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YouTube's and the NFL's Copyright system

Dear Larry Page and Roger Goodell

We are Anonymous,

Your system for Copyright is unfair and unjust. You make it seem better than it actually is. YouTube has no system in repealing a copyrighted video. Recently a user under the name of wantansoup1 and an anonymous supporter, has posted 2 videos which were soon copyrighted by the NFL. The video contained footage of all of the games this season to create a video for the Washington redskins. He appealed the decision and because YouTube takes into account if it is truely a valid arguement. So they sent it to the claimant. Within another 3 days it was denied. From their you can appeal it again but can only write 2 sentences which will not get an appeal from anybody. The NFL wants to squash everybody in their path, the greed that has come to the sport is unprecedented. But Roger Goodell, do you really pay people to search on YouTube? And copyright the video with 700 views instead of 30 thousand! There are videos of 8 parts 20 minutes each which have at least 20 thousand views each. There is somehing called the pursuit of happiness and justice. Their is no system, there is no appeal, it's one decision. Take of the two copyright strikes off wantansoup1's channel or we will have a little fun with the YouTube website and the Google banner.

Larry Page and Roger Goodell,

We are Anonymous,

We Are Legion,

We do not forgive,

We do not forget,

Expect us. 

Join the conversation! 14 comment(s) already posted - click to post one yourself, anonymously of course.
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