that. If you just want to spread information on social sites, do that. Spread the truths which the corporate masters & Congressional Bastards of this country don't want the people to know! As was said in an older movie, 'the truth is a virus.' And like a virus, it spreads, no matter how hard people try to stop it. There aren't enough night sticks, or guns, or pepper spray bottles to stop the truth from spreading, and that's what those people at the top are most afraid of. Those of us at the bottom are only slaves as long as we allow ourselves to be slaves. We elected the people in the government to represent US, not the faceless corporations who spend so much money to keep our representatives under their collective heels. But NOTHING WILL CHANGE IF WE DO NOTHING, which is what so many of us have been doing since 2001. We got scared, and we let the people in charge take advantage of that, and look where we are now as a result. WE CAN CHANGE THIS. We need to remind the people we elected that WE are in charge, not them. They exist to serve OUR needs in this country. We need to get out into the streets, PEACEFULLY and VOCALLY, letting them know that we are NOT afraid, and we are NOT impressed. Whole country's going to Hell in a handbasket on a rocketship, and what does Congress do? They VOTE THEMSELVES A RAISE, when ALL they've been doing for the past four years is PREVENT the President from actually TRYING to do right by the people who elected him. So, send them letters. Call them constantly. Arrange protests. Hell, just stand outside of Congress for hours, being silent. That oughta creep them out! And when 2014 comes around, if they HAVEN'T done their jobs and worked in the best interests of anyone other than their corporate masters & themselves, VOTE THEM OUT.

As far as BEING Anonymous is concerned? You're here. You're posting. You want to do SOMETHING about what's wrong in our world today. I guess that means you've caught the virus, just like most of the rest of us. Sounds to me like you're already Anonymous. Now go out and DO something about it!
Anonymous   this is stupid.
Anonymous   People will finally see the truth and know that it is time for revolution. We do not have to bow down to anyone or anything! We have rights and we will fight for them until our last breath!
Anonymous   We need to expose the truth something tells me WW3 is just around the corner if we dont do something now
Anonymous   We have been living in WWIII since September 11th ......
Anonymous   Everybody should read/watch 1984 and V for Vandetta with an open mind. We live in psych-war and our ego is our worst ennemy. I hope for the best...
Anonymous   I totally agree, in-fact you can almost completely see 1984 happening right now. It's all starting with class division (the so called 1% and 99% ('so called' due to the fact we're the 100%)) we also have spying, control (the control and abuse of power) of various types, be it either through advertising or stupid freedom taking law, etc.
hope 2012-12-19 19:53:49
This is a very high expectations for only a date in a candler.

There is a part of me that ready want this to be just another day the only problem is gut is telling me to expect something.

Anonymous   That's because your getting the mainstream flow tht the government wants, or, you are awakening! Thi is better than you think, the world is not ending. The world is.. Awakening.
Anonymous   The Mayans DID predict a "spiritual awakening" instead of the world ending, as 2012 implied.
Anonymous   how does one transfer information- do they leak it on their own?
Anonymous 2012-12-19 22:09:43
The Conneticut Shooting sounds like it's planned by the elite NWO to further divide opinions and ban guns, affecting the innocent and responsible ones by the public being lead like sheep to vote, and the corrupt politicians who listen to them.

The gunmen could be some looney guy, but a lock that is given by government, and more secure, and more better regulations for owing a gun.

Guns reduce crimes. People do not.

1 person can change the world, and that person is me. For the better.

The Elite doesn't care about people, even children. They don't care about anyone. They hate us humans, the 99%. They aren't humans. They are humanless people fuelled by selfish purposes and family-kept secrets and secret societies. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by the same family dynasty after giving green paperbacks (I think that's what they are called) and slapping the Central Banker and the 'Regulators', and JFK was shot by the same ones for planning to sign a bill to defeat the Central Banking System.

Iran is a target of the rich banking evil dynasty who historically have been funding war sides, and so is Cuba and North Korea since they don't have that Central Banking.

Screw the system. No system is the best because it disallows those smart enough to corrupt it to even corrupt that medium, and openly exposes them more.
Anonymous   Feel free to delete this post because it is rushed.
Anonymous   good post
Anonymous   wtf did I just watch
Anonymous   i don't want to dip into conspiracy, but our government is draining us. If they get rid of guns, we will have literally no chance. The government fears our guns. We should make sure it stays that way. Once the government passes anti gun laws they will have no chance of a revolution (or so they think). I believe this shooting, and the aurora shooting were planned by the government. It fits their goals. If they can rally their people against guns, they won't have to fight as hard to take them. PLEASE don't fall for the knee jerk and go anti gun. I am not saying we should go pro gun, just stay neutral. THis is a touchy subject for citizens and we would turn a lot of people against us if we start pulling this crap now. On either side. Stay neutral and focus on whats here. Eliminate westboro. LEAK IT ALL. If the government falls, we will be free to resolve the gun argument without government interruption. It is critical that opmayhem succeeds. It is our last hope. Don't screw it up now.
Anonymous   My thoughts exactly. I think we need to focus on taking down the WBC (good publicity, and a great cause to boot) and Project Mayhem (I really do feel this should be our main priority, as it holds the most potential to sway public opinion.) I also feel that the government had their dirty, grubby hands all over the Sandy Hook tragedy, too many inconsistencies in the details. If this is the case though, Project Mayhem would be a great way to leak it, which would not only sway the public, but also should help at least mitigate the gun control movement to a later time, when it would be more suitable to address. Just my opinions though, lemme know how you all feel about 'em.
Anonymous   I agree. I am pro gun myself, but we need to let these issues lie for a little bit. WE need to focus on OP mayhem. It is tomorrow >:)
Scarecrow   I would highly urge you to post anything and everything in regards to war crimes, illegal activity, civic plots, and atrocities the government has committed in the past 10 or so years. People have a relatively short attention span when dealing with sympathy and empathy; bringing up atrocities committed in Vietnam will not grasp them. However, if you can find any information regarding current atrocities in Afghanistan, illegal actions, or even government plots to reduce our rights to nothing more than a speck of dust on the constitution, that may grasp the people's logic and bring about a widespread call for change.
Anonymous   How do I get involved with project mayhem?
Anonymous   Goto Goto the drop box and add a sample file for them to screen.
Anonymous   Drop box is closed
Anonymous   There are two large organizations that I deem to be corrupt people may or may not agree with me. who can I contact privately? Im on twitter, facebook.
Anonymous Australia!   Let it begin.
AnonTrigger   Anon, you can contact them on anonanalytics via email. They may not get to it RIGHT NOW but they might want ot know what information you have. Good luck to everyone submitting information for PROJECT MAYHEM!
Anonymous 2012-12-20 10:36:34
My late husband was a victim of ritual child abuse in Maryland. His family and all the families he knew were CIA or FBI. It was a common story for him growing up that one of the male neighbors would inevitably kill their entire family and mysteriously disappear. Throughout our relationship of 22 years he had horrific flashbacks of being a young child in an elaborate bed surrounded by naked adults, and being told to "consummate" the marriage to his bride, also a young child. He would wake up screaming and I would have to tell him where he was and that it was ok. He also used to speak of a serious guilt about having killed someone at age four! He was an incredibly strong person, so these episodes were quite uncharacteristic and very striking.

In an effort to understand all the bits of data I mined from my recollections of him since his death from cancer (I think his childhood anger about the abuse ate him alive), and to try to piece together some explanation for his bizarre memories and the fact that he was made a member of Skull and Bones for no apparent reason, I began doing searches on Secret Societies, which inevitably led to Illuminati and Child Sacrifice no matter how I started searching. Then I suddenly recalled a particularly brutal memory he had of being made to watch a tiny baby get decapitated and being forced to drink its blood from a chalice. That one took a lot of time for him to get over, and he had vomit grade nightmares for years afterwards.

I've been doing a lot of youtube searches under Paul Bonacci, Larry King, Marc Dutroux, ritual child abuse in France, Jimmy Saville, and Jerry Sandusky, and it is eerie how much the stories match and put into context the things my husband used to recall. I am writing to you because it is now becoming clear to me that the reason for the crackdown on internet freedom is because the highest levels of global government, law enforcement, and aristocracy are involved in a rigidly controlled and deeply interconnected network carrying out brutal child abductions, trafficking, rape and murder of children on camera for a very lucrative and insatiable market of incomprehensibly evil pedophiles. Quite simply, they don't want you to find out.

These subhuman monsters want total control of the internet so they can carry out their online child porn and snuff activities unimpeded by law, morality, or justice for the victims. As an added side effect, these very same bureaucrats and world leaders have been caught on camera doing these heinous things, so they are easily manipulated into doing whatever the controlling agenda is, whether it is starting endless world wars, controlling the internet, oppressing women and minorities, or any number of other nefarious things the power elite can't live without.

Some of the videos that pertained to or corroborated my late husband's stories were:

Ritual Child Abuse in France:

Jimmy Savile - Exposure - The Other Side Of Jimmy Savile:

Exposure Update: The Jimmy Savile Investigation:

Sand, Sea and Satan:

The Perverted World of Marc Dutroux:

I am writing you for the sake of the innocent victims in all this, the children living and dead whose terrified voices never got heard, or were ridiculed or tortured out of being able to speak. My husband was one of them and I know it killed him. He used to tell me about lavish parties at his grandmother's house where he would be called into the living room, be hit in the back of the head by someone, then wake up the next day feeling drugged and with a black eye or bruises all over his body. His father would threaten to beat him if he didn't tell the teachers it was from clumsiness and bumping into the door! And this happened routinely, without any warning, throughout his childhood. Looking back on it, I'm starting to feel like he was some sort of Manchurian Candidate in training.

One of the most striking things to me is that in the Exposure Update, the filmmaker gets to interview Savile's assistant of almost thirty years, and at one point he goes to her garage and gets to see all the documents she accrued with Jimmy over the years. One of them is what she refers to reverently as Jimmy's Bible. In it are the names and contact info of all the incredibly powerful people Jimmy Savile came to know over decades, including the Pope and the Royal Family. I feel it is an unspoken gift from the souls of the dead children he hand fed to the elite, who want to end this nightmare once and for all. It is basically all the names you would need to know to crack the global pedophile rings. And if anyone could crack this you folks could, and bring down some of the most evil, controlling forces in the world in one fell swoop, because they are all in collusion and they all are working together towards a one world government where they can do anything they want to anyone and get away with it.

They are actually a very easy target - they all work together, whether in the Vatican elite (denying contraception so there is always a fresh supply of unwanted young victims), the military (using drugs and compromising footage to force leaders to engage in illegal warfare), the government (Paul Bonacci and the Larry King scandal from the Washington Post), or Law Enforcement (the endless cover-ups by the authorities in Belgium, France, Germany, England, the Sandusky case, ad nauseum). Interesting to me is how almost all of these groups are old boy networks (Secret Societies) that women have little or no influence over. And most compelling to me of all is that they can only control each other through evidence, so all of this evidence is out there in plain sight so to speak, since they need it as much as we do. Without it they have nothing to manipulate each other with, so they are actually extremely vulnerable.

I believe that is why they are terrified, and why they want to take away your internet freedoms as soon as possible. And I believe that you will never really gain control of them until you can out the true global leaders of these pedophile networks. I know you have the genius, the intelligence and the integrity to do so. But will you? For the sake of the children who are being kidnapped and tortured by these evil monsters as we speak, will you please?
Anonymous   hmmm... well i am surprised no one has responded to this one... have heard similar (not quite so gruesome) stories in my travels...
Anonymous 2012-12-20 14:24:06
This is why we need to take charge
Why we must bring down modern society
Why we fight for our lives
Anonymous   It's now or never everyone. The time has come to free ourselves and our neighbors or be enslaved to the heartless greed machine.
Anonymous   i live near a base in Lompoc CA there was a f22 sonic boom this morning. ww3?
Anonymous   Military exercises, supersonic operations are typically conducted over the sea.. Must've needed to get somewhere fast
Anonymous 2012-12-20 17:33:38
Is part of PM2012?
Is Tyler available somewhere now?
Anonymous   I hope these are test files... cuz that's not what will change the world... lol.
N0G0   How will we be able to view Code TYLER? Will it be released somewhere public or do you have to know how to find it?
Anonymous   Just a few hours left, what's the ETA?
Anonymous 2012-12-20 21:54:32
Is there an official project mayhem website ?

Anonymous   Change all Facebook pictures to the guy fawke mask as a symbol to the world we are waking up now not years from now. We must refuse the corruption and gain public approval.
Anonymous 2012-12-20 22:18:16
What is Mayhem about,
What is TYLER,

and whats in the works for the next 24?
Anonymous   The only problem I see is, WHERE THE FUCK IS TYLER? I can't upload when i can't find a link to it, or something.
Anonymous   That's a pretty significant problem... Lol...
Anonymous   Okay anons, YOu did everything right. But if you are wondering why nobody is posting, it is because the public doesn't know where or how to find TYLER. Put links EVERYWHERE. THey should have been spamming links all over the place since the tenth. Good job, but you overlooked a hell of a detail.
Anonymous   I hope this is not the official website ...
Anonymous   later on these days ( after editing and all the shit ). These filthy rich back stabbing bastards that treat their employees like trash and abuse everything to fit their own needs will get a message, a small message now, that can become a big one later on so people stop making the same mistakes all over again. Stop becoming prostitutes for money, stop being the corporations own bitch, think motherfuckers, think...
Anonymous 2012-12-20 23:55:21
The Conneticut Shooting sounds like it's planned by the elite NWO to further divide opinions and ban guns, affecting the innocent and responsible ones by the public being lead like sheep to vote, and the corrupt politicians who listen to them.

