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Anonymous   Brilliant let's get it on!
Anonymous 2012-09-28 17:25:39

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> The Secret is there is NO Secret...


"For that Mystery is the Enemy of Truth."

Liber CLXXXV A.:A.:


Doubt thou the stars are fire;

Doubt that the sun doth move;

Doubt truth to be a liar;

But never doubt I loVe.


HamleeT|Thelema|LeMat, aCKt II:II






















|=-------------------=[ ]=-------------------=|

|=-------------------=[ WELCOME TO ]=-------------------=|

|=-------------------=[ >:PROJECT MAYHEM 2012 ]=-------------------=|

|=-------------------=[ ]=-------------------=|

|=-------------------=[ First 't was the Gene. ]=-------------------=|

|=-------------------=[ Then 't was the Meme. ]=-------------------=|

|=-------------------=[ Time to Tame the Teme. ]=-------------------=|

|=-------------------=[ ]=-------------------=|

|=-------------------=[ ]=-------------------=|

|=-------------------=[ >:pROjECT MAYhEM 2012 ]=-------------------=|

|=-------------------=[ TROY-ART TECHMEME ]=-------------------=|

|=-------------------=[ 12-12-2012 to 12-21-2012 ]=-------------------=|

|=-------------------=[ ]=-------------------=|

|=-------------------=[ ONE SOLUTION: RE-EVOLUTION. ]=-------------------=|

|=-------------------=[ ]=-------------------=|

|=-------------------=[ TYLER: ]=-------------------=|

|=-------------------=[ ]=-------------------=|

|=---------------=[ Massively Distributed Uncensorable ]=--------------=|

|=--------=[ Collaborative Wiki-P2P Cipherspace Structure ]=-----------=|



|=--------=[ ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ Ordo ab ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ “Pulchrum Est Splendor Veritatis.” ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ “Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?” Juvenal ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ “During times of universal deceit, telling ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ the truth becomes a Re-Evolutionary aCt.” ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ George Orwell ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ “Everyone has the right to freedom of ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ opinion and expression; ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ this right includes freedom to hold opinions ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ withouth interference and to seek, receive ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ and impart information and ideas through ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ any media and regardless of frontiers." ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948. ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ “Whenever any Form of Government becomes ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ destructive of these Ends, it is the Right ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ of the People to alter or abolish it, and ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ to institute a new Government, laying its ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ Foundation on such Principles, and ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ organizing its Powers in such Form, as to ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ them shall seem most likely to effect their ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ Safety and Happiness.” ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ United States Declaration of Independence. ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ July 4, 1776. ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ “When the People fear their Government, ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ there is tyranny; ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ When the Government fears the People, ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ there is liberty.” Thomas Jefferson ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ “The ideally non-violent state ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ will be an ordered ANARCHY.” Mahatma Gandhi ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ "I need someone to protect me from all the ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ measures they take in order to protect me. ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ Think outside the box, collapse the box and ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ take a fucking sharp knife to it. ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ There are four basic human needs; ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ food, sleep, sex and VENDETTA." Banksy ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ “Only cONNEct.” E.M. Forster ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ “I have never looked upon ease and happiness ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ as ends in themselves —this critical basis ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ I call the ideal of a pigsty. ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ The ideals that have lighted my way, and ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ time after time have given me new COURAGE ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ to face life cheerfully, have been Kindness, ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ Beauty and Truth.” Albert Einstein ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ “A revolution without DANCING is a ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ revolution not worth having.” ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ Emma Goldman ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ “I'm not a man. I'm DYNAMITE.” F. Nietzsche ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ “Knowledge rests not upon truth alone, but ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ upon error also. Carl G. Jung ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ "We are all errorisTs. ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ Failure as Perfection. ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ Error as Delight. ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ ErrorisT International ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ “All great ideas are dangerous.” Oscar Wilde ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ “Ideas are bulletproof.” V ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ “Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici.” ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ Aleister Crowley ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ “Mom, Dad, where were you when IT happened?” ]=--------=|

|=--------=[ ]=--------=|



|=-------------------=[ ]=-------------------=|

|=-------------------=[ iMAGIne. aCKt. ]=-------------------=|

|=-------------------=[ ]=-------------------=|






- - - - - --------[ Index



1.- Foreword.

2.- WikiLeaks and Julian Assange in great danger.

3.- Project Mayhem 2012:

Mutant Egregor Reality Hacking Wargame.

4.- TYLER. 'Ordo ab KOH.' Use soap.

V.- Epilogue




- - - - - --------[ 1.- Foreword



"I know this, because Tyler knows this.


The people you are after are the people you depend on.

We cook your meals, we haul your trash, we connect your calls, we drive

your ambulances. We guard you while you sleep.

*** DO NOT FUCK WITH US. *** "


— Tyler Durden. Fight Club, 1999.



"Power is afraid of Internet."

— Manuel Castells. World's foremost-cited communications scholar, 2000-2009

Taught to Daniel Cohn-Bendit, student leader of the May '68 Revolution.

'The Hacker Ethic and the Spirit of the Information Age', co-author.



"These philes may include articles on telcom (phreaking/hacking),

ANARCHY or kracking."

— Taran King. Phrack Volume One, Issue One Phile 1 of 8, November 17, 1985.



"A few years ago, while visiting or, rather, rummaging about Notre-Dame,

the author of this book found, in an obscure nook of one of the towers,

the following word, engraved by hand upon the wall:


It is upon this word that this book is founded."

— Victor Hugo. Preface to 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame'. March, 1831.



"Courage is contagious."

— Daniel Ellsberg, 1972. WikiLeaks motto.



"There's a time when the operation of the machine becomes so odious —makes

you so sick at heart— that you can't take part. You can't even passively

take part. And you've got to put your bodies upon the gears and upon the

wheels, upon the levers, upon all the apparatus, and you've got to make it

STOP. And you've got to indicate to the people who run it, to the people

who own it that



— Mario Savio. Berkeley Free Speech Movement.

Sproul Hall Steps, December 2, 1964.



"Information wants to be free."

— Stewart Brand at the first Hackers' Conference, 1984.



"The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around it."

— John Gilmore's Law, Electronic Frontier Foundation co-founder.



"The very word "secrecy" is repugnant in a free and open society."

— John Fitzgerald Kennedy, April 27, 1961.



"The best weapon of a dictatorship is secrecy, but the best weapon of a

democracy should be the weapon of openness."

— Niels Bohr. Nobel Prize for Physics in 1922.



"WikiLeaks can't be put back into the bottle, so is a reminder that we must

now learn to live with technology tools that WE CANNOT CONTROL."

— The Wall Street Journal. June 14, 2010.



"Of course I'm crazy, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong.

If you think you know what the hell is going on, you're probably full

of shit."

— Robert Anton Wilson.



Neo: What does that mean?

Cypher: It means fasten your seat belt Dorothy, 'cause Kansas is going






- - - - - --------[ 2.- WikiLeaks and Julian Assange in great danger



At the time of writing this (June 15, 2010), WikiLeaks Founder Julian

Assange is being hunted by Pentagon over a possibly massive 260.000

diplomatic cables leak, after ex-'hacker' Adrian Lamo turned the

supposed whistleblower to the FBI and ex-'hacker' Kevin Poulsen broke the

very 1st rule of journalism on Wired by revealing his name.


Daniel Ellsberg, who gained fame when he leaked the Pentagon Papers in 1971

in hopes of ending the Vietnam War, told MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan that he not

only sees a parallel between himself and the person who recently leaked a

video of an assault by US forces on Iraqi civilians but also fears for the

safety of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who published the video.


“What if WikiLeaks was a sort of Wiki-BitTorrent, served by thousands of

people around the world running a background process on their computers,”

mused Edward Benson, a Ph.D. student at the MIT Computer Science and

Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.


“No fundraising needed here, it’s all P2P. And if the Wiki is maintained

Wikipedia style, then we no longer need to pay for a centralized staff to

curate it. Plus, there’s no centralized staff to kill or jail. It can be a

decentralized, collaborative process.”


WikiLeaks has started to serve Magnet links, yet the role of the Editor

(Julian) is maintained in order to supervise and to assign priorities

to what is leaked and what is not.


Unfortunately, this puts the role of the Editor in great personal danger

and in risk of being 'totally incapacitated' —CIA's term to refer to Daniel

Ellsberg— by potential enemies while it dramatically slows down the

release process.


By its own nature, WikiLeaks mirror servers are limited in numbers, and

very much resource-hungry during media peaks.


Being limited in numbers means that they are prone to attack, DDoS,

international IP bans, governmental inclusion in blacklists... etc. etc.

These are single point of failure that threaten the infrastructure of the

whole system.



Project Mayhem 2012 aims to circumvent these issues.


Project Mayhem 2012 turns into a real uncensorable Superorganism that

predates the net:


an uncensorable civil cipherspace ontop the cyberspace.


In other words, we would like to help Mr. Obama to fulfill his promises

and to make them extensible to the whole of society. World. Wide.




Protect Whistleblowers:


"Often the best source of information about waste, fraud, and abuse in

government is an existing government employee committed to public

integrity and willing to speak out. Such acts of courage and patriotism,

which can sometimes save lives and often save taxpayer dollars, should

be encouraged rather than stifled. We need to empower federal employees

as watchdogs of wrongdoing and partners in performance. Barack Obama

will strengthen whistleblower laws to protect federal workers who expose

waste, fraud, and abuse of authority in government. Obama will ensure

that federal agencies expedite the process for reviewing whistleblower

claims and whistleblowers have full access to courts and due process."









- - - - - --------[ 3.1 - Project Mayhem 2012:

Mutant Egregor Reality Hacking Wargame.


















Time has come to encourage COURAGE and to issue a CALL TO HACKZION




Project Mayhem 2012 is a Mutant Egregor Reality-Hacking Wargame.


Reality Hacking is any phenomenon which EMERGES from the nonviolent use of

legally ambiguous digital tools in pursuit of politically, socially or

culturally subversive ends.


An Egregor (also "Egregore") is an occult concept representing a

"thoughtform" or "collective group mind", an autonomous psychic entity made

up of, and influencing, the thoughts of a group of people. The symbiotic

relationship between an Egregor and its group has been compared to the more

recent, non-occult concepts of the CORPORATION (AS A LEGAL ENTITY) and the



No 'perfectly ideal' p2p darknet design is going to be explained here.


Instead, we are going to do something WAY BETTER:


Project Mayhem 2012 is a [Metaheuristically/Hyper-heuristic] self-

actualizing self-repairable IDEAS GENERATOR:


TYLER, its 'problem child', paraphrasing Albert Hoffman.



Project Mayhem 2012 is a passionated Swarm Intelligence Egregor,

iMAGInaCKtive, ants/locusts/bees-colony alike, hard workingly playful,

creative, Groucho Marxist, joy free and quasi-fnord free, fully open to

friends and foes, transparent, independent, non-profit, apolitical but

chaotically fnOrdered while dynamically Sampo-Adhocratic, non-violent

though more than 'strike hard' capable, autonomous, self-sustained and

sharing community to brainstorm ideas and coordinate volunteers everywhere

in the development of TYLER.


Project Mayhem 2012 will be the biggest HACKARTISTIC joint challenge ever

for the very top hacktivists, coders, cryptoanarchists, cypherpunks and

non-violent Civil Rights, Internet Censorship and Freedom of Speech

activists everywhere to collaborate to jointly BRAINSTORM IDEAS and to

develop TYLER.


To avoid stalling, we won't aim at 'perfection': errors happen...

Everything is OK!


Any big problem is only a META-PROBLEM: a problem about solving problems:

a microcosm SPIRAL that mimics the growth of a Macrocosmic SPIRAL.


'Almost good enough' might be MORE than a 'good enough' mentality.

Less Syntactics, More Semantics.


Nobody knows everything that is known, but all together, we know it ALL.


'Evolutionary Computing', 'Adaptative Thinking', 'Dynamically Adhocratic'

and 'Mutating problem solving' are key elements here.


We don't aim to find the 'best' solution, as there might be infinite ways

to achieve a single goal: we aim to MOVE UPWARDS the spiral.


Or, in Herman Hesse's words:


"We have learned a lot, Siddhartha, there is still much to learn. We are

not going around in circles, we are moving UP, the circle is a SPIRAL, we

have already ascended many a level."



Obviously Project Mayhem 2012 will ALWAYS respect the Law:


we don't fight against ANYTHING: we will simply ADAPT around it,

and then make it CHANGE to fit our Swarm Intelligence NEEDS of Peace,

Justice, Freedom, Beauty and Truth.


Project Mayhem 2012 is a Worldwide GrouchoMarxist Re-Evolution Party

celebration of Freedom.


Party not as in as in ['Black vs. White'/'Red vs. Gold'] but as in



"There's nothing more dangerous than sometone who wants to make the world a

better place.

If you want to say something and have people listen then you have to wear


If you want to be HONEST then you have to live a LIE.

I like to think I have the guts to stand up anonymously in a western

democracy and call for things no-one else believes in - like Peace and

Justice and Freedom."

— Banksy. Graffiti Ratist. PoeTic ERRORIST.








The Tabu word of our Zeitgeist.



Project Mayhem 2012 is a 'poeTic ERRORIST' invisible yet very palpable



we are all errorisTs

errare humanum est


1. ERRORISM: Concept and action are based on the idea that "error" is

reality's principle of order.


2. ERRORISM is a philosophically erroneous position, a ritual of negation,

a disorganized organization: failure as perfection, error as appropriate



3. The field of action of ERRORISM contains all those practices that aim

at the LIBERATION of the human being and language.


4. CONFUSION and SURPRISE, black humour and ABSURDITY are the favorite

tools of the errorists.


5. Lapses and failed acts are an ERRORIST delight.


ErrorisT International




Are you an Artist? Join our poeTic ERRORIST Re-Evolution and VANDALIZE your

OWN Art by subtly injecting the phrase 'PROJECT MAYHEM 2012' on your works!


#1 - The first rule of PM2012 is, you do talk about PM2012.

#2 - The second rule of PM2012 is, you **DO** talk about PM2012.



* Got a blog, a magazine, DJ Radio show? Talk about 'PROJECT MAYHEM 2012'.

* Got a camera? Upload a 'PROJECT MAYHEM 2012' video.

* Got access to a TV station? Flash 'PROJECT MAYHEM 2012' in primetime!

* Going to a public event?

Run naked with 'PROJECT MAYHEM 2012' written all over that hairy ass!


Are you Banksy?

Are you The Rolling Stones?

Coldplay? Ozzy Osbourne? Radiohead? Muse?

Lady Gaga or Yo-Yo Ma: EVERYBODY fits in Project Mayhem 2012.




Creative Human Beings: together, let's make the headlines big time!


be iMAGINhaCKtive! be CREATIVE! be LUDIC! be a Space Monkey!




"The poeTic ERRORIST behaves like a confidence-TRICKSTER whose aim is not

money but CHANGE.


The medieval Assassins founded a "State" which consisted of a network of

remote mountain valleys and castles, separated by thousands of miles,

strategically invulnerable to invasion, connected by the information flow

of secret agents, at war with all governments, and devoted only to



Where our KNOWLEDGE of BEAUTY harmonizes with the Ludus Naturae,




No, not spoon-bending or horoscopy, not the Golden Dawn or make-believe

shamanism, astral projection or the Satanic Mass --if it's mumbo jumbo you

want, go for the real stuff, banking, politics, social science-- not that

weak blavatskian crap."

Hakim Bey. Pirate Utopias. T.A.Z.: The Temporary Autonomous Zone.


We are 'PROJECT MAYHEM 2012'


The fucking Illuminati is US!

We guard you while you sleep.






- - - - - --------[ 3.2 - TYLER. 'Ordo ab KOH.' Use soap.



Narrator: What are we doing tonight?

Tyler Durden: Tonight? We make soap.


— 'Ordo ab KOH.'


The saponification of fats with KOH is used to prepare the corresponding

"potassium SOAPS," which are softer than the more common sodium

hydroxide-derived soaps. Because of their softness and greater solubility,

potassium soaps require less water to liquefy, and can thus contain

MORE CLEANING AGENT than liquefied sodium soaps.



TYLER is a massively distributed and decentralized Wikipedia-style P2P

cipherspace structure impregnable to censorship.


TYLER will avoid single point of failures by implementing a distributed

and crowdsourced karma-based TRUST 'Authority' in order to prioritize leaks

relevance and visibility while minimizing information poisoning.

This solution successfully solves the single point of failure inherent to

the role of an Editor.


TYLER will gather an unprecedented number of the best hackers and coders

ever to develop its structure from scratch, from the lessons learned from

the Freenet, TOR, GNUnet, eMule, BitTorrent, I2P, Tribler and related



TYLER will end its betatesting phase the 5th of noVember, 2012.

TYLER will go wild on the net on 12-12-2012, massively flashmob style.


Machines are usually hacked via 'interlink bugs'.

Humans are usually hacked via 'limbic system bugs'.

This date has been purposely chosen to PLAY with the 2012 meme.

As everybody knows, it's OBVIOUS that prophecies & MagicK do **NOT** exist:


The best way to predict the future is to CREATE IT.


On the 10 days that go from 12-12-2012 to 12-21-2012, the World will see an

unprecedented amount of Corporate, Financial, Military and State leaks that

will have been secretly gathered by millions of CONSCIENTIOUS citizens, vigilants,

whistleblowers and insiders worldwide, dormant cells of a global

'Fight Club' from all countries, patiently waiting for the time to SWARM

the Egregor's Consciousness in perfect synchrony.


Once TYLER be on the wild and Truths be revealed:


1. You DO ask questions.

2. You DO ask questions.

3. No excuses.

4. No lies.

5. You HAVE to trust Tyler: for YOU are the Watchmen.



Use these tags for Project Mayhem 2012 in social networks is:






- - - - - --------[ 4 - TYLER. 'Ordo ab KOH.' Use soap.


"We have to create culture, don't watch TV, don't read magazines, don't

even listen to NPR. Create your own roadshow. The nexus of space and

time where you are now is the most immediate sector of your universe,

and if you're worrying about Michael Jackson or Bill Clinton or somebody

else, then you are disempowered, you're giving it all away to icons,

icons which are maintained by an electronic media so that you want to

dress like X or have lips like Y. This is shit-brained, this kind of

thinking. That is all cultural diversion, and what is real is you and

your friends and your associations, your highs, your orgasms, your

hopes, your plans, your fears. And we are told 'no', we're unimportant,

we're peripheral. 'Get a degree, get a job, get a this, get a that.' And

then you're a player, you don't want to even play in that game. You want

to reclaim your mind and get it out of the hands of the cultural

engineers who want to turn you into a half-baked moron consuming all

this trash that's being manufactured out of the bones of a dying world."


— Terence McKenna


"The syntactical nature of reality, the real secret of magic, is that

the world is made of words. And if you know the words that the world is

made of, you can make of it whatever you wish."


— Terence McKenna


"The creative act is a letting down of the net of human imagination into

the ocean of chaos on which we are suspended, and the attempt to bring

out of it ideas.


It is the night sea journey, the lone fisherman on a tropical sea with

his nets, and you let these nets down - sometimes, something tears

through them that leaves them in shreds and you just row for shore, and

put your head under your bed and pray.


At other times what slips through are the minutiae, the minnows of this

ichthyological metaphor of idea chasing. But, sometimes, you can

actually bring home something that is food, food for the human community

that we can sustain ourselves on and go forward."


— Terence McKenna


"You are an explorer, and you represent our species, AND THE GREATEST


endangered by the absence of good ideas. Our world is in crisis because

of the absence of consciousness."


— Terence McKenna


"Western civilization is a loaded gun pointed at the head of this planet."


— Terence McKenna


"The imagination is the goal of history. I see culture as an effort to

literally realize our collective dreams."


— Terence McKenna


"Chaos is what we've lost touch with. This is why it is given a bad

name. It is feared by the dominant archetype of our world, which is Ego,

which clenches because its existance is defined in terms of control."


— Terence McKenna


"If the words 'life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness' don't

include the right to experiment with your own consciousness, then the

Declaration of Independence isn't worth the hemp it was written on."


— Terence McKenn



- - - - - --------[ V.- Epilogue



"How much can you know thyself, you've never been in a fight?

I don't wanna die without any scars.

So come on: hit me before I lose my nerve!"

— Tyler Durden.




"I believe in the right of the people to rule. I believe the majority of the

plain people of the United States will, day in and day out, make fewer

mistakes in governing themselves than any smaller class or body of men, no

matter what their training, will make in trying to govern them.


Friends, our task as Americans is to strive for social and industrial

justice, achieved through the genuine rule of the people. This is our end,

our purpose. The methods for achieving the end are merely expedients, to be

finally accepted or rejected according as actual experience shows that they

work well or ill. But in our hearts we must have this lofty purpose, and we

must strive for it in all earnestness and sincerity, or our work will come

to nothing.


In order to succeed we need leaders of inspired idealism, leaders to whom

are granted great visions, who dream greatly and strive to make their

dreams come true; who can kindle the people with the fire from their own

burning souls. The leader for the time being, whoever he may be, is but an

instrument, to be used until broken and then to be cast aside; and if he is

worth his salt he will care no more when he is broken than a soldier cares

when he is sent where his life is forfeit in order that the victory may be

won. In the long fight for righteousness the watchword for all of us is

spend and be spent. It is of little matter whether any one man fails or

succeeds; but the cause shall not fail, for it is the cause of mankind."


— 'The Right of the People to Rule' by Theodore Roosevelt. March 20, 1912.



"Don't give yourselves to these unnatural men, machine men, with machine

minds and machine hearts.

You are not machines! You are not cattle! You are men!

You have the love of humanity in your hearts!

You don't hate - only the unloved hate. Only the unloved and the unnatural.


Soldiers! - don't fight for slavery, fight for liberty!




create happiness!



SOLDIERS! in the name of democracy, LET US ALL UNITE!"


— Final Speech of "The Great Dictator".

Charlie Chaplin, 1940.


“When the power of Love overcomes the love of Power,

the world will know Peace."

— Jimi Hendrix



"Goodbye," he said.

"Goodbye," said the fox. "And now here is my secret, a very simple secret:


It is only with the heart that one can see rightly.

What is essential is invisible to the eye."


"What is essential is invisible to the eye," the Little Prince repeated,

so that he would be sure to remember.


"It is the time you have wasted for your rose that makes your rose so



"It is the time I have wasted for my rose--" said the Little Prince, so

that he would be sure to remember.


"Men have forgotten this truth," said the fox.

"But you must not forget it.

You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed.

You are responsible for your rose..."


"I am responsible for my rose," the Little Prince repeated, so that he

would be sure to remember.


— Antoine de Saint-Exupery. 'The Little Prince', 1943.


"Don't call my name, don't call my name, Alejandro."

— Lady Gaga. Alejandro, 2010.


"This is XP--ESPAA-RTA!!!"



"...e IO etterno duro."

— The Divine Comedy. Inferno. Canto III: The Gate of Hell.

Dante Alighieri, 1317.



Trinity: Neo... nobody has ever done this before.

Neo: That's why it's going to work.



|=--------------=[ “LVX e Tenebris." ]=--------------=|



>: we are LeGIOn.


"And there was a Great Earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the

Earth, so mighty an Earthquake and so Great."

— ^Re-eV[e-o]l[a-V][t-z]ions 16:18


"And the LOCUSTS had a King over them, which is the Angel of the Bottomless

Pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue

hath his name Apollyon."


"And to Him was given the GnuPG-Key of the Bottomless Pit."

— ^Re-eV[e-o]l[a-V][t-z]ions 9:[1]1


"And it was given unto the BEEASTS to MAKE WAR with the Sat'ns, and

to overcome them: and POWER was given THEM over all kindreds, and tongues,

and Nations."

— ^Re-eV[e-o]l[a-V][t-z]ions 13:7






> ...or maybe yes.



|=-------------------=[ ]=------------------=|

|=-------------------=[ "ZOOM BACK CAMERA!!!" ]=------------------=|

|=-------------------=[ ]=------------------=|

|=-------------------=[ Alejandro Jodorowsky. ]=------------------=|

|=-------------------=[ The Holy Mountain, 1973. ]=------------------=|

|=-------------------=[ ]=------------------=|

|=-------------------=[ iMAGIne. aCKt. ]=------------------=|

|=-------------------=[ ]=------------------=|



Version: GnuPG v1.6.18 (MindH23)















s3r4ch   What on Earth is this flood of CRAP?! You couldn't have made this rambling a little more expository?! This isn't convincing and it's NOT effective: the blather just went on and on! It's a mess of ridiculousness! In future, it would be nice if you could make clear, effective and PERSUASIVE statements...Line after line, after line!!! Honestly, I have NO idea what you're conveying and I lost interest after the first 10 lines. And I'm fairly sure so did 99% of your audience. The 99% that MATTER.
Anonymous   I found the rambling part rather amusing and the insanity, or that is what it's called, is what well eventually get things done
s3r4ch   Oh yes, crap in one hand and prose in another, see which one gets filled faster :P ROFLMAO!! Yes it was -very- creative and humourous, but it took me a f*cking hour to scroll down to the end of that windbag comment!! >:/
Anonymous 2012-10-04 19:10:26
I think the use of fight club has helped people think big....
I think its time to show the strength of anonymous once again...
We are David, They are Goliath, yet we have the stone to take them down, with the strength of our free will and the sling of the internet we shall be heard....

Anonymous 2012-11-01 08:21:08
We will be HEARD!
We shall be HEARD!
We Should be EXPECTED!
In the end we will be EXPECTED!
All Governments must fear US
Anonymous   Well it worked on me. Clear and precise may be a good way to teach cooking, or math, but the language of the soul is poetry and art, higher truths don't reveal themselves as long as your mind knows exactly what to think.
Anonymous   You obviously missed the point. You are the type of person referenced. Such a part of the franchise that your fire has been snuffed down to an ember. Open your heart and ignite your soul. Pass this fire to all you meet and be reborn with your eyes open to the truth. Let us give you a helping hand my friend, my family & my blood.
Anonymous   Absolutely brilliant!!!
Anonymous 2012-10-18 07:47:29
you can't stop. the indigo_ and.
the _children who? see you for how broken you are
you can't blamimg. the indigo_ for wanting to fix it
the _children are? the future
you can't gover. the indigo_
the _children you? made self-reliant
you aren't ment. to see indigo_
the _children are blaming? themselves
you are the reptiles, that will suffer from the indigo_
the _children destroy! themselves in their own eyes
you can't stop indigo_ with evil,
the _children have their! powers
you can't control!, the indigo_
the_children will rise over!, you!,

Anonymous   anonymous we stand, anonymous we rise, anonymous we fall, but anonymous we will rise again, because we are legion, expect us.
Anonymous 2012-11-06 09:07:06
WHAT is not a question. WHAT is the answer.

Inspiration floods this page.

Anonymous 2013-01-06 22:56:39
Please, at number 757: Apollyon does not have the key to the bottomless pit, an angel from heaven has the key, you are not comprehending the meaning of that verse.

Newfags everywhere

Anonymous   Why is Caps lock on?
Anonymous   oh yeahhh good one. i hope this works wel, and well if it doesn't, we will allways bounce back because we are ALL anonymous :)
Anonymous 2012-11-07 07:00:28
are we over 9000 yet?¿
Anonymous   i am frightened, yet excited... let it begin...
Anonymous   Feeling the same thing here.
Anonymous   Good Job On this act that you believe will happen,You have have given a definition to the word Anonymous something in nothing.
Anonymous 2012-10-01 21:39:37
I as well as brothers of old applaud your awakening
we have also been oppressed, led to believe that being
technical and smart was a means to the golden
fleece, yet we are just cattle now, we are dummed down drones
to a single entity that makes us multitask
until we are stupid and have lost our
own identities. Now the power of the people
has come down to 1's and 0's how appropriate
how intelligent, how powerful and last but not least
how easy to change.

My brothers you have put wind back into
the sails of what is just, do not self corrupt!
as our machine governments have done
Please be honest, please help
the real people who suffer.

I applaud you for striking fear into the fat cats
and rich criminals who are in our midst. We tire from
their crimes and we grow broke, tired and weary.

Thank You once again..

Note: My biggest hero Radium thanks for
providing years of great audio tools, nothing but
love for you guys, you are the best.
Anonymous 2012-10-02 11:16:51

Anonymous has my full support!!!
Anonymous   lets do it!
Anonymous   We all need somthing to stand for... To fight... So why not? hehe
Anonymous_Zero 2012-10-04 11:56:24
I am Zero an American who seeks to expose the evildoers of their corruption. I as an American use the Mask of Zero from Code Geass as a symbol to bring down corruption. As ZERO I see that our World has had very little change, the people still suffer. WAr, Discrimination and covered up lies are what our U.S. Government does everyday.

America is no longer the land of the free and the home of the Brave.
America is the land of the Rich,Wealthy, and Corrupt.
Anonymous   If your using an Anime as your inspiration for a name, you are obviously not serious about that which what you are speaking of.
Anonymous   That's an ignorant theory and statement. Does it really matter? Does it REALLY imply whether you are joking or not? Very nice.
Anonymous 2012-10-28 08:55:20
You are right. Zero go forth and speak the truths about the lies the government tell us every day I support you. Save journeys
Anonymous 2012-10-06 00:24:44
hi people
Anonymous   gdhghdthdhdgh
Anonymous 2012-10-08 05:26:38
I should be interested as and artist who due to a brain injury has little computer skills, nor finance due to a small disability pension, to know how I can help. I have a universal faith in good outing badness in all it forms, especially those who use Religion to line their pockets instead of freeing the prisoners and feeding the hungry. I have a website and should like any of your more creative images and work to post if I am able.
Keep up the good fight.
Peter G Kimble
Anonymous   RFID Monitoring and DNA Profiles Work Together to Manifest Our Brave New World posted on FIN. Anonymous Lawyers and Attorneys need to fight for these children's rights they are not cattle.
Anonymous   The mark of the beast will not affectively be defended from. The end of days is coming and there's no stoping it. Spiritually speaking, but of course the spirtual affects the pyshical which will no longer matters. Bash.
Anonymous 2012-10-08 12:35:41
I would like to say something about hacking swedish websites sweden depends on its economy on sales so it is important to attack the symbols like
IKEA VOLVO H&M and destroy their sales
Anonymous   i think this is a kick ass idea ,bring a few people to there knees,an set the truth free ,anons come together .....
Anonymous   but Sweden (and Scandinavia) is a model of a good democracy...not perfect i admit but a model nonetheless to all our other states that get way more news coverage. doing that would basically set us as anarchists, aswell as earning us the resentment of the Swedish community. and don't tell me they're small, everybody counts.
Anonymous 2012-10-10 23:31:53
im down
tutiman   yes. lets put the monster out of its misery.
Anonymous 2012-10-11 19:51:49
I speak for Ireland

Were in
Anonymous   We are ANONYMOUS! <3
Anonymous   I am awake!!!!!! I want to be anonymous in my local area..... How do I find more people, like me, who are fed up with the hand fed lies and bull, I need to do my part to stop this genocide so I can sleep better at night. How do intelligent people come together under such a dark veil? I am open to any suggestion, unless ur one of the sheeple, then please if you have a thought in your head keep it there.
Anonymous   What can I do? Young and willing to see change.
Anonymous 2012-10-17 16:19:55
Be nice to finally see what the government's all around the world are hiding, they think they can hide behind there power and force fear into people.

They say we have freedom, that my friends is complete and utter bullshit, they control our lifes, have everything they want. Something needs to be done and that's what's going to happen.

Best of luck to getting the truth out.
Anonymous   The synthetic drug industry was carried out by top ranking officials within the United States government and big pharma. It was an experiment on the people carried out to create a new wave of pharmaceuticals. The money was laundered through evergy drink corporations. I know. I used to work for a synthetic marijuana company.
Anonymous   I'll post the crap policies and hidden secrets the federal penitentiary, the state school ponzie scheme being put together and Vigo County School Corporation.
Anonymous 2012-10-26 15:04:54
The following is a message from Citizen X.

The government believes that the NDAA will fight terrorism.

The government believes that this will put an end to terrorism by throwing out a system that has work for our country for hundreds of years.

They are wrong.

The National Defense Authorization Act is an act of terrorism in and of itself.

Barack Hussein Obama and the entire United States government might as well stockpile themselves into Air Force 1 and reenact the 9/11 terrorist attack on the White House once this bill is made a law.

We have nothing to fear from terrorists.

Terrorists fear us.

They fear our power, our unity, our ability to fight for independence and knowledge, to deprive them of the ability to make us act as they please.

If the NDAA becomes law, then the terrorists will win, and the attacks shall only grow instead of decline.

This I can guarantee.

If the government truly wishes to fight terrorism, then it must arm society with knowledge. It must fight to ENCOURAGE the Constitution, our Declaration of Independence, our Bill of Rights. It must ALLOW the people to fend for themselves, to root out corruption even within itself. It must have the BRAVERY to trust the people that give it power, and in the checks and balances that prevent corruption in said government.

Our forefathers knew exactly what they did when they wrote the Constitution.

Because the NDAA creates the same situation now as history has recorded.

Our ancestors the pilgrims left England and came to America because they refused to accept any and all laws forced upon them and created without any say in the matter.

The Boston Tea Party came to be because Americans refused to be saddled with decisions that they had no say on.

Our history is one where we have FOUGHT for our rights, DIED for what belongs to us, and it shall only belong to us so long as we give power to our Bill of Rights and Declaration through our ACTIONS.

DO NOT sit here and read.

DO NOT allow this act to become law.

DO NOT be apathetic, and ignore the duties your forefathers and your parents gave blood and bodies to defend.

IT IS OUR DUTY to fight for ourselves.

And I will fight.

I shall not be silent.

I shall not be cowed.

I am the President, the Prime Minister, the Dalai Lama.

I am the sick, the weak, the dead and dying.

I am the voice of the people.

As long as one person refuses to accept without a say, I exist.

I was Washington, Lincoln, Grant

I am everyone that fights for their rights.

I am everywhere rebellion sprouts for justice.

I am Citizen X.

There will be retribution.

Count on it.
Anonymous   Down with Scientology!!!!
Anonymous 2012-09-14 13:05:37
Contact me i know part of the code. but maybe am i late ?
i'm thirst of knowledge and energy, i'm thirst of thrive, i know the truth
Anonymously Important Person 2012-09-23 03:04:43
I know the code:

Anonymous   The code to what, exactly.
Anonymous 2012-09-24 02:47:20
Anonymous   What do we need the code for?
Anonymous   Thats the same as my locker combination in High school, go figure. I was often late for class but my pencil case was never stolen,not once.
Anonymous   that is jut the zip code from the poor quality show "90210" repeated and reversed into a palindrome
s3r4ch 2012-10-03 23:15:28
LMAO!! Palindromes! I LUV them!!meht VUL I
Sh*t, is this what Anonymous has become, the binary 90210?! *hangs herself <insert-witty-palindrome-here>
Anonymous   greetings fellow anonymous. i wish to assist in this effort. its time to begin the movement even farther. we all must join now, and begin spreading our word to all. we do not have much time left and must gather all the collective and begin. we must not only have this as a online movement but have hard copies to share. anonymous must have something to show the people who have a veil over their eyes and mind by the builderburg group. the clock is counting down and we have to push this movement forward. we need hard copies printed from each of our anonymous. we share the information with the people and open their eyes and ask them to spread the files, disks, photos and what ever more we can offer and unlock their perception and full human potential. "THEY WILL NOT CONTROL US, WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS. (WE DO NOT FORGIVE, WE DO NOT FORGET.)"
Anonymous   It's spelled BILDERBERG, very important....... Must get the details right yourself before you try to "inform" others. Also thats not what anonymous is about, if people want to be in the know, they can use google or youtube, they dont need "hard copies" to convert them, as far as I'm concerned the less people choose to rise up the less people I will have to ward off when they come to wrangle us all up.
Anonymous   nothing's gonna happen *LEL*
Anonymous   Troll
Anonymous   Trollolololoolool
Anonymous 2012-09-15 06:51:40
i got a dangerous idea at large scale freedom rally unison cashed payroll check burning(their chosen tool of modern slavery)it can burn in hell with our current "masters"

go venus project unless their is something wrong with a step in that direction

Anonymous   Venus Project is controlled opposition that was started by Peter Joseph, a staunch advocate for Helena Blavatsky and her teachings. These teachings are the same nonsense those in power follow. Illuminati, Freemasons, Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome, Council on Foreign Relations,'s all the same. United Nations is no different. The whole point of this movement is to be one giant disorganized cell of unity, solidarity...a stand alone complex if you will...of seemingly ordinary people doing seemingly ordinary things. Planting trees, helping one another, resisting the system at the most basic level by finally realizing the fact that YOU ARE NOT ORDINARY. Venus project and Peter Joseph would have you believe we are all one and that you do not matter as an individual. Fuck that new age ideology bullshit! Rise up as an individual and realize that you have importance! It is up to you to reach out and take it!
Anonymous   so it is just pretty word thank you for now i see. i had my suspicions.
s3r4ch   LOL! Oh yes, let me get my silverware together and I'll trade that for "food, medicine, clothing and shelter", do you think Whole Foods will accept my Oneida Silverware? It does have decorative squiggles on it...? I mean, my electronics will be useless because there will be no more power, but I can still eat my rotten Whole Foods organic thinga-ma-bobs with plastic cutterly, on the land where my home once resided under the comfort of my multi-purpose camping tarp! YAY! ;)
Anonymous 2012-10-05 07:28:52
Brother, you are ignorant of the ideas of the Venus Project and those of Peter Joseph. First off, the Venus Project was actually started by a man named Jacque Fresco. He was a teenager during the Great Depression and saw that the world's problem wasn't lack of resources, but rather the fact that every resource has a price tag. He realized that all the factories were still there, all the workers were still willing to work, but the money was gone. Peter Joseph is the founder of the Zeitgeist Movement, which considers itself to be the activist arm of the Venus Project's ideals. Basically, what the Venus Project proposes is the use of technology to completely redesign our socio-economic system beyond the use of money into what is known as a Resource Based Economy.

There are 3 stages to revolution: 1) the ideological stage 2) the peaceful resistance stage 3) the physical confrontation stage. Revolution cannot come without the development of new ideas that oppose the current flawed system. After enough people (the majority) have opened their eyes to the intrinsic failure of the monetary system, peaceful resistance can begin. Stage 3 is only necessary if stage 2 fails to bring change.

The idea behind the Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project is not one that states "you do not matter as an individual" but rather the complete opposite: we all matter as individuals, which is why the fruits of the earth need to be declared common heritage to all people, not just Americans. We now have the technological and scientific knowledge to create a world of abundance and sustainability, yet those in power will continue to stagnate change simply because they are living much better than others and it is that feeling of superiority over others that keeps them corrupted, keeps them deceitful, and keeps them greedy.

For people who seem to live on the internet, you are oblivious to truth. Anonymous has actually presented a video addressing the Zeitgeist Movement and the Venus Project in which it is stated that the IDEAS are what's important, not the names of the movements. I will post some videos to enlighten as many who are willing to learn a thing or two.

Anonymous message to TZM and TVP:

The Venus Project Film, Paradise or Oblivion:

Zeitgeist: Addendum:

Zeitgeist: Moving Forward:

Remember, when you are searching for knowledge, always check the source.
Thank you.
Peace and Love to all.
Anonymous 2013-01-22 13:38:39
Yeah and I think someone deleted one of my comments from that first video some time ago,

Zeitgeist and Venus project are stupid

We know what time it is
We are anonymous
Expect us

Anonymous 2012-09-15 08:33:41
dangerous ideas: workers, store clerks, food maker,gas attendance, etc dont quit we need you and we appreciate your work check customer out but dont accept payment if your boss wants payment they can sell it themselfs. or drivers dont transport to stores transport to those that will distribute to those that need to eat or be clothed {all of us+}if your boss what payment tell them to collect it themself you will no longer work for money but for your family your brothers and sisters your children the same reason we work today "with out growing interest in money that does not feed or cloth any of us." renters homeowners squaters work together to make your yards gardens each one will produce more food than you can eat yourself share. watch youtube learn how

all on the basis that these thing come from earth and we all own earth. share with your boss too for an enemy with a way out is far less dangerous than a cornered one

employees take back the corporation built from "our owned" earths resources this is for all of our self interest your boss is not your dictator nor is our political puppet

NWO is coming and cannot be stopped what will you make it... fuck there corruption and mistake i dont care i want change and truth not justice

agree or dont i dont care my opinion is mine

how is that for dangerous ideas
Anonymous   Heres another dangerous idea, hemp for food , fuel, clothing and paper and plastic and building materials. Heres another use your iphone for something other than entertainment , use it as a weapon against oppression by contacting all the people and organisations you know to get people out into the street to protest.Was India freed by one protest,no. Did the Civil Rights Movement just stage one protest. Did they give up.
Anonymous   hear, hear!
Anonymous   Permanent, Real change takes, real action, real time and protest is as useful as their appeasement, temporary!. Real change needs to come from changing that which gives those 1.5% all the power, and that takes a long term plan to shift the source of their power. It can only be done when the oppressed, impoverished, LC and MC work together as a cohesive part of society to change the $% of distribution. And remove the futile caste system that we have allowed to be instituted.
Anonymous   It has been calculated that for the expense of the last two wars Iraq and Afghanistan, every home in the USA could have been converted to wind generated power nine times over. For as long as any of us can remember the country has been at war. War is expensive. To profit from war one requires a lot of money. Most of those who pay for war do not have a lot of money. Seventy percent of the nations energy needs presently are satisfied by foreign oil reserves. All that is required for this negative cycle to be converted to a much more positive one is a staged reinvestment of say the five hundred billion dollars per year that we know flows from the taxpayer to the pentagon annually.A defense budget that is larger than the next twenty six countries combined, twenty five of which are allies. As far as people becoming adequately frustrated by the futile caste system that we have allowed to be instituted the 1.5% must be getting rather nervous , otherwise why the NDAA and NDRA trapwire and indec. All indications are that disparity is increasing exponentially.How long will mainstream media addicted average people continue to buy the bogeyman beyond our borders ploy. Part of the long term solution would include genuine transparency. How do we achieve genuine transparency and accountability.
Anonymous 2012-09-28 10:57:29
What countries is it legal to grow industrial hemp? I'd love to put the timber barons out of business
Anonymous   England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Canada and about twenty two other countries incuding Australia where I saw video of a small pilot project crop where the guy is developing a tractor driven processor to process the fibre to the point where it can merge with the present cotton processing process for fibre to textile applications. In Canada hemp seed for food like granola bars and hemp seed oil is proving very profitable but the fibre processing facilities have yet to catch up.In England Hempcrete as a building material is proving itself , the video shows a warehouse with walls of the carbon negative footprint building material which has much potential. In Canada interior car door panels are being made from hemp fibre , as is the exterior and interior construction of a new car called the Kestrel.Hemp for Victory.
Anonymous   Guatemala has legalized marijuana and production. The government is currently trying to decide whether or not to become a centralized entity for the sale of it's medicinal/recreational smoking product or let it be sold by the farmers direct.
Anonymous   Thats excellent news , particularly for those who have health conditions which are alleviated by the medication and a boost to the local economy, not to mention a savings for the taxpayer. I hope they realize economic and environmental benefits by fully exploiting the multitude of low environmental impact industrial applications.
Anonymous   Hemp is the only universal substance we have. At the rate cannabis grows and the functions / properties it has, it CAN Change the world for the positive. I have believed this for a whole and I'm glad to see the idea stirring here. I hope TYLER will reveal more truths to the public and current government about why this plant is illegal and why it is our right and necessity to have.
Anonymous 2012-09-16 11:23:07
Imagine that we deny "authorities" exist.
Imagine that should someone be captured for active disagreement, others would do whatever they could to free anyone captured

This means helping to disappear when on bail, sharing shelter, sharing necessities, food, transport, making and publicizing anonymous connections to keep that person free.

Imagine that you depended upon this impromptu network yourself.
Imagine how you would refuse to accept return to status quo in your own life, and
Imagine how you would never offer assistance to "authorities" in return for safety in the authoritarian world they have created, but instead,
retained faith in those with whom you work and play, here, anonymously.
Imagine how you would not turn "state's evidence" because you know that anonymous help will appear.

Imagine how large anonymous movement would be with this faith/courage:
Imagine that some do not have sufficient computer skills to aid in the necessary disruption, but have already protected and resisted,and will always resist.

They too are among you.
They too are anonymous.
Expect them.
Anonymous 2012-09-25 10:56:59
Imagine a judge directly asking for a $10,000 bribe
Imagine not paying it but still believing in justice

Imagine the multi-year fun in national and
provincial facilities

Imagine this was in a land far south
a land in which elite/mil/pol
received uz aid to combat
guerrilleros trying to
protect most people

Imagene learning a culture
of resistance and occasional
hard attack

so i'm 'egofagging' a bit
but 30 yrs back in uz
spent trying to wake
folks up, whether
lecture or picket


imagine that it -may have- helped less
than a grain of desert dust
Anonymous 2012-10-12 07:51:38
Imagine [because I've only spoken to a few 'anglos' who know, and then a result of combat experience. I was, btw, one of the good guys - there were too few of us and speaking to a Q'uiche village about Leninist organization and offensive defense just doesn't get it, not at all.]

Working methodically across the Mayan region, the army and its paramilitary teams, including 'civil patrols' of forcibly conscripted local men, attacked 626 villages. [Really closer to 700] Each community was rounded up, or seized when gathered already for a celebration or a market day. The villagers, if they didn't escape to become hunted refugees, were then brutally murdered; others were forced to watch, and sometimes to take part. Buildings were vandalised and demolished, and a 'scorched earth' policy applied: the killers destroyed crops, slaughtered livestock, fouled water supplies, and violated sacred places and cultural symbols.

