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Anonymous 2012-12-14 15:33:38
and this just happend to happen when there signing the NDAA 2013 wow....
Anonymous   Monday - Target HSBC and Lockheed - ddos, blackfax, dox - whatever your skills
Anonymous   DDOS, and we can all take these things down.
Anonymous   With regards to Lockheed Martin I believe youre on the right track as they are and have been developers, proliferators of microwave silent speech psychotronics and augmented cognition and artificial telepathy or brain computer interface equipment that utilises satellite to beam sound, harassment , subliminal messaging and brainwashing messages , including audible voices and simulated voices directly into the auditory centres of a targetted individuals brain.With this they , the user can see the victims thoughts on computer screen in real time this includes images as well as text which enables intellectual property theft as well as tailored harassment and manipulation of individuals when coupled with gang stalking and stored surveillance from visual and auditory surveillance which is satellite cameras and beamed sound from satellite as well as microwave see through walls type surveillance cameras.This was developed throughh black budgets ushered in using cold war paranoia, and the Comittee on The Present Danger are the same people who brought us such wonderful things as the bomber gap and the missile gap and now their present and past activities are centered on the "justification " of working on the Brainwashing and microwave psychotronics gap.If you want to understand their plan and power structure look at a book recommended by former FBI turned activist,Ted Gunderson. The Book is called Pawns in their game or something similar, search under author last name if youre ordering from a book store, Van Der Kamp, and if youre looking at Gunderson on You Tube you might as well check out his videos including parts 1-10 Gulf Symposium, and The Great Conspiracy and there is also a book entitled the same by a guy who was a victim of the type of technology I was just describing.Now if youre looking at Gunderson video on You Tube you might as well check out Cathy Obriens videos as well.All this stuff is real, gangstalking, police and government and corporate collusion,child abduction , satanic ritual sacrifice,microwave harassment, MK-Ultra brain-computerinterface without consent, mind manipulation, silent sound. Heres a quote from George White to MK-Ultra Director Sidney Gotlieb,"I Toiled wholeheartedly in the vineards because it was FUN, FUN, FUN, Where else could an American boy lie, cheat, rape, and pillage with the sanction and blessing of all the highest"This is your tax dollar at work, enabling the people you might refer to as the best and brightest in surface world, to kill for fun and sport and amusement as well as to their lord satan to advance their careers and sexlives.You might say, satanic emotionally dead seemingly random but symbolic killing by emotionally dead and morally bankrupt controllers and brainwashers is the new black. Many wear badges when they wear anything at all and youve been brainwashed into accepting that as okay as though there paycheque isnt enough, they have to rape and kill without consequence as well, but perhaps there will be consequence, firing squad would be appropriate.Things have become structured in such a way as to force this as very little sex or money or career advancement or relationships takes place without involvement in the satanic, law enforcement security surveillance sexslave and satanic murder matrix which has technology about thirty years ahead of what regular people have and are familiar with.Do a search on mindcontrolhumanrights or for that matter any of the other subjects mentioned here.What youll find is too many books and research papers to read, which leads one to the thought with so much overwhelming evidence why the lack of legislative ,executive and judicial inaction on something so intrinsuic to liberty, health, security, prosperity of the individual, human rights, democracy,freedom,autonomy,I meamn the list could go on but a criminal cabal of controllers, and brainwashers, and satanic abductors enslavers and murdurers is a pretty substantive threat to all that is publicly anyway advertised as the traditional ideals of a free and democratic society of law and democracy where opportunity and rights come without a price tag placed upon them by hidden mirowave technology using controllers.The calls are coming from inside the house , as in these hidden controllers are the real domestic terrorists and some of them , a lot of them wear uniforms, but with todays technology the calls can come from quite a distance.They can brainwash, extort, kill, rape all from a comfortable distance, ahh the wonders of technology.Who regulates the microwave bandwidths and satellites the controllers or users use, good question , I always thought it was the FCC. How long have the FCC been asleep at the switch and when do they have to explain this before a judge or firing squad, as the act is treason against Constitution and People.After all all signals can be traced and decoded and all technology sourced.We of course need actual law enforcement for that. How much money has been spent in America on "law enforcement" when we need law enforcement without the need for quotation marks or winks, secret signs and phoneticly coded and silent sound speech.When a plan or action is good for all and makes sound sense as in its been thought through, theres little need for brute force or blackmail or satellite based microwave brainwashing or for that matter posse comitatus revocation or Patriot acts , MHS,Stellar Wind or the like. There hopefully will be firing squads, that would be appropo, as those involved are engaged in High Treason against the Citizenry and Constitution.Most of those with the most to answer for will be those who presently sport a gun on their hip.I wanna see that tree watered good with those whove done the most harm.
Anonymous 2012-12-14 17:22:01
It would be a huge task to prove even a quarter of that, but we can demonstrate the results for what they do right now.


Whatever you know.

Stay safe.

Don't hack from home - Joey
Anonymous 2012-12-14 18:30:09
The source material is provided within the text of the argument.ce399mindcontrolhumanrights project censored Sonoma state research paper
You Tube Video Ted Gunderson former FBI Chief Los Angeles Area Twenty five years turned activist in retirement, check out Gulf Coast Symposium speech Parts 1-10, as well as The Great Conspiracy, as well theres a book by another guy of the same title on the same material he was targetted using the same technology by likely a linked group or cell of similar domestic terrorists. Also check out videos also on You Tube of Cathy Obrien.
read Pawns in Their Game by a Canadian research writer named Van Camp, this breaks down the overall plan of the selfnamed Illuminati and outlines their plan as we see it progressing with war for profit and control,child abuse, porn,killings,law enforcement ties,satanic rituals and blackmail, surveillance and microwave silent sppech technology used to control people and keep them compliant and silent.Look up augmented cognition and silent sound and artificial telepathy D.A.R.P.A. and The Comittee on The present Danger,as well as Gundersons pointing to Lougheed Martins role in microwave silent speech development and dispersal with a network that has many satellite offices and links to fusion centres as well as their own microwave antenna network as well as a possible command centre in their plant in Montgomery Alabama.There are too many books on this stuff both the technology and the criminality to list here and certainly too many to carry into a court room.The history of the technologies development says a lot.MK-Ultra,Project Paperclip, Dr Ewen Cameron in Montreal Canada in the seventies, Dr Smirnov,They use microwave silent speech to remain hidden and attemt to evade law, surveillance and child sex abuse and enforced participation in ritual sex and killings to keep a code of silence.The augmented cognotion,silent speech and artificial telepathy is used for control and brainwashing , they use monarch trauma based mind control, and monarch mind control based on the early work of Josef Mengele and Dr Ewen Cameron and the MK-Ultra stuff never stopped.Winston Churchill warned us about an in coming age of darkness, made ever darker by perverted science. We also had warnings from Truman about the Military Industrial Complex, as well we had warning about secret societies and their effects on democracy from JFK.These are the same people who brought you the scam of all scams we call the Federal Reserve Bank and fractional reserve Tube The Collapse of The American dream As Explained Through animation , as far as the technology employed there is a reason it was banned after debate in european parliament and the testimony of the victims can be seen at Against The Use of Psychotronic (mindcontrol) weapons testimonies of victims You Tube 2011 Presidential Comission for the study of bioethical issues in the USA 2011.Anyway these links and resources are a start for people wishing to understand how and by whom were being manipulated under what motives and by what means.
Anonymous   TLDR
Anonymous 2012-12-19 22:46:56
Psychotronic and neurological directed energy weapons are being tested on Americans right now.
One stated goal of mk-ultra was mind controlling an individual to kill a local politician.
Goal was accomplished by Jared Loughner.
DoD uses religious acronyms. HAARP, GODS (global orbiting destructive satellites), and, in the case of Loughner, SATAN (silent assasinations through amplified neurons). The demonic grin in his mugshot isn't his own.
Anonymous   Hack into the NRA's pay list. Senators, Congress men and woman. Want to know , when you find time. Get back to me.
Anonymous   lol'd
Anonymous   Do the research and prove me wrong point by point , otherwise why are you lurking and trolling.Both recent shootings , this and the Colorado theatre have something in common by their timing. The theatre shooting took place right before two major gun control votes and has all the markings of MK-Ultra mind control and the timing of this school shooting is curious as well, just before a vote on NDAA 2013 as the first comment says, wow.
Anonymous 2012-12-14 21:57:38
It's unreadable.

Use paragraphs.
Anonymous   Its written in the english language.Read it and follow up on the key words and books mentioned as well as the research papers referred to and you tube videos .your awareness would increase and you will have a better understanding of the world around you.If you do not wish to read and learn I would suggest you frequent a web site with lots of pictures and little text.I hope that helps you.
Anonymous 2012-12-14 23:30:24
It's impossible to read on widescreen.

Cannot keep place. Eyes hurt.

That's why email is limited to 70 chars per line.
Anonymous   take 5 seconds to copy/paste and format your liking. Jesus!
Anonymous   Take 10 milliseconds to hit Return.
Anonymous   Knock it off you two.
Anonymous   Take ten milliseconds to have a point.Is that too many words for you.
404   Exactly )-:
Anonymous   it's pretty clear to anyone that the burden of proof lies with you. you're making claims that must be backed up with evidence. go ahead and do it, and post it here, or gtfo and stop with your retarded conspiracy bullshit.
Anonymous 2012-12-15 16:24:09
Europe has banned this stuff after public debate.Gunderson 25 yrs FBI Director LA Area points to conspiracy in just those words.The links are provided follow them otherwise stop your knee jerk contrarian bullshit and stop trolling.
In other words I research the shit outta this stuff and provide synopsis free of charge . If you dont like it dont read it did I place a gun to your head . There are people who do literraly and figuratively . Do we need that kind of criminality if we are to have a free society.How @#$%ing daunting is it to read a screen of text make up your mind you whine too many words my brain hurts and then you cry for more proof. Heres an idea follow the @#$%ing links.Shut up for once and learn something.
Anonymous 2012-12-17 13:07:36
i stumbled across this, around 2am, burning eyes, certainly... but, my intrigue spiked far too much to stop reading. w i then of course tried to find anything proving any of your claims to be false, of course reading the
pretty funkin hard to argue, for anything but the sake of arguing. personally i appreciate you sharing.
Anonymous   Also, as if that werent enough, the fathers of both alleged shooters were to testify before the LIBOR banking scandal hearings.The father of Holmes allegedly was developing software to make further banking hijinx much more difficult without getting caught.So, witness tampering by harming credibility,and applying debilitating stress and making a not so subtle threat to personal safety and future life quality to both the individual and those close to them. HSBC and G.E. pay no tax, I mean none at all, and the HSBC fine was a slap on the wrist to the tune of just over a billion dollars.To them truly a slap on the wrist and the cost of doing business , much cheaper to pay such fines than abide by ethical guidelines and law, Im sure.
Anonymous   This is just a thought, I find it curious that the 4 Firefighters Shot while responding to a Arson set fire happened just a day after the Sandy Hook Victims were being laid to rest and those Idiots WBC had their view of the Cemetary Blocked by 300 Firefighters Maybe its nothing But maybe they play a bigger roll in the Politics Of Mind Control than what we know, How can they do the things they do with no Repercussions Yes, they plead the 1st and the 5th all the time, but Trespassing I can think of a 100 Charges they could be charged with, in order to have a protest most cities require you have a permit they never do, There Compound Never questioned by the FBI, But yet WACO and most recently Warren Jeffs (polygamous Cult leader of the FLDS) raided property Stolen by the State, ( I dont agree with their way of life and what they represent, I am not here to judge them or infringe upon their rights)(nor should anyone else).. without due process This is JMO but, WBC is definitley involved in all of this I feel It and I think I might be able to prove it, Time is of the essence
Anonymous 2012-12-26 11:41:25
Theyre not working on the so called brainwashing and psychotronics gap, theyre simply engaged in outright criminality.
mindcontrolhumanrights 2006 Sonoma State University Project Censored Media Freedom Foundation
Ted Gunderson 28 yr FBI Director Southern California you Tube Videos
Anonymous   Don't forget Northrop Grumman. They are winning contracts to pilot Drones over US cities. Check the job ad sites, they're hiring Drone pilots.
Anonymous   Don't worry
Anonymous   Only your enemies will say dont worry, do your research, particularly on microwave silent sound and psychotronics and take action by educating others and organizing .The existing power structures are and have been compromised in a psychotronics environment.Movements are forming worldwide and there has been legislation outside of North America and evidence which is already overwhelming is steadily mounting that satellites are being used to undermine our very freedom of thought and privacy to our own thoughts.MK-Ultra as Gunderson says never went away.Twenty five years as head of FBI LA is quite a bit of experience behind his words.Ted Gunderson You Tube.
Anonymous   I'm proxy'd on a school computer so I can't follow the links right now (censor) I intend to go do some research on this once I get home. Thank you for the synopsis and eye-opener. But Paragraphs really do help... I honestly find this quite terrifying, definately have to look closer into this. Again Thanks.
Anonymous   Fuck the big bullshit that you can't overcome sitting in your underwear in your mom's basement. Hit the NRA website instead. It's current and newsworthy and will draw attention.
Anonymous   Do we need inside intel, I know people in Lockheed, and I am a resident near the location, I can easily attack inside their LAN. Tell me what you need done
Anonymous 2012-12-18 14:18:05
hmmm, i live near a lockheed hq aswell
Anonymous   Work Together?
Anonymous   Also for those who are stupid, the IP of Lockheed is 162.21.81
Anonymous   No, you forgot to type the .21 in
Anonymous 2012-12-18 21:11:15
Follow up on taking down the westboro baptist psycho's

I was just able to get on their site. Can you please shut it down?

This is absolutely a great cause. Thanks in advance.
Anonymous 2012-12-19 03:51:46
First time poster but:

What is up with all the information coverups after each of these mass shootings? Every time they say there is a computer too smashed to get information. The cops said they found evidence that would shed light on the newtown shooters motive and then they changed their story. There are rumors that the columbine killers were raped by cops which was what made them go over the edge. Now the sons of rich white people are committing mass murders and NO info is being released. Can't anyone do anything to put some transparency on these evil acts to help stop the coverups and let the people know what is going on so we can prevent this in the future?
Anonymous   ok we are pretty good at seeing what the problem is, but how exactly are we gonna fix it ?
Anonymous   Project Mayhem 2012
Anonymous   i need some ideas for organizing i live next to one of the biggest military bases in america ft bliss just dont know how to approach letting out the info just would like some feed back im trying top figure what the hell i could be doing to hell p activate the people
Anonymous 2012-12-20 20:34:27
Keep up the good work Anonymous. With you all the way.
Anonymous 2012-12-27 02:34:18
if guns are not why so many people die in USA from bullets entering their bodies then why is it that so many other countries do NOT have the same percentage of bullets entering the bodies of their people and killing their people?
So many people seem to confuse the issue with so much irrelevant sludge.
The USA has too many guns and too much ammunition in the community for the number of people in the USA.. USA has federal military of army, navy and air personell. USA has State troops. USA has Police forces all over USA. These professionals all have a legitimate reason to use firearms and in particular circumstances are authorized to kill people as part of their job. It is their job.

Guns and ammunition are for killing animals and people. How many citizens in the USA who are not authorized to kill people as part of their job want to kill their fellow USA citizens in the USA ? The average American does not want to kill their neighbors. They can call 911 if they feel threatened.
So they do not need a gun nor ammunition of any description. They can go to the supermarket to buy the meat they want to cook. They do not need guns to get their groceries.

if only the Military, the Police, the state troops and state Police and authorized Farm personnel has guns there would be less people killed in the USA every day. Right now 100,000 people are killed by guns in the USA every year. It is barbaric.
Anonymous   So you call 911 when a crook is in your house. Said law breaker is packing heat and you're packing a LAN line (or cell phone). You've got 90 seconds until this guy finds you and / or a member of your family. 911 dispatch refers you to a local dispatch which will provide a description of the situation to a road officer. If there is an officer on call it'll be a few extra moments before he can reach his interceptor and haul ass to your house. Chances are he's not across the block so it could be a few minutes until he arrives. Cop shows up and begins to clear your residence, but by the time he's arrived your wife (or husband) has been raped and / murdered. So maybe he doesn't find you and ends up escaping. He'll probably invade someone else's home putting the next victim(s) in a similar situation. Now, if you had a weapon, all you have to do is crouch down and surprise the would be "no do gooder" with two rounds to the chest and one to the head. Which one offers a faster more effective solution?
Anonymous   Hell Yea!
Anonymous   Unless, of course, you mistook your teenage son returning from sneaking out at night for a home invader and shoot him instead. Accidental shootings happen *much* more often than people saving themselves from home invaders. Seat belts can trap you in your car in certain freak situations. Does that mean it should be legal to drive without one?
Anonymous 2012-12-14 16:10:34
Children die because pharmaceutical companies are on a path to put 50% of children on drugs leading to both VA Tech and Columbine type killings.

Children are abused and sometimes die in cult-like teen rehabilitation centers.

can someone please cite me some decent sources with evidence for these two?
Anonymous 2012-12-14 16:55:37
Had reports some years ago. Will have to find.

Teen rehab centers, ask @opliberation1
Anonymous   Cult like rehab centers are all over the place. They practically rely on brainwashing. Regardless of the purpose of the camp, whether it's fat camp, anti-gay camps, or some stupid religious getaway, it's all cult-like.
Anonymous 2012-12-17 08:05:09
I landed in a place like this as an adolescent. It was called Spring Shadows Glen in Spring Texas. ALL of us kids came out FAR more messed up than when we entered.
SSG has since been sued my many people for the damage they have caused and here is MY proof:

Please take things like VERY SERIOUSLY!
Anonymouss   Huh, I had no idea people can have false memories implanted. I'll have to look in to this
Anonymous   People of this nature can be drugged and have false implanted idea in ones brains. It has been use for many many centuries
Anonymous   You haven't seen it? -_-
Anonymous   Links are provided to do your own research.Follow the links if you are genuine in both interest and level of concern.
Anonymous   monday HSBC Lets do it !!!!!!
Anonymous   Its happening MONDAY!
Anonymous   funny how adam lanza has no ssnumber or that the familys of these children seem mostly calm or that the fbi were there 2 hours befor a shot rang out hmmm or maybe that noone entered the school for 18 hours after the so called shooting and that medical personal in the general community can not see the med pix or that that half of the"children" have no ss numbers or birth certificates funny story even funnier is obama said 2 weeks ago i need something to define my pesidency just like his father Frank Marshall Davis would of done he set this all up
Anonymous 2012-12-14 20:24:43
What can be expected in a system -based- on exploitation of the many by a few.
[Here 'exploitation' means the appropriation of a surplus value, the acquisition of other peoples' unpaid labor. That's right, employees are not paid for the total value they produce. As well, the intensity of labor which plays a part in degree of exploitation.
The entire edifice of capitalism rests upon an -inherent- inequality and one which, whatever the insane damage to humans and nature, it must struggle to perpetuate. Too often we focus soley on the monetary when money as such has and can never create one iota of new value.