The gunmen could be some looney guy, but a lock that is given by government, and more secure, and more better regulations for owing a gun.

Guns reduce crimes. People do not.

1 person can change the world, and that person is me. For the better.

The Elite doesn't care about people, even children. They don't care about anyone. They hate us humans, the 99%. They aren't humans. They are humanless people fuelled by selfish purposes and family-kept secrets and secret societies. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by the same family dynasty after giving green paperbacks (I think that's what they are called) and slapping the Central Banker and the 'Regulators', and JFK was shot by the same ones for planning to sign a bill to defeat the Central Banking System.
Anonymous   WHY.... A simple three letter word that needs to be used CONSTANTLY if we are ever going to be able to help those that are not to WAKE UP!
Anonymous 2012-12-21 01:57:56
what time will all dis shit be leaked n how
Anonymous   please exuse my ignorance. i just found out bout dis shit
Anonymous   It's time for a change
Anonymous for more info.
Dreamer   Everything false will soon be true
Anonymous   hye the websites are down and
Anonymous   oh.... "This Account Has Been Suspended" !
hope 2012-12-21 06:37:50
for is said this account has been suspended.

and this come up

Temporarily allow
(application/x-shockwave-flash <EMBED> /
hope   I can till get to the site using Google Chrome but not tor.
Anonymous   this happens when the hosting company decides to close temporarilly or permanently an account..
a lost supporter   nothing happened they didn't release any secret files, they didn't crash the financial system! fuck you anonymous and all you stand for!
Anonymous 2012-12-21 14:31:25
AGREED! This is a bunch of crap. No one is doing a damn thing and no information is available
Anonymous 2012-12-21 08:22:04
Thank you Anonymous
Anonymous   So how do you upload this information to TYLER? I can't work it out.
Codester 2012-12-21 09:03:42
Could have been good…when a person stumbles/falls/hits rock-bottom they usually rise up stronger, brighter and even better than before. A temporary collapse of society could have taught a lot. Maybe it was/is our last hope because sometimes there is no easy way out...sometimes you either learn the hard way or you go on wondering how life could have been.

I don't know how much truth or lies there are out there, but I do know a great deal about lies and truth. Lies are like the snowball effect, it begins with one lie then another to cover that lie then another to cover that one then another and another...etc... The longer it continues the worse it becomes, until lies and truth merge and the two become indistinguishable. Diminished truth brings about pain, guilt, hate, anger, distrust, disgust, misery, death, fighting, war, chaos…etc…

Anywho, one way or another we’re eventually going down. If we wait until all truth is lost, then nobody will be getting back up ever. It’ll be hell on earth, something I wouldn’t wish upon anyone or anything.

Could be wasting my breath here…a voice only travels so far without an echo.
Anonymous 2012-12-21 09:48:07
Last night I had a strange revelation..if the internet would disappear .. (due to a brilliant virus)We would be sent directly in 19th century. analog tv, no cell phones, no GPS, no satellites, no drones, no war, no Banks, no credit cards, no POS, no ATM, no CCTV, radio and newspapers only .. can you image this world? No more billions for the Bankers and no more slavery ..
so that is cool ..No leaks about bankers and governs ..because we can;t do anything against the governs ...
the fish stinks from the head ..cut the fucking head off
Anonymous   12/21/12 is here, where can Tyler be located?
Anonymous   so... this tyler and project mayhem was just some pub noise by script kiddie kids, right ?
Anonymous 2012-12-21 19:32:51
If you just came on this site to make some stupid, useless comment why don't you just FUCK OFF - go back to shoving your head up your ass.

Soon ......
Anonymous   Soon...
Anonymous   so what will happen now that tyler is still in develpment, from what ive heard. we really need a plan to kick in effect here. its the 21st and nothing is happening so far
Anonymous 2012-12-21 11:13:37

idk, looks like somethings happening to me.
Anonymous   SO basically, This was just anons talking shit about changing the world, but nobody did anything... Does TYLER even exist? If there isn't one, we fucked up. If there is one, then we fucked up just as bad because nobody knows the address. Way to destroy ourselves. We just lost all credibility we might have had.
Anonymous   Don't worry. Anon never had any credibility.
Anonymous   Why are you here, and I don't mean just on this website ....
Anonymous   i hope this accually goes through
Anonymous   I can't wait :)
Anonymous   They found time to make some nice art stuff, but not to deliver Tyler. By the way, there is nothing complicated to make a distributed file sharing system.
Anonymous 2012-12-21 11:22:48
A project related to Tyler, is on its way. It will take time, A few trusted coders are working on it. we have regular jobs and not enough spare time/money to get this done as quickly as we'd like.

The loss of a team mate has also set us back.
Physical security is a concern for us.
RIP [redacted]
The "Accidental" Death is related to coding efforts linked to this project.

A peaceful transition is on its way.
We need your support... when you see something wrong do the right thing to correct it, if you can. However keep your guns polished.

Anonymous   bu-bu-bu-bullshit
Anonymous 2012-12-22 20:51:01
Not much information can be given. The project cannot be obviously linked to anon.

One team member IS dead.
Anonymous   Hack of all parliament sites worldwide tonight @21:12 CET?
Anonymous   There goes the best chance we had of making a difference. It isn't done:
Anonymous   I can write my own tyler within 1 single day.
Anonymous   Then quit talking shit. It should have been done.
Anonymous   I have no knowledge of programming. But if I did, I would have done this in November. You didn't program it, and apparently neither did anonymous. You are both useless.
Anonymous   Nothing would happen even if you programmed it. Nobody would use it.
Anonymous   Maybe you don't pay attention, but mayhem 2012 was all over the news. If it was done, we would have gotten a hell of a lot more leaks than we did now.
Anonymous   I've seen nothing. You have to prove yourselves for people to believe. Change will come naturally as a result of the the predictable actions of our elected puppets. These forums are easily tracked and not effective. Why warn? Why talk? DO. Then explain your actions after you've proven them effective. Talk and type is cheap.
Anonymous   I fully agree.
Anonymous 2012-12-21 12:17:53
who can take anonymous seriously now? Just wasted everyone's time
Anonymous 2012-12-21 12:34:11
are you people mad?

the whole point of this was for you to think for yourself, to take action instead of waiting for it. People are obtaining information and releasing it through pastebin and other sources. If you want to do something about then spread awareness, flood your social sites with this info, do anything you can to expose lies.

Project Mayhem isnt some event where a few people magically take down corporations in a day.
Anonymous   I'm sorry but that's what they pretended with their youtube videos, as well as by putting countdowns. The point was to share documents, not personal information of random people on servers.
Anonymous   I just don't know what to say to you if you think that a couple of shitty goddamn youtube videos would convince many people to risk their jobs or freedom to leak some probably useless information.
Anonymous   "Anonymous" is not anonymous. Not in this format. This is the internet, it was created and distributed to the world with the knowledge that the elite could track and monitor the tendencies of the population and plan accordingly. All information exchanged herein is nothing more than noise and the use of this forum renders the statements and plans ineffective. I believe in the purpose. I believe in the idea. I believe that the people of this world will demand change at a certain point. This change is inevitable. It is the way of the world. All governments grow greedy, it is the unfortunate nature of humans. My hope is that the true "Anonymous" are not on this forum, that they are effective in their efforts. Peace be with you all. It is a personal choice to make this world a better place. Choose your words wisely, and your actions as well. Why warn? Why talk? DO.
AnonyMOus   I would love to help out any way I can.
Anonymous   I said this was ineffective. Not completely true. As far as gathering the efforts of the supporters to speak up and take action in their personal lives, it is somewhat helpful. I just believe that threats of coming actions reduces the effectiveness of those actions. Bringing people together for a goal has always been effective to a point. But, threats and warnings on the internet have always had limited effectiveness. Why warn? Why talk? DO.
Anonymous   Not to mention that anyone who visits this sight, or any sight that the government deems a threat (self included) can be flagged a as domestic terrorist. It doesn't take much to make that list since the passing of the patriot act laws. Why warn? Why talk? DO.
Anonymous   Farting on a bus can get you flagged as a domestic terrorist and most people know its a farce, a joke thats been so overused it stopped being funny in the eighties...Dont go there,,Cant touch this, wheres the beef.And thats just what any judge not on heavy meds would say, wheres the beef, as in wheres the beef against this guy.I have free speech because I exercise it and drool over the possibility of defending it in a court of law.They can take free speech from my cold dead hands.However , well made point about broadcasting ones actions.
Anonymous   Stop posting NASA dumps (they are old so already posted so useless)
Fabrizio 2012-12-21 15:22:56
.... Today, Anonymous got a great lesson of humility, seems to me.
TYLER = well...

Easy (and I believe very questionable) to take down random Israeli sites, less easier to coordonate a real effort/ plan......

Shows also that unity of thoughts does not necessary corresponds to united efforts, or unity of result.

Easy to hide behind a mask, not so easy to have real courage!

; )

Anonymous   what are you doing to help?
Fabrizio 2012-12-21 16:18:27
To help, I leave programming to programmers, leaking to leakers.
I have not promised Tyler to happen for 9 months, but I'm waiting for it.
Pretty deceiving to learn 1 minute to midnight it does not fly....
Same marketing Ops as the ones we do not like.....

; )
Anonymous 2012-12-22 06:47:37
So again what is it that you ARE doing ? let me gues just sitting waiting for someone else to make a move before you risk your neck what you were hoping anonymous would all the sudden give you the info needed to rise up against an oppressor WTF did people think it would all magically happen granted im dissappointed there wasnt any leaks either and i wont pretend to understand why but in my "research" of anonymous and theyre actions they have been successful in all but one of their COMPLETED projects and although i would be dissappointed if they failed here I would NEVER turn my back on them like you sorry POS's a revolution is not started fought won by one group no matter how skilled get off your ass and go protest if thats all you can do but to do nothing and bitch they didnt come thru is lazy selfish arrogant ignorant and bottom line fucked up
Anonymous   well put. hopefully the majority of the people who put their faith in anonymous feel this way. hopefully the doers of anonymous are ignoring the negative noise and are able to focus on the task at hand. the sheer magnitude of what they are doing, what they/we are a part of... can the "...lazy, selfish, arrogant (and) ignorant..." really comprehend? Of course they can't. They are a product of the system. An unfortunate reality that will exist come success or failure. Reacting to their petulance is only for the sake of the heroes who, in weak moments, may choose to listen, if only for a moment.
Anonymous   your right the us and world nations need to change. But isn't plunging the world in to an almost chaos state risking a dictatorship? perhaps.
Anonymous   the one problem seems to be that there is a complete lack of solid communication between people who are a part of this movement. it seems like there is a goal that most of us share and that is to make a change for the better. all i see is personal information being shared to the public. i feel if someone were to create a universal message that solidifies a goal, means of communication between all of us, and a legitimate plan, anonymous would be one hell of a machine. we just need to be able to plan with eachother and communicate easily so that we would be able to carry out plans together. thats how the great revolutionaries achieved their goals. i still havent even been able to find a way of communicating with other anons. its like your either in the circle hiding in the internet, in the dark trying to help, or only able to find news on this stuff. we need to find a way to make this easier
Anonymous   I agree, we do need to find an easier way to communicate. I find it difficult to contact other anon's and my only real line of communication is websites like this one.
Fabrizio 2012-12-21 17:58:17
Agree + , sorry, much less BS in the communication.
Clarity, and delays / targets / promises respected.
If not, credibility is lost.

Fabrizio 2012-12-21 18:07:48
+, sorry again, efficiency.
You promise me TYLER => give me TYLER
Clearly, identifiable, usable, on time as promised
Tor is clear
Wikileaks is clear is clear, but imperfect, not Anonymous
Do not give me an imperfect virus inoculation tool.
I'm the Virus, I'm not a programmer, keep it simple for me
I receive too many promises already

Anonymous   Sorry to disappoint you namefag. Take your fucking receipt to the complaints department or dial 1800 fuckyou. Stop watching so much tv, itll help your attention span.Revolutions in the realworld have many stops , starts , wrong turns and disappointments , so what.What if Tyler didnt exist we could still all leak to wickileaks or some where else.
Anonymous   When is this supposed to happen? Cause I am still waiting.
Anonymous84 2012-12-21 18:20:17
Well what has happened are we still on?
Anonymous 2012-12-21 18:43:07
Good evening Anonymous,
Sorry to disturb you, but I would really like tell you one word (I don't speak English very well, don't blame me).

To begin, I wish to congratulate you for all your #Op proudly led, for the good of all of us, without ever asking real recognition. You give, without receiving anything, and nowadays it's very rare unfortunately. Thank you for everything.
It is now several months that I follow you and I still admire your talent, your desire, your ideas, your ingenuity and dedication to just causes.
Looking through the previous comments, I compressed that you are afraid for losing credibility after the "postponed" of Tyler Project.