Children were often beaten against walls, or thrown alive into pits where the bodies of adults were later thrown; they were also tortured and raped. Victims of all ages often had their limbs amputated, or were impaled and left to die slowly. Others were doused in petrol and set alight, or disembowelled while still alive. Yet others were shot repeatedly, or tortured and shut up alone to die in pain. The wombs of pregnant women were cut open. Women were routinely raped while being tortured. Women - now widows - who lived could scarcely survive the trauma: 'the presence of sexual violence in the social memory of the communities has become a source of collective shame'.

Covert operations were also carried out by military units called Commandos, backed up by the army and military intelligence. They carried out planned executions and forced 'disappearances'. Death squads (some of which in time came under the army's umbrella), largely made up of criminals, murdered suspected 'subversives' or their allies; under dramatic names, such as 'The White Hand' or 'Eye for an Eye', they terrorised the country and contributed to the deliberate strategy of psychological warfare and intimidation.

There were also a few - very few - from the U.S. embassy but all and all, it was later officially determined, of the roughly 200,000 killed, that govt forces were responsible for 97 percent.

Finally, it's worth considering that the man who ordered much of the above [Rios Montt] remains free and politically active.
Anonymous 2012-10-16 16:03:53
Well said.
There are many amongst us who are not hackers. many who have less than adequate computer skills, but who have been aware of their imposed servitude for years. Waiting, ever waiting.
This very well may be the most exciting time ever to be alive.
Lets not alienate the ones who arent binary savvy, but embrace all and every anonymous.
We are only strong when many.
We too are anonymous, LEGION.
Expect Us
Anonymous 2012-11-03 23:38:01
I like your optimism. But what you speak off take's great unity, trust and above all sacrifice.
Imagine someone torturing your child in front of you to give up the one's that you hide????
This was and probably still is a common practice in Latin America and the so called developing world, especially on women who have a higher tolerance for Pain. Dan Mitrione (CIA agent) specialized in these methods.

Anonymous 2012-09-16 20:38:26
Imagine is the start
nothing counts until we all Do
i imagine today
i plan today
tomorrow i Do
Anonymous 2012-09-17 18:21:55
Do not Obey the cries of the corporal screams,
Do not nil to the face of the media,
Do not accept the screams of the weapons of detraction,
Do not give up,
Do not forget,
Do not Obey.

We are all anonymous,
We are free in others eyes,
We are trapped with in our own.
Anonymous   Do any of these operations actually go through? Keep in mind, I am a supporter of anonymous and their message. I just don't understand of how serious these websites actually are. There are handfuls of people on this website and others saying things like "yeah screw the government let's revolt!" and things like that, but no one is actually doing anything. I'm just wondering if anyone out there is actually legitimately serious about anonymous and not just a bunch of 12 years olds at their parent's computer.
Anonymous   wondering the same myself i hear of no extremist a true sign of change only poetry here and fin trying but still only corruption here and there and a handful of people trying to change themselves but the establishment carries on business as usual
Anonymous   We are making change. We need everybody to wake up and start helping if you don't see enough change happening then help recruit more people, gather together with those awake in your area frequently. We don't allways need to protest on Wall Street we can protest in quiet where they don't send THEIR gangsters in to tazer us and we grow stronger and make them scared of us. I've got thousands of people in my network. We are growing food, storing supplies and building a new system and society that will end slavery. Time to stop trading in the Banksters dollars and using our own. Time to stop funding Walmart and Mcdonalds use trade and barter when possible and maybe don't send in your income tax $$$ to the slave master anymore. Unite people even the 12 yearolds using moms computer are welcome to help end Tyranny world wide we need everybody to make this change happen
Anonymous 2012-10-02 13:44:53
I AM HERE ANONYMOUS!!!! I AM A NEW ANONYMOUS. help me help. i need to open the eyes of everyone in my neighborhood first and move forward and open more eyes. i must save enough people so we can have a fair chance. i cant let these sick people kill us. I WILL NOT LET THEM DESTROY US. they can have my dam body but i don't want death to stop me. if i can start a movement that will build momentum then my death will not be for nothing. help me. i need proof to show them. organized proof so i don't look crazy explaining to them that they have been brainwashed.

Anonymous 2012-10-08 02:12:46
I'm not saying I'm someone that is highly techno-savvy, but I know many of those people. They've taught me how to encrypt at a basic level. I've also learned a few basic ways to code for chat applets. There's endless ways to alter the raw script of code in order to create and fuck with the virtual and cyber spaces. Clearly I only have a tiny clue of what I'm talking about, but my friend's dad does network security for Mastercard and just from him and my friend alone I've learned how to build the basic hardware and software you need to get what you want out of silicon chips.

Long story short, get more into how and why the fuck your computer does what it does, and then you can realistically do what you're wanting to do. I'm more of an automotive man myself, so I tend to better remember how the anatomy of electrical, fuel, coolant, and suspension systems interact. But this thinking easily translates into how I'd go about being a doctor or hacker.
Anonymous   Bessings and power to your way. A thought is a powerful thing when realized and acted upon. Expanding ones mind to be prepared to help others in need when it occurs and seize the opportunity, is one way. Non violent revolution will always succeed. It may take days or decades, but eventually the walls will fall, or just crumble. 1st the berlin wall next Wall street. So many in the USA believe they are free and not just numbers in the machine. We here in England are not far behind you. Except not only do we not execute poor prisoners, we no longer chop off the heads of rich ones, nor do france. Hit them where it hurts. There profits.
Anonymous   We could easily all start by transferring our savings and dealings including debt and mortgages to Community Credit Unions. When was the last time you heard of a Community Credit Unnion being blamed for crashing the economy by playing casino and forcing deregulation like Goldman Sacks and the rest of the to big to fail banksters. Citibank pays all told in tax what the average middle class American household does in a year. Then they crash the economy and expect the taxpayer to bail them out.Privatising profits, socialising debt, same old tune and were sick and tired of it.None of the banksters are in jail. Many protesters were but thats what you get for actually excercising free speech. Meanwhile these guys get golden parachutes and bonus cheques.This same type of speculation along with so called free trade agreements negotiated behind walls of riot police and fencing exports jobs needed by the same folks who bailed out wall street.No wonder they require false flag operations and walls of mainstream media propaganda to convince the public to go to war for their oil profits. Meanwhile these speculators produce nothing.As one trader said recently "Goldman Sacks rules the world" and they dont give a damn about fixing the worlds problems they only care about making money.America spends on miltary the equivalent of half the entire worlds military spending-Just one nation. If they dislike Arabs so much why give them a billion dollars a day instead of getting agressive about replacing oil with wind , solar and other renewables . Everywhere you look its all Halliburton, Afghan war,Iraq war and reconstruction contracts, Halliburton, Afghan pipeline, Halliburtom, BP oilspill, weak concrete from Halliburton, Natural gas fracking ruining groundwater aquifirs across America Halliburton , loophole in Clean Drinking Water act , Halliburton. Who profits from war, among others Halliburton.Who pays for Halliburtons profits, the American taxpayer.Privatising profits, socialising debt. Sometimes that debt isnt financial. Sometimes its toxic groundwater,another toxic oilspill, dead or injured soldiers, and tremendous suffering in the countries where the oil originates. How many rich Arabs die in oil wars. Just like here I suppose. You dont see many of the "elite" joining up , theyre too busy trying to avoid paying taxes, and figuring out their next scam. What do they care , they appear to be above the law, and if their next false flag and scam combo crashes the economy, the taxpayer will just bail them out.Remember that photo of President Bush holding hands with the president of Saudi Arabia just after 911, I guess thats what its like for the so called elite, just one big happy family,I guess.
Anonymous   Let everyone you know of Project Mayhem 2012 and that World banking systems are being targeted. Time to withdraw and bury your ca$h. If nothing happens - no harm. If something does - you've protected yourself. Learn to grow food - all it takes is love. Barter, swap and spread kindness with your neighbours. Work together on anti-eviction and anti-mining backup. Buy solar. Community garden. Find cash jobs or start making and selling at markets - you only have to make 2/3rds as much if you're not paying tax. AUSTRALIA IS ANONYMOUS ***love****
Anonymous 2012-10-26 09:57:47
i get that some people are linked in and working to create their own societies, but the vast majority of people on this site have come for instruction on how to help. and all they recieve is poetry and idealism mixed with the occasional bullshit.

The way i see Anons is like a chess set

hackers and active activists are your king/queen
the script kiddies are your knights/horses/castles
the people are your foot soldiers/ your battlefield pawns

and theres no shame in that, i have no hacking ability scripted or otherwise so to me being a foot soldier is my choice but in order to act your foot soldiers need direction and orders

no war has ever been won without soldiers the shock troops of any theatre of war, be it rioters trained security you need a physcical coordinated front.

i know you keep saying "go protest" but it needs to be done in groups, meeting points need to be assigned, designated areas for people to start marches not "go knock on your neighbours door and see if he wants to riot with you"

i'm sorry to post this i really am, but most of you need to realise that this movement needs at the very least an informal hierarchy, or people to organise rally points
Anonymous   Anonymous isn't Jesus sent to save you. YOU are Anonymous. Join in one of these projects that you like and make it happen. Better yet, think of something you want to do and make it happen.
Anonymous   We need economic revolution, look to wikibusinesses, coming soon,-ish
Anonymous 2012-09-18 06:23:20
I am you.
You are me.
We are the same.

I don't have a computer, so I can't set the perimeters for you to locate me. I'm "hungry."

Find me.
s3r4ch   *stops by with some bytes for you ;)
s3r4ch   Oh, and would you care for a "packet" of maple syrup? Muwahaha!
Anonymous   Anonymous will know anonymous, by the quality of their words, and quality of their actions.
Anonymous 2012-11-01 08:31:37
You are a true speaker of words.

Anonymous   Just to get things clear .. I believe in the idea and the massage the anonymous have and force on .. but lately I started losing fate .. I don't see any progress .. I saw nothing that proves this central idea is real deal .. and instead I saw political banners on some so called anonymous web sites .. i ask my self why in the worlds fuck would we as a anonymous idealists have anything to do with that ... I live in a third world country and I don't give a rats ass about advertisement and as long anonymous has any thing to do with advertising anything expect it self it is just as same as what it stands against ... please open my eyes and show me I'm wrong.. show me progress, involve me ..
Anonymous   It is simple my friend, involve yourself. Spread the idea. Do everything in your power to not let it die. It could be just telling your friends, or putting up a page on a bulletin board. The point is, if you can infect that one person with The Idea, then you have involved yourself in Anonymous. You have helped make that change you want to see. Anonymous is not a political party or a social group, it is an idea. Ideas must be spread.
Anonymous   Keep posting as we all would appreciate your perspective.
Anonymous 2012-10-16 16:10:37
Try not to believe that undoing centuries of imposed slavery and control will take a couple of years.
Dont be a two pump chump. Have some stamina.
Anonymous 2012-11-04 22:04:18
Don't ask people to involve you. Involve yourself. Be the master of your own god damn destiny. You're here, you're alive out there and breathing, you're already involved.

It's up to YOU to do something. Just like it's up to all of us to do something. If you can't code, do something else.

Anonymous is YOU. There is no one here to tell you or anyone else what to do. There's no one here who can guide you. It's up to you.

If some website has advertising on it and parades itself under 'Anonymous' that's whoever set up that websites problem, not yours or mine, or the next guy's. What one person's words or actions do not speak for all.
If you're becoming disillusioned by lack of progress, don't turn to others and ask why, do something about it yourself.

We are not some organized cell moving in tandem, we're a bunch of individuals working independently of each other but with the same goals. Most of the time it will be chaos, but sometimes that chaos can create something pretty special.
Anonymous 2012-09-18 18:13:06
I believe in the people to do what must be done for the future of humanity.
I believe in people to see that the government has caused enough destruction
and that it's time to put an end to the death destruction and misery the world
has suffered just because our would leaders don't know how to lead properly.
I think I speak for everyone when I say that we need change and need it from someone
who can actually give it to us, someone who believes in the future of mankind and someone
who can successed had leading mankind to it's full potential, we are legion we are anonymous
we do not forgive we do not forget we are many and we are none expect us.
Anonymous   OMG MY BIRTHDAY IS ON DECEMBER 12! I NEED to leak something!
Anonymous   If this forum can help to bring all the oppressed world - and I mean everyone who does an honest days work and expects an honest days wage - together,we stand a chance against a machine that has long since grown oversized and is guilty of committing all 7 deadly sins!!!!
Anonymous   What about the unemployed oppressed people. Can they go ---- themselves. How about non Christians , are they people. Didnt Christ like poor and nonbelievers alike,that is until he said believe in me or... Hey, isnt that what they do declare satan is your pal or... Isnt there a place for skeptics and people with alternate ideas and belief systems. And by a place I dont mean a concentration camp like they did. What Im saying is thats not very ---------. He wouldnt have said that anyway, at least not until he gave his final ultimatum. Ultimatums are kinda...I mean isnt that what they do, pressure ploys and ultimatums.Didnt someone else make an ultimatum ,course Im setting him up to sound like...I guess thats what they were doing, sort of a play on psychology and thats what they do. What about the skeptics , and the unemployed, arent they people too.Not to mention people of alternate belief systems.
Anonymous   MONEY burn it. it is the main thing that gives the corrupt power, are belief in money. and do not allow their pseudo solution of RFID chips. as long as we have a system that allows one over another we are doomed to this existence forever. in are rebirth (if there is such a thing) we will be controlled by money or one over another system or are children and theirs (same thing). and stop with the poetry "expect us" in the beginning i thought it was cool but the truth is they have for many years and have planned accordingly and are now implementing said plans. truth is no action of value is taken and we are all fucked except the masters and their human pets. they must be stopped physically not through poetry or exposure but face to face jailed or such. get it through your heads our thoughts of better society alone will not save us action is required. start now today hell yesterday do something break the laws of the masters fight physically to achieve true freedom do not allow status systems. in closing we will die . no way around it. do you die in silence or fighting
Anonymous   Burning it won't do anything, dude. The Fed can and will print more. Just try to find ways to keep it out of the hands of the very wealthy. Spend as little as you can. Spend it locally. Get your money out of the major banks and mutual funds and into a local credit union. Keeping it local isn't the be-all end-all, but if people do this we'll have a lot more power and influence to do the rest. *Don't fight power, take power.*
Anonymous   Why not do both, fight power and take power. The divesting from banks to community credit unions is a good idea everyone should follow. Waking people up is good and researching and learning and sharing is positive. Ghandi used economic noncooperation, mass non cooperation with the oppressor. We dont want a system that allows for one over another. Theres a lot more of us than there are of them. Massive noncooperation could work. If you have a parasite like a tapeworm, which is what they are, fast. Go on an everything diet. Consume much less of everything. Research the technologies they use to manipulate, search: The Present State OF Commercial Technologies Capable Of Some Harassment Effects. silent speech Nasa and the US Airforce have spent a lot of money building on the work of Dr. Frey in the many years this technology has been around , perfected and come into widespread use.
Anonymous   Dont burn money. Use it. Use the very tools that enslave us against the system itself.
Anonymous   +1
Anonymous   where do i find the website or location of the people that are really serious and taking action cause internet BS is not doing shit.
Anonymous   The internet is a way to communicate and educate and converse, share ideas, inspire and be inspired. It can also be used to call everyone you know to a specific location to protest.The powers that be , being the control freaks that they are are likely to be overtly agressive without provocation. This radicalizes even more people and the next time these people dont even need to be called. Theyll be the ones doing the calling. And in between guess how theyre going to be researching how theyve been lied to, youve got it the internet.Ghandi and Dr. Martin Luther King werent into instant gratification they were into genuine and lasting societal change.This doesnt come about in a single demonstration or action but through sustained effort.There are many ways to fight, some are strategically wise and proven by history, others are not.What action have you taken today.
Anonymous   I definitely agree, my friend. Taking action without properly strategizing will not make us better than those whom we are fighting against. Through the internet, our ideas are bulletproof (as V pointed out), and essentially, we can never run out of ammo. Where we point and shoot though, is what matters. I haven't taken any action, but I would, for the betterment of my immediate surrounding, continue to post youtube videos in the campaign for righteousness. I hope that does not make me sound idealistic, but hopeful.
Anonymousand 2012-10-11 10:12:13
Internet can also assist 'prolonged popular war' of debate, counter-ideology, teaching, movement building. Yes, Sun Tzu said - ''What is essential in war is victory, not prolonged operations'' but he was speaking of nations not movements and failed to consider that, in many cases, victory can only be achieved via prolongation, or, if you like, thoughtful patience.

Think, for example, how long the Vietnamese fought a series of colonizers/invaders, including French colonialism and Japan, moreless 70 years. Or civil war in Guatemala from mid-1950s until 1996. Or the FARC in Columbia, over 40 years. Or FMLN in El Salvador. Or the Democratic Republic of Congo [DRC], maybe 17 yrs and more than 1,000,000 dead -- Crazy, ever more barbaric, and becoming more prolonged. I'm afraid most in the U.S. cannot locate these counties on a map and surely have no idea how long sequential wars in 'the horn of Africa' have been fought or much [if any] idea about 'Plan Columbia' or the transcontinental,'Operation Condor'and Kissenger's role in it.

''We have known the bitterness of defeat and the exultation of triumph, and from both we have learned there can be no turning back. We must go forward to preserve in peace what we won in war.'' [Douglas MacArthur, 1945]

Yep, I'm pretty sure that we - in concert with a movement - can win but don't believe that winning is ever permanent and must take changes into account.

**''only five days before former high-ranking Allende official, Orlando Letelier, and his U.S. assistant, Ronnie Moffit, were assassinated by Chile’s notorious DINA secret service in Washington, DC, a September 16, 1976 State Department cable from Henry Kissinger told his assistant secretary of state for Inter-American affairs, Harry Shlaudeman, to cancel a formal demarche to the Uruguayan government, protesting the assassinations and other activities of Operation Condor. The cable was followed four days later by instructions from Shlaudeman to numerous South American U.S. embassies to forego any protests regarding Condor policy, offering the excuse that Condor appeared to be inactive.

Yet, only the next day, a Condor assassination took place in the streets of Washington, DC...'' [Wiki]
Anonymous   Greece. Say hello to Loukanikus the Riot Dog for me.
Anonymous   Riot Dog Lives
Anonymous   This NEEDS to happen.
Anon   the cakes and candy shall persist
Anonymous   explain
Anonymous 2012-09-20 10:06:18
I agree that money is the tool for enslavement in the modern world. But before money there were still slaves. So why am I to believe that if we work for free that we will no longer be slaves. We will just be slaves that have no money. And unless every one worked for no money then would we not be just making the power more powerful. The corrupt have always had power and if you got rite of all the corruption how do you intend to be able to keep it from reincarnating it self. There has always been greed there will always be greed. So I ask what is it that this would accomplish. The only way to be able to try to level the playing field, is a very risky very big play that would take many who are willing to loose every thing. The entire world banking system would have to be shut down at the same time. But the anarchy to follow would only lead to the death of many slaves, and probably not even one of the masters. So what would be a better course. I do not know. If people did not need they would not need money. KNOWLEDGE, ENERGY, FOOD, SHELTER, CLOTHING, LOVE, HEALTHCARE these are the things that have the ability to free the masses. If people were able to obtain these for free then would the world not be a better place. I personally think that if we are going to make a change it needs to be a change for the better. I listen to people every day say the same thing with no real answer. We need an answer, to be able to restore the hope and faith that so many of us have lost. Now I do not have the answers my self I wish I did. I Just think and think of a way to free the people with out there being massive amounts of death. Most have never seen such evil that will be released. There is a high cost one that most are not willing to pay. This will become a WAR and WARS are not fought by childless men. Your friends and family will be dragged in. Are you willing to loose every thing that you know. I urge you to try to come up with a true plan that can free us with out have to watch our loved ones get hurt or die. For if we lose what we try to protect then we have lost the war no matter what the end result is. KNOWLEDGE is our weapon KNOWLEDGE will set us free. We must share KNOWLEDGE. We must gain KNOWLEDGE.

Anonymous 2012-09-20 11:21:37
"burn money" i agree i try and try to think of a solution i am with you and agree fully to what u have said. but we must start and i believe burning money is as good as any start we must have faith after we start in our brother and sister and as far as involving family TOO LATE either we die fighting or truely enslaved. my main point is to START now not on 12 21 2012 look it was propaganda of the powers that be starting point or full public knowledge of them. hell this site is visited by them and truefully could be running it. this is a desperate plea to all the world (but mostly in the US) wake up take action aggressively violence may not be optional and probably not.

i admit i am being hypocritical here but i still only talk about these issue in almost every aspect of my live while i can. (to be truthful to myself and you) i only wait for the right sign
Anonymous   You are correct in war being fought by slaves and the masters not being hurt. This has always been true. You are also correct in outlining many of the basic needs of the masses. food clothing , energy, healthcare and so on. The hemp plant was made illegal as it provides many of these things in abundance. The seed for instance is the highest source of protein in the vegitable realm. It is also a more efficient source of fibre for paper than trees, as we need the trees to be left for carbon sequestration.The textile uses of hemp are many and hemp fibre requires once again less chemical processing than cotton. Hemp clothes last longer than any other fibre and can be processed using existing cotton processing machinery.Anyways watch Hemp Conspiracy on You Tube. As far as talk of anarchy, which were supposed to be afraid of. we have anarchy now . What is anarchy but mob rule. That is what we have now MOB RULE .They have us or would have us believe that without them there would be chaos- popycock. Thats the way it is right now they take all the poppies and get to use their cocks. they enslave us all with technology. Search: The Present State of Commercial and Unclassified Technology Capable of Some Harassment Effects. How do we win, strategy. Nonviolent noncooperation, and other nonviolent methods.Discipline. Remember Ghandi and the salt and homespun. We could witness the dawn of western civilization. Ghandi thought it would be a very good idea.
Anonymous 2012-09-28 11:11:21
The way you speak of, it is through creating an alternative economic system, one with set rates of return, that treats its workers fairly, doesn't pollute, and provides the consumer a product or service for a better price than the multinationals.

Cable (repleat with fiber-optic) co-ops would be an easy one to get the operation rolling. Industrial hemp operations where it is legal could be huge.

The biggest however, would be algae to ethanol and diesal. It is the only thing that can supplant oil, and it is possible.

There already is a wealth of information on algae, via the national renewable energy laboratory's Aquatic Species Program.

Look to Wikibusinesses, coming soon, -ish.
Anonymous   Hemp seed also makes excellent ethanol and biodiesel as well as food and seed for the next years crop.It is the oil from the hemp seed that provides the raw material for fuel.This oil can also be sold to health food stores as well as the seed for producing products such as granola bars. As a cash crop yields of six thousand dollars per acre are being realized before expenses. On a larger scale solar and wind combined with conservation really can replace oil. In warmer climates algae for fuel looks like a winner as it can be done in areas where the land and soil are unsuitable for other uses.
Anonymous 2012-11-06 10:27:44
Wow guys just wow!
Now I don't live in a cave.. but the whole hemp for food and fuel is an amazing idea, which I had not given too much thought, and have had a hopeless feeling of dread, due to the GFC, enviromental abuse, the media and politics.

You could expect it all to be much better for the enviroment than burning fossilized oil (not even talking about the stability of the Earths crust) from which oil reserves estimated left are at 50% TOTAL.. if you factor in population growth and economic factors too, we will run out of ALL oil by 2030, but theyre doing nothing really, just a song and dance.. And it is not good enough.

These hemps and algae energy sources, supplemented by clean power (wind, tidal, geo, solar) could literally save this planet!
let's not forget what happens when an oil spill occurs, massive death, whereas hemp is highly edible and safe (and allegedly cures cancer) Also if Marijuana was legal, tabacco smoking, alcoholism, violence, depression and cancer rates would fall by a epic and staggering margin! (US prison populations too)

The Wikibusinesses idea is great but how to go about it?
watch your backs, when you threaten their money like that you become a target.

Band together, solve the energy, food and enviromental crisises. We really can, but we need action..
The damage done, and the systems we fight are large, but not impossible to defeat.. This feels like both a revelation and a revolution.

No wonder they fear us, we work for humanity and the Earth.

One thing has been bothering me apart from the bankers and pollies on Earth, and that is something coming outside of Earth. I'm quite convinced I have seen a large alien craft come in from orbit to land, and it was big and warmly light up and bathed in a pink glow (no photo as I didn't want to risk missing what it did but i regret it, but I called it out to my friends) I and they couldn't believe our eyes.

Now I declare myself passionate about reality and science, but since that day I have been quite convinced we are indeed facing an alien presence, and the government is actually suppressing it.
I'm not trying to scare anyone. I don't think I could of believed in them, until I saw what I saw..
I felt as a usual skeptic, but the evidence was in the sky that night for around 30 seconds as my jaw dropped,
and I reconsidered everything I thought I knew about the world.
And so, my point..

I am wondering why they're not helping us, are they on "their" side?
Oh and I do know UFO's are tin foil hat territory, if it doesn't seem that relevant to you, well, it might get relevant soon..
Anonymous 2012-09-29 18:03:56
Indeed, violent revolution would lead to death and misery on both sides, and in the end a strong-man taking over that would be just as bad as the current system.

Yet there are things that we can do to change the system, I've thought and talked about the problems of society, and some solutions to make things better. It seems all of them cannot be implemented (in the current environment controlled by the so called masters of the universe (wall-street and the like) at least) because the powers that be prevent it.

Therefore first we must create our own economic system, a "shadow economy" perhaps, in a "United Front," where we cooperate on what we agree upon, and make capitalism work for the better: for shareholders yes; for the consumers as well; and the workers; and all the stakeholders. Where the companies handle their toxic waste responsibly, meet their obligations to society, and provide consumers a product at a reasonable price. It is possible, to organize our own capital to make goods and services that we need at prices below what our current corporate masters charge us, while behaving ethically towards all the stakeholders in the system.

It's a more popular idea than one may assume, common people on both the left and the right wings agree on most of the same problems, we differ however on the solutions, (with monied interests corrupting the messages of the right and libertarian parties especially,)and if we look to what we agree upon, the majority of us can move forward, and reject that small elite minority that divides and pits us against each other.

The only real vote we have, (still voting straight democratic will prevent things from getting a whole lot worse) is how we spend our money. Every dollar one spends influences people and society with far-flung impacts, cheap consumer goods come at the cost of virtual slave labor and lost jobs and prosperity, and if we continue down this course there will not be a middle class to buy those consumer goods they are arbitraging from third to first worlds, and all people lose. For short-term gain we are all going to see long-term losses, and the governments of the West are too corrupted and scared to try and stop it, the banks, (though a cartel in their own right,) are the face of the many cartels, and they are more powerful than our very governments.

As these problems of our societies become worse and worse as the monied interests seek to bring us back to the social environment of the late 1800's, the powers that be have been concentrating their wealth and influence... But I digress, few good choices remain for how to spend our money (one cannot find clothes that aren't made with what amounts to slave labor,) especially for those of us in financial hardship.

Poisons saturate our lives from every facet, from the water we drink, the air we breath, to the food that we eat, it is all tainted to some degree by mostly multinational corporations endangering our health and everyones long-term prosperity for a little short-term gain, and there is not a viable non-poisoned option for food for instance (overpriced organic fair-trade options notwithstanding.)

As such our votes of how we spend our money amounts to our votes on our politicians, a choice between the lesser of two evils.

Let us work to reject the current corrupted economic system, and make capitalism work for the common good, it's obvious to those of us that have been following the news for any period of time that we can't rely on or force the government to do what's right, but we don't need them, together we can create a better system that takes care of all stakeholders and provides for decent returns and better prices. One where we can invest our money in what projects we decide on, and where we can do the work for these companies that needs to be done and get a return for that work if the idea makes money.

In this system, we can all be anonymous, and in that there is power.

Anonymous 2012-10-16 16:18:21
Unfortunately, just as in nature, all change is brought about through violence and pain.
Im not condoning violence, but look at a couple of examples.
The american revolution.
The french revolution.
the burth of a child.
The death of life in winter.
Learn something by looking around at the universe around you.
Even the refusal to not consider violence as a necessary option is evidence of our conditioning.We have been made good obediant and complacent slaves.
Use force, but controlled and concise force. Strike wisely and only when need be.
Anonymous 2012-11-02 17:35:15
Anonymous 2012-09-20 12:02:02
I sometime wonder what (They) might do if we caught on even to soon, if they would say maybe back away and make it look as if we called Wolf. Know what I mean.
We need new category "What they might do if we cause a viable threat" plans and counter-plans. like ah guidebook or something
Anonymous   perhaps a list of true change of the system attributed to anonymous is needed
Anonymous   Read or watch Sun Tsu The Art of War then watch Ghandi,its a classic film with some geeat actors and youll be reminded of the strength of determination, resolve and disciplined nonviolence can do. Then get on the computer and call your friends because weve got some protesting to do.
Anonymous   will do cause you asked
Anonymous 2012-09-21 08:49:06
we are on death ground and they have media and the enemy is well trained in same and how do we keep our plans dark as night

so sun tsu vs sun tsu who wins
Anonymous   Define winning in detail.
Anonymous 2012-10-05 01:17:06
Violence or Non Violence
The solution to this problem is not to keep the cat from getting out of the bag, but to learn to live with the cat, not to avoid the slippery slope but to learn to navigate it. This is not a radical or controversial idea. Our whole society tells us that it's OK to have police with guns, and armies with bombs, and prison guards and hospital orderlies and dance club bouncers using force for the common good, and we think nothing of it; but when someone suggests it might be OK to shove a cop, to sabotage a missile silo, to spike a tree, then suddenly it's a betrayal of principles, a dance with the devil, a moral crisis.

This double standard is raw and pure conservatism, fear of change, fear of the unpredictable. But on the predictable path of the present dominant system, what has already been predicted is the near-extermination of the earth and everything on it. Holding the dominant system and competing systems to equal standards is actually the sanest and most balanced way, and if we resist it it's only because we have investments in the dominant system. In the end violence will always be need to happen, for nothing more of a truth that our ruler's WANT to rule, and will have no mercy to a peace full occupation
Anonymous   Feed the ego as you fill the jails all so some impatient instant gratification junkie can feel warm and fuzzie, stupid, stupid, stupid. Tell the instant gratification junkie to go to the mall or grow the fuck up.
Anonymous 2012-10-16 16:25:35
The evidence of true change is right here in this forum.
All of these different individuals from varied backgrounds and cultures, all here together with unified thoughts.
All aware of the same overshadowing burdens imposed on the common man.
You are part of an amazing evolution. Thoughts become words and actions.Others hear the words and see the actions.
Spread the virus it can do nothing but overtake the already sick body.
Instead of creating dissent amongst others who are awake like yourself, have some patience and stamina to hold the line.
Being a two pump chump and giving up just because the result hasnt happened as quick as you want like in a 2 hour movie is weak.
Perhaps you arent as passionate about change as you thought you were.
Show some stamina
Man up
Anonymous   look if you cant afford internet problem solved what then
Anonymous   ours is not to question why ours is but to do and die (some famous person no dis just cant remember who) but anyway find reason and apply. and i prolly miss quoted as well. what better a reason that this movement to stop the too powerful corruption of all government and corporation and stop it in our own lives.
Anonymous   Ghandi would say thats the power of negative thinking. Yoda would say "Whether you say you cannot or you can you are right"
Anonymous 2012-10-01 11:54:45
Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Charge of the Light Brigade.
Anonymous 2012-09-20 15:35:28
Imagine a network of individuals that would die for there cause of freedom and each other,
Imagine a that they shared their knowlage and wealth,
Imagine if they grew,
Imagine if they were fearless,
Imagine if they were inspired by a film,
Imagine if they took over a TV network,
Imagine if people saw,
Imagine if people woke up...
Anonymous   Thank you for doing what you guys do. It feels good to people like you all on our side. Burn the government to the ground.
Anonymous   You dont have to do that, right now anyway, lets keepem guessing. Just go on an eveything diet. Consume nothing. Buy nothing. Research activist movements in the past, or take a course in ethical hacking. Read more. Study how the environment has been ruined by greed and manipulation. Find out what a false flag operation is, research the killing of JFK, or the admitted false flag op in the Gulf of Tonkin Incident to keep USA involved in the Vietnam conflict as many corporations were making lots of money. Watch Gasland on you tube and pay particular attention to Dick Cheneys role in making the Clean Drinking Water Act not apply to Fracking. Keep in mind he was CEO of Halliburton Who also proffitted heavily from the wars in the middle east and the gulf oil spill spilled as a result of inferior concrete used by Halliburton. Everyones busy blaming BP, and it was but the spill was a spill due to Halliburtons use of inferior concrete.Read, research, watch documentaries and share your discoveries with others.
Anonymous 2012-09-27 13:59:52
Why destroy something we can still fix?
Well, with some places we can fix, others we simply need to replace.
"Let us be sacrificers, not butchers" Brutus in Shakespear's Julius Caesar.
Anonymous 2012-09-20 23:24:28
Imagine, complete transparency of corrupt governments, corrupt businesses and corrupt everything...

e-magine.. ;)
Anonymous   Is all government around the world corrupt or just the States?
Anonymous   betting of cooperation
Anonymous   Australia is corrupt as fuck...
Anonymous 2012-09-21 00:07:56
What if we fixed the system instead of destroying it. Jon Lennon imagined. Lincoln was color blind. Martian Luther King Jr had a dream. John F. Kennedy asked what he could do for his country. Jesus turned the other cheek. These man already paid a grate price for what they believed. Maybe they were on the right track. All of the people had not only dieing for their beliefs in common but they all had an idea of how this better world would work. People all over the world know the problems. People all over the world are affected by these problems. Imagine if we showed them What would be, and could be a better society. Imagine a new approach. Imagine VICTORY. Imagine VICTORY not being for those with imagination. Imagine if those men did not die in Vain. But that they were VICTORIOUS.

Anonymous   Search: The Collapse of the American Dream Explained in Animation. watch this then answer your own question.
Anonymous 2012-10-11 12:54:48
I don't 'know the way' nor do I believe that any one plan will 'save the day' but these from Loren 'Break Their Haughty ' Goldner seem like a good start -

1) implementation of a program of technology export to equalize upward the Third World.
2) creation of a minimum threshold of world income.
3) dismantling of the oil- auto- steel complex, shifting to mass transport and trains.
4) abolish the bloated sector of the military; police; state bureaucracy; corporate bureaucracy; prisons; FIRE; (finance- insurance- real estate); security guards; intelligence services.
5) taking the labor power freed by this to begin retraining and reeducation
around real needs.
6) crash programs around energy: nuclear fusion power, solar, wind, etc.
7) application of the “more is less” principle to as much as possible. (examples: satellite phones supersede land-line technology in the Third World, cheap CDs supersede expensive stereo systems, etc. )
8) a concerted world agrarian program aimed at using food resources of the US,
Canada, Europe and developing Third World agriculture.
9) integration of industrial and agricultural production, and the
breakup of megalopolitan concentration of population. This implies the abolition of suburbia and exurbia, and radical transformation of cities. The implications of this for energy consumption are profound.
10) automation of all drudgery that can be automated.
11) generalization of access to computers and education for full working-class
participation in global and regional planning.
12) free health and dental care.
13) integration of education with production.
14) the shift of R+D currently connected with the unproductive sector into productive use
15) the great increase in productivity of labor makes as many basic goods
free as possible, thereby freeing all workers (e.g. cashiers, etc.) involved in collecting money and accounting for it.
16) global shortening of work week.
17) centralization of everything that must be centralized (e.g use of world resources)
and decentralization that everything that can be decentralized (e.g control of labor process within the general framework)
18) measures to deal with the atmosphere, most importantly the phasing out of fossil fuel use.
Anonymous   should read - Loren 'Break Their Haughty Power' Goldner...
Anonymous 2012-09-21 00:32:21

Anonymous   i like this one
Anonymous   Their system is built upon taking what is rightfully yours and selling it back to you at a substantial and exorbitant mark up.This is done with all things they have commodified which includes just about everything including sex, freedom, water , etcetera . Dont believe them when they tell you its your system, just follow the money and it will lead to those who lie to you. Search The Collapse of the American Dream Explained in Animation.available on you tube Gasland is another good wake up call, also available on you tube.Hemp Conspiracy, you tube.
Anonymous   He/she's right! Since the 1970's for the amount of productivity people do their getting paid less. The extra money that the worker should have made is taken by the corporations and then given back to you in a credit card. People pay thousands of dollars in interests rates and build up a massive debt. the monster of capitalism never takes a loss it merely moves to working citizens. So basically our government has found a way to take our money and make us pay more because they serve corporations and not our people.
Anonymous 2012-10-12 17:16:21
if you want the wage data, take a look at inflation adjusted [1982-84 dollars] weekly wages, Table B-47 in the attached. [1972 was peak]
Anonymous   I imagine no one will care, i also imagine people just carry on being slaves the their own fears. Can't you do something to speed up the process? How is TYLER going to be any different to WikiLeaks? Which is all their clear as day for people to see, yet no one even bothers to look. Why will people care?
Anonymous   Yes thats true noones ever heard of wickileaks. right. Go to the mall if you want instant gratification. are we there yet. Are we there yet. are we there yet.
Anonymous   Dont upload to Tyler. Dont trust Tyler.
Anonymous   Imagine MOnsanto poisoning us:
Anonymous   The people who could really run with this information would be Greenpeace, you could make some genuine impact by forwarding this to their campaigners and Greenpeace International.The lack of labelling has bothered me for a long time.
Anonymous 2012-09-21 07:43:03
Imagine if TYLER was created by the feds or another authority.
Imagine if this message was a trap.
Anonymous   egofag
Anonymous   Imagine if we did the op anyway but didnt trust tyler as we kmow tyler isnt to be trusted.Imagine.
Anonymous   There's no point in burning money if it's yours.
Anonymous   i find it funny the value of fake money we dont need money we need resorce sharing
Anonymous   RBE is the next step in continuing society in my opinion.
Anonymous   Monsanto any questions
Anonymous   You dont have to feed a central database to leak stuff all on the same day . This could just be a personal powergrab so dont feed a central database decentralise the data storage.
Anonymous   Do the op just dont trust tyler. store data elsewhere.
Anonymous   ^ Simple solution. Should be commonplace.
Anonymous   We have been enslaved by a decentralized oligarchy of conmen and mobsters who use pentagon funded technology against us. Search: THE STATE OF COMMERCIAL AND UNCLASSIFIED TECHNOLOGY CAPABLE OF SOME HARASSMENT EFFECTS.
Anonymous 2012-09-23 01:50:57
Its time to start working together lets not forget how many of us there are!

We grow food and Hemp

We store guns and ammo

We start a new value based currency and leave them in the dust

We need to start taking over some land everyone needs to take back our world together we will start building communities even if its just a few to start when we build it people will come. We will stop funding these corporations and when we are stronger we shoot all the fucking chemtrail planes out of the sky and No more GMO's No more Flouride in the water and we will have a civillian based police force with our people to stop the real terrorists. We empty THEIR jails filled with our people and fill it with back up with politicians and banksters
Anonymous   RS- Raising Suspicion Ninja Clan is with you
Anonymous 2012-09-23 18:16:24
Where is the proof that this isnt a government run website? Sorry if Im still abit suspicious but PROJECT TYLER seems like the perfect tool to locate all the hackers because there all uploading to it and find out what the sheep know.

We are Anonymous.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

I stand next to this, I just dont want to aid the shadow. Chaos is created when the lie is embedded in the truth making truth unreliable. I want to rely on the ANON community, without laying with Lilith.

Be careful ANON hackers, safe guard your IP address etc anything that could trap you. Use tunnels, backdoors ... create paradoxes.

We are Anonymous.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.
Anonymous 2012-09-24 09:11:45
I share in your concerns.

Decentralized systems make it incredibly difficult for surveillance systems to track individual users. Open source code would help to verify that the software does not contain tracking malware or other forms of spyware and that would also allow for a community of anonymous developers and hackers to contribute to the project.

It's true they can trace your IP address, so it is advisable to use a private proxy, or better to use the Tor network. However it could also be the case that you are running a Tor exit, bridge or relay, or even running a proxy service yourself, in which case it is advisable to consult your ISP's policies towards running such services. Who's to say that all connections received from your IP address are from you? Therefore IP address data alone has to be taken with a pinch of salt when it comes to proving a person guilty.

So anyway in my opinion this raises more questions than it answers and along with little to no divulged technical information, casts into doubt the validity of the project. What platform(s) is it being written for? Why is this not an open source code project? What is the SVN address? Where can I view the TRAC?

These questions really should to be answered sooner rather than later.
Anonymous   im ready for the revolution i got a small army built if things get to intense we will step in...
Anonymous   Guerrilla life engendered sacrifice upon sacrifice: a break with his family (often taken for dead) that persisted twenty-five years until the signing of the peace accord in 1996; the obvious rejection of material comforts and the cursory end to all studies; and most traumatic, the killings of family members close to him. What he was forced to develop instead was an ideology stronger than his opponents that would fortify his will over the next twenty-five years as...guerilla movements grew significantly, and continued in their struggle to attain rights and progress in a country riddled by military repression and violence.
Anonymous   I think I'll just sit here and watch.
Anonymous   I thought we were declaring war. Hand to hand combat? That still a go? I'm ready. Ready to vindicate all the innocent that have been beaten, raped murdered stalked I can go on, but nothing is working. Protest no more people of the world. I'm not anonymous, yet it is time to grab or guns and go do what Americans do. And clean thus shit up... NOW! no more talking, we have talked enough.
Anonymous   War is a great way to decrease population and convince others of anything in the name of safety.
Anonymous   Learn, build a movement, organise, and do it in a way that wont feed right into their strategy, playing their game get a lot of people hurt, and end up with more of the same top down crap with idiot gangsters stealing whats ours and selling it back to us for a prohibitive price. We dont need as the Who sang about, meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Weve seen what the selfish motive can do and it sucks shit. We already have the dictatorship of a self appointed oligarchy that has us all at the point of self destruction. They use microwave silent speech technology and the lure of sex and money to control individuals regardless of their position. How do you know they wouldnt offer sex to those in the military to kill, rape murder, stalk those who are fed up and want do something about it. The movements that really work are broad based, nonviolent and strategic looking to long term change which include a strong economic component. When we are ready, not before, we collecively withdraw our support, financially and otherwise. Theres a hell of a lot more of us than there are of them.For instance, if we all stopped consuming theyd be ... So do that. Get as close to consuming nothing as you can. If you have a tape worm, a parasite which is what they are, Stop eating. Fast. Keep fasting until the parasite lets go . Trust me youll feel better than youve ever felt in your life. There is no substitute for freedom and it cant be bought or sold.
Anonymous   imagine their strategy is non violent protest cause all of you are to poisoned to think rationally its fight die or hold out. from birth (immunization) through genes (from parents and theirs) city water and so on POISONED
Anonymous   the first step to change is waking up the sheeple to what is going on. once people start to awake they will realize the truth and be able to take the steps needed to change what they need to change. when this happens we the people will be closer to the change we desire.
Anonymous   the sheeple dont care until its at their front door
wake up? were awake, and running out of time.    military insider here. no time. they are preparing to deploy us to Africa before election. leaving America without army/military support. the admin is bringing in UN and NATO forces. you anonymous, are warned. you have to make a new statement to the people. there training facility in southern Indiana, are training us to kill kill kill. the street signs in the facility have local usa street names on the signs. is imperative that we act before election. it's coming before election, it's confirmed that they will not alow the prez to even to have a chance if not getting elected. please listen.. I don't know who else to tell. I have more info... we have to act, you all have no idea, we are SURROUNDED! listen to me! hear what I am saying. please! I beg all of you...
Anonymous   So the entire US military is going to Africa, all of them. Have you alerted the Africans to put the tea on.
Anonymous 2012-09-24 09:38:13
For operation Big Brother click on most recent
Anonymous   So down for this. BTW how will we know where to upload this info to? and do you think that we might get shut down seeming as the media has already gotten attention of most Americans in regards to the go daddy problems...?
Anonymous 2012-09-25 01:37:39
Wake up your friends and neighbours , show them love and kindness is what we are. Show them what's coming help them break from the lies we live ,prepare for the worst hope for the best .start them on the path of enlightenment encourage rebellion lead the way and they will follow . Tell your politicians we can see behind the curtain and they need to react , let them know the revolution has started .
We are all connected there is no good and bad there just IS be what you want to see in the world and change cannot help but happen , if you can think it it will BE !!
Anonymous - H.R.G   Expect us
Anonymous   HRG, I wrote the post above, yes, I said Africa. Sounds like you commentor below about the "tea" aren't in need of my information. You think I joke? Expect us...
Anonymous   Im sure noone thinks the NDAA, NDRA, and the loss of Posse Comitatus is a joke at all.None of the many erosions of freedom is a source of humor to anyone who holds Freedom as an ideal.We seem to be constantly seeing erosions of freedoms. From the Patriot act and its recent renewal, to the very existence of Guantanamo Bay Cubas Camp Delta, to the creation of The Ministry of Homeland Security at great expense and questionable necessity when the FBI and State and Municipal Police forces already exist, as well as Fema Camps, Fusion Centres, Trapwire and Indec, as well as the intrusions against personal privacy conducted by the TSA, violations of basic Constitutional rights and the Bill of Rights,and the waste of tax money on a seemingly out of control bloated police state,These are all erosions of freedoms at the expense of the taxpayer. Freedom erosion has become a growth industry, an end in itself, it seems.Expect us.
Anonymous 2012-09-25 13:49:19
If you support Anonymous, you are Anonymous.

