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#OpFuckHarper Press Release 12.17.2012

Greetings Canadians & Citizens of the world, We are Anonymous

On Dec. 3rd we examined and presented evidence compiled by Allan Matthews on behalf of Elections Canada. On Dec. 6th. No less than 3 days after that Press Release a Federal Court case, brought by the Council of Canadians on behalf of 8 voters, commenced that also presented this very same evidence. In this Press Release we will go over some of the highlights and absurdities from the first 4 days of that trial as well as provide you with the information you would need to conduct further research yourselves.

It is worth noting that Elections Canada is currently investigating misleading calls in at least 57 riding's so far out of the 247 riding's with documented fraudulent activity...There is only 308 total riding's in Canada.

The riding's currently being challenged by the Federal Court we refer to are as follows:

 Nipissing-Timiskaming in Ontario.
 Elmwood-Transcona and Winnipeg South Centre.
 Vancouver Island North.
The Case originally involved 7 riding's, but a challenge in the Toronto riding of Don Valley East was dropped after the Conservatives found the voter actually lived in Don Valley West.

It is also worth noting that, and we quote CoC Lawyer Steven Shrybman (Defense), "The applicants do not accuse the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) or any party official of participating in the fraudulent activity. What they argue is that fraud did occur, and it benefited the CPC."
As you might have noticed, We disagree with this statement wholeheartedly and accuse the CPC and several Party Officials and CPC Employees of knowingly participating in this fraud, As noted in our previous Press Release.

Original Press Release
Webchat Link

The other notable figures from the case are as follows:

Federal Court Judge Richard Mosley (Judge)
CPC Lawyer Arthur L. Hamilton (CPC Shill)
Expert Witness Frank Graves, President/CEO of EKOS Research

Now let us present the highlights and absurdities from the trial.

Before the case was barely underway CPC Shill had already filed 2 motions to dismiss the case. Both of these were overcome as well as a motion to milk the voters for $260,000 should the election, by some unfathomable occurrence, get found to be valid.

On the 1st day of Court the Election itself was not even addressed and the validity of the case was questioned multiple times. In fact most of this 1st day of court was spent defending the Council of Canadians & Expert Witness Frank Graves from unfounded and unwarranted attacks by the CPC Shill.

CPC Shill also tried to have the case dismissed on the basis that it wasn't brought within 30 days of the Election Results being announced.
Defense argues that it was brought within 30 days of the public becoming aware of how organized and widespread the blatant fraud and voter suppression campaign was.

On the 2nd day of Court the Defense presented the evidence we broke down in our first Press Release as well as detailed how and when the scope of the fraud became public knowledge. A Postmedia News report was cited as giving notice to tens of thousands of Canadian voters - including the eight applicants - as to how widespread the fraud was and that it was not just an isolated incident involving only them specifically.

Testimony of RMG Chief Operating Officer Andrew Langhorne was also heard during which he admits calls made to CPC "supporters" (ie: Internal Conservative List of Opponents) included a statement that "Elections Canada has made a number of last changes to polling locations." This was in spite of the fact that Elections Canada asked the parties not to advise voters of polling station changes. RMG admitted calling into five of the six riding's in these cases, Even thou only one polling station location had changed.

Testimony of RMG Employee Annette Desgagne was also heard in which she stated that "because of the way people responded to her 'polling station change' scripts", she believes she had been misleading voters. She subsequently reported her concerns to the RCMP.

On the 3rd Day of Court a poll conducted by EKOS Research to survey the scope and impact of the fraudulent calls was presented. In that poll 2,872 people in the six riding's were polled, 1,500 people in other riding's were polled as a 'control' group', they were then asked if they received a call telling them that their polling station had changed. The poll found you were between 3x to 4x more likely to have received that fraudulent call if you didn't support the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) than if you did.

Frank Graves, President/CEO of EKOS Research, testifies "We can say with confidence this is not an artifice of chance"

Michael Adams, Founding President of Environics, competing polling firm to EKOS, disputed the CPC Shill's personal attacks on Graves by referring to him as a "highly respected professional pollster", and the CPC attacks against him are "utterly unfounded"

Graves' evidence was also supported by expert Dr. Neil Nevitte, retained by the applicants to provide independent opinion of EKOS data. Dr. Nevitte serves as senior election adviser to National Democratic Institute for International Affairs and as technical adviser to many Intl NGO's on prevention and detection of election fraud and on the conditions for free and fair elections

Dr. Neil Nevitte supporting statement is as follows "My view is that the EKOS Report, for the most part, makes relatively modest claims that are advanced, usually, with related caveats and proper caution. The EKOS data, I think, are useful. They have integrity and because that is the case, the critical issue at hand, in my view, concerns the inferences that can be reasonably drawn from Tables 3.1 and 3.2 of the EKOS Report [revealing thousands of calls were made into the six riding's, and that they disproportionately targeted non-CPC supporters]. These data, to my mind, are central to the issue of whether the so-called robo-calls were "targeted."

On the 4th Day of Court 6 CPC MPs for the fraudulent riding's attempt to argue for keeping their seats in the face of strong evidence that their seats were obtained by fraud. MP's claim "Canadians aren't so foolish as to fall for fraudulent calls" CPC Shill says "There is a fundamental disrespect right now for the intuitiveness of the Canadian voter, They are very careful. They take their franchise seriously."

Next, RMG Lawyers reviewed 18 recordings of calls Annette made over 3 days. 2 instances of discrepancies were found between information Annette provided to voter, and what voter had previously understood to be the correct polling station...Annette made many more than 18 calls thou, RMG refused to produce further call records. RMG admits it ignored direct instruction by Elections Canada that parties not discuss changes in polling locations. After this CPC Shill replays the slandering Groves routine. Judge responds calls CPC Shill's assessments unfair and unfounded. Then CPC Shill went on to attack the EKOS Poll Data after which court concluded for the day.

Docket ID's


CPC Shill Infos

Firm: Cassels Brock

Arthur L. Hamilton
tel: 416 860 6574
fax: 416 640 3009

Suite 2100, Scotia Plaza
40 King Street West
Toronto, ON M5H 3C2

Suite 2200, HSBC Building
885 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC
V6C 3E8

Coincidentally enough Firm Websites offers services not only in English...but of course Chinese as well! [1] We did not find a French option...
Their Vancouver office also leases space with HSBC it seems. While this detail and the language options are relatively insignificant, given recent news about HSBC and their laundering of millions in drug money[2], Harper's ties with the Chinese Government and even CSIS themselves warning that "people in the Canadian Government are under at least the general influence of a foreign government."[3] they are interesting facts that may provide context for a more direct investigation into Harper himself.

Webchat Link

We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not Forget
We do not Forgive
Expect Us


Original Press Release

Join the conversation! 32 comment(s) already posted - click to post one yourself, anonymously of course.
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