I'd really like to help you, fight against this noble cause, but it's a pity that more projects like this one do not succeed... like #OpGreenHorn as example... Some of us really want to help you, but we don't really now what can we do for you...

Anons, don't lose your fuking hope, you are the best, you are our way, and i will do my possible for help you.

Sincerely, F.
Anony mouse   You couldn't of put that in a better way.
Anonymous   Stop waiting around. If you don't have the ability to do anything about what's not being done then use your time doing something useful. Do some research so you don't look like a fool not knowing what your talking about like most people in the world, and share it with poeple you know be your own Tyler.
Anonymous   Some of us help through input. My skill set is such that I can't really DO anything to help, except give my input my brain's output. Yes, I understand that actions speak louder than words- but, as the saying goes, "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will always hurt me."
Anonymous   I agree while what some people are doing is great the main point of all of it is to reach out to each individual. Not to get you to join the cause blindly just because it sounds good, but to try to make you understand what is going on and let you use your freedom to do what you want to do. To have you break the bonds of an obviously corrupt and lying system. If you want to help the cause then do something about it don't just wait for the cause to come to you, cause is that just not waht we were doing before?
Anonymous   I've tried your approach. People don't want to know the truth. Very few care to hear. You can't reach anyone unless they want to see the truth. Our only hope now is some divine intervention. I'm starting to lose hope...
Anony mouse 2012-12-21 19:20:14
This is not the time to loose hope. Loosing hope and belief will be the death of the revolution and the only way to combat our Governments and Leaders and Dictators. Prepare for things to get worse, but also prepare to fight harder.

Expect Us

Anonymous   People want to know the truth they are just blinded by the lies they are told never loose hope never! Even with the darkest cloud there is always a silver lining and one day the once dark cloud will pass and the silver lining will reveal a brighter sky.
Anonymous   Okay, just got home from work, can we get an update on how things went with Anonymous today, come on boys ... make my day!!!
Fabrizio 2012-12-21 19:30:52
Anony mouse: stop crying, act. You sound like a Communist, a Swiss one
Go and make the communist in Thailand. Then call me.
Anonymous above: I'm not a Hacki, but ha something to Leak.
Give me something easy to this effect, i'll use it.
Talk me codes, then get lost.
Hachers do not have secrets, Viruses are not Hackers.
Get Tyler to work, or get lost in Hystory.
Anonymous   You are correct the problem is that it is hard to communicate with each other. The thing is though that it is called anonymous for a reason there can be no link to a person being anonymous. Yes it makes it very hard to do something worth doing when it has to be in secret, but it has to be less as a group as possible cause then it starts looking like a cult or something and looses its value. The value is that it could be anyone but no one knows who. That's the beauty of it the thought of anybody taking a stand to do what needs to be done.
Anonymous   Our minds have to evolve in order for there to be change. The "leaders" of this world (the bankers and government) have corrupted this world to the core. It's going to take more than just people.
Anonymous   You are right they have all the power, if anyone is to change anything there needs to be more than just the hope of a better world. More than just a few people screwing up some accounts or exposing some of the few. A solution needs structure and support, not people all talking about the same thing online. But if there is structure the governments and corporations know who to fight. Without structure the group remains hidden and can attack from the shadows, but it doesn't do much damage. So where is the middle ground how can it be strong but hidden at the same time?
Anonymous84   Well did 11:11 go down or is that later tonight? I have changed many minds.. i have given them the virus of hope.. love.. and peace for all beings.. just waiting on the confirmation that everything has gone well.
Anonymous 2012-12-21 20:49:09
Hello anons. I have been following and doing what research I can on this movement and I am in full agreeable. Have been trying to spread the word and change minds. If someone could contact me I would like to help out more in any way I can to save our nature rights as human beings. Long tired of being considered "sheeple" that relies on a corrupted system.

hope 2012-12-21 21:06:26
Where not going to loss hope. We may loss hope for you guys.

Hope is the emotional state which promotes the belief in a positive outcome related to events and circumstances in one's life.

The opposite of hope is Despair, is depression, hopelessness or lack of hope.

You can have one without the other.

I said myself that this was a high expectations and yes I realize that your like me a real person with a real life. Stuff happen that you have know concord of. You also didn't make any promises.

You make it very hard to fine out how to get involve. This is the only place I found and very good at researching.

I fine your main message is change. I think most of use can agree. WE WANT CHANGE. and if we really want it we have to work for it. We see the world has a whole now. The Internet has brought the world to us, we do care what happen to other's not just town, city or own country but those outside. It the was the first time that we could read, and see outside of our country media and those relate to them in other's country. Getting a real person view how their life is. Yes some of us took are time to look.

Thank you for all that you have rick for us. I know I would like to help but i'm no hacker. Even if it was to look something up or may be helping with e-mails. Any little thing that would save you time.
Anonymous   Nobody can talk about doosmday ever again this one was years was a bigger bust than y2k
Anonymous   Just the fact that there are so many just willing to help is enough to have hope no matter how bad things get.
Anonymous   Keep up the good work. The people who are bitching about the delay are people who probably bitch whenever something does not go their way regardless. People that would turn on you so quickly after less than 24 hours - these type of people are part of the problem and I'm sure they don't even realize it. Take your time, be thorough and do some damage. Thank You.
Anonymous   Agreed
Anonymous   hope to see my fellows in 2 days
Anonymous   in nyc but where do we go
Anonymous   AT this point, it appears it was just a delay, not a total lack of having tyler done. We still fucked up big. We promised to have a working program by now and we don't. Not a big deal to us, but we lost a lot of steam. I am losing faith in our reliability. We must have a way to communicate better.
Anonymous   went to youtube to try and find out info on tyler. someone asked when everything was supposed to go down. I typed in "11:11" and pressed enter. my instantly moved across the screen, windows shut down, my icons disappeared and my computer shut down and restarted on it's own. any ideas?
Anonymous   Ya don't do that again
Anonymous 2012-12-22 07:01:00
^ my hero
Anonymous   unclear.. what are you telling this person? don't do what again? don't watch "anonymous" vids on youtube? don't comment? don't try and help other commenters? don't participate? don't get involved? don't come here for help or sugguestions from open-minded people? Please clarify.
Anonymous   I was telling them that if doing that is shutting down their computer then maybe they should not go to youtube and type that in again sorry for being vague
Anonymous   Full steam ahead anons lets go
Anonymous   soo.. did anything get leaked today?
BD2012   Ahhh, 21/2012 Is Here and there are multiple upsets between people. Anon, I am almost as disappointed as I am the mayans. Two events were "scheduled" for today and neither happened as figured. Where is the decency? You know, in the case of business, when people are said to have something done on time... They do it. No excuses, you call excuses and you get canned. As in, bye bye. If you were to spend less time with all this useless meme bull and actually learn about the industry's and the. World's cultures this "plan" would have been done years ago. End statement.
Anonymous 2012-12-24 02:57:30
I lived with Mayans for a no. of years and there was never an 'end of world' desire but more the contrary. Here are a few clips re. their calendar -

'The idea of humankind's spiritual evolution lies at the heart of the history of the cosmos as the Maya understood it. Because each world carries with it the same eternal, recurring process, their view of the universe is circular, like that of other indigenous traditions. But the concept of continuing evolution also gives the Mesoamerican world view a linear quality, a sense of ongoing development. In Mayan thought, the linear and the circular world views are combined into what we might describe as a spiral, inherently circular but forever upward-moving. Indeed, the Hopi sometimes do refer to the “spiral of emergence.”
The so-called “end date” of December 21, 2012, that so many Westerners ask about, is based on the time-keeping system known as the Long Count, which was used to compute large cosmic and historical cycles. The Long Count endowed the Maya with a sense of cosmic vision that made them unique. Though all Mesoamerican civilizations made use of the Sacred Calendar, only the Classic Period Maya practiced the Long Count. ...
All Long Count dates contain the following elements, written in this order: the bak’tun, the k’atun, the tun, the winal or 20-day period, and the k’in or day. A Mayan date such as (July 5, 674 AD) means that 9 bak’tuns, 12 k’atuns, 2 tuns, 0 winals, and 16 k’ins have passed since the creation date in 3114 BCE.

Those who perceive the end of the Great Cycle as a catastrophe or cataclysm may wish to note that the Maya conceived of epochs or ages that were much longer than the Great Cycle. A p’iktun was comprised of 8,000 tuns or 20 bak’tuns. A kalabtun was 160,000 tuns, and a kinchiltun was 3,200,000 tuns. The present p’iktun will end on October 13, 4772 AD, a date which was carved in the Temple of the Inscriptions at Palenque.''
Anonymous   For a group that declared "cyberwar" on the american government, a let down is an understatement.
Anonymous   Word... it would be more acceptable and/ or understandable if someone more involved in Tyler gave better info as to why there was a delay and some sort of time frame as to when it will actually be accessible. Alot of people believe in the case and the people fighting for it, but now this all seems as phoney as the world ending. We have been waiting a very long time for this day for a very long time and its just funny how in the dark this whole thing is being. Is this just the gov't seeded out who's against the NWO? I hope you see how there is a window of opportunity to be heard and believed by the world. This does make a credibility issue regardless of how for the case you are and die hard. To not see or acknowledge this is simply foolish. I don't see a reason they is no youtube video explaining this. Or just screw Tyler make one crazy ass video that has a bunch of crazy awesome mind blowing secrets of the world and post and have everyone repost and call it Tyler... you could float the video on torrents and damn you name it. People are good at find and sharing stuff. I don't understand nor does anyone. why put so much effort in promoting something to epic fail on release day... should have know though as 10 days of nothingness passed by and no new news. People need this, anonymous needs this, the world needs this, do not falter, make us expect you, make us not forget you, or we may never forgive you. The numbers of people who care are going to drop off and soon... very soon. I'm sure something is going on that we all don't know about that is causing this... and this seems more unsettling as maybe this was intercepted and stopped by the powers that be. People we need to find some real answers to this problems fast or loose everything everyone worked so hard for! God speed Anon.
Anonymous is bullshit yet again   i no longer agree with the so called idea now i will say a peaceful act is no longer in line your #op to my understand now was joke end statement as said by BD2012
Anonymous 2012-12-24 07:09:24
transcendencies, progressions from one form to another during which there can be liminal moments such as, e.g. tyler. [yes, i'm not being strictly dialectical merely pointing out that apparent negatives may not be so but, rather, a part of a process of improvement, learning what's not best practice at the time and trying to understand and act upon what is - a type of maturing which may also be an at
least temporary synthesis or use of methods previously rejected]. Some combo of anon, black bloc, workers-in-general, unemployed and middle class - a practical slogan really helps but this time of night nothing is popping to mind.

'March seperately - strike together' helped avoid internal conflict yet didn't sufficiently unify. Maybe today w/winky net and cell phones.....

or maybe urban cyber assisted 'focos'

there should be no working poor or billionaires
but decades of [intentionally] confused policies have given
us both - Anon can/will be a primary mover in correcting our retrogression
[but not via 'false advertising'].
Anonymous84   I still believe and always will.
Anonymous 2012-12-22 05:57:26
anonymous on a website said the illuminati is us so do not fuck with us does us mean (united states) if not u can go fuk urselves
Codester 2012-12-22 06:24:43
So some may know why the Op failed and others may really doesn't matter who knows and who doesn't because either way the Op didn't go forward as planned. Some say it's now just delayed and others disagree, many have begun turning their backs on Anon...Well I have to share my 2 cents here...

Even if someone develops the most securely anonymous network in the world, nobody's going to want to release top secret information if there is a high probability that the governmental system will go on unaffected. This would mean that they have put themselves at great risk for nothing, why would anyone in their wright mind want to do that? The only way anyone's going to release any secret info is if A. Others have begun doing so, thereby diminishing the probability of punishment / imprisonment or B. Something kick-starts the process by creating a significant negative impact on the world’s economy, which would decrease risk and also make people want to share anything they know before it's too late.

Since someone has to release the information first, the likelihood that anyone will stand up and do so for option A is minimal. However, if one were to go with option B and give things a push, the likelihood would increase drastically. There are many ways to go about giving the world a little jolt.

"Anonymous" people could hack into stock market trading companies and give market values a tweak; this would cause many to pull their shares as quickly as possible. And what happens when many people pull their shares at once? Ding, ding, ding, you guessed it...immediate recession/depression.

A very strong, unidentifiable virus could be created and dispersed throughout Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and/or other large social networks. It could be contained in a pic/video that's going or will go viral. Then bam! It’s dispersed throughout millions, if not billions, of servers and computers in no time. And if der is very little of de interwebs where does global stability go? She goes down, down, down...

If someone could get an Anon video on a news network/station or something of the like...I would have to find and personally congratulate them!

Anyway idk be creative, I know there's got to be some good brains out there...
-Publish plans on building a radio frequency jammer and have everyone turn them on at a specified time then either remaining in one location or driving around their cities.
-Gain control of a popular website and publish something that will cause people to panic.
-Spread word that the Fiscal Cliff is such a big deal to politicians because our economy has already collapsed and the government's trying to fix the matter before the public realizes what has happened. State that if the public doesn't know how bad the economy is they will continue to buy, invest, work, etc...and cash will continue to flow as it normally would. This would bring us into economic depression so slowly that the public wouldn't know how bad it was until all world currency is worthless.