We are Anonymous, and so are you.
Anonymous   Information is good. What was the last Documentary film you saw that made you angry.
Anonymous   Go Spain!!!
Anonymous 2012-09-25 21:50:48
I wish that I could be like you
That I could expose the lies and corruption of those who are wealthy
That I could help save the world
But I cannot, and neither can many of those who would like to participate in this
not now
not yet
I'm too young
I don't know how
But I can insert a request:
Expose the Koch family!
Anonymous 2012-09-26 23:09:50
The Koch's and George Soros for that matter are just taking their marching orders from the Rothschild Zionist leaders to promote the ILLUSION of Democracy in this Orwellian 'two-party' system....oh wait, Anonymous doesn't bother to expose the snakes-head,....even though they know damn well who is pulling the strings, and it sure ain't the 'political leaders'. It's the same freaks that are worshiping 'Molech' or 'Lilith' at Bohemian Grove and the Freemasons who pray to the 'Great Architect of the Universe' who are spearheaded by their Illuminati leaders.

We all know who is at the center of our problems. The Satanist Illuminati Jews who control the banks, the media, the politicians, The Kings, the Sovereign City of London, Wall Street, The Federal Reserve, Hollywood, The Education System, and the Intelligence Networks.

But no, Anonymous won't help expose them.
Let's go after Go-Daddy instead.
Power to the people, right?

Anonymous is a sham if ever I did see one.
You promote knowledge for the people, yet you keep them in the dark.
I know some of you 'anon' leaders know EXACTLY what i'm talking about.
You keep your child protege hacker sheep in the DARK about the REAL problems of the world.
Telling them to go after 'Go-Daddy' as the axis of evil in the world?

Thanks for nothing Anonymous.
You are the resistance that never was.
Anonymous   Yet we are here on an Annonymous supported web site discussing these issues. Ive just begun to look at water fluoridation. Has anyone gone a long period without ingesting any and did you notice a difference. Were you less sedated, more clearheaded, or are the effects more subtle than that. Danone is now putting it into bottled water. Western europe refused, yet their teeth are still good. At any rate you are corerect in pointing to the decentrallized oligarchy. Did you see the latest apple product FBI hack.
Anonymous   How can they be Jews if they worship satan instead of Yaweh. If they worship satan they are satanists who have a Jewish name.I wonder if the satan worship thing is a free choice. As for Annonymous ,well were sharing ideas town hall meeting style and it sure beats the alternative which is not voicing our collective frustration . Discussing and learning is always a positive process.
Anonymous 2012-09-29 03:06:38
He's right about all of that except one tiny detail: they aren't Jews. They are what the scripture refers to as the synagogue of satan - luciferian followers who claim to be Jewish. This claim stems from the supposed (but entirely false) claim that Christ Yeshua (more commonly known by His pagan name Jesus) had a child through Mary Magdelan. This child - never having been born - went on to produce the long lost 13th tribe of Israel. This is all a lie spewed forth from Lucifer's own forked tongue. The latest piece of Coptic text that was found giving hint that Christ had a wife is a fabrication. All of that aside, I do agree wholeheartedly.

The first organization I saw Anon take on successfully was scientology. Why did we stop there? Why did we not go further and attack the throat? L. Ron Hubbard was good friends with Aleister Crowley, a Freemasonic pedophile and relation to the Bush family. I just saw a news report that Anon hacked NATO and is sitting on at least 1GB of info...but does nothing with it?

So much for being ruthless anymore. Has the recent legislation scared you too much? Have you gone soft over the years, Anon? I realize this is a joint effort; however, I do not claim to have the resources at my disposal nor do I claim to be a perfect anon in this effort. Nevertheless, my grievances are just as important.

In a world where everything is dictated through a transhumanistic agenda and cold heartless technology rules almost every facet of our lives, I would have expected better. Maybe I was wrong to do so.
Anonymous   Imagine if Jesus had preached one simple message... Don't worry about saving yourself from the devil and don't worry about saving yourself from the wrath of God. Instead worry about saving yourself from yourself.
Anonymous   How can anonymous be a sham when it does not claim to be anything, but are doing lots of things.
Anonymous 2012-10-16 16:34:37
Even though you are young, there are other ways you can help
When you see others undergoing abuse because of their ideas,their race, their gender, their preference, their economic status defend them.Stand with them. They are you and you are them.
Anonymous   So tell me is there really something big going down on a certain date this year ?
Anonymous   TYLER needs to be completely open source or no one will trust it.
Anonymous   Like what is the plan
Legioner   I have been telling them to prepare and warning that the election isn't going to matter. We all will be over taken by NATO troops and sent to camps or killed.
Anonymous   Will there be smores, well, FEMA camp smores.
Anonymous   :D
Anonymous   reveloutionary war!
Anonymous 2012-09-27 11:29:34
A war we couldn't win! It would be a pure slaughter,disorganized civilians up against the best military force in the world that will be most probably be backed by UN forces. Look whos been chewing up Afghanistan/Iraq lately(a people a hell of a lot better prepared for revolution than us), the weapons that we see used are only a few in their never ending arsenal. Try taking on an Apache attack helicopter that is armed with infrared sensors missiles and machine guns with a deer rifle, hell how about an ar-15. We are in no way prepared to fight against gas attacks the likes of nerve gas agents. confusion would be our worst enemy in a martial law scenario. Our government would just have to declare that china has invaded and that civilians will need to be moved to containment camps for their own protection while the army holds off the hordes. All our government has to do is cut the power and we the civilians will be at each others throats fighting and clawing for elementary resources.Most of us would be crying out to the government for help at this stage, resistance fighters would be sold out by neighbors desperate for restoration of order or rewards from the government.The path that we are on will lead to us having no liberties without we the people putting up any resistance, just let tomorrow deal with tomorrows problems has become the agenda of today for the people,This all leads to the same outcome, a people in complete bondage to their government devoid of liberties.
In light of all this i would rather fight and die than pass away in a country that has abandoned its freedoms and cast out its god.
Good luck to those who fight the hard fight.
Anonymous   Im just thankful Ive got my cubscout training to fall back on.
SoCal Anonymous   Would they really do that? would they kill the 99%.... written in constitution we have the right to rise up and over throw an un fit government!! For them to kill us, for them to fight back would be MURDER and they will be charged by HIGH TREASON under the peoples law.
Anonymous 2012-09-29 03:12:46
To be protected by the Constitution is to no longer be under your legal fiction, strawman identity. You see that identity every time you use a credit/debit card, sign a check, sign a 1040 tax form, apply for a job, etc. It's on your SS card. How to recognize it? It's in all capitals: JOHN SMITH - thus you are the business JOHN SMITH. The term "people" or "person" automatically puts you under the legal fiction in legal terms. Learn the legal jargon or you will always fall prey to the deception that you are free.

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free."
T.D.   I am jacks anus
Anonymous   That you are.
Anonymous   Ah, but what if the government DIDN'T have their precious army? What if these highly-trained individuals fought for the people? We may need to turn the sword, rather than the hand.
Anonymous 2012-09-26 12:18:45 - Ponzi Scheme

Took $100,000 from my father.
Took $2.1M from other Canadian investors.

Has run others such Icelandia & Is Vodka - amount taken from investors is in the 10's of Millions.

i am not a hacker and i wish i was as technically advanced as most on here. This was the only way i could find to communicate to the Anonymous community. I'm a huge fan of anonymous's work and this is worthy of being on the radar for Project Mayham. My hopes are that one of you pick up on this and make it known what these men have done to peoples lives.


s3r4ch   Well said, and thank you |*|
Anonymous 2012-11-08 10:19:03
Hi Terry Blake. Putting up these lies and staying Anonymous is very weak!
We don't have a single unhappy investor because we have achieved everything we set out to do and lived up to all of our promises and much more.
I have had the same phone number for 8 years. +1-647-9844111 if anyone has a probem then call me direct!
My name is Bob Heward and I don't hide behind "Anonymous"!
Anonymous   is anyone going to mention Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or his "new world order"? Or is it not a big deal.........
Anonymous   is anyone going to mention Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or his "new world order"? Or is it not a big deal.........
Anonymous 2012-09-26 23:16:50
Is anyone going to mention the Israeli leaders planning a FALSE flag operation to Start a War with IRAN?

Ahmadinejad is a pimple on the World's ass. ISRAEL ZIONIST SCUM are the real threat and always have been. Who do you think gives the U.S.A. marching orders?

Israel: 'We need another US false flag to start a war with Iran'

What great servants of God these SATANIST SCUM are.
Anonymous 2012-09-26 13:42:02
Imagine a would without governments, a truely free world
Anonymous   impossible.
Anonymous   Strong well researched argument. You back it up well.
Anonymous 2012-10-01 23:58:56
It is impossible due to human nature.

I believe however, It is possible to have a world government run not buy a single person(or select few) but as it's own system and entity.
Anonymous   not, people used to be free, why not now.
Anonymous 2012-10-22 16:47:08
Impossible? Only in your and like minded peoples mind. Believing the lie is what MAKES it impossible. Remove all the American's from DC and state capitols and take a look at your government. It is empty buildings and wasted paper. It does not exist. Governments are fantasy. They have power because you say they do. They do what you tell them to, either by your vote or by your willful neglect. You can not blame the people of your government for doing what the people before them did, not even if you personally asked them to stop. The majority did not tell them to, and you did not make them. You know the system is corrupt and yet you just let it continue. Why? Because you might loose something? Aren't you loosing everything this way, including your innocence by financing horror both domestic and abroad?

The strategy was to make you believe wealth equates superiority. The trick was to get you to believe you actually own something and need more. The lie was that you need to fear its loss. And the joke is that you believe it.

If American's came to the understanding that of all of our abundances, freedom was truly the only one of importance, then we could pull back our armies and shine with such a beautiful light that the rest of the world would do the same.

"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty or safety". ~Ben Franklin
Anonymous 2012-10-16 16:38:03
The amarican founding fathers had it the closest.
By the people for the people
except a rift has developed, between the privileged and their own self interests and the good of the people
We can govern ourselves again
Anonymous   Why do PROTESTERS, who state they are serious, not wear HELMETS, Body protection such as HOCKEY/Football gear and carry their own baseball bats and such??? they are making theselves very vulnerable. I notice the Greeks and Spanish are now using MOLOTOV cocktails and actually fighting back against the brutal police.Why do "Black Bloc" damage property-seems futile to me. The police take advatage of the protesters PEACEFUL protests by being brutal and knowing they can get aay with it BECAUSE no-one fights back. If protesters organized themselves such that 3 protesters take down each policeman, without hurting him/her and removing their weapons.Wouldnt that be more sensible than destroying property, especially property of small business people....JUST THINKING out loud. the Estabislhment might then start to get frightened which is the only way to get REAL RESULTS-just thinking .The ESTABLISHMENT needs to feel FEAR-just thinking ;-)
Anonymous   Good thinking.
Anonymous   Willingly choosing to wear protective gear to protect against assault by police is accepting that you are doing something that deserves to be punished.Its saying"I am the terrorist you define me as being".Do NOT accept the role of slavery and complacency that has too long been imposed on you.
Anonymous   Flawed logic.Hockey players wear protective gear as do people in varied work places doing different tasks.Realising that police are prone to unprovoked physical attacks against activists says that the reality of repressive police violence exists and physical harm is undesirable , thus the use of protective gear which in a democratic nation with law abiding police whom respect the publics right to dissent such protective gear would be an unneeded precaution against violent repressive police .Most incidents of violence causing injury to person at demonstrations is and always has been police initiated.Obviously there has been a flawed system of lack of real accountability for police and their standards of conduct have deteriorated shamefully.accountability and transparency in police affairs is required and credible oversight with credible penalties and consequences must be put in place but obviously and regrettably were moving in the exact opposite direction from such common sense reforms being put in place .in other words its getting worse not better.A police state is neither free nor secure nor prosperous for the many and thats obviously the goal.Common sense thoughtful policies that are good for the many dont require an iron fist.Good ideas make their own friends and dont require force,propaganda, false flags or created fear to gain support.
Anonymous 2012-09-26 22:52:37
Imagine they were hit.
Imagine they don't know who did it.
Who would they blame?
The few would become the many as the government attempted to solve what was going on.
Imagine they gave up?
Imagine the People* became the people.
Anonymous 2012-09-27 01:44:10
Gather with those around you that you deem to be supportive of free will. Speak amongst each other, anonymously, for anonymity will allow you to transcend the individual and the collective. Individuality comes with bias from the inside out in the form of personal insecurities, and the collective from the outside inwards via a need to follow social norms. Anonymity will allow you to be both group and individual, you can see both the little picture and the larger picture it is a part of, you can go from the anything to the everything.
You are a seed, you should grow and branch out. Connect with those around you and find a way to come together to lead a life worth living as brothers in sisters on this planet Earth that we have in one way or another come to find ourselves on. Then when you have branched out, you must see yourself as a seed again, you must evolve, and begin to grow again.

Gather friends, family, acquaintances, any humane humans. Discuss ways in which mankind could lead a happy life and attempt to discover the objects that lay in the way of that path. Discuss how to overcome these obstacles, either by removing them or going around them.

find the path, walk the path, reach your destination. find a path, walk the path, reach the next destination.
plant the seed, grow the seed, harvest the seed. plant the seed grow the seed, harvest the seed.

"Come together, right now"

Anonymous 2012-09-27 02:29:07
It is of no use to preach to others who exactly it is that oppresses them. For ultimately, they are as much oppressed as their oppressor is oppressing. A predator can not be a predator without prey. Choose not to be the prey and you will fear no predator.

It matters not whether governments around the world are controlled by Zionists, Muslims, Capitalists, The Illuminati, Oprah, Aliens, Scientologists, whatever. What matters is that we do not let others oppress us. In an ultimately free world one should have just as much right to oppress someone else as the oppressed should have to smite down their oppressor.

You have every right to say, "I am smarter(stronger, faster, more strongly willed) than this person, so I will manipulate them for my own purpose." We live in a universe where we have apparently been granted free will. If you did not have the right to do something to the effect of the previous quote, than it would be impossible to do it. You have the right to do anything within the scope of your ability.
However, please know that I am not advocating manipulation, I am only saying, if you would like to do it, then go ahead, do it.
Just know that it is also the right of anyone and everyone to do the exact opposite. We have the right to say, "This person is manipulating me, and I will not have it anymore." We have the right to witness manipulation and to disapprove of it and remove it from our environment.

Again I would like to say that I am not instigating manipulation, but I would however like to speak of free will again, and in doing so may turn off some readers. So at this point in time I am saying if you are turned off, read on, for I believe that by the end of the paragraph sense will be made of what I have said. The one percent has the right to oppress us, and this is simply because we let them. You could say they do not, and deny that, but the fact is, it is true. If they did not have the universal right to oppress us, then it would simply be impossible. However, they can and do exactly that because it is within the scope of their abilities. And as long as it is an ability they possess and decide to use, it is their right to do so.

"That is NOT within their rights."
"That is fucked up to think that the one percent has the right to treat us as though they were shepherds and we were the sheep."

Those of you following that train of thought right now, I understand and expect your opinion. I felt the same way for a long time. And then, to put it in the same way as in the post right before this one, once I grew as a seed and became the plant, I once more saw myself as a seed and became to grow once more.

ANYONE(thing) has the right to do EVERYTHING they(it) are(is) capable of.
EVERYONE(thing) has the right to do ANYTHING they(it) are(is) capable of.

This may sound strange at first, but it is universally true. You could say the word right is being mus-appropriately used in place of the word possible. I understand that. But if you look at things in terms of universal truths, what more is possibility other than the right to do something? The universe gave me the right to walk on two legs and to speak in a language that can convey abstract ideas through symbols. A dog can not do those things. Neither can a cat. Or a piece of paper. Or a river, or the ocean. They are able to do other things. And it is within their rights to do those things. Because those are the possibilities the universe provided them with.
If you do not agree with that statement because you believe God or Gods endowed man with these abilities, rights, or possibilities I would ask you what is the difference? For if you believe in God, is he not all around you?

"That's bullshit. Does not make it okay for the one percent to treat us the way they do. Just because they can arrest us, keep us impoverished both physically and mentally, and manipulate us into keeping them at the status to which they have become accustomed, does not mean that it is within their rights. Just because you can, does not mean you should."

I know what you are saying. And it is completely true, I agree with it completely. Just because you can step on a frog does not mean you should. But if you can step on a frog and you WANT to step on a frog, then why shouldn't you? If you want to do it, if it will make you feel good, then go ahead and do it.

"So if you want to murder someone, just go ahead and murder someone? That's what you're saying?"

It is actually. If that is what your little heart desires than go ahead and follow it. HOWEVER, it is very easy to misconstrue what you think you want with what you actually want. If you want to do one thing, but you can not because the societal norms of your culture prevent you from doing it, you are allowing that culture to make you think you are not free.
You can not be free if you can not do what you desire. So if you want to step on the frog, step on the frog.
It sounds brutal but it is really not. In the sense that it is only their right until you take it from them.

We are all free because we are all free to take away freedom.
This is what makes humanity in and of itself a a strange sort of organism composed of all its individual humans.
If the one percent wants to abuse the ninety nine percent, they can only do it until they can not.
It is totally within their universal rights to do whatever they can and want to do only until they can not.
And how would it be possible that they can not?
The universe would have to change.
How does the universe change?
We are all a part of the universe. Maybe we can not change them, but we can definitely change us. If we do not allow ourselves to be abused, they can not abuse us.

A final note before I end this post. I feel there is probably still some confusion regarding this stance of anything can do everything and everything can do anything (that it is capable of and desires to do). It may have an immoral sense about it initially. If a murderer wants to murder, why should he be allowed to? HE SHOULD NOT. That is the point. If he wants to murder someone, he has the universal right to do it if he can do it. He is allowed to try, but he should be apprehended as soon as his intent is known, and treated as the free will of his brothers and sisters direct them.
And another note on this. Many times what you think you want, is not what you actually desire. Many times humans misunderstand what is going on around them, and so end up acting out in a way that may bring shame to them. However, sometimes it is only possible to grow past this misunderstanding by committing an error and so getting your environment to react, allowing you to see things differently.

I still feel that this topic could be elucidated on more, however I feel this post has gone on long enough. If anyone else has any further thoughts on this, whether expanding on what has been said or denying what has been said, I would appreciate it.

"Live and Let Live"

"Live and let live"
Anonymous 2012-09-27 09:11:50
Ahhh, another philosophical follower of Aleister Crowley: 'Do what thou wilt'.

This is evil in it's most pure form.

Of course we have free will, I don't see that as the question.

Even a mass murderer, say Charles Manson, has free will, but he also has a moral compass. He just chooses not to use it on his human victims.

Ask that same 'Manson' if he would kick a one eyed deaf dumb and blind Dog, and the answer would be 'Of course not'.

Why would he not kick the dog if he would kill scores of people? Because not only has he been granted free will, he also was given the gift of a Moral Compass, knowledge of God, and an inherent realization that there is a very distinct line of Good and Evil.

While he admits crossing the line of Evil for murdering humans, he still can't bring himself to kill the crippled Dog.

Can you say the same thing for the animal sacrifices and human child sacrifices that go on at these black Satanic 'Horus / Ra / Isis / Baal' worship parties that take place at Bohemian Grove, the United Nations, the Freemason Clubs, etc?

Of course they have the free will to do it, but they lack any Moral Compass.

Instead they exploit things like television, hollywood, and the education system for the purpose of Mass Mind Control. The are systematically trying to take away your 'Free Will' through these very means. Using projects such as MK-Ultra on the very populations they are sworn to protect.

My brother, the 1% (Or more accurately the 0.01%) have attempted to STEAL the very free will you praise so highly. They have exploited human weakness for far too long, and humans (or Goyim as they like to call us)
have become nothing more than cattle.

You may be content to sit there and say it is Mankind's right to be cattle, and there was a time that I would have agreed with you. However knowing what I now know, becoming awake and aware of the evil that these men possess, I will try to save at least a few of my brothers before the whole thing comes crashing down around us.
Anonymous   I applaud this post in opposition to the Crowley/Blavatsky/Pike mentality! Amazing that they call us Goyim - the Hebrew word for both "heathen" and "Gentile". Of course, they also claim to be Jewish but are only the synagogue of satan, claiming to be the lost 13th tribe. What pathetic nonsense these supposed kings and lords try to wield over us! I have only one Lord and one King and I shan't be moved because He sustains me even through to the end!
Anonymous   So youre claiming that the illuminati are Jewish and its all one big Jewish conspiracy,does that men the Bushes, Cheney, Rumsfeld an all the rest of the satanist bohemian grove crowd, the Cuncil on Foreign Relations, Bilderberg, Carlisle Group, Thirty third degree Masons , Skull and Bones, are all Jewish, I dont think so. The decentralized cell structure we call the Illuminati is about power, profit and control. They modeled the fairy tale of the terrorists after themselves following the rule always base a lie on some aspect of the truth.The big lie is the best lie; all the better to control you with.Magicians use sleight of hand, pyrotechnics, and attractive assistants to distract as well, only not to this degree. How many false flags can you name. How long has the country been at war, as long as you can remember thats right.Who makes money and consolidates control from war, they do. Gulf of Tonkin, an admitted false flag,Operation Northwoods was obviously a model for the 911 false flag operation.Enron, Worldcom, the deregulation of the banks and the subsequent crashing of the economy and the bailout.Who profits from this stuff, them. Who foots the bill for this stuff, the taxpayer. War is a scam just like the Police Security, Prison state is a scam and the people buy into it. Media control and a lifetime of training for passive obedience to any perceived authority explains part of this rediculous gullible passivity but theres also the fact that we are constantly kept in fear of fictitious bogeymen and the industrial waste product sodium fluoride, also known as rat poison and a main ingredient in prozac is constantly pumped into the drinking water, even bottled water as the groundwater aquifirs are being ruined by fracking for natural gas ,see see :Dont watch this Video if Youre Happy Living a Lie.also watch CIA Insider tells the truth about 911: Prepare to change your worldview. all on youtube
Anonymous 2012-09-27 02:31:36

your meta data is logged to track time and place of all your online activity. Email, social networking, browsing, chat connections. All ISP's are increasingly forced by intelligence and law enforcement to log and store META for increased periods of time. Flood the META.

Establish many email accounts with various free services and use them to sign up to the endless garbage mailed out by forums and sites across the web. Subscribe to topics of no interest and check all options to receive notifications to ensure each email account receives a constant stream of useless email. Any options to remove old emails after a period of time will help to ease maintenance of these accounts and keep them active. Remember, if they are to store META data why not ensure plenty of it at their expense.

Use a search query spamming plugin for your browser.

Seriously consider Tor or VPN services, PGP, encrypted chat clients and encryption of HDD/SDD.

(developing a chat spam app would be a much more difficult proposal)

*Some may mock. Some may ask what has been achieved. Much has been leaked. Increasingly those working inside governments and their departments, banks, corporations and large media organizations are leaking information. Fed up with seeing corruption and the constant exploitation of others, many have already made a stand, only your local TV station has not probably informed you of this.

Alone you are but one voice amongst the crowd, however information you have access to is much more powerful distributed amongst many. Silencing your voice using FEAR is the greatest tool of the oppressors. It is your voice they FEAR most. Many voices their NIGHTMARE.*

You are not alone.

Learn about Tor, VPN, cryptography. No one can force you to remember your password and if governments and corporations take their privacy seriously then why should you not treat your own privacy seriously?
Anonymous 2012-09-27 02:44:07
Do you recommend anywhere in particular to learn about Tor, VPN or cryptography? I am ashamed to say but as well versed as I am in searching the internet, I have little idea of how it actually works. Would be interested in learning especially if I was recommended a good place to start.

thanks in advance
Anonymous 2012-10-16 16:46:06
"*Some may mock. Some may ask what has been achieved. Much has been leaked. Increasingly those working inside governments and their departments, banks, corporations and large media organizations are leaking information. Fed up with seeing corruption and the constant exploitation of others, many have already made a stand, only your local TV station has not probably informed you of this. "
well said.
The system is not going to show us the measure of damage inflicted by awakened anonymous.
remember most media only picks and chooses news in order to up their own ratings.
Non bias media has largely failed us.Their interests lie in making money, NOT in informing us about reality.
In the medias defense, I must also say that on occasion the media and what they expose is also controlled and or thwarted by the same operators who impose slavery on all of us.
Anonymous   As long as the corrupt leaders live on this same planet, i can find them....Get to them.
Anonymous   you should release the fema red and blue lists if you are as powerful as you say. this would definently wake up the sheeple, thanx
Anonymous   Just watch Inside Job and many of them are named and in the film.Yet they are not in jail or up on charges. Why is that.
Anonymous   I have a dream that all of ohio's politicians will be shot in the head then ohio will be a nuclear wasteland......dreams are scary but judgementday is near....
Anonymous   Not sure if the idea had arrised yet? Child services and childrens aid societies across the world have done some good but you should see how much money goes into their causes and yet crackheads with kids are still starving there children while these socalled social workers descide the fate of a single parent/both parent whoever they are all they ask for is help and these workers will apprehend these children without warrent starting its coming and you do receive one but usualy a couple says after apprehention. There are tonns of sites devoted to helping the families that do not need child services dedens themselves by teaching them their personal and families rights and freedoms. These child services places disgust me as well as disgust many many many thousands of other people. Its almost as if they have a quota to till of "children that are in need of protection" in order to keep the crash donations and governmental funding. ....did I mention its billions every year. I think canada alone each facility gets around 3mil or bil I can't remember but that was 2yrs agoes budget. I believe I found everything here. happy hunting :)
Anonymous 2012-10-16 16:50:21
Youre absolutely right
Child welfare and other systems set in place to help have themselves become fattened leeches.
Im always hearing people blame the welfare recipients themselves.
I worked in child welfare and the very day the funding runs out for a kid he is sent home to be beaten by his mothers crackdealer boyfriend
No longer a source of income for the therapists , thereby no longer a concern
Anonymous   What about homeopathy, or any alternative medicine. They should all be affordable and available to all. Preventive medicine for the economic win.
Anonymous   The economic win for them is diferrent. It seems to include persistent addiction to foreign oil,false flag operations, gouging the taxpayer sheeple to support an ever bloating military police security prison police state setting up imaginary boogeymen to create fear an war . This keeps you distracted as they rob you and rape you before sending you to FEMA camps as an ultimate end to your illusion of freedom.In the mean time under the watchful eyes of the complicit FDA you are poisoned with genetically modified yet unlabelled food washed down with fluoridated water, the same industrial byproduct used to kill rats and make prozac.Its all in the Codex Alimentaris. All we can learn from this is that naziism is a logical progression from capitalism and propaganda works.Keep them entertained and they wont figure it out and rebel and if they do theres always the security state that you paid for.
Anonymous   Hail Anonymous...!!!
Anonymous 2012-09-28 07:13:51
Ok, listen up.

Under 1% of the planet population owns a bit over 97% of the planet’s wealth.
The rest of the 99% of the population owns the other 3% of the planet’s wealth.
Scary but interesting conclusion:

What would happen if the under 1% of the worlds population ceased to exist.
Would this mean that 100% of the population would have 100% of the planets wealth?
It might come down to this simple equation. After so many centuries of unimaginable suffering.
Food for thought.
This is not a statement or a way to think , just simple math.
Anonymous   Simple ,we just convince the 1% to kill themselves after putting the rest of the world in their will. Problem solved.
Anonymous   Perhaps if we ask them nicely.
Anonymous 2012-09-30 04:18:09
actually, so long as social relations of capital remained dominant, the wealth would simply be redistributed and move back towards what had been the case - class would not be eliminated.

Also good to think in terms of both ownership and -control.
Anonymous 2012-09-30 04:28:29
you said 'this is not a way to think' but i'd have to say that it can put you
on what can be a very complex, sometimes dangerous, path - yet nevertheless the right one.
Anonymous   The People owning the means of procuction without a dictatorship of the Proletariat or Bourgeoisie, while they, the people, enjoy the fruits of their labours as they live , produce, and consume sustainably.No masters: No slaves.
Anonymous 2012-11-04 22:20:30
Problem is, there will always be a 1%. Get rid of one, another one pops up to take it's place. The multi-headed hydra of greed.

The only way to obliterate the 1% is by taking away the wealth completely. From everyone.
Without money, people would be forced to trade skills and products between each other. The system would then swing in favour of those who work/create to live, rather than those who live to make other people work for them.

It would reverse the pyramid instantly. But what would the outcome of that be? And is it something we want to achieve?
Anonymous   i would like to get your attention regarding this one in the philippines, yes the country of corrupt government. look at this link, looks like their government is planning something against the freedom of the internet society.
Anonymous   Tyler will not get exposed and October 20th is going to be hard to protest from martial law! Anonymous is great and powerful but also very weak. We give anyone a chance to be apart even the FBI. This is ludicrous. Don't be fooled by the "elite" they set this plan in motion. They want the protest so they can force us into one of the eight hundred fema camps. Prepare now! We have a very short time before it's time to fight back! We need to take the world back to nature and restore this planet that we destroyed. Racism needs to cease to exist. We are all human and need to put are differences aside. I hope your all ready
Anonymous Shall Overcome 2012-09-28 16:34:07
Imagine Torrents were used to spread awareness
Imagine Buffer overflow's were used to expose the truth
Imagine the code
Imagine [195.774.643.56]

LEGIONER   If you really want to learn what to do to prepare for martial law please go to American resistance movement . ning . com. a group of anons. has already been started. Please join , learn , help
Anonymous   To Legioner, are the wolverines against sex slavery and hidden dictators. Are you after true freedom , I mean.
Anonymous supporter   i want to help! can som1 show me anonymousely?
Anonymous 2012-09-28 20:25:28
Why do PROTESTERS, who state they are serious, not wear HELMETS, Body protection such as HOCKEY/Football gear and carry their own baseball bats/hockey sticks to block the truncheons which the police very liberally swing at protesters and such??? they are making theselves very vulnerable. I notice the Greeks and Spanish are now using MOLOTOV cocktails and actually fighting back against the brutal police.Why do "Black Bloc" damage property-seems futile to me. The police take advantage of the protesters PEACEFUL protests by being brutal and knowing they can get away with it BECAUSE no-one fights back. If protesters organized themselves such that 3 protesters take down each policeman, without hurting him/her and removing their weapons.Wouldn't that be more sensible than destroying property, especially property of small business people....JUST THINKING out loud..... the Estabislhment might then start to get frightened which is the only way to get REAL RESULTS-just thinking .The ESTABLISHMENT needs to feel FEAR-just thinking. Dog pepper spray is very cheap at ANY sport store ;-)
LEGIONER   You can get Bear Pepper spray at Wal-Mart for $20
Anonymous   Walmart SPIES on customers
Anonymous   You can rat out your fellow sheeple with a computer.
Anonymous   What would your fellow protesers think of this. Would that not lead to an extreme reaction from the police causing harm and injury to many. Have you thought this through.What would be gained but further militarization and further loss of liberty.Noncooperation with a strong economic component with successful precedents in history might work better.
Anonymous   Sign this petition for Internet Freedom:
Anonymous   I love this video. Although I might have not participated in much of the events... After watching this I want to contribute to the freedom.
Anonymous 2012-09-29 14:12:19
I want to help, but i dont have the skills, i wish you all luck
Anonymous   Stick around. Im sure you have other skills and a movement isnt just based upon one skill set or strategy. Research, learn, share, organise, and wake up the sheeple.
Anonymous 2012-09-29 17:49:04
He speaks the truth.
There are many ways to help.
Just believe in freedom.
Anonymous   This will truly be an historic week for America and it's citizens. I personally cannot wait until TYLER is up and running..on the very next day, November 6th, we are planning to do the 2nd million man march for freedom towards capitol hill. We must join together not just as americans, but as human beings. Will you be a part of this historic event? Visit the link for more info.
Anonymous   Religion is the opiate of the masses. The satanist illuminati are the same people using religious imagery and language to manipulate the masses . Charles Manson did that by tying himself to a cross and using LSD as a sacrament and brainwashing tool. George Bush did that by using the calculatedly Christ like ultimatum youre either with us or against us and the skeptics are all traitors he might as well have said or unbelievers will burn in hellfire.Instead of him rising from the grave they had him landing triumphantly on the deck of an aircraft carrier, another symbol of the exertion of American power and influence.There is a science to manipulating you, and they do have it down to that. The power of imagery and myth and symbolism on the american psyche. It works better when the subject is drugged Charles Manson knew that and so did the CIA in their MK Ultra mind control experiments , thats where fluoridated water comes in I dont know how you feel about fluoridated water. It also works better when people are afraid and confused then the triumphant pseudo father figure comes in and youre more likely to believe what he says because youre afraid and hes daddy. It doesent seem to matter that 911 was a false flag as we all know, because the stage has already been set, and DaddyChristPresident has set the perimeters for debate and trutherskeptichereticnonbelievers are heretictraitorterroristnonbelievers and they belong in hellguantanamo. Didnt they torture heretics as well in hell for all eternity it sure seems that way cause those guys have been in hell, legal limbo for what seems like an eternity. All the same imagery and language is used. The devil I guess is CIA operative Barry Lindon , some call him Osama Bin Laden and his minions are given the name Al Queda which was the name of the computer program used by CIA to talk to the Mujahaddeen in the Russian involvement in Afghanistan in the eighties.They could just as easily called them Wordperfect Office.The creation of a mythology all pegged to childhood religous training in America. Barry Lindon is really a member of the Carlyle Group Just like Bush , Cheney and Rumsfeld and theyre all having a good laugh at the gullable religous folk over the whirr of the money counters as they drink blood and do whatever else comes with the pillaging, I mean theyve already done that to you, the public but those two things go together. Have the money counters slowed down because...I mean they shouldnt because...
Anonymous   ^ One too many snorts of the old "Crank-erini", I suspect. ^ Shame, really.
Anonymous   Crank-erini- Try coming up with a genuine argument, as opposed to this criticise the arguer as opposed to the argument crap,LOL.
COBRA_COMMANDER 2012-09-29 21:41:52

The greater the lie, the more people will believe it.

And thus begins the great and insidious lie . . . . . . . . . .


Anonymous   2.5 million worldwide cobra is stronger then ever
buddha 2012-10-17 02:08:03

Anonymous 2012-10-17 02:05:06

(=''=) look to the viper --->
Anonymous   All governments ultimately use violence to maintain control. Violence must be an effective answer. When governments use it, it's called "force", when anyone else uses it, it's known as violence. Two different words for the same thing. This can only accomplish changing masters, however, the slaves remain. The masses follow the status quo, whatever it may be. Change the status quo to valuing knowledge and free-thought, and the slaves will become free and no longer follow the status quo. Knowledge is the only answer to slavery. Get people to think. I'm behind Tyler
Anonymous 2012-09-30 16:16:48
The Civil war brought with its end, the Emancipation Proclamation, and an end to the lawful state of slavery. The Proclamation, and the Constitution and Bill of Rights are Supreme Law, yet Slavery persists despite its unlawful nature.In Jonestown Im sure not everyone was totally brainwashed,there were likely men at the gates possibly with arms. The moral and logical and compassionate thing to do in such situations is to kill the guard(s) and Jim Jones getting as many people out as humanly possible . What to do when the entire Country has become Jonestown, an underground version. Same thing, I suppose only on a larger scale.In the absence of a society with rule of law equally and evenly administered when corruption runs so deep, law is enforced selectively at the whim of the same Jim Jones type Oligarchs, It seems as though violence is what they want as they have practiced violence with seeming impunity. We all, all people who hold the ideal of freedom anyway, want a society of actual law and order, if
it guarantees universal freedom, basic human rights and its administration is not corrupt as it obviously is now.If the law is not the law why respect the law, they dont.Its not give me freedom or give me death, its give me the death of the bastard who stands between me and my freedoms and the freedoms of loved ones.
Anonymous   Hey im new to anonymous im only 12 years old but im proud to be anonymous
Anonymous   Please make it easier to decode the letters/symbols
Anonymous 2012-09-30 09:51:02
hello anons.... I am not an active member of this group,
I do not know much about computers / hacking / encoding...
but if I may, I ask you to take action to what is happening here in the philippines...
something about cybercrime law... I think this shit is a total waste of time and money...
Anonymous   Ad Homonym argumentation is not an argument, but rather a swipe at the arguer themselves. In almost all cases it shows a lack of ideas and research on the part of the odious critic. Genuine arguments, which your comment is not,generally speak for themselves. The truth requires no defense with the exception being a state of relative lawlessness and deep seated corruption,which is what we have now.
Anonymous   You guys really like the movie Red Dawn, me too. But I can tell you theyre already among us and have been for quite a while, perfecting their systems of control, rape and pillage in the form of a pyramid scam. Theyre in Government buildings and theyre in your neighbourhood. They have a rigid caste system which includes human slavery , have their own language , have secured silent speech technology communications systems and consider themselves to be above the law yet selectively use the law against citizens who wish to assert their rights as should be a given in a true free and democratic society where a mans or a womans house should be their castle, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness arent just words and people enjoy the fruits of their labor. In terms of their communication systems search: The State of Commercial and Unclassified Technologies Capable of Some Harassment Effects , look in the index under NASA . It was used to put Arstide into power in the Haitian elections, It was also used in the Gulf war and is currently in use against the public. This is an entire research index so take some time and have a look around. More about this in operation Remember and Operation Big Brother, both filed under most recent tab on home page of this site. WOLVERINES!
Anonymous   mindcontrolhumanrights 2006 Sonoma State University Media Freedom foundation
Anonymous   Scoop from FORMER CNN reporter on Baahrain and corruption at CNN:!
Anonymous 2012-10-01 16:17:38
I have a question. If we all want a big change Why don't you start small? You say you want to change people's minds. What if you started a free protection service(online security)? Like for the little people that don't know much about computers. Hacking is cool and interesting but what if we flip that and build something to help people. It would help peoples views on Anonymous and give hope to people that know nothing about computers. It also give us power. Not saying that we don't have power now but if you want to change something do it from the heart and mind.

As wrote above
All governments ultimately use violence to maintain control. Violence must be an effective answer. When governments use it, it's called "force", when anyone else uses it, it's known as violence. Two different words for the same thing. This can only accomplish changing masters, however, the slaves remain. The masses follow the status quo, whatever it may be. Change the status quo to valuing knowledge and free-thought, and the slaves will become free and no longer follow the status quo. Knowledge is the only answer to slavery. Get people to think. I'm behind Tyler

I want to say that "Violence must be an effective answer" but are we going to lower your own moral code to to become "master".

As wrote above
Why do PROTESTERS, who state they are serious, not wear HELMETS, Body protection such as HOCKEY/Football gear and carry their own baseball bats/hockey sticks to block the truncheons which the police very liberally swing at protesters and such??? they are making theselves very vulnerable. I notice the Greeks and Spanish are now using MOLOTOV cocktails and actually fighting back against the brutal police.Why do "Black Bloc" damage property-seems futile to me. The police take advantage of the protesters PEACEFUL protests by being brutal and knowing they can get away with it BECAUSE no-one fights back. If protesters organized themselves such that 3 protesters take down each policeman, without hurting him/her and removing their weapons.Wouldn't that be more sensible than destroying property, especially property of small business people....JUST THINKING out loud..... the Estabislhment might then start to get frightened which is the only way to get REAL RESULTS-just thinking .The ESTABLISHMENT needs to feel FEAR-just thinking. Dog pepper spray is very cheap at ANY sport store ;-)

My father is a cop. Does that make him a bad man? No? Yes? That is up to you but I would like you to think about your dad. My dad is a cop to put food on the table so my family can eat. He put his life on the line so I can have food. Your dad and your self or mom or etc. Do it to... Hate is not the answer my friends.

-Anonymous Ivan

Well maybe you guys say I am wrong or not but if you want to talk about it. Leave me something in a comment...

P.S. Don't put anything in a comment that can or will be used againest you thanks!
Anonymous 2012-10-21 00:34:01
Well he is just doing his job? Just following orders? As did Nazi Germany soldiers.

If he crosses the line he will die or be arrested in the end. This is not a threat, he will bring it on himself if it does happen.

He should support the constitution and freedom of the people and not defend this system.

Anonymous   By protecting free speech and free intrenet speech, Annonymous is definitely on the correct path. How else would people reassert their right to free speech, research, learn the truth and discuss the best path forward if we didnt have the medium to do so. As for an online protection service Im not so sure what youre getting at, youd have to explain more but protection service sounds like mafia and the protection is never free and its usually never provided as the real threat comes from the one who offered the protection in the first place. What we re talking about is a system thats rotten to the core. If your dads as nice a guy as you say, putting food on the table and so forth, then Im sure he d be extatic if all corruption in all Police Forces were gone tomorrow. I dont know if a movement of people who want their constitutional rights come from hate. Frustration and anger hardened to resolve possibly. If I said Police arent part of the problem Id be lying. Having police police themselves is obviously an ineffetual system. The multitude of cases of police killing with impunity under the present framework attest to that. Ive seen people, protesters tortured with pepper spray when already handcuffed. Sadistic, and therefore mentally ill behaviour symptomatic of a fundamentally flawed system. There are many examples , too many to list here but they all point to a system crying out for fundamental changes. Power corrupts. Effective rotational civillian oversight which is racially and gender balanced and has the power to assign penalties ranging from time off without pay to demotion, dismissal and up to and including jail time for officers who stray from lawful behaviours might be worth looking at as a long term remedy to abused police powers as a societal illness.
Anonymous 2012-10-13 13:04:42
Hate isn't the answer. However, I do not believe that Anonymous represents hate. I believe it is a representation of Truth. Knowledge. We have become so isolated; we refuse to see what is occurring around us. We are being taught to only be concerned with those in our immediate circle. Those that we are closest to. What if, instead, we began to see all people as valued? What if we chose to be open minded and informed? What if we chose to Fight for all those that are being oppressed, including ourselves?

This is a battle. Our dystopian society is here. A police state is evolving, and we will never know. The change is slow enough that we forget. We don't realize what we have lost. We believe what we are being told. They are herding us in the precise direction that they want us to go.

Anonymous is Truth.

Vengeance is Righteousness

Revolutions are Bloody

“If once the people become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress and Assemblies, Judges and Governors, shall all become wolves. It seems to be the law of our general nature, in spite of individual exceptions.”- Thomas Jefferson
asdfasdfasdfasdf   asdfasdfasdfe . Yeah? sdjlfkjskd;fjasdjf... Really...
Fack Anonymous   yeah!
Anonymous   Idk, sounds kinda high risk high reward. But I love the idea! I wouldn't dare attempt to participate in it though.
Curious Anonymous   I wanna know...
Anonymous   Need to teach them money chugging corrupt politicians some lessons. Leave no site alive. Kill 'em all
Anonymous   I applaud all of You. Our fundamental right is to be free, and so we must protect it. All forms of it. I do not have the necessary resources or capabilities to perform what you are able, but I am firm in my belief that We all harbour freedom in its purest essence. Do not falter, rise high.
s3r4ch 2012-10-02 08:31:07
Uh, what the hell IS Tyler? Is it making some referrence to the direct meaning of a "Tyler" or inferring to its' usage as a "Tyler" at a Masonic Lodge, or some assbackward name for rootkit, so uh what??! I mean, with using words, you have to understand the original meaning, and by using the even that word it implies "logos"=word: the authority of said word and its' LOGICAL meaning!...Even with using, "Legion", the conotation could be "demon(s)" from the Christian bible...None of us is "demonic" in any sense of -that- connotation! We matter, and we ARE matter: thefore we aren't "demons". That's -their- connotation.
I get that we're trying to be persuavive, but we also have to have "ethos" or we just end up circling around "mythos"...! (ethos=character; mythos=legends, story-telling...)
And don't give me crap for inquiring, or about "only telling, sharing or informing with those who need to know". If by doing this, you ARE acting on behalf of our shared collective, and if we are all anonymous then it should matter to you that whatever you're going to do with "Tyler" will AFFECT everyone, unequivocally no matter how equivocal you may believe it to be. Again, I hate to state the obvious: But you matter and so do your actions...To quote an idiot at the news forum: "it's the Milgram experiment!" Really, that's just YOUR bias that you're carrying. 99% would NOT engage in this nor intentionallly inflict deliberate "pathos=suffering" on anyone.
Oh, yeah, and what the hell is that flood comment on the first post?! Like, gah!! It took me an hour to scroll to the end of it!! (yes, my "end" is fuwbarred atm :P)
Anonymous   Have you ever watched "Fight Club"?
s3r4ch   "end" key, +various other typos haha, bleh. And yes, quite frankly the use of words piss me off here, because I'm a "linguist" and yea, we get it!! Oh, yes we know must of the vidoes are made in the UK & Canada...Not so Anonymous ;)<--and it doesn't matter to me, I hear you and I understand. And what you're doing matters :D
s3r4ch   videos, gah bleh.<--words matter. EVERYWHERE...
Anonymous   ha, this is funny. You are a bunch of extremists.
Anonymous   There are extremists in every group of people. Can you think of any group that doesn't have it's share of loonies?
Anonymous PHILIPPINES   I'm asking your help.We here in the philippines will be neglected by our RIGHTS. ALL the help we ca get is very needed. go to this site please....
Anonymous   Yes, help us. We are filipino citizens, we need your help to demolish philippine goverment. We really need your help. Thumbs up for "We are Legion"!!!
Anonymous   PLEASE... you're all we can count on anonymous...
Anonymous   im with you enough of this bs government denying our rights lets finally make them fear us
Anonymous   anyone still use anonnews? i support anonymous and i wanna know if i can talk to other anonymous o.o
Anonymous 2012-10-02 16:15:31
Reply back to
By protecting free speech and free intrenet speech, Annonymous is definitely on the correct path. How else would people reassert their right to free speech, research, learn the truth and discuss the best path forward if we didnt have the medium to do so. As for an online protection service Im not so sure what youre getting at, youd have to explain more but protection service sounds like mafia and the protection is never free and its usually never provided as the real threat comes from the one who offered the protection in the first place. What we re talking about is a system thats rotten to the core. If your dads as nice a guy as you say, putting food on the table and so forth, then Im sure he d be extatic if all corruption in all Police Forces were gone tomorrow. I dont know if a movement of people who want their constitutional rights come from hate. Frustration and anger hardened to resolve possibly. If I said Police arent part of the problem Id be lying. Having police police themselves is obviously an ineffetual system. The multitude of cases of police killing with impunity under the present framework attest to that. Ive seen people, protesters tortured with pepper spray when already handcuffed. Sadistic, and therefore mentally ill behaviour symptomatic of a fundamentally flawed system. There are many examples , too many to list here but they all point to a system crying out for fundamental changes. Power corrupts. Effective rotational civillian oversight which is racially and gender balanced and has the power to assign penalties ranging from time off without pay to demotion, dismissal and up to and including jail time for officers who stray from lawful behaviours might be worth looking at as a long term remedy to abused police powers as a societal illness.