Control - ''In 1971, Article 10 of the present [Mexican] Constitution was reformed[11] to limit the right keep arms within the home only (in Spanish: ...derecho a poseer armas en su domicilio...) and reserved the right to bear arms outside the home only to those explicitly authorized by law (i.e. police, military, armed security officers). The following year, the Federal Law of Firearms and Explosives came into force[12] and gave the federal government complete jurisdiction and control to the legal proliferation of firearms in the country; at the same time, heavily limiting and restricting the legal access to firearms by civilians.

As a result of the changes to Article 10 of the Mexican Constitution and the enactment of the Federal Law of Firearms and Explosives, openly carrying a firearm or carrying a concealed weapon in public is virtually forbidden to private citizens, unless explicitly authorized by the Secretariat of National Defense (SEDENA). For purposes of personal protection, firearms are only permitted within the place of residence and of the type and caliber permitted by law.


Since Mexico's President Felipe Calderón began an all-out assault on drug cartels in 2006, more than 50,000 people have lost their lives across the country in a nearly-continuous string of shootouts, bombings, and ever-bloodier murders. Just last weekend, 49 decapitated bodies were reportedly discovered on a highway in northern Mexico.
Anonymous 2012-12-14 21:28:02
The situation in Mexico sounds like a well-planned depopulation exercise.

I can feel the adrenalin flowing all the way up here in Canada .... nothing but good luck on Monday guys and thank you for what you're about to do.

Anonymous 2012-12-20 00:51:54
My first thought exactly
Anonymous 2012-12-22 09:35:33
Monday..lets do this im in!

Anonymous 2012-12-14 22:12:32
We can beat this with love and not give into fear. We will not be defeated. I have zero fears and neither should you. I am not scared to die I am no coward. We do not show enough love in this world. We promote hate and stereo types. We blame guns but weapons can be made out of anything. Blame the promotion of hate and violence not an object. Happy thoughts people. Promote what you want to see changed. Never give up patience is a virtue and loves patience is Infinite
Anonymous   Thank you. I think we were all reminded today of the heartbreak that happens when children die, all around the world. We must find a way to end this. Children should never ever have to encounter horrific events like this. We must change.
Anonymous 2012-12-15 01:07:09
Anonymous   Too true
Anonymous   DDos please
Anonymous   DAE FALSE FLAG??????????
Anonymous   Yeah seems like it, to rob of us of our 2nd amendment. One by one our amendments seem to be falling by the wayside. I would love to see some positive change by the government all over the TV.
Anonymous   These things happen out of fear. This is an opportunity to reverse the negative spiral by feeling love instead of hate. Hate won't bring back the dead, but love will improve the world for the living.
Anonymous   So what you're saying is that we should just ignore this? I agree that there are bigger problems, but saying that we should forget about the deaths of these children is incredibly insensitive.
Anonymous 2012-12-15 18:41:30
The deaths of these children will not be helped by badgering the families or pretending to care with gun control.

These children were killed by guns on pharma and banker related oddities.
Anonymous   How do you all make this argument that gun control isn't an issue? They are high on drugs; therefore, they go shoot up schools? There is a good deal of evidence showing that the shootings you mentioned were premeditated. And what about Oregon last week? more drugs? How about the auroa/Dark Knight shooting? There we saw extremely high levels of premeditation. I really am having trouble understanding how pharma companies have anything to due with this. It seems to me that less guns means less bullets in peoples' chests. And how do we answer for the drastically reduced murder rates in countries with strict gun control. You all should be more aggressively harping the Phelps family instead of stretching your logic to make every issue match the enemy you want to attack.
Anonymous 2012-12-15 21:17:05
The Phelps family is like kicking a sick dog. They're not going away. Westboro isn't going to cause a massive economic fallout.

Murder rates are not reduced in countries with strict gun control. Countries with strict gun control are much smaller in both behavior and dynamics than the United States.

Less legal guns means more illegal guns.

The SAME government that wants to ban guns, GAVE them to cartels.

All of the major mass shootings had pharmaceuticals involved.

It's clear you don't care about dead drone victims who get killed everyday.
Anonymous 2012-12-17 16:30:43
Wouldn't it be possible to reduce the number of illegal guns too if we reformed gun control by simply producing fewer guns?

Of course, in our capitalist economy, gun lobbyists would never allow that - but this may be the type of gun control we could benefit from, yes? Not only restricting guns, but restricting the manufacture of guns... Just a thought.
Anonymous 2012-12-17 21:59:17
The guns given to cartels were given by a pro gun regime Bush-era
Obama would prefer to ban guns
Anonymous   I say OpDestroyWBC, Drain bank accounts, completely erase their existence from the internet, Keep them from going and spreading their hatred.
Anonymous 2012-12-19 11:03:02
WBC is a blight however they are merely pests. They protest for attention and monetary gain. They will fade away. OpDestroyWBC is essential for this.

Guns will not fade away. Control of guns is legislated by government officials who care little to nil about your life. Gun makers are big business, and that is where the fight should begin.

If we could *somehow* restrict their ability to manufacture...OR...gain a foothold inside, maybe small steps could slow down the killing machines. As these manufacturers supply to the war machine and the common folk, to make their jobs miserably difficult would be a treat. *smile*

Anonymous   PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. Don't go against the NRA or gun manufacturers. Did they kill these children? No. Guns are tools. Dangerous tools that scare people, but just tools. DO whatever you need to, but without guns, America's government is going to get out of control. I understand the automatic reaction to think this, but the gun didn't do it. Most of the people have them to provide food, and for fun. There is no more harm in shooting a target than there is in shooting at people in COD. As a fellow anon, I honestly would be sick over this if you go through with it. I carry. I would do whatever it takes to save my life, and the lives of those around me. I did nothing wrong, and I will always be safer with a gun on my hip. This may be a terrible thing, with out a doubt it is terrible, but taking away guns won't solve anything. Look at the probation, look at pot being illegal. LOOK HOW GREAT THAT WENT. You would be fucking crazy to get rid of guns. Sure, you could create a billion dollar weapons trafficking industry overnight, but should you? If it comes to a ban, I am putting my guns in a pvc pipe and burying it in the woods. Then in 5 years, they will be worth 20 times what they were. ANd you know what they would be used for? THey would be used to kill homeowners. Defenseless homeowners. WHy shouldn't you break into a home and kill everybody if you know for a fact that they don't have guns? A ban is not the answer. We need a new government, and a better generation of kids taught how to use them. We need a way to balance out the crazy sicko's of the world. NOT remove our defense.
Anonymous 2012-12-20 20:40:11
Okay, so you take down a gun manufacturer, Ruger, Remington, H&K, they still produce plenty overseas which you can buy. You should never advocate something that restricts you or anyone else. Fewer gun companies accomplishes nothing. Besides, someone has already attempted to make a "gun printer" available.

If the idea has been put out there, it will eventually take hold. Guns will never die out because they are about as necessary as your fists. You don't want to just rely on your fists.

Everyone here relying on "Anonymous" to fuck with this company or that. You're just feeding your own desire for war. People are fucked up, get a gun, rely on yourself, end of discussion.
Anonymous   Hmm. Sorry, but country with (enforced) strict gun control laws DO have lower murder rates than countries that don't. U.S rank is 28, the closest developed country to the top of the list, with more murders than in Gaza and the West bank... However, I agree, the roots of violent behaviours are not in the weapons, but come on, if you don't have a gun, you're less likely to shoot someone than if you have one, right? Check the gun homicides ownership world list on Look at the rates of France and Germany for example, 2 of the developed countries with the toughest gun control laws (once again, enforced laws!)
Anonymous 2012-12-15 21:21:50
Gun control won't help. We have gun control now, and it has not helped yet. The killer of yesterdays attack did not own the guns he used. They were stolen from his mother, and I doubt she gave them up to her son willingly.

Lets say we take away guns, is killing going to stop? No. People argue that less will die, to me 1 child is far to many in the 1st place. Whose to say taking away guns does not lead to mass murderers using bombs instead. Look at what McVeigh did.

There is no one single answer that is going to fix this jumping in and saying ban guns is a knee jerk reaction. We need to better understand these people, learn from them, and find warning signs. The nut in Colorado put up so many red flags that something could have been done.

Was wondering if anyone else read about the westboro nuts headed out to protest at the funerals of these children. . Hopefully they will be able to stop them.
Anonymous   Yes,they said on twitter they were going to the childrens funeral to pickett. They said god should be praised for executing his judgement. We should fuck with em
Anonymous 2012-12-17 19:11:01
Anyone that says gun control won't help, clearly has not done their worldwide research. The majority of the countries that have gun control laws, to the degree that citizens do not have easy access to guns to use whenever they are feeling trigger-happy has far less deaths by guns per capita than the U.S. This is the case in Europe, which had PLENTY of guns in proliferation during the World Wars. It is obvious, less guns, less gun deaths. I am not saying that it would be an easy task to deal with this issue. What sort of world problem IS easy to deal with? The main reason things don't get done in the world, is because they aren't a priority with the power elite or the people - not because NOTHING can get done. Our country's values are more about money and power for the few. Believe me, guns in the hands of anyone the government doesn't like, gives the government an excuse to arrest him/her as a terrorist. So don't be deluded into thinking having a gun protects you from ANYTHING.

A person that has a gun "for protection" , is ready to kill to protect what? Most often it is to protect their property. Any moral person, when given the choice of taking a life, or keeping a possession that most often is covered by insurance, wouldn't choose killing or permanently maiming someone. If you are willing to kill for your car, or your tv, or your set of silver - then don't pretend to be any better than a government official that is willing to send troops over to "protect" American interests overseas ... it is the same logic on a micro-scale. Don't pretend to be better than the government if you are willing to kill or injure a human being to protect your materialist interests.
Anonymous   Less guns means more government power.
Anonymous   as if. gun ownership really only protects ctizens from other citizens. your handgun is no match for a swat team.
Anonymous   Yea, but a swat team can't stand up to a thousand gun owners. Not any better than one person could against them. We can still outgun the government.
Anonymous   Guns protect more than my materials. If they had a security guard, or even a gun owning neighbor near this school, the guy wouldn't have killed half as many kids. Now, choose between your life, your kids life, and some violent strangers life. Wish you had a gun don't you?
Anonymous 2012-12-18 21:05:03
McVeigh didnt do Murraugh Building explosion alone it was a MK-Ultra false flag like 911 and the two WTC attacks both the one in the ninties and 911,2001.Perhaps making lots of money and increasing their power and numbers with the formation of a police security surveillance state while further controlling and disempowering the public with constitution and freedom killing acts like the Patriot Act and others thus consolidating further control.Take a look at the technology being used and the MK-Ultra program, search artificial telepathy and augmented cognition, as well as mind control, monarch mind control.Also take another look at what really happened in Waco and why it was done the way it was done.all of these have classic earmarks of Mk-Ultra mind control, the details of which never make their way to major media and the technology never seems to be mentioned even though its been debated at length publicly by European Union Government prior to voting on a ban as exists in Russia.The billboards for the organization Are YOU Targetted quotes 500,000 targetted individuals in the USA alone although I believe this to be a gross underestimation of those effected by these weapons and the criminal organisation behind their proliferation and misuse.
Do your own research on this ,Ive provided summations of my own findings. Here are some starting points.
You Tube video, Ted Gunderson 28yr head FBI LA area and southern half of California.Gulf Coast Truth Symposium parts 1-10.
mindcontrolhumanrights 2006 Sonoma State University Project Censored
Anonymous 2012-12-19 22:59:36
Whistleblower Robert Duncan accompanied Gunderson to DC to plead for help regarding psychotronic attacks. Duncan is a former CIA scientist and Harvard grad who details his attack and common scripts used in his book The Matrix Deciphered (free online).
Other CIA agents have quit and are now working with The Mind Hacking Strategy Group to expose these crimes. God willing, we will see some spies hung for treason for this, before a psychic Echelon monitors us all.
Wouldn't have believed this either but it's mind control and it's very real.
Anonymous   I wouldn't be surprised if the killer had anti gun views. What could he expect, if not getting guns taken away?
Anonymous 2012-12-27 04:48:02
Gun Control will help.
Look at the statistics in Germany,in England, in Australia per head of population that have far far far less KILLINGS of their people in their country by the people in their country. And these countries do all have gun control.
Real Gun control works.
because of the proliferation of too many guns in the US the US is destroying itself from the inside. With GUNS
Anonymous 2012-12-15 23:41:24
There were many unexploded bombs in the Murraugh bulding that day and the une that took out most of the building was not a deisel fuel-fertilizer truck bomb. anyone in the know could confirm that as 25 yr LA FBI Ret Ted Gunderson clearly explains on his many You Tube videos.Inside job using MK-Ultra Patsies McVeigh was one as well as the first WTC truck bomb if you remember Gunderson speaks of his direct knowledge of that one being FBI provided, when the Middle eastern patsy suggested a fake one. Once again no real exterior terrorist threat just inside job stuff.Again I referrence a 25 yr FBI veteran from his YOU Tube Videos. As for 911 , is there really anyone alive who still buys any of the official report. Theres some fertilizer for you. Only thermite can burn without oxygen for extended periods of time.Jet fuel or kerosine doesnt burn at adequate temperature to melt steel and then theres theimplosion and the drill exercises and the well timed overinsuring of a building with an obvious tenancy revenue problem as well as the prohibitively expensive asbestos retrofit. Then theres building seven , the found passports, the still living supposed hijackers still alive and working in the middle east as well as the lack of airplane wreckage at pentagon and Shanksville where the coroner found no bodies and no airplane parts. Add to this the fact you couldnt possibly make a cell phone call from a plane at altitude at that time and many other points like the timed explosions and the power down and suspicious work done weeks before. So, Inside job, reference Loose change , CIA Insider tells the truth about 911: Time TO Change your Worldview.Did 3000 people Really Die On 911, also see Pilots For Truth, Architects For Truth
So, we know the whole terrorism thing was a manipulation like the so called Red scare and we know what a false flag is.Your emotions are manipulated using media to distract you while something is taken away from you . 911 was and is still, unbelievably used to take away freedoms including free speech cause we all know youre either with us or against us. Follow the money trail as well as who benefits from manipulation of the peoples emotions and public policy as well as foreign policy which in terms of 911 was the same thing. Halliburton was one big one but also Big Oil, and Big Defense and Big Security, Police at all levels, an entire expensive security complex was created complete with a Ministry of Homeland security.These leech tax money but also eliminate freedoms all based on false flags.What else are they gonna do, crime is and has been decining and they have to keep the money flowing and an external source of imagined fear fanned constantly by media keeps the so called respect factor up they call it respect although not much resembling respect is forthcoming from them, quite the opposite in fact. See just like always they want to be in a position where theyre "Saving you, Protecting" you,and such "protection". is and always has been a racket .Conmen do the same , like three card monty(there are often three cards and there after the full monty there used to be a show with him on it and obviously they did-Bush ,Cheney 'Rumsfeld are the cards I speak of and they should have their faces on a card as in deck of cards and Im sure a lot of us would like to do that to them and they are and were enemies of the Constitution,isnt there a group of guys who are sworn to defend that document and what it represents.So the real threat to the Constitution was domestic , ourselves as we let Cheny, Rumsfeld, and Bush, act as domestic terrorists defeating the constitution based upon false flags, different criminals , same Modus Operandi the art of distraction and the hand is quicker than the eye
Its definitely a confidence game as conmen always say and how better to gain confidence than make out by whatever means necessary that theres a big bad "boogey man" who theyre "protecting" you from so you let down your guard and by the way they say protection comes at a cost and thats the exact second we all ge ripped off.See the pattern, do you see the pattern what they call a Modus Operandi, or M.O.(1)CONFUSE (2)DISTRACT-the best ones involve emotions like fear and leave the so called protected one feeling obligated(3)RIP-OFF this could mean taking away rights,preferred government contracts like Halliburton, "defense" contracts,control over strategic resources like poppy fields, or caspian sea basin oil reserves,lucritive "security" contracts like Blackwater,surveillance contracts making money and cashing in on sold out constitutional rights,it could even mean sexual favors, we say favors but I dont think much free will is involved.
Check out Van Camps Pawns In Their Game on the overall strategy
How do they get away with it, check out the videos of 25 yr.FBI L.A. ares Director Ted Gunderson, hes been talking on this stuff for quite a while and none of his former FBI coworkers has seen fit to contradict him. His videos are to be found on You Tube just search his name.
Theres also the matter if MK-Ultra and psychotronics which after you research it, you may be of the belief that most of the stuff we see on the news is from these idiots either false news stories or events created for a certain purpose by use of satellite directed psychotronic microwave silent speech. Suffice it to say that Mk-Ultra is still with us and in fact never left.
check out ,mindcontrolhumanrights project Censored Sonoma state 2006
also watch Ted Gunderson on You Tube,also Cathy Obrien
also read Van Camps book Pawns in their game, it shows the overall Illuminati plan as it unfolds and as the title suggests and as Gunderson would tell you but hes dead, poisoned. sometimes those pawns arent real , sometimes those pawns are small and innocent,and as Gunderson says satanic rituals involving murder are involved on a mass scale as is Mk-Ultra mind control and microwave silent speech and psychotronics.As alluded to in the name Psychotronics , they are who else values human life so little, they engender and admire such qualities in fact their entire structure from what I see is pendant on the narcissistic, psychopathic disordered personality.
Ironically the technology being utilized for such twisted means has its genesis with Josef Mengele and head of the American Psychiatric Association, Dr. Ewen Cameron of MK_Ultra infamy.So its safe to say that the lunatics(using the definition that mental illness is indicated by a desire to bring harm to others, a definition Im sure we all agree with)yes the lunatics are and have been firmly in charge of the assylum.So check out the links and remember youre being lied to on the news and terrorism is bullshit, and Mk-Ultra is and has been going on so get youre head outta your !@#$ and read Van Camps Pawns in their Game and research Psychotronics and microwave silent speech , artificial telepathy, and watch Gunderson
mindcontrolhumanrights 2006 Sonoma State University Project Censored.
Anonymous   A correction, William Guy Carr Wrote Pawns in Their Game aqn it reveals the Illuminatis overall Modus Operandi, havent you ever wondered what our so called betters which arent our betters but are sociopathic machiavellian psyhos have planned for us.Read William Guy Carrs Pawns in their Game, it comes well recommended by FBI LA Chief of 25 yrs ret. Ted Gunderson who was absolutely heroic in telling the truth about what these slime try to get away with.For starters he says and remember this guy headed the FBI in LA for 25 yrs. he says terrorism is a scam, I repeat FBI head says terrorism is a scam,a falsehood aqnd most so called terror is and has been perpetrated by FBI and CIA. Ted Gunderson Gulf Coast Symposium video you tube.Other books he recommends are John De Camps The Franklin Coverup about stuff in the post below this pedoblackmailmanipulation of Senatorial voting power. Also Conspiracy of Silence by the Same author.
Anonymous 2012-12-16 01:17:54
My late husband was a victim of ritual child abuse in Maryland. His family and all the families he knew were CIA or FBI. It was a common story for him growing up that one of the male neighbors would inevitably kill their entire family and mysteriously disappear. Throughout our relationship of 22 years he had horrific flashbacks of being a young child in an elaborate bed surrounded by naked adults, and being told to "consummate" the marriage to his bride, also a young child. He would wake up screaming and I would have to tell him where he was and that it was ok. He also used to speak of a serious guilt about having killed someone at age four! He was an incredibly strong person, so these episodes were quite uncharacteristic and very striking.