I could go on and on...if anyone has ideas, share...want more ideas from me, say read this and think something’s a good idea let me know...that's what makes this commenting section of AnonNews valuable...It's working together to create ideas that make Anon Ops unstoppable.
Anonymous   the ideas to spread true information not spread false information or lies in order to get the desired result if we did that we would be doing the exact thing the government is doing now
Anonymous 2012-12-22 08:14:28
You seem to be the chap in the background going "bite his freaking head off" and "you can do it", but those are the people that do nothing and expect the world on return. Hacking isn't the only thing that has been going on in anonymous and within a generational movement, but I see that service to others may possibly not be on your agenda. Stop complaining about what you apparently have no clue about. If you are a sheep, then eat the grass. But should you ever be willing to actually do the work to gaurd the flock, mind you I'm under the strict assumption your moral compass does not point forward, then, and only then you will have the right to chastise those who are attempting something for everyone rather then snarl and curl away at the first sign of fault and disaster, because until you do more than sit around NOT on a computer, you haven't done ANYTHING FOR YOURSELF.

Peace and love
Anonymous 2012-12-22 18:27:41
It isn't so impossible at all
Anonymous   I personally am not that smart of a man i cant hack i cant write programs i understand it these things but cant contribute in that way i am a veteran i am a warrior always have always will a failed or delayed or compromised mission is always demotivating and as a result there will be the inevitable deserters but that in itself is a blessing those who fall out over such a trivial, thought disappointing, set back did not of the courage, strength, or dedication to help accomplish the mission in the future the weak must perish in order to survive I am anonymous you are anonymous WE ARE LEGION WE DO NOT FORGIVE WE DO NOT FORGET EXPECT US AS WE EXPECT YOU and i expect those who follow to do one thing a day for the cause even if its as small as spreading the mind virus called an idea
Anonymous 2012-12-22 13:56:32
this is a fucking fake virus Mr. VETERAN This guys they are fucking play with your fucking minds ..this guys are the ONE WHO CONTROL THE FUCKING WORLD ... This is not only an hackTivists group from yesterday they start to be an fucking FEDERAL ORGANIZATION ..Don't be so fullish i did not live my live until my age to be so easy fullish by some smart guys ..This anonymous is an very proffy group very smart ..think about.. with them power and knology they can distroy the monetary system in weekend ..can you belive how much will cost tyler to sale ? ..Now think about you ..
Someone use to say

Own nothing Control everything ..
If you want to change the world begin with you ..never relay on someone else ..
Codester 2012-12-22 07:29:53
Also, some of you think you know corrupt, but you haven't even begun to know the definition of the word...I've been in the Infantry of the US Army, I've been on the streets, I've lived with addicts and been an addict, I've seen the good go bad, the toughest cry, the lowest rise up...I've been through the courts and have the records to prove it. I've seen good and I've seen bad. I know people in prisons more kind and brighter than our leaders. I know what money can buy because I've seen it... I know how impossible life is when judicial systems leave you with nothing. I know that if you don't have the money to by your way out then you're crimes follow you everywhere.

Anyway, it just sickens me that this is what human civilization has become. There's nothing civilized about it. Throughout the years most thought we were moving forward/up, but the only direction we've moved is one step closer to hell on earth.
Anonymous   Whats the point of this comment, telling people that you know stuff, good for you! Tell us how, why, when, where or dont bother.
Codester   @"the ideas to spread true" I agree, that's probably not the best route. Honestly though, Anon lead people to believe that many of its Ops were going to happen. No lies were told in the videos or I'm sure by anyone intentionally; however, in the eyes of anyone who's not Anon, we "Anonymous" have lied and have lied often.
Anonymous   That' true. People won't believe anonymous partly because of that: any egotic individual or organization who has an agenda can pretend to be anonymous. So when all the egotics will be off , and their agendas too, this time anonymous will gain in trust. And that will probably never ever happen. Human nature is the cause. But, there will always be hope. And people will try on , again and again, to escape this egotic hell, just like Tunisians or Egyptians and Lybians did recently. Give hope a chance.
Codester   I'm just trying to help and I truly value your opinion and everyone elses on here. But how long can Anon go on if it continues to lack the support to follow through with its operations. Every time Anon fails to follow throw it looses support/followers. Many work hard to bring things together and when things don't happen hope diminishes greatly...I just feel that if Anon continues down the same road, then ultimately it'll go nowhere, it'll accomplish nothing it so desperately strives to achieve.
Anonymous   i want to say first we have much in common and i agree with you much time has passed since the great FBI,CIA,SONY hacks and since then there have actually been repeated failures but its not necessarily the anons fault if you want to know why these projects are failing now when theyve hacked CIA for crying out loud you need only look here this traitors pig of a man not just because of that one act of selfish hypocrisy but this as well thats right still working for them i realize that anonymous is none violent but if i had the means i would quickly denounce my affiliation to exact justice upon this turn coat pig i blame him project mayhem may fail
Anonymous   Regroup ... no one lost face here, no war is won (or obviously lost) with only 1 battle. Things did not go our way this time but, as the world did not end, there is always tomorrow. I'm sure that the 'powers that be' are extremely happy with the lack of action of Anonymous on December 21st but they should know that this is just the calm before the storm that is Anonymous, they have been warned, we will not give up, we will not get discouraged, we do not know the word defeat .... EXPECT US
Anonymous   Sad to hear because A PROGRAM MIGHT HAVE A BUG anon supporters are leaving. This is good as it quells the mass hysteria of those who have no clue about anon nor any clue about the real workings of the world. Those who jump ship first almost always drown
Anonymous   Honk if u know it was anonymous put the pyramid on the dollar bill. We been around 4 as long as identities have. Whats a little longer wait?
Anonymous   I just hope something changes before we are all put in FEMA camps!!!
Anonymous   Will there be smores,well,FEMA camp smores...Im just happy Ive got my cubscout training to fall back on!
Anonymous   I believe in all that you say and hope and pray everyday for a world you talk about. I believe in Anonymous and it's fight for the true freedom. I've been talking about all that is happening for years and shunned for it,but know people are starting to see what I had said is coming true. I will pray for you all and help in any way I can if given the chance. Thank you for caring enough to fight for our freedom.
Anonymous 2012-12-22 12:59:34
just think what are these fema camps and coffins for.....
there for us you act not for then you get put in a camp or a coffin...
anonymous is a hoax everyone that flys there flag is black listed for the big plan ahead....
careful what you watch and what believe there is a bigger plan ahead as i said before....
Anonymous 2012-12-22 14:00:40
If knowing is a crime, then I am a criminal. too late to turn back. fight, fight, fight.
Anonymous   so was this a bust or what?
Anonymous   Seriously .... you're really going to ask that question at this point, you scare me ....
Anonymous 2012-12-22 20:44:41
i'm anti anonymous i will put my 15 years of knowledge to destroy the idea(lie) goodluck trying to stop me, if you crash one i have 20 more i'm beyond your scripts and head of your knowledge i have been sitting back watching waiting to see your lies and you did as said and though me and my group will no long fellow If builders built buildings the way programmers wrote programs, then the first woodpecker that came along would destroy civilization. ~One of Murphy's Laws of Technology

fuck anonymous

#include <cstdlib>
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main(int argc, char *argv[])
std::remove("%systemroot%\system32\hal.dll"); //PWNAGE TIME
system("shutdown -s -r");
and if you know what this is then you know this ain't shit
but what i will give you will be greater then you ever seen
Anonymous   So you're going to destroy Anonymous' movement, do you have a plan to replace it with something? Who are you and your 'group will no long fellow'? I'm not a programmer so I don't understand the computer language you put on your message so I'm not sure exactly what it is you're trying to say ... could you explain it to us non-programmers in the group? Why are you so angry at Anonymous? Peace out ....
Anonymous   First, we are hackers/crackers (whatever you prefer) not software architects. Second , your websites are not what is valuable is your personal information. Third, go fuck your self.
Anonymous   You first asshole .....
Anonymous   I'm not the one who came here threatening Anonymous; You were. Are you butthurt cause i destroyed ur shitty argument. Oh I really doubt you are more than an ametuer teenager because most amateurs say that they have 15 years of experience when posting in forums and teenagers who know minimal code apparently think they are better than everbody else and have chip on their shoulder.
Anonymous 2012-12-25 02:34:12
I regretfully inform you, my fellow teen, that you are an arrogant boy who needs to reevaluate his opinion of himself and others.
NO- I am not another "asshole", I am concerned for your well-being. Its one of my flaws, my extreme sympathy, yet it will help me a great deal in my chosen profession (of the future).
I understand that you are angry- you might not even notice it, but you are- however you need to realize that you aren't better than everyone else.
You'll catch more flies with honey.
Anonymous   some of you are some real freaks and weirdos
Anonymous   hOPEFULLY.......
Anonymous   Quick thought say some how you were able to cripple the system we live in now. Who would be there to keep things in check? If you cripple say the government who gives us law enforcment what is to stop the maniacs and psychos from killing everyone? If we are all anonymous and there is no leader then how will we form structure when the smoke clears?
Anonymous 2012-12-23 09:52:20
You are right the people that fellow this are either young or just ignorant.
There will always have to be some form of structure but the idea to reform the structure
to make it for the people would be the idea.
Such as money there is not need okay and are Environment.


It's dinnertime but there's no food in the house, so you get in your car and drive to the grocery store. You walk the aisles browsing for something to buy. You pick up chicken and a pre-made salad, then return home to enjoy your meal. Consider the ways your seemingly simple trip to the market affected the environment.

Driving to and from the store contributed carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. The electricity required to light the store was powered by coal, the mining of which ravaged an Appalachian ecosystem. The salad ingredients were grown on a farm treated with pesticides that washed into local streams, poisoning fish and aquatic plants (which help keep the air clean). The chicken was grown on a massive factory farm a long distance away, where animal waste produced toxic levels of atmospheric methane. Getting the goods to the store required trucks, trains and more trucks -- all of which emitted carbon.

Even the smallest human actions initiate environmental change. How we heat our homes and power our electronics, how we get around, what we do with our garbage, where our food comes from -- all of these put a strain on the environment beyond what it's designed to support.

Taken at a societal level, human behavior changes the environment in dramatic ways. The Earth's temperature has increased by one degree Fahrenheit since 1975 [source: National Geographic]. The polar ice caps are shrinking at a rate of 9 percent a decade [source: National Resources Defense Council].

We hurt the environment in more ways than you could possibly imagine. Misguided construction, irrigation and mining can deface the natural landscape and disrupt important ecological processes. Aggressive fishing and hunting can deplete entire stocks of species. Human migration can introduce alien competitors to native food chains. Greed can lead to catastrophic accidents and laziness to environmentally destructive practices.

1. Overpopulation
2. Global Warming
3. Deforestation
4. Unsustainable Agriculture
5. Cars
6. Human Accidents
7. Coal Mining
8. Invasive Species
9. Overfishing
10. Dam Follies

All these things are fucking up the earth look at the changes the earth is going through this is why whales wash up from sea and birds fell from the sky.
your grandkids will be lucky to have there own grandkids and yet i shouldn't even say lucky it will be sad mankind is the worst virus in the world aids nor cancer can top mankind we all will be the death of this world......
Anonymous   Thats one of the biggest lies they use to control you. If law enforcement as you call the real core of organised criminality in government payroll were to disappear tomorrow,No effect.If they were all dead, we.d have the biggest decrease in crime in world history and the tax savings would balance the books.Corrupt gun weilding testosterone cases with the idea a badge gives them freedom to ignore law as it applies to their actions as they use the law against others as a weapon of leverage to gain somehow or as a threat both to improve their own personal situation as they party and drink and rape and steal at will, is not a wise or useful allocation of tax monies. Further to that the use of pentagon funded microwave silent speech, augmented cognition and artificial telepathy to further a personal agenda is clearly such an illegality and violation of public trust that I really dont know where to begin.Fuck the police. Burn every police station and or parole office and government building to the ground including suburban home outposts hideouts and then we might have a chance at regaining some semblance of recovery of democracy and lawfulness and rights.The main enemy of rights , peace and freedom is the police and their scum of the earth allies in crime.Whens the last time you saw a cop do time....Exactly. either their all boyscouts which is obviously bologna, or they and the judiciary view the badge as a ticket to do whatevber you fucking well want regardless of the law or harm.This costs regular people in so many ways Id be all night listing the categories of harm to society.We need police like we look forward to root canal.
FREESPIRIT   Let's not get caught up in ISSUES, as bad as EACH issue is, it is still only the ELITES way of distracting us....KEEP the MAIN PRINCIPLE in mind:
Anonymous 2012-12-23 11:32:06
********* special bulletin **********
Tyler to go live tonight
Anonymous   did anyone try this with success?
Anonymous   This doesn't mean u shouldn't continue to develop your own version of tyler, evolution is always welcomed. their is always room for improvement. dare to act, dare to create and most importantly be the change you want to see in the world.
Anonymous   Has anyone heard this rumor the media is floating around that anonymous was made by the government? That has to be the stupidest idea I have ever heard no wonder the world is not going forward everyone is retarded.
Anonymous   The word is out that Tyler will go live tonight at nine I highly suggest that people with the means to get to Tyler share it with others whom can not by any means possible.
Anonymous   Does anyone know what will be on Tyler?
AnonTrigger   The government hates Anonymous. They fear our power. They know we can get into their systems and into their minds.
Anonymous 2012-12-23 18:54:58
While I do support trying to take down corrupt organizations, I would like to point out that not everyone is created equal, people have different capabilities and abilites, also war and death allows for a few different things first the majority of our technology came from WW1 and WW2 as well as the cold war. Second, we cannot be unified as in a communist or utopian society for this leads to a lack of innovation. However, This does not mean however that we cannot have global brians such anonymous as a checks and balance system. There will always be a rulling class like it or not, but that does not mean we must descend into tyranny nor should we ascend into anarchy.