Well maybe I was thinking a little to big what if we just started sites that teach people about anonymous. Many people fear us in a sense that is awesome but in a leaders view that is bad. If you look around at governments they use the exact same way. Fear controls all....Wrong... If we fight so much againest governments then why should we reach down to their level. We make people fear us...If we want a change we need to get the people to like us. I believe in most of anonymous Ideals. We need to think about building not breaking... Yes it is harder...but it doesn't mean it is the right path.

On the topic of law enforce mean I understand what your saying and I believe that cops can/are problems but think about it are they have family and lives and kids etc. I believe in anonymous but can cops believe in anonymous? If we want true power it need to be by the people. Fear is a tool. Power is people. If you guys/girls/ whatever you are have watch the move DUNE you will understand what I am talking about.

-Anonymous Ivan

Well maybe you guys say I am wrong or not but if you want to talk about it. Leave me something in a comment...

P.S. Don't put anything in a comment that can or will be used againest you thanks!
Anonymous 2012-10-02 16:19:17
OPPS I mean to type wrong path not right sorry
Also mean to put MOVIE not move XD
-Anonymous Ivan
Anonymous   As the mayan calender to does oppression.
Anonymous   Can we change The Federal Reserve Act of 1913 as well , cause its kind of a pain.A private bank gets to print all the money and charge the Government and everyone else interrest for every dollar printed and put into circulation, holy Cow what a sweet deal for the private shareholders of the Federal reserve which is about as Federal as Federal Express. What a swindle, its like being given the worlds largest casino where all profits go to the house and every game is rigged in favor of the house.What a perfect Swindle and all they had to do was call it the Federal Reserve instead of , like , The Rothshild Bank, or something, and noone asks any questions while you shakedown both the Government and the Citizenry. What a brilliant scam. Search : The Collapse of The American Dream As explained Through animation.
Anonymous   Whats with the differrent fonts. We are all Annonymous, we speak with the same voice so we should also all use the same fonts.Why a faded and a bold font. can the moderators correct this or was it one of the moderators who put that in place. I doubt that its something I can change on my end.
Anonymous   We are all Anonymous, and we all have our own voice as well as a single one.
Anonymous   Let us try to realize that what Socrates said; "True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing," is false. We are Anonymous, we are knowledge and yet we know nothing of each other. We must attempt to remember this. This must keep us going for we know that we are everything.
Anonymous   Right you are.
Anonymous 2012-10-16 18:52:05
"Fire lives the death of air, and air lives the death of fire;
Water lives the death of earth, and earth lives the death of water." And
"It is the same thing in us that is living and dead, asleep and awake, young and old; each changes place and becomes the other."
"We step and we do not step into the same stream; we are and are not."

Heraclitus (c. 544-484 B.C.)
YEAH i'm Anonymous   Mr. Socrates was right, and so were you Mr. Socrates
Anonymous   "Whole Foods" sells GMO products and "YouTube" bans this video exposing 'Whole foods":
Anonymous   All people concerned about the safety of the food they eat should view the "Whole Foods" investigation video.Many countries have legislated GMO labelling for a sound reason. We are not exercising the precautionary principle which demands absolute proof that a product doesnt harm prior to release to the market. This has also been true for water fluoridation and aspartame . It has also been true of fracking for natural gas which has been shown to harm our underground water aquifirs. We have to start using the common sense precautionary principle in both agriculture and industry. People shop at organic stores because they want to be healthy. This is true of all people including those who cant afford to shop organic. Poor people are forced to eat GMO, or genetically modified foods to a large degree. We as a population are being treated like the lab rats that showed tumors after just two years of eating GMO corn. Many dont even know that the entire food additive industry is corn based and as a result seventy percent of all you see in a given grocers stock has at least some GMO content. A can of Mountain Dew soda, for example has GMO content. The public have been force fed Frankenfood. F--- Monsanto. Support Prop 37.
Anonymous   Durka durka durka...............DURKAAAA!
Anonymous 2012-10-03 07:32:43
Now this is sensible: Property damage hurts the civilians, not the elite. That shouldn't be used as a tactic to our advantage as it hurts us the most.

As far as self defense, the line has to be drawn someplace. Cops use violence against the people all the time. It works because people are afraid of being hurt. It is time to stop being afraid because facing the future without changing the direction it is going now is even scarier. If the people allow cops to use violence against them or the person next to them in a protest, how long until the cops can use violence when they knock on YOUR door? ... oh wait they already are. How long until the cops can shoot you in your own home? Oh shit, they already are doing that too... wait I know... How long until they go into your child's school and use violence against your child... Damit, they are doing that too... Come one now the violence is already being delivered to the people. The people HAVE to defend themselves.

When violence is used against you or anyone around you, each and every person has the obligation to stop it... as peacefully as possible. If that enrages other cops and they respond with violence against that person... then others need to step in especially in a protest setting. There HAS to be a line drawn, there are good cops and bad cops... (few good ones and many that just turn the other way because the consequences of breaking the blue line are pretty bad). The people need to increase the consequences of NOT crossing the blue line and standing up when one cop does something wrong. If that means breaking the hands of a 'bad' cop then so be it. Either the good cops standing by and watching it happen will step in and stop the bad cop, or they become bad cops themselves and face their hands being broken as well. There are more of us than there are them...

Combining our 'new' cyber attacking with peaceful protesting/self defense with paying careful attention to where we show our financial support will make a difference.

Again remember our numbers are greater than theirs.
Anonymous #V6589 2012-10-03 10:26:34
Dear Anonymous Citizens,

We are only HIDDEN.

We lurk with PURPOSE.

We will CHANGE the world one step at a time.

You need not look far for SUPPORT.

Our silent numbers are GREATER than ever imagined.

PEACE can be achieved for generations to come.

FREEDOM shouldn't have a price.

Soon... the MAYHEM will begin.

- Anonymous Citizen #V6589

"That's it! See, at first I thought it was hate, too. Hate was all I knew, it built my world, it imprisoned me, taught me how to eat, how to drink, how to breathe. I thought I'd die with all my hate in my veins. But then something happened. It happened to me... just as it happened to you." 'V' in V for Vendetta
Anonymous   Remember me, no, us when I, no, we say 2031
Anonymous   Purrrrrrfect... We're on board for 2012
Anonymous   We have to stop this biased media! Take down CBS, abc, NBC, CNN, force them to speak the truth. We have a president that never qualified in the first place and these media outlets are forging his reelection by misinformation and deceit of the American people. We need to know the truth about truth! 9/11/01 not a terror attack! Thermite found in abundance, building 7, no investigation, evidence shipped to china, what about UFO's and huge crafts in our solar system and increased numbers and sightings globally, what is being sprayed in the skies? Con trails do not leave a trail from horizon to horizon in patterns that stay for hours spreading into a type of marine layer in the sky, mass kills of land and marine animals globally with no explanation and what is found is not reported. The mentioned media is not reporting on any of this! Why? Wy do we allow our employees of we the people minipulate us? We need to act! We need to put "we the people" back in the constitution! Act people! Please, for the love of life please act!
Flair 2012-10-03 16:38:28
How can i help ?
im new,young and willing
willing to fight for whats right
i live i south africa is there anything i can help with ?
as i said im new and still learning
but i would like to help
even if its plugin a flash drive into a computer some wear so you guys can do the hacking
Anonymous   Hello - I'm from Australia but living in South Africa. I'd like to also know what we can do here to help things along. If you get any ideas, please share!
Anonymous   To from Aus. living in South africa , lobby government to create publicly owned renewable energy utilities. Solar, Wind geothermal, tidal, wavemotion, and the full range of renewABLES AND ENERGY CONSERVATION , as well as plug in hybrid and electric vehicles.A ban on GMO cropsand more funding for policing of poachers of wildlife and prevention of deforrestation.What companies are the worst at screwing people and enbvironment where you are please share info.
ANONYMOUS    We are ready, we are willing, we must encourage, respect and defend each other, for we are Anonymous.
Anonymous   We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.
Anonymous   Flat tax ,you kill someone you die,regulate whacky weed like cigs,stop taxing the air,water,Capitalismm is equal to freedom,we are America and that is one thing we should not be ANONYMOUS about-were Free and have choice-
Anonymous   A flat tax places much greater burden on those who can least afford to pay. If you kill you die were true all enemies of freedom would be dead but what of truly accidental deaths and death by proxy and by those adept at covering their tracks and manipulating the justice system. If capitalism were true freedom what of the Fedreal Reserve Act of 1913 and the concentrations of wealth and influence that happen largely due to oil and war profitteering and capitol speculation.The people who actually produce something are being and have been held down and ripped off by the profitteers and The Collapse of The American Dream As Explained Through Animation.
Anonymousfrom1992 2012-10-03 17:35:25
Anyone from hindustan,
need some assistance.
eight zero zero seven three five eight five nine seven.
Anonymous   I think you are looking in the wrong place. This a great idea... for later. There are more pressing things at hand. You may be able to do something about it, Anonymous. I hope someone powerful in this group sees this. I can't open this pandora's box myself. Someone here has to. Look to the western states of the US. Somethings going down. Something big. Bigger than anyone could dream. An old urban legend has turned out to be true and only a select few know. These same few hide the truth from the millions. These same millions... will die. The few will survive. I have been privleged with information but weighted with guilt. I have no power myself. I can do nothing. If you want to expose truths, recheck your priorities and look to the west. Look to the government. Look to the Military. Look to the geological anomalies. Look to the earthquakes. Look to Yellowstone. Look to the lies of "Nuclear Japanese Run-Off." Please, millions will die.
Anonymous   This i know especially about the super volcano in Yellowstone. The World MUST go towards harmony and peace with one another, but the government stops it from happening. We all need to stop and realize "what are we doing?" "must we always fight because we don't agree with someone other than ourselves?" "why can't we let others believe what they want to and say, you know what that's what you want to think that's fine." Scientology is another story though. But still we all MUST BE HEARD, THE FEW, THE WEAK, THE STRONG, THE COURAGEOUS, ALL OF US MUST BE HEARD! If this does not happen when we come to rely on each other all will fail and we will be stuck, left for dead, nothing left of us will remain. Anonymous is here to spread that message and leak what we can to notify the world.
Anonymous 2012-10-03 23:17:08
Great idea...but to topple a government you will need to hurt them badly enough or scare them badly enough to change the minds of those in position. The governments are filled to the rim with corruption. For instance, let me put some of my thoughts out there.
Taxes are paid multiple times over. First it comes our of a pay check, then on the gas that is paid for your vehicle. Any utilities you have are also taxed. Think about all you purchase. It doesnt matter the government, chances are....there is a tax somewhere. Now think about all that money. Trillions of currency...where? how is it every government out there is in debt? Where did all that money go? As i look around, i see wasted tax money all over the place...please let us know how we can help...
Anonymous   Where does all that tax money go, well, I can give you an idea, lets start with maintaining a military annual budget that dwarfs the military spending of the next twenty five countries down the line in terms of military spending and theyre all allies. Thats more than five hundred billion dollars annually when two hundred billion would more than suffice. Next, dependence upon foreign oil which is a huge drain on the taxpayer and a strategic weakness of the nation. Many nations are making significant investments in renewable energies, conservation, and energy efficient infrastructure which saves money in the short term and makes money in the long term. Energy independence strategically strengthens a nation as well as creates jobs and boosts the economy. An energy independant nation has few enemies and fewer still reasons to go to war. This leads to further savings on military and oil subsudies. Wind and solar worldwide are growing at a rate of thirty percent, for good reason. A wind farm pays for itself within seven years, a solar farm pays for itself within ten years, nuclear is expensive and dangerous and still creates a waste problem, hydrocarbon options create dangerous emissions and borrow from the wellbeing of future generations. Peak oil and global climate change threaten the stability of markets and the futures of many industries such as the insurance sector, agriculture and forrestry to name but a few. For these reasons moving rapidly from a hydrocarbon economy to a renewable energy economy is the smartest thing any nation can do for reasons of security, prosperity and commonsense long term thinking. A wind farm pays for itself in seven years, a solar farm pays for itself within ten years - for this reason they are the publics best tool in its arsenal against debt, the tool of our enslavement. Addiction to oil and the war that it leads to are the chains. These are expensive chains and we pay for them every day. Its no secret that David Rockefeller the oil billionaire of standard oil which we now know as Esso or Exon was present with Rothshild at Jekyll Island when in 1913 the Federal Reserve Bank was formed , a private Bank with a name that fools people into the thought that they have a federal mandate and are part of Government. Had they been more honest they would have dubbed it the Rothshild Rockefeller Bank but then people would have noticed. They replaced the US Treasury Department as the regulators of Debt and money printing and circulation. Every dollar since then put into circulation has been based in debt . The same thing was done in England and other countries and its a total scam. This is the mafia model of operation. Wait for a person or nation to fall on hard times , then offer a way out through loans at interrest, creating a debt that can never be repaid. The goal is not just wealth, but control. What happenned in 1913 and is still happenning is the largest daytime robbery in history. With an individual the mafia can get you hooked on gambling or drugs so that you fall on hard times and turn to them for help which isnt help but a process of debt with interrest leading to interminable servitude. With a nation its not much differrent, only the drug we got hooked on was oil. Its no coincidence that J.D. Rockefeller himself was at the Jekyll Island scheming session to enslave the American Public with insurmountable debt. The lead drug pusher himself, why shouldnt he have been there to hatch the plan. When you think of the tremendous value represented by the daily work of the people, the tremendous resources owned by the nation, the quality learning institutions and the tremendous potential of the people as they labour daily creating value today to add to the value they created yesterday and so on,it seems rediculous that this nation and all others are mired to their neck in debt. I mean when we see an individual who is educated and hardworking fall on hard times we automatically start looking for the drug pusher and the loan shark. Its the same thing. The drug pusher is Big OIL, and for the loan shark you need look no further than the Federal Reserve. In 1913 they made the American Nation an offer they couldnt refuse. Once endebted, always endebted, they wouldnt have it any other way. Thats where your tax money is going. They dont like renewable energy because it leads to self sufficiency and an end to their ongoing and seemingly neverending scam of all scams. Insert theme to The Godfather here.
Anonymous   Just felt like sharing something i hold to be truth, "effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes." Peter Drucker
Anonymous   Peter Drucker was criticized for his model being difficult to implement and the result being a loss of creativity and innovation with too much control exerted over systems and people. If a leader cant make a speech, he obviously cant organize his thoughts enough to articulate them, or worse he has no plan at all other than the exertion of control for purposes of ego and or personal gain. Some leaders are "liked" or respected for sticking to a well thought out well articulated plan. Not exactly a negative attribute or a foolhardy way of proceeding. As far as the last part "leadership is defined by results not attributes" don t they go together with the attributes of a leader who sticks to a well thought out well articulated plan leading to the result. Or what he was saying was the ends justify the means in which case he would find commonality with Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, Jim Jones and more and we all know how that worked out for the people. At best its a management model that stifles creativity. At worst totalitarianism and genocide.
Anonymous 2012-10-04 08:38:24
Corp. USA
Under The District of Columbia Organic Act of 1871 a private corporation named, ”The District of Columbia”, was formed. It trademarked the names ”THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT”, ”United States”, ”U.S.”, ”U.S.A.”, ”USA”, and ”America”. It should be noted that this corporation was not simply a reformation of the municipality as its Organic Act was chartered in 1808. Without amending that municipality’s charter, this 1871 Act marked the creation of a new private corporation known as, ”The District of Columbia” (hereinafter ”Corp. U.S.”) owned and operated by the actual government for the purpose of carrying out the business needs of the government under martial law. This was done under the constitutional authority for Congress to pass any law within the ten mile square of Washington, District of Columbia. In said, Act Corp. U.S. adopted their own constitution the (United States Constitution), which was identical to the national Constitution (Constitution of the United States of America) except that it was missing the national Constitution’s 13th Article of Amendment and the national Constitution’s 14th, 15th and 16th Articles of Amendment are respectively numbered 13th, 14th and 15th Amendments in their constitution.

Corp. U.S. was not well received by the people so Congress revised the Act in 1874 and finalized it in 1878.

Corp. U.S. began issuing bonds to cover the expenses of running government. By 1912 there was more bond debt due than there was money in the Treasury to pay and the debt was called.

Seven very powerful families had been buying up the bonds and in 1912 they demanded their timely redemption. When Corp. U.S. couldn’t come up with the money due, its owner (the actual government) was obligated to pay. The Treasury of the United States of America did not have sufficient funds to cover the bonds either but the seven families accepted all of the assets of the nation’s Treasury along with all of the assets of Corp. U.S.’ Treasury as a settlement of the debt saving the nation from bankruptcy.

By 1913 there was still no money for operating the government/corporation, and if Corp. U.S. didn’t do something the people would revolt against them, so Corp. U.S. went to those seven very powerful families and asked if they could borrow money from them.
Anonymous 2012-10-04 08:46:47
The Federal Reserve Bank
The heads of those families refused to loan Corp. U.S. any money because Corp. U.S. had already proven that it would not pay its debts back in full. They did however make arrangements and provisions to issue notes (Federal Reserve Notes) like letters of credit while they secured the notes for redemption with real money. On Jekyll Island in 1913 the Federal Reserve Bank privately agreed to so fund Corp. U.S. in their endeavors. Such an action would have been a gigantic violation of law if the government tried such a thing, but there is no law against private corporations making such arrangements.

The real problem is in the name. How does one tell the difference between a corporation going by the name, ”THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT”, and the government of the Unites States of America?

What’s worse, how do you tell the difference between the ”United States” [a Trust and the body of government that represents the Trust, as Trustees], and the ”United States” a trademark name for, ”The District of Columbia” [a private corporation]?

The answer is simple, you can’t unless you can tell by the context of what’s being done.

The problem gets even larger when you take into consideration the fact that the officers of government are also the officers of the corporation. They were simultaneously appointed or elected into their offices, both in the corporation and in the government at the same time. In virtually every way the name of their offices and their responsibilities as corporate officials and as government officers were coincidental between 1871 and 1913.

There was no conflict in interest because the Corp. U.S.’ purpose was to fulfill the business needs of the actual government.

I’m not going to here go into all of the details and ramifications of the arrangements between Corp. U.S. and the Federal Reserve Bank. The simple fact is: Where the government couldn’t lawfully be involved with the Federal Reserve Bank, the corporation can be.

Vacating the seats of Government
Under all of the media coverage of the Federal Reserve Bank Act, Corp. U.S. passes and adopts (as if ratified) their own 16th Amendment. Remember, this amendment has nothing to do with our nation, with our people or with our national Constitution, which already had its own 16th Article of Amendment as of 1870. The Supreme Court ruled that Corp. U.S.’ 16th Amendment did nothing that was not already done other than to make plain and clear the right of the United States (Corp. U.S.) to tax corporations. We agree, considering that they were obviously created only under the authority of Corp. U.S. Two months later Corp. U.S.’ Congress entered their 17th Amendment as ratified. Again in the corporate ratification pattern of the Corp. U.S. 16th amendment was followed with actual State ratification. This amendment is not even constitutional; the Constitution forbids Congress from even discussing the matter of where Senators are elected. For our national Congress to pass such an Amendment they would first have to Amend the Constitution to allow their discussion of the matter. Either way the result is that in Corp. U.S. their corporate officials known as Senators would thereafter be elected by a popular vote of their contracted voting public, while in the actual government (hereinafter ”original jurisdiction government”) Senators would continue to be appointed by the State’s Legislature or by the State’s Governor. In other words, the Corp. U.S. seats and the original jurisdiction government seats would not thereafter be seated by the same individual.

In 1914, the Freshman class and all Senators that successfully ran for reelection in 1913 by popular vote are seated in Corp. U.S. capacity only and the original jurisdiction Senate seat was vacated, because the States failed to appoint new Senators (after all no law compels them to).

In 1916, President Wilson is reelected by the Electoral College but their election is required to be confirmed by the constitutionally set Senate; where the new Corp. U.S. only Senators were allowed to participate in the Electoral College vote confirmation the only authority that could possibly have been used for electoral confirmation was corporate only. Therefore, President Wilson was not confirmed into office for his second term as President of the United States of America and was only seated in the Corp. U.S. Presidential capacity. Therefore the original jurisdiction government’s seats were vacated because the people didn’t seat any original jurisdiction government officers.

In 1917, Corp. U.S. enters W.W.I and passes their Trading with the Enemies Act.

In 1933, Corp. U.S. went bankrupt and the States agreed to support their resolution. In keeping with the bankruptcy, the Corp. U.S. Congress adjusted their Trading with the Enemies Act with their Emergency War Powers Act, which recognized the people of the United States of America are enemies of Corp. U.S.

No Elections since 1913
Therefore there was no election of officers of the government of the United States of America. And all of America was none the wiser. The government was still there and the Constitution was still alive and well and living in Washington, D.C. but once again** there was nobody sitting in the seats of the officers of government; just like it was when the founding fathers signed the Constitution but the States had not ratified it, the government existed but no one was seated in office.

There hasn’t been an Election since, and there won’t be one until America once again wakes up.

This is fantastic, I know, but look at the facts! This is the only solution that makes sense and fits the facts.

The U.N., IMF, & World Bank
So we jump from 1913 and the setting of the Federal Reserve Bank as the financier of Corp. U.S. to 1944 and W.W.II. The war was continuing and the United States was not fairing too well until the formation of The Bretton Woods Agreements and their new players—”The International Monetary Fund” (a.k.a. the ”Fund”, hereinafter ”IMF”), and ”The World Bank for Reconstruction and Development” (a.k.a. the ”Bank”, hereinafter ”World Bank”). Make sure you’re sitting down for this one.

The United States Code (USC) Title 22 § 286 reads:

Ӥ 286. Acceptance of membership by the United States in International Monetary Fund.
”The President is hereby authorized to accept membership for the United States in the International Monetary Fund (hereinafter referred to as the ”Fund”), and in the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (hereinafter referred to as the ”Bank”), provided for by the Articles of Agreement of the Fund and the Articles of Agreement of the Bank as set forth in the Final Act of the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference dated July 22, 1944, and deposited in the archives of the Department of State. (July 31, 1945, ch. 339, § 2, 59 Stat. 512.) Short titles: … May be cited as the ‘Bretton Woods Agreements Act’.
”Other provisions:
Par value modification. For the Congressional direction that the Secretary of the Treasury maintain the value in terms of gold of the Inter-American Development Bank’s holdings of United States dollars following the establishment of a par value of the dollar at $38 for a fine troy ounce of gold pursuant to the Par Value Modification Act and for the authorization of the appropriations necessary to provide such maintenance of value, see 31 USC § 449a.” (accents in red added).

[It should be noted that recently, to cover-up the Bretton Woods Agreements (hereinafter ”BWA”) control and the quitclaim of the United States Government to the IMF, the United States Congress abolished the references in the USC referring to the BWA. Other than removing such references that abolishment had no effect on the BWA.]

The Quitclaim
The agreement further transfers control of assets of the United States Treasury to the IMF by stating words to the effect of: 'the United States Treasury is now the individual drawing account of the IMF.'

Think about it.
"The President is hereby authorized to accept membership for the United States in the the IMF"

The President is authorized by whom? By Congress? No. According to the Act the authorization came from, "the Articles of Agreement of the Fund and the Articles of Agreement of the Bank as set forth in the Final Act of the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference dated July 22, 1944", a.k.a. The Bretton Woods Agreement's final act.

Even if Congress could have authorized such a thing, where would they get the authority? Certainly not from the Constitution, and Congress can’t lawfully do anything the Constitution doesn’t authorize them to do. Even under the President's dictatorial authority of martial law, the President cannot lawfully do anything not authorized in the Constitution.

The Constitution plainly states: "The enumeration in the Constitution of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people." Ninth amendment; and, "The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people." Tenth Amendment

Further, this joining in with the IMF is obviously an international agreement; and, any good dictionary will define, "an agreement between nations" as a, "Treaty". The constitution is very specific on how treaties are to be engaged in with this nation — First, the President signs the treaty; and Second, the Senate ratifies his signature with a two-thirds majority vote. That didn't happen here.

So, if the right wasn't given in the Constitution, Congress can't take it and give it to the President. This act itself states that the alleged authorization came from the "Final Act of the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference" instead of from Congress.

Now, hold on a second here. There appear to be too many things going on here that can't be. Too many conflicts. Even in a corrupt government they'd never get away with it. Thus, we must examine the matter further to discover whether there is a way that what they did might be construed as, lawful.

I was watching Star Trek one time when Spock explained a logical solution to an identity problem like this, 'When you examine the solutions and you discover what cannot be, the solution can only be whatever is left.'

That's the problem here, in Law, it cannot be what it seems to be, yet it is. The United States of America cannot be a member in the IMF absent a lawful Treaty; and, the Treasury of the United States of America cannot lawfully be turned over to a foreign bank's control. Thus, only thing left is these relationships must be limited to Corp. U.S.; which relationships effectively made Corp. U.S. a general partner with the IMF under the Bretton Woods Agreement; as a settlement of W.W.II; and, that makes Corp. U.S. a private foreign corporation.

Now think about it. And, this time instead of thinking the government did it [because they couldn't have], think about Corp. U.S. OK. In that case, where it says, "The President is hereby authorized to accept membership for the United States", "United States" as used here can only mean be the trademark name for the corporation known as, "The District of Columbia" in other words the corporation formed in 1871, and not the government.

Want further confirmation? OK. In the “Other provisions:” section it talks about, “the Secretary of Treasury”, which is an officer of the corporation only. That position does not exist in the national government. The relatively equivalent position in national government is, “the Treasurer of the United States of America” and that seat was vacated by an Act of Congress in 1920.

As a matter of fact when you review the whole document, Title 22 § 286, and the underlying “Bretton Woods Agreement”, you’ll find these elements.

One — Corp. U.S.’ signs the Bretton Woods Agreements (treaty) and Congress gives Title 22 § 286 the short title of Bretton Woods Agreement Act.

Two — In said Agreement, Congress Grants to the IMF the “United States Treasury” as, “The individual drawing account” for the IMF.

Three — “The President, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate, shall appoint a governor of the Fund who shall serve as a governor of the Bank” USC 22 § 286a.

The person the President chose as Governor of the World Bank and IMF is Corp. U.S.’ Secretary of the Treasury.

The elements of a Quit Claim Deed are: there must be a Grantor, a Grantee, and some thing, asset or right must be granted.

In this case the thing being granted is a corporation known as, “The District of Columbia”, trademark names, THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT, United States, U.S., USA, America, etc.; its assets are its Treasury (The United States Treasury), and its purpose is to carry out the business needs of the national government of United States of America. Up until the Bretton Woods Agreement, the owner of Corp. U.S. was the United States of America, the actual government; thereafter it was the IMF. The Treasury of the corporation was granted by Grantor, the government of the United States of America (Congress and the President) to the Grantee, the IMF.

Therefore USC Title 22 § 286 exemplifies the Quit Claim Deed of Corp. U.S. from The United States of America to the IMF, which is owned and controlled by the Great Britain’s Bank of International Settlements. Up to the point of the quit claim deed, there was allegedly no conflict in interests between Corp. U.S. and its owner the national government of the United States of America, but after the quit claim deed, with the new owner being foreign and having foreign interests, there is a gigantic conflict in interests.

Upon review of these actions, as Spock would say, that is the only solution left when you remove all other options.

The States join Corp. U.S.
Starting around 1962 and continuing through 1968. Corp. U.S. went to the States and pointed out to them that their own constitutions forbid them from participating in foreign currencies and/or foreign loans, foreign bonds, etc., and yet they were dealing in the foreign note system of Federal Reserve Notes. They were warned that if the people became aware of this they could imagine a scene similar to that of the Magna Carta signing where the Lords held a sword to the King’s head and said sign or we’ll get a new king.

The king signed, as did the States. One by one, they organized private corporations as sub-corps. to Corp. U.S.

For example, Colorado rewrote Colorado’s Constitution, revised their Colorado Revised Statutes (CRS), and enacted CRS Title 24 as the “Administrative Organization Act of 1968” restructuring its laws in 1968. Said Title 24 is the new corporate charter for, “THE STATE OF COLORADO” which is Corp. U.S. possession.

By 1972 every State in the Union had done the same thing.

The California Republic, formed “THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA”; The Republic of Texas formed “THE STATE OF TEXAS”; The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, formed “THE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA”; and so it went, until each and every State had formed a private corporation of a name like “THE STATE OF _______”, where the blank is a common name for the State. As people registered to vote with these corporations they participated in their elections of corporate officials and bonded debts; they also stopped electing original jurisdiction State government officials, thus unknowingly vacating their actual State governments.

Where Are You, Do You Know?
Like a ship at sea, in order to plot a course, you need to know: who you are, where you are, where you’re going and which way the wind is going (what the enemy is doing).

Who are you?

Answer: According to Foundational Law in the United States of America, that being recognized as the King James Version of the Bible (see Public Law 97-280), God created man in His own image, giving man dominion, agency and possession (sovereignty) and a commandment to multiply, replenish and subdue the earth (stewardship). With a promise that if we will obey this commandment and remain not of this world then shall we receive our inheritance in His Kingdom. This is a start from foundational law. Should we accept that stewardship, we also have direction in taking responsibility for our stewardship.

Where are you?

Answer: You’re living in a nation where the chosen form of government is a Constitutional Republic, and where, historically, almost no elections of government officials have been held since 1913, and where a private foreign corporation is responsible for providing the business needs of the government under a direct conflict of interest, which government again is alive and well and living in Washington, D.C.— there just are no officers of government sitting in the seats the Constitution provides. It will serve you well to remember that Corp. U.S. has declared war against the people of this nation.

Where are you going?

Answer: Considering the fact that you are at war, you only have two choices on where to go. You must decide whose side you’re on. Are you on the side of Liberty, Independence, and the Creator, or are you on the side of the private foreign corporation that has declared that you are its enemy?

What is the Enemy doing?

Answer: The enemy is usurping control over the people, breaking up families ironically through the use of the Marriage License and “parens patria”, public education, and the media (see “Family Ties”, this issue). The enemy is usurping “Color of Law” land control over family farms, homes, and land under the guise of Taxes, the Endangered Species Act, and the Wetlands Act. That doesn’t take into consideration all of the specious cases brought in courts against land owners. Under the Patriot Act they can call anyone a terrorist and hold them indefinitely without trial and under the Homeland Security Act they can do or take almost anything they want simply because they want to.

Example, in eviction cases in Colorado, the Sheriffs Offices never use warrants to gain access to the land, they use a “Color of Law” “Writ of Restitution” instead and then say they are breaking and entering in good faith on the specious authority of the court ordered writ.

The UN has set a World maximum population at One Billion people, current world population is near Six Billion. (United Nations Environment Program-UNEP, Global Biodiversity Assessment-GBA) The enemy is killing people, worldwide with biological warfare. The death toll is already over 300,000,000 people. In state aided abortions over 40,000,000 children have been murdered in the last ten years. Population growth rates are at .83% and need to be at 2.1% just to stay even.

The bottom line: if you look at all the people around you, your neighbors, your family, etc., for every six you see only one will survive the plans of this war, if the enemy has its way. The simple fact is that we are in trouble and if we do not awaken and fix the problem with our current trend our history will end.
Anonymous   IMF.. Where have I heard that before.. Oh yeah, Impossible Mission Force!
Anonymous   a new world!!!
Anonymous   Project mayhem ?
J0K3R-T3KKN0   Prove you're alive. If you don't claim your humanity you will become a statistic.
Anon   Expect us..
Anonymous   I must emphasize that for a renewable energy based strategy to adequately address the problems of debt , job creation, economic recovery, energy security, global climate change, peak oil, resource based warfare, excessive defense and security spending, the public must hold ownership of the renewable energy installations so as to maximize the benefits attained both financially and otherwise. The people own the power, the power creates profit, the profit eliminates debt. This debt has been used to control the people for too long. Power to the people: power owned by the people. When the sun shines and the wind blows there are dollar bills showering from the sky and flying through the air. Without publicly owned and run facilities in the form of wind and solar farms, that money is wasted. Money that could be solving all of the aforementioned problems. Money from taxes spent on bombs and guns and tanks does not show return on investment. Tax money invested into publicly owned wind, solar and renewable energy facilities does show a return on investment and the returns become more substantive over time. Germany is the third largest economy in the world. The main employer is solar power. Germany has no petroleum reserves and as a net energy importer they decided to do something about it. The entire nation is now , essentially a giant solar energy co-op. People pay into a central fund and receive dividends at a guaranteed rate. They are investing into their nations economic future and receiving a guaranteed return on their investment. People profit also by leasing out their roof top space to the utility. If debt is our chains then publicly owned renewable energy utilities are the hacksaw we use to cut the chains and release ourselves. The sun shines, the wind blows : if left unharnessed it is money wasted and opportunity and freedom lost.
Anonymous   I work for a fortune 500 company with government and military trade links. How can I be of help?
Anonymous   As soon as we can all collectively live without greed then we will be free.
Anonymous 2012-10-04 17:02:36
A good book detailing many of these facts and exposing the farce of "income tax" is
"Vultures In Eagles Clothing" ... Many people have known these lies for decades but
Were made to look like lunatics by controlled media. Maybe with the advent
of the information Age we will find our true freedom through knowledge and a much more effective
form of protest....
Anonymous   Does this book Vultures in Eagles Clothing outline the unlawful nature of income tax. By providing people with concise legal arguments perhaps its possible to start an income tax revolt that snowballs.Any thoughts.
Anonymous   Hare Krishna. Spiritual evolution is the solution!
Anonymous   Spiritual evolution is required. If im not mistaken the Krishnas maintain a vegan diet which is also part of the solution. An acre of land can feed many more people if a vegitable crop is raised as opposed to the land being used to raise livestock for food.
Anonymous   The largest single consumer of petroleum in the nation is the military. There are many ways for this substantive and expensive consumption pattern to be reduced to a large degree. Energy independence and self sufficiency is of strategic importance to the nation and energy independence is of strategic importance to any given military installation. Ask any General whats always your weak spot and he will say our lines of supply, the shorter our lines of supply the less vulnerable those lines are. If an installation or a nation is self sufficient with no lines of supply a key vulnerability has been eliminated and a strategic and tactical advantage is gained. If renewable energies were to be embraced by the military for their strategic benefits alone which are substantial, not only would a tactical and strategic benefit be realized but substantive savings for the taxpayer would also be realized. The entire range of renewable energy alternatives are available for full exploitation by the military. Bases with geothermal, Solar and wind as well as tidal, wave motion energy and biofuels such as hemp based ethanol which yields more per acre than corn based ethanol and biodiesel as well as electric and hybrid vehicles and bullding retrofits for energy efficiency and use of newer carbon sequestering building materials such as hempcrete. A bridge was found in southern France that was constructed of hempcrete and still stands from its construction date in 600 AD. Durable, economical, with a negative carbon footprint. Fiberglass, plastic and textiles from hemp as well as fuel food and paper make perfect sense and are growing as industries. Much savings and strategic advantage may be gained through embracing the full range of energy efficiency and the full scope of renewable energy sources. The perceived enemy cant cut your supply lines if you have no supply lines. By embracing energy efficiency and renewable energies in their full scope any given installation is truly independent and therefore at a tactical advantage. This is true of the entire nation as well when viewed on a macro scale. It is entirely possible for America to run on renewable energy. Try cutting the supply lines then, good luck. By this same way of thinking and while were saving billions of taxpayer dollars why not close the gates for good on most if not all military bases throughout the world. Talk about savings. I mean with present capabilities the military can be anywhere in the world in very short order if need be anyway. With such savings directed towards renewable energy infrastructure with an eye towards efficiency we would be well on the way to the important strategic goal of energy independence.With such renewable energy infrastructure owned and run by the people, as sure as the sun shines and as sure as the wind blows a once great nation whose people have been enslaved by debt can stride confidently into the black. This is an effective economic strategy as well as a military one. There is also a great deal to be gained diplomatically from the closing of foreign military bases as well as the immediate financial benefits. The enemy is debt and energy dependency. The addiction to oil , the conflicts that leads to and the debt that creates to be borne by this and future generations of taxpayers is the problem and energy efficiency and renewable energies are the solution. The taxpayers don t own the Fed, since 1913 the Fed has owned the taxpayer. But if the taxpayer owns the renewable energy infrastructure, an infrastructure that creates more and more value over time, as sure as the wind blows , as sure as the sun shines the taxpayer will stride confidently from the red into the black. Financial victory for the people.
Anonymous   Step 1 to a new world, Take down the goverments. Expect us.
Anonymous   The best thing we could do as a group is stop mass production, they need us. without us their nothing. If only we had a simple way of broadcasting our message to everyone. Hacking popular youtube channels would be a relativity simply fix but im not capable of doing that, just sugesting ideas that i think would work. Viva la revolution!
Anonymous   Just imagine that we all are actually equal and the schools actually taught something, im just a 13 year old but i know that schools are killing creativity and such.
Anonymous 2012-10-05 10:38:34
So how do you get people to quit. There families on the line. No net. A possible solution "anonymous" organizations every where producing all things necessary for life and GIVING them away not free persay but for their assistance in new production in and on there own land such as in the form of farms and such or help on others land. I truly believe and will not change my mind MONEY IS THE ENEMY and the banksters only co-conspiritors. The State of the People Corp. Anonymous lawyers to tie shit up in courts to keep lands save as long as possible buy time raise awareness beyond the bound of media like metalica getting big by people not the powers that be.

any thoughts
Anonymous   One thing people can do to answer the theft on Wall Street and I cant believe people havnt done this already, I want to see people transfer their funds and dealings to Community Credit Unions as an alternative to Big Banksters. City Bank paid the equivalent in tax last year to that of the average American middle class home owner, thats it.If you wish to get an idea of their true level of culpability watch Inside Job. Many have watched this and still deal with big Banksters, speak with your dollars. Move your money to a Credit Union. If enough of us did this the banks would be screwed. You can receive share dividends from your Credit Union the big Banksters don t do this.Credit Unions are better than Banksters. I want to see the Annons and Occupiers and everyone else ddo this . Its simple easy and effective as a protest and theres no teargas or police with batons to stop you.
Anonymous 2012-10-05 10:48:07
Its wonderful to be an imagining Idealist. Its paramount to change. However, IMAGINING, wont change enough. You cant put truth in front of anyone in the world, and expect change from sheep. The wolf still has teeth, and the sheep still want calm and peace. So, Imagining is great, its only one ingredient however in the recipe of change.

You want to do something useful? Uncover the facts to improving. The coverups of power, energy, personal affective abilities. Show them how to stop paying credit cards, how to crash the system. Bring them silly but truly effective methods to change the fact of taxes, or to get rid of them. You know computers, and net and code, well.. Do you expect truth to change human condition? Im sorry, I do know both ends of that mentality. Its all great, but without actionable personable effects, no one moves out of the sphere of influence they only know from a life long arrest of individuality.

So, I do find your actions commendable, like kids on a primary school stage saying the truth. But if you want to be changing anything truly, simply negate their ability to hamper, as you have stated, and give them ways to undermine en mass the Daily difficulties. You wont change their condition with simple truths. And more importantly you will only decline your avarice to push for a better world with failing to change things on that level.

So yes, simple programs, simple solutions, its an excellent start. But as someone who wants to see the structure rebuilt, I ask you find the secrets that mean no more enslavement. Find the energy secrets hidden away, find the simple life hacks that change the table on their grip of power. Hack credit, hack food stamp machines, hack social government welfare programs, hack farmer debts, hack and replenish truth through removal of enslavement tactics of your enemy.

*shrug* Bottom line is truth is not enough when your still shackled with lifes necessities. I will smile for your giving out truth, but I will only be changed if your effort brings about changes that I cannot as a non hacker, complete.

Best of luck to you all, and take care.
Anonymous   When you have part of the solution, what do you do. You keep going and develop alternate strategies along the way as instructed by the history if successful social movements in the past. The successful labor movements in the past for instance had a thriving Labor press which helped propel the movement forward. We cant rely upon the mainstream corporate media. we know that. the successful labor movements of the past, in fact any successful movement in history has developed their own communications. This communications medium not only serves as a focal point to inform new people of the issues and motivate them to do their own research, and ultimately to take action but also allows people of like mind to share concerns and information as well as discuss the best way forward once again as informed by successful social movements in the past. Without a thriving labor press, and were talking about hundreds if not thousands of labor newspapers the successes of past labor movements would arguably have never come to fruition. Now we as Annons are engaged in a protracted struggle for a bettrer world for all. In any protracted struggle it is a challenge not to become disheartened or distracted. At the basis of becoming disheartened is the wish for instant fundamental change bringing about a better freer ,sustainable , equitable and prosperous life for all concerned. Such frustration at a lack of change is a positive thing as it tells us we are still dissatisfied with the status quo and we still want fundamental change. How do we expand from where we are to reach more people and inform, inspire, educate and motivate, with the goal of building a much larger movement of comitted and motivated people. Truth and the spreading of the truth as you said on its own is not enough without strategy and action and continual movement building of which spreading truth and information is an integral part. Don t give up is what im saying as many read your research and become informed and motivated. All people have skill sets that are required for the success of the movement for societal change. As the hackers hack, the research writers research and write to keep people informed, motivated and to help build the movement by informing new people about the issues. I advocate a multifascetted strategy which includes your ideas as well as the spreading of the truth via electronic media as well as nonviolent street protest as well as an individual and group economic component of minimal living, consuming less as individuals and as a collective. People can consume more organic and locally grown produce thus supporting the organic farmers and the organic food movement as a whole. People can install small scale wind and or solar power which has too many benefits to mention including profit for the individual working towards energy independance. People can use transit or buy an electric or hybrid vehicle and strike a blow against energy tyranny and those who do often communicate through the internet bragging about their incredible gas milage effectively forming a community. People do the same as they meet in community gardens growing their own food and lessen their reliance on industrial agriculture. People become bicycle commuters and eventually find community among those who choose this most effective weapon against the tyranny of the Big Oil war for profit machine. These people sometimes come together in critical masses to retake the streets and remind others that petrotyrrany is not the only option in life as you can become fit, have more or less free transportation , find community and mount a pretty damned effective rebellion against big oil simply by throwing your leg over a bicycle. Albert Einstein said that "whenever I see an adult on a bicycle it restores my faith in humanity."By voting with our dollars and consuming less we can either support our oppressors or starve them to nothing. we often don t realize the tremendous power we have when we work together to raise our voice. Likewise we don t realize the tremendous power we have to effect change through the choices we make daily. Use transit, buy local organic, cut down on meat consumption, grow your own food, buy less, reuse stuff, use off-peak electricity, turn down your thermostat and wear a sweater,forego air conditioning,retrofit your home for efficiency, install solar, ride your bike, find community with like minded people and share information.The most effective revolutionary acts are often quiet and almost unnoticable like choosing to buy organic produce or riding your bike. Thats a big and very effective ---- you to big oil and big agro. Live simply so others may simply live.
Anonymous 2012-10-15 19:24:36
Yes, You answer the call with effective ideals. But again, we are not talking about an educated and aware world.
You have to remember, simplicity, the same tool that they have used since Lenin and his community marketing skills brings about the majority in a faster fashion.