In an effort to understand all the bits of data I mined from my recollections of him since his death from cancer (I think his childhood anger about the abuse ate him alive), and to try to piece together some explanation for his bizarre memories and the fact that he was made a member of Skull and Bones for no apparent reason, I began doing searches on Secret Societies, which inevitably led to Illuminati and Child Sacrifice no matter how I started searching. Then I suddenly recalled a particularly brutal memory he had of being made to watch a tiny baby get decapitated and being forced to drink its blood from a chalice. That one took a lot of time for him to get over, and he had vomit grade nightmares for years afterwards.

I've been doing a lot of youtube searches under Paul Bonacci, Larry King, Marc Dutroux, ritual child abuse in France, Jimmy Saville, and Jerry Sandusky, and it is eerie how much the stories match and put into context the things my husband used to recall. I am writing to you because it is now becoming clear to me that the reason for the crackdown on internet freedom is because the highest levels of global government, law enforcement, and aristocracy are involved in a rigidly controlled and deeply interconnected network carrying out brutal child abductions, trafficking, rape and murder of children on camera for a very lucrative and insatiable market of incomprehensibly evil pedophiles. Quite simply, they don't want you to find out.

These subhuman monsters want total control of the internet so they can carry out their online child porn and snuff activities unimpeded by law, morality, or justice for the victims. As an added side effect, these very same bureaucrats and world leaders have been caught on camera doing these heinous things, so they are easily manipulated into doing whatever the controlling agenda is, whether it is starting endless world wars, controlling the internet, oppressing women and minorities, or any number of other nefarious things the power elite can't live without.

Some of the videos that pertained to or corroborated my late husband's stories were:

Ritual Child Abuse in France:

Jimmy Savile - Exposure - The Other Side Of Jimmy Savile:

Exposure Update: The Jimmy Savile Investigation:

Sand, Sea and Satan:

The Perverted World of Marc Dutroux:

I am writing you for the sake of the innocent victims in all this, the children living and dead whose terrified voices never got heard, or were ridiculed or tortured out of being able to speak. My husband was one of them and I know it killed him. He used to tell me about lavish parties at his grandmother's house where he would be called into the living room, be hit in the back of the head by someone, then wake up the next day feeling drugged and with a black eye or bruises all over his body. His father would threaten to beat him if he didn't tell the teachers it was from clumsiness and bumping into the door! And this happened routinely, without any warning, throughout his childhood. Looking back on it, I'm starting to feel like he was some sort of Manchurian Candidate in training.

One of the most striking things to me is that in the Exposure Update, the filmmaker gets to interview Savile's assistant of almost thirty years, and at one point he goes to her garage and gets to see all the documents she accrued with Jimmy over the years. One of them is what she refers to reverently as Jimmy's Bible. In it are the names and contact info of all the incredibly powerful people Jimmy Savile came to know over decades, including the Pope and the Royal Family. I feel it is an unspoken gift from the souls of the dead children he hand fed to the elite, who want to end this nightmare once and for all. It is basically all the names you would need to know to crack the global pedophile rings. And if anyone could crack this you folks could, and bring down some of the most evil, controlling forces in the world in one fell swoop, because they are all in collusion and they all are working together towards a one world government where they can do anything they want to anyone and get away with it.

They are actually a very easy target - they all work together, whether in the Vatican elite (denying contraception so there is always a fresh supply of unwanted young victims), the military (using drugs and compromising footage to force leaders to engage in illegal warfare), the government (Paul Bonacci and the Larry King scandal from the Washington Post), or Law Enforcement (the endless cover-ups by the authorities in Belgium, France, Germany, England, the Sandusky case, ad nauseum). Interesting to me is how almost all of these groups are old boy networks (Secret Societies) that women have little or no influence over. And most compelling to me of all is that they can only control each other through evidence, so all of this evidence is out there in plain sight so to speak, since they need it as much as we do. Without it they have nothing to manipulate each other with, so they are actually extremely vulnerable.

I believe that is why they are terrified, and why they want to take away your internet freedoms as soon as possible. And I believe that you will never really gain control of them until you can out the true global leaders of these pedophile networks. I know you have the genius, the intelligence and the integrity to do so. But will you? For the sake of the children who are being kidnapped and tortured by these evil monsters as we speak, will you please?
Anonymous   you are literally a crazy person
Anonymous 2012-12-27 04:59:04
I belive that your post has great truth in it. I have worked with children seriously abused by pedophiles and they are all good children but very affected by the terrifying things they were put through. I am no longer in the UK. The level of Pedphilia in that country and the involvement of very rich and well placed (Parliament, legal profession, teachers, social services and aristocracy) utterly disgusted me. Everyone should realise that these children are innocent of any wrong doing. Every time I hear of children aged 12, 13 , 14 etc being arrested somewhere in the world, for being part of the sex industry or in a brothel I want to scream. They are victims. Not criminals. then when they turn 18 they are discarded by the pedophiles and sent to work legally in the sex industry.
Guns, illicit drugs, pornography and the sex industry - they are all linked. They destroy lives and they are destroying America. Go to and donate. At least they are trying to help the victims of pedophilia. And I get disgusted how the rich get their court cases for Pedophilia all hushed up. The UK seems so awash with pedophiles that I never want to set foot in that country ever again.
I think how bad the pedophile industry is in the US is well hidden as it is controlled by such ruthless and very rich criminals.
Anonymous 2013-04-11 16:26:35
My name is Smeagol14 in this thread

Pedophiles who abuse children can go fuck themselves.
However, the drug war hasn't worked and it would be better to legalize drugs.
Pornography has always existed for quite some time now, and if it was destroying society society would be dead by now. Most adult models online work because they voluntarily do in the porn industry. I still have top grades in my class and am perfectly responsible and I look at porn alot- it hasn't ruined me.
I think pedophiles are perfectly good in society as long as they don't fuck with children- i mean, its not like pedophiles are inherently evil- they cannot help their attraction to kids. I am not apologising for child rapers, though. The people who rape children should never see the sun again ( and I have a solution that costs 22 cents for child abusers).
Anonymous   Blackwater, Lockheed, HSBC, Bank of America, Monsanto Making money of exploiting people. Burn baby burn
Anonymous   It's going to be a mess if Westboro shows up to the Sandy Hook Funerals. I smell another bloodbath. Hopefully though, this time the victims will be the monsters and not innocent lives.
Anonymous   EVERYONE who has any ability whatsoever should do everything they can to wipe them out.Hack them, kill them, it doesn't matter. Everyone can agree that it is needed.
Anonymous   Please get Westboro. They have it coming.
Anonymous   Aye,lets get westboro they protest at funerals, thats so messed up, Hoist the colors!
Anonymous   Good expose of microwave silent sound. The US is a socially engineered slave state. Special forces soldiers are educated from an early age by using slave children as red meat, just as pit bulls are trained using smaller dogs, or rabbits as targets. Slave children are bought by militarily contracted companies, often before birth, sometimes specially bred to have predictable physical and mental characteristics, and then psychologically trained through routine programmed mental and physical abuse called 'ego-stripping' to be passive, shy, socially inadept, individuals exhibiting learned helplessness and behaviorally programmed psychological pain in response to stress and group attack. The "Alternatives to War" Program, through DARPA was designed to program children from birth, through behavioral formulas, to be leaders, enforcers, followers, and slaves. Many of the school shootings are the result of schools teaching entire classes of children to bully a classroom "slave'. Related programs were called Project M, Project Daniel and Project Mickey Mouse. The enslaved child is used to practise microwave silent speech projection through master-slave headgames carried out through microwave silent sound.The children being trained as leaders are taught that the slave child is a sacrifice, and does not matter to the school or to society, and that any degree of socially programmed abuse or "punishment' is permitted, including abuse leading to the target's death. The epidemic of bullying in US schools leading up to the suicide or covert ritual murder of targeted children is one result of secret military social engineering programs in US schools. School shootings have resulted when enslaved children,believing life is hopeless both in the militarily controlled and socially engineered home, school and society, give up and go to war with society which has been at war with them since birth.The programmers were once calling these covert social control programs "war without tears'. Time has proven them wrong on all counts. In fact they have taught American children, that civil rights, justice and fairness are a farce, and that rhetoric and propriety in the public sphere are all that counts. The secret programs have taught three generations of children to love sadism, abuse of the weapon, isolated, different and powerless, that selective killing is OK, and to rationalize anything, including war, as long as good intentions are manifest. They have also taught Americans that crime and atrocity is tolerable as long as it is rationalized,permitted and covered up-by a powerful group.
Anonymous   I think nearly everything on tv is staged for children. I was a child myself when this thout came to my head.
Anonymous 2012-12-16 06:09:50
I did not write-abuse of the weapon, I wrote abuse of the target. How did that word WEAPON get in there?
" The secret programs have taught three generations of children to love sadism, abuse of the weapon,"
I object to the typho because I think the groups which program cyborgs(programmed children plugged into technological systems)can and have triggered such shootings to rationalize public disarmament(gun control) campaigns usually to make the public helpless before some massive fleecing such as a recession, or unjust war, or confiscation of private property, or government brokered scam for which they fear armed resistance.Sometimes programmed attacks can be an attempt to sweep more involuntary research slaves into research and development programs by vilanizing on a group basis as essentially "dangerous" the pawn slaves from military education projects, or released mental patients, homeless people or others vulnerable to being swept up in nets of 'unauthorized' people.
Anonymous   Amazing shit, just heard about your hit on Westboro live on a T.V. show .... 91% support from the general public for your actions, way to go guys .....
Anonymous 2012-12-16 11:10:13
How about finding out who funds the NRA? Why not expose their backers, and find how much financing comes from gun and cocaine cartels? So, is even Anonymous is afraid of the NRA….?
Is Anonymous now fronting for the NRA, and supporting their policy to drive into extinction Quakers, Pacifists and others opposed to violence and opposed to their (my) children needing to own and use a gun (or any weapon) to go to school? You are siding with the NRA to say that my children and my family are targets if they choose to go to work, visit friends, shop for food, or simply walk home without carrying a gun. There is no courage in killing Courage is in facing down the system and the corrupt with moral authority, as Nelson Mandela has done his entire life. So much for standing up for the oppressed; you’ve joined the oppressors in a war against morality and the safety of little children. Your attempts to deflect the searchlight from the NRA have exposed you as puppets of the money-mongers ins society. It seems Anonymous has joined the NRA in the work to destroy the Church of the Brethren; Religious Society of Friends, Mennonites, and others committed to non-violence. No matter; we are not afraid to stand up to the system, and will continue to do so. Even if you’ve joined the system waiting to shoot us and our children in the back.
Anonymous 2012-12-16 11:44:49
You only care about dead white people. Pakistanis children get killed by the same president who wants to disarm women and let them be raped.

I'm calling your mother.

Anyone with two brain cells knows the NRA tried to keep black people from getting guns when they were being murdered and abused.
Anonymous 2012-12-16 17:13:42
I work in Africa and Asia to save children: that is my day job and has been for 40 years. The NRA and its supporters, which seems to include you, want Africa and Asian immigrant and all poor American children dead. You well know that the NRA makes money ammunition to drug lords and pimps, which sell them to America children in slums.
The NRA enjoys the slaughter; it gives them a reason to push for more racist laws and more racists jails and keeps money flowing into the pockets of the contractors building the racist prison systems.
I have spent my entire working life trying to save the lives of children, in this country and many other countries in the world. Trying to find the money to get food for the famines (often created by the same corporate overlords that love the NRA), and pay for medicines, whose prices are kept high by greedy corporations.
I have no idea why you are so afraid of taking on the NRA, who are cowards dancing on the graves of children. If you are afraid to take the same lens of inquiry to the NRA that you boastfully (falsely?) claim to take to governments groups, well then maybe you are just hypocrites without honour.
But it will not deter the non-violent movement from finding out the truth behind the NRA. We, the Quakers, the Mennonites, the true progressive movement that represents majority exploited and enslaved by the military-industrial global cartels. We have our moral guidance from Ghandi and Nelson Mandela and the thousands who work every day to bring health care, food and the right to education to every child, everywhere. Ethics and morality will win out over the money mongers.
Anonymous 2012-12-16 17:31:53
The NRA is not killing people.
Drones are killing people.
You're confusing your political beliefs and point at the first villain you can find.
Anonymous   Your arrogance is astounding. I have studied and fought for human rights since the 60's. What have you accomplished that has led to the saving of a single child's life? I study, I force myself to learn about the child killers, to question everything, and keep questioning, I take the time to know the enemy. We friends have made small but real differences, and we never quit. You seem to be happy to be a part of the insubstantial blah, blah shadows that cries crocodile tears over beers while stepping over the corpses of children. You don’t question the world, or why things are they way they are. For you, it’s just about slogans on your t-shirts. Bye
Anonymous 2012-12-16 18:45:08
Lol. Not Your Personal Army.

Also dock you 20 points for fail trolling.

The Oregon Clackamas shooting was stopped by an armed citizen. He confronted the shooter after which he killed himself.

Drones kill children daily. But you prefer the righteous hunt for the big bad NRA, when Northrup Grumann are far worse.
Anonymous   guns are the problem here. drones are a whole other issue. stay focused. there is much to oppose.
Anonymous 2012-12-16 21:54:13
Death is the issue.

Drones kill daily.
Guns only highlight local issues.

Drones are the issue.

Unless you just want to chase whatever topic is being fed to you.
Anonymous   why not oppose both. no internal conflict. focus. don't further splinter.
Anonymous 2012-12-16 21:06:01
i agree. NRA is the obvious target.

Anonymous 2012-12-27 05:03:24
I think the NRA is racist too. But it is profoundly dangerous to all Americans - black and white. And yes I think the Gun manufacturers would be the biggest suppliers of funding to the NRA.
the NRA certainly an organization that I would like to see exposed to show where they get their funding from and how they spend that funding
SirJames   God forbid Westburro shows up. They aren't welcome .
Anonymous   I agree media and those alike need to back off of Newtown and let them mourn. Children were killed by the not only the gunman, but those who allowed him to purchase the gun and bullets; it goes all the way to how he got the money in the first place. It's the establishments that have the control who are to blame and WBC are just prostituting their name.
Anonymous   By those who let HIM buy guns and bullets? Are you a fucking idiot? He was twenty. He would have had to be 21 to legally acquire the guns and ammunition. On top of that, you are really going to pin the blame on the seller? As if any gun salesman knows what is going to happen with his rifles and ammunitions. That's like buying a car, hitting and killing someone with it, then blaming Ford for selling you the car in the first place.
Anonymous   His mother was the one who owned the guns, that's where he got them.
Anonymous 2012-12-16 21:03:56
i disagree that these companies are the most liable parties for this tragedy. the NRA is the obvious target. they have militantly lobbied for hand guns, concealed weapons and assault weapons to be legal. the second amendment, not only states that the "militia" should be well regulated, but was written when single shot muskets were the norm.

(the second amendment to the us constitution)
A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

Shut down the NRA's site and ability to raise funds. post names and info of high profile NRA members and contributions. link NRA members to cults, militias, pseudo terrorist groups and publish damaging info on key members and link them to politicians/religious leaders/authority figures.


Anonymous 2012-12-16 21:59:44
This tragedy was caused by drugs, economic stress, mental health, corporate control of our government.

If the bankers are allowed to pull the plug on the economy, there will be 1000s of school shootings, murders, rapes, and
Going after the most visible target is how you are never prepared for the big shit.
Now do you want to blow off steam at your favorite target or do you want to Prevent a massive disaster?
Get active or get radioactive. In this case death by economic fallout.

Got the picture?
We want small tragedies to hurt the big boys.
We don't want retaliation. We want action.
Retaliation is for people who can't see 5 minutes out into the real world.
Anonymous   If I had the tech skills I would honor the lives of the innocent murdered Newtown children by releasing the membership list of the NRA. Then those members who support sane firearms laws could create their own organization, rather than be used by immoral gun manufacturers and merchants to enhance their own profits.
Anonymous 2012-12-16 22:08:56
to the people of anonymous i thank you for what you are doing and what you have done. you give me hope in the human race. keep up the good work and keep dropping the hammer on those who think they control us. again thank you so much
Anonymous   Stigma of admitting to, or treating mental health issues leads to crimes. Asking for help is weka, or admission you are a weirdo. Offering help is often an act of generosity or intrusion we are uncomfortable with. The tools used to commit crimes are really only an after thought. To quote R.L.Ermey in Full Metal Jacket, it is a hard heart that kills. Case and point... 1927, Michigan, a school superintendent named Kehoe blew up 38 people, mostly kids, using farm chemicals. He was desperate and angry about his job going badly, about medical debt for his dying wife (TB), and the pending foreclosure of his home. Not an excuse for what he did, but if anyone suspected this guy was in so dark a place it would have been timely to help him somehow. He did not seek help or support from anyone, nor was it offered. He just spent several months acquiring explosives used to blow up tree stumps and large rocks from farm fields. No AR15 or Bushmaster or 100 round magazines. It was national news daily until Lindburgh crossed the Atlantic. So its always been a problem that angry, desperate, hopeless people do something horrific, and they always find the means/tools. But no one wants to talk about the actual causes. Punishment, restrictions, stigma all are increased over time across the board for every little transgression, from paying a credit card late to a DUI billboard with your face on a major highway. But no serious prevention or outreach is ever considered. My only best suggestion is if you see or know someone feeling low, or frustrated, give them a kind word if nothing else. Like in Groundhog Day, they may just cross you off their "bad" list. Empathy sincerely given saves lives. Meanwhile, Anonymous is a super cause and method to effect good changes.
Anonymous 2012-12-16 23:08:04
>The truth is the NRA could care less about gun rights.

No, the point you are trying to make is that they NRA couldn't care less about gun rights. If they could care less then they care some amount; if they couldn't care less then they already don't care.

If you want to make a point in a concise statement, please don't contradict yourself.
Anonymous   i disagree. will continue without you. #opNRAdown
Anonymous 2012-12-16 23:27:30
What about the second shooter that was found in the woods as reported live by ABC? he was dressed in Camo pants and black shirt just like the shooter in the school. The reports of the second shooter ceased but with no explanation of who this other person was. See more:

What does this suggest? Without an explanation of who the other person was it is a cover up of the facts that seems to include the media.

Sadly this feels like a False Flag, which makes it harder than for me to swallo than doped up kids. If it is a FF we need someone from the Newtown emergency services to speak up about what happened to the other guy. I cant imagine a local would let something like that slip out of the story.

Anyone else following this? I want more information.

Btw, this is my first post. I am at home. Am I outed by my IP address?? Im not a geek...