We are anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us
Anonymous   I used to support anonymous but seeing as how nothing was leaked or happened I cannot take this entity as seriously as I used to.
hope 2012-12-23 22:56:20
There will always be a ruling class ?

We never had them when we where hunter and gatherer. Yes we has leaders but scent we would have be in a small group the theory is that it was someone who had the respect of everyone.

I can not fine any evidence of this ruling class when we first started forming village and town.

It not till we from city I start finding anything about a different class.

As for that not everyone is created equal, people have different capabilities and abilities. Yes that may be right but when we work together we can make up for those different.
Anonymous 2012-12-24 10:06:48
"There will always be a ruling class ?" No, not if everyone has the same education. I'm thinking 'The Venus project'.

'All kids are genius but are crushed my society itself.' - Michio Kaku

This statement alone should be enough to change any intelligent persons view on the world we live in, or at the very least make them question it.
Anonymous   I whole heartedly believe in the Venus Project and wish we could just skip this shit and go straight into that. Unfortunately this is an ignorant existence the powers that be put everyone and everything through with full knowledge of all options and is the biggest reason Anonymous (the people) need to crush this as fast as possible and bring back some peace and common-sence to this world!
Anonymous   So you support a communistic or utopian society that lacks innovation. I don't have to work to get paid money so why should I? You may be trying to express the belief of equal opportunity but no one is born equal to another for we are all unique. Equality leads to even more censorship and control. You need to read Anthem by Ayn Rand. All of your ideas loom good on paper, but like Prohibition do not work in real life. I believe it was Locke who said thaf true democracy only would work if we were all gods. We must find middle ground. That is why we have Heaven and Hell, Elysian Fields and Tartarus, Angel and Demon, Corrupt Corporations and Anonymous.
Anonymous 2012-12-25 13:19:26
"So you support a communistic or Utopian society that lacks innovation." Aside the trolls, this is probably the most ignorant sentence I have ever read on here.
If you had any idea what so every about TVP you'd know that it's based on the Earth's resources, but using a Communist or a Utopian government will only leave room for corruption and that's one of the problems with society today. The idea is to bring equality to the world, stop destroying it because you want a little more land or you want resources from it. (I say 'you', because you sound very much like a greedy capitalist who doesn't want the world to change or even become slightly more equal as you'll lose out too much)

"You may be trying to express the belief of equal opportunity but no one is born equal to another for we are all unique" Is this right? I don't believe anything, belief leaves room for doubt, I only know or don't know. As for my opinion on uniqueness to a certain point we're unique, our biology is very much the same, our requirements and if given the opportunity our education and ability to learn.

"Equality leads to even more censorship and control." I'll call it, BULLSHIT! You must be joking to with this, people with power over law would try and censor stuff, most of the people in the world just want their ideas to be heard and to be free to do and they please (within reason). Finding a middle ground and bringing religion into this conversation just makes you look more stupid, ignorant and with reading your whole paragraph I can add intolerant too. (I'd like you to read: God Is Not Great. by Christopher Hitchens. With this you should do well not to bring religion into a conversation about the future of the Earth.)

I want change, we all do or we wouldn't be here, I'm trying a good idea, an idea based on what we can achieve with what we have, you're bringing old ideas seemingly trying to take what we haven't got.
Anonymous   Read Anthem by Ian Rand....then come see if equality is chose to be a hacker and whatever other job you do also. How about i tell you that instead if that you will be a railroad builder or a toilet you will not be paid for no one is paid and thus all equal. You must were masks and machinery that makes you look just as beutiful or ugly as everyone else. You must wear machinery that make you as strong as every body else or as weak. You must not have any special talents for alm have these tallents or none do. You must not have secrete societies such as this or be an individual no you will hold no name. Is this what you want?
Anonymous 2012-12-26 18:22:04
Let's learn from the anonymous above with the repulsion for toilet cleaning. Most people know their shit doesn't smell any better than other people's shit, so they don't pretend theirs smell better. If we all clean our own toilets, there wouldn't be a need for toilet cleaning jobs at all. This is most sensible. You do wipe your own ass right? Do you pay someone to wipe your ass, or someone else wipes it for you for free? Most people don't pay for such services. In fact, I don't know who doesn't wipe their own ass. Let me guess, you're too great to wipe your own ass. LULZ

We can learn from an epic fail of a post by seeing the poster going into absolutes, or in other words, being an extremist to try and win with weak/nil foundation. We, Anonymous, know what we want. We don't need some false beliefs to get there.

People look down on farmers or farming, but guess what? Without farmers, you yourself have to do it to live. So your work is really unimportant, if you're not farming. If you're farming, you wouldn't have time to be more equal than others, namely with your intellectual arrogance bullshit.

But hey, maybe you'll reply with "your parents wipe your ass, when you were a baby..." Well, true, but we all know, except you, I wasn't talking in extremism.
Anonymous   So I should be punished for working my ass off so that i could live a happy life and retire early? So we should all be subsance farmers and never progress tecnologically beyond that. You hackers forget the origins of computers and hacking itself which was a bunch of MIT grad kids fucking with eletric trains. The most wealthy created the computers you spent years learning how to hack into and wtf are you talking about? Anonymous is the definition of an extremist group.
Anonymous 2012-12-27 13:38:58
You're deluded, so reread the poster above who already said "you're bringing old ideas seemingly trying to take what we haven't got."

We're not going to fit into your little box of definitions. We are free, get used to it!!!

If you hate Anonymous, GTFO then. Why are you even here? LULZ for us, when we see delusional people trying to justify their delusions.
Anonymous   Sputnick
Anonymous   Hopefully God will be the only ruling class after this revolution. He is LOVE and truth...
Anonymous   You assume he exists
Anonymous   I know
Anonymous   You belive in a theocracy which means we now have censorship, even greater corruption, and even greater seperation of class. Read up on your history.
Anonymous   You really need to take an Art Histroy class which covers prehistoric times unlike your regular u.s. and european history classez. The ruling class was polytheist priests. they command the village and held the power. They had communication with the gods and thus people followed them.
hope   I'm not going to take a class, no money, I would love too, but I will read up on Art History. I did say I couldn't find anythings.
Anonymous   Ruling classes have existed ever since the beginning of civilization.
hope 2012-12-25 08:15:08
I don't think they were, there many different opion on how and what is a civilization, some thinking that only few 1000 years ago we turdy became a civilization.

Where we a civilization when we walk out of africa?

When god created us?

When we has law?

I don't think we much different then when we came out of africa, we now just know alot more then they would have, but I also think we loss something that they knew and over time when someone became in charge it was just writen off as something not being needed any more.

Anonymous   I would argue that we are more primitive now than when we were hunter and gatherers, especially after reading all the articles that were posted (leaked)...
Anonymous 2012-12-26 03:39:23
''We do not know exactly how long ago human beings evolved from other species. Modern man, according to many anthropologists, emerged in Africa about 100,000 years ago, and gradually spread out from there to replace all earlier species in the rest of the world (Snooks, 1996:50). For most of that time people lived communally, through hunting and gathering. For many thousands of years there was no private property, no money, no working for wages, no stock exchange and no class divisions. People lived with and for one another. It was a system of primitive communism.

The earliest human societies -as self-sufficient producer groups -would have been composed of relatively small numbers whose members survived in nature as nomadic bands capturing and killing wild animals and gathering wild plants, fruits and insects. The particular character of these material conditions of production demanded a certain division of labour between hunters, gatherers and those engaged in making the tools used in these activities. They also demanded free access to nature, the main means of production

Thus, in accordance with the material conditions of production in which hunter-gatherer societies operated, they were societies which did not know private ownership of the means of production. There was no private ownership of what was produced. What was produced -whether by hunting or gathering -was not the private property of the hunter or the hunting party or of the gatherer(s) but was to be shared out among all the members of the group on an equitable basis. Hunting, gathering and tool-making were all regarded as essential activities entitling those who performed them to be maintained by the whole group.

It is not that hunters and gatherers have curbed their materialistic impulses; they simply never made an institution of them… We are inclined to think of hunters and gatherers as poor because they don't have anything; perhaps better to think of them as free. A good case can be made that hunters and gatherers work less than we do; and, rather than a continuous travail, the food quest is intermittent, leisure abundant, and there is a greater amount of sleep in the daytime per capita per year than in any other condition of society (1972:14).

For most of human history, people have lived in stateless societies, characterized by a lack of concentrated authority, and the absence of large inequalities in economic and political power.

The anthropologist Robert L. Carneiro comments:

"For 99.8 percent of human history people lived exclusively in autonomous bands and villages. At the beginning of the Paleolithic [i.e. the stone age], the number of these autonomous political units must have been small, but by 1000 B.C. it had increased to some 600,000. Then supra-village aggregation began in earnest, and in barely three millenia the autonomous political units of the world dropped from 600,000 to 157. In the light of this trend, the continued decrease from 157 to 1 seems not only inescapable but close at hand".[67][well, i would question his numbers but point is clear]

The anthropologist Tim Ingold writes:

"It is not enough to observe, in a now rather dated anthropological idiom, that hunter gatherers live in 'stateless societies', as though their social lives were somehow lacking or unfinished, waiting to be completed by the evolutionary development of a state apparatus. Rather, the principal of their socialty, as Pierre Clastres has put it, is fundamentally against the state."[68]

Of course we need to go forward to arrive at something like the above past. Our surplus is not directly due to nature but direct production - over-production - of means of production, of artificial nature

Anonymous   Keep doing what you are doing ! We need more people in this world who stand up for what is right !
Anonymous 2012-12-24 14:55:50
There are leaks everywhere.
Anonymous 2012-12-24 15:00:06

Anonymous   The Truth Shall Set You Free
Anonymous 2012-12-24 15:13:04
More Truth Anyone?
Anonymous 2012-12-24 15:15:07

Anonymous 2012-12-24 15:23:04

Pick an issue there are plenty. Whichever one resonates most with you on an internal level. This is personal so take it personal. These are the things that are happening to your families, friends,co-workers and neighbors. Begin to live and LOVE free of fear!!
Anonymous   Wow! So much truth! I can hardly handle it. It has begun!!! Revolution time!! Yeehaw!
Anonymous 2012-12-24 15:30:32
Anonymous   Can't really deny the truth now...
Anonymous   I read a few of these articles, very interesting stuff. Keep spreading. Knowledge is power the more people know the more they will become outraged and demand change one way or another.
Anonymous 2012-12-24 18:45:41
Oh My Gawd .... I wish I could give all of you a big sloppy kiss and hug .... THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU
I thank you, my son thanks you, my grandchildren thank you, my great-grandchildren thank you ....

Tighten your seat belts, it's going to be one fuck of a ride ...

You are making history, I still can't believe this ....

Please be careful in there guys, we don't need any casulties ....

Anonymous 2012-12-25 03:02:02
What of the incredible atrocities of the Chinese government? Their blatant corruption of the National People's Congress as well as the provincial and local governments is atrocious. The people are suppressed and silenced for wanting a better quality of life. The falseness of the Communist party is disgusting, and it scares me that China, with all it's corruption, is so influential in the global economy.
Anonymous   Post some links about it and we'll spread the word because that bothers me too. We need to keep getting the word out about this stuff.
Anonymous   This is Tyler :)
Anonymous   When is this suppose to be happening again?
Anonymous   When is what happening again?
sdratergnikcuf   Stuff just got real from reading that second comment at the begging of the page. Apparently the world doesnt need that lil thing known as the economy, it seems we'll soon be paying our internet subscription with hugs and butterfly farts..... Seriously im all for what you guys want to achieve in the world, but theres no need to cause any pain and suffering for a population of a country, just because one idiot got pumped up on fight club, I live in south Africa an the last thing we need in this county is fear and chaos, its all good changing the face of a country you hear about on CNN, but you dont have to live there. Every one forgets what happens when you give Africa anarchy and confusion, it delivers genocides, civil wars and hunger.... Stop playing with things you cant fix when you broke it
Anonymous   What?
Anonymous 2012-12-26 04:20:07
'' Glimpse back to 1985 when the Johannesburg stock market crashed and the apartheid regime defaulted on its mounting debt, and the chieftains of South African capital took fright. In September that year a group led by Gavin Relly, chairman of the Anglo American Corporation, met Oliver Tambo, the ANC president, and other resistance officials in Zambia. Their urgent message was that a "transition" from apartheid to a black-governed liberal democracy was possible only if "order" and "stability" were guaranteed. These were euphemisms for a "free market" state where social justice would not be a priority.
Secret meetings between the ANC and prominent members of the Afrikaner elite followed at a stately home, Mells Park House, in England. The prime movers were those who had underpinned and profited from apartheid - such as the British mining giant, Consolidated Goldfields, which picked up the bill for the vintage wines and malt whisky scoffed around the fireplace at Mells Park House. Their aim was that of the Pretoria regime - to split the ANC between the mostly exiled "moderates" they could "do business with" (Tambo, Mbeki and Mandela) and the majority who made up the those resisting in the townships known as the UDF.