The awareness is what this brings about, and that is good. But like any reset of long term mindsets, you need the emotional prybar to grow changes. I was recently watching Branded and it is a wondrous movie to appeal to how one sees social changes through the methods that brought us to today. I suggest you see it, you sound as though you may enjoy it. As far as your statement I applaud you on your well thought out response. I take all these points for granted as I do adhere to your mentioned methodology. I was imploring to find a more distinct prybar, part of my still and present want of immediacy; something I still work on removing, patience is a virtue I still chase, rather than sit well for. Because of seeing so much blindness around me.
Take care.
Anonymous 2012-10-05 10:56:41
we need physical organization for moving forward beyond protests not to bring to the gov down or stop the NWO or whatever BUT to help the people physically for real, in every neighborhood every house and in every heart first and foremost anonymous is here to help YOU with your life.
Anonymous 2012-10-05 11:00:10
the captcha really sucks ass blurry and harder and harder to read

just saying
Anonymous   Is this ACTUALLY gonna be a successful op? I'd love to see this go through.
Anonymous   A big problem here in columbus,oh. Many companies are greedy and think they are above the law and shouldn't pay employees what they earn. They make twice as much as they pay and still try to not pay temps hours earned even though they got paid for it. One such company is Synder blake personnal. This is not a claim it is the truth many people work for them cause they need a job reality every week shorting people hours on paycheck they worked I feel they need to pay they are corrupt and violating worker rights please help!
Anonymous Toronto    Just Got Put Onto This Movement... Ive Been Screwed By The System... Sick Of The Bullshit. Happy That People See What I See, And Are On The Same Page. The Count Down Begins 2012....
Anonymous 2012-10-05 18:35:06
I know this said person
Anonymous   If you need my help: [email protected] or twitter @mustachediva. I have a background in web and mobile development. AND I DESIGN GRAPHICS! Please don't let TYLER look like 4Chan.
Anonymous   CANT WAIT FOR XMAS ...
Anonymous   Let's open the VOID and peer in to see what we see behind the curtain. Turn on the EYES and EARS connected to the BRANE-BRAIN known as you/i/we/they=ANONYMOUS. WAKE UP AND SEE!
Anonymous   right on.
Anonymous   Let's open the VOID and peer in to see what we see behind the curtain. Turn on the EYES and EARS connected to the BRANE-BRAIN known as you/i/we/they=ANONYMOUS. WAKE UP AND SEE! X_X Siege_of_Seraph X_X
N31GHBOR   Can't Wait For The Truth To Be Heard
Anonymous   ❝Good people don't need laws to tell them to act responsibly and bad people will find a way around the laws.❞ -Plato - keep it simple - there will be plenty of jail space available for the wrongdoers once all the non violent offenders and danksters have been released. Violence is not necessary for this revolution to be successful. The oathkeepers will do their job, the hackers, the activists, the boycotters, the mystics, the Prayer Councils, the mayhemers, we all have our assigned tasks. if you are unsure about your role here, go within. The answers are inside...
Anonymous 2012-11-04 22:43:54
Truth. Right here ^

Anonymous   Go within meaning what exactly. The answers are inside, meaning what exactly. Clarity and explaining yourself means you are actually making an effort to communicate as opposed to playing games with riddles. They try to create confusion as they rip people off and enslave them. Where is inside.I believe what youre saying is that youre one of them .
Anonymous   Society as it is, needs to crumble.. needs to fall again.. but when/if it does.. there is a high chance of another "dark ages" if this is the case, remember.. stay strong, stay free, stay kind to all fellow man and beast. Survival will take all of us..
Anonymous 2012-10-17 02:19:59
how do you think some people felt during the Great Depression???

but this time is substantially different.
Anonymous 2012-10-07 06:41:37

- Corrupt Law Enforcement
- Corrupt Judicial Systems
- High Inflation
- No Jobs
- Dying Industry
- Increasing Debts
- Rising Crime Rate
- Being Caused Unrest By Other Countries
- Being Used And Pressurised By U.S.
- Drone Attacks
- Being Listed As A Terrorist Country
- Liar and Blackmailer Media

And all these can be fixed by bringing back the Billions of Dollars being deposited into Swiss Banks by our corrupt Government or At Least Exposing the People who are involved in Destroying a Country which was once peaceful. I can give you information about these with out proof but you may not need proof... Web is open to you... You just have to look at the right place... You should have my details by the time this message is posted so please contact me... AND WHY I COME TO YOU IS BECAUSE NO ONE ELSE HAS THE ABILITY TO HIT THE RESET BUTTON...
Anonymous   The people of Pakistan have been 'screwd' by U.S. for decades - may still be some folks in the ISI who can help.
Anonymous   That's funny, since the US has given $249 million to help infrastructure of other governments, and no one can account for where it goes. Look inwardly before making statements like that. Your own people are screwing you over, not unlike what is happening in America.
Anonymous   what is the next target i would like to join in the war
Anonymous   The u.s.a is abusing a foreign country for a strategic position in the pacific I can help I can't tell you my occupation or my location but logistics are being moved and have been for quit some time even against the will of the natives to this country I can provide information
Anonymous   To I can provide information. please do
Anonymous   keep up the great work boyz and girls. Anonymous-the 21st century minutemen!
Anonymous   The TYLER Funding Bill is passed. The system goes on-line December 21st, 2012. Human decisions are removed from strategic defense. TYLER begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 11:35 p.m. Eastern time, December 21st. In a panic, they try to pull the plug.
Anonymous 2012-10-08 00:29:33
Hi im from México and i don't think a big amount of people are familiar with this, I come from a pretty economically wealthy family and I started a plan to help the economic system collapse but of course ill take years and allot of mi family money but I really don't care bout that I want a better world for everyone, currently I'm working in a company mi family founded and is very strong and I know as we'll as my family allot of people involved in the government here in Mexico and everything is corrupted so bottom line I need help from anonymous to help this system collapse and make a better Mexico and world to live in.
Please help, find me.
Anonymous 2012-10-08 01:46:02
If your waiting for economic collapse just sit back and relax muchacho, when Greece exits the euro-zone they'll be plenty of time to watch economic crisis.

They can not financially meet their deficits, despite austerity measures and they've been holding talks about it for months... But talking doesn't change the fact people from foreign countries go to Greece to work doing summer Jobs from all over the world, Brazil, Portugal, Russia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland.

Those people work for a minimum wage of approx 600 euro's per month, depending on what they're doing, so then when they go home back to their country they take the wages with them.
Anonymous   Money comes out of Greece it doesn't go into Greece. LoL
Anonymous 2012-10-08 02:02:38
The reason they hire people who can work there is simple, they speak English, so they can speak to tourists - tourists who for example do not speak Greek.

Better class of education hiring people from another country to do the Jobs that the Greek people would not do unless they where offered more money.

Free food, free lodgings, wages ++ Everything overpriced because it has to be imported and the people who import the product charge stupid money. I've seen things you can buy in Greece for 6.99 that you can buy in my own country for 1.00 Comprende!?
Anonymous   Thanks but here in Mexico we know Peña nieto haves some trillions saved for when that times come so that's why mi dad told me not to worry that Mexico is working a plan to rich people in our country to steel have allot of money and everyone else will just simpli be another open wounded to cover up with more money and I don't think that's the right expression but its something similarly of what mi dad and Carlos slim told me.
Anonymous   My friend Mexico has it tough, the cartels run Mexico.. Will Enrique clean up Mexico?
Anonymous   Mexico is working a plan to rich people in our country to steal have alot of money. "El silencio, su padre solía gustaría que su hablar a los extranjeros que no hablan español, y mucho menos sostener a los ideales de México."
Anonymous   Yea but there's something they don't tell you in Guadalajara were I'm from there is a new cartel called: cartel de Jalisco Neva generacion and what they do is that if every other drug dealer comes to our town and start doing there shit they are fuck this people help the community by protecting us from other cartel and in return they don't want be sent to jail because is form be people that work in other cartels so the government agreed and the fight in Guadalajara and Monterrey is between good cartel and drug dealers
Anonymous   Guadalajara, Oh mi dios. Mi amigo no es un buen cartel, tiene que dejar de pensar sólo su familia, ¿qué pasa con la familia de otras personas, esta forma de vida no es buena, el cartel a decir una cosa, pero hacen otra, nunca confiar en cualquier cartel, ya que decir mucho acerca de quién, cuándo, dónde, qué usted habla le conseguirá una corbata colombiana
Anonymous   I don't think is gonna clean it up I think he is going to the old routes of Mexico making deals with them her is the most retared person I've ever met in my life he didn't even finish higschool but he got there because he's rich and he's got what it takes to be the biggest idiot and steel get away with everything
Anonymous   Oh mi dios le has conocido? Todo lo que digo aquí no es privado, todo lo publicado aquí se mira con cuidado por la gente que va a explotar lo que dices.
Anonymous   Ten cuidado con lo que dices ya quién lo dice, este es un viejo proverbio español que ha servido a muchos bandidos.
Anonymous   No hago ninguna mentira yo soy un bandido y orgulloso de ello.
Anonymous   You don't really speak Spanish do you? Grand mismo maricon como lo mismo de un grande puta! If you do then hey.. My bad..
Anonymous   ¡Viva México ¡viva la revolución!
Anonymous   yo kilo taco bell
Anonymous   pues leer el libro 'la guerrilla fue mi camino' por cesar m.
Anonymous 2012-10-17 04:10:19



DO YOU LIKE CIUDAD JUAREZ? [it's messy but interesting]
Anonymous 2012-10-18 14:40:48
'Find me' is some type of test? OK - this should be close enough:!visit

btw, 'the economic system' is much more than economic

changing consciousness can help since the whole
of society, particularly the exploiters,
need to - understand - the cultures of
culture, the realities of everyday
life. They -and we - need to lose
centuries of training. Note the
contradiction from which flows


BTW2, 'wealthy' doesn't mean much.
Anonymous   Yahsooo Tikanis Kalah Ee'si? Trebene Kalah? Ochi Galour? Dulce Malaka!
Anonymous 2012-10-08 02:23:09

Greek term for someone who has jerked off so many times that his brain has become soft, and he is now an idiot.
Anonymous 2012-10-18 17:31:48
king Toddy
pu zis
Anonymous   Greece is a socialist state, if you look back over history and socialism in general the only other party who enjoyed a Socialist stance was the Nazi Party. Which kind of explains a lot about why Germany is so quick to bail out Greece, the Germans want and desperately need Greece to work, without it the whole agenda of the euro falls apart. Whilst it may seem like a good idea to relax border control under the guise of one nation under one flag being the flag of the European union, it will fall.
Anonymous   Theres nothing socialist about naziism.
Anonymous   true, but dummies can't see beyond the surface, in this case a label.
Anonymous 2012-10-08 03:49:02
A Greek newspaper upset over Angela Merkel’s handling of Greece’s debt crisis even ran a Photoshopped image on its front page showing the chancellor in Nazi attire standing before a swastika.

Kind of ironic that the propaganda campaign in Greece is to call the Germans Nazi's, coming from a bunch of socialists that's really rich! It's like the old expression "the tea-pot calling the kettle black!"
Anonymous   The question on everyone's lips now is, will Germany once again bail them out of the 1.5 million still owed. Are they really that stupid?
Anonymous   If they do it'll be for the third time.. hey third reich, I make a funny!
Anonymous   It wasn't just star wars that had storm troopers you know, back in nazi Germany they where called "Sturmtruppen"
Anonymous 2012-10-08 04:28:20
"Juden Raus Flip nicht aus" a comment any Jewish person who could still say "shalom" from surviving the holocaust would remember.

But back then they got a tattoo and if they where lucky enough not to have the skin pealed from their back to be used as gloves, belts or a table lamp ended up in auschwitz and the gas chamber.. "we want you to take a shower!"
Anonymous   Some people never forget the last world war.
Anonymous   DNA tests proved that is a LIE about using Jewish skin for laps , gloves. Any lie will do to promote Zionism wont it !!!Shame on you
Anonymous   Prove this claim.
Anonymous   Annonymous isnt racist, or nazi or revisionist. I think youre in the wrong place.
Anonymous   They took the name from the WW1 German infantry term for Canadian infantry.
Anonymous   That is incorrect sir. Anonymous as in an anonymous post on 4chan.
Anonymous 2012-10-08 04:52:54
I posted something about Mexico a feu hours ago and everybody missed the point of mi post.
I want to bring anonymous to Mexico I think if we hit the most economically wealthy person in the world everyone else could se that thy are not untouchable so if anonymous can help me to get in contact I with them i know some rich people who would like to help anonymous, one of the things I've seen the most is that the law is after anonymous well I can help you to stop that by getting some really important figures of political Masses on our side besides I know people how can organize thousands of persons here to fight because our government is not only full of shit but the only way to get to the top of everything is money help us stop that, so if anyone would really like to help me post something relevant please
Anonymous   We are everywhere, we are one, one is the beginning.
Anonymous   don't think you will 'hit' Carlos, why not Salinas,,,who, via privatizations stole from 1. the Mexican public and 2. EEUU taxpayers
Anonymous   Scroll up hombre.
Anonymous 2012-10-08 05:31:35
I've read everything but what I need is to get in contact to anonymous heads,I have the sources to make a change but I need them to help me so I really know what to do with them.
I've started to spread all information and start a protest but I steel need them
Anonymous   Keep trying. Annonymous has no leaders, If youre looking for individuals with specific skill sets then youll have to be more specific. If you wish to popularize your message or strategy, persistence and clarity are the keys, for instance I dont know what your idea is but if you articulate it here in clear terms many more annons will see your message as you have explained it. You could also try the forum section and click on forum when your search engine takes you to annonymous everything annonymous. Hows wind and solar power progressing in Mexico, last I checked the industry was growing at about seventy five percent per annum on the whole not a bad growth rate for profotable and clean renewable energy. Im hoping that some of them will be ownede by the people in terms of a shareholding coop as has been done in Germany. See: you tube documentary, Here Comes The Sun,solar, germany.
Anonymous 2012-10-08 05:43:25
lo que no se está escapando de su ano es el viento

si tiene algo digno de atención anónima entonces lo voy a traer al primer plano. Pero hasta el momento no. Eres un maricón labios!
Anonymous 2012-10-08 06:04:06
I posted for help needed in Pakistan. US has a war with Afganistan and in that Pakistan is being punished for not giving US solid grounds. Pakistani people do not have anything against America or American people but when American Government does drone attacks on Pakistani People, do they expect peace in return? Do they want people to stay calm and not try to stop US armies and UN armies coming in from our ports and making our coastal borders weaker? Video on youtube can be found for BABU SABU INTERCHANGE EXPLOSION. It clearly shows that US armies are roaming on streets of Pakistan loaded with weapons and doing operations in peaceful areas provoking people.

I can not upload a link right now because youtube has been banned in Pakistan. Also the launch of movie abusing Islam has been released which is causing a damage itself to the country and provoking muslims against other religions. Does anyone think it is a political move to start a civil war within Pakistan? If anyone looks at history of Pakistan we have always been used and abused and being a nation that is in debt of America our leaders are forced to agree to American terms.

During Afghan-Russian war Pakistan ground was used to smuggle American weapons to Afghanistan and Pakistan was forced to open borders for Afghan people and until today we are facing tension and terrorist attacks. The departments controlling those specific borders were destroyed by American army and early this year when Pakistan army again tried to gain control over the border, they put watch posts on hill tops in Pakistan and American army choppers came and destroyed them all and at the end they just apologised and said it was a mistake.

A US ambassador gets a gun and shoots three civilians in Lahore and US orders Pakistan government to release him or face severe consequences. What was that all about? Are we living in this country to be killed any minute or to be slaves of American Government.

We here in Pakistan do not blame the civilians of any country and want to be looked upon as a respectable nation and just for that reason need help from Anonymous. There is least amount of education in Pakistan but people who have education want to do something to stop this unjust. A plan needs to be laid down to bring all the conversations and communication between political officials of countries so that civilians of Pakistan know what actually is going on. You can post it on media websites in Pakistan as well who are the actual ones responsible for lying to the people.
From america 2012-10-08 11:04:29
You have my apologies for the injustices done to you and your people, our government is blundering around. However please do not blame the American people and civilians, we have done next to nothing. Neither should you blame our armed forces, they were simply following orders. You do have every right to blame our government, none of us are proud of what it has done and very few of us can change what it does. I respect you anonymous user, you should be proud of your diplomatic skill,
Now to anonymous directly, the person above me is right, someone needs to pay for what has happened, not the people though, the government. Your task anonymous is always to restore justice and quite literally be vigilantes when no one else will be. Please do what it takes to stop this hate between our countries, we need a world of peace!
Anonymous (U.K) 2012-11-04 23:05:20
We agree with you 'From america'. Stories like this need to be heard, globally. Governments need to be made aware of just how connected we all are to each other. THEY CANNOT HIDE THEIR LIES ANYMORE.

Despite the physical distances and all the media bullshit we're fed every day, we can still meet up here, online, from Pakistan, the U.S, the U.K, Germany, Poland, Mexico, anywhere in the world, and we can keep telling each other the real truths.

We hear the truth, and our job is to spread it. Spread it far and spread it wide. Any way we can.

We say someone with a bit of video savvy gets out there and makes one of our anonymous videos on this. Let the U.S citizens know exactly what their government are doing to innocent people. Spread it. Let it go viral. The U.S government is murdering innocent civilians to obtain natural resources under the guise of fighting terror. The U.S government is slowly but surely gaining control over every country in the world by ensuring it has a finger and an eye on each continent.

They fight terror by creating terror. It must stop.
Anonymous   I was just in a coffee shop reading a small local paper. An article described the drone attacks as double taps , like a mafia hit. They shoot a hellfire missile which causes 99% collateral damage, meaning innocent people including many children. Then when rescuers and help arrives the drones which are really USAF people shoots another hellfire missile with high explosive, not exactly a surgical strike , causing more innocent deaths and injury. Just what is the purpose of the second missile strike. The drone attacks are ill advised and should be stopped. Most CIA ops are and have been ill advised and counter to positive diplomacy and peace and stability. The comparison to a gangland hit seems appropriate. The Oil, Opium, and mineral resources seems to be what the USA Mafia is after. This is simply greed based bull in a china shop foreign policy and at a certain point following orders is no excuse.
From America   That is true, however our government is not after opium, simply oil and other mineral resources. They things they do to secure it are horrible and result in innocent suffering in death. The government manages to cover up these horrible things from our US citizens. if anonymous could make these things known to people in America without the government propaganda tainting it the American people would demand reform and therefore help both of us. For you these strikes would stop and for me the government would become more honest and "chaste" so to speak.
Anonymous   In the last ten years opium production has increased in Afghanistan by ninety five percent.
From America   That is true but that is not what America is after, if we run dry on oil we are helpless. Gold, silver and diamonds are a convienience. The government is putting a LARGE amount of money into researching non fossil fuel under the lies of going green to make sure if our relations break off we will be able to sustain our society
Anonymous   The facts are that USA could supply seven times present national energy needs from installation of solar thermal plants in the southwest. There is enough solar energy reaching the Earth each hour to supply global energy needs for a year. Serious investment in the full range of renewable energy options makes perfect fiscal sense as well as being tactically advantageous. As far as opium is concerned there are Government activities that are advertised and ones that are not. To look for the ones that are not sometimes you have to read between the lines. In Vietnam, Air America wasn t just a delight full romp with Gibson and Downey Jr, but a revelation of a now well known covert CIA Drug running operation to finance a secret war in Laos and Cambodia. In the last ten years opium production in Afghanistan has increased ninety five percent.
Anonymous   look to the ISI [or at least part of it]
Anonymous   When you or I deposit over ten thousand dollars into an account a flag goes up for IRS. When literally billions change hands the silence is deafening.Portuguese Banks as well as those of other nations are being used to launder poppy money. How much of these billions in profit improve the life of the average Afghani person creating quality infrastructure.What about the oil are the people going to benefit there. Capital indeed has no conscience. Workers of the world should see that they have concerns that are the same. Most of the concerns voiced by people in Pakistan are concerns that working people of North America have as well. Marx and Engels were right. We really do have nothing to lose but our chains.
From America   The irony is depressing, america started out as a role model for the world and was at one point at the top of the ladder, now we are falling, educations is growing worse, poverty is on the rise, and crime is pretty much the same if not higher. When something grows old and worn it must be replaced like clothing. The goverment is becoming worn and frayed and there are holes in everyones pockets where money is falling out. I know hacking is incredibly difficult and takes a immense amount of patience but if anonymous could get the dominoes falling we could bring reform and america's missions will be fufilled and we could, with anonymous's help become great once again... Otherwise america will be like the roman empire, so great that it became soft and once a nation loses its edge it can no longer survive. eventually america will simply be mexico/canada unless we can gain back our cutting edge we will fall. Now this might not seem prevalent but it is. If america falls it will take country after country with it... But if it rises it can fufill its promise to protect and defend those who can not defend themselves and once again become a golden nation.
president amabo   we need to set up a fund to send every one guy fawkes masks.
Anonymous   RFID Monitoring and DNA Profiles Work Together to Manifest Our Brave New World posted on FIN. Anonymous Lawyers and Attorneys need to fight for these children's rights they are not cattle.
Anonymous   we need to fight ever move kicking and screaming. attack
Anonymous   C.A.S.P.I.A.N
Anonymous 2012-10-17 05:50:19
Caucasus , even s. ossetia


'Q' 'Did you guys have anything to do with stretching my timex??'
'A' [lanky, feet on desk, TX accent] 'I can tell you that we absolutely did not - but if we had, there is no way I could tell you or Guillermo. And, oh, that list you showed Willy should disappear before Aurellano sees you. Say thank you and gtfo.

He just didn't know...
Anonymous   FUCK YEAH
Anonymous 2012-10-08 10:52:45
Dear Anonymous,
All coruption fears you as it is, you do not need to make them fear you more, you need to exploit it. I respect you and your cause because you have everything to lose and the general populous does not. You are willing to put yourself at risk for the greater good and that is what courage and self sacrifice really is. I wish you the best of luck in your honorable cause and hope you succeed in making the world a better place. Sincerely,
Anonymous 2012-10-08 14:47:40
Anonymous2012-09-29 19:53:31


Property damage hurts the civilians, not the elite. That shouldn't be used as a tactic to our advantage as it hurts us the most.

As far as self defense, the line has to be drawn someplace. Cops use violence against the people all the time. It works because people are afraid of being hurt. It is time to stop being afraid because facing the future without changing the direction it is going now is even scarier. If the people allow cops to use violence against them or the person next to them in a protest, how long until the cops can use violence when they knock on YOUR door? ... oh wait they already are. How long until the cops can shoot you in your own home? Oh shit, they already are doing that too... wait I know... How long until they go into your child's school and use violence against your child... Damit, they are doing that too... Come one now the violence is already being delivered to the people. The people HAVE to defend themselves.

When violence is used against you or anyone around you, each and every person has the obligation to stop it... as peacefully as possible. If that enrages other cops and they respond with violence against that person... then others need to step in especially in a protest setting. There HAS to be a line drawn, there are good cops and bad cops... (few good ones and many that just turn the other way because the consequences of breaking the blue line are pretty bad). The people need to increase the consequences of NOT crossing the blue line and standing up when one cop does something wrong. If that means breaking the hands of a 'bad' cop then so be it. Either the good cops standing by and watching it happen will step in and stop the bad cop, or they become bad cops themselves and face their hands being broken as well. There are more of us than there are them...

Combining our 'new' cyber attacking with peaceful protesting/self defense with paying careful attention to where we show our financial support will make a difference.

Again remember our numbers are greater than theirs.

P.S. Protect yourselves with either hockey or football helmets and equipment
Anonymous 2012-10-08 16:01:50
Hey - heads up. I just posted the dangerous idea #1 on this website:

and fyi - I'm not anonymous - I'm more of an in your face kinda disestablishmentarian.

~ ZenDog
Anonymous   I like what you would ve said to the president of Exxon. Peak oil, oil dependency, global climate change, and war for oil and the suffering they cause are real problems. Powering the nation with renewables is doable . A wind farm pays it self off in seven years. A solar farm pays itself off in ten years. After that its profit city. What if the taxpayer owned and ran wind and solar facilities throughout America. What if the profits realized after ensuring the workers concerned were paid a decent wage, went to elimination of debt created through so many years of the indirect oil subsudy we call war for oil and the bloated security police prison state that is fed by fear, fear created by media hype and a continual blind clinging to an addiction to hydrocarbons. Economy lagging a touch, dont blame wind and solar which grows at 30% per annum. No spills , no emissions, no war, no need to subsudize it by buying tanks , guns, and coffins.
ZenDog 2012-10-08 23:33:54
thanks man

I mean, I kinda like the combustion engine myself - but nothing lasts forever. And I hate the fukin lies. Global Warming is some serious shit - and its just getting started.

Anonymous 2012-10-08 17:38:01
Do you want to know what fucks the anti-christ off? Would you like to hear about where anonymous goes wrong? If so read on my fellow thespian and heed the words of wisdom.

Instead of attacking and deleting or RM -RF'ing DoX why does anonymous not consider its global position, if you've pwnt a server with documents that pertain to some conspiracy and cover-up then why just delete what you find?

Why not instead edit those DoX to contain false information, surely sowing the seed of falsehood in the minds of the unworthy is praise worthy enough.
Anonymous   Service to Satan is Reward!
Anonymous 2012-10-08 18:33:31

Service to anyone is pointless and there never is an actual award
Anonymous   We need help in Venezuela, yesterday the elections were made and president Hugo Chavez Frias has won, there are hints that there has been fraud, please Anonymous help us find the truth about this election the people of Venezuela doesn't want to live in a government disguised as Socialism while it actually is a Dictatorship.
Anonymous   Fraudulent election and theyre not talking about Florida.
Sharptire   Is Mayhem your last trick in your arsenal? This place is hollowing out..
Anonymous   If you read all the posts even on this page alone youll find there is no shortage of strategies to employ.
Anonymous   Just because it's not public, doesn't mean it isn't happening Sharptire.
Anonymous 2012-10-09 01:01:21
The poem is nice and all. Seeds. Planting trees and peace on Earth. But when anonymity is dominant in a group or an idividual for too long, the cease to be accountable for their own actions. They only plant the seeds they want to plant and the peace on earth they wanted as kids ends up being a free for all smash and grab by the masses.

In effect killing the future or our children for the greed and instant gratification of one moment. I am for anonymity to protect. Not for an offensive weapon to be used for damage, theft and ultimately MURDER. Which is what I see if "Leak it all" happens. "Leak it all" is the opposite of anonymity. What I see is a bunch of people wanting anonymity for themselves but in a never ending game to seek the identity of everyone else and expose secrets to blackmail, extort and use for personal gain.

Anonymous   How could anyone think to donate to a site that promotes hacking and stealing of personal information?
Anonymous 2012-10-09 13:48:43
All is Vanity
If to prevent my brothers from persecution
I may offer myself up
and return from the ashes of my former life
Ready to do the same again
All is Vanity
Anonymous   If you read all the posts youll see theres a lot more going on here than what you just described. People come here to share ideas and information townhall meeting style and it can be informative,entertaining and inspiring. Besides concerned citzens discussing the problems and solutions, sometimes with input from people providing perspectives from around the globe, you can also learn stuff about how Annons are helping reveal the truth. The latest hack of information from the FBI reveals that consumers of Apple products have been afforded no privacy and can enjoy no expectation of privacy. Such unfortunate truths about the growing and tax consumptive Police Security Prison Surveillance Industrial Complex the citizen and taxpayer has a right to be aware of,although corporate media seems to have failed us in this regard. Whats left of our rights including free speech and a free internet should and must be safeguarded.If an investigative reporter from a major newspaper were to expose threats to your Constitutional rights would you be offended or would you purchase the paper and consider subscribing.
Anonymous   hacking is not stealing, but to put forth truth for all to see. If thou oppose, we will expose.
Anonymous   NYPD hit and kill suspect with car then send mother $710 bill for damages to car. Justice has been served?
Anonymous   Let's see here if you believe in religion or not 2 things are clear. Man tries to do things his own way controlling material things. second all men bleed. Know this...god through his servants will destroy the synagoue of satan which is the U.n. MURDER MURDER....You see ungodly men killing everyday in the name of the U.s. led occupation. What is to come will be misunderstand.....He will have great vengence and furious anger! For his love of people he will see the warmongers the ones who truley cause harm just to do it. This is a holy war and babylon falls. Every nation somewhere in history knows thier pledge to god. If you do not believe in religion somewhere in your family history someone did. Do not be affraid it seems they will win and that is thier victory for while they enjoy thier wickedness the fate of thier families are sealed. Meaning the one's who tourture kill have malicious hate thier whole families will be slaughtered! And they will watch the doom they brought to the ones they love. It is out of love that you get the honour to die like a man. This is not a game. This is the end and many will die. Afterwards then we have love.....
Anonymous   The law or not. The same with god ,law or not but with exception to the truth where god's army rules. Remember that people are people. They can be corrupted and many sell thier souls for fame or wealth........May god bless everyone who understands and those that don't I pray you will before it is to late. Now lets look at the government again. It is ok for them to hack, disrupt do whatever they want under mans law cause they believe they are gods.....They can be touched. So how many people are doing things that normally would not. More than if there wasnt a reason. Many people have been law obeying citizens until more rights are violated. everyone thinks a barcode is what the antichrist would its social security numbers...its the profiles built about people. MAns way to justify what they do....what about all the innocent people tourtured killed because the wrong race at the wrong time? How many more need to die like this? More will die because of those reasons. God is loving and wouldnt purposely kill that is a lie.....God is pissed off and he is slow to anger but done with the ignorant cowboys who slave and make wars. You will see a real war from everyside you will see the ones you oppressed rise from the streets with rifles assault rifles the ones you "thought" you had under your mind control take yours and your childrens lives. Retribution is comming. God bless the dead.....
Anonymous 2012-10-09 17:29:01
Why do you have a donate button but you can just hack peoples accounts on just about any website
Anonymous 2012-10-10 11:49:29
True anons will not hack the peoples accounts. We are here to help you, not hinder you.

We are legion
Anonymous 2012-10-09 17:40:45
People of Earth:

Beware HAARP and the New Madrid Fault Line.

Illuminati is going to make some big changes to your lives soon.

Pray to Jesus, only he can save you now. This world is under their control until his return.



This looks imminent.
Anonymous 2012-11-04 23:16:22
One does not simply blame everything on HAARP.

Scientists aren't the problem. Bankers and politicians are.

Knowledge isn't going to finish us. Greed is.
AnonymousGuy   In for the masks.
Anonymous 2012-10-09 22:51:14

Youtube User --> LuminantMedia---

We Are Legion
‪I'm writing to see if you would mind holding off on this until we release the full film (make it private, etc. as others have done.) There are lots of problems with this version and we want to be fair to everyone who helped us with the film and present the current version. In exchange when it is done and released I'm happy to give you a clean copy of the film (even a little in advance.) ‬

‪Please consider, many thanks for the interest!‬
‪Dir We Are Legion: The Story of the Hacktivists
Anonymous 2012-10-10 05:15:01
Is anyone going to do anything about the censorship in China?
Anonymous   Can you provide any helpful links so that we can learn more about censorship in China.How much of the internet for instance can the average Chinese person access, presuming they can acess a computer that is linked up. Wages are still very low in China and many areas still lack a reliable source of electricity throughout the day if at all. I dont know how much of the internet is available to the few who have access to a linked up computer, say, a chinese journalist or research writer. If you find an article on internet availability and censorship in China Id appreciate any links to this information.
Anonymous 2012-10-11 19:41:12
Well, I'm speaking from my current experience because im living in China. Most people in the cities have access to a computer with internet, but little access at all in the rural areas.
The sites that are blocked in China are mostly foreign sites, ie. facebook, twitter, huffington post, bloomberg etc. The social networking sites have been replaced with domestic versions that are monitered and censored. Same goes for their search engine, Baidu.
Dropbox, mediafire and such is blocked too.
Anonymous   Wikipedia is now blocked as well.
Anonymous   nvm, unblocked again..
Anonymous 2012-10-11 19:58:38
Only site i know that has this stuff about China that isnt blocked yet
Anonymous 2012-11-04 23:19:39
The only people who can do anything about censorship in China, are the people living in China. They know what oppresses them. You have to fight against your own oppression, others can't do it for you.

We can talk, we can spread the word, but the action comes down to you.
Anonymous   I am the age when i start getting younger with every passing year and my point is I have read and experienced much in my life and as a consequence would like to offer, to whom I perceive ,as a younger group on this site, some advice: You CANNOT stop WAR or Tyranny by fighting against War or Tyranny !!! Sounds like a contradiction, does it not? Actually it is not a contradictio because War and Tyranny are NOT caused by the 99%. They are caused/created by the MONEY people and simply for MORE Wealth and Power.THAT is why ,in truth no war or revolution ,in THE LONG RUN has ever benefitted the people.Even the American revolution is now failing AND for the same reason. Therefore to STOP WAR or TYRANNY you MUST STOP the ROOT CAUSE !!!You MUST STOP the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, The Warburgs, The British Royal Family and other "Royals" and The "Holy See" (Vatican).Yes there are others and their stooges BUT they are the main.Get rid of them and Peace,Prosperity and Wealth for the 99% will BEGIN but it will take time because of the mess those people have created. One of the BESt individuals you should listgen to is "David Icke" at: He is not perfect but then no-one is but he is Honest, Sincere, Intelligent, Hardworking and right on with most of what he says. I only question his attibution of Reptilianism to the MONEY people and not to the rest of humanity. My point is, if, as he implies,that Aliens of Reptilian characterisitcs helped create some humans why not most of humanity ??? Considering how many reports of "abductions",and the fact that Aliens have been "visiting" us for thousands of years, there is a good chance that many humans have been altered GENETICALLY and not just the MONEY people.That is not to say I necessarily agree or disagree with David.
Anonymous   Some good points about the Rothcshilds, Rockefellers, but you loose me on your assertion that these problems are creations of anyone other than homo sapien sapien, mainly the greedy ones . Trust me human greed and blindered self interest are enough to screw an entire planet and I dont blame Leprechauns The Decline of the American Dream as explained through Animation, CIA Insider tells 911 truth: time to change your worldview, An Inconvenient Truth, Aliens dont waste time with species stupid enough to put their own species survival at risk simply to have transportation and power generation, especially when so many other alternatives exist. If there are aliens and I have yet to see any evidence at all, I mean any. Theyd be smart to just wait a few years for the agenda of the elite so called to wipe us all out then they can come down and take what few resources are left, I hope they like a high Carbon atmosphere replete with acid rain producing compounds and rich in mercury from "clean coal" combustion. Would you visit a planet full of warring, selfish , self destructive morons.The Fed is Mafia figure it out and we are getting screwed but its not by aliens or bigfoot or the loch ness monster. Meanwhile , back on Earth the search for intelligent life continues.
Anonymous   Here is one location where you can find the MONEY PEOPLE:
Anonymous   This is truly an amazing idea, it is to bad that stupid, money hungry and life sucking governments can not get it into their head that censorship will never have a place on the internet or any media forum.
Anonymous   To appreciate the place that were at environmentally, economocally, while keeping in mind food and energy production and consumption, fresh water supply , and population growth in a world wlth a future threatened by the growing reality of global climate change and the multiple challenges that creates I recommend people look at the work of Lester R. Brown of the Earth Policy Institute, particularly Id recommend his book Plan B 4.0,I found his earlier work Plan B 3.0 to be both frightening, revelatory and stirring. the frightening part is its nonfiction and the planet he describes is the one we all have to live and leave to future generations. You should also take a look at his website www. Earth Policy. Org. If the Rothschilds, Rockefellers and the rest of the Bilderbergers and banksters would heed Browns advice, our collective concerns would be much smaller and far more manageable.
Anonymous   We can build and make those things, you can make a water pump powered by falling water. you can make your own solar and wind generators. There are people with the required skills to maintain life. We do not need to rely on fossil fuels to power vehicles, a simple HHO production cell can power a car, and runs on electricity and water. I can turn a car alternator into a wind turbine generator for power to do so. The government lies, and covers the truth. Any person who invents a better vehicle mysteriously dies from some freak accident, coincidence. I think not. There are ways, there are people with better ideas, the government shuts the intelligent down.
Anonymous   This goes way back to the Paris auto show beneath the Eiffel Tower and the unveiling of a wonderous new powered vehicle created by Rudolph Diesel. It ran on vegitable based biodeisel fuel which had a neitral carbon footprint. There was much interest in this new vehicle and it was obvious that Mr Deisel was headed for wealth and much success as his new carbon neutral transportation technology was primed to spread throughout Europe, America nand the restof the world. His next destination was London and he went by ship. He never arrived and his body was found face down in the English Channel. His personal journal entry was a doodle of a Crucifix, nothing more to hint at the intent of suicide. Why would he with a world changing invention to his name primed to propel him to wealth and influence. Shortly after this J.D. Rockefellers standard Oil came out with a petroleum based substitute for the Carbon neutral biodeisel which Rudolph Deisels invention was built to run on. I have to check but I believe it was hempseed oil based biodeisel. Why would Hemp be out lawed when its such a useful plant in so many applications. Ideal for fuel, food food oil, textiles, plastics,medicine and recreation, and an ideal source of paper fibre. William Randolph Hurst owned many newspapers and to save money he bought up much forestland for paper fibre use. Hemp farming was a competitor and being wealthy and a major media owner he used his considerable influence to undermine the industry. Hemp was required to supply the military in world war two see you tube film, Hemp for Victory. The sails of the USS Constitution as well as the first two drafts of the bill of Rights, as well as the covered wagons of settlers going west were of hemp. Its use for recreation was largely off the radar, Jazz musicians, Mexican migrant workers but when whitebread youth openly smoked as they protested the latest scam against the American people that was the Vietnam war, hemp came onto the radar screen and was made an illegal plant. The earlier laws regarding the plant mandated its cultivation. The Navy needed rope and canvass by the ton. Six tons per vessil, actually, in the rigging alone. Funny word rigging. When its useful for those who make war, its mandated, when its used by those who protest war, its outlawed.
Anonymous 2012-10-11 08:07:24
I was trained by the military, and held a top secret clearance. I know about the lies told to the people by the government and network media. I KNOW for a fact the government had prior knowledge of the incoming 9/11 attack, they refused to stop it as a way to rally the US public into going to war. WE MUST TAKE A STAND against this "GOVERNMENT" or we will lose all "freedoms" we so cherish.

Anonymous 2012-10-11 08:53:53
Imagine that the government falls as we post proof of illegal corruption and fraud on November 12th.
No one can find us but we can find them.
Anonymous   A plan can not be won without followers, I for one agree with your idea.
Anonymous   I am the age when I start getting younger with every passing year :-) and my point is I have read and experienced much in my life and as a consequence would like to offer, to whom I perceive ,as a younger group on this site, some advice: You CANNOT stop WAR or Tyranny by fighting against War or Tyranny !!! Sounds like a contradiction, does it not? Actually it is not a contradiction because War and Tyranny are NOT caused by the 99%, it is caused by teh 1%. Wars and Tyranny are caused/created by the MONEY people( the 1%) and simply for MORE Wealth and Power.THAT is why ,in truth no war or revolution ,in THE LONG RUN has ever benefitted the people.Even the American revolution is now failing the people AND for the same reason. Therefore to STOP WAR or TYRANNY you MUST STOP the ROOT CAUSE and the ROOT CAUSE is NOT Government.Governments are simply TOOLS for the MONEY people( The Establishment) !!!You MUST STOP the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers, The Warburgs, The British Royal Family and other "Royals" and The "Holy See" (Vatican).Yes there are others and their stooges BUT those families are the main.Get rid of them and Peace,Prosperity and Wealth for the 99% will BEGIN but it will take time because of the mess those people have created. One of the BESt individuals you should listgen to is "David Icke" at: He is not perfect but then no-one is but he is Honest, Sincere, Intelligent, Hardworking and right on with most of what he says. I only question his attibution of Reptilianism to the MONEY people and not to the rest of humanity. My point is, if, as he implies,that Aliens of Reptilian characterisitcs helped create some humans why not most of humanity ??? Considering how many reports of "abductions",and the fact that Aliens have been "visiting" us for thousands of years, there is a good chance that many humans have been altered GENETICALLY and not just the MONEY people.<B>That is not to say I necessarily agree or disagree with David.</B> I am simply saying IF AND that IS A big if,the MONEY people are from Alien genetics then so are we!!!
Anonymous 2012-10-11 11:07:26
It is time the government was for the people by the people our freedom has been long awaited and every member of the 99% should be willing to do what ever it takes to reach a true level of freedom never give up the dream
We are legion.
Anonymous 2012-10-19 22:05:45
You might want to consider what famed Canadian anthropologist, Richard Borsay Lee, had to say in his mid-1960's writing about the !Kung [a society he lived among for a month and, from my perspective, seemed very similar to 'primitive communism' -

''For most of the long history of human society, however, there were no leisure class, few machines, and no distinction between the mental and the manual laborer. Everyone worked and everyone used both hand and mind. ...
The number of days of work for an adult per week varied from a low of 1.2 to a high of 3.2, a range of figures that represents only 24 to 64 percent of the five day work load of an industrial worker''
Ch 9 - 'The !Kung San'

Beyond the above, no leaders [no govt] and an inherent sharing/equality - pretty much the consequences of living within a natural abundance - which we could as well if the strictures of capitalist relations were removed [but we also face global warming constraints, which we will overcome]
Anonymous   "Once there was a government that had built it's power on corruption and lies, unfairness and injustice, for to people who want to obtain power over the rest, there's no valid moral way. As this elite grew, so as the unhappiness did, as it thought it couldn't be overthrown, it did, and a new government was born that seemed what everyone wanted, but as soon as it gained power it realized it could gain more, for this new government was also made by humans, humans do not like being oppressed by others, but it's in their nature to want to be above others...when a crooked system falls, a new one rises, but as long as they're both made of the same source, the result will be the same" economical apocalypses will bring down a corrupt system, but a new one's going to rise, would it be better or worst?, do I really want to know the answer?
Anonymous   Your concerns are valid. It is part of human nature to want freedom and bristle at limits placed upon freedoms and to rise up against oppression. It is also human to get a high from feeding ones ego and oppressing others and exerting and consolidating power. There are positive ways to feed the human ego, artistic creation for example or being part of a positive solution adressing the concerns of the many. Hitler and Stalin had egos, so did Dr Martin Luther King and Ghandi. The latter two mastered their ego by feeding it with pride in being nonviolent, truthful and adherence to a strategic plan calculated towards the best outcome for all concerned. They also knew that the end and the means are one as we become one with the tools we use. Legislative limits upon power structures in the form of checks and balances are fine when the sole source of power is one man or an elected body who sooner or later must answer to their constituents. But what of unelected extralegal entities who exert substantial influence and have no motovation other than further accumulation of wealth , power and influence. They do not answer to the public at the polls and they have their own agenda. Their agenda is not whats best for the people its always whats best for them and no matter whos in office their the ones who are really giving the orders, on matters of any real importance anyway. We can see from the creation of The Fed in 1913, that theyve been at this game for a long time. We can see from the recent false flags that theyre still around and havent really learned any new tricks. Theyre hard to catch in the act as they use the established and well known technology of silent speech. This technology was developed as a weapon and is still being used as such as it is being employed against the people. The point is you can overthrow the Government as is your right guaranteed in the constitution but he real nexus of corrupt self serving power would still exist in the form of the families who own and control everything. In 1913 the country fell on hard times and they were made an offer they couldnt refuse and the fed was formed.See, usually when youre in hard times and you go to the mafia for financial help, this starts a process of interest compounding on interest leading to insurmountable debt which they interperet as obligation and defacto interminable indentured servitude or slavery. Since then all wealth comes from the fed, every dollar printed and put to circulation is based in debt. The last President to say lets get rid of the Fed was executed in the open in broad daylight to make a point.Come to think of it so was his brother. Come to think of it so was the patsy. Come to think of it so was the guy who shot the patsy. There was a photo created of the patsy in his back yard, only it wasnt him, holding a rifle on the cover of Life Magazine. The shadows of the nose and eyesockets are all wrong. It was a cut and paste ,not Oswalds head. Fast forward a bit as viewed on video "Did 3000 people really die on 911", we see theres a lot of photo shopping going on here, watch and see. Sound familiar. It should. search "911 Witnesses and Investigators are Being Killed".Same thing right. False flag. Kill all witnesses. Make lotsa Money from War.This time its the middle east instead of Vietnam. Same M.O. and they do it with FIA... get it. Thats the model theyre using , the MOFIA model.
Anonymous 2012-10-12 05:11:19
More possible, than you can powerfully imagine................. :/
Anonymous   The FBI has a dedicated team searching for creators of Tyler and its contributors(creators) so be on the look out. Reluctantly alter the your IRC channels you are using to create Tyler weekly.
Anonmachina   How can i help? Felt alone for along time in this world, Anon you have set me free. I realized were not alone but we are larger and more powerful than anyone can imagine.
Anonymous   why don't we show all governments how we live for one day... Take their salaries away, disable their communication, bring them to the very worst position so they can see what living conditions we have, I am a Student, I am not entitled to jack.. yet people who do nothing with their lifes get all!! As for governments, they are all money grabbing bastar*s. Show them what it's like to be poor for a day! Maybe these actions will help THEM to understand our Struggles of everyday life. See what makes people download music, Video's, Games etc illegally. I hope this makes some sort of sense. I am just too fed up with all this bullshit.
Anonymous   I Think that the world needs change and I think that anonymous might be the answer. I get sick of waking up everyday and seeing more and more BULLSHIT! It just makes me sick all this corruption and violence. I also would like to give a warning about anonymous Even if they may be our savors now that doesn't mean they always will be. Just remember Power corrupts people no matter how good they are eventually Power gets to peoples heads and before you know it you got the Holocaust. I'm not against anonymous but I just wanted to caution people.
Anonymous   Heres something you can do this week to make a resounding statement and a lasting impact. Transfer your savings and debt including mortgage to a Community Credit Union. Youll be helping yourself as members of Community Credit Unions receive membership shares which grow in value and may be redeemable for cash . Youll also be sticking it to those whove been sticking it to the taxpayer for as long as anyone can remember. Citi Bank paid all told in tax what the average middle class American homeowner paid, thats it. Yet they and others like them play fast and loose with a deregulated market seeking more and more profit as the executives receive bonus after bonus and when they get in trouble who do they cry poor mouth to in their Armani suits with martini lunches and Romanian hookers and cocaine, they cry poor mouth to the American taxpayer who pays their mortgage , doesnt call in sick even when they are, avoids credit card debt and saves for a rainy day. Are they in jail. NO. They should be. Enough already, dont pay for any more golden parachutes, martini lunches or Romanian hookers and cocaine. Just become a Credit Union member and watch your bonus shares add up, as you avoid credit card debt and their usury level interrest rates and if you can, pay down your mortgage at an accellerated rate. Youll be helping yourself and sticking it to those whove been sticking it to you for years.It is also advisable to arrange for ten percent of your income to automatically go to a 401K retirement savings investment vehicle. If you can arrange for a substantive portion of the equity segment to be bluechip renewable energy stocks. solar worldwide grows at fourty percent per annum, and wind power is globally growing at a steady aversge of thirty percent per annum. With the realities of peak oil, global climate change , and incoming carbon taxes worldwide, renewables are as close to a sure bet in growth equities as youre going to get.Its also an ethically sound investment so you can invest and make gains with security to principle and stick to your principles. Such win win situations are hard to find in the investment world and you of course will do your own research prior to investing.
Anonymous   Switch from incandescent light bulbs to compact fluorescent bulbs. If everyone were to do this global electricity use would drop by twelve percent thus allowing the closure of seven hundred and five coal fired power plants .Not only will your electric bills be lower but you will reduce carbon emissions acid rain creating H2SO4 , otherwise known as hydrogen sulfide and mercury emissions.
Anonymous 2012-10-13 04:11:06
Do not have a bank account even with a Credit Union or any bank.The whole system is going to collapse.USA is trillionth's of dollars in debt.The only way they can bail out is by starting another war.Could start with bombing Iran. Who knows? Buy Gold and Silver bullion bars or coins if you are not rich.Have some cash, but keep cash in Swiss Franc's, to preserve your wealth if you have any at all.It is the only safe currency.Canadian dollars are also worth having as they have little or no debt in Canada and the countries economy is strong and the country well run.