Anonymous 2012-12-19 20:55:02
Many elements in common with theatre shooting,including the goatee guy with cell phone who opened door and threw ,possibly a tear gas grenade as witness said canistrers came from two directions.Second gas mask found outside as well, as well as level of expertise required to boobey trap apartment and immediate disclosure of this by accused as well as the mode of dress black police gear similar to Norway which also has links to white supremacy and marks of MK-Ultra.Fathers of the accused in theatre and the shooter suspect at school set to testify at banking inquiry as well as father of accused in theatre shooting working on software to make banking rip offs much more difficult.Other exec set to testify had two children killed by nanny.MK-Ultra is a tool used by organized criminals called illuminati who obviously set up and profitted from banking scandal and are now witness tampering and intimidating and attempting to attack credibility of witnesses in an obvious attempt to derail a search for truth about the machinations of the banking crash. Follow the many trails here including the money and youve found your outlaws.Microwave silent sound equipment obviously played a role as it often does and this can also be traced as well as the sophisticated pentagon funded equipment will also be hard evidence.Witness intimidation before testifying is what this smells like.Theyre being pretty obvious here and this was thiought out to add the added "benefit' from their point of view of getting the media and public in an emotional frenzy over gun control,perhaps so black people and the general public cant defend themselves from the police mafia in this calculatedly created police security surveillance prison state.All the hallmarks of the MK-Ultra using Police mafia illuminati who have a racist ethnocidal agenda.Time will tell of course as they seem to stick to the same Modus Operandi and are being increasingly obvious both in their methods and whom they target and why.there are many trails to follow and my guess is they all lead to the same place but when the very people to be brought to account are complicit with those who should be following these trails as part of their job description Im not sure who will follow the trails to lay criminal conspiracy charges.Is there a still functioning uncorrupted branch of law enforcement htat Im not aware of.We sure do spend an awful lot , an ever increasing ammount on police and security but do we have any. Weve spent money obviously on security for them.We pay them to do this , thats the kicker.I know youve heard yourself think that, and guess what they did too as with augmented cognition they can too ,and you paid for that too.The organised criminals using microwave silent sound technology and augmented cognition with gang stalking can punish you for having negative thoughts about them,thought crimes are no longer the stuff of fiction which Im sure a lot of this stuff is based upon as they dont seem to have much of an imagination themselves, theyd rather, I guess its easier just to look into the imagination of a person targetted with this weaponry and peer into their mind while staring at a computer screen.They can alter emotional states and implant thoughts as well, increase agression,in select cases to create Manchurian Candidates, and for the general population, or Gen Pop, which indicates where we are, projecting apathy and helplessness and inhibition of sustained deep thought patterns leading to lack of interest and short attention span Is probably whats hapenning as it feeds into their interests to have a compliant servile populace who dont think too much or cant sustain such thought patterns as its not required for the sustained movement of capital and other benefits like compliant sex slaves to the top echelons who themselves are and have been selected for unquestioned obedience. Sound familiar. Are you able to follow what im saying. Im sorry I shouldve made a colourful cartoon with a lot of sex and violence and humor.Theres sex and violence in this story but there both the same thing and therefore theres very little humor especially when youre talking human sacrifice. Am I the only one who sees this, I thought I was adressing the world wide web, which means I should be receiving replys from Japan, and Russia, and Argentina and many other places. If word is getting out respond.If word isnt reaching the world its because Ive hit a nerve. Too much truth for you. 
mindcontrolhumanrights 2006 Sonoma State University Project Censored Media Freedom Foundation
Ted Gunderson (FBI chief Southern california ret. 28yrs service.)You Tube, Gulf Coast symposium parts 1-10
Anonymous   I support what anonymous says but I do not support criminal hacking which is serious shit and is a felony.You people doing it are nuts.
Anonymous   Read the above post, and accompanying referrences.They are backing the human mind with technology that was developed under DARPA as directed by the Comittee On The Present Danger , which they are and continue to be . Forty percent of pentagon funded projects are under black budgets which proceed without supervision as to wasted funds or human rights and other abuses.The technology is real and so are the victims. The data supports this reality wether you wish to do the reading or not.
Anonymous   that's why we're anynomous
Anonymous   I'm interested in understanding too. It's my first time posting.. but I find the articles and youtube videos interesting.
Anonymous   DoDS via LOIC monday?
Anonymous 2012-12-17 01:09:51

I'm posting from my phone and it wouldn't let me properly post the YouTube video for you. This massacre is a LIBOR scandal cover-up! I hope this link works. I'm sick to my stomach about this.
Anonymous 2012-12-17 01:19:56

It's me again trying to post a valid link from my crappy phone. PLEASE WATCH!
Anonymous 2012-12-17 01:43:35
The westburrow church has thier protest signs
Ready they say "god sent the shooter" check out thier site
Anonymous 2012-12-17 02:30:22
its tragic that children/people have to be innocently murdered in cold blood for problems to be talked about or acted upon. will it get done at all. probably not to the extent that is needed. how many more shootings will there be. who knows. i'm not offering an answer, there is no answer. there's only reactive retaliation.

problems i think need tackled

- talking to someone you know you might fit the same personality criteria as previous shooters. if you research them you will find common personality trends.
- educating kids, parents, schools, governments on ways to allow a brighter future for kids/people who are lost and confused
- whatever about guns but controlling how people can get their hands on bullets. K-Mart and such establishments need to be banned from selling bullets. there needs to be a centralized and distributed database of people who registered to buy bullets. and it needs to be monitored or limited, the amount of bullets people can buy. realistic. nope. going to happen. unlikely.
- NRA, in my eyes the NRA are a capitalist and profitable organization that make their money from guns, selling them, promoting them, maximizing the existence of guns in society. this alone makes me sick to the stomach, whatever about their stance on gun rights, something needs to be done. if you go on the NRA website you will see article upon article on politicians/glorified citizens preaching that basically .....more guns = less violence.......MORE GUNS = LESS VIOLENCE. that my friend is the spoken word of horrifying greed. countries ive lived in......canada, ireland, ausralia, scotland, england etc. countries that have very strict gun laws, some of even dont allow your everyday police to carry guns. and i can tell you that gun related murders are very low. any murders that are gun related are mostly gang/drug related.

as i said, im not saying i have the answer as i dont think there is an easy answer. its a very complex, political situation. its in difficult times for any situation we need/turn to a leader to help you out of that difficult situation. for me. and for america. obama is the only man that can lead this change.

politicians are people i have learned to loathe, however one can only hope obama can lead america to safer streets.

p.s Anonymous you are the batmans of the internet world, i highly respect the work that you do. if you ever need IP Address space let me know ;)

p.p.s apologies for the lack of capitals, bad grammar, punctuation.....

Anonymous   You are so right. What I think needs to happen is America needs to have a psych evaluation to own ANY weapon so we can prevent mentally ill people from having weapons, not just guns. It is really sad that it takes us a tragedy to realize this
Anonymous   Yeah so you pass the psych eval. Then your nutbag kid that's hopped up on aderol and vaccines steals them kills you. Whoops. Or, people die anyway because it was done by someone completely different and made to look like someone else BECAUSE THEY CAN
Anaughtymoose 2012-12-17 05:19:24
If this was another website I would say TL;DR... yet, but I have something to say after reading the opening article which got to me.
At the same time a man from China killed a bunch of kids with a knife, being that the knife is a weapon of choice when guns are banned. This man was not blamed by the media, but instead the Chinese government was blamed for creating a the poor economy which spurred the man to kill children for some reason. I think that poor people have always been around and have not taken priority to murder, but I don't know where to go from there, conspiracy, racism, or negligence.
Also something that got to me was a picture of a middle eastern child holding up a sign saying that they were sorry for how we must feel in America,I was like, "What?" They must have found the one they were looking for.
Anonymous 2012-12-17 05:35:36
I just started a petition on the White House Petitions site, We the People.
Until my petition reaches 150 signatures, it will not be publicly viewable on the Open Petitions section of We the People, so please sign, send and share this URL:
Short URL:
Long URL:

Impeach all signers of Grover Norquist's pledge against raising taxes


more info at:

Professor Robert Thurman: Buddhist scholar, prolific author, respected academician,thinks the Grover Norquist pledge is a “seditious oath, a treasonous oath”. Thurman’s thesis is that a person cannot hold allegiance to two masters, particularly conflicting masters, and properly serve either.Thurman points out: “95% of the congressmen and Republican senators have sworn a written oath to Grover Norquist and Americans For Tax Reform; that they will under no circumstances raise taxes. they have signed a sworn oath that contradicts their oath of office;their real role is to role is to act as a mole to destroy the government"
Created: Dec 11, 2012
Issues: Budget and Taxes, Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement, Government Reform
Anonymous 2012-12-17 08:14:44
if anyone wants an image to use against HSBC.
Afghanistan   gun's don't kill people, people kill people, the only way the gun issue can be resolved is if they stopped making guns and destroyed every single gun in the world which is basically not possible. Someone doesn't just wake up one morning and gets a gun and goes and shoots people. They plan the shooting process by process/ my main point is that if someone is trying to kill they will find gun whether its the legal way or illegal way. If you ban guns/ you will profit the criminals because they will raise the price for their illegal guns. Rumors are that Government is also a criminal. whaaat.. waaaittt a minute.. nvm now it all makes sense why the government want to ban guns. S.M.H.../ I assure you this, you might be able to take a way my license but you will never take away my gun ;).. especially at this time when the crime rate is at the highest peak. I cant let you take my gun! because i got to protect the innocents ;)..
Anonymous   You strike me as a child.
Anonymous   I would think he is young also, but at least he has his head screwed on right. The guns are not for killing people. They are for protecting ourselves, and protecting ourselves from the government.
Anonymous   Protecting yourselves usually means killing someone. A petty redneck toting a gun wont stop the government and its ever growing number of executive based agencies such as the CIA and FBI. Do you really think a bunch of untrained and unprepared citizens would stand a chance against the most powerful and corrupt government in the world? Something does need to be done though, But a gun ban is unlikely to help, This is only in the case of the United States though, No other country can field such a wide variety of criminal activities on such a large scale, A total gun ban would create a black market. We'll need to think outside the box in the case of American gun issues. It's simply too powerful and large to regulate at this point, It's gone on for too long to just bring it to a halt.
Anonymous 2012-12-17 14:55:18
The fathers of the Adam Lanza AND James Holmes are supposed to testify in the Libor banking scandal which involves some of the worlds most elite bankers and also members of the Obama admin.

Also, the day after NBC released a report on the Libor case for the first time, two of one of their Exec's young children had been murdered by their nanny...

Search for yourself.
Anonymous   One of the you tube videos on James Holmes asserts that the accuseds father was working on software to root out scammers in the banking finance sector, which I didnt think was a coincidence when I first heard and in light of your revelation Im even more convinced.In a nation with a functioning law enforcement and justice system this would be fully investigated.It sounds like someone is using any means necessary to make sure the inquiry into Libor banking scandal goes according to plan and are using the usual methhods to ensure this combining intimidation and life ruination as well as discreditation.Those on the hook for having hands in the cookie jar when the lights go on are leaving little to chance ,and are being heavy handed to the point of being obvious.Traces of MK-Ultra here are also obvious.Is that a false flag or a pirate flag.Either way this raises a red flag and bears some serious investigation.Is there a group of people who seriously and assiduously investigate such things, without becoming part of the coverup, I mean, or is that type of integrity only depicted in movies.
Chelsea    I used to think this group was a bunch of nuts, until you guys hacked WBC. Now you guys are heroes in my eyes keep it up!
Anonymous 2012-12-17 16:17:17
You guys are heroes and I support everything you do. I am anonymous
Anonymous   I hope anonymous is still working on op frame crash. I am really saddened by what happened, especially because I live very close to where it happened!
Anonymous   Blaming the use of a gun is plain and simple stupidity. If the guns weren't available then he could have just blew the place up with a bomb, or lit it on fire. The point is that he would have done it regardless because it was his will, his desire, to destroy the children. I am no a political person so most of what is being said here, honestly, goes right over my head. I am clumped together with a majority of Americans in this aspect. I just get lost in all the conspiracies and rumors and such. I would love to understand all the things you debate upon but I don't even know how to begin. My heart is broken for those babies and I pray for their families who now have to go on without them.
alomaofigaroll 2012-12-17 19:42:54
i understand your fury.
however, and i'm sorry to get technical but i think being technical in this debate is crucial to the actual killing of the people.

guns are the foremost cause of murder in the US. if he was to set the school on fire, there would be time for the children to get out and i am SURE that there would be less people dead. setting a bomb. well bombs are a lot harder to get/make than guns are. because they are so illegal. do you see where i'm coming from?

blaming the use of a gun is not stupidity, its the hard cold fact that it is the choice of weapon of almost any murderer. especially for the ones who target schools,cinemas etc.
Anonymous 2012-12-18 15:41:32
And the simple truth is that almost all of these mass killings were performed with guns, not lead pipes or flamethrowers or fertilizer bombs or knives, because the guns are so incredibly easy to obtain, legally or otherwise, easy to use and extremely lethal. Saying that a nutcase will kill even if guns are not available ignores the fact that other possible weapons and schemes are either more complex, expensive, intricate or risky, or less conspicuous, reliable, effective or lethal. That alone proves to any reasonable person that if the gun were removed from this equation, the nutcase killer would not be able to pull off an attack as easily and would not be able to kill as easily or effectively.

Anonymous   Most murders are performed with guns because it is easy. People would still kill each other with knives, bombs. People would take the easiest option. That doesn't mean they won't do it the second easiest way. Besides, disarming Americans would be just about as bad as removing locks from doors. I would never rob a house. But lets say thing's change and I have to. I would rather go into a house knowing that I have a gun (Don't mention that you banned them, I could get cocaine if I wanted and that is illegal also) and they don't. Best case scenario, I kill everyone and get away. WOrst case scenario, I kill everyone when they try to defend themselves with a knife. Again, I am not crazy, I have sound morals, and guns, and I was just speaking figuratively.
Anonymous 2012-12-21 22:39:20
Not to be a total show-off or smart-ass but I have a few problems with your statement!

1. If he wanted to kill them all he could have done it very easy and with things that most school's already have in their Janitor's closet (I.E. Rope, Wire, Extention Cord, Matches, Lighter, chemicals/ cleaning supplies). In point of fact. if he was going to burn the school down in ordr to kill those people all he would have needed to do would have been to tie or lock the doors shut to each room and the doors leading to the outside because as most of us know, Elementary school windows do not open far enough for you to climb in or out of them and alot of them are made so that they can't be opened beyond a few inches now days because of all the "Ban This/ Ban That, Save the children bullshit, Safety" then set the fire in more then one place so that it wasn't easy to put out before it was burning out of control and for anybody who has worked a fire or been threw a fire before you know it only takes 5 to 7 minutes for more buildings to be totally en-gulfed in flames and filled with life killing smoke!! Where it normally take Fire and rescue 7 - 20 minutes to get to the scene after getting the call/alarm and sometimes hours or even days to get a fire under control enough to look for survivors!

2. He could have went in and mixed Bleach & Ammonia to make chlorine gas (aka Mustard gas) that would have burn their lungs and made them all sick, if he did it to the right degree or in a large enough amount it would have caused them all to passout and eventually die (Very painfully might I add) if not treated.

3. There are also plent of normal everyday compounds that can be mixed most that you wouldn't even think about but they will explode if you mix them wrong or in to large of an amount.

He didn't Have to use a gun and we all know this whole this was yet another setup just like 9/11 to kill off more of us and scare even more of the weakminded and uninformed masses into following these greedy bankers and goverment assholes strait to hell because we are to busy fighting one and other and pointing fingers at each other saying (He did it) or (He got more then I did, thats not fair). Wake the fuck up and start standing together as a Species instead of a race, religeon, color, state, country, or gender.
Anonymous 2012-12-17 19:24:52

You my friend have watch far too many action movies as a kid ;)
However what you are saying in your post is nothing short of stupid.

First of all...guns don't kill people...people kill people. If your going to be technical. Bullets kill people. You are correct (to an extent) in saying that a person doesn't just wake up and goes and shoots someone. 9 times out of ten they have a motive that has been building for a period of time.

HOWEVER, "if you ban guns/ you will profit the criminals because they will raise the price for their illegal guns"
it seems that you are suggesting that banning guns will only make things worse. "illegal guns" is the definitive term there. people will be taking on huge HUGE risks trying to get guns. I ask you to take some time in reading the following

Do you not think this is pretty much rock bottom as far as the security of innocent citizens go?

Banning Guns maybe not the answer. But as i mentioned above, there needs to be more strict laws in the availability of bullets, and weapons to the general public. Your average, every day person can right now walk into a store buy a gun and bullets and kill people.
If strict laws came into place, this would not be the case. criminals might profit, but i don't think your average every day person is going to turn to criminals for guns.
Less guns is better than more guns. that's just common sense. to me anyways.

Anonymous   sorry post from : alomaofigaroll
Anonymous 2012-12-17 22:44:20
I have to agree with @Afghanistan banning guns is not the answer. Think if you did ban guns...who would have them cops? If so the attacks on cops would grow as gun seekers will focus on the easiest target. Knee jerk reaction wont work... need to have a solid plan. All ideas are welcomed... but this really needs to stop.
we are Anonymous and we tend to fend for those that cant for themselves. Good plans for the kids.. this was just wrong!!
alomaofigaroll 2012-12-17 23:20:00
Im not saying banning guns is not the answer. but it is part of the answer. i agree with you a solid plan needs to be constructed.

in regards to your comment about cops. cops being shot is not the problem at hand. we can speculate all we want about what MIGHT happen if guns were banned. the REAL FACTS we have are that innocent children are being killed by gun shootings. thats problem that needs working on.
Anonymous   Heres the thing about banning guns, If you ban guns like any other thing that is banned or was banned I.E. Alcohol during prohibition, m80 fireworks. People will find ways to get a hold of these items and they will be even less regulated. Frankly even if guns did get banned, people can use virtually anything as a weapon. So if someone goes into a school with a baseball bat and starts bashing skulls in does that mean we need to ban baseball bats. Its a doubled edge sword for this subject
Anonymous 2012-12-27 04:38:16
You cannot bash one hundred people from 50 feet away with a baseball bat.
But with an assault weapon you can kill hundreds of people in a very short time.
Ban Assault weapons. ordinary citizens do not need them.
Anonymouss 2012-12-20 21:05:45
"Your average, every day person can right now walk into a store buy a gun and bullets and kill people."

This statement is incorrect and typically used by all forms of media to invoke fear in order to subject people to restrictions willingly.

---Who Can Buy a Gun Legally?---
1. You have to be 18 or older to purchase a rifle or shotgun;

2. You have to be 21 or older to purchase a handgun;

3. You must buy your gun from a federally-licensed dealer in your state;

4. You must submit to a background check that the dealer will arrange, using an FBI database

Those of you who are listening to news and listening to your dipshit professors at universities telling you to blame guns need to take your heads out of your collective asses. The internet allows us to explore and understand just about anything if we LOOK. I encourage you to try and buy a gun today, and bullets for that gun today and see how much time it takes, and money to acquire something more than a bow and arrow from wal-mart.
Anonymous 2012-12-27 05:12:40
But you can still get a key to Mom's gun case and then a child can still go out and KILL fellow citizen's with a gun.
There are far too many guns available and in use in America and that's why 100,000 innocent Americans are killed by guns annually in America.
America needs gun control now.
NO one needs and Assault weapon unless they aim to become a murderer.
Anonymous 2012-12-17 20:53:33
"Children die because pharmaceutical companies are on a path to put 50% of children on drugs leading to both VA Tech and Columbine type killings."

Look, I know there are people who would actually swallow this but they are a poor little uneducated bunch and are not going to be very useful in a major op.
Anonymous   I think the politicians will use the gun control to try make it easier for illegals to work here. Obama was caught admitting earlier this year that if he was reelected he would make it easier for illegals to work and a majority of congress would easily support it. Obamacare will already give the children of illegals free health insurance off of our dime. The democrats will support it, because they will be able to spread the wealth to the poor. The republicans will support it, because businesses can hire them for $4 an hour. This will allow the rich to get richer. I'm just trying to raise awareness, because it might not happen but you never know.
Anonymous 2012-12-17 22:06:54
Anonymous....thank you for what you do!
Way to turn the light up...
I will be watching intently!!
Again, Thank You and GOD bless you!
Anonymous   Which God?
Anonymous 2012-12-18 04:48:41
anon has become American these days, gun control helps greatly as it takes more effort and dedication to split a skull in half with an axe or stab someone repeatably than to shoot them from a comfortable distance where the blood doesn't even splatter on your face.

Anonymous   I would think if someone wanted to kill bad enough they could using any type of weapon. "Gun Control" isn't going to control anything it is just going to cause more underground gun movement by criminals and corrupt officials. It isn't generally the criminals or mentally ill purchasing the guns anyways, they usually steal them or get them from another source.
Anonymous   I stand by your ideals. Please, never stop.
Anonymous 2012-12-18 10:25:17
I found this interesting-- Libor scandal that involves the fathers of the Aurora and Connecticut shooters. Not sure of the source or if this holds any truth.
The Wolf at the Door   Keep bringing these crimes to light. No one is innocent. Those who commit these crimes deserve retribution. Their time is coming....
Anonymous   we need to stop the Westboro Baptist Church they are going to keep trying to get their "truth" out they cause more pain that any killer has or will. we need to bring a stop to them once and for all!!!!!
Anony mouse 2012-12-18 12:30:28
DDos is a good option. However i also believe black fax is another good option. We should hit them with a mixture. DDoS, Dox and BlackFax. Lets do this!

We Are Legion.
Anonymous   How about just ping them using Command Prompt until it's over? but your idea works too
Anonymous    If only people weren't so ignorant to the truths that have been shown into the light here. No one will listen, will when they ever? I'll continue to keep my eyes on you, Anonymous... you've changed a good bit of my perspective. I hope that it will stay that way.
Anonymous 2012-12-18 16:07:45
Westbro church take en down boys and girls you should go after bank accounts and find church books there be something worth finding there good work guys keep it up we are legions
Anonymous   I want someone to find out what was found on Adam Lanza's hardrive. He messed it up pretty good but not completely. The FBI is working on it now. They will not disclose all of it. But I have a hunch that it could be a combination between the Mayan 'prediction' and Fox News. I know Adam Lazna wasn't a pro gun control liberal. He could have had no political interests; but he could have. I have no clue how Anonymous hacks into organizations but I think the FBI could be an option. Or Anonymous could target Fox News; by messing up their website. And one last thing: Is it possible to interrupt a live show on Fox News? I was thinking The O'Reilly Factor. And I am also wondering now if you could show images during the show with Fox News being able to control it? Fox News is now blaming the shooting at the elementary school on violent video games. Which is ridiculous. They don't want to blame guns and their response is always "People kill people." Well that argument proves it isn't video games. Fox News is the puppet master and their audience are the puppets. MSNBC is bias but they don't lie and manipulate them by misleading them about serious issues. I plan to be a writer and a REAL journalist. And I will be smoking marijuana legally!-Anonymous
Anonymous 2012-12-18 22:01:06
Youre on the right track, Fox News is a powerful tool in the hands of the puppet masters.Dont bogart that joint my friend as you blow your mind with the truth.
mindcontrolhumanrights 2006 Sonoma State University Project Censored
You Tube Videos Ted Gunderson 28 yr FBI director South California Gulf Coast Symposium parts 1-10 In fact watch them all and have your mind blown
You Tube video Manufacturing Consent,read the book too,essential if youre to be in fifth estate
Then re read all the posts on this page , especially the ones mentioning the supposedly unmentionable...psychotronics, if you follow mainstream media with a critical eye and you do.
Anonymous 2012-12-18 21:26:53

Also, Casey Anthony was on antidepressants at the time of the death of her daughter's death.
Anonymous 2012-12-18 21:29:58

Also, Casey Anthony was on antidepressants at the time of her daughter's death
Anonymous 2012-12-18 21:39:56
You Tube video 28 yr LA and southern California FBI Director Ret. Ted Gunderson Gulf Coast Symposium parts1-10 and others
mindcontrolhumanrights 2006 Sonoma State University Project Censored.
Anonymous   Heres a Quiz.The standard Psychiatric Diagnostic Manual was coauthored by what architect of MK-Ultra.
Anonymous 2012-12-18 22:58:06
I was able to get onto the churches website (i wish it was down though) and the protest their doing is tomorrow (December 19 2012) from 2:15 PM to 3:PM. Will anything be done about this?
Anonymous 2012-12-18 23:55:47
the WBC info has been posted for target practice please feel free...

Douche needs an attitude adjustment...
Anonymous 2012-12-18 23:31:44
Regarding child trafficking.... this is being legally carried out by taxpayer dollars via Hhs access and visitation funds in alliance with afcc attys. Judges and counselors. The domestic violence shelters are serving as referrals to fathers rights. Judge Berger in Tarrant Co courts is a former fraud examiner... she is friends with head of Fathers Coalition of Tarrant Co. CHARLES SCOMA. He serves on Texas Workforce Commission board for fathers and children together. Mervil Johnson head of fact is the Vp for fathers coalition. Dr. Vanderberg of New Day services which btw is church of Christ with free office space in the courthouse and gets grant funds.... is the treasurer for the fathers coalition. She originally started open arms a domestic violence shelter. Her successor umbrellaed it under cec a direct affiliate of fathers coalition. Randy Clinton also is executive director for tarrant homeless coalition. And director for state wide org... Texas homeless network which I think isxa connecting link between similar circles in hou, San antonio., etc. Clinton is tied in with multiple grants and is a former banker. Vanderberg still serves on board for Cec. Berger, don Mansfield with new day.., Dr Finn child psych who didn't follow protocols and who new day refers to when they cant see the kids because they have already been seen there., and atty who often serves amicus with dispute resolution of north Texas. Fort Worth sheriff is closely tied with Scoma and FWPD is also tied in with this. All three domestic violence centrrs are directly tied in with fathers coalition...or the tarrant homeless network which is tied in with fathers coalition. The centers are one safe place... afcc judges put into place direct affiliate of fathers coalition. Safe Haven exec director on board for tarrant homeless...also tied to Granville Haven OH.,
and shadow haven connected to real estate investments. Open Arms.... under CEC. Vanderberg., Mansfield, Clinton are all involved in the Hills Church of Christ. Scoma at BethelTemple Assembly of God. Berger FUMC. They hide their misdeeds behind public charade of church affiliation. They probably have themselves convinced they are doing good that moms are making up abuse in spite of documentation. The police are corrupt and oig has been covering this up for many years. The funds were illegally slipped into tanf funding.
Now they are mandatory state bock grants being misused. Oh and Legal aid of Nw Texas also getting grant funds. These are going to help abusive fathers get custody of their kids... moms seeking safety in domestic violence centers only to have the kid put with the abusive dad. Your taxpayer dollars at work. Ncp program gets men out on early release from prison forgives them child support and gives them the kids. This is all kinds of wrong and moms are getting no where on this matter. Our Congress and senators are protecting it. Kay Granger is an affiliate of fathers coalition of tarrant county. Cornyn is a grant fund coordinator. Bailey Hutchinson nevercresponded to efforts as her husband is affiliated. There is the possibility of tie in with child pornography. Access to children. Influenced by pedophile kinsey... Gardner who developed parental alienation. And worked to get fathers rights and grant funds in place to begin with. Scoma with the fathers coalition has an import export business wonder what he is importing and exporting.
Anonymous   put down the sack and step away from the puter....everything is going to be allllllright.
Anonymous 2012-12-19 00:30:43
Look, I've been paying large amounts of attention regards to all these different groups, I believe what Anonymous is doing is simply a good thing.
It's human nature to look after themselves, And money simply makes all this happen. People with the power to control money and control the country can't handle the ability to keep everything fair. Clearly they want much more.

Don't get me wrong, I am completely against what the Westboro Baptist Church is doing. It's inhuman, It's very similar to Scientology with the way they operate.
My question is, How can I help. I've done things before which I was asked to do on chat rooms etc. Is there anything else I can do to make a difference? I've participated and completed some successful operations before and I want to get back into it.

How can I help? - Thanks, AnonJay.
Anonymous 2012-12-19 00:53:18
Hi, I cannot find any documentation to support that psychiatric medications were the cause of the Virginia Tech or other school shootings. This is propaganda spread by the Scientology anti-psychiatry front group CCHR. Please check your sources on this! I am in grad school (social work) and have been through my university's research databases and cannot find any research supporting a causal link between psych medications and school shootings. The misinformation that CCHR spreads can impact whether or not people are getting the treatment they may need (it already happened with a client at the clinic where I am interning). And all because L. Ron Hubbard couldn't get the APA on board with Dianetics.

PS Keep up the good work regarding Westboro. They're horrible.
Anonymous 2012-12-19 02:46:51
rite??? thank you!!!
i'm so sick of anti psychiatry propaganda.
Anonymous 2012-12-19 22:00:11
If you wish for your profession to be respected rebel against the overwhelming trend towards basket diagnosis of what is in fact a statistically rare and I mean rare disorder , I speak of schzophrenia the symptoms of which we all know are mirrored by those targetted with microwave harassment. Do your own research, you know Im right. It must be a credibility hurdle to have the main diagnostic guide coauthored by none other than an early pioneer on the road to psychotronic mind control harassment and MK-Ultra, Its sort of like having Mengele as opposed to Dr spock write your child rearing guide.Yes your profession has some serious credibility gaps to overcome .I would suggest investigation of why microwave weapons were banned in Europe and Russia and look at the witness depositions to the presidential Comission on Bioethical issues. get your head out of a text book long enough to investigate who wrote it and as far as electroshock, ...Bearskins and knives. Respect and credibility are both earned. Im not a scientologist if thats what you were thinking. We can agree on one thing westboro type harassment from what I know of it should be curtailed.
mindcontrolhumanrights 2006 Sonoma state University Project censored Media freedom Foundation
Ted Gunderson FBI head Southern california 28yrs ret. You Tube watch them all starting with Gulf Coast Symposium parts 1-10,might as well watch Cathy Obrien too.
Anonymous 2012-12-20 10:50:44
There are no psychiatric medications.
There are only corporate half-hearted attempts.
Psychiatrists use what they can.
The best ones know how to listen.
Anonymous   Whoever wrote that, you are so on the mark. Thank you. this website lists 1000's of anti depressant induced suicide and violence and the side effects of these drugs.
Anonymous   very true
altered view on pharmaceuticals and who to blame 2012-12-19 02:44:29
look, i like a lot of what anonymous is doing. especially most recently with the westboro baptist church. however, i see a blatant disregard for the facts in this article in regards to psychiatric medication.
pharmacologists and psychiatrists aren't all a part of this huge conspiracy theory to drug our children for some god awful reason. a lot of people in this world actually really need those kinds of medications. the fact that some of the people that commit these crimes take psych meds does NOT mean it was the medication that made them do it. it just highlights the reason why they were taking the drugs: they're suffering. MAYBE it was a contributing factor. MAYBE. but not the reason.
linking violent acts to people taking psychiatric medication doesn't make much sense, because many people that take those medications already have extreme behavioral issues. thats why they're on meds, duh. stop pretending you're a neuroscientist, and stop discouraging people who suffer form mental illness from getting the help they may need.
i took anti-depressants for 5 years. they didn't do much for me, but they didn't fuck me over either. and i definitely didn't kill anyone or come close to anything of the sort. i have actually known dozens of kids and adults alike that were on psychiatric medications, and none of them got increasingly violent from it. most of them improved, started to lead successful lives, and eventually were able to get off of their medications.

nobody seems to want to look at a major problem here:
if the government doesn't care, if gun control doesn't matter, what CAN we do?

well, we can educate ourselves. learn about psychology, psychiatry. learn about criminology, sociology. the dots start to connect, and this all starts to seem less confusing and surprising.
if we all just did a little more to raise awareness on mental illness (something that pretty much all of these gunman suffer/suffered from), maybe more people would recognize the gigantic neon red flags that flap about everywhere before all this horrible crap happens. people need to learn how to handle someone with a psychological or personality disorder. how to understand, and get them some real help and emotional support.

denying the importance of effective treatment for people who suffer from mental illness (i.e medication) is just spreading ignorance and in turn making shit worse.

nobody seems to be brave enough to dive into the minds of people who think differently. the troubled, the violent. no, lets not focus on that. lets focus on the politics, the businesses, the drugs, the banks. lets try and focus on everything BUT the gunmen themselves.
christ almighty!
the guns didn't kill those children. drugs didn't kill those children. the government didn't kill those children. the banks didn't kill those children. adam lanza killed those children.
Anonymous 2012-12-19 22:05:03
mindcontrolhumanrights 2006 media freedom foundation Sonoma state University.(47pgs)
Judas Anonymous 2012-12-19 03:50:19
You are like a cup full of tea. Empty your mind, your soul, your knowledge to allow newer information to flow through.

Please understand that no one is perfect, no government is perfect. That there are reasons for everything that happens. You may think you know, but truth be told, only the wielder will know the truth about the double edge sword. You may think the wielder does not know how to use a double edge sword, but when you fight against him, your theories, your mind games, were all for nothing.

You will be surprised at what you will see. You could be wrong.

You are anonymous.
I am You.
They are I.
They are anonymous.
The Wolf at the Door. 2012-12-19 08:12:26
Have you guys seen those sheeple rioting and protesting for stricter gun controll laws? It makes me sick. Its our right as Americans to bear arms. I don't know exactly what the Legion is capeable of, but is it possible to attack these anti-gun websites? i was impressed with what you did to the westboro baptist fuckers.

Anonymous   AMEN. If anonymous goes anti gun, I swear I will do my best to stop us. I mean, I have no hacking skill whatsoever, but you will lose one supporter. We will be half of a legion if we war between ourselves. Leave guns out of this.
Anonymous   I posted the SSRI stories link. You're welcome. Some of you have been programmed to the point of lacking rational thought. The evidence is overwhelming and I know personally of 2 people that had major psychotic episodes after taking an ssri. On of them with no history of violence slit his wife and daughter's throats and then stabbed himself and ran into the woods ( they all survived), and the other was ME! My doc thought it was a good idea to put me on Cymbalta for chronic pain and I flipped out a day later and was out of my head. Luckily no one was hurt and I stopped taking it and was right back to normal. Scary stuff.
Anonymous   Just found your website. I hope you take down the Westboro website. They are a bunch of gross pigs. They are trying to picket funerals today in CT friends of mine are attending to try and stop them. I have schizophrenia and it is hard for me to post my views to family and friends on facebook. many of them blaming people with mental problems schizophrenia, bi polar ect. Being i have been to many drs since a young girl. I have noticed allot of the drs therapists psychiatrists charging mentally ill patients for skipped appts. leaving the patient unable to proceed with therapy or medication. When a patient forgets an appt the dr will charge up to $100 which will come out of the patients pocket. Making some unable to pay due to lack of funds not being able to work. Or just to far gone at the time to remember anything. You cannot see a dr or a therapist until our bill is paid. People hide so much especially when it comes to certain illnesses weather the shooter received help or not from a dr. Now a days the drs make it almost impossible for a patient with mental illness to receive the proper help when needed. I stopped taking medication a few years ago but that was due to nasty side effects. But seeing and talking to a dr does help at times and meds do help when needed and if they are the right medication. I don't like adults i barely have friends i stay to myself and love being around my children. 3D people cannot be trusted well adult 3ds children are nothing but innocence i wish people would stop brain washing and doing such horrible things to them. When the shootings happened i did nothing but cry all day. I refuse to watch the news on tv and skip through any media about the shooter. When I read saw your video against the westboro baptist church on the net i had to spread it. i think it is wonderful that somone is trying to take these idiots down. The governmnet has done nothing to stop them. Way to go and hope you do take down their site and other vital things that keep them together.
Anonymous   I'm sorry for interrupting, I know nothing of computers, or hackers, but I do know one thing. This world needs more people like all of you. When I saw your post on twitter 'don't **** with children, ESP. Their funerals, i broke down crying. Thank god for you, don't ever stop. Ever. THANK YOU. - your friends down south.
Anonymous   WBC needs to be taught a lesson. Keep on keepin' on...
Anonymous   This is a crazy world we live in and not all sre suited to the press that it puts on us, it doesnt make us crazy it makes us human and support is what is needed not drugs, they just mould with our heads to cope and act as if we have no problems and be "normal" just as everybody else but we are all individuals and think differently and it doesnt make us crazy antipsychotic drugs are surely a cause to bad things but so are bad people and with drugs you can more or less alter anything in the human body and mind if needed so its important that u know what drugs u take and are aware of the side effects and the effects of others is it drs or w/e kudos to all anonymous good cause
Anonymous 2012-12-19 15:57:40
On the subject of psych medications and their link to school shootings:
I know you supported the WB Hate Crime petition and generated more than enough signatures overnight to have it addressed. I am asking Anon to do the same with this petition.
"Launch a federal investigation in to the relationship between school shootings and psychiatric drugs"
It currently has about 5,000 signatures.

Anonymous 2012-12-19 16:19:35
Flood Barrack Obama's twitter
Anonymous   All I say is DDOS.
Anonymous   Hack me
Anonymous   uhhh What?
Anonymous   There is a strong possibility that this event was meant not only to redirect public anger to guns from Wall St. Just like before when another staged emotional media event redirected public anger from wall st and corrupt government trade agreements and job exportation and union busting towards "terrorists". We know what red herrings are and false flags are used to redirect our anger from Wall St. Once again this is wall St Manipulators attempting to witness tamper the Libor banking scandal hearing witnesses.There are several posts regarding this on this page . Fight their microwave assault and focus your mind and concentrate on maintaining your own thought patterns.Theirs is a two pronged assault including market and monetary manipulation as well as MK-Ultra and microwave mind control assaults. This of course has included the undermining of all systems of legality and governance.We now know that the systems of society cannot function in a thought control environment.Remember LIBOR BANKING SCANDAL WITNESS TAMPERING AND INTIMIDATION.dont let them cover their tracks.They are the real ones with blood on their hands not only metaphorically, but literally when they MK-Ultra someone into doing this or frame them in a false flag op intended for a dual purpose,which in this case was disarming the public both literally and figuratively, more smoke and mirrors sleight of hand. What do you do when youre trying to figure out a magicians trick, you deliberately ignore the distraction and focus on the reason for the distraction. LIBOR witness tampering ,endemic corruption and use of microwave silent sound augmented cognition weaponry.LIBOR.LIBOR.LIBOR.LIBOR.
Anonymous   And the purpose of this operation is to redirect that redirect.
Anonymous   Are we protesting westboro at the funerals?
Anonymous   These comments joyfully show how many crazy people are actually online.
Anonymous 2012-12-19 23:19:38
"One can envision the development of electromagnetic energy sources, the output of which can be pulsed, shaped, and focused, that can couple with the human body in a fashion that will allow one to prevent voluntary muscular movements, control emotions (and thus actions), produce sleep, transmit suggestions, interfere with both short-term and long-term memory, produce an experience set, and delete an experience set. It would also appear possible to create high fidelity speech in the human body, raising the possibility of covert suggestion and psychological direction...Thus, it may be possible to 'talk' to selected adversaries in a fashion that would be most disturbing to them."

United States Air Force Scientific Advisory Board, New World Vistas: Air and Space Power For The 21st Century
Anonymous 2012-12-22 10:15:25
Theres another word for such well established and widely abused technology but its not just the technology being abused.MK-Ultra is the name of the program it was developed under.The selected adversaries are the American people and those of allied nations. The terrorists won while we were looking the other way confused by emotionally manipulative false flag events which only swelled their ranks and resources and dismantled legal protections of the people.The terrorists werent who you thought they were.Not he first time for scapegoating a segment of society.The goat is part of their symbol.The goats are and have been fleecing the sheep.People continue to be disappeared at a rate of sixty thousand per year , the rich get richer , the poor get poorer and the slave trade is booming and noone says anything.Is it because all media is owned by six rich guys or because of the technology we just mentioned or some combination .society wasnt built to deal with the covert influences of mind control, how could it . The institutions developed predate such technology and can protect the public no more than a slit trench meant to protect one in ninteen forties combat can protect a person in the atomic age.In other words theres no place to hide from the assault of psyhotronic weapons not even in what I used to call the privacy of ones own mind but upon reflection that was an illusion as these technologies of mind control have been in use for quote some time.
They would have to be or would have had to have been employed as people left to their own devices naturally bristle at and rebel against slavery, murder,torture and other abuses. For this to go on so long mind control has to be a key element of the strategies of control and manipulation of the many by the few.The goats hide in bunkers as they fleece the sheep, who, if left for any period of time to think for themselves and organise would act as one ,tearing the goats to shreds.Remind you of a certain year, or a certain allegory in a book by the same guy,It should because theyre both accurate descriptions of reality.But in the book theyre not goats theyre pigs.They used to call them that,were we awake then. Think about it Vietnam, false flag Gulf of Tonkin.They made money,(the pigs),others died in combat(the sheep)but is it that simple some of the sheep are pigs.The only loyalty I can see is that of the pigs and the sheep dressed as pigs to their appetites at the great expense of the masses of sheep.Even apparently to leading sheep to slaughter. Everyone apparently seems okay with that. some seem bothered when lamb chops are the result.Lamb Chop by the way was a puppet and well have to be on guard for that in a mind control environment where were not sure which thoughts are our own.sober second thought always leading to a better result although I dont see much of that hapenning, why is that.Much is impulsive and extreme.Why is that is there a rule that all things must be impulsive and extreme.Is that the way of the goat.Whats good for the goat is bad for the sheep, extremely so.
Back to the lamb chops , which seems like the work of the goats or one of them Were there lamb chops, I didnt see any and in a mind control environment the only real way to get closer to what might be the truth is through empirical data. I want empirical data on the lamb chops.Curiously there is none yet they blame the sheep for the supposed lamb chops and the goats are leading the charge to dissarm the sheep. That way only goats and those dressed as goats would have guns Is that what we want, would that help. Or should we be looking at the hidden goats with microwave equipment, psychotronics or whatever name you want to give it controllers, hidden from the masses of sheep.The sheep think they control at least their own thoughts, meanwhile they see conditions deteriorating and shearings coming more and more frequent, oft times right to the skin and theyre left out in the cold shiverring, wondering why the beautiful sheep are always in with the pigs, Thats part of the issue and an obvious symptom of the abuse of power, among many others. The obvious issues include security to the sheep, sheep rights, sheep liberty, sheep hapiness, freedom to bleat at will and bleat what one chooses.An end to missing sheep sheep abuse, sheep sex slavery, excessive fleecing the list goes on but the main issue is freedom of sheep thought. We can bleat all we want but until we kick the controlling goats out of the farmers house and this time burn the farm house. TTO HELL WITH THE GUARD DOGS,SHEEP GOOD GOATS BAD.BBBURN IT ALL,FREEDOM TO THE SHEEP.FREEDOM TO BLEAT' FREEDOM OF SHEEP THOUGHT.Some of you are saying thats not being sheepish. I say weve been too sheepish, we dont have to turn into goats just because weve been unsheepish Let us be unsheepish for the purposes of continuing sheepkind and furthering the improvement of conditions of sheepkind without becoming goats.With the farmers house in cinders conditions for the average sheep will improve significantly.Sheep will own their own means of production, a sheep on a spinning wheel will be a common sight.A suit of self sheared homespun voluntarily self sheared is better than shiverring in the fields feeding the luxury of the pigs.But there can be no spinning wheels until the farmhouse is in cinders.No more forced shearing.Boycott the farm house. The only sheepish way to enter the farmhouse is to free sheep and burn it down and we will do that together. Boycott. Bleat it from the hills BOYCOTT.When all farmhouses are in ashes we will realise free sheepkind MBAAAAA! MBAAAA !
AnonJay 2012-12-19 22:58:21
I'll protest at the funerals against westboro, they have no right to do what they are doing, I've lost a loved one and something similar happened to me, It didn't feel good at all, These people don't deserve it.. Westboro can take their dumb shit preaches back to their little group.
Thanks, AnonJay.
Anonymous   Let's try not to dip into conspiracy theory territory too hard. We need to pick battles with achievable results that anyone, anywhere can see as justified and, frankly, obvious. Westboro is an excellent example. I was embarrassed when I read this poorly written, poorly argued thing by what is likely a high school kid getting a big hard-on for thinking he's a revolutionary.
Anonymous   Wonder what CIA front The Sierra Nevada Corporation is up to with their MEDUSA "voice of God" weapon that implants voices in targets' minds. They've got a couple NASA contracts now...
Anonymous 2012-12-22 08:34:39
If the billboards are any indication, 500,000 Americans are already targetted and if the Presidential Comission on Bioethics is any indication its been going on for Many years as indicated by the public debate on such weapons and the bans that went through European Parliament and the Laws passed in Russia and places like Michigan State as well.Meanwhile lives are being ruined, people are being enslaved and killed and stolen from,livlihoods and families decimated and the lack of public debate leaves our ears ringing.Its more than voices as well Im afraid as,augmented cognition is and has been a reality in terms of weaponry used by organised criminals against the public where the computer of the harassing controller shows the thoughts of the person under attack . This can be recorded to provide fodder for later harassment and images, dreams and emotions can be implanted as well.How can the mechanisms of society work in a mind control environment, the answer is they cant.This silent coup was and is not bloodless and the suffering is all too real even if you cant hear the screams of those who suffer in a medaeval society of controllers and serfs and what is a serf but a slave.Follow the following link to a university research paper describing the technologies involved.
mindcontrolhumanrights 2006 Sonoma State University Project Censored Media freedom Foundation
Anonymous   And can I ask, what about Westboro? I know the publishing of the members adress, but any further action? I just wish that when I see or hear of "Operation Dismantle" (or whatever name they choose) I will be very VERY happy of the downfall of WBC. Keep up the good work, I wish you the best.
Thank you for stopping Bullies.   I am proud of you, Anonymous. You are stopping what is amounting to a group of bullies. I know what it's like to be bullied and those families, right now, need time to heal not be the targets of hate. I just graduated college and I do videography and photography amongst other things. If you ever want my help for something, I'm sure you can find me. I'll be glad to help
Anonymous   Who are you?
Anonymous   We are everywhere
Anonymous   We are everyone around you. Your friends. Your family. Your neighbors. Your crazy cousin. Everyone who wants to be. You ate anonymous
Anonymous   *are
Anonymau5 2012-12-20 12:35:15
Anonymous. A broad term. We are everywhere. We are no single being. We are your family. We are your friends. We are your neighbors.
We are anonymous
We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Expect us

Anonymous   What is "anonymous"?
Anonymous   An idea. Anyone can be anonymous. You are anonymous
Anonymous   I am extremely curious about what is to come. I ask about protesting westboro simply because these families need room to grieve. I here reddit is planning to make a silent wall. Is there any word on times? I live in pa but will gladly make a drive. No o e should have to deal with such a horrible thing like that at a funeral. We need to set a time people. Let's do this thing for the families
Anonymous   herro. up and running again. Why.
Anonymous 2012-12-20 19:11:48
ive been trying to find and open port to godhates fags site still port scanning
Anonymous   excellent, keep up the good work. I will never meet you, and you will never know who I am (hopefully)but know that I am grateful.
AnonJay 2012-12-20 06:37:52
Keep up the work, Looks like we are all doing a really good job.
Thanks, AnonJay.
Anonymau5 2012-12-20 12:32:14
If you post your name, you are no longer anonymous.

Anonymous 2012-12-20 13:48:24
The thing about all these mass shootings in these public venues rings a true message that there is more than what is seen.
First off I agree with what anonymous is doing and support their cause. Americans and people around the world go about their happy lives not really thinking twice about what happens under the scenes. There is more slavery in this age than there ever was when African-Americans were in slavery and they have every right to still be pissed off about that. I would be, and am. Just because there is one tragic shooting that finally sparks a huge debate over gun control in America doesn't mean its not still happening. People of all ages are being murdered, killed, put into slavery, raped, etc all the time. It's sad that it took for something like this to hit the news, something like this to finally sort of wake up America and start a real debate over gun control, but that's not the only issue. It's just another issue that keeps us from thinking about other issues in our corrupt Government. Do you think they seriously want the best for us??? They seek to enslave us and take away our freedom like the dictators they always were. It's pathetic and I could go on for days and years about all the issues that are spiraling around but the big issue is "Why did that guy shoot 20 children?" What could have possessed him to do such a think. They then in turn automatically say "He was mentally ill" even so why was he not under supervision? Why was he allowed access to guns in the first place?? There are so many questions floating about, and every time I feel I must blame the government over and over again because this is THEIR FAULT!
Anonymous   Thank you for seeing the problem is not the guns. I posted on my Facebook today about this because it's been bothering me. As I said there. Fine. Ban ALL the guns. It will solve the problem about as much as putting a band aid on a hemorrhaging artery will slow the blood flow. People don't go "Hey, I have a gun here, I should kill people!" They have motives, and they have motives for reasons. Those reasons are the problem. Those reasons are what need to be addressed. So ban the guns, Ban ALL the guns. And when the killings continue to happen, I will be here, waiting for us to solve the real problems together.
Anonymous 2012-12-20 17:07:16
The time is, NOW, to take a stand. Corruption comes with many faces, many avenues, and many endings. The world we live in today is about to collapse. Yet, we do nothing, except sit back and complain of its injust. Now is the time to stop with complaining and to start taking action.

Fellow anonymous we have the power to cast out everything that is wrong with this world but internet alone can not solve this problem. We need to provide proof of all corrupt people. This includes lawyers, doctors, police (of any kind), politicians, drug dealers, druggies, any corrupt person. Its time to take it to the street. Take pictures, gather evidence, and let it be heard and seen by the world. We need to show them that we are taking the world back. True freedom is only 5 steps ahead of us and to turn back when we are this close would be a crime.

We need to fight for those who unable to do so and protect the innocent and vanquish those who pose a threat to anyone who can not defend oneself. Its time to plan and carry out our objectives ... but plan carefully and not get caught.

In the end, the corrupt will fear us and we will rise above.

We do not forgive, we do not forget!
Anonymous   You want people to get proof of corruption to help take a stand while accusing everyone of being so? I understand the idea but this isn't a damn court case its an invisible war.
Anonymous 2012-12-21 12:01:47
Invisible war against the people including much deception including what is reported and what is not.The people are obviously supposed to follow medias lead and think and speak only of gun control and emotional issues and this demphasises and all but erases the public memory and justifiable outrage at Wall St and the LIBOR scandal which includes two fathers of recent mass shooters allegedly, mass shooters.Many marks of MK-Ultra are present and the general public are still very much unaware that we do live in a mind control environment not just exemplified by for instance ,G.E. an accused in LIBOR being owner of NBC,but the very real existence on a large scale of microwave psychotronic silent sound and even augmented cognition systems being used against the public in all areas. Can a government and legal system operate in such a mind control environment when unseen and unheard except by the targetted person type equipment can deliver threats , influence, bribes unheard by others around them. In such an environment for instance private conversations with legal counsel is impossible, in the case of augmented cognition, private thought is impossible as is intellectual property as is any surety of impartiality of public officials including those of the court, law enforcement or government,defense, medical establishment, the list can go on and on as unseen influence through bribes, threats, intimidation or collusion is now existent to the extent that manipulations of all systems may take place unseen virtually nullifying all rights, checks balances and safeties purposefully built into the systems that predate such capabilities.If legality and governance cannot function as a result of these capabilities, how can that same system be expected to function to the degree necessary to place the influence of such technologies and those who presently abuse them in check.Such technology and its abuse has the ability to make the entire system a sham, turning a deeply flawed attemt at democracy and legal system into a defacto mob run dictatorship where rights and opportunity are distant memories .with the ability to silently speak into a persons mind, free will and integrity are or will soon likely become things of the past if they already havent. We will all likely be puppet slaves like marionets on strings acting on silent instructions from hidden controllers and users as we hope for reward or at least strive to avoid retribution. When law enforcement are enslaved , complicit, or both, who would stem the tide of this highly exploitive and hidden dictatorship who seem to have no limits on their actions as they by virtue of use of the technology, or weaponry they are not limited by what some would call a conscience.There are two experiments that come to mind and are key to this , first is the monkeys with the bananas and cold water, and the second is the Milgram experiment.If you remember , it showed that most people will readily harm another at the slightest urging of a perceived authority, now add the possibility of reward for causing pain to another , take away the subjects ability to opt out of proceedings without substantial loss or harm to self in terms of safety, success in career or other areas and take off the rule of law and any forseeable end to the torment of the experiment and add the abilities to implant images, thoughts and memories into the subjects mind which can be readily read on a computer screen and you have the nightmare scenario which is being played out. Torture without a forseeable end without the hope of aid from systems of legality or governance as they too have been targetted and or are complicit or some combination therof.The terrorists have indeed won but they werent the guys many of us thought ,I guess we were supposed to be looking the other way, sleight of hand again beware false flags appealing to emotion as its in their Modus Operandi.Im not sure how we will deal with this and if we can regain a modicum of systemic integrity, if thats possible in a mind controlled society. I thought it was supposed to be better living through technology, or we bring good things to light. We spent rediculous ammounts on defense and didnt monitor it ,and it bit us on the ass, now we have no rights and dictatorship of criminal unseen elements and nowhere to turn for help and for some its much worse. At the very least this situation leaves us with greatly diminished lives.And for some , once again, its much worse if what were being led to believe is true. As for me , I always provide references.
mindcontrolhumanrights 2006 Project Censored Media Freedom Foundation Sonoma State University

Ted Gunderson videos You Tube Gulf Coast symposium and others (28 yr. veteran FBI Director Southern California)
Anonymous   I deactivated my facebook account to avoid all the commentary. I would really like to know and see what the media has covered up from Dec. 14 onwards in regard to the Sandy Hook shooting. 1 or 2 shooters? Are these parents really actors? etc.
Anonymous 2012-12-20 20:09:33

youtube has the recorded police scaner stating 2 but there were eye witness account that sound more like 3
Anonymous   Staged events-Psyops.Intent is obvious to disarm you in more ways than one .Lotsa dough at stake enufta kill for certainly enuf to stage a string of media events for.GE and HSBC pay no tax ,GE owns NBC. LIBOR is high stakes stuff with a lot of money at stake. Microwave silent sound makes it easy. Dont waste your energy on it nobody died.
Anonymous   are we still ddosing/black faxing westboro?
Anonymous 2012-12-21 21:08:22
don't follow anybody, you are an individual. Do as you please.
I personally would appreciate it.
Anonymous   anons what can we do to actually show the world our just intent ? i know that there are some out there who doubt our intent but in all actuality how can we blame them? plato's allegory of the cave comes into play here how do we convince them?
Anonymous 2012-12-21 03:15:43
hack whoever was involved in the investigating of Sandy Hook. should be some answers there
Anonymous   Governments everywhere are desperate for cash. The German socialists have blocked a tax deal with Switzerland because they want to know who has accounts there. It is no longer good enough for Switzerland to collect the tax and hand it in bulk form while protecting the names of individuals that was has been their law created back in 1934 when Hitler demanded the same information and was hunting the assets of any German outside the country. We are following the same policies as Hitler invoked. Anyone with an account out the country is a criminal. This has become about retribution – not just money. The hatred is just oozing out of every socialistic crack.
Anonymous 2012-12-21 14:17:47
How can I help bring down the WBC? They are the worst hate group I have seen in a long time
Just read that they were planning to protest vigil for CT shooting. Horrible. Hoe can I help?
Anonymous   Let the people that already know what they are doing do it. No offense but you put yourself at risk if you have no experience with ports. To remain Anonymous it is best you cheer on those that do know what they are doing or check up to see if they have the site back up. However that is about the only way you can other than destroying the following they have. Problem with that end-ever is that anything bad that gets in the press they take as something good. Handle it like you would if your wife was on her period. They will run out of people that care about their antics soon enough. Personally I am waiting for the day someone has enough and goes after them personally. If the person that does it is smart they would go after those that are impressionable. The ones you don't see shouting as loud, the ones with the look on their face that screams they aren't sure they should be doing this. And for the love of everything holy and un-holy someone help those kids out of the grasp of their indoctrination. They don't know any better.
Anonymous   I don't think a ddos would be very affective. Someone needs to dig up some dirt on them to destroy their credibility.
Anonymous   I've been waiting for someone to suggest WBC.
Anonymous   I hope anonymous hackers will find child pornography networks and individuals and hunt those people down. Since having children I am even more overwhelmed by the atrocities that happens every second. I have no knowledge whatsoever about hacking so I ask you to search for these bastards as much as you can.
Anonymous   I was getting ready to donate $300 in btc, but your position on gun control is illogical. It does not consider enough of the facts. Yes there is a big picture but 1. the NRA blocked a ban on 30 clip magazines in Connecticut a year ago 2. the NRA actually works for gun manufacturers 3. the NRA holds US democracy hostage 4. Civilized countries don't have guns and don't have tens of thousands of gun deaths every year. 5. You've been reading too many conspiracy blogs. Please rethink this. If you do, count on my contribution.
Anonymous   Actually you're wrong. Australia banned guns and their crime rate is through the roof!! Check out Georgia, they have a county that requires all heads of the household to have a gun. They have only had two murders in the past few years. You need to get your facts straight. And this is exactly why this Anonymous project mayhem will not work unless anonymous does something themselves. Because people don't get their facts straight, perpetuating the lies and completely destroying the point that they are trying to make. A gun saved my life just a few nights ago. Someone tried to break into my house and if we didn't have a gun to protect us we could've been dead.
Anonymous   In 1996, Australia banned the sale, importation, and possession of all automatic and semi-automatic rifles and shotguns. In the 18 years before the ban there were 13 mass shootings. Since the ban - none. As for our crime rates being “through the roof”, we rank 3rd behind Canada and the US.
Anonymous 2012-12-21 18:07:23

Short Little Rebel
at Nov 20, 2012 4:51:22 AM
I have not been able to truly make up my mind about Anonymous before. They left a bad taste in my mouth. I don't like when people feel the need to hide behind masks and I don't like their philosophy of group judgement. It always struck me as kinda satanic or juvenile. This attack by Anonymous seals the deal. These people are losers, plain and simple. I hope the CIA & FBI and Interpol track these people down one by one and put their hippy butts in jail.

Hackers target Israel with millions of attacks as Hamas rockets continue to fall
Even as Israel fends off relentless rocket attacks from Gaza, government and private websites are under siege from hackers, who have mounted 44 million cyber attacks in less than a week, the government said.
Why is everyone Anonymous 2012-12-21 22:52:44
Please tell me you are not seriously going by anything fox news reports right?

If so, Im on the wrong site.
Anonymous   Teach me, for I want to learn.
Anonymous   the information is out there, all you have to do is be willing to teach yourself.
Anonymous   When is the vigil for the kids and are anonymous going to be there?
Anonymous   already happened. 12.16.2012
Why is everyone Anonymous   So what's the next step for anonymous? Obviously stepping outside of legal boundaries isnt keeping anonymous from doing what needs to be done.
Anonymous   You know all this talk about hack attacks are all well and good. But what we need is something to strike the nail on the head. We need to find information that is absolute and damning. Intelligence. Thats what these g-men fear. An intellectual population Knowledge is power. So lets kick ignorance in the balls with some steel toe boots and find something that everyone can see
Anonymous   I wish one day you guys will stop any NRA activity on the net, can stand the latest comment from the NRA they want the first place where kids learn to socialize look like a high security area ... keep the kid innocent and happy to feel their shool are another place to be happy and innocent ! NO MORE GUN
Anonymous   First time poster. Just thought I'd say you guys are amazing, and if everyone chips in to stop police states, corporations, government injustice, and brainwashing (like the Westboro Church) then the world would be a much better place. :) I'm so glad Anonymous is around and kicking ass & takin names. Justice will be served!
Anonymous 2012-12-22 04:01:19
The_fuck_is_this_shit.jpg Just seemed a bit one-sided to this Anon. Kinda like the NRA got themselves a video toaster and labeled it Anonymous.
Anonymous   I know this may be a little off-topic but I also think the media has to take some of the blame. I am of the opinion that the media is there to inform the population of what is occurring in day to day society. However, every time there is a mass shooting such as what happened at Sandy Hook, the media starts a whole new campaign of fear-mongering. They focus on every single new incident which involves the use of guns and make that incident seem like another massacre. If you do not believe me, go take a look at the homepage for Yahoo! News. Most of the top stories involve shootings. On the issue of gun control, I believe that persons must have the right to gun ownership BUT background checks must be done (and something must especially be done about the private gun seller loophole where a background check is not necessary before an individual is allowed to purchase a firearm). And I find it confusing that a simple home-owner can waltz into a store and buy an assault rifle such as the AK-47. I believe guns are necessary to protect your home and your family but leave the sophisticated, assault weapons for the military.
Anonymous 2012-12-22 09:00:15
Dear Fellow brothers or sisters of Anonymous,
We must stop theese vile and horrid people before they do any real damage.Truth be told right now there planing on sewing our ips (Hopefully you have a proxy) but we can stop this.On Christmas day I would ask you all to grab your booters ddosers and RATS and hit there websites,twitter acounts of all those who surport them.We all will watch while they suffer for the crimes they have committed but still we stand anonymous from the world...

We are Anonymous,
We are legion,
We do not forgive,
We do not forget,
Westboro baptist church,
Expect us.
Anonymous   westboro baptist is a slow dying pest. Is this whose twitter accounts you are requesting attack on?
Anonymous   Ye felliw brother we must take them down.
Freespirit   Let's not get caught up in ISSUES, as bad as this issue is, it is still only the ELITES way of distraacting us....KEEP the MAIN PRINCIPLE in mind:
Anonymous 2012-12-22 10:10:16
Check this out, Kenny Brown a fat piece of shit.
Anonymous 2012-12-22 19:55:39
It was only one small idea; at the time only wispered, it´s life and cause would be lost.
Later it become the most influential force in history, after the catholic church - the roman empire.

Good luck anons, you will need it on monday!
Anonymous 2012-12-22 19:55:57
Dear Fellow Anonymous funny how adam lanza has no ss number or that the familys of these children seem mostly calm or that the fbi were there 2 hours befor a shot rang out hmmm or maybe that noone entered the school for 18 hours after the so called shooting and that medical personal in the general community can not see the med pix or that that half of the"children" have no ss numbers or birth certificates funny story even funnier is obama said 2 weeks ago i need something to define my pesidency just like his father Frank Marshall Davis would of done he set this all up
now they want to break hippa medical privacy laws and if u ever been depressed or suffer from anxiety problems you will be put in a public record for mental instability set all loic to the obama bull plan set TYLER FREE ON THE WHITE HOUSE
Anonymous X   Isnt there going to be a massive collapse of the system in the US soon due to the banks? Wouldnt it be easier on all those parasites responsible, if guns were outlawed so you have nothing to fight back with? Sounds like another staged 9/11 by the US Gov? If they were capable of mass murder then, whats a few shootings of other innocents to put their dirty plan into action?
Anonymous   This
Anonymous   i dont think those kids exist its tru the kidz have no ss#s
Anonymous   How do we know that?
Anonymous   Why would 6 & 7 year old children need a SS number ... in Canada we have a Social Insurance Number but we don't receive it until your sixteen and therefore old enough to work.
hope 2012-12-23 15:06:29
I know I had my Social Insurance Number before I was 15 year old. It was for a class project and if you didn't know your's they gave out from to get your card.

I don't know when my parent got my Social Insurance Number they never gave me the card till I started working.
Anonymous   I have had mine for as long as I can remember I only started to care what it was for when I started working.
Anonymous 2012-12-23 00:26:56
they'll try to convince us that the problem is guns but it wont work
Anonymous 2012-12-23 02:00:29
Hack into Bilderberg members' emails and see how they plan to exterminate 90% of the world's population, simply because they cannot control 7 billion individuals; they treat us as cattle. Obama is just following orders. All major events are orchestrated by the people behind the curtains that are pulling the strings. They want to disarm people to make them defenseless during the impending rounding up of people to concentration camps.

A lot of people are waking up and seeking the truth. We must all fight the invisible empire. Together as one, we can remove the corruption in our species.
Blessing   here's the thing hasn't anyone noticed that all of a sudden school shooting plots are rising? Is it just me that's noticing it, or is there someone else who sees this? Look, December/21/2012 there was that 16 year old Arizona girl who was plotting a school shooting at Red Mountain High school on youtube, and Toronto police foiled her plan. Then, December/21/2012 there was a 15 year old boy in Northern California who was planning a school shooting on Modoc high school. Lastly, December/21/2012, there was a man in Cordell, Oklahoma where 21 year old Christopher Thomason allegedly planned to "shoot up the school". Why is it that Police have never released more information about this? I'm sorry if this cannot be more thorough or insightful, but I am of a young age, and not very skilled in the field of research. But I can't help but think what is the connection between all of these people that made them want to commit a school shooting? What happened that all three of these people decided to commit the same felony at the same time? I'm the type of person who does not believe in coincidence. I'm sorry if this may seem a bit naive.
Anonymous Blessing 2012-12-23 11:12:08

Also, do we have any other sites of communication besides this one?
Anonymous   AnonOps
Anonymous 2012-12-23 12:16:35
I'm with you

Anonymous 2012-12-23 16:01:23

Im not sure if this goes here or in another post, but I was curious opinions on the games (some specifically) being blamed for the shootings?

Heres a link to an article put out explaining
more details
Anonymous   there r no bodys a friend told my dog that no bodys of children were ever transported to the county pathologists
Anonymous   Do what we can...
Anonymous   expose
Anonymous   Why not focus on the NRA and how Wayne LaPierre has bullshitted his way through this whole Sandy Hook response?
Anonymous 2012-12-27 04:36:09
I agree that Wayne LaPierre is absolute immoral and despicable. I felt ill listening to him. Hitler and Goebbels could have used a propoganda merchant like him. He was disgusting in the way he had no compassion nor understanding.
Wayne LaPierre appeared to have no understanding of the pain that guns cause in the community when one knows that 100,000 people in the US are SHOT in the US and KILLED in the US by US citizens.

If the US is currently in a civil war then tell us.
If the US is NOT currently in a civil war then confiscate all the guns in the community except from people who are required use a gun daily in their paid work to kill people use
Melt all the guns down and sell the resulting metal, then put the money received into mental health in the US.
Anonymous   because prez harris trying to lie to us too reinstate gun bs
Anonymous   I'm enlisted Army personnel and I support Anonymous!
Anonymous   i already make project mayhem and it will be use later..
Anonymous 2012-12-25 00:56:47
I admire your goals, and believe many of your points are valid. The methods to achieve them may be a little extreme, but who am I to judge?
However, the 'invisible war' you are waging only has so much impact. Currently, you yourselves are not an actual threat, only a petty annoyance of extremists.

I, myself, only learned of you today (which might have to do with how little I know of anything from this century, despite my youth)- which could go to show how the publicity only goes so far. In order to get any real changes made, you HAVE to present your points to the public- and get the people talking.
In this government (long-past its due, too many loopholes in our Constitution have been found) your current attack plan doesn't seem to be enough. Our nation is ruled by the voters- take advantage of that. If you can win the people, then you can win the legislators, even if they are corrupt.

You can do it from the shadows; a non-hacker representative who has indisputable credibility and is of an age that is neither too old, nor too young (too young being a college student). (A lawyer might be a good candidate.) If the representative has no physical connection to you, and knows none of your identities, than they cannot be brought to court. The representative would essentially be a figurehead- because, to be honest, a story rarely headlines without a face.

A Well-Meaning Stranger
Anonymous 2012-12-25 01:16:06
I believe the real cause of many of these horrible incidents that the government refuses to acknowledge is that many of these people are either under the influence of drugs or have a psychosis such as a hysterical aggressive disorder of some kind. Putting gun control plans into action does not cost anything. At least compared to the amount of research, effort and money it would take to put plans into action that would be directed at the actual causes of what makes people do these things.

Does a gun walk up and shoot a child by itself? Does a sane, perfectly normal man go into a school and shoot people? Someone who is on their last legs without a penny, Starving to death and with no hope think of schools when they look at their gun to solve their starving homeless drug addicted problems?

No my brothers! They are the ones robbing banks, food stores, people on the street. The ones doing things like this are most likely either under the influence of drugs or the more likely reason is that they have something gone wrong with their mind. Something that can easily be detected by anyone and avoided and handled if we had the right procedures in order and the right kind of attention put to it so that things like this wont happen as often as they do if any time at all. Gun control is just the governments way of distracting from this real problem that I believe is the true source of what causes incidents like this one. Plus gun control in my opinion is just a joke aside. Look at Sweden and how it works. One of the lowest if not the lowest crime rates in the world and it is hugely due to the fact that everyone in the country, or at least most of them have an assault fully automatic weapon in their home and Military training is mandatory to young men before completing high school and I believe most ladies also take the training as well or at least has the option to. The only laws I know of is that you cannot leave your home with your gun and it needs to be locked up. So children already have their own gun they cannot leave the home with, At least those old enough like the ones in columbine. Many younger kids probably had a rifle for hunting or other sports so the "stealing their parents gun and shooting someone with it must be very rare."

That is just one example of course. However if we adopt many of the procedures and laws that have made other countries successful then I am sure they would work here as well. We may be the movers and shakers of the world and the innovators but we cannot always have "all" of the best ideas when it comes to everything. Many countries take ideas we have done before and implement them successfully so I believe we could also do the same someday as well.

Shadow Fox
Anonymous   I admire your will to find an alternative thesis upon the subject, but I must say you are in fact wrong. Yes, an insane person is much more likely to embark upon a mass shooting, but if this was the case, this would be happening every other day. This is yet another government ploy, using a trained killer to murder innocent children in order to take away second amendment rights and render the public defenseless. While this may sound cruel, I would rather have those children die than grow up in a nation ruled by a government this maliciously satanist. and Big surprise, the government is run by Jews. anyone who's worth a second glance around here probably already knows that. Perhaps they decide not to publicly admit it because they don't want the publicity, or do not want to attach themselves to the misnomer that is "antisemitism". But come now, gentlemen, the truth is a powerful force.
Face 2012-12-25 13:08:32
Anonymous 2012-12-25 00:56:47 "A Well-Meaning Stranger"
reeks of government.

But his right, we need representatives. I think I'm a charismatic guy, but law savvy people are needed. We should send out a apb for someone who can do this.

A shadow lawyer, with a MS Sam voice and the mask. Sounds like something from a movie.
Anonymous   The media is a big lie to brainwash us by the ilumanati
Anonymous   The government staged the shootings it's a hoax/ritual check this channel on YouTube TheGrotx
Anonymous   Anonymous keep on going with your tasks. Much respect for your oustanding work (:
Anonymous   Correction :why the lack of Legislative, executive and judicial action on something so intrinsic to liberty, health, security, prosperity pf the individual,human rights, freedom, autonomy,...
Freespirit   Anyone with a modicum of HISTORICAL knowledge, would realize that GOVERNMENTS are responsible for the greatest MASS MURDER of CHILDREN( and adults too). Since 1900 governments have been responsible for over 200,000,000 ( yes TWO HUNDRED MILLION) people, mainly women and children, so why is no one talking about BANNING Guns from Governments? SIMPLE-Governments don't want resistance so they ask for the same citizens they plan to control/murder to be disarmed!!! Study history to see I am right.
Anonymous 2012-12-26 21:39:02
Dwight R. worley
(718) 527 0832
230-6 139th ave, Springfield Gardens NY

^ This is the who man posted the private information of all law abiding citizens, who poses a handgun in NY, in the NYT.

Go ahead, serve your justice.
Anonymous   This is a stupid post! The problem IS THE GUNS!!! NO GUNS = NO SHOOTINGS!!! We all have moments when we get angry and lose ourselves....imagine if we all had guns within reach! A lot of innocent people die, due to rash decisions made in a fit of anger!
Anonymous   Oh yes, i'm sure guns are the problem. This isn't just yet another government ploy to remove our second amendment rights and never have to fear us ever again, now is it? please don't allow your opinion to be shaped by the obvious. That's not what i expect from us.
Anonymous   I own guns and like any other human get pissed off but I don't go shooting people,300,000 million gun owners including myself are not the problem. WE SHOULD NOT BE PUNISHED FOR THE MISTAKES OF THE FEW...
Anonymous 2012-12-28 06:43:12
the gun argument is a red herring. Defending yourselves just encourages more paranoia, which is the real enemy here. Get an NHS, like other non-third world countries, put effort into mental health education and free service to prevent the need to defend yourselves. Guns; whether you are for or against them, someone at the top is making a lot of money either way.

Anonymous   we are all tighten up by their system. It's not people who had gun. It's them. yall know what i meant by that
Anonymous 2012-12-26 23:43:24

Hello, my name is Wesley Manfred Wadien 11/08/1983. I am in good but deteriorating health (radiation poisoning) . In the 1960‘s my mother (Carol Isaac) participated in non-violent demonstrations in Canada and the U.S. to end segregation / G.M.O. products. My Father immigrated from Germany with his family. His father had been forced to fight for the Germans. As a result of her (Mother) participation in these demonstrations... and my Fathers history. I have been on C.S.I.S.’s blacklist since birth. At 3 months into my pregnancy my Mother went to the hospital as a result of pains in her belly. An ultrasound was done and the doctor realized that my fraternal twin was deceased. I don’t want to solely give you my opinions but there is quite a bit of literature available which speaks of using directed electromagnetic energy (G.W.E.N. tower system) for the purpose of controlled miscarriages /induced autism etc. in developing fetus’s who’s parents are deemed a threat to a federal cover-ups going on for as long as 80 years now. Going through school I was picked on (students and teachers), if you watch William Shatners “Weird or What” . He does a show on chips assembled in people by nanomites (For purposes of mind control) which are “carpet bombed” over populated areas by planes (Chem-Trails). His show also goes into how the C.I.A. / C.S.I.S. uses this technology to turn a group of people against a person so they can effectively destroy a person without having to “break cover”. So I was picked on through school (students and teachers) . Usually a A to A+ student, my Mother even caught me a couple times under my covers with a flashlight doing math to get ahead of my class. In grade 4 I had a teacher (Mrs.Vandoggen) who would treat me violently. Numerous times she would walk up behind me in class and slam my head against the desk. I was home schooled a couple years after that but my Mother could not take care of the home, animals, and teach me so I returned to school. Again in grade 8 when I was suspended for petitioning to have another violent teacher that had “found” me removed from the school. As a result of this my grades turned to barely passing. Hard to learn from people you don’t respect. In grade 9 we were given aptitude testing. Even with my depression and poor attitude towards trying my tests still recommended a field of medical science. Within 2 months after that I was expelled for having too many late’s to classes. 12 late’s = an absence (6 for half credit courses) 12 absences from a class (6 for half credit) and you were kicked out of it. The school did not provide enough time to go to your locker and change books between classes. Not when your locker is upstairs on the opposite end of the school your classes were at. I was literally physically removed from school property by our 2 month new principal Ken Pierce. I started going to the Adult Learning Center in Stonewall after that and my grades went immediately from failing to mid 80's in all subjects. 4 months after I started schooling there, I was in a camper that blew up as a result of a leaking propane line. I spent the next 4 weeks in the Health Sciences Children’s Burn Unit with 1st 2nd and 3rd degree burns. After this my life completely fell apart. My parents separated. I was living by myself at 16, working at All Fab in Stony Mountain to pay for groceries and gas. My parents had their hands full with their own problems. 2 years after living on my own C.S.I.S. made their first attempt at using the mental health act on me to drug me into a permanent stupor. They failed but created serious relationship issues with my family for me. At this point in my life, little education, no job, no support or help. I fell into criminal and habitual drug use behaviors. Not too long ago I started looking into Chem-Trails as a result of seeing airplanes flying grid patterns non-stop in our sky. Soon after this C.S.I.S. tried the mental health act on me again. This time a “Mental Health Practitioner” arranged “secret” meetings (I was not allowed to know about them) with my family in which he tried to convince them I would benefit from a weekly forcible injection in a mental institution to “calm me down” . They failed again. The 4ft by 5ft sign at the end of our driveway at 12 Houghton Bay Road Petersfield Manitoba which reads ”STOP CHEM TRAILS” in silver metallic paint still remains and will continue to for as long as I reside here. I have had numerous good jobs which always fell apart for no good reason at all. At least now I know why. I now realize the depth of what I’m involved in and I will not stop until I see C.S.I.S.’s director Richard Fadden tried for Crimes Against Humanity. The main problem I have is every bridge I had/has has been burned. Every resource I had/have is completely tapped. I realized almost too late what was making my life fail. I am now off drugs, I don’t drink anymore. I have a girlfriend who has 3 kids from a previous relationship and is now pregnant with our baby. We live in the country. I have no license. I lose more than I make driving to Winnipeg for work as a result of tickets and tow bills. I get selectively targeted for “spot checks” with no probable cause on a regular basis. I am currently starting to circulate a information handout. This will go door to door / city to city. This handout details past and present crimes of our Canadian Security and Intelligence Service. After I handed out the first 1000 I was bedridden with a nasty viral and viciously pounded into the ground with electromagnetic energy/radiation. If I had the money I could get proper (un-biased) blood work done to test for cell division among other things. At that point I would have enough evidence to file a lawsuit against C.S.I.S. . Right now however my priority is preventing a Progressive Conservative (C.S.I.S.) majority government for the next election . I am flat broke but have the drive and determination to see this through to the end. At worst myself and the people helping me with handouts will get 1-2 major cities done before were all arrested and charged with civil disobedience. I have a good lawyer (Darren Sawchuck) . I have given him a copy of the handout and have gone over my plan with him. A case of that magnitude will make it to the supreme court and will make headlines. Either way its a win for the good side. They are trying hard to cover this stuff up and at this point I would gladly give my life to prevent this from happening. C.S.I.S. will never stop until I’m dead. So neither will I. Help me to make this country safe for our kids to grow up in. Our basic human rights and freedoms our slowly disappearing and their using these chips to control people to not care about it. Lets make sure it does not get any worse. Thank you for your consideration and stay healthy.

Wesley Manfred Wadien

I’m collecting donations to obtain the following items:

-Chartered Bus to shuttle approx. 50 people city to city
-32 million pieces of computer paper (approx)
-commercial printer
-Minimum wage to pay handout persons who are not volunteering
-Un-Biased blood work(cell division tests) on myself(un-biased meaning private lab not in Canada)

Anonymous   fellow anonns we all no guns are not the problem i challenge the prez to a real debate on the issues his lies must end before all you mental problems as small as they may be ADD or antiety issues maybe even depression ends up in prez Harris back pocket and for the no guns people im gonna leave a gun in my safe and if it grows legs and shoots some one ill never speak about it again but guns dont kill people greedy prezs do
Anonymous 2012-12-27 02:04:25
Dear Fellow Anonymous funny how adam lanza has no ss number or that the familys of these children seem mostly calm or that the fbi were there 2 hours befor a shot rang out hmmm or maybe that noone entered the school for 18 hours after the so called shooting and that medical personal in the general community can not see the med pix or that that half of the"children" have no ss numbers or birth certificates funny story even funnier is obama said 2 weeks ago i need something to define my pesidency just like his father Frank Marshall Davis would of done he set this all up
now they want to break hippa medical privacy laws and if u ever been depressed or suffer from anxiety problems you will be put in a public record for mental instability set all loic to the obama bull plan set TYLER FREE ON THE WHITE HOUSE
Anonymous 2012-12-27 04:26:14
It never ceases to amaze me how much people on the surface don't understand a thing. All you have to think about is who stands to gain from events like these, and your solution appears quite easily. Almost every public shooting spree since columbine has been a government ploy, so that they can finally remove that pesky second amendment and never have to be threatened by their own peasants ever again. Classy stuff. truly. I've become very interested in the deep web lately, but since the only computer I have access too is of limited privileges and since i hardly understand my own security within the TOR browser, I dare not venture beyond a few centimeters. Besides the fact that most of what I would find on their would make me physically vomit. I truly seek guidance into understanding the dark web, and diving into it with about as much concern as a trained killer walking into an ally of muggers, if you catch my meaning. in any case, you'll get yours, you pitiful world, meanwhile the true core of anonymous will perhaps be spared. ignorance is not the same as innocence.
Anonymous   When you say "Government" I think you mean "They", or what some refer to as shadow Government. the people who collude by various means sometimes fighting amongst themselves, sometimes in collusion to continue to enrich themselves as others, the vast majority , remain subjugated and the status quo of resorces of all kinds flow up the pyramid as they have.They throw out redherrings or I call them false flag events to emotionally distract and manipulate the masses in predictable ways. These actions serve to consolidate influence and profitability and we look at it and think its just capitalism.and thats true , capitalism ensures a steady flow of value from the commons and the masses to those at the top of the pyramid scam.Slavery is alive and well and mind control technologies of various types become increasingly sophisticated as they have been developed under a blanket of secrecy by the rediculously well funded military security complex, MK-Ultra and augmented cognition as well as established mind control technologies such as Monarch Mind Control and trauma based Monarch Mind Control make easy work out of false flag creation or media and public opinion manipulation by direct interference or other less direct means.Networks of hiden controllers work more or less along the same lines maintaining the status quo of slave state where anything of perceived value flows upwards on the pyramid scam.There are many ways of disarming people.
Anonymous 2012-12-27 04:26:35
why do people waste their time on conspiracy theroies?
yes the US has more gun shops than supermarkets. That is completely unbalanced and sick.
And yes there are far too many guns in the US.

But this obscures a greater problem.
The US also has (based on percentages of how many people will and are affected by mental illness) around 75 million people with a mental illness. Most are untreated or very inadequately treated in the US
The true cost to the US to properly treat these people, who are ill trough NO FAULT of their own.In truth it ought to cost the US $30 Billion to properly treat these people who are often in tragic situations.

but instead the US prefers to allow many of these ill people (who don't own guns and can often carely afford to live) to self medicate themselves with illicit drugs so that they die in the gutter. This is the shameful tragic situation in the US.

There is too much blaming the poor and the disadvantaged in the US. Meanwhile middleclass people and children find the guns at home and then use them on fellow citizens.

The media aid and abet this disgusting situation. Who ever hears about how the truly wealthy are doing? No you never hear a word. unless like Ms Zucker you forget the privacy settings on facebook.
Instead the media only report what some tatty semi-celebrities are doing. That takes the heat off people who are rich beyond belief. who don't pay enough tax. Who don't care about how many illicit drugs are swamping the US. Gangs are allowed to run rife. Clean up a whole city by flooding the area with troops.
The US wastes time sending their troops all over the world. Yet at home the US has illicit drugs, too many guns and anarchy in the suburbs. ALL because people miss the point of what is really happening in the US.

Guns are a problem in the US.
So are illicit drugs.
So is inadequate spending on mental health
So in inadequate spending on public health
So are falling standards in our schools
and so is the desire to spread complete mis-information and conspiracy theories to muddy the waters and confuse the real issues that are destroying the US
Anonymous 2012-12-28 15:59:52
Misinformation is being spread but I wouldnt blame the so called conspiracy theorists as many of them are on the right track.Many of them blame Government without ever mentioning those who choose and control Government.Manipulations and misinformation abound and you neednt look further than your nightly newscast for misinformation.A Detective following leads and fragments of evidence is by definition a conspiracy theorist as until a conviction is secured all aspects of the investigation are purely theoretical by definition which is why such words as suspect and allegation are used.Whenever two or more people engage in criminality they form by definition a conspiracy.By that definition conspiracies abound and there really is nothing remarkable about them.With assiduous evidence gathering and a functioning uncorrupted Judiciary such individuals are dealt with by the justice system as it was designed.Criminal elements know that the key to jail time avoidance is the avoidance of the creation of physical evidence as well as the maintenance of secrecy within the circle of conspirators.In a surveillance society where cell phones and conversations and computer discussions are heavily monitored and frequently used as evidence to secure convictions another modality of communication was required to continue business as usual and continued profitability to those involved.Thats where microwave silent speech comes in and augmented cognition where an individuals thoughts appear on the computer screen of the user and the ability to implant thoughts and emotions make the ability to manipulate individuals a matter of routine in terms of maintaining business as usual , continued profit without such pesky things as physical evidence and recorded conversations in the hands of those who would interfere.This has all been established and information on these well established and widespread technologies is and has been in the public sphere and available for anyone who cares to do a bit of research.The intention is that to the untrained eye and on the surface of things all appears normal , simply the random occurrences and machinations of capitalism which happen in everyday life. Looking more closely, however reveals patterns of occurrences that seem just too convenient to be matters of chance. When closer examination of events reveals inconsistencies leading to another possible causal factor in events one looks to who benefitted from such seemingly happenstance occurrences. were these people just lucky that events unfolded in their favor either financially or otherwise or were other factors involved. Hence the expression, follow the money, and the investigative tools known as Modus Operandi and Method , motive and opportunity. Patterns emerge and youll find if you look that its the same people over and over again who "just got lucky I guess".Luck is more often than not the residue of design and their system has a design as does the application of established methods of group control manipulation, group psychology and technologies employed in such control including psychotronics and silent speech as well as Monarch mind control. The histiry of the development of said technologie once again is no secret and information is available for anyone curious enough to look beneath the surface of outline many problems in society and for the many these are valid concerns among others and for the great many of us wishing to live harmonious lives working and earning and contributing to society at large these are real problems ,but for the hidden few who control using microwave silent sound to avoid detection and investigation and conviction, the problems of the many are opportunities for profitability and increased consolidation of control.Now for the many this is a serious problem . their interests are not our interests.Theres another way of saying that , the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.the many are simply pawns in their game and its not just capitalism to blame although thats part of it.There are many modalities of control and organised criminality and mind control is simply the modern day modality of organised criminality which has been in existence for a long time.the federal reserve act of 1913 was a real indication of the level of control organised criminality has over the everyday affairs of the masses.And it continues to this day largely unchanged but with greater control through years of covert machinations and increasingly sophisticated technologies of operation and control.false flag events are nothing new , look to the Gulf of Tonkin incident precipitating US involvement in Vietnam where much profit was made by surprise surprise , the same individuals, gosh what lucky people . the same people just seem to be lucky decade after decade while conditions for the masses deteriorate. Now who profits from these problems like drugs for instance . It couldnt be the people who brought us Air America a CIA scheme to fly drugs and sell them while at the same time the bodies of dead GIs were used to transport the same to US soil. But that couldnt still be hapenning its nit like the opium production in afghanistan went upwards by 95% during the last ten years , what happened in the last ten years in afghanistan could that just be coincidence . What of the recent gulf stream military jet crashed on American soil with tos of cocaine on board. every news report says a diferrent ammount of tonnes of cocaine on board. Does that mean the press isnt to be trusted and its a false story or does that trace evidence thats worth millions slowly disappearing as it changes hands through varipous so called law enforcement departments.Is it a conspiracy or just people who are greedy thinking they can get away with it as they feel protected by their badge or position within a government intelligence agency.Governments and government agencies including law enforcement and judiciary are comprised of people and as long as Ive kknown people , they can succumb to greed , especially if they think they can get away without prosecution which has been and increasingly seemingly is the case.Just out of curiosity, when was the last time you read about a police officer or intelligence agency official tried, convicted and doing time for breaking the law. Me neither, gosh they must all be boy scouts what with all the temptation to abuse power for everything from money to sex and influence. what boy scouts we have protecting us from. What exactly are they protecting us from again.Thats just method , motive and opportunity mixed with defacto absolute immunity from criminal prosecution and penalty thats all that is , its not a conspiracy at all. Theyd just say its opportunity, capitalism by another means and they deaerve it because ...well Im not clear on where the sense of entitlement comes from thats the one aspect Im not too clear on. So the next time you see a mass murder or drug crime or falling standards in all societal services from health to education just think of it from their point of view. Thats what they would say, they view themselves as our betters and all the best things in society are in their view for them from your pretty daughter for them to rape for recreation purposes to you tax dollars to develop more efficient technologies to keep rabble like you in line.And if you start to connect the dots and see their blatant criminality well youre just a conspiracy theorist, as opposed to someone who is using the same principles of criminal investigative logic they would be using to put themselves and their allies which include the criminal scum of the earth in jail if they were ever toi actually do their job as described and as indicated by the sworn oath and the badge they wear.Excuse the sarcasm but Im disgusted with the level of corruption and the suffering caused to the majority of people who simply want some degree of lawfulness and opportunity to pursue life liberty and pursuit of happiness.Theyve made such things into an unattainable mirage for many of us and they dont care as they pursue a hidden life of luxury replete with drugs sexslaves and apparently virtual immunity from criminal prosecution.The capper is we pay them a good yearly wage to do this.Thats all it costs us , that and our freedon, safety, hopes dreams and the same of our loved ones but thats all it costs us isnt that a good deal.
Anonymous 2013-04-11 16:40:03
My name on this thread is Smeagol14

You got your post spot on. We spend trillions of dollars fighting overseas in the name of 'national security' or '9/11', and yet if we try to get public healthcare, it gets called socialism. This is one of the reasons this country is fucked.
Anonymous 2012-12-27 20:11:20
If gun control works why are the Brits and Aussies begging for their guns back? - Watch what happens when guns are banned Australia - U.K...
Anonymous 2012-12-28 01:26:27
I really just want to know why I didn't learn of this earlier. And I really want to know what in the hell! Has happened to this place! This world! I mean, I know it wasn't perfect back then either, but they had a sense of humanity!
They had a sense of responsibility and it seems as though it is dissipating the more time goes by, the only thing these people seem to be praising or fearing is the world ending due to some mayan calculations!
It seems as though our world, which was once full of flowers and life and innocence is being replaced by guns and death and everything else! I can only name a few, but Anonymous, what happened to the world that held peace? Is it forever diminished, frightened by the harsh losses of war? or is it just another excuse?
I'm not Anonymous.
I don't really know much about reality.
But I'll try.
Thank you so much for this information, because I know that the government hasn't helped in a long while.
Anonymous 2 2012-12-28 11:41:24
let's just face what it is right now and not complaining. Finding a better solution for every one of us is way better than looking up your face in the mirror crying about how the world does not have the sense of humanity.

Doing good things to other people is at least we, ordinary people, could do.

Anonymous   Dear Anon, I know that this isn't the right thread, but whatever. Can you teach me how to hack?
Anonymous   I'm sorry, what? That doesn't even make sense. It looks to me like you're looking for a reason to attack the banks.
Anonymous   lol, that guy up there is lookin up for fame
Anonymous 2012-12-29 04:33:15
Blackwater hired by US Army.

When President Obama took office, on January 23rd he ordered his first drone strike in Pakistan and has bombed Pakistan regularly ever since.
Part of Vice President Joe Biden’s strategy, he called for an escalation on these strikes.

Large numbers of civilian deaths because of these bombings.
If JSOC has a target in a building and there are 34 innocent civilians in the building, 35 people will die on that day and no one will talk about it and no reports will go to the congress.
JSOC has no regards for innocent civilians.

Blackwater, CIA and the US Army deny operations in Pakistan.
Pakistanis fear Blackwater for their reputation as a ruthless and unrivaled PMC.

Blackwater has changed its name to Xe services because of its reputation and recently changed its name again to Academi for unknown reasons.

The US has a program that started with the Bush administration but vastly expanded by the Obama administration. This is a program which the executive branch, the president claims the authority to unilaterally declare people enemies of the state including US citizens and order their killing based on secretly called criteria, secret process and secret evidence. There is no national security policy that poses a greater threat to human rights law and civil liberties than this policy today.

The CIA immediately terminated the contract with Blackwater 3 days after The Times reported that Blackwater employees had joined C.I.A. operatives in secret “snatch and grab” operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Evidence indicates, and witness testimony proves, that the US government is intentionally targeting civilians in Pakistan, including women and children.

No recent info has been gathered of Blackwater's recent activities.
Anonymous   its funny no bodys
Anonymous   So anyone wanna plan on doing a DDoS on Blackwater/Academi?
Anonymous   the biggest thing is i know there were no bodys the there are no death certifs for any one that day or since i ca not say but not one body came in threw our main hospital and from the fake massacre no one but the fbi were allowed in after 20 hours the only video existing is on a couple of robotic cams that werer sent in im begging my heads of anonys to help another friend showed me and was right all the childrens names were changed 2 times the first ones had no ss numbers or birth certifactes i dont know how much time we have left but if tyler could be let loose do it now there are so many things that are wrong about this save the us this has nothing to do with guns and by the way drs all over the us have been asked about patients with mental problems the want to re write hippa and uba and medicare and medicaid are powerless help us
Anonymous   keep this alive
Anonymous 2013-04-11 15:51:18
I believe that guns are only the start of the problem. The school shooter can be imagined as a gun-human combination- the school shooter used a gun to shoot people, but someone also had to use the gun to shoot people because the gun didn't go randomly go shooting people on its own. Here is my plan for prisons:

Legalize drugs- banning drugs leads to a violent black market where disputes are solve criminally and violently. The drug war has not worked.

For profit prisons- criminals can pay for the expensive prison costs

Get better mental healthcare facilities- as much as 1/4 of all prisoners are mentally ill

Focus more on prisoner rehabilitation- this is so that when prisoners are released they don't become repeat offenders.
I think we need socialism in this country. I do not propose a state socialism or a decentralized socialism. I propose a state socialism that is democratically controlled. The workers and the government would be the checks and balances in this situation.

America and the Soviet union were/are ruled by corporations- in the soviet union the state was one big corporate monopoly- an enemy of the people and the working class. In america the democratic process is hindered by corporations which exist in every capitalist economy. Corporations can act like mini states of their own- they get preferential treatment from governments. What we need is an economic democracy. I love the ideals of our founding fathers (political democracy) they just didn't go far enough and apply their ideals of democracy to an economy. In any pure free market you see the vast centralization of wealth, no power to the workers, and shitty pay towards workers- its an economic dictatorship. Its just like in a political anarchy- power rapidly centralizes without a democracy based on the ordinary people. People can get power politically and economically, its just in an economy their are no checks and balances. A socialist economy will free the workers from corporate overlords, and bring about a new era of democracy, in both a political and an economic sense.

Socialism Now!
Peaceful revolution!

* note- if i post anymore comments, look for the title of Smeagol14, and you will know it is MY post
Anonymous 2013-04-11 16:02:30
I think that our government should be a scientific government which tests the effectiveness of laws using the scientific method. The government/conservatives should also stop scaring us with terrorists. 3000 people at most died in our only large scale terrorist attack and that was over 10 years ago. at least 20000 people die PER FUCKING YEAR because they cannot get healthcare coverage from asshole money making health insurance companies. Where should our priorities really be? If we, the worlds hyperpower, cannot control a few fundamentalist goat herders in iraq/afghanistan after >10 FUCKING YEARS, what can we really do? i mean really. Fuck the wars, but don't fuck the troops who were sucked into this whole fiasco. Fuck our military LEADERS, the ones who have exploited 9/11 and used it as a scare tactic to push the patriot act and other fascistic laws!!!
Anonymous 2013-04-11 16:11:04
Gun regulation/registration I don't think breaks the second amendment. Only if the government seizes guns from ordinary people is it a problem.
I am a socialist with my own theories. I am also a strong libertarian/ anonomytarian (anonymous + libertarian). Government can stay out of our social lives. oh and thank Anonymous for providing some of the only checks and balances that this government has!

I am not paranoid about the government nor do I believe in bullshit conspiracy theories, but I am worried about this government we have.

Has anyone ever noticed similarities between advertisements and soviet propaganda? Both portray that they are so fucking awesome compared to other companies/ governments, and both portray and idyllic lifestyle that everyone supposedly lives (the "american dream" or great life in the people's respublik of durkadurkastan )

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