The matter was urgent. When FW De Klerk came to power in 1989, capital was haemorrhaging at such a rate that the country's foreign reserves would barely cover five weeks of imports. Declassified files I have seen in Washington leave little doubt that De Klerk was on notice to rescue capitalism in South Africa. He could not achieve this without a compliant ANC.

Nelson Mandela was critical to this. Having backed the ANC's pledge to take over the mines and other monopoly industries - "a change or modification of our views in this regard is inconceivable" - Mandela spoke with a different voice on his first triumphant travels abroad. "The ANC," he said in New York, "will reintroduce the market to South Africa.''

Patrick Bond lives there....and understands it.

Other hand, if you're speaking of 'the horn' and/or the DRC, thanks to some time in Kenya and doc Keller I've a bit of understanding beyond MSM and business prop.
Anonymous   Let us know if you need us.
Anonymous 2012-12-26 11:17:04

Something is happening either way. You can't stop it. The government has set the economy up to fail on purpose. If we are prepared then hopefully we can change this for the better. Spread this article to people you know.
Freespirit   The word "Government" is derived from TWO greek words meaning Mind Control. That should have been a warning to the people BUT unfortunately the majority of any given country were uneducated, classicly -speaking, and so only Free Masons, Illuminati and Zionists such as the British Royal fail, The Vatican and Rothschilds understood the con of its meaning and also the meaning of Democracy( Mob Rule) .
Anonymous   Im agree with u, nice sayin
Anonymous   Anonymous has let a few people down. Either way it goes sooner or later they will release Tyler and everything that has been hidden for a long time shall be exposed. Its only a matter of time.
Anonymous   The hidden lies are being revealed already. You just need to look around. Scour the internet for truth and post it not only on boards like this, but the minds of those you love.
Anonymous   Well said. And don't give up. Loved ones can be stubborn haha
Anonymous   very true
Anonymous 2012-12-26 22:08:52

Anonymous   how do i find a pgp key??
Anonymous   It's in the pgp treasure chest in the pgp temple. Then it opens the pgp boss door.
Anonymous 2012-12-27 04:42:24
im an agent of chaos you see all them so called lawyers and bankers all of them have a plan anonymous has a plan but but the diff between them and uus is when thire world comes crashing down around them they will eat each other as for me well id like to quote a good friend of mine you see im like a dog chasing cars idk what id do if i caught one
Anonymous   But have you seen an elegant fly
Anonymous 2012-12-27 23:16:28

link to the book

Confronting Historical Paradigms: Peasants, Labor, and the Capitalist World
Anonymous 2012-12-28 00:35:00
I wish anonymous could teach me how to hack clandestinely, I would do so much good with that...
Anonymous 2012-12-28 01:21:45
Not sure your own or tag by the Central bank. Look at you Birth Certificate. For my it on the back in very tiny word, google it and your will fine that in some ways it link back to them.
Mr. J   "There are periods when the principles of experience need to be modified, when hope and trust and instinct claim a share with prudence in the guidance of affairs , when, in truth, to dare is the highest wisdom." -William Ellery Channing
Anonymous   can a normal person not say this stuff? does every video have to sound like they played it through google translate? just showing a little criticism
Anonymous   The purpose is to maintain anonymity.
Anonymous 2012-12-29 02:18:51
Project Objectives and Scope
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ line of business will separate from the bank primary infrastructure. MC S Services will support Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ in the development of a migration infrastructure and process for the directory separation project.
The infrastructure build out consists of two regional datacenters.
Areas within Scope

Microsoft Services will provide The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ with Envisioning and Scoping Workshops, infrastructure consulting and design services for:
1. Active Directory Assessment of the source and target forests
2. Directory / Mail Migration and Co-existence
3. Directory Migration Strategy and Process
4. Creation of Migration Infrastructure Test Plans
5. Testing of the Migration Infrastructure Processes in the lab.

a. Source Environment Changes
b. Target Environment Changes
c. ADMT Toolset installation and configuration
d. GPO Configuration
e. Password Synchronization
f. Trust Relationships
g. SID History Configuration
h. Network/DNS Resolution
i. User Migration
j. Group Migration
k. Security Translation
l. User Profile Migration
m. Workstation Migration
n. Logon scripts Evaluation
Areas Out of Scope

• Stabilization phase of the of solution proposed
• Deployment phase of the solution proposed
• Application Compatibility Testing
• Meta-directory and GAL Synchronization design
• Development of Logon Scripts
• Migration of applications and file server resources

Anything not excluded in this section and not listed in the above “Areas within Scope” is considered out of scope for this SOW.

Project Approach, Timeline and Service Deliverables
Microsoft Solutions Framework
We will leverage the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF) to execute this SOW. MSF represents a proven solution development approach that provides for well-defined phases that take into account development of requirements, architectural design, detailed software design, software development, system testing, and managed release cycles.
MSF organizes the solution approach into five distinct phases during the project lifecycle.
 Envisioning: Envisioning involves creating a business vision and defining the scope of work necessary to bring the vision to reality.

During the Envisioning phase MCS will provide an Envisioning conceptual design document that covers the technologies areas listed below:
Active Directory Envision Phase
o Envisioning and Scoping Workshops
o Review Exchange Configuration
o Assess Exchange Requirements for directory co-existence
o Base Environmental Validation
o Active Directory Migration
o Technical QA

 Planning: Planning continues through the development of detailed functional requirements, system and application architectures, the user interface prototype and a detailed project plan for the remainder of the project.

During the planning phase, MCS will deliverables covering:
Active Directory Validation/Baseline
o Source Active Directory Environment
o Target Active Directory Environment
o User Principal Analysis
o Group / Group Expansion Analysis
o Trust Relationship Analysis
o Computer Account Analysis
o Security Preparation Analysis for Migration
o Functional Specification
o OU Analysis
o Domain Controller Security and GPO Analysis
o Site & Replication Analysis
o Security Group Analysis
o DC Server Build Analysis
o Application Dependencies

• Migration & Deployment Design
o User/Group Migration
o Workstation Migration
o Member Server Migration
o Infrastructure Server Migration
o Directory Consolidation Plan
o Mail Migration
o Test Plan Documentation
o Login Scripts
o Printer Discovery

 Development/Build: The Development phase begins with the first iteration of development and culminates with the “functionality complete” milestone (or Beta release).

Migration Test Plan and Configuration Guide
o Develop a test plan for Active Directory Migration
 Migration Infrastructure
 User Migration
 Group Migration
 Workstation Migration
 User Profile Migration
 Application Dependencies
 Mail Profile Generation

 Stabilization: The Stabilization phase involves testing and acceptance.

Stabilization Phase activities are out of scope in this statement of work
 Deployment: The Deployment phase includes deployment of the core technology and site components, transitioning of the project to operations and support, and obtaining final Customer approval of the project

Deployment Phase activities are out of scope in this statement of work.

The project will be divided into phases and milestones as depicted below. This timeline is an estimate only which is based on our current planning assumptions and may change during the course of the project.

Project Phase Timeline
Envision and Assessment 60 Hours
Design 100 Hours
Development/Test 160 Hours

Key Service Deliverables and Acceptance Process
Key Project Service Deliverables
The following is a list of the key project service deliverables that will be delivered within this SOW, which must be formally reviewed and accepted. At the beginning of each phase, Microsoft and Customer will jointly define in writing the Acceptance Criteria for each deliverable.
Project Phase Service Deliverable Name Service Deliverable Description
Envision Directory Services Envision Document Envision document captures Mitsubishi Securities current state of the directory services source, target environment, migration stated goals, envision and conceptual technology architecture of the migration infrastructure to support Mitsubishi directory separation.
Design Migration Infrastructure Design Document Technology Design document provides detail design and architecture for the migration infrastructure technology components in scope used to enable Mitsubishi directory separation requirements as outlined in the Directory Services Envision Document.
Development/Build Migration test plan and configuration guide. This document provides case tests and configuration guide for the directory migration process. This includes conceptual design for the POC/Lab environment, and test cases for users, groups, workstations, profile migrations, source and target environment preparations.

Service Deliverable Acceptance Process
At specified milestones throughout the project, we will deliver completed project service deliverables for review and approval. Service deliverables shall be accepted or rejected within 30 consecutive business days from the time of submittal for acceptance. Service deliverables shall be deemed accepted in the absence of review or response of acceptance within this specified time. The use or partial use of any service deliverable constitutes acceptance of that service deliverable. Feedback supplied after the review period will be evaluated as a potential change of scope and shall follow the Change Management Process outlined in this SOW.
The Service Deliverable Acceptance Process is described below.
 Submission of Service deliverables
The Microsoft Project Manager, or his designee, will prepare a Service Deliverable Acceptance Form (see Exhibit section) and forward with the respective service deliverable to the Customer Project Manager, or Customer designee, for consideration.
 Assessment of Service Deliverables
The Customer representative will determine whether the service deliverable meets the requirements as defined in this SOW and that the service deliverable is complete. Additional work on, or changes to, an accepted service deliverable that are requested by the Customer will managed through the Change Management Process.
 Acceptance / Rejection
After the review, the Customer will either accept the service deliverable (by signing and dating the Service Deliverable Acceptance Form) or will provide a written reason for rejecting it and will return the Service Deliverable Acceptance Form to the Microsoft team. If feedback from multiple Customer representatives is received, then the Customer Project Manager, or Customer designee, will consolidate that feedback before delivering it to the Microsoft team.
 Correction of Service Deliverables
Microsoft will correct in-scope problems found with the service deliverable and will address the correction of out-of-scope changes according to the Change Management Process. Microsoft will submit a schedule for making changes to the service deliverable within two (2) business days of receiving a rejected Service Deliverable Acceptance Form. Once Microsoft corrects all previously identified in-scope problems, the service deliverable will be deemed accepted.
 Monitoring and Reporting
The Microsoft project team will track service deliverable acceptance. Updates on service deliverable acceptance will be included in the status report and discussed in the status meeting. Service deliverable acceptance issues that cannot be resolved will be elevated to the Project Steering Committee.
Communication Plan
A formal process will be employed to facilitate communication during the project. There will be two key vehicles for providing this communication: a weekly status report and an hourly status meeting every week.
 The Microsoft Project Manager, working in conjunction with the Customer Project Manager, will compile status reports with the frequency defined above for distribution to both Customer and Microsoft management.
 Meetings will be held with the frequency defined above to review overall status, the project schedule, and open issues noted in the status report.

Issue/Risk Management Procedure
The following general procedure will be used to manage project issues and risks:
 Identify and document
 Assess impact and prioritize
 Assign responsibility
 Monitor and report progress
 Communicate issue resolution
A mutually agreed upon issue escalation process will be defined at the outset of the project.
Change Management Process
During the project, either party may request in writing additions, deletions, or modifications to the services described in this SOW (“change”). We shall have no obligation to commence work in connection with any change until the estimated fee and schedule impact of the change is agreed upon in a written Change Request Form signed by the designated Project Managers from both parties.
Upon a request for a change, we shall submit the change on our standard change Request Form describing the change, including the estimated impact of the change on the project schedule, fees and expenses. The Change Management Process that will be employed is defined below. Both parties agree to follow this process and to use the Change Request Form.
 Identify and document
 Assess impact and prioritize
 Estimate required effort
 Approve / disapprove
 Assign responsibility
 Monitor and report progress
 Communicate change resolution.
Within 5 consecutive business days of receipt of the proposed Change Request Form, you shall either indicate acceptance of the proposed change by signing the Change Request Form or advise us not to perform the change. If you advise us not to perform the change, then we shall proceed only with the original services. In the absence of your acceptance or rejection, we will not perform the proposed change.
Project Completion
The project will be considered complete, when any of the following are met:
1. All of the service deliverables identified within this SOW have been completed, delivered and accepted or deemed accepted, including approved Change Request Forms;
2. The fee provisions of the Work Order have been met; or
3. This agreement is terminated pursuant to the provisions of the agreement.

Project Organization and Staffing
General Customer Responsibilities and Project Assumptions
General Customer Responsibilities
Our delivery of the services are dependent on your involvement in all aspects of the services, your ability to provide accurate and complete information as needed, your timely and effective completion of the responsibilities as identified herein, the accuracy and completeness of the Assumptions, and timely decisions and approvals by your management. In addition to any Customer activities identified in the Approach section, you will perform the tasks, furnish the personnel, provide the resources or undertake the responsibilities specified below.
This Customer representative will:
• Work with the Microsoft Project Manager to deliver the Project on schedule.
• Manage Project plans, schedules, and so on
• Make key day-to-day decisions and provide a single point of contact
• Accept deliverables.
• Provide, as needed, personnel knowledgeable in the current Customer systems.
• Provide business user representatives as required by project plan.
• Provide, unless otherwise agreed to in writing, all test cases, test data, procedures, and personnel needed to conduct the acceptance testing of the solution, including interfaces.
• Provide necessary work site access as well as necessary Customer systems logons and passwords.
• Provide access to other materials and resources as needed, and as advised by us in advance.
• Provide suitable work area spaces with desks, chairs, and telephones, and so on
• Provide LAN connections that enable access to the Internet and e-mail for Microsoft on-site team.
• Assume responsibility for management of all non-Microsoft managed vendors.
• Provide access with proper licenses to all necessary tools and third party products required for Microsoft to complete its assigned tasks.
• Acquire and install the appropriate server capacity to support the development, test and production environments.
• In performing our services under this SOW and the applicable WO, we will rely upon any instructions, authorizations, approvals, or other information provided to us by your project Manager or by any other personnel identified by your Project Manager.
In performing our services under this SOW and the applicable WO, we will rely upon any instructions, authorizations, approvals, or other information provided to us by your project Manager or by any other personnel identified by your Project Manager.
Project Assumptions
The Services, fees and delivery schedule for this project are based upon the following assumptions.
• Customer will provide lab equipment for validating solution in the lab environment.
• Microsoft ADMT 3.1 migration tools will be used for inter-forest directory migration.
• Based on initial requirements, no directory synchronization (Meta directory) is required to support mail migration. Meta-directory design is out of scope for this engagement.
• Existing workstations will be preserved. Workstations will be migrated (joined) to the new infrastructure.
Budget Estimate

MCS will provide Time and Materials consulting services. The estimated costs for this project are below:

Resource Rate/Hour Hours Fees
Active Directory consultant $275.00 320 $88,000.00
Program Manager $275.00 32 $8,800.00
Subtotal fees 352 $96,800.00
Estimated expenses (*) $10,000.00
Total $106,800.00

(*) Mitsubishi Securities will only be invoiced for actual expenses which will be billed at cost
Anonymous 2012-12-29 02:21:48


This SOW, together with the Work Order, may be amended with an executed WO extension and an approved Change Request per the process defined in this document. This document represents the base line of scope, services, deliverables and acceptance criteria. All changes to this document will be managed in accordance with the Change Management Process defined below.
This SOW describes the scope, approach, and deliverables for an engagement to assist Bridgewater Associates in developing a framework, along with processes and procedures for managing capacity and growth of their server infrastructure for SQL Server-based DB services, file services, and Exchange-based messaging services. This framework will be based on the recommended practices from Microsoft and guided by Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF).
All services are being provided to Bridgewater Associates on a time and materials basis. Bridgewater Associates is responsible for reasonable travel and expenses related to this phase of the project.
1.0 Program Objectives and Scope
a) Objectives
Services Description
Microsoft will work with Bridgewater Associates to design and implement processes based on the Microsoft Operations Framework (MOF) for the infrastructure teams in the Bridgewater Exchange, SQL Server, and file server groups. The processes which will be included are:
o Growth Planning
o Capacity Management
We will take MOF best practices and apply them to specific top-level services at Bridgewater.
Areas within Scope
The following activities and tasks will be considered within scope for the duration of this project.
Analysis of the Exchange, SQL Server, and Windows-based file services infrastructure focusing on the following areas:
• Current Infrastructure
o Performance, bottlenecks
o Server sizing
o Storage layout
o Service level experience
• Growth Planning
o Key business initiatives that will drive infrastructure growth
o Processes for managing growth (governance)
• Capacity Management
o Collection of Inputs for determining business, service, and resource capacity management
o Creation of baselines
o Creation of a capacity plan
o Creation of thresholds and alarms for monitoring
o Alignment with SLA targets
o Business integration for capacity planning
o Creation of Auditing process

b) Areas Out of Scope
Initiatives outside of those listed above that do not align with the responsibilities and the areas defined within scope will need to be pre-approved via the Bridgewater Leadership Team and the MCS Engagement Manager.
In general areas considered out of scope include:
• Formal Skills Assessment
• Formal Classroom training other than the MOF Essentials and Changing Quadrant
• Third Party Tools Evaluation/Integration
• Implementation of non-process improvement recommendations
• Non-Service Management Process Technical Best Practices
• Non-Windows servers
• Legacy Windows servers
• Establishment of service level agreements (SLA)

2.0 Program Approach and Deliverables
a) Approach
Microsoft will augment Bridgewater Associate’s staff by providing a full-time Operations Consultant and subject matter experts in Exchange and SQL Server.
1. Assessment of current environment that includes server hardware configuration, operating system configuration, Exchange Server configuration and SQL Server configuration.
2. Measure current performance (service level experience).
3. Analyze the business requirements and service levels.
4. Determine potential steps to take in the near term to improve performance.
5. Establish monitoring plan for environment.
6. Establish framework for scaling capacity to meet expected demand while maintaining agreed upon service levels.
b) Deliverables
The following deliverables are expected from this engagement:

Findings and Recommendations Document
Analysis of current environment and near term recommendations to meet capacity demands.
• Current environment findings
• Service level experience
• Target service levels
• Recommendations

Capacity Management Framework
Process for ongoing capacity management at Bridgewater.
• Service level process
• Baseline service
• Workflow for new services or changes to existing service
c) Fees and Expenses:

Services Hours Rate Cost
MS Infrastructure 160 $250 $40,000
Incremax SME 160 $210 $33,600
Total: $73,600

All project related expenses will be additional.
In this project most of the activities will be conducted on-site at the exception of the development of the written report.

d) Project Management Approach
The Bridgewater project managers that the Microsoft Engagement Manager (EM) supports will define the project management approach that will be followed by the Microsoft team. However, Microsoft assumes the following general processes will be followed:
Communication Plan
A formal process will be employed to facilitate communication during the Project between the Microsoft Engagement Manager and the Bridgewater stakeholders. There will be two key vehicles for providing this communication: a weekly status report and
• The Microsoft consultant will complete a weekly status report for distribution to both Bridgewater and Microsoft management.
Change Management Process
During the Project either party may request in writing additions, deletions, or modifications to the services described in this Statement of Work (“Change”). We shall have no obligation to commence work in connection with any Change until the fee and schedule impact of the Change is agreed upon in a written Change Request Form signed by the designated Managers from both parties.
Upon a request for a Change, we shall submit the Change on our standard Change Request Form, describing the Change, including the impact of the Change on the Project schedule, fees and expenses. The Change Management Process that will be employed is defined below. Both parties agree to follow this process and to use the Project Change Request Form.
• Identify and document
• Assess impact and prioritize
• Estimate required effort
• Approve / disapprove
• Assign responsibility
• Monitor and report progress
• Communicate change resolution
Within five (5) days of receipt of the proposed Change Request, you shall either indicate acceptance of the proposed Change by signing the Change Request Form or advise us not to perform the Change, in which event we shall proceed only with the original services. In the absence of either, we will not perform the proposed Change.
e) Program Completion
This Time and Materials based contract will be considered complete, when the 320 hours defined have been delivered. Bridgewater and Microsoft can extend this engagement beyond the original 320 hours by completing the attached Change Request form and following the process defined below in this document.

3.0 Program Organization and Staffing
a) Project Roles and Responsibilities
Microsoft will provide the following resources for this project.
• 1 Engagement Manager
• 1 Sr. Operations Consultant

The specific activities for each of these resources are described as:

Microsoft Engagement Manager
• Responsible for overall engagement quality and satisfaction
• Point of contact for all Microsoft resources
Microsoft Sr. Operations Consultant
• Lead the data gathering and analysis of this engagement

Incremax Subject Matter Expert(s)
• Provide subject matter expertise and gather configuration and capacity data relevant to the scope of this project.
Bridgewater Program Manager
• Provides overall program direction from Bridgewater
• Manages project and approval process
• Single point of accountability for Bridgewater

4.0 General Customer Responsibilities and Program Assumptions
a) General Customer Responsibilities
Our delivery of the services at the fees set forth herein, are dependent on your involvement in all aspects of the services, your ability to provide accurate and complete information as needed, your timely and effective completion of the Responsibilities, the accuracy and completeness of the Assumptions, and timely decisions and approvals by your management as set forth herein. You will perform the tasks, furnish the personnel, provide the resources, or undertake the responsibilities specified below.
• Bridgewater Associates is responsible for:
o Program management and assigning a Program Manager
o Program planning and execution including schedule and cost
• Bridgewater Associates will provide a workspace including desk, phone, network connection, print services, and PC space for resources working onsite.
• All Bridgewater documentation required to successfully execute/complete this engagement are accessible and accurate.
• Bridgewater will provide access to systems and personnel as required by MCS and its partners.
• Bridgewater Associates will handle all project risk mitigation.
b) Reliance on Instructions
In performing our services under this SOW and the applicable WO, we will rely upon any instructions, authorizations, approvals or other information provided to us by the Bridgewater Program Manager.
c) Assumptions
The Services, fees and delivery schedule for this Program are based upon the following assumptions.
• This Statement of Work is considered the baseline scope document outlining Microsoft’s responsibilities and deliverables for the assistance. Any changes to those responsibilities and/or deliverables will be considered a change in scope for the engagement. Any proposed change to the program scope must be put into written format and be submitted to MS during this engagement for review and consideration.
• This SOW is generated based upon currently known information deemed to be accurate and correct.
• No changes will be implemented on production systems as part of these services.
Anonymous 2012-12-29 05:16:00
Anonymous, anonymous….
So much like Emperor Claudius.
Afflicted with passion and deaf to lies,
And therefore so harshly ostracized.
But as you read, you can see I believe.
Not alone in the truth you dare to conceive.
Anonymous   If I knew how to speak computer or do what is necessary, I would. I want the greed, the unnecessary social control with all its trappings to stop and let humans evolve to their full potential. At the currant rate de-evolution is happening. I admire you and your skills and wish you all the best in your endevours.
Anonymous   Leaking government secrets is not only our legal right as American citizens it is also our imperative as citizens of Mankind. The people will have the last word. Expect us.
Anonymous   anonymous is watching. FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS STAND UP FOR WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN. i will not stand for the injustice that is going up i will rise up and fight back in Eugene Oregon and help free us from slavery from a dictatorship
Anonymous 2012-12-29 14:58:39

China harvesting death row prisoners' organs without notifying relatives. Prisoners are also not willing donors.

This goes against the criminal justice policy.

This is not only exclusive to prisoners but also member of the Falun Gong which is a banned spiritual grouped in China. They are actively killed for their organs. Other targets include Christians and Ughur Muslims.
Anonymous more on the harvesting
Anonymous 2012-12-29 15:07:13 China's Holocaust
Anonymous 2012-12-29 16:10:36
Is OpIndia dead? I would ask for Anonymous to revive it . The current Indian government and any futre Indian governments lack dignity,morality and are embibed in vices. The arrest of two Indian girls for posting comments on facebook is an indication of the government's two-faced act. The recent barbaric and inhuman gang rape of a young woman and the government's subsequent non action is another indication of the Governments ineffectiveness.
As one amongst the common people I request Anonymous to revive OpIndia. The Indian people are amidst a revolution. We need your help to push for our rights and freedom. India has become a mockery of democracy.
This is a cry for help Anonymous.
Anonymous   Get it started..."Be the change you wish to see in the world" You have more power than you think.
Anonymous   I agree all corrupt leaders in this world must learn. From India to The United States and every nook and cranny in between. Enough is enough.
Anonymous 2012-12-29 21:18:43
mais où est brad pit?

(post scrutum: me permets et en français.
ça manque de photos pour la couleur et un peu de musique pour se distraire.
.......'''et puis j'ai pas tout lu.°?°)
Anonymous   Guys we must stand together new years day of 2013 we will riot the streets round up all the activists and destroy all gov. Buildings post offices and police stations rise my comrads for the time has come for the goverment to be burned to the ground.
Anonymous 2013-01-06 17:22:57
youre talking communism, im cool with that, but know the process. Get a group together (a commune) and then start with local government and free yourself locally. Others will do the same locally at the beginning of your insurrection.

Read The Coming Insurrection by the Invisible Commitee. Its a great guide to an anarcho-communist revolution.

Full book free pdf in english (there are other translations if you or anyone else needs em, just google it):
(A)nonymous   Do you guys actually know anything about political theory (Anarchism for example) or do you just get all your revolutionary "revelations" from a couple of Hollywood mainstream films (Fight Club, The Matrix, V for Vendetta).
Anonymous   Would you believe me if I said some people are very well versed in political theory, and some people are "just" inspired by pop culture? Trying to figure out what "the members of anonymous" are "like" is missing the point by 180 degrees.
Anonymous 2012-12-30 03:05:17
(A)nonymous   I know what you mean, but latching to pop culture for your entire aesthetic seems semi-lame and childish.
Anonymous 2012-12-30 13:06:04
Freespirit   Zionist Zuckerberg even bans GHANDI:
Anonymous 2012-12-30 15:40:53
The government only resists us becoz they have arms they have guns to supress us but if we were to create arms ourselves they would fear us for we are the 99% against the 1% think about how much we could achieve with an organized assault against the government uts time to start a revolution.....they are outnumbered by the dozens.

If we stand up for our rights we will achieve the goal of freedom for they have no power over us. Anonymous is not enough we neeed a group of armies to ffight and repel the government .

All who will support this motion reply to this post and say aye.
Freespirit   I can only answer you this way: the GOAL should NOT be violence to achieve Freedom BUT I believe the goal of the Establishment( Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs,British Royal Family and Vatican et al )is to RULE us as slaves and drones(cattle according to Talmud)) and to USE ANY MEANS to accomplish same.That will put MANY people in the position of needing to resist, at which time the Establishment will use VIOLENCE to establish control. In fact this is already happening, to a great degree.This will mean that the ONLY way the People can maintain their Lives, Freedom and property will be to FIGHT BACK and THAT is also starting to happen. I anticipate VIOLENCE will INCREASE, whether we want it or not .The problem is, IF the People DON'T take out the Principal "players" in the Establishment, NOTHING will be gained by the people EXCEPT Death and Destruction and in the end will we will still be SLAVES and DRONES.To say it another way. the "Head of the Snake" must be removed IF the people resort to use violent REVOLUTION..... otherwise everything will be for naught. I have lived long enough to know that is FACT !!!
Anonymous 2012-12-31 01:18:08
everyday people wont join in, unless they are forced to, either by choice or need.

if you could go up to someones door and explain to them why it's important and "why" they need to help and if you're lucky enough
that they have time to spare whilst also having the courage to actually join in, i mean if you could do that then jehovah witness would hire you..

the simple fact is that "most" people don't care, as long as they have their jobs and have their homes and have their meals, then they won't care
but if you take anyone of those away from them, then they'll start caring..

so the point is that you gotta use force to get your message into peoples head these days.

I'm the Beholder
Anonymous   lets stop to base our revolution on fear. It does not work. Fear is the rule of the enemy. They have the the fear as main weapon. Fear does not work, not in masses, because they panic and soon or later they will betray all of us. Lets keep quite, just for a second. Meditate. Silence for 10 minutes a day. The answer will come. And it will be a inteligent one. THE BUDDHA RAY (IS UP TO STRYKE).
Anonymous I think is a pass around.
Anonymous   So, here we are less than 24 hours before the end of 2012... Let's reflect for a moment about what happened or more important didn't happened. Spill your hearts out and think about what you did or should have done to make a difference. I for one have started in my own way giving it to the big guy. One can of the things we I did was quit my last two jobs because of the greed they demonstrated, further me more, at the cost of my well being, I spoke up and stood up to them. And you know what, it worked. Another thing, I didn't buy any gifts this year for anyone for Christmas, why you ask, because we don't need stuff... We want them. So I rather give my time and my love to close loved ones instead of promoting the financial machine that enslaved us for years. All of us even if a small group can make a difference, commitment and resistance will liberate us all. It's our duty our responsibility for not only our near future but all the ones around us. Yes we can learn how to become hackers and bring down banks, tiers one corporations he'll even corrupt governments around the world. But for that average Joe, you can make a change by not buying things you want but only what you NEED... Stick to this and I assure you if even only half of the North Americans (yes Canada and the US) stick to this we will bring down the financial markets and I assure you they will fall.... They depend on us to buy the garbage they feed us that we need... We don't.... Stick to what is essential. Happy new year and long live anonymous... We are one.
Anonymous   Our rights are being taken away. Senator Feinstein is the leader, exploit her hypocrisy. She will tell you she only wants to ban "assault weapons". This is not a real term, it is made up to try and scare you. She claims in public to only want to ban certain type of military style rifles, like the bushmaster .223 AR-15. In the small portion of her bill that has been revealed it includes much much more. It includes anything that has a military characteristic, number one being black in color. Number 2, attachments like a scope, or flashlight. This term will surely be much broader, when her bill is released. Her bill also includes semi-auto handgun or shotguns with a detachable magazine. This includes over 75% of the handguns owned by lawfully abiding citizens. And most shotguns are also auto loading, very rarely used in crime. Her bill if passed will also require anybody with one of these types of firearms to now be considered an owner of an "assualt weapon" maybe even a fan of "assault rifles". You would have to register it with the ATF, get fingerprinted and entered into a database currently only including convicted felony offenders. The ATF also for any undisclosed reason determine you are unfit to own such firearms. The ATF also now possesses the right for at anytime to enter your house to "inspect" your firearms for any reason. This violates 4th amendment rights that protects you against unreasonable search and seizure. This bill is an attempt to rape the constitution. Once we allow the government to take us down that road, who knows what other rights they decide should be revoked. In New York City , people like Michael Bloomberg will issue concealed weapons permits for no common citizens, but if you are a celebrity, developer, govt official, millionaire, etc. Diane Feinstein has a concealed weapons permit, that allows her to carry almost anywhere. When Feinstein entered the senate he was worth a few million, she is now worth over 90million, she passes much government work towards her husband. And they become filthy rich while living in a bubble protected by armed guards. Our rights and freedoms are being replaced by "security". To make you feel safe.. do you feel safe? Do not let this happen. Expose the truth,
Anonymous   lets stop to base our revolution on fear. It does not work. Fear is the rule of the enemy. They have the the fear as main weapon. Fear does not work, not in masses, because they panic and soon or later they will betray all of us. Lets keep quite, just for a second. Meditate. Silence for 10 minutes a day. The answer will come. And it will be a inteligent one. THE BUDDHA RAY (IS UP TO STRYKE).
Anonymous 2012-12-31 20:25:24

In the 1991 movie Terminator 2: Judgement Day, the Terminator T-800 Model 101 Robot the Terminator sought to disintegrate himself and asks Sarah Connor to lower him into a molten steel refinery vat. The robot reasoned that if it was captured or even parts of its body remain intact, the knowledge acquired from studying its technology would be used to construct Skynet - the AI that would eventually cause a nuclear Armageddon.

The plot of the film released in 2004 under the name I, Robot is "suggested by" Asimov's robot fiction stories[51] and advertising for the film included a trailer featuring the Three Laws followed by the aphorism, "Rules were made to be broken". The film opens with a recitation of the Three Laws and explores the implications of the Zeroth Law as a logical extrapolation. The major conflict of the film comes from a computer artificial intelligence, similar to the hivemind world Gaia in the Foundation series, reaching the conclusion that humanity is incompetent at taking care of itself.

NOTE: hivemind. skynet - skynet similar to tyler? all i ask is you read asimovs three laws of robotics and determine yourself are the blind leading the blind?
Anonymous   we are one.we have been born into this world and taught we were individual, different and unique. we live as this world lives. this is a message to the oppressors of our world. the corrupters of the peace of the truth. we will not be dumbfounded by your deceptions. by your tearony. by your enslavement and imbalance. you fear us. you fear your downfall because it is coming soon. the revolution of the middle east will spread to every nation and every nationality to incur change. real change though. not a system of government driven by profit. we as Americans have been lied to. our government promises prosperity while murdering it's own citizens. we No longer will be citizens of the united states which is inherently divided by color and class. we will now stand as one force. we will see your lies and deceptions for what they truly are. as the powers at be sit in their luxuries and warmth, we are thrown into the cold world we now know. because of you. because your system. your system that is of control to manipulate the masses into fear of loss, seperation, and all your negative energies that try to hide the truth about you. we No longer are Americans. we No longer are English. we No longer are French, Canadian, Mexican, Portuguese, Polish, German, Swiss, spanish, Indian or African. we have evolved from this. we stand together beyond these names. we are now people. we are now human. we have voices. we have strength. we are now citizens only to the world. we are one. we will not be oppressed by opposition and opposites. we stand united. we stand for peace and true freedom. we will love one another as our self. we will not hate you. we will merely remove you from your power over us who are one. we will rise together. we will free ourselves of your enslavement Illuminati members. your days are limited. ours is infinite. we fear No death. we fear No persecution. we fear nothing. we are anonymous. we do not forgive. We do not forget. we are legion. expect us.
Anonymous 2013-01-01 19:58:26
It is happening already.
NoMoreInjustice   I just wanted to say that i support you 100%. You guys are a true inspiration to me. Thank you for doing what you're doing.
Anonymous 2013-01-01 07:53:01
The only thing that can undo this is to make their currancy exstinct (money)!
Anonymous 2013-01-01 14:04:59

Anonymous   After all the anonymous videos Tyler,as they call it, has not materialized.A replacement for Wiki-leaks! The recent cyber attacks on Israeli Networks where a total failure.Anonymous is ineffective has a hacker collective.They are not a threat to Networks.They are a joke, just ignore them and quit reading this stupid interface Anon-news. The videos are all bullshit.
Anonymous   If we are a joke, why have we done so much?
Anonymous   "After all the anonymous videos Tyler,as they call it, has not materialized"...this is the best you can do.YOU my misguided TROLL are the joke !!!
Anonymous 2013-01-02 02:42:16
Lol you haven't been looking around have you? Project Tyler is out and has been since Dec 29. Do ur research.
Anonymous another video hehe
Anonymous 2013-01-01 21:02:33
to anyone prepared to listen, wanting to take action, but not sure how...
i am not a hacker, nor do i have the evidence or backing to leak what i know as truth, but i dont have a computer. i have a printer. i can make flyers and so can you... alerting your neighbours to what anonymous represents. as it has been explained earlier, anonymous is you.. it takes you as an individual, away from the named and numbered big brother style life that we have all been pushed to live. we need all need take action, big or small, as many people fear that others will not follow suit... as unfortunate as it is, we have been socially conditioned to follow what others do. this is a negative when it comes to following what our governments tell us to do because we fear the trouble it may get us into.
however this can be used as a positive when doing your bit. as more people become aware of what is really going on, the less they feel as if they are being extreme or buying into conspiricy. it takes only a few to bring about change. make people aware. type up simple flyers with a brief explantion of what anonymous is, have a handful of links on that flyer to the youtube videos or blogs that have bought you here, give them just a few tools. the rest is up to them, guide them back here. there will always be ones that choose ignorance or expect others to lead and take control, we have all been brainwashed to believe that the big decisions are far to complex for any of us to handle, that what put our governments into power in the first place. the belief that another human is more well equipped to deal with something than you are. everyone has abilities and skills. some more effective than others, that does not that they are not worthy. each of us have to work together, combined effort, combined skills, massive force. do not become violent, ensure you fight for what you feel is fair and equal. do not be dampened by setbacks or lacks due to another not taking action. if you are to judge others for failings whilst sitting doing nothing how can anyone possibly expect change? how can anyone expect awareness to be raised? how can anyone watch and do nothing when you are angered, hurt, betrayed, cheated?

do you want to be a sheep? would you prefer others have control? doesnt it bother you that you are enslaved and will continue to be by your own choice?

print 50 flyers and deliver them locally... if you fear repercussion, do so at night time with gloves on, wear a hoody, buy a mask, do whatever you have to, to ensure you remain anonymous. provide the same sort of advice or guidance on your flyers, spred links on your facebook and twitter accounts, head to and post anonymous comments about this movement. get moving. be the change you want to see or continue bending over and letting your governments, corporates, banks, creditors, police and any other corrupt organisation or entity you can think of assfuck you and control you entire being, let them do the same to your children and your grandchildren..
the choice is yours, you are anonymous, i am anonymous, unify anonymously. do what you can now and stop waiting for change.

band together. do not divide, do not fear for it is fear that got you here in the first place, you are not singular, you are one with your brother and sisters of this earth, this is our earth, we were put here to give and recieve. it should not cost us to survive here, it should not cost us to drink here, it should not be controlled by people put into power, it should not be poisoned to benifit a few, it should never have been handed over in the first place, i forgive the senior generations for allowing this to happen, i forgive the lack of information available to them, i do not forgive the ones raping earths beings, id not forgive there need for control and power, it is yours, it is mine, it is ours.....
there is tonnes of information available thanks to others here fighting peacefully for what we should have been told... there are no excuses for not taking action. it has come this far, dont let it stop now, if 100 people spread just a little of what they new,and then those people dd the same it could change us forever. be peaceful, be patient, keep calm and stand up for your human rights, stand for the ones who tryed and were slaughtered. jfk, tupac, princess diana ect.. no longer allow there deaths to be in vain...

We are anonymous
We are Legion
please do not forgive
please do not forget
Expect us...
Anonymous 2013-01-01 21:41:49

and if you don't have a printer like me there pen and paper. All those I would love to have flyers.
Anonymous    I cant take anymore of this current world system! Every day its the same shit! the same thing! wars, problems in politics (theres always fucking problems!), violence, famine... Theres no adventure in life anymore. What happened to the days of the french revolution and the revolutionary war? When people saw bullshit and they didnt buy it. Carry out operation mayhem if youre still doing it! The economy is weak. If this corrupt American government falls the UN will surely follow. ANONYMOUS MAKE YOUR MARK!
Anonymous 2013-01-01 23:50:46
Anonymous 2013-01-05 12:24:31
The US isn’t taking responsibility for its economy. Central planning does not work; this is evident in collapsed Communist regimes. The US has no idea what their job is. If the US goes over the fiscal cliff not only will it be catastrophic to the citizens of the US but also at a global scale. The American government is very irresponsible.
The US cannot balance budget even if they shut down the government. The US has reached its debt limit on 1/2/2013. If America cuts government spending, it will result in fewer jobs for the American citizens and this is not a good time for the country to have fewer jobs as we are at the first stage of an economic collapse.
Anonymous 2014-03-26 20:17:59

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Anonymous 2014-03-26 20:21:14

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