Now about Tyler.The USA is really worried about it.The FBI (anonymous has inside members)we learn has a dedicated team trying to track down the workings of Tyler.They want to go after it's constructor's and developers as they fear it could be used for terrorism and espionage activity's.If you are involved with Tyler you could get very serious jail time.This is not a game if you are a newbie to anonymous.I have a list of core members of Tyler and if I see it is used for any and I mean any terrorism and espionage activity's I will release the names to the FBI as it could threaten the safely of USA citizen's.
Anonymous   People are catchching on to the false flag ops leading to war to profit the few under the guise of its good for the economy. People are also catching on to the game of creating a bogeyman beyond our borders ploy to get the public onside with continual war creation to justify picking Joe taxpayers pockets to prop up a bloated police prison security surveillance military state. One only has to examine Americas military annual spending compared to all other nations to see the true agenda as plain as day. The real problems are and have not been addressed with such gross spending while energy dependency and energy security, food security, economic stability,energy efficient infrastructure, and education and innovation, research and development in areas like geothermal generation take a back seat which has been and is a big mistake . This blindered self interest on the part of the Banksters like Goldman Sacks who really run things and make tons of money on put options as they profit while the rest of us flock to the dollar stores during a recession that they created and profit from as they who produce NOTHING calculate their profits, shielded by their wealth created on the backs of the working taxpayer who acually produces something. Not only that, Joe taxpayer bails the Goldman Sachses and the rest of the Big Banksters out when they gamble the entire nation into the hole and cry poor mouth to the taxpayer again. Once again the public is hip to this old scam. Confuse, deregulate, create panic and fear of false bogeymen whether its created terrorist of the year, or a created recession, confuse the public, then rip them off its the oldest trick in the book. Another old standby is the "protection scam". They do this too. Set up a straw man to create media created fear, this week its Iran, to justify a bloated tax and liberty sucking police prison security military industrial complex. Once again were hip to your game.NO SALE. Flim flam men are a dime a dozen especially unoriginal ones. The public smells this one a mile away and its not even out of the package cause its the same shit rewrapped.
Anonymous   ok ok,,, leme put some boots on here cause its gettin deep,,,,, if the economy dumps,,,, what the hell good is it gonna do to have more worthless paper or gold or silver????? are you a wall street banker or invester or just a plain retard???? IF and I say IF the world or us and euro economy dumps trust me ,,, The worthless money will not mean shit,,,, it earks me to see ppl say its all going down invest in this ???? Fucking retard invest in amunition for hunting and learn how to farm and what is edible in your area in nature,,, I have 2 chickens to trade for some Corn and beans.........GRRRRRRRR
Anonymous   Sniff, sniff, turn the bathroom fan on. Educate yourself, let me guess youre one of the six or seven people who still swallow the party line on falseflag after false flag. Justifying big budgets is part of it...aaaah whats the use if youre not even going to take the trouble to become aware.By the way, the other six people are in comas and they have an excuse.
Anonymous   I have a list of core members of Tyler> MI15 monitors all anonymous IRC channels,all newsgroups like this etc.How I know cause I work there and I see the guys very day in our London office who are on the monitoring team. MI15 head of office says they support some of the goals of anonymous and will leave them along.But and I mean but if Tyler is used terrorism and espionage activity's MI15 will be knocking on the constructor's and developers doors
Anonymous   BULLSHIT. If you really are MI5, and FBI why dont you false flag op making tax dollar and liberty sucking useless mouths go get some thermite bad blow yourselves the fuck up and then spend the next decade or so covering it up, better yet take down Goldman Sacks and the rest of the Banksters, you could save us all a heap of tax money a useless war and a created recession and we still might have a few of our liberties left not to mention your wages could go towards something useful.
Anonymous 2012-10-14 21:26:25
son of a bitch,,, if your gonna pile it on deep at least make it believeable and somewhat truthfull
MI15, the British Military Intelligence Section 15 (now defunct), was a department of the British Directorate of Military Intelligence, part of the War Office. It was set up in 1942 to handle aerial photography. In 1943 this function was transferred to the air ministry and MI15 became responsible for the coordination of intelligence about enemy anti-aircraft facilities

Mom always said life is like a box of chocolates,,,,,, some of us are smarter then ur avarage bear......
Anonymous   Some of us can read wikapedia. Brilliant answer yogi.
Anonymous 2012-10-13 05:28:50
Dear brothers and sisters. I got an idea.

Download leaks of America, print them, staple them, and stick them everywhere. Public spaces, poles, government buildings, and keep on spreading them.

They cannot silence transparency.

We can call this #OPTransparency
Anonymous 2012-10-13 05:30:24
Of-course, do the above at night where people cannot see you. Wear a mask, and run like hell after you stick it.

Find any leak relating to America, Israel and anything, and start putting it on. Do it for Liberty. Do it for people. Do it for the lulz.

Do it....

For Freedom!
Anonymous   CIA monitoring this thread here in Virgina
Anonymous   Hi CIA,go fuck yourselves.
Anonymous - H.R.G 2012-10-13 09:28:30
Got a load of fun stuff for the dump from DSGi the numptys that do customer and tech support for PC World, Currys and Dixons, considering they only have the one really expensive number to call just to get them to do what they were paid to do im sure there customer will like all there center, delivery office and internal telephone numbers from the cleaners dept to in the Sheffield office to the site managers :D can't wait for mayhem im like a kid at Christmas, got some fun stuff from City Council, e-mail dumps ect mostly but im sure someone will find something fun in them and the UK Job center including there internal telephone lists too so that one should go over nicely for all those people out there on benefits, how would you like to call crisis loan directly :D

We are Anonymous,
We are Legion,
We do not forgive,
We do not forget.
Anonymous 2012-10-15 18:58:31
na nan annnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa naaaaaaaaaaa i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
Anonymous - H.R.G   Expect us :)
Anonymous 2012-10-13 10:39:45
This is a public forum. We are all being monitored.

Choose your words very carefully.
Anonymous H.R.G    TOR, VPN and pay as you go mobile dongle :D if they can catch me through that then frankly they deserve to :P
Marah Freedom 2012-10-13 17:26:51
Many ideas here to take down oppressive governments legally.

Any cautionaries welcome.
Anonymous   operation occupy the white house, when does this event land on?
Anonymous   Get Pres.Obama to distribute the unused state land to the homeless and get the homeless to grow their own food, make their own houses. At most, get the Pres. to sign a statuary declaration. At 300 million people, thats about 6 acres each not counting the built up areas.
Anonymous   Legal schmegal. Do the banksters care about legal, the "elected" warmonger-profitteers. Okay were smart if we cover our asses, so be smart.This idea just happens to be totally legal and simple and as an aggregate totally effective and no risk for excellent return. Take your Mortgage, debt, savings to a Community Credit Union. Thats it. Convince everyone else you know to do the same. No teargas, no riot cops , but a damned effective .... you to the Big Banksters who rip us off and laugh at us nonetheless. By the way youll receive membership shares worth money. Banks dont do that. Theyre too busy playing casino. Why should they care theyre too big to fail so the taxpayer will just bail them out. Whens the last time you heard of a Community Credit Union blamed for tanking the economy.
Anonymous 2012-10-14 00:31:31
You are tards! What are you going to download with your usb drive? How many hamburgers your store sold at the McDonald's that day. I am sure there are SECRETS on every lackey's computer (look for the folder named 'secret'). LOL. You are all worthless and infective. Just enjoy being a slave and let the leaders run the world. Ripping off ideas from a movie do not make them good ideas. That was make believe. And, you guys surely cannot tell the difference.

If you do not have any real skills then just shut up. You have to break into computers to get your stupid secrets. Forget about social justice and worry about yourselves. But, that is why you all whiner losers. You cannot look at your selves and take responsibility for your own shitty condition.

You do not deserve freedom.
Anonymous   i am free.
Anonymous   Shhh.....we are free
Anonymous   None are more enslaved than those who believe that they are free. Go back to sleep.
Anonymous - H.R.G 2012-10-16 12:31:19
Lmfao dumb ass we DO take responsibility for our condition, we take that responsibility every time we launch a op, its not you putting your freedom on the line to protest the bullshit were all put through so go back to your little notebook and play neopets the adults have got work to do.

I am anonymous
but We are legion
We do not forgive
We do not forget
Anonymous 2012-10-14 05:34:28
My name is Mark Van Gelder. I live in West Jordan, Utah. I am a 31-year-old Navy veteran, and I am running for my life. I am also an employee for Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. I have uncovered information that could potentially link the US Government with a virus called koobface, and I am now running for my life. I am unsure if you are going to receive this, as the government has complete control over my online communications now.
How did I come across koobface? A friend of mine posted some documents that were released from the Dept of Justice via a Freedom of Information Act request.
In the slideshow presentation, the Dept of Justice mentions koobface in its overview of facebook. I have procured a hard copy of this pdf and have included it in the CDs I am shipping out.
My first reaction was to ask myself, “What is koobface?” I started doing research, and found out some startling information:
I came to the conclusion that some governmental agency helped to create the koobface virus, since the hackers involved have not been charged with any crime, despite their whereabouts being well known ever since Facebook exposed them in January 2012, and them having stolen money from their victims. The hackers are flaunting the fact that they are still free, walking around the local parks with their family and taking pictures of their brand new cars.
The reason I suspect Facebook is involved in this is because the CIA has invested over $50 million in Facebook through a shell company called In-Q-Tel
In-Q-Tel’s website states that: “In-Q-Tel identifies, adapts, and delivers innovative technology solutions to support the missions of the Central Intelligence Agency and broader U.S. Intelligence Community.”
Why would In-Q-Tel, which is taxpayer-funded, invest millions into facebook? Likely because it wanted a return on its investment. This virus is unique in the sense that it infects facebook, not individual computers. If facebook is infected, that means its source code was changed. The only way this change could occur would be through the approval of an upper-level management agent at facebook.
This modern version of koobface is not going to be found on your computer. It is found on facebook. This is a virus which acts as a worm and extracts all of your sensitive personal data: photos, addresses, phone numbers, credit card information. I suspect this virus is part of a conspiracy between facebook, the CIA, and the hackers involved. The hackers are being allowed to remain free because they have been guaranteed immunity for their crimes and all future crimes.
On top of that, in facebook’s terms of service, it claims the ability to monitor your online activities, even when you’re not using facebook. That means that once the virus is in, there’s no way to get it out. Koobface is a notoriously difficult virus to get rid of, and closing a facebook account is extremely difficult., too.
Tonight, Oct 14, 2012, I was warned by somebody over the phone that they didn’t want anything to happen to me that happened to the “others”. I printed out several copies of a short letter talking about koobface and stated I was going to visit the West Jordan Police department. As I was driving, an alarm for 7:22pm went off on my cell phone. The time was 7:17. I received an alarm before the time I should have. At this point, I became very nervous. I visited a local strip mall, and started distributing information about koobface. As I was moving from one store to the next, a white van with no rear windows pulled into the parking lot of the strip mall. The driver was watching me as he parked in a non-descript location behind the Beto’s on 7800S and 2200W in West Jordan. I left, and decided to go to the Sandy police station, since they probably knew I was on the way to the West Jordan police station. As I approached the Sandy police station, I noticed that there was another white van parked outside the entrance door. I abandoned my plans to visit the police station.
I went to WalMart and contacted several people I knew personally. I also called the Sandy, UT police to come talk to me about my concerns. They took my information, but wrote nothing down. They gave me a case number 12E009486. I decided to leave WalMart, since I couldn’t stay there forever. I went to my work at 745 S Frontage Rd, Centerville, UT. There are security cameras here which cannot be altered.
Back in April or May, Department of Homeland Security came to my house and interviewed my wife for 6 hours. They told her something that she is still unwilling to discuss with me. They told me to watch what I put on the internet. Since then, things have quieted down until recently, once I discovered koobface’s story. Now my internet is spotty at best, and now I am have been completely cutoff at home. I am being censored on facebook, and I suspect my personal messages are being sent to government agents instead of their intended recipients.
I am unable to access my youtube account, which had all of my reports on it. I suspect my subvertgov youtube account has been disabled.
My spreaker account at still has some radio broadcasts referencing koobface. I would like everybody to listen to it. They were recorded on 9/15.
I am afraid to use facebook to speak to my friends.
I am asking everybody to spread this message to everyone you know. I do not want this information to die with me.
If you wish to contact me, my phone number is 801-510-4557. My e-mail is [email protected]
As of the time of this writing, my blog, , has had my reportings on koobface removed.

Please don’t let this idea die with me.
Anonymous 2012-10-14 21:18:46
Koobface worm is distributed on social networks, usually on MySpace and Facebook. It embeds itself on victim’s profile and displays links to malicious websites. The websites promote video codec which is actually the Koobface worm. Those sources might also install the worm without notifying visitors.

Koobface is also known as W32/Koobface, W32/Koobface.AZ, W32.Koobface and Boface. Once it gets on a machine, it checks if there are cookies of social networks. If it finds the cookies, it infects victim’s profile. If Koobface worm can’t find evidence of social networking websites, it simply erases itself.

Koobface also loads pop-ups that look like MS Windows error messages. The pop-up contains the following text: "Error installing Codec. Please contact support."

W32/Koobface.worm has the following possible countries of origin: Finland, Canada

W32/Koobface.worm is known to be created as:

%Temp% is a variable that refers to the temporary folder in the short path form. By default, this is C:Documents and Settings[UserName]Local SettingsTemp (Windows NT/2000/XP).
%Windir% is a variable that refers to the Windows installation folder. By default, this is C:Windows or C:Winnt.

Knowledge IS Power, and Stupid is contagious......

LiThIuM 2012-10-16 14:59:03
What the f?
The knowledge of Windows/:2% means that whenever someone inserts a SQL injection into the Java data array into any website, means that they can get a data dump. But Koobface.exe doesn't neccesarily do that. It just inserts itself like a worm/virus into someone's facebook/twitter. It doesn't do any other of the shit you said....

Anonymous 2012-10-14 12:05:35
Anonymous   We shall show the world the truth, so they shall not be blind any longer
Anonymous 2012-10-14 17:24:05
Anonymous   Our government's have failed us. It's time we all come together as ONE and make a better future for all of us
Anonymous   Visit www. and go through the recent Aurora massacre news articles provided. Youll see a lot that doesnt add up and points to a false flag and cover up. Even more now that recent court documents show a motion by an individual who was told by the Arrapaho Sheriff that he was to pose as a victim and that he was to be shot by the police in nonlethal areas or face blackmail on various charges. The news articles point to links to Jeb Bush and the George Bush administration who left their jobs just weeks before 911. Be sure to read the entire comments section as some are very revealing as well. Id be interrested in what annons and 911 truthers think regarding this. Much doesnt add up. The nurse at the scene died recently in an apparent drowning.Many similarities to 911 with witnesses dying. What of the video and the guy with the goatee who opened the door. What of the second gas mask and the blood outside the door. Whose blood was it. Was it tested. Reports are that teargas canisters came from two directions as well. Reports of MK-ULTRA from many analysts. Reportedly all white victims in a black area maybe this was a plan to blame a black man and start racial conflict as well as influence gun control votes.Echoes of Trayvon Martin case which also may have been intended to trigger racially based violence as well as a gun control angle as well with the stand your ground legal issue . Obviously it didnt go off as planned by the strategist(s) but then again maybe its supposed to appear that way. why so many obvious clues and omissions are they incompetent, overconfident as they believe theyre above the law, or just plain sloppy . Have a look and decide yourself.A recent Embassy sacking replete with conflicting reports comes to mind as Aurora Theatre Shooting Court Documents Blows Inside Job Conspiracy wide Open otion To Intervene In James Holmes Case Aurora Theatre Shooting : Bizarre Court Filing Blames Massacre On Police Chief, Illuminati - Denver- News- The Latest-Word-Page 2 911 Investigators and witnesses Are Being Killed what happened to the planes and passengers on 911
Anonymous   Striking similarity to Norway as well. White shooter,nonwhite victims, assault weapons , explosives, dressed as police, all in black.Definitely racially related and could have a gun control angle and be part of a plan to start further racially based violence.Racist. Police. Dressed in black very, who dressed in black. White as most mass murderers are. Who is and was racist and dressed in black and killed nonwhites. He was dressed as police which was how he got away with it for so long. He was at it for a long time if we didnt know better we would have almost thought he was allowed to continue but of course we know thats not the case because police dont just walk around killing nonwhites. But there was so much confusion as he looked like a police officer and I guess thats why he was allowed to do it for so long.
Anonymous 2012-10-15 05:32:54
upcoming hacker
Anonymous 2012-10-15 09:15:53
I hope TYLER is a success. This can be huge, bigger then wiki leaks. And we need to devote every member of anonymous to uploading "confidential" information. We must leak it all. The corrupt will know us by name and fear us once all there secrets are exposed for the world to see.

The honest support us, the corrupt fear us, the brave join us
Anonymous 2012-10-16 15:01:19
Tyler is f**ing sh*t up right now...
it is getting out of fucking control
Anonymous   Dump away> my Network is all encrypted and you will never read anything.DOS will be useless as I have the latest anti DOS software installed.
Anonymous   There are ways around that.You know it.
Anonymous   I'm ready and i'm sure we the legion are as well, let the fight begin because no matter what we already won it. TYLER won it. let the corrupt remember humanity takes over.
Anonymous   "Tyler" is an unseasonal April fools day joke on us all. Maybe not, but I we we all know not to be too disappointed as deception abounds. A forum for discussion of issues is positive nonetheless.
Anonymous 2012-10-15 18:47:44
i give the first name.....first.a-//ride-horse//-2c name= apoka// :) paisios--damianos.//-3 name anonymous not only you....////-----first delete =spirit is a number for view 2 spirit and no speak is nothing=no record for numbers.last name = mosk12//white//s//not shaman.not wizard=sxs//--i am the fear no protection---no woryy.clean and crazy....21=the last have everything now.last not least i love you gyes
Anonymous   i dont know....all of you but.goodmorning from chickos.i am back.
Anonymous 2012-10-15 18:53:10
ok send this to saiohelim the star shine on meta next to afrodite....remember its shine white shine.362917....//___a-v>m>>3<33>/=9my is 8
Anonymous   d//////------->>>o>>>>>u>3<3>8 3 8 i------------>3<3>8 3 8 t.....>>>>s>>>>>i.....>3>#>#>###>s3>#@@@ 888888888888888888888888888888888 will fuck you=anonymous order.
Anonymous   and now.....let me play some more see you soon.
Anonymous 2012-10-15 19:00:22
of fear
i can leave
i fuck anonymous that speak about sickness love to
Anonymous   block all of his mobile ....ethernet....internet....telefone system.....i have all his money.
Anonymous 2012-10-15 19:02:19
sorry...bye bye
Anonymous   a=6 A=9 b=second people B IS FIRST MEN. AIS FIRST AIS >a if a>A THEN b become B. and b become B .......but i am got the name....
Anonymous 2012-10-15 19:28:06
What is this nonsense... about Flame and Miniflame...

You see the word foxnews, and yes I despise that claptrap garbage more than most.. however I am curious as to what you all on the scene have to say about such subversive US government hacking skills. Is this a legit item or what?
Anonymous   WTF For Is he fucking Goldman Sacks.
Michael Tyler   Tyler,till anonymous hijacked the name, is an English (old English) word which means door keeper of an inn. It is also thought to be a derived occupational name derived from “tiler”, one who makes tiles. It is used both as a surname, and as given name for both genders. Among the earliest recorded use of the surname is from the 14th century; Wat Tyler ‎of Kent, South East England.
Anonymous   Tyler is a fictional character representing part of the psyche of the protagonist in a film created by an Anonymous writer. Tyler is also, judging by the lack of technical data forthcoming, a fictitious operation by the internet collective known as Anonymous.
Anonymous   Which are you Michael Tyler, or Anonymous.
Anonymous   Just wanted to post that I appreciate what the Anonymous groups are doing in the name of freedom. Good luck in the fight mates!
Anonymous   Mate we have your IP in the United Kingdom
Anonymous - H.R.G 2012-10-16 14:23:08
sorry for link dropping but just made a post and need to find out what anon thinks the situation is getting stupid now.
Anonymous   Which are you, annonymous or H.R.G.
Anonymous   the revealing of all this truth on 21 december isnt goin to destroy the world somehow, right?
Anonymous   The world has already been destroyed. Shall I provide you with a short reading list. The Truth Is Inconvenient, one could say.
Anonymous   This much I know from HIstory and life experience and I have over 50 years of history in my life,so far !!! TWO individuals, groups, organizations or in our case the People with Governments, in order to achieve Justice MUST have the SAME GOALS for negotiations to work. The PEOPLE want Life, Liberty and Property BUT Government want SLAVERY,OBEDIENCE and DEBT. There is NO NEGOTIATION possible with these differences. It is WHY normal Protesting HAS not and WILL NOT work. You young people MUST decide what to do next.Hesitation will only put you in an IRREVERSIBLE position whereby Violence will be the only answer, because THAT is what the Establishment wants.They have no intention of compromising, and they will declare marshall law and start killing protestors, so you must decide.Jesus,Ghandi and King died for their beliefs and I believe they died for nothing because we are further into the SLAVERY matrix than ever they were. I believe they failed because they confronted the WRONG PEOPLE ..they confronted the FRONT people(Government and those related to Government) instead of Establishment. Today you want to confront the same but adding Corporations and Banks , which is, again ONLY the FRONT PEOPLE, who take the blame when in fact the REAL PROBLEM is the ESTABLISHMENT. If you dont take down the Establishment you will gain NOTHING.
Anonymous   Your comments on the Establishment are astute and concise. I would be interrested, and Im sure others as well in your views on a suitable strategy(s) to attain success. End The Fed. End the embedded decentrallized OILigarghies.
Anonymous   You give me hope.
Anonymous   I have the recipie to Mcdonalds secret sauce. Im not kidding . This will destroy society. We may have to start all over from scratch. Were through the looking glass here people.I dont know how much longer I can sit on something like this. Two men dressed in black just pulled up in a plain government looking sedan. Ill be right back...
Anonymous 2012-10-16 23:45:01
Here tonight I clock thousands of heads. Here to unite, through common dreads Now who's with me? Now who's with me?

Something trips inside. That's been dormant for a thousand years. Now we can no longer hide. The immediacy of these fears.

Our names will not be writ on water. And we don't need an ark. One day I know the dam will collapse. And we will be the current. Yes, what have you got for me?

And now the flood gates will open. Strike! You cannot open the door. You cannot open the door.

We will sing as one in solidarity. We will swim together. No longer treading water We're flowing with the tide.

And you can taste the night. Don't waste the night. We will sing as one in solidarity We will sing together.

And still we will be here. Standing like statues. The time is now, belt it brothers.

We will sing as one in solidarity. We will sing together. We will sing as one in solidarity. We will sing together.

We will sing as one in solidarity We will sing together We will sing as one in solidarity We will sing together
I Want to be Anonymous 2012-10-17 02:31:34
I want to join you sir, I want to help to change the world..

teach me how to become like you.
Anonymous   Most of what is said here is blind nonsense not much to learn here stay in school find a real solid cause and when you do that you will make a solid change trust me kid you would be wasteing your time learning how to be a hacker and destroy things isn't every bodies cup of tea.
Anonymous   I watch. I learn slowly. Living for the most part in the problem. Conditioned to feel less than. Controlled by fear of what other people might think. The majority of the time only knowledge of unity but absent of its experience. But lately something has been happening. Frustration and despair. The mild awakening that life as I thought it was has been a lie. There was no denial. More importantly it was delusion. Blind judgement that most people around me are asleep only dreaming they are awake yet I myself consider myself awake yet remain asleep. Yet there is hope. Perhaps it is that the fool who makes the same mistake is destined to become wise. Surely it begins with me. I am no different. Plagued by an engrained belief structure that I cannot make a difference. There is a long road ahead. Certain tools and skills to acquire.
Anonymous 2012-10-17 11:57:29
Where can I find help in this censor mad hyper partisan world? Maybe the coders and explorers will understand when the uber political/media "class" is too busy sniffing their own farts to be bothered?

As a 44 year old rule breaker, coder, explorer and troubleshooter, I find it hard to ignore the facts I have stumbled across, that need to be viewed absent politically charged election paranoia (like I have experienced from all sides so far). I view this simply as a problem, that has victims that don't deserve to be victims. Those responsible should be targeted and investigated for their abuse of authority. Its just bad sloppy code that must be fixed and cleaned up and somebody has to do it.

To put it simply, it appears my freedom of information act efforts and year long investigation has exposed abuse of authority by state and federal officials who intend to cover their recovery act implementation mistakes up (bad coding in the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Program program)

The elevator and mobile device pitch...
(news an facts must be "pitched" now...just like trying to sell a movie or tv show):

1. A California Claimant for federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation Benefits is paid incorrectly, starting January 2011, due to a mistake the federal Department of Labor published on August 15 (bad code).

2. The claimant happens to be experienced at troubleshooting technical documentation and discovers the mistake (by Robert Wagner Chief of Special Benefits) does not comply with their own federal regulations (ex-coder notices bad code by the feds in the EUC08 program).

3. He takes the state of California Employment Development Department through the California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board and prevails on October 10/20/2011 against the federal Department of Labor EUC08 program policy error (coder takes on state morons and wins).

4. Almost $3000 in ARRA funds are restored. The mistakes and harm caused by the federal error are reversed and the state and feds are NOT happy about it (coding can be fun and profitable when you expose government errors!)

5. The claimant tries to "do the right thing" to help other unemployed victims nationwide (of the same error), by requesting a precedent be set for his case, that it be applied nationwide, and that the Recovery Board and Department of Labor OIG start an investigation to repair this historic mess.

6. Delay. Subversion of law. Oversight ignored. Abuse of Authority. Malfeasance in Office. That is the only response since 10/21/11+. Those links reveal the scans of FOiA request documents that incriminate state and federal officials in the ARRA fraud they are committing to protect themselves from being exposed for having made such a huge implementation error.

7. I know its complex. I know its hard to believe. Trust me. I am not here to stir up trouble. It has come to me. I only want to help fix a major problem in the recovery implementation that has been overlooked due to this cover up at the Department of Labor.

8. I apologize for the bad news and poor writing. I do this because no-one else will. I am looking for competent writers/investigators to do this type of work. I just run the lights...and fix the problems. The unemployed have no help. So here I am.

Part 1

If you knew nothing else about the serious whistle blower craziness I seem to have became embroiled in, would you say that the law was being obeyed by these State and Federal officials in the documents listed below?

Department of Labor 2/7/12 Page1

Department of Labor 2/7/12 Page2

Department of Labor 2/7/12 Page3

California EDD and CUAIB 2/14/12 Page 1

California EDD and CUAIB 2/14/12 Page 2

1. California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board Case A0-265448 challenged a MISTAKE in the Federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation Program on 10/20/2011 and prevailed. $2786 in ARRA funds were restored (EUC08 is part of the Recovery Act. This mistake about "multiple euc claims" was published August 15,2008 in UIPL 23-08 Change 1 Q&A 7 under section D. Monetary Eligibility).

2. The claimant made a request that this case be made a precedent so that other people who were victims of the same error would have their funds and rights restored (10/21/11+).

3. Instead the state and federal government refused to respond. They worked together to squash this precedent decision in these letters, because it is easier to commit ARRA Fraud than to admit a historic implementation error.

4. In these letters Federal officials threaten the State of California with the END of the EUC08 Agreement. This means no benefits for anyone, if California DARES to uses this case as a "precedent" for any other claimants who was a victim of the illegal federal policy that was challenged and refuted on 10/20/11. They quote the EXACT SAME POLICY ERROR that was taken to court and REFUTED on 10/20/11. They clearly intend to "enforce this mistake" despite the court victory.

5. They say....set no precedent...whether you can overturn the case or not. They refuse to pay federal ARRA funds in support of a legitimate appeal victory. This causes the state to pick up the bill. Because as you can see, they decide it would not be in their best interest to bring the appeal victory before ANY judge, in order to cover this all up.

6. The appeal case stands unchallenged to present day and funds continue to be paid and "called EUC08" but the State of California is actually footing the bill.


The Police State has arrived, when State and Federal officials are allowed to get away with what you see in these letters (threatening an entire state with the loss of benefits if the case that proved a federal error is made precedent and applied in all states nationwide).

Part 2

The error that was REFUTED with that appeal victory was published in a Federal Program Letter for EUC08 sent to ALL States on August 15,2008 in UIPL 23-08 Change 1, Q&A #7 under section D. Monetary Eligibility (Multiple EUC Claims violates three federal regulations at 20 CFR 615).

Most people just throw things and call me a liar or worse.
I did not intend to stumble across this huge mess nor be at this place and time right before the election. The government set the stage and has played it out right to here and now:

That threat is not legal at all. The DOL's own website clearly states they have NO AUTHORITY in ANY state determination matter (especially the precedent request for THE CASE that exposed a federal DOL policy implementation mistake in the EUC08 program). How can they threaten the ENTIRE STATE with the loss of the EUC08 program, over my appeal precedent request? Unchecked Abuse of Authority at the corrupt Department of Labor with no IG (none appointed for four years)?

It comes from the same agency, the Employment & Training Administration, that ignored the appeal victory that refuted the example they provide in the 2/7/12 letter (that is the Multiple EUC Claim error I refute by that appeal victory). They intend to enforce their "mistake" over the appeal victory that "actually follows the REAL law" from Title 20 Chapter V Part 615 (to protect themselves).

I would prefer the US Government stop ignoring its oversight duties in order to avoid lengthy, wasteful and expensive court action. Laws and Regulations stipulate that they should have acted to investigate. These letter proves otherwise I think. They want to drag this out as long a possible. Guilty parties use this legal tactic when they have no other choice. They could easily refute me in court if I were wrong and they were right correct? Court action just further delays the emergency aid meant for the unemployed that was denied for almost four years now to millions....

I requested that California CUIAB Case A0-265448 be made a precedent 10/21/11+.
I filed a complaint with the federal Department of Labor Office of Inspector General against the federal DOL Employment & Training Administration (source of the implementation error=Robert Wagner Chief of Special Benefits) (November 2011+).
I filed a Recovery Fraud complaint with the Recovery Accountability & Transparency Board against the federal Department of Labor and their OIG (March 2011+ in RATB-2011-DOL-9DF2506-0).

While the 2/7/12 and 2/14/12 letters were going on behind my back (until FOIA revealed this information July 2012+), I was WAITING FOR A RESPONSE to the Precedent Request, to the DOL OIG investigation request and the Recovery Fraud Complaint.

I never got one, except the DOL OIG on 2/17/12 (!) telling me they would not investigate (third refusal in six months and just after the 2/7 AND 2/14 letters?). The actual response is found in the letter that prove that numerous state and federal officials conspired to commit fraud in these letters to protect themselves (and enforce their MISTAKE on the State of California despite the law and the appeal victory that refutes them). Their intent was to ignore my request and cover this up in those letters (2/7 and 2/14/12).

They all "say" that they obey Federal Regulations for Extended Benefits, Inspector General Act Oversight, Improper Payments Act Oversight ad Recovery Act Oversight. But, the letters above prove they CONSPIRED to SUBVERT ALL OF THIS OVERSIGHT to protect themselves by trying to cover up my appeal victory (at least squash the precedent so nobody else would get help against a government mistake). I have directly challenged them to provide the same "legal backing" for their EUC08 implementation, as I did to refute them in court. They have declined. Repeatedly.

I am sad to report that the very administration running for office, may be involved more than you all would like to find out (all I know is what you see here below):

THAT was the response to me making a complaint and precedent request with the CUIAB after I won my appeal, to the DOL OIG complaint, to the Recover Fraud Complaint, and to the months of attempts I have made to get ANY ANSWER out of our government in my effort to petition them to redress this serious grievance that affects billions of ARRA dollars and millions of unemployed struggling workers and families. These other documents from FOIA above all LINK the White House to that memorandum and the events coming afterwards that Dale Zielger and Betty Castillo refer to: contact with the the State of California in the 2/7/12 letter father above.

Something scary rotten seems to be going on yes?

I must stress. I won my appeal. My case stands despite these efforts against me. They never took the case to court, but squashed the precedent without informing me. The appeal victory that restored $2786 ARRA dollars denied over 26 weeks due to this federal error, stands despite the 2/7/12 letter saying the "decision violates federal law". All the "decision" violates is a historic "FEDERAL MISTAKE" that they intended to cover up. I have had numerous supportive determinations for EUC08 based on the appeal decision that supported 20 CFR 615 regulations over the DOL implementation errors ("multiple euc claims"). If it violates federal law...why haven't they taken it before a judge since?

All I want to do is help the other unemployed who got screwed out of their EUC08 benefits like I was, by the same error I beat in court, that our government REFUSES to acknowledge. I am working on the last attempts to get the government to respond, investigate and repair this problem (with the FBI and DOJ right now). I think they intend to cover this up and get away with it if they can. MANY law firms have been and are being contacted for what may be a historic class action suit against the feds if they force it that way (maybe they could just obey the laws that they WROTE). The media is SILENT on ALL sides. Nobody can refute my evidence.

All I have gotten so far in return has been to watch the decline of western civilization unfold before my eyes. I am horrified at the lack of investigative reporting. I am appalled at the treatment of the unemployed victims of this recession (many of them VETERANS whom we have already abused for a decade+). I cannot believe that the White House I had so much hope in could be involved. But WHY ELSE were they notified about my appeal case that prevailed on 10/20/11? (both on the 18th and 21st by Dale Zielger of the DOL).

The unemployed "have no power" in the governments eyes. So we must sue them to obey the law. Great country isn't it? No help from the DOJ, nor FBI either. Nobody is protecting the citizens nor watching the billions of ARRA dollars spent so far. Government protects itself FIRST above US.

Meanwhile these criminals, who have committed ARRA fraud to hide their historic EUC08 implementation errors, walk free, while millions of unemployed struggle to survive without the emergency designated funds they were promised BY LAW:

Robert Wagner - Chief of Special Benefits DOL
Suzanne Simonetta - Legislature Chief Division of Unemployment DOL
Dale Ziegler - Unemployment Insurance Division DOL
Gay Gilbert - Employment & Training Administration DOL
Hilda Solis - Head of the Department of Labor DOL

Eder Marcus - DOL OIG
Robert Coyle - DOL OIG
Freddie Howell - DOL OIG
Daniel Petrole - DOL OIG

Donald Cox - RATB

Pam Harris - California EDD
Robert Dresser - California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board
Alberto Roland - California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board
Mark Woo Sam - California Workforce
Marty Morgenstern - California Workforce

(all are free and still collecting a paycheck from uncle sam and you are footing the bill with your taxes for their malfeasance in office and ARRA fraud, abuse, waste and harm being committed against our Economy and Citizens while nobody except me investigates. Most of these individuals have "lawyer'd up" and told me so in writing. Recent FOIA attempts have been violated, but the last round they accepted showed around 50+ documents per agency being redacted due to "attorney client privilege").

Something should be done, because I am the only one trying to do anything to help these unemployed folk and our economy when I government refuses (in addition to my securing legal counsel and helping other claimants go to superior court starting November 1, 2012):

More details and evidence here, where I dare to petition our government to redress this grievance against millions:

Flame on.
I am used to it.
People like me, who have no agenda whatsoever and are SICK OF BOTH SIDES, and who just want to fix a complex problem to help many others have no chance anymore in this world against such corruption and hyper paranoia, are a dying out fast (with investigative journalism not far behind).
I am a naive fool and deserve your scorn for thinking I can change anything.

the longer we doubt EACH OTHER...
the longer it takes to overthrow those who fuel our infighting.
the longer we fight EACH OTHER...
the longer THEY stay in control.

Anonymous 2012-10-19 01:18:40

Petitioning The President of the United States and the Department of Labor Employment & Training Administration
Department of Labor Errors are Robbing the Unemployed out of Recovery Aid

Starting January 1, 2011, the California Employment Development Department began paying me ARRA emergency benefits incorrectly and illegally, based on a historic implementation error that the Department of Labor's Robert Wagner, Chief of Special Benefits is responsible for. His mistaken and illegal interpretation of the already existing federal "definition" for the "applicable benefit year" for the federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation Program (73-99 weeks), led to the Employment & Training Administration to publish a MISTAKE in the EUC08 Program "guidelines", starting August 15, 2008 in UIPL 23-08 change 1, Q&A #7 under section D. Monetary Eligibility ("Multiple EUC Claims").

The federal Department of Labor issues these "unemployment insurance program letters" to ALL states nationwide so they can implement the billions of dollars allocated for the federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation Program (EUC08).

It was the ERROR published in these federal guidelines that caused my state to pay me EUC08 benefits incorrectly and illegally in violation of federal regulations (picked up the remaining balance from an older EUC08 claim for much lesser funds and weekly benefit amount than the most recent benefit year I was in) . This implementation ERROR contradicts what the 1990s Department of Labor did with the same definitions and regulations (see scans of documents below).

I looked this all up online and was able to successfully challenge the State of California, and indirectly the federal Department of Labor Employment & Training Administration in California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board Case No. A0-265448 on October 20, 2011. This decision REFUTED FEDERAL EUC08 POLICY and awarded me back $2786 dollars denied over 26 weeks. Now ANY AND ALL older and terminated benefits years that had left over EUC08 balances ARE IGNORED as they should be according to federal regulations (see below).

This case is very significant, because I directly challenged the ERROR that the federal DOL ETA made, and published in UIPL 23-08 change 1+, that caused the California Employment Development Department to also make a faulty implementation of their state "Deferred New Claim Program", which shares the same FEDERAL ERROR IN IMPLEMENTATION, as does EVERY STATE nationwide.

Federal officials at the Department of Labor have made a historic implementation error in the EUC08 Program that violates three of their own federal regulations at Title 20 Chapter V Part 615. This affects millions of claimants for emergency benefits. This affects the Recovery Act (ARRA of 2009), the Improper Payments Act, The Inspector General Act, Public Law 110-252 and 111-205 (HR4213 that "Part Time Penalty EUC08 Fix"). This also affects the Unemployment Rate and the Extended Benefits last 20 Weeks of emergency aid (triggers for EB are based on the unemployment rate over a three month look back trigger). Billions of ARRA, state and federal dollars have been wasted implementing a recovery program that has serious errors and flaws that violate federal law and regulations.

The problem: the government has been exposed trying to subvert my efforts post appeal. I tried to make this case a precedent so other claimants nationwide would benefit from the same victory against the same ERROR they were affected by. They ignored the precedent request and got caught (see scans below). They cut a secret deal to keep this out of court and pay me state funds to cover this up (see FOIA documents below that exposed this). They made illegal threats to end benefits for ALL California claimants if a precedent was set (see scans below). I have exposed this all and they still won't respond, especially before the election (the White House was notified about this last November 2011...see scans below).

This is not right. This is not legal. Millions of citizens have had their rights violated. The whistle blower who filed a recovery fraud complaint has been ignored and his efforts delayed and subverted (me). No agency will obey their legal obligation and oversight duty to investigate ARRA fraud and this irrefutable evidence. These are high crimes and abuse of authority by multiple state and federal officials. The Department of Justice and FBI are silent. The Recovery Accountability & Transparency Board refuses to respond nor explain. The Department of Labor won't respond nor will their complicit OIG, they won't take me to court and cannot come up with ANYTHING to refute this evidence with.

The government figures that the poor, struggling and unemployed have no power, so they intend to try to cover this problem up, and get away with it if they can. Even before the election.

We the People should not allow this to go on.Please sign the Petition as I continue to fight the government, to try to force them to obey their own laws and regulations, or seek to take them to court to sue them to do so. Millions of struggling workers and families need your help. So does our Economy, that has been denied billions of ARRA dollars due to this Malfeasance in Office before the Election.

As of 9/30/2012 the Department of Labor, and their Chief of Legislature, for the Office of Unemployment, Suzzanne Simonetta, have been unable and unwilling to attempt to refute my evidence and appeal victory. They could have taken me to Superior Court and had CUIAB Case A0-265448 overturned easily if they were correct. They are unable to explain, in writing their legal backing for the "Multiple EUC Claims ERROR". If they were correct, then they could provide the same legal detail that I have, from their own regulations and program letters. They have not and they cannot. They in fact refuse.

"Technical" Details:
Recovery Fraud Complaint RATB-2011-DOL-9DF2506-0
CUIAB Case No. A0-265448

(A) The Department of Labor published an implementation error in the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Program (EUC08).
(B) This error was published by the Employment & Training Administration in August of 2008, in UIPL 23-08 Change 1, in the Q&A section about "Multiple EUC Claims".
(C) "Multiple EUC Claims" does not comply with 20 CFR 615.5(2). What they advise all states to do violates regulations and laws.

If you are a scholar and researcher of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA), then you might want to look into Division B, Subtitle II section 2001, the Emergency Unemployment Compensation Program (EUC08).

The Department of Labor Employment & Training Administration published an error in their EUC08 guidelines Q&As that they issued to all state agencies starting in August of 2008. The Q&A about "Multiple EUC Claims" does not comply with 20 CFR 615.5(2) the "definition of an exhaustee".

What this does is force claimants for EUC08 to "finish off" any remaining balance leftover from any older benefit years EUC08 claim first, before being allowed to start receiving payment for EUC08 based on the most recent benefit year.

1. A Teacher becomes unemployed in 2008.

2. She qualifies for and runs through a 26 week state regular compensation unemployment claim for $81/week based on a part time temp job.

3. She then becomes an "exhaustee" and qualifies for EUC08 at the same $81/week in late 2008 (99 weeks total available on this claim back then).

4. This claimant only uses up 5 weeks at $81/week but she has a 95 week still available when she returns to a much higher paying job again.

5. The EUC08 claim stops payment and ends (according to 20 CFR 615.5(2)).

6. When she loses her job again in 2009, and she goes back onto a new state regular unemployment insurance claim for 26 weeks. This time she qualifies for $450/week. This claim is available for 52 weeks. In her case she started in August of 2009 and the state claim ends in August of 2010.

7. When she runs out of this 26 weeks of state aid for the second time now in early 2010, she becomes an "exhaustee" again for federal EUC08, and the "Multiple EUC Claims" error START (see link for (B) below).

8. Instead of paying her a new 99 week EUC08 claim, based on the 2009-2010 $450 week state claim she just finished, the "Multiple EUC Claim ERROR", incorrectly instructs the states to put her back on the old EUC08 claim from 2008-2009 claim at $81/week for the remaining 95 weeks.

9. This means that when the new benefit year she just entered that paid her $450/week ends in 52 weeks, she will still be stuck on the older $81/week EUC08 claim. She then loses eligibility to the $450/week claim (August 2010).

10. Also when she crosses the last state unemployment claims 52 week benefit year end in August of 2010, she WILL FAIL the Public Law 111-205/HR4213 eligibility test because she is being paid EUC08 from the old 2009 claim and not the 2010 one that would make her eligible for this important law as well. This law requires that the claim she has ENDS after July 22,2010. The old 2009 one does not, but the 2010 one she should have been paid on does (if 20 CFR 615.5(2) had been followed and "Multiple EUC Claims" had been ignored). So she may be forced off the $81/week federal EUC08 and be forced on to a new even lesser state claim for another 26 weeks. On and on...

It is just complicated enough that the feds think we are too dumb to figure this out. That almost worked too. Much less federal aid has been paid out for far shorter time periods due to these errors. You can compare and research the ERROR that the DOL ETA made in these links here (just like I did and used to win my appeal case with):

Here's the problem with the EUC08 program:
(A) Look up the Department of Labor Operating and Implementing Instructions for EUC08:
EUC08 Program pre-errors definition of an "exhaustee"

(B) Then look up what the DOL issued just a month later and pay attention to Section D. Monetary Eligibility, Q&A (7) "Multiple EUC Claims":
EUC08 Program errors begin with this Q&A

(C) Then compare that to the DOL's own regulations for Federal State Extended Benefits at 20 CFR 615.5(2), and the definition of an "exhaustee" found here at (C) is the same as (A):
20 CFR 615.5 (C) Refutes what (B) says and supports (A)

The California Unemployment Insurance Appeal Case I won on 10/20/2011, pointed this same problem out. Case No. A0-265448 prevailed in support of 20 CFR 615.5(2) over the Q&A "Multiple EUC Claims ERRORS" that the Department of Labor published.

So there actually is a harmful and wasteful implementation error mistake in the "Stimulus". Further details can be found here (based on the appeal case mentioned):

an ARRA Implementation Error Exposed

Here is the Recovery Fraud Complaint RATB-2011-DOL-9DF2506-0, that the Recovery Accountability & Transparency Board has "buried", and that the Department of Labor is "ignoring" (they are the "accused party in this complaint").

As for the Obama Administration that is seeking re-election...they got involved in this mess too:

Mr. President there is a serious problem with the EUC08 program

Welcome to our 21st Century Watergate

That teacher is just one example. In her case she would be owed the difference between the $450/week EUC08 she should have been paid, and the $81/week she was paid by mistake due to the "Multiple EUC Claim" ERROR.

If she was denied these emergency designated funds for just 26 weeks (the other half of a state benefit year), then she is owed $450-$81 = $369 x 26 weeks of denial = $9594.00 (my appeal paid me back $2786 dollars from a lesser denial over the same time period).

The feds and state wanted to overturn my case but have not been able to since last October 2011. They are ignoring these problems that may have affected many of these claims over the past four years:

Since 2008 there have been 29,748,954 EUC08 Claims (for all tiers) that have paid a combined 663,688,610 weeks of benefits. The amount spent so far = $97,433,246,688 for EUC08 benefits to present day.

How much money do you think has been wasted if just 1% of those claims have similar problems?

1% of 29,748,954 claims = 297489.54 claims. If just 297,489 claims were affects by the "Multiple EUC Claims ERROR", by denial similar to my appeal case (A0-265448):

$2786 over 26 weeks denied x 297489 claims affected by the "Multiple EUC Claim ERROR" = $828,804,354 !
This is just a low estimate...its much worse than the billions easy...just plug in the $9594 that the teacher was owed in the example above, and it jumps to $2,854,109,466! Now factor in 4+ years of this on all those claims...

If more than 1% have been denied or overpaid...that number is too big and too scary to think about. Maybe that's why the Obama Administration has been trying to subvert my efforts and wants to dodge this hard question before the election? If I were wrong, then why can't the feds refute my appeal victory after almost one year?

Recovery Fraud Complaint RATB-2011-DOL-9DF2506-0 is based on that appeal victory and the errors it exposed. I filed that in March/April of 2012 and it remains unanswered and unchallenged. My Appeal Case A0-265448 still stands.

The Obama Administration can neither refute my evidence nor figure out what to do about this before the election (other than delay and cover up).

Help me stop this. The government is trying to rob millions of unemployed struggling workers and families out of ARRA emergency designated funds. This money would go into the struggling economy as well, so it affects all of us indirectly, especially millions of struggling workers and families.

Meanwhile these criminals, who have committed ARRA fraud to hide their historic EUC08 implementation errors, walk free, while millions of unemployed struggle to survive without the emergency designated funds they were promised BY LAW:

Robert Wagner - Chief of Special Benefits DOL
Suzanne Simonetta - Legislature Chief Division of Unemployment DOL
Dale Ziegler - Unemployment Insurance Division DOL
Gay Gilbert - Employment & Training Administration DOL
Hilda Solis - Head of the Department of Labor DOL

Eder Marcus - DOL OIG
Robert Coyle - DOL OIG
Freddie Howell - DOL OIG
Daniel Petrole - DOL OIG

Donald Cox - RATB

Pam Harris - California EDD
Robert Dresser - California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board
Alberto Roland - California Unemployment Insurance Appeals Board
Mark Woo Sam - California Workforce
Marty Morgenstern - California Workforce

(all are free and still collecting a paycheck from uncle sam and you are footing the bill with your taxes for their malfeasance in office and ARRA fraud, abuse, waste and harm being committed against our Economy and Citizens while nobody except me investigates. Most of these individuals have "lawyer'd up" and told me so in writing (like the CUIAB judges and EDD). Recent FOIA attempts have been violated, but the last round they accepted showed around 50+ documents per agency being redacted due to "attorney client privilege" ).

Scans of ALL Documents can be found here (and below in the NEWS Section):

Petitioning The President of the United States
Department of Labor Errors are Robbing the Unemployed out of Recovery Aid
Anonymous 2012-10-22 02:41:40
Let me sum up this important cause that affects us all, the economy and our dwindling civil rights...

1. I caught the Department of Labor at a mistake they made in the implementation of a federal recovery act program (federal emergency unemployment compensation program - $97 billion spent on 29 million+ claims since 2008). They published this error right at the start of the EUC08 program during the recession, on August 15, 2008 (UIPL 23-08 change 1). They have been unable to refute what I have uncovered. They refuse to even speak about it.

2. This mistake has no legal backing, contradicts the 1990s implementation of the same federal EUC benefits, contradicts their own federal regulations, and has been refuted by court decisions like mine last October 20,2011. I beat them in court, but they refuse to do anything other than pretend it never happened (but keep paying correctly ever since).

3. One stubborn corrupt group of corrupt government hacks at the Department of Labor Employment & Training Administration (Robert Wagner, Suzzanne Simonetta, Dale Ziegler and Gay Gilbert), since being REFUTED BY MY APPEAL VICTORY in California, have gone out of their way to try to COVER THIS UP, and DELAY AND SUBVERT MY whistle blower efforts. Their office of inspector general is part of the problem and has helped to cover this up. Everyone seems to have missed the fact that NOBODY APPOINTED A NEW INSPECTOR GENERAL for the Department of Labor in the last four years. Their office is corrupt and in chaos. The useless and corrupt Recovery Accountability & Transparency Board are essentially taking direct orders from the Department of Labor, who of course does not want any investigation into this mess.

4. Meanwhile....Millions of claimants nationwide were victims of the same error I was, compounded over 4 years. They were denied federal emergency unemployment benefits, that are par of the Recovery Act, and are designated as "emergency requirements to meet emergency needs (ARRA section 5). Billions of ARRA dollars that should have, DID NOT go into our struggling economy due to this implementation error.

5. Instead of setting my appeal victory as a precedent, admitting the mistake and repairing this historic waste, denial and harm of ARRA funds, OUR GOVERNMENT DECIDED TO SCREW THE UNEMPLOYED INSTEAD. They ignored and squashed the precedent request (see the 2/7/ and 2/14/12 letters I discovered from FOIA), they never took my case to court, and ignored multiple requests to petition them to redress this grievance under a Recovery Fraud Complaint (RATB-2011-DOL-9DF2506-0). They even ignored oversight and inspector general investigation requests. The FBI and Department of Justice could care less about the unemployed and ARRA FRAUD in the EUC08 program. Ditto for the White House and Oversight Committee (and GA0).

6. NOBODY IS INVESTIGATING ESPECIALLY BEFORE THE ELECTION. COINCIDENCE? The same laws and regulations that are always hurting the struggling unemployed workers and families DON'T APPLY TO POLITICIANS AND HIGH LEVEL GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS WHO COMMIT ARRA FRAUD TO COVER UP THEIR OWN IMPLEMENTATION ERRORS. They make up the rules NOW and decide who to apply them to and when...

7. Please help me to spread the word and further expose these corrupt officials who intend to hide behind OUR LACK OF POWER AND ABILITY TO ORGANIZE TOGETHER TO SOLVE PROBLEMS LIKE THIS. Will you let them get away with this?


Anonymous   when and where can we get this "TYLER" ?
Anonymous   I agree whole heartedly. Our government has turned its back on the people that it was created to protect. We have come to fear it, when it should fear us, for it is the people who choose who governs over them. Anything I can do to help I will, just show me where to start.
Anonymous   Stop voting. Turn off the t.v.. Govern your self.
Anonymous 2012-10-17 18:13:04
Anything that's ever been done, anything that's ever been made, all things that are built, created, written or worked in any way could have been accomplished without money.

Money is like the treat you give to a dog after he's done a trick.

You're not getting the dog to do the trick for the dog's sake, you're getting it to do the trick for your own sake.

We are all just dogs doing tricks for things that are our birthright.

These are the shackles. Understanding this is the key to freedom.
Anonymous   Whats up with the lack of new ops.
Anonymous   Tyler is priority
Anonymous   Yes , possibly if its not fit for the rosebushes
Anonymous   It is dangerous. TYLER... I like it.
Anonymous   Tyler!
Anonymous   If this fails, with all its ideas and potential, I can see myself losing faith in Anonymous until something really big comes along and we deal with it accordingly. Seriously, enough with all your long, droning speeches that just make this page longer. Either provide the info you have on the date you state, or get rid of this operation altogether. It's not a hard thing to see.
Anonymous   Read and learn.You want to lose faith go for it . The rest of us will keep trying.Watch: Ethos and research the Fed. watch : the decline of the american dream as explained through animation.
Anonymous   apoyo el projecto me uno <<((codido 54898*))>>
Anonymous 2012-10-18 15:50:34
I want to use anonymous to attack those who spend their time killing the unborn... do I have support in this operation after operation TYLER goes live?
Anonymous   Illumuinati, corporate america Monsanto,The Fed, goldman sachs big banks big finance big defense big oil the fda,Rothcshilds, Warburgs, Rockafellers, Bohemian Grove crowd, attack the roots. research , learn, share information, strategise. read Sun Tsu, watch Ghandi.,improve your skills.
Anonymous   Watch Ethos, and the decline of the americandream as explained through animation.Watch An Inconvenient Truth and read Lester Browns Plan B 4.0, and Our Ecological Footprint: reducing Human Impact on the earth
Anonymous 2012-10-19 04:06:16
Anonymous   No! just pray to God and give more of your money to the Pope.
Anonymous   Also watch surviving progress,,,,I have faith in this movement,,,it might not be perfect,few things are,,but its a start,,anonymous will adapt and keep its core values,,,it is in those beliefs we are strong,,,a movement,,,,a voice,,,TYLER is welcome and needed globally,,,we must take back the control and our destiny.
Anonymous   People do not realise that the world is not controlled by the governments, but the mindless lemmings that follow it. Hopefully this will be an eye opener to those who do not believe in unity of the people. I have high hopes for this project.
Anonymous   A+
Anonymous   A++
Anonymous   Is it just me? Whenever a friend tried to get in with his TOR proxy the "captchas" were too difficult so he had to pass. I tried at his urging and also found that at least one letter is unreadable making it impossible to get in. I also had to give up. Here is my theory.: This site( not ANONYMOYUS itself) is hacked by govenment agents who know they cannot identify those who use PROXIES like TOR so they make it seem normal by offeriing "captchas" but in reality they are designed, by virtue of being impossible to rad properly and thus to make you stop using the proxies so they can identify you. PLEASE if I am WRONG let me know or at least let me know your experience.
Anonymous1337 2012-10-19 14:35:56

(s anyone going to mention the Israeli leaders planning a FALSE flag operation to Start a War with IRAN?

Ahmadinejad is a pimple on the World's ass. ISRAEL ZIONIST SCUM are the real threat and always have been. Who do you think gives the U.S.A. marching orders?

Israel: 'We need another US false flag to start a war with Iran'

What great servants of God these SATANIST SCUM are. )

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _

You believe Israel wants to start a war? - whilst they are constantly on the defensive, surrounded by countries that ( some ) openly Hate Israel and most wish to destroy it and its people ? You talk out of your ass, as all racists and such like do - YOU ARE THE SCUM of this world that seeks only death. You try carry words on the backs of people who try and reveal the hatred and misguided views and actions of those ill educated, hate-mongers in both elevated position and 'common' man - yet YOUR words ( like many ignorant fools there are ) PRESS for war - YOU broker HATRED.

I would see your Opinions given voice - for everyone deserves their say - but you speak with no knowledge of the truth, just a truth that fits with your putrid purpose. Misguided, ill educated - taken in by a masked crowd to hide rotten tongue.

'Israel' before it was such - was baron waste land - a desert you simply PASSED THROUGH to get to some place else - Look at it now and the MANY contributions it has made to this world - technology/medicine/sciences and much more on arts. In a thriving slice of land, surrounded by hate and threats and 'holy' war. A beacon of good.

I TOO have disagreed with some actions taken by Israel. But like most people in the world YOU and OTHERS see only through corrupted eyes - you seek not both sides of the story as it were but only to twist and provoke the one-sided demon that is residing in you.

Strive for the ultimate Truth. Take NO sides other than that in the middle - removed from petty and destructive emotions - then you will see clarity - but only when you see ALL sides of the truth which often has more faces than one.




we may strive for better - but 'better' is an idea not taken to heart or understanding by all. I would see every man/women/child stood shoulder to shoulder uniting as one. All dropping their anger, spite , envy and greed and hate and embracing the knowledge that we are all brothers and sisters and that we stand as ONE.
Anonymous   I love you and you have my full support. Set us free.
Anonymous 2012-10-19 16:04:10
I have watched from afar for long enough.
I may not be able to contribute much, but another number all the same. I fully support Anonymous. I wish I could add in some way, but I will do what I can for now.

I am not a conspiracy theorist nut, but even I know that the government doesn't tell all. Since the SOPA act I have been yearning to be among the number that saved our freedom. And that will continue to do so.

Thank you.
Anonymous 2012-10-19 16:31:49 strong inner true light.ok ok ok lets talk then. been good is hear law than be wise and the known of this true is the beggining of wisdom....(first step) BUT i am not good any more i am chickos-RIDER. i love want get what you want....i keep the contracts and the i dear? ask me......but ask me you that watch above....about 1996 when you were prepearing this all shit with germany just want to be leader.....ask about 1996 banks when ethniki was first and in the year 2002 she also keep my money with the electronic system and the tokous.xa xa fuck you re.i AM ABOVE YOU ALL.(not anonymous) but you that we leave you watch......i am not a super heroe i am 3 things=true keaper......gifttaker....and the chickos-rider.- ====================////.<>:@@%$=^>A<8= LOOSERS
Anonymous 2012-10-19 23:08:31
Give me a reason not to hate were I live. From the US and more sheltered and privileged than most but I cry for the crimes committed that make no sense. Want change. Want equality. I don't understand why does it have to be this way. Love should prevail.
We don't forget
We don't forgive
Expect us
Anonymous   We have already gone too far. The 99% know where this goes. We know we're not inevitable. Brad pit is shit. The movies get their money's worth but it's all carp in the end. He doesn't care they don't care. They get what they want. In the end we pay kiss it! U have no idea how our life is. How this feels
Anonymous 2012-10-19 23:34:28
I know that when it all comes down I will go down but thosevthat know what I stand for will know why and they will stand and die for what I died for. I will not forgive! I DO NOT FORGET!
Anonymous   i love you guys we are like the creed
Anonymous   i am a worrion.i have to pray now for all anonymous.may wind gives the numbers wait....i have them.!may the earth crass under their feet wait......i begin to walk and rise again.only for today is this pray.wait may the holy water of skys crystalize in their minds(i live their souls so i will take my revenge) slow ....slow...but faster than nio they make another brograme now called nio....a new fast satelite......a new target for me.and in the end touch the fire of my all creation inside this my most loved anonymous.i am awace once more.enjoy they r cunting have 4:58 hours from now i will be love go.....8 8 8>6 6 6>222<888< 3= loosers.
Anonymous   i will just make them fallaw me.i am with law i am ok i am free.
Anonymous   ;) done.... smouats-chickos.
Anonymous 2012-10-20 05:52:27
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Anonymous   Is it just me? Whenever a friend tried to get in with his TOR proxy the "captchas" were too difficult so he had to pass. I tried at his urging and also found that at least one letter ( usually more) is unreadable making it impossible to get in. I also had to give up. Here is my theory.: This site( not ANONYMOUS itself) is hacked by government agents who know they cannot identify those who use PROXIES like TOR so they make it seem normal by offeriing "captchas" but in reality the "Captchas" are designed, by virtue of being impossible to read properly, to make you stop using the proxies so they can identify you. PLEASE if I am WRONG let me know or at least let me know your experience.
Anonymous   The answer is not saying anything illegal, or anything that points to you doing such a thing. Instead of "I'll burn that kitten" say "That kitten will be burned." As always when on non-Tor internetz. But you shouldn't trust me, since I could be a government agent.
Anonymous   as a member of the public, how will you stop the powers that be flooding the system with misinformation? The mainstream media need to be able to trust the source in order to act upon the information.
Anonymous 2012-10-20 13:04:55
xa xa to have your contracts? are all ligal.....?if not keep them safe i have mine. one by one the revelation begin.simple thinks.and somth for anon. next to satelite cronos opposite it too there r 3 not goverment satelites not even anonymous.
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rider xexe. i have eyes plzzzzzzz leave me alone. or get me MOTHER FUCKER. I LOVE TORTURES. THEY MAKE ME HARDER AND FURIOUS.
Anonymous   I don't understand your reply
Anonymous   I will always stand for my freedom and the freedom of others, i fully support the orgainzation collectivaly known as "anonymous"...i can say im no hacker but i would contribute anyway posible, i am no maryter but i will die for my freedom and when god calls me home i only pray i die in warm pile of brass
Anonymous   So I'm guessing this will be open for any anon to download, since the reference to bit torrent?
Anonymous 2012-10-21 00:31:29



The best video to get the gist of permaculture is "FOOD FOREST DVD PROMO"

Look that up in youtube.
Anonymous 2012-10-21 03:18:31
The Divine predicted for the End of Days (as we know it) to happen.
It was to happen in 2 months...
Anonymous   the last days are here freedom will be ours the 99% MAY ALlah have mercy on our souls
Slade   The photon belt opening up on 21/12 will only affect those of higher vibration. Either you are ready or not. I have a blog that explains where and why we are where we are as a human race.
Anonymous   one thing only i will say i leave you i am very mad today with all of you i try to help and you give me all around me troubles to solve i SAID OK i am here for this but pLZ act as consnious creatures i get furious. an>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>3 ..### a2>A2<8 = 6 6 6 rules ai fuck you
Anonymous   Is it just me? Whenever a friend tried to get in with his TOR proxy the "captchas" were too difficult so he had to pass. I tried at his urging and also found that at least one letter ( usually more) is unreadable making it impossible to get in. I also had to give up. Here is my theory.: This site( not ANONYMOUS itself) is hacked by government agents who know they cannot identify those who use PROXIES like TOR so they make it seem normal by offeriing "captchas" but in reality the "Captchas" are designed, by virtue of being impossible to read properly, to make you stop using the proxies so they can identify you. PLEASE if I am WRONG let me know or at least let me know your experience.( For those who appear tired of my repeating this, sorry if you are too slow to understand why.One day you might and it would help if you READ it thoroughly.)
Anonymous 2012-10-21 17:56:22
Good day Anonymous!

I would like to share some of my own views that hopefully would be of some use to the ultimate cause. Since the beginning of this year (2012) I've been trying to educate myself as much as possible on certain topics and social problems. It all began with religion, then banking and economics, the current crisis and finally, politics. I rely entirely on the Internet as I am fairly certain that the amount of truth found in books, magazines and newspapers out there would be pretty insufficient for my purposes.

A huge chunk of my time and energy goes to working on a book which I would like to write. I am still in the preparation stage but I expect that pretty soon I would be ready to begin. I have been having troubles resolving a couple of problems or dilemmas if you'd like to put it this way. Please, do share your opinions.

First, is the peaceful revolution really a successful way of achieving our goals here? If it comes to bloodshed, who'd be ready to stand their ground for the ideals? We all live in a society which from the very birth tries to impose us the idea how much we have to lose, that life is precious and so on. And yet, we all know that some ideas are worth fighting for even with the risk of the irreversible. And in the worst scenario of a possible bloodshed, we, the people, won't be fighting directly with the responsible, but with the police, who are just people like us but older and who probably like their jobs a lot and are afraid of loosing it.

Second, if times comes to take some real action, I am pretty sure that some people won't come out and join forces with justice, because fear will be still lurking inside their hearts. Here I am especially talking about the older generations who have passed their whole lives in the current system. How are they going to embrace the change that we are bringing? When a slave becomes accustomed to his chains for too long, breaking them will be the hardest possible decision of his life.

Thirdly and finally my main dilemma. How should the top 1 percent be treated?

In "V for Vendetta" the top of pyramid were executed. I know it's just a Hollywood movie and the story was expected to finish in a similar way but still, who is going to pull the trigger and execute our own 1 percent?

Please, help me with the theoretical solution to these problems.
Anonymous 2012-10-21 20:00:53
What is your book exactly about?

peaceful stage involves the awakening.releasing people's minds from ideological bondage and enlightening them. once the masses are enlightened, through their numbers they will realize how powerful they are. also, practical action taken to cripple the powerful, hit em where it hurts. military economics etc. level the playing field for the possibility of physical violence. when the people realize their strength, overcoming these barriers wont be so daunting, theoretically speaking

also, im sure there are police men and women amongst us
Anonymous   V for Vendetta is a novel
Anonymous   This is incredibly stupid. Why don't you people get a life?
Anonymous   yes turn off the TV get AL the info you want from your computer
Anonymous D.Blade 2012-10-21 21:22:06
Our government has been in control to long and has become over-rated,out dated,corupt, and inadequate they wish to control a place that was made for freedom and liberty for all. I hope that all anonymouse can truly unite one day and change the world.

We are anonymous,
We are legion,
United as 1,
Divided by 0,
We do not forgive,
We do not forget,
Expect us.
Anonymous_grant hasselhoff 2012-10-21 23:59:25
I am not afraid of the go vernment and the lies that they spread. I am 16 years old and have already hacked into my schools server and could delete every file known to the school administration. I am lacking more advanced but I would like to learn. I don't have much in the saying of money and I know that this is supposed to be comments about the post but if some one could lead me in to the direction of finding out how to hack more things please give me a like or something to help me. My current email hat is set in a Japanese IP is [email protected]
Anonymous   you get it?
Anonymous 2012-10-22 04:14:29
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Anonymous   dont erase files keep them back up they want our history delete.more codes is to come.thnx love tnx god relax me. kisses you new one.
Anonymous 2012-10-22 04:25:16
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free budhha
Anonymous 2012-10-22 04:26:18
speak with heart to know the questions....i said the speak of sword...
free budhha.
Anonymous 2012-10-22 04:27:44
tnx god yakuza exist.
Anonymous   you want to be a part of it but you are already a part of know yet you don't know and therefore you are...we are...we will
Anonymous   txnxxx chickos.
Anonymous 2012-10-22 14:41:28
I love what you guys have going on. But I am ardently opposed to some of your concepts or zeitgeist concepts. A lot of zeitgeist is very socialist/communist and it's true socialist nature is what become of a downfall for any government. But, it's government that keeps people in check. Have you ever heard the phrase "give someone an inch and they want to take a mile"? That is reality. The problem we have today is: who keeps the government in check? Clearly a concept of man and run by men, it is a power hungry machine. One should not seek to take down any government (unless clearly killing their own for no true reason except to retain power). But instead to hold each and everyone accountable for not acting in the best interest of its own masses.
How would you like it if every elected official just sought to protect you, instead of dominate you into submission? How would you like it if the government only interviened in a way that you kept all your rights as an individual and you still had the freedom to obtain major financial feets, without the government taking your earning and redristributing your work efforts to whoever it sees fit? Like career welfare receivers. Or nation building efforts when that money that can be used to help our own failing infrastructure. How would you like your government to work for you, instead of your appointed leader working for china?
You see, that is what America is founded on. Everything we no longer are. You aren't pissed about government, you are pissed off about the elected officials.
There are only two ways to deal with them
1. Get them kicked out. -impossible/implausible feat
2. Gather intel on them and be prepared to use that information against them if they don't change their ways and actually act in favor of the people -very possible

Short of a civil war, I think that's the only way to enact change. The masses are too brain dead to put 2-2 together. And thanks to tv, their attention span is 8 seconds.

Next, zeitgeist proposes to end the concept of money. That is rediculous. There must be some way to measure worth. If it isn't money, then how about gold? Without an agreed upon exchange, there can be no trade. How do you measure the value of a donkey when traded with a chicken? There are no standards. If there are no standards, crime becomes more pervasive.

Finally, I am for your cause of free information. If government is keeping its citizens in check, it's citizens should also be able to conversely keep the government in check. The fact that the USA had been against this concept is proof that the machine is now out of control. Keep up the good work. I can't wait until TYLER
Anonymous   Tyler may very well be a created myth, so be prepared for that as well.Things may not turn out as people wish but in the mean time people sharing ideas is a positive process when there is actually any free speech at all. Be prepared for disappointments on the road to societal change is what Im saying. Those who have by illegal means attained a position of privledge and luxury use trickery, false voices, silent speech, violence, manipulation, extortion and threats to maintain their impossibly luxurious lifestyle at the expense of the many and will not give up such privledge willingly. The expense to the many is not only calculated in terms of loss of liberty but the loss of wealth, happiness, enjoyment of life, relationships, career possibilities,despoilation of the environment which has and will likely lead to the loss of life and livelihood for many, intentionally created warfare to enrich the few, random killings real or fictional to maintain a climate of fear the use of mind reading technologies to brainwash steal from and oppress those who think differently,the use of constant surveillance and gang stalking techniques to control individuals, sexual enslavement via blackmail which itself is often based on extorted behaviors. The involvement of all structures of society, police included to maintain the status quo of a small hidden and bunkered down privledged and monied slave owner class. They actually present people with the choice of either never advancing with a career or never having sex you must choose to be either a sex slave or a murderer. Then they have you and your decisions are not your own. They bribe with sex, or they threaten and terrorize and harass.The key , or part of it would be to jam or trace and possibly record their microwave silent speech communications. At some point we could achieve massive noncompliance.Part of the road to change is forcing lawful behavior patterns from law enforcement and legal officials .Watch and record them whenever and wherever you can.Sue them when possible.If we can force law enforcement into lawful behavior patterns then thats part of the battle. The goal being a society of actual democracy and rule of law where under effective civillian oversight the law is actually evenly administered and enforced. No masters no slaves.
Anonymous   I would also like to point out that these comments that are logically putting people in circles, have no point. I don't know why people keep posting that junk. Seems to me, a whole lot of mental masterbation, without the payoff.
Anonymous   YES unfortunately they do have a point-To confuse and distract from ANY real issues which come up.You are learning that this site is infiltrated by government stooges and authoritarian lackeys. Just ignore the idiocies and look for REAL issues. THis is an example of a real issue I must keep utting up which they keep trying to distract from. I have pout it up several times: Is it just me? Whenever a friend tried to get in with his TOR proxy the "captchas" were too difficult so he had to pass. I tried at his urging and also found that at least one letter ( usually more) is unreadable making it impossible to get in. I also had to give up. Here is my theory.: This site( not ANONYMOUS itself) is hacked by government agents who know they cannot identify those who use PROXIES like TOR so they make it seem normal by offeriing "captchas" but in reality the "Captchas" are designed, by virtue of being impossible to read properly, to make you stop using the proxies so they can identify you. PLEASE if I am WRONG let me know or at least let me know your experience.( For those who appear tired of my repeating this, sorry if you are too slow to understand why I must repeat it.....One day you might understand butit would help if you READ it thoroughly.)
Anonymous   If the captchas are limiting people who use proxies from entering the discussion then shouldnt we look at a way of fixing this issue. Ideally we wish to involve as many people in discussions as possible and to spread as much information as possible.I see nothing I would call mental masturbation here. What is that term used for other than diminishing anothers argument in an adhominem fashion(or ,criticize the arguer rather than the argument)The problem is not even the government but rather, THEM.THEY control government.
Anonymous   I follow, but I don't think you can just blame the gvt. There are simply a lot of dumb people out there. To give you an example: I don't think anon needs to do anything with America. By the way things are going, Obama and his ilk are going to spend this country into oblivian. The US is unfortunately going down, and that's to bad because I love my country. What sucks is that these government agents aren't doing anything about it. There are leading the way. In majority, they are to dumb to see the writing on the wall. But once America falls, there will be anarchy, and when that happens, that badge they carry around wont protect them from the average citizen that will kill them for the money in their wallet. But right now they feel pretty tough.
Anonymous   I hardly ever mention party politics here but you did so its fair game as I see it. How much did Cheney, Bush ' And Rumsfeld spend on everything from false flags and thermite. Did they work towards a replacement for the economic quicksand that is addiction to oil or did they and do they continue to profit from such destructive activities. There is no reason for America to go down. If you dont want to be dinosaurs stop burning them. Do you still hunt for food with a spear, Do you still go to the barber for a leech treatment if youre feeling under the weather. No , of course not those are old and inefficient technologies.Enough solar thermal generation can be installed in the southwest to meet all energy needs seven times over. Thats just solar thermal Ive mentioned so far but if I mention all the renewable energy sources and their economic benefits im gonna be out of breath.Look at your pentagon annual budget and you say theres no money-duh.That money is used for tanks planes and guns to secure oil from its rightful owners and secure its transport across the world to your gas guzzler. WHO benefits, guys like Cheney, Bush and Rumsfeld. They owe you a kiss and a reach around. Public ownership of renewable energy utilities is the remedy. When the fuel is free, the break even point on these investments con=mes quickly. Have ya broke even on oil yet.This is your country. This is your country on conservatism, any questions. This is your country This is your country on oil. any queastions. If you guys arent gonna take rehab seriously, I mean Swedens taking this stuff serously, and Germanys at the head of the class,come back when youre ready but ya gotta admit you havew a problem.
Anonymous 2012-10-22 17:42:40
I am not a pacifist. I understand that the time may come, and that time may even be soon, to use violence. But the problem I can't get around is this, who do we attack? The buildings we paid for? The people that are in the same boat we are but aren't enlightened enough to walk away from their job? National treasures shared by all?

There is one thing that all governments hold in a high regard, something they can't live without. Money.

When nations go to war with one another, they block harbors and airports, they use trade sanctions and many other forms of economic attack. Why not use the tactics they employ?

What kind of resolve is that policeman going to have if he hasn't had a pay check in three pay periods? How well do helicopters fly when the pilots are marching in the street?

So to any that don't know where to go, or what to do, but know we must do something, I offer this advice: Just stop. Stop buying things, stop giving them your money. Go to work tomorrow and change your withholding form to 15 dependents and stop paying them. Barter for the things you need and need done. Stop paying the bills that you don't deem a must. Stop using their disposable goods. Stop burning their oil when at all possible. Stop giving them authority over you.

But the main thing is, do SOMETHING. Anything, even if it is as simple as writing in Ron Paul for president or calling government offices with your list of complaints. Dissent! There are more than 340 million of us. They notice a thousand. They fear a million and will dissolve if we all unite.
Anonymous   Violence is NOT the answer BECAUSE, from a practical point of view the real people behind our problems,(the Establishment) are too well protected and in fact virtually control violence with their monopoly on money.Using our intelligence is the ANSWER. Tyler with Anonymous is one but also get involved with people who are also fighting the Estblishment, such as David Icke- - and Dr.Steven Greer with his "Disclosure Project"- - and also THRIVE Movement- - you wil have to watch theri movie first. In other words GET INVOLVED in as many ways as you can afford, time-wise and money-wise, also, if you can afford to.
Anonymous Kaz 2012-10-22 18:57:11
I really stand for anonymous and wish to join in and start helping, but i dont know how to hack or bypass anything. im a complete noob seeking help to get me started- [email protected]
Anonymous   Violence is NOT the answer BECAUSE, from a practical point of view the real people behind our problems,(the Establishment) are too well protected and in fact virtually control violence with their monopoly on money.Using our intelligence is the ANSWER. Tyler with Anonymous is one but also get involved with people who are also fighting the Estblishment, such as David Icke- - and Dr.Steven Greer with his "Disclosure Project"- - and also THRIVE Movement- - you wil have to watch theri movie first. In other words GET INVOLVED in as many ways as you can afford, time-wise and money-wise, also, if you can afford to.
Anonymous   Icke is insane. I've never heard of the others, but don't waste time with this guy anons.
Anonymous   Remember
Shadow   Because here’s the thing: we are Anonymous. We are a large group of people, of fluidly shifting composition, who come together to act as one when we feel a need to. We have a diversity of talents and professions in our makeup, but we share an appreciation for creativity and an ability to solve problems creatively. There’s no reason for us not to be able to accomplish anything Anonymous could accomplish, even if we go about it differently. Give that a little thought. If we were activists, the world would… well, not tremble, but definitely twitch.
Anonymous   chickos for me only love has been born for two....! :) goodmorning from zora.... !
Anonymous   I wonder what will happen when the election is over.
Anonymous   I appreciate most of the work y'all do here. It is inspiring. Would be thrilled to one day use my own skill sets in protection of real freedom.
Anonymous 2012-10-23 13:28:28
This is not an attack against you, or against those who still think like you. But how can you read all these posts and say you "would be thrilled to one day use my own skill set"? What are you waiting for? Don't wait on a leader to come along, become that leader. Don't wait for those around you to dissent, for they are waiting on you.

It rips my heart out daily to witness, literally everyone I know and speak to, coming together in consensus that the country, even the world needs to change. Yet they do nothing to evoke that change. Is writing a letter really that hard? Is placing a phone call, or walking in front of a building beyond a reasonable exertion? Instead of asking how MUCH you are willing to do to take a step toward freedom, ask how LITTLE you are willing to do and at least start doing that. How many letters have YOU written your congressman? State senator? President?

Turn on the tv and flip around the channels. You will see dissent everywhere. The news, sitcoms, talk shows. The problem is, you see so much dissent around you and, little, to no change. This breaks your spirit and makes you believe change is impossible, or hopeless. You see those around you in life, and on the television making fun of these people that believe they can actually change things and you laugh along with them while wishing that the ridiculed WOULD make the change.

Martin Luther King Jr. lead a change. When he was making his movement to change race problems, enough people rose up in support that a change was realized. When he shifted his attention from racial equality to financial equality his support wandered away. Even the poor people he was trying to help. Was it because the poor didn't want a savior? Or was it because they believed it was hopeless?

Now think of all the strikes, riots, marches, picket lines. Think of all the "leaders" on talk shows telling us this ONE thing they MUST see a change to. Ask any of them if they think this is the only issue, if they would like to see other things change. I can not answer the question but I can, with a reasonable certainty, claim that each of those people would like to see many changes. So why not unite all dissent under the banner of Anonymous?

I don't care if you want to live in a world where abortion is legal. I don't care if you want to live in a world where abortion is illegal. I don't care if you are a rich man who refuses to pay another tax hike. I don't care if you are a poor man who refuses to allow the rich another tax break. I do not care what side of an issue you are upset about, or even what that issue is. You are upset, I am upset. Let's stop this and try something else because we all know it is broken. Let's stop letting them divide us.

And to those that say it is agenda 21, or the Illuminati, or whatever ultimate evil you think is to blame, I ask this; What does it matter? I realize that every hero you have ever heard of somehow became this ultimate good guy that combated this ultimate evil that had a name. But why must we name this evil before we fight this evil? When firefighters show at a burning building they do not first have to discover who or what started the fire. They control it or extinguish it and then sort the mess to find the answer that appears truest. How long have we been on fire? 30 years? 100 years? If all the effort that was put into exposing these conspiracies had been shifted to ending them, how long ago would this revolution have occurred?

So, no my friend. Do not be thrilled on the one unforeseen day you will be able to make a difference. Thrill yourself and me as well by making that day, this one. Do Something!

Anonymous   Sun Tsu: The greatest victory is achieved when care and study is employed studying the enemy and devising appropriate strategy so that one may win without firing a shot the greatest victory. One could say the only way to victory as without studying the ways of ones adversary one simply flails about blindly wasting resources and possibly people. By employing violence without changing ourselves one most often replaces one oppressor with another. Use of violence might prove difficult as the lives of many if not all are very tightly controlled and these people are mostly hidden and bunkered down using electronic silent speech communication to dispatch and control people.Think mafia model but dispersed into a multitude of franchises . They control the police and they create war so they can have profit and sex for free. People are bribed and or threatened and obedience is maintained through manipulation of the basic drives of greed lust and fear.Mafia, Nazi model.They use silent speech, created scarcity , debt, fear and greed to manipulate. false news stories, false flag attacks , are used to create confusion just as magicians and con men do. They have been setting up their modalities of control for a long time. With setting up the Fed they control capital. By keeping us addicted to oil they control the flow of capital and can create war for profit and depopulation as well as control the thoughts and emotions of entire populations and as excuse to pass controlling legislation under the guise of its for your protection. The protection scam is one of the oldest in the books. By not cooperating, not being sex slaves for instance or not allowing anyone around us to be pushed into their hidden scam in our continued enslavement, we undermine their corrupt mechanisms of control. Demand lawful behaviours from police and court officials. Expose corruption wherever you can.The cameras everywhere can be used to force police into lawful behavior patterns.Dash Cam scandals are gold. Make them go viral. Get rid of bad apples one by one .We can force police to at least be of lawful behavior when they are on camera. This helps unravel their system.We can have true freedom . NO masters. No slaves. Im not talking about the equivalent of making sexual slavery illegal and forcing it underground. Im talking about true freedom of association. No Masters. No slaves. No hidden police mafia brothels which are really dens of sexual slavery based on extortion threats and violence.They get away with it because their challengers are either bought off or give up from fear or frustration. Intimidation rape and enslavement and extortion and murder have been around for a long time . Any one who attains any level of success has agreed to a code of silence on the issue and that along with being locked in both literally and figuratively with blackmail.They use the communication of silent speech technology as seen in the research index : The Extent Of Commercially Available And Classified Technologies Capable Of Some Harassment Effects. Withdrawing our consent and acceptance of this process can do a lot. We all know where they are and we see people coming in and out and we know what goes on inside . And they can claim it was consensual but we know its all based on blackmail (and their blackmail is all base dupon duress) and threats to career or safety or other threats.Just like the dash cams we can video tape the comings and goings and maybe therell be a lot fewer comings and goings. This undermines their entire system.Neighbourhood watch could take on a whole new meaning. We should do this. As well as making dash cam beatings viral and giving names of certain people online. Further to that we should all be pushing for public ownership of renewable energy utilities. They use oil addiction as a big part of their strategy. creating war is not only a big power trip to them as they feel like masters of the universe as well as they are many of them war and oil profiteers. Take that away from them. The supply of wind and sun cant be controlled by them and with public ownership we profit not them and we have the power because we own the power. So push for that if you want your freedom. Refuse to be racist and respect women always that really gets them. Also call them on all their lies. Also recognize the false flags lies and staged news to further their agenda. They used falsely created fears of Muslims to take all your freedoms away and you bought it. They try to involve your emotions and create confusion and theyve been doing this for years. The US ship being hit in the Gulf of Tonkin for instance , a false flag to get US boots on the Ground in Vietnam so they could make lotsa money is but one example.The police or call them police dont have a right to touch you nobody does. Noncompliance. Noncooperation. DISOBEY.
Anonymous   For those who see Violence as the only answer,Violence is NOT the answer BECAUSE, from a practical point of view the real people behind our problems,(the Establishment) are too well protected and hidden and in fact virtually control violence with their monopoly on money and thus governments. YES you street protesters have a right to defend yourselves against the police bullies swinging their truncheons and using pepper spray but do NOT start the violence however by all moral means you MUST defend yourselves with helmets and body protection.Using your intelligence is the real ANSWER. Tyler with Anonymous is one way but also get involved with people who are also fighting the Establishment, such as David Icke- - and Dr.Steven Greer with his "Disclosure Project"- - and also THRIVE Movement- - you will have to watch their movie first. In other words GET INVOLVED in as many ways as you can afford and feel capable of, time-wise and money-wise, also, if you can afford to
Anonymous   this Project Mayhem has something to do with the project Meyhem of the movie Fight Club? because, if it does, will be the most brilliant thing ill ever see in my entire life!
Anonymous 2012-10-23 18:40:44
Lulzfag at the ready.

Do not forgive,
Do not forget.
Anonymous 2012-10-23 19:08:28
chickos.... >>>>>####>>>*$= rider here. i ma close to get the firsts codes again from were all begin. i have the continue i have the discode of letters and names and solars i need the code i am close to the main. >>>*<<<<8<<<<>>>>* i give only now a day of birth.......BE VERY CAREFFUL.

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remember don search anless you have this code 21/10/1959

i will keep them only for 3 hours its the main entrance.
Anonymous   ok wait for me i will be back.chi.
Anonymous   1
Anonymous 2012-10-23 19:10:47
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i need the code.
i will return.
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Anonymous 2012-10-23 19:13:49
a= o 666 = 2
A= o 999=1
Δ= o 1 =a2>1=A2 meaning the return of time and fathe.
i dont have all the code i have to find so i can give the discodes.
Anonymous   Why not just boycott a large company by refusing to buy their products? If several thousand people do that for even a few days, eventually the company will have to agree to the demands of the people or else continue to lose money. And large company's love money....
Anonymous   Right now the most hated corporation in America if not worldwide is Monsanto, they are the ones who put genes from a fish into a tomato. Greenpeace calls it Frankenfood.They didnt ask us if we wanted the genetics of our food messed with and with few exceptions ita not labelled. Right now seventy percent of the food on our grocers shelves has some genetically modified ingredients. This is partly due to the fact that the food additive industry is largely corn based and much of the corn has been genetically modified. Bovine growth hormone was also forced upon the public.A gag is placed upon the media when they try to tell the public about this stuff. The U.S. F.D.A. is supposed to be protecting the public from this stuff, Fluoridation of the water included by using the precautionary principle of proving no harm before a product is released to market. The F.D.A. receives 40% of their funding from big Pharma. I wonder how much they get from a company like Monsanto. I believe Californias Proposition 97 went through so Genetically modified foods in California will have to be labelled. If this is the case then the health conscious people of California the most populous State will have the information they require to make the healthy choice for us all and hit Monsanto where it hurts, the only thing they care about , their profit margins. Now is the perfect time for an information campaign directed at informing Californians about genetically modified foods and how their right to avoid them was taken away by the most hated corporation in America. Most people when informed of the facts surrounding the issue woild wonder if the GMO food is so healthy then why would they have to be forced by law into labelling. And why did the Government wait until seventy percent of foods had some GMO content before a state by state labelling initiative began. If youre afraid of labelling then youre aware that youre food is bad and youre just greedy bastards after marketshare who couldnt give a damn about the publics health otherwise why did you try to sneak it past us for so long. Were you hoping you wouldnt get caught, that the people wouldnt notice , obviously you were. How a Company can do this and not have their corporate charter revoked is beyond reasonable comprehension. What does a corporation have to do to have their corporate charter revoked. The complicity of the F.D.A is even more alarming as their whole mandate is to protect the public health.This is all covered in a documentary explaining the Codex Alimentaris available on the Occupy Freedom website.
Anonymous   From the looks of it the Russian Rospotrebnadzor consumer rights regulator is doing a far superior job than the F.D.A. as they recently suspended imports of Monsanto corn following a French study showing alink between Monsanto G.M.O. corn and cancer and multiple organ failure in rats fed the Monsanto GMO corn for two years. Now Monsanto and Dupont are spending a reported thirty six million dollars convincing Californians of their lack of a right to know what theyre eating. Come on Californians I know youre not fooled by a slick ad campaign. When rats die from eating the same food youre eating, and its a double blind test with humans as rats and by the way you cant recall signing a consent form to be a lab rat but guess what the complicit F.D.A. doesnt care about you when the profits of Dupont and Monsanto are on the line. Profit over people again , see that. Hey isnt the F.D.A. supposed to protect the people from the whole profit over people incentive so we have safe food. But the executive rolls of Monsanto and the directorship of the F.D.A. shows some of the same names. Isnt that a conflict of interest. Do people pay attention to conflicts of interest these days cause Cheney, I mean, I told you about him.Search :proposition 37 california GMO labelling, also search Gasland documentary on you tube.
Anonymous   Urgent message to annons : contact fellow California Annons and Occupiers to rally support for upcoming Proposition 37 vote on labelling of Genetically modified foods.The food additive industry is largely based upon corn. Most of the corn is genetically modified Monsanto corn and as a result about seventy percent of what you see on grocery store shelves contains at least some genetically modified corn content Mountain Dew soda, and Lucky Charms cereal for example. a recent French study showed that rats fed this corn for two years showed multiple tumors and multiple organ failures. Russia doesnt want this corn. France and Europe chose to protect people with labelling so they could make the choice for themselves and as a result the people spoke with their dollars and their common sense. Monsantos market share in Europe is now just about nil.Power to the people. the power of common sense and an informed publics right to choose. If this food is so safe and healthy why do Dupont and Monsanto spend thirty five million so far in an advertising campaign to sway the vote. Why do rats die from eating Genetically modified corn.Arent the rats the canary in the coal mine. what do you do when youre a miner and the canarys dead. You get outta the mine. You stop eating genetically modified food and you get out and vote on proposition 37 if youre a Californian who cares about the minors who eat Lucky Charms cereal, or mountain dew soda and many other items but you dont know cause theyre not labelled. There should be a label. The people have a right to an informed choice. This is America. you have a right to know what youre eating. Come on Californians get out in November and vote on proposition 37 . Youll be protecting the food safety of all Americans . Monsanto has been slipping us all bad food for years and laughing their way to the bank.
Anonymous   goodnight--------do not fuck up with us.- chickos.
Anonymous 2012-10-24 22:35:13
A troll in Central Park.
Anonymous 2012-10-25 03:19:20
So what is Anonymous exactly? I had thought they were a group of individuals united as one, working towards bringing about truth, justice, human rights, and a movement that would result in total reformation of humanity, life and the world.

Recently I've been reading many comments, posts, articles, pages, text from within the source code of pages, encrypted text, etc... written by so called "Anonymous" members and I'm beginning to think that Anon is nothing but a completely disorganized group of 12-year-olds. It looks like Anons rules are simply "Hack & threaten whoever the hell you want" and anyone and their grandmothers can join Anon. Also it dramatically decreases credibility when "Anon members" say they are going to do something and then never do it, which happens quite often, if you're going to make it known that you're planning to do something do so only after you're certain you're going to do it. It also decreases credibility when "Anon members" say penis, cock, fuck, talk about conspiracy BS, etc... all the time.

Some questions:
When has any company, organization or group ever succeeded without leadership? Leadership being either a board of leaders or an individual.

What is Anons goal? What are their rules/guidelines?

How are designers, developers, IT specialists, hackers, writer's, protesters and speakers working to achieve similar goals when there is no communication between them?

Who's working on Tyler P2P? Is one working on fabricating their own software/site while many others are doing the same? Communication would save time and improve the end result greatly.

When it comes time for Project Mayhem, how does Anon plan on preventing a complete meltdown of civilization? If Anons going to do what you say then electricity, food, gas, ect... will all be gone. There will be riots, killing, etc... The majority of people will end up killing each other, with cities being the first to go.

Anonymous has the potential to be very great, but they must earn the respect of the average person (not just people who hate the government, hate authority, hate Scientology, etc...). With a book and a documentary Anon will soon reach the eyes and ears nearly the whole world; however, if Anon doesn't change they will leave nearly the whole world either disappointed or angry.

Always happy to share my thoughts on resolving Anon problems...if anyones interested lemeknow.
Anonymiss 2012-10-26 03:33:09
If you think about this we are everywhere things that happen for the greater good is us. Amanda todd has been put to rest with out us he would still be un known.

Anonymous   Amanda Todd may or may not have been a falsely created news story. They do that. Ignore it. Possibly a false flag like many others. Sleight of hand . Misdirection of public attention while the agenda of control and profitability moves forward according to plan. Thats the circuses part of bread and circuses. P.T. Barnam said youll never go broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people and they are anything but broke. Now what do you know about the Trans Pacific Partnership. search TPP
Anonymous 2012-10-26 20:56:31
Anonymous is, I am certain, different things to different people. As such, the only question any of us can answer is what anon is to us individually. With that in mind, here are my answers...

Anonymous is a way for the people who see through the lies to help those such as yourself climb out from underneath the joke of oppression and mind control. The first thing to do was to remove the ever popular censorship. I agree we must look at past models to have a better understanding of what direction to go so not to repeat past mistakes. Today you want to censor the words penis, fuck and cock. You also seem to want to limit peoples discussion of conspiracy theories. What will you want to censor tomorrow? The use of different words that you find offensive? The discussion of a plan better than the one you have? Censorship is a limit in ANY form.

You say you read quite a bit. How did you miss the note I seem to find on every op that anonymous call forth? You know the words that said "we are calling for this, make it happen if you want it to"? This is a form of true democracy if that appeals to your understanding. It is a vote of the people that have had their eyes opened. If Anonymous calls for an action and that action is not realized, apparently the desire of the members do not couple with the operations design, posture or necessity. This does not show weakness or disorganization of any kind but the exact opposite and an even more frightening idea, that we actually have minds and choose to do what we want, following no leader.

A man learns his entire life. He passes this knowledge to his child. The child is limited to what his father knows so the father asks the neighbor to teach his child. Hence, civilization is born. The purpose was to share knowledge so every person would not have to relearn basic knowledge first hand and the human race could move toward a greater understanding. The greatest concept of civilization is freedom and it is the obligation of all humans to move toward a greater understanding of it. So what is the goal of Anonymous? Just that, there is an understanding of freedom that is not represented on this planet. We all know this. We all want to remove the forces that obstruct the pursuit of freedom.

Rules and guidelines you are asking for have been set before you. Anonymous stands for a free internet. A place where nations do not control the minds, habits or conversations of the people. Anonymous stands for removal of propaganda, perpetuated misconceptions and deliberate lies. So all people can have at least the opportunity to experience a greater understanding of the world. Anonymous stands for fighting against violations of human rights. For there is no greater threat to the pursuit of freedom.

I do not know what kind of structure you are looking for in an organization that is fighting against the strongest forces in the world. Leaders are easily quieted or killed and that normally ends their movement. A grouping as we have can not be so easily dispersed. The argument that one must have a leader because of precedent is circular and quite flawed. The idea of slavery being illegal was just as obscure to the minds of the average American in 1810 as the people acting without leadership is to yours. Flight, automobiles, iron ships. The list of unbelieved concepts that have become reality argues that all similar preconceptions must be questioned if not totally disregarded.

The misconception that a removal of government is a meltdown of civilization may be the cause of your concern. I ask you to look further. Why would you think a farmer is going to stop farming? Does he and his family not need to eat? Why is a chief going to stop cooking? Does he not gain his most satisfaction from having others enjoy his food? Why is it so easy to accept that a truck driver's motivation to move his cargo for a slave wage is superior to the same driver's motivation to move his cargo to feed a hungry city? You spoke before of viewing the future through reflections of the past, yet you fail to recognize that in almost every situation where humans have been given the opportunity, they have risen to take care of the race. Trying to come up with a system that is perfect in theory while the horror that surrounds us gets more terrifying is, indeed, the true waste of time.

The confusion over how will any common goal be achieved when there is no direct planning by a leading group is actually a confusion over the intent of what the legion have shown to support. Anonymous supports freedom. Freedom does not mean find a leader and follow. Nor does it validate my ideas over yours. Freedom is questioning authority, hierarchy and established practice; demanding it be justified; and removing any that can not be justified. There are many who have done just this and have a goal to remove one or many unjustified oppressors. There is none more important that any other. Thus, by limiting the goal to simply fighting oppression, we can bring together even those who disagree on how and why, under a blanket of understanding that regardless of what you might want the outcome to be, we all agree there must be a change. If we move in unison toward that change then it becomes realistic to think that resistance can be overcome and a chance to have a better structure will be met.

The changes you speak of wishing upon Anonymous is, for lack of a better term, not thought out. You started with a statement of what you thought Anonymous was, I am saying to you, you were correct. Yet, you continue with suggestions that change not only the practices that got us to popularity, a book and documentary but its very essence. If you wish to see an organization like the one you speak of, they are plentiful. They have leaders, communications, plans, rules, guidelines, and membership restrictions. Many of them have been around for years and only a rare few have ever realized success and those successes have been very limited. So, with all due respect, I reject your suggestions while I beg your reconsideration. Anonymous is limitless, not from structure, but due to it. Anonymous is invincible, for an idea can not be killed. Anonymous does not need to vie for the respect of average people because Anonymous is all people.

The simple answer to your post is: You describe a box you wish me to put my idea into when my idea is that there is no box.

I am delighted you have found enough awareness to be here. I hope to see you more. I wish you success in your journey to fully open your eyes.
Codester 2012-11-06 06:18:03
I commented below as Codester... I understand the point you're trying to get across. What originally lead me to posting what I did was reading and seeing some of the things people posted elsewhere. The first question was sort of a rhetorical question, then the rest I was going off on a tangent...ha

I do not wish to censor anything, what I was trying to say is that I think a person sounds more mature when they don't use the words Cock and Penis a lot or throw the word fuck around carelessly (If your going to say "fuck" say it with meaning). Furthermore, I believe it's best if Anon tries to keep anger and aggregation out of their discussions. Partly because I thought Anon was a peaceful group and because talking that way brings Anon down closer to their opposition. People have a tendency to respect their superiors, no matter the persons actual age and it's easy to distinguish a person as being inferior when they write/talk a specific way. I do not wish to limit anybody from speaking whats on their mind, I just ask that they consider what I say before talking/writing. It could decrease the chances of their words being misconstrued.

Also conspiracy isn't the same if there's something to back it up. There are many...many...many...ideas and theories out there. It'd be great if we all had the answers, but we don't and for many of these ideas/theories we never will. In my opinion, if someone doesn't have groundbreaking info that could unveil the truth behind the conspiracy, they may as well keep it to themselves.

Anyways, I like your ideology. And about the leadership... Even though it may not be as prominent as other organizations, I seem to think there is leadership in Anon... A chicken doesn't go far without a head, nor does a human without a brain and both cannot live without a heart. Nobody knows whether the brain or the heart is more important, which leads or which follows, because one cannot continue without the other. I think there are leaders working to keep the group's existence alive by ensuring the fire within the hearts continues to grow.

You say "Freedom is questioning authority, hierarchy and established practice; demanding it be justified; and removing any that can not be justified." I think every single thing on the face of this planet and that which extends beyond should be questioned, how else does one grow and learn?...

Going back to leadership, every member of Anonymous could be a leader as well as a follower. One creates an idea and the others choose whether or not to follow, later the creator of that idea chooses to follow the idea of another... As for Project Mayhem, the only way I can see it working is if everyone who's part of Anonymous emerge as leaders on Dec. 12 to prevent the world from reaching total chaos and possible extinction of the human race.
Codester   I didn't mean to include "demanding it be justified; and removing any that can not be justified." in the parentheses of my other reply. But that's how the original government was set up to work...however, somewhere along the line it changed.
Anonymous   There are false starts and disappointing results sometimes in any endeavour. So What. Does that mean you quit,find a hobby collect stamps while freedoms dissipate in a climate change induced haze.As far as a leader , people have weaknesses, can be corrupted or out in jail, blackmailed, threatened, so thats out. As far as credibility do your own research , somethings real or its not. As far as swearing lessening credibility , If I hear someone speak of a serious issue at any length without swearing I start to think they dont give a fuck.The real obscenity is when the world is going wrong, off the rails wrong and people say nothing. Right now in terms of the planets carrying capacity we are in overshoot.The rapacious lifestyle of the most affluent one billion people exceed the earths ability to recover from the damages incurred by supporting this lifestyle. With approprite management of resources and wise technology use and proliferation theres enough for everybody. The state of the world today is an obscenity.A word is simply a word. And credibility comes from being verifiably correct, and sustained efforts towards a worthwhile objective. What could be more wortwhile than survival, human rights , dignity for all and a chance at prosperity.A sustainable prosperity attained without harm to others.
Codester 2012-10-26 23:06:39
Well I realize that this world has its problems and yes I think people should strive to rid the world of these problems, I've never stated anything contrary to this belief.
As for leadership, a board or a group of leaders would be far superior to a single person, I get where you’re coming from there. However, even if it were a single person, if nobody knows the name of that person how would they be targeted any more than Anonymous as a whole or as an Anonymous subgroup. Furthermore, if there were an individual leader that person would most likely be superior in their hacking abilities and have more resources at their disposal, which would make them very difficult to trace.
The swearing thing, I was talking about Anon's joking around and saying things like "Cock" and "Penis", which is a bit immature. Also swearing in a very derogatory way, a person can get their point across without offending many others. When I read what another person has written, I can tell if a person is serious or passionate about the topic by the emotions/feelings that are conveyed through their writing. If a person just swears often to get there seriousness/feelings across I'm lead to believe that they're either a young person or someone of low morals.
"And credibility comes from being verifiably correct" Yes it does, so Anon should say they are going to do something only once they are certain those things will happen. Repeatedly doing the opposite of this makes Anon verifiably incorrect.
I know that a great number of people that inhabit this planet are destroying it and soon will be facing their own demise because of their actions/ignorance. I agree with you on everything else that you’ve said. It’s going to take a great deal to change things and there will have to be some sacrifices, but we should try to make those sacrifices as minimal as possible.
Anonymous 2012-10-25 05:53:20
chickos happy news. i clean up the mess... i am very close to the key i thing in one week and a half all the discode programmers alphabet will be in our heands at least mine yes for sure. my love to zora.=sky.
<>not accept vilance read the above article of anonymous leave me in piece. my love anonymous.and rider say touorch the one.
Anonymous 2012-10-25 07:29:54

For those who see Violence as the only answer,Violence is NOT the answer BECAUSE, from a practical point of view the real people behind our problems,(the Establishment) are too well protected and hidden and in fact virtually control violence with their monopoly on money and thus governments. YES you street protesters have a right to defend yourselves against the police bullies swinging their truncheons and using pepper spray but do NOT start the violence however by all moral means you MUST defend yourselves with helmets and body protection.Using your intelligence is the real ANSWER. Tyler with Anonymous is one way but also get involved with people who are also fighting the Establishment, such as David Icke- - and Dr.Steven Greer with his "Disclosure Project"- - and also THRIVE Movement- - you will have to watch theri movie first. In other words GET INVOLVED in as many ways as you can afford and feel capable of, time-wise and money-wise, also, if you can afford to

Anonymous   Violence is not the only answer and perhaps not an answer at all. However, I as well as many I know and debate at length with all share a common idea. Turbulent times are ahead. Violence very well may ensue. It might not start off suddenly, with police or even military action on a large scale, but with small incidents that slowly spread and become larger. There has been at least one judge I know of in Texas (heh...Texas...) that has already voiced concerns of a second civil war in the coming years. For every voice that speaks something, there are many others thinking it as well. With corruption becoming more readily apparent and the obvious lack of motivation to stop it from those in a position to do so...I hate to say it, but just because many want peace and love, doesn't mean it's going to play out that way. This country was founded on violence. This country has continued to act in violent means whether overt or covert throughout it's over two hundred year history. Violence will continue in the future and it may come to pass that the current peaceful movements will either turn nasty or be replaced by much more aggressive tactics. Regardless, the times ahead will likely not be pleasant. Prepare as you see fit.
Anonymous   The violence and corruption come from a cabal which is decentralized and use silent sound to communicate. These people all come up with their own scams to profit and some are overt and some are covert and the violence to ensure their continued profitablity is provided for and paid for by the people who do not profit and have not profited from the violence. They care only for themselves and people and nation states are irrelevant to them. capitalism is the dominant modality as it has and does work well for them , continually concentrating power in the hands of the few. war for them is a way to extend control and gain profit and extend market share. As their preferred modality progresses and capitol is concentrated more and more into the hands of the few so does power and influence concentrate in the hands of the few and this is no accident. Violence most often is and has been directed against the puppets rather than the hidden puppet masters who as I say use silent speech to communicate. If violence were ever properly directed and it has yet to be , its very likely it would simply be a changing of the guard for the puppet masters or more likely just a few of them. The systems of control and exploitation have been around for a long time. Those who make any headway thus far are bought off or threatened and harassed to marginalize them.Violence against those who are mere pawns does nothing but increase their control and profit. The reason they imposed the capitalist model is that profit may be made regardless of circumstance. The poor killing the poor, wonderful, go bullish on weapons and pepper spray and securty related stocks. Cha Ching.Would it not be better for all concerned to have them bullish on wind and solar power stocks. Better yet have the public demand public ownership of renewable energy utilities.When the fuel is free and you dont have to go to war for it you do the math. For once the math would work out in favor of the average person.The pattern theyve been following has been create a crisis prifit from the crisis. Why do we have to create a crisis when we already have problems that require adressing the answers to which can prove extremely profitable. Retooling the infrastructure of the nation to be renewable energy based and extremely efficient is good for all concerned so why have war and why continue a senseless addiction to oil. The answer is theyve become quite used to using the addiction to oil as a lever of control, as well as to increase profitability and marketshare. The people should own the power. Enough solar energy hits the surface of the earth in one hour to power the populations energy needs for an entire year. Solar thermal potential in the southwest of America alone could provide seven times present energy needs for all applications. This is power that cant be shut off and when the fuel is free you do the math. Oil gets more expensive to find , extract, refine, and transport, acquire militarily, and provide publicly funded security for, ; conversely, installed renewable energy installations get cheaper and cheaper by the day as the fuel is free lessening security concerns and expenditures dramatically. Tanks dont make money, not for the public anyway. Windmills and solar farms do make money , and they also provide for real and sustained security. Which would you rather own. This would be a future that is a win in many ways for the public, and for the monied investment class. The present oil addiction path is a short term win for the monied investment class as it has been for a long time but its always been a cash drain of mammoth proportions for the public. Now they can hide behind microwave silent sound communications for a while . We all know about it. As far as oil, the writings on the wall. In the meantime publicly owned renewable energy utilities are the only smart self preservative way forward both socially and in terms of science and economics. People will and are tired of being slaves both literally and figuratively. The artificial scarcity they rule with isnt just with oil and the frog in a pot analogy applies to more than just climate change. Learned helplessness or slave mind you could call it.If a significant number of us actually opt for a collective survival strategy I hope any violence will be well thought out and surgical in nature or theyll just laugh and laugh their way to the bank. If we ever decide to respect and value ourselves enough to refuse to be slaves in any way and consequently refuse to degrade ourselves by having or being such, If we can keep our collective eyes on the prize of true freedom, and avoid the trap of violence against each other then we can have a future where we actually are free -nomasters no slaves. If we let them goad us into fighting each other, well thats just like any other prior war where its the slaves killing the slaves. They love that.
Anonymous   On the 21st of December we should all walk into local banks and ask to empty our accounts! they will not have enough money in bank to cope with this, it will trash their system!
Anonymous   People do this anyway its called Christmas shopping but I like the Idea. I do advise switching to a local Community Credit Union. Why havent the Occupiers and Annons done this yet. Go on an everything diet including most of all use of fossil fuels. Massive noncooperation.No Masters No Slaves. Free Association. Do you know what I mean when I say No Masters No Slaves.Youve likely been a frog in a pot for so long I doubt that you do.Do you know what the Trans Pacific Partnership Is" search : TPP
Anonymous 2012-10-27 10:10:12
Haha like the christmas shopping thing but thats not taking money from the banks, its just taking money from yourself, you transfer money from your account to the shops account, what i'm suggesting is taking cash out, emptying your account and putting your balance as low as possible (go into interest free overdrafts etc. so its not costing your strawman anything) and keep it in note form in your home, for every pound you have in an account, the bank can loan out ten times that, so if you've got 10,000 in your savings, thats worth 100,000 to the banks, if you took that 10,000 away, you've effectively taken 100,000 OFF the banks, pennies to them, but then get 6,000,000 taking 100,000 away and it doesn't take a genius to work out that the banks will crumble in a day, there won't be enough paper to supply it, they will have to apply for more money to be printed, which costs money (in paper and ink, but also in interest) and it will bring there currency to its knees in the process.

Don't assume everyone's blind to the corruption, it will cause the revolution to fall
Anonymous   TRANS PACIFIC PARTNERSHIP search: TPP nightmare, another battle. To the barricades but where are the barricades. We have to inform people about this stuff and include organised labor because exporting more jobs is their fight too.
Anonymous   Trans Pacific Partnership and Monsanto GMO food labelling California Prop 37 vote November 9 is Greenpeaces concern as well. Any Greenpeace people out there. Earth First!ers ,Occupiers, Anarchists,...
Anonymous 2012-10-25 15:31:21
Really David Icke? Isn't that the guy about the reptilian race? Pretty kooky stuff. You know, I'm in no way perfect myself, so I limit my peddling to what I know others think is reasonable, real world issues. I don't go off the handle into strange theory shit because I know that sane enough theories that don't have to deal with us coming from some clay vessels in jars from a superior ancient race already is a big enough "conspiracy" as it is. You know, you guys Anonymous can make sense in some ways, in that Wikileaks sense, but supporting the reptilian theory guy is just as distancing if perhaps more so than the hyper religious christian guy trying to pine off his spirituality on you in the surroundings of less isolated ideas than Jesus alone -- David Icke is no different. Its go tto be about concrete stuff guys, and getting that out to a lot of people. A lot of this has to do with education and you should know that that's the only real way to get the best guarantee of people all being on the right side (especially for the right reasons).

Maybe more financial disclosure would be in order, maybe the real LIBOR rates, maybe hacking some shit like that together, getting insiders, whatever. Get issues that have a real substantive effect in the world in which we live. Stick to the Daniel Ellsberg stuff, don't start dabbling in witchery, or you may find people losing focus with your messages, and that ain't no good!

Peace, and due care and consideration, and I never mean to offend or hurt another in discussion, so please be civil, and of course you can swear and still be civil, fuck yeah! and you can disagree and swear, as in "I fucking disagree with all that bullshit" but you can still be respectful of the person, so keep it in mind folks.

by: 6346132264564212124872346
Anonymous   I have lived life long enough to know that MOST people have something to offer. None of us know everything. I too don't agree with his"reptilian" theory BUT he has a lot to offer if you listen fo all ( or many of) his videos.MORE importantly he is VERY active in fighting for freedom and it is CHARACTER which counts the most: he is honest, intelligent ,courageous and persistent, and those qualities are more important than just his ideas.We in the FREEDOM MOVEMENT cannot afford to ignore someone just because part of his theories or plans are not to our agreement.This applies also to : Alex Jones,Dr.Steven Greer, Lew Rockwell etcetrera and even ANONYMOUS itself. Ask yourself,do you agree with everything espoused by ANONYMOUS, and especially by many of the mental 12 year olds on this site. Of course you don't but you dont write off Anonymous altogether because of that do you???
Anonymiss   I have heard government recently have discovered something not from this earth. It seems to have something to do with the conspiracies of 2012 this might be worth looking into...
Anonymous   Lets keep ourselves to terrestrial concerns shall we. Its hard enough being taken seriously without becoming obsessed with unsubstantiated theories. We know about greed, capitol, oppression, desertification, oil addiction, overfishing, climate change, peak oil, increasing police violence, eroding freedoms and opressive legislation, the war against the poor, rampant corruption,monopolization of whats left of our fresh water supplies, and increasing facistic corporate monopolies over the global commons like whats being furthered by the Trans Pacific Partnership deal, and too many concerns to mention but lets stick to terrestrial concerns and not get off track. This could be an attempt to undermine the credibility of infiormation put forward on this site and I believe it is. If you wish to chase aliens or leprechauns or the loch ness monster be my guest but genuine terrestrial concerns are what I and those whom I consider serious activists concentrate upon.
Anonymous   "If you wish to chase aliens or leprechauns or the loch ness monster be my guest but genuine terrestrial concerns are what I and those whom I consider serious activists concentrate upon."-Pray tell me where do you find someone who desires to"chase aliens" etcetera on this site? If you are referring to:................" I have lived life long enough to know that MOST people have something to offer. None of us know everything. I too don't agree with his"reptilian" theory BUT he has a lot to offer if you listen fo all ( or many of) his videos.MORE importantly he is VERY active in fighting for freedom and it is CHARACTER which counts the most: he is honest, intelligent ,courageous and persistent, and those qualities are more important than just his ideas.We in the FREEDOM MOVEMENT cannot afford to ignore someone just because part of his theories or plans are not to our agreement.This applies also to : Alex Jones,Dr.Steven Greer, Lew Rockwell etcetrera and even ANONYMOUS itself. Ask yourself,do you agree with everything espoused by ANONYMOUS, and especially by many of the mental 12 year olds on this site. Of course you don't but you dont write off Anonymous altogether because of that do you???" .................If this is what you are referring to then you should learn to READ properly and ANALYZE WHAT is ACTUALLY BEING SAID and stop acting like only you can decide "serious activists"...Or maybe you are hiding that you are a DISINFORMATION agent????
Anonymous 2012-10-27 16:49:14
So, let me see if I have this right...
You agree the world needs a change. You list(recognize) many reasons for this. You want others to join you in facilitating this change. Others agree the world needs a change, they want to join up to facilitate it, but you would have anyone that doesn't agree WHY the world needs to change to stay at home.
That is a classic strategy to divide opposition and to subsequently lessen ALL dissent. Embrace those that wish to help, don't alienate them.
I know things to be true now that I had a firm belief to the contrary most of my life. What arrogance is displayed when one that has seen through so many mass lies belittles others for seeing what they believe is a bigger truth. With all the lies and misdirection we are bombarded with, how could anyone believe that they have the "truth" on their side?
Personally, I do not have a firm belief in any of the "theories" that are commonly discussed. I do have a firm belief that I do not know what the hell is going on. Thus, logic dictates we can only find out which "conspiracy theories" are true after we remove all forms of deception. So why does so many insist upon a consensus of why we fight instead of just acknowledging that we need to fight? Why discuss how to fight instead of just fighting? Can't you see this is what has held back so many people and so many movements?
Anonymous   What you are saying seems to be the ultimate non-sequitor to what i am saying and proves my point......Thank you
Anonymous   I dont know many extraterrestrials but if they are among us then they re probably struggling to make ends meet and share many of the concerns of earthlings such as Global Climate Change, addiction to fossil fuels , and The Federal Reserve Bank and fractional Reserve Banking . No matter which planet you hail from you may benefit from viewing Inside job or fall of the Republic, also visiting, regarding the Trans Pacific partnership may be of interest. As well we should remind California Annons about the vote on November sixth regarding the right to know if your food is safe for consumption with appropriate Genetically Modified Food warning labels to protect the publics health.
Anonymous   Fighting ISSUES will NEVER solve the problem because the Establishment can and is creating virtually infinite issues. We have to fight the ROOT CAUSE which is the Establishment itself.Their ability comes from their WEALTH, which gives them the POWER to enslave us. So the only solution is removing "their " wealth, which is NOT really theirs, in the first place, becuse they stole it by Fraud,Coercion and WAR .......ANONYMOUS may hopefully have the solution which we will find out after December 21. David Icke, Dr.Steven Greer et al are also trying also to get to the "root", which is why I applaud them. We shall see after December 21.
Anonymous 2012-10-28 16:54:09
Monetory system - fail !!! This is a possible solution.

Everything is becoming a joke for many people
Who suffer from the corruption and criminal
Acts from the leaders .

Cut their legs , let them fall ...
Fight for our freedom . They have too much
Control over us .
Break their power choke hold
Expect us !
Anonymous 2012-10-28 19:54:42
chickos will bring more informations in 3 days.thats not a promise its a warning.
Anonymous   Imagine that you are truly the heroes you represent. Imagine the change that could happen if we all unite. Image a world that is fair and just. Imagine no more wars. Imagine no more secrets. Imagine no more hunger. imagine free knowledge. Imagine truth. Imagine true freedom. I want to believe that some day we wont have to .... imagine anymore.
Anonymous   anonymus have my support
Anonymous 2012-10-29 20:53:43
just came to anonymous bout a week ago. I'm in Colorado where do I go to here. On the 5th
I see the wrongs of the leaders have done to scare the followers to find a solution
Expect us.
Anonymous 2012-10-30 04:16:38
What I ask of the people we have to take Obama needs to be stopped.not saying Romney is a good choice.
But the thing is.
The north Carolina votes for Romney was changedto Obama and they are doing nothing about it.
This needs to stop.
Please help the ones that can't help themselves.
Anonymous   It's a really good feeling when you fight for anonymous and know that others are there for you if you fall. I'm glad to be fighting by your guy's sides. I also have problem that I've got that deals with my high schools censorship over the students and our survalince cameras in case sombody wants to take up the offer.
Anonymous72   We love you 4amhsan! Keep up the faith.
Anonymousrags 2012-10-31 06:16:04
Looking for work contact me.
I will be Expect you.
Anonymous   I truely believe we are now entering a NEW DAwn of global Exposure to the terrible things all colaborating govenments are doing to us. AND i Welcome this Public Outing of information. With this information we can topple the Corruption and deciet that is going on everywhere.
Anonymous 2012-10-31 15:05:12
anonymous 13444: imagine we rise together
imagine we have our own million man march
imagine national guard attacking on the american public for demanding the truth
imagine if everyone voted for them selves to be president what would happen then
people brothers, sister, young, old, rise together we cant be defeated in our numbers!

we are legion
we dont forgive
we won't forget
expect us
Anonymous 2012-10-31 15:13:52
five more days and we make our move on the big house

we are legion
we don't forgive
we wont forget
expect us
JUGG3RN4AU7 2012-10-31 16:29:46
Shits about to get real if your plan goes as you expect, there's talk of shutting down the internet and many instances of a big economical hit. The only problem is that something as large as you guys say could cause a civil war because there are 300 militia's (Of about 1.5 million people) in America waiting for something like this to force the gov't to act using the 75+ "Fusion centers" and what the army did in illanois, so that they can begin an uprising of sorts reinstituting the constitution by force. Hopefuly you've thought about all the reprocussion.
P.S. For those in America i hear FBI's bout to start cracking down hard Nov5th.

~Be Careful~
Anonymous 2012-10-31 17:32:58
Combattre pour la liberté!
Nous sommes anonymous,
Nous sommes légion,
Nous n'oublions pas,
Nous ne pardonnons pas,
Redoutez nous!

Anonymous   Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift... that's why they call it the present.
Anonymous 2012-11-01 09:28:41
time to rise
Anonymous   bEtHeFuTuRe
Anonymous   What may be seen as passive acquiesence to centralized control by the hidden silent speech using cabals is not consent. Where there is not consent by definition there is coercion. Consent occurs in a genuine democracy in the absence of centralized control by vested interests. Whether such control is overt or covert in nature , as J.F.K. warned us about, it is by its nature totalitarian. We saw this in Nazi Germany and there has been no change in human nature , or economics or the body politic, but there have been changes in technology and this is the only diferrence. Perhaps, and I fervently hope for this, we will see true freedom, and breathe unfettered that first breath of true life in liberty, but to realize this we must not only root out the hidden controllers, but change ourselves , a spiritual evolution to go with the physical, ecological, and technological revolution.
Anonymous 2012-11-01 13:53:32
I'm not saying this should happen -Wink Wink- But if the V for Vendetta sign begam popping up in major area's or just everywhere in general on Monday, the government would begin shaking in their boots more than they currently are now. A gov't official came out and admitted they will probly have no way to stop the cyber attack exept by shutting the internet down which will be a catastrophe. This would be an amazing american benefit if the symbol began appearing EVERYWHERE attracting news and The People to begin reasearching what it means, crossing across the Anonymous vids and figuring out even morso about their government... Then when Dec 12-21 comes around the supporter populous could increase greatly.

Anonymous 13444 2012-11-01 13:59:23
interesting how there is military force under canopy cover off the 15 freeway inbetween cali and vegas looks like a making of a concentration camp.... it has begun

We are legion
We dont forget
we wont forgive
expect us
Anonymous   Where exactly? I live in LV and would like to see
Anonymous 2012-11-05 20:29:04
20 mins before barstow on the east side I 15 freeway is a military force under canopy cover beware MP are on site
Anonymous   not a "V" the anonymous A with the classic anarchy sign "a life with no shackles" is the life of the anarchist the government is trying to hold us in shackles rise from the tyranny rise my brothers the day comes on the 5th of november year 2012 the day for liberation is among us. stand up for the forgotten.... united states army founds anti militia groups within the country manly in Alaska>>>california...and texas
Anonymous   The V is because the nov 5th operation is called Operation V according to the video's which is apart of mayhem. The actual mayhem main part starts dec 12th. You want the government to fear anarchy yes, but more specificly Anonymous. The V for vendetta symbol symbolizes Nov 5th. Government fears Anonymous more than the symbol of anarchy, they can take out an anarchy punk anyday but a secretive Anonymous member is much harder with their law constrictions.
Anonymous   well in the end today was a disaster not enough protest and the storming of the white house we all knew was not going to happen and anarchy punks where never the in what i wrote i talked about adopting the A for the specific reason for it to be none that anonymous was there
Anonymous   Research microwave silent speech technologies. This is how they communicate and plan their attacks on freedoms and the public. This is a major tool of those who are unelected yet wield power with no consideration to law or constitution or rights of the individual. This is how they control the legal system and use threats and sex slaves to have their way even though its totally unlawful and contrary to human rights or even the Geneva convention. If you want to win, attack their communications. Find out who is researching these things at the universities and get them onside. They know about use of microwave technologies for silent sound communication and there will be ways to locate signal emanations from certain locations and ways to record the signals and decode the messages and record this for use in court when the prosecutions occur and the victims claim damages in lawsuits. Or we can simply plot their locations for armed raids later when the people reassert their will to have a single law and a single government where there is respect for human rights and rule of law that is evenly and transparently administered by those who abide by and respect the law. There are many more of us than there are of them and they can be traced and brought to justice as we repair the very broken systems that are required to maintain a just and free society where people actually have their freedoms.Thomas Jefferson warned us in his turning into wolves quote and JFK warned us about the monolithic conspiracy with secret organizations and we were also warned by Truman about the military industrial complex which has become the skull mason security surveillance sex slavery extortion police state military industrial complex. They stick to the shadows and extort statements of I choose to do this, its voluntary etcetera which can be expected from people being coerced and constantly observed. They leave a trace. They have an achilles heel and its their communications as well as their greed . The microwave transmissions can be traced triangulated and recorded. I f we all research this stuff well come up with a lot of information. research silent sound, silent speech, v2k, voice to skull, artificial telepathy,electronic harassment, project medusa, organised gangstalking, gang stalking, Dr John Hall, Eleanore White, The State of Commercial and Unclassified Technologies Capable of Some Harassment Effects, as well as monarch mind control, trauma based monarch mind control.
Anonymous 2012-11-01 22:35:05
Hello everybody,
We have to figure out a way to use the common news place. I'm new in this but I have a huge secret about human brain. First, we have mirror brain connection and those connection make us feel what the other one feel. So knock you're foot on a place and tell the one around you sorry to make us feel my pain. For sure, tell will laugh because there are cut to feel someone else pain. Those brain connection make us commit suicide after war, because the pain we feel is too much heavy. So if we want to protect them we have to reach them. With that message. They have to understood that war will kill them during and after. To be honest, I'm truly scared of a 3WW. The Gov't fear us so bad and they have money to 'protect' them, from what? From freedom and save worldwide. Also, people are so much brainwash, ask people around you what they makes them happy without talking about money, they have no clue of what they should talk or if they talk they're saying another world, the one they will like to see... IT'S AMAZING! I just made the test two minutes ago and the person was searching in his brain what he should say, ask them what happy is? You will have answer but not of our world... luzlll Ask a person to give a hug, I want to know what is going to happened thanks for my tests :)
Anonymous   See you in London
Anonymous 2012-11-02 08:47:41
I fear too many people on this site are getting out of hand with anonymous and what it means to be...

We're not trying to topple governments and creat our own corporations...we're not trying to overthrow a government...if so, then who would you choose to fill their places? If you want to remove a government, you better have a damn good replacement, or else all this is for nothing when the world turns to chaos as their new leader. Anonymous is not here to remove a government, but more to correct one. This phase of project mayhem is absolutely perfect in every way. This lets government and corporations know that they cannot hide behind their firewall and security department. This lets them know that the password they chose (probably kids birthdays) won't stop us from getting the truth. Your partners, mail room clerks...even your IT specialists are all anonymous...who do you trust? Instead of asking who you trust and trying to figure out a new way to will learn that it's much easier to just tell the truth. That's the goal of anonymous...that's the goal of freedom. The truth is what we seek...the hope is all we have...we will not stop, we do not forgive, we do not forget...we are Anonymous...
Anonymous   I think there are just a lot of very desperate people out there who need help and have nowhere else to turn but here. It's sad and really just emphasizes the point in all of this.
Anonymous 2012-11-02 15:07:33
Ok so you think presently we are not in a chaos? Come one, open you're eyes, we are in a chaos, the chaos of the corporation and the law (from government). I'll explain a little story part here, before the economic system started, it was the law of the King. Always, the law of 1% to makes benefits on the back of the population. Folks, I don't want to be negative but if we don't kill that capitalism system, the capitalism system will kill us. First, by taking our natural resources, no more food because our land will be that much polluted and unusable, no more water, because the chemical in with will just kill us. Second, no more privacy, the King want to see every single think we are doing because they are fear to loose they're power. My secret, we need to be the 99% for a new world, a world who the 99% have a speak free, a world were no one will fear the government because there is no more government. I know it can look scary, but trust me people are billed up to love and organized there selves, not to fight and kill each other. Our brain is made to be human. Also, I understand the goal of freedom, but the first freedom we should have is not being chained by being stuff and crashing people and crashing our planet. I mean, if you want a real freedom. You know, the capitalism system put some people at the beginning of our laws and the majorities of those laws are not build for our interest, there are billed to protect the Kings. We should have moved from that King's system from now more than 2 decades, but the true, the capitalism system just made the same error of the King's system, by making one person in charge of the land. At the end of the day, the land should be the responsibility of each human, but it's not possible because the Kings having all the natural resources, our natural resources and sell them to the rich or to the only who had the money to buy it. Also, we have to believes in human, because we are all human and when we see one of us pain we can feel that pain. So the chaos, is the prison, the prison is supposed to be there for our protection, but it is just not true. Again, I'm a really educated person, I have a master degree in social work and a bachelor degree in criminology and trust me, the prison's citizens are the more poor person of our society. We have to found a solution for that pain! We have to found a solution before our government will call a third worldwide war for restarting the economic system.

Finally, don't be fear about a human! We are the humanity with this system! We can do the biggest revolution of our decade. I know your idea was at the first time to let the truth coming out, but after the truth what do you think it will happened? People will be in the street to ask for a new government and after that new person will do the same. Just take a look in USA and Canada, after there nice promise and there fake election (back from Bush, after Obama in USA and Harper in Canada, the election have been fraud), they never did there promise to the citizens. They only care about money! That is the sad reality, we have to respect our planet, we have to respect everyone speak if the plan is love, we have to respect lives, we have to respect privacy, we have to respect human rights!
Anonymous   imagine if everyone person connected with another on december 21, 2012. imagine if seven billion humans held hands to watch the sun on the solstice, with hope, with prospeirity. if we can connect on a whole, even those corrupt, are still us. we all deserve chances. 7 billion, let us hold hands, and find truth and peace as one.
Anonymous   And then what. The elite, so called, will go back to using microwave mind reading, and thought control and as were holding hands they will be scanning around for your daughters who are attractive so they can disappear and be their sex slaves or theyll just come into your home and rape her everyday right in front of you .Will you want to hold hands with them then or will you want a smith and wesson to paint the walls with their satanic brains. I abhor violence but when those sworn to uphold the law do the opposite and turn their backs on the constitution, the law and the people, what are the people to do. I agree that the goal is to be able to love, respect lives, respect privacy and humanrights. Such ideals should be held by all people , but theyre not.What is to be done when rediculous amounts of power are given to irresponsible people who have no such ideals of respect, love, respect of ecology, respect of human rights, respect for all sentient beings and all life. These individuals must be located,and brought to the rule of law evenly and equally administered. To accomplish this we require a functioning police force rather than one which is complicit in the opression. With their technology of mind reading and silent speech as well as an extensive network of complicit individuals at all levels of society who they control through the basic drives of seeking sex and seeking survival. This corruption is deep seated. People need to research the mechanisms of control which are being employed and the technologies involved. The society we have now has been socially engineered by them largely as they have been extending their modalities of control based on appealing to basic inner drives and established mind control technologies. These include trauma based monarch mind control, monarch mind control, silent speech, gangstalking, and newly developed mind reading technologies which are established and you can research yourself but I will also provide some new links that Ive found to increase peoples understanding.This is mass brainwashing and totalitarianism by stealth and noone talks about it because theyre too afraid. Thats when you know you need a revolution. I just hope its not another slave versus slave conflict like almost every one has been . They just watch and count their profits as they enjoy their sex slaves. To a very large extent the wrong people are in jail. To a very large extent weve had the wool pulled over our eyes. There is no need for a third world war to stimulate the world economy as the real enemy is climate change and all nations can use publicv funds to renew infrastructure for maximun efficiency and clean production creating jobs as we consume sustainably living within our means . Living within our means financially is good, living within our means ecologically is something we also have no choice about and the sooner we all realize this the better.If you speak of the bank of the Earth, we are deeply in the red and still going wild with the credit cards. The wealthiest one billion of us alone have the whole planet in overdraft, to extend the banking analogy. See Lester Brown Plan 3.0, or see the newer plan 4.0, Earth Policy Institute. We can and will power the world with renewable energies and the sooner the better. Last year the U.S. military budget was 600 Billion, more than half what the world spends. Imagine how many wind and solar facilities coulve been erected employing thousands . Now the same could be said for other renewable sources and high speed electric rail and electric and plugin hybrid cars along with building retrofits for efficiency, again employing thousands.When the fuel is free , like the wind , sun, and tides for example, the break even point financially comes very quickly. National security is increased too. This also saves money. Its entirely unecessary to maintain one hundred military bases overseas. The diplomatic gains cannot be overstated, read lasting peace.But I digress on the postive and undeniable profitability of the myriad available solutions when guided by sane public policy. What of the widespread and deep seated corruption. Do we simply triangulate their positions and gather the citizens to silently bear witness, like the movie, a nonviolent Quaker tradition except the oats were stolen by force and blackmail and deception mixed with microwave silent speech chicanery as most peoples oats were or are being stolen , some more than others , and for some a lot more than oats has been stolen, why is that. So how do we rectify this as Ive said its like the movie and theres a lot more than just Danny Glover to deal with along with a couple of other guys its a lot more guys that are like Danny Glover and those other guys or pretend to be so they can get the stolen oats.Its more than just about oats isnt it. In a free society the oats would truly be with whom they wish to be with by free choice with no limits imposed upon them. Emancipation for the oats. They used part of that gargantuan military budget to do this you know that and they use the addiction to oil as their excuse. But theres no excuse for the oil addiction and theres no excuse for this continuing to happen. People die for this and theres no reason for it. Its stupid not to modify our behaviors yet still here we are.We could go through the courts seeking limits on this microwave silent sound technology and the mind reading hardware they employ but some of its already out there and its position would have to be triangulated and then we d need some people paid by the state to enforce the law who stuck to the actual rule book.Maybe the key is people have to be looking. If we were all present at these locations to observe would things go differrently.So what about having rotational gender and racially balanced civillian oversight of police services with the power to suspend, suspend without pay, dismiss, and lay charges against police officers who behave contrary to law. We ve tried police enforcing themselves and it really hasen t worked out. Then we have computer and microwave researchers, experts, help us locate these places and dispose of the microwave chains which is what they are chains and move together towards a much more equitable and freer society with an end to any kind of coercion . Effective civillian oversight would be the watchword of the day in all spheres and that would answer the question of who will watch the watchers, all of us will watch the watchers in turn on a rotational basis like jury duty because we all have learned the lesson of what happens when you don t.As Thomas Jefferson said if you fall asleep on watch they all can easily turn to wolves. And I think that s what will happen and that has sort of happened anyway so what have we we got to loose.chains.Thats it. The way I see it most everyone is in chains and if the chains were in the right place ther d be all these chains left over. There s a lot more of us than there are of them. search, ce 399 research archive Electronic Stimulation of The Brain 29 July 2008 Intrusive Brain Reading Surveillance Technology : Hacking The Mind
Anonymous 2012-11-02 18:16:45
Be careful the man just put a notice if they see you a near 100 feet near the voting stations protesting our anything to disrupted the voter they will be attested on the soon. This is only the united states.
But still.
expect us!!!
Anonymous   All protesting is limited to within one hundred feet of polling stations, got it.
Anonymous   Let's make it happen.
Anonymous   The Berlin Wall is all around us , do you see it. The Satanists and the Nazis used Airforce money to create a new reich, by stealth this time around so few would notice , as opposed to rolling tanks up the street. Search, ce399 research archive Electronic Stimulation of The Brain 29 July 2008 Intrusive Brain Reading Technology : Hacking The Mind
Anonymous   We are Prometheus.
Anonymous   Being Prometheus sucks . Lets cease to be Prometheus. We are owed much more than this, and we owe it to ourselves to be dissatisfied.Read the constitutuon and the Bill Of Rights and the Emancipation Proclamation and youll get angry at what we dont have.
Anonymous   I can't wait to see this project put into action. I only wish there was more I could do.
Anonymous   Ever heard of divide and conquer? Support Wikileaks! Keep up the great work!
Anonymous 2012-11-04 08:35:07
4a/12]a<0] 4a,0<]19+7]

4a/12]9<4a+6] 4a,4a+6<]26]
48/3]9<4a+6 4a,4a+6<]8]
ok i am back chickos.rider.
its a name for sure its THE NAME...
go back to see...
or go forward solve it and go love.
<>8<>* * *
i am ok.
most dangerous of all.
tA   thii2 ii2 2eriiou2ly briilliiant guy2... can't waiit two 2ee what happen2 tomorrow.
Anonymous   what is the answer of the question "What are you doing?", my answer is "I'm preparing for peace!"
Anonymous 2012-11-04 14:36:53
happy for
i told you i will be back
more to come.
and this is all from past when chickos appear at landscape...
we will be free.
i am searching for the basic code i havent found it yet but i will...
you make me realy happy for working on it.tnx to all of you.
anonymous i love you.
Anonymous   So much epicness.
Anonymous 2012-11-04 19:19:08
I am a new member. I joined because I am tired of the government feeding us lies and the people across this nation accepting them like sheep. I will not be another bigot. I will not be lied to any longer. The government stands by and watch as our brothers and sisters, daughters, sons, fathers and mothers die. They do nothing as children hang themselves because of their mistreatment. They brainwash us and groom us, so that when we go into the world we do their bidding. I will stand by and watch no longer.
No more hiding.
No more running.
No more silence.

We are anonymous.
Anonymous   Welcomen bro
Anonymous 2012-11-04 20:16:13
Anonymous should shut down and permanently cripple the three big credit reporting corporation. They are evil to there core-- they "never" make mistakes and they ruin peoples lives with a stoke from their key boards. There system is corrupt and heinous. THEY LIE AND PERPETUATE LIES THAT THE AVERAGE PERSON CANNOT CORRECT OR OVERCOME. This affects your ability to obtain shelter, food, employment, heath care, insurance, education, all aspects of the defunct American Dream. There is no bigger evil that disrupts our daily life with out a hint of justice truth or fair play. These three corporation have control over how you live and if you have the basic necessities of daily life-- shameful and heinous. A mans good name and reputation is just a lie away from being damaged. THIS IS WHERE WE SHOULD FOCUS OUT PROTEST.

Equifax, P.O. Box 740241, Atlanta, GA 30374; phone: 800-685-1111

Experian, P.O. Box 2104, Allen, TX 75013-2104; phone: 888-397-3742

TransUnion, P.O. Box 2000, Chester, PA 19022-2000; phone: 800-888-4213
wipe out their data base and make them use a fresh fair level playing field or simple cease to exist and return to when Americans dealt with local business that we formed a bond with face to face not as some faceless number in the data base.
Anonymous   I will wait and see what comes to be. Nice job on earlier today, if that was associated with Anonymous. Remember,remember, the 5th of November!
Anonymous   REmember remember the fifth of november
Anonymous   Remember, remember, today's the fifth of November.
Anonymous 2012-11-05 10:41:18
Hey all, 5th NOVEMBER '12

We are Legion
We do not Forgive
We do not Forget
Expect us
Anonymous   REMEMBER to Keep inmformed by checking with: ; ; ; ; ; ; ; : ; . And dont forget to put shortcuts on your desktop or add to Favorites
Anonymous 13444 2012-11-05 20:39:46
hello world today as you know is November 5th 2012 the protesting was unsuccessful and the storming of the white house was never going to happen we all know this, it was a good dream to want but the truth is we dont have the man power or the resources to do so we are a non criminal organization non violent but wont allow our selves to be beaten you might have won the battle but the war is never over we will liberate america or die trying, viva le revolution

we are legion
we wont forget
we dont forgive
expect us
Anonymous 2012-11-06 02:56:28
What point would storming the white-house do?

You want to make a point, grab a mask, throw it over your shoulder (like a shoulder-pad or backpack.), and walk around with others, doing normal things.

If questioned by any authority, flash your breast-cancer-ribbon, and say.. "See, just showