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Hear Us Now!

On March 5th of 2012 an activist, inspired only by his own convictions, was raided and arrested by the FBI for involvement in Hacktivism. Jeremy Hammond, a son, a brother and a friend, has been held without trial and without bail for over 200 days due to his involvement in Operation AntiSec. An Anonymous effort lead by members of LulzSec, Operation AntiSec targeted those most closely associated with a corrupt state; State operators and security officials. Unknown, unfortunately, to those contributing to Operation AntiSec and dishearteningly known to those of us now contributing to their support effort, a prominent member of LulzSec was acting in accordance with law enforcement. Sabu, may the lulz have mercy on him, acted not only as the leader of LulzSec but as an FBI informant. It has been widely publicized that the efforts of these hacktivists, once contributing to Anonymous and now being prosecuted, were entirely orchestrated by the FBI. We, however, will not soon forget their contributions.

Their contributions; The contributions of Jeremy Hammond and of those being prosecuted for their efforts in the Anonymous collective. Their contributions; Contributions Wikileaks continues to publish regularly without mention of the consequences which burden those spared the comforts of asylum or that of immunity. It is their contributions which we will not soon forget and their contributions which now inspire many to contribute. It is not the effort of those now contributing but the cry of our fallen brothers and sisters which inspire us to act.

Today, more than seven months after Jeremy’s arrest, the Jeremy Hammond Support Network, in solidarity with FreeAnons, is overjoyed to announce the release of a Benefit CD. This project is but one of the many fruits of our efforts to aid our fallen comrades and to attest to the Anonymous credo; We do not forget. We may waver under the weight of our endeavors but we will not stumble. Time may soothe the pain we feel for our fallen brothers and sisters but we will not forgive those unjustly prosecuting them. We may grow weary from the overwhelming battle before us but as long as Anons are prosecuted, expect us.

May this CD forever commemorate our commitment to those fallen. We stand in absolute solidarity with those for whom now fight for their own freedoms from within the very corrupt system they are being prosecuted for raging against. The corporate principalities and their State sponsors can no longer hear the cries of our fallen brothers and sisters but we hear them and we will raise our voices, we will beat our drums, we will dance, we will celebrate their cause and we will carry their message! In perfect harmony we will sing, “Bella ciao! Bella ciao!” In the words of Jeremy Hammond we will cry, “Power to the people!”

Many have contributed to this project and many artists have donated their art. Too many to name but to many we owe our gratitude. This CD is a two disc set including twenty eight tracks from various artist and various genres. We’ve made the CD available for purchase online but hard copies also will be available shortly which will include additional art and a letter from Jeremy. We invite you to browse the catalog and encourage you to show your support by purchasing the entire CD or just a single track. You’ll find music produced by family, friends and supporters of Jeremy Hammond and we’re confident that you’ll find something to your liking. Per Jeremy’s request, part of the proceeds will be donated to the Anonymous Solidarity Network.

All of the proceeds donated to the Anonymous Solidarity Network will be used to support prosecuted Anons in some fashion or another. How the money is used, specifically, depends on the circumstances and is at the discretion of the network. FreeAnons provides prosecuted Anons, many of whom are now burdened financially because of their prosecution, with assistance attending court hearings and other means of financial and moral support. The network also, occasionally, puts money on the commissary funds of Anons still incarcerated. If you, personally, would like a say in how the money is used we invite you to join the Anonymous Solidarity Network. You can get more involved by visiting

The proceeds not donated to the Anonymous Solidarity Network will be deposited directly in an account managed by Jeremy’s family. These proceeds will be used at the discretion of Jeremy’s family for whatever purpose they deem most appropriate. The authenticity of this fund raising effort can be verified by the Anonymous Solidarity Network and by those most closely affiliated with Further information regarding the project can be found at both addresses previously provided and at

We applaud your interest in this cause and thank you for any contribution you choose to make. Though we will not rest and, though, we will not stop contributing, our contributions are pointless without yours. Individually, few of us can make as great of a contribution as those we now support but we are not individuals; We are legion. Together we can secure a means of continuing the struggle. Many of us have been born into a new age and those of us not are responsible for its making. This is our time. This is the age of information. This is the age of transparency. The many Anons being prosecuted are but the pioneers of our age.

Exploiting an organization and exposing its secrets is not a crime when that organization is corrupt and its secrets protect its crimes. The State calls Jeremy Hammond a criminal for these, exploiting an organization and exposing its secrets, are the crimes he is accused of having committed but the organization he exploited is sponsored by a corrupt State and the secrets he exposed threaten the lies we, the people, have been told by that State; The very State now prosecuting him. Regardless of their efforts to ignore our grievances, we will be heard. Despite their efforts to disrupt, dismiss and arrest our fellow Anons there are countless among us willing to sacrifice their own freedom to bare witness to the corruption and exploitation we, the people, have burdened. They, the State, may be powerful but we, the people, are legion and we will not forgive and we will not forget. We are Anonymous. Hear Us Now!!

Join the conversation! 234 comment(s) already posted - click to post one yourself, anonymously of course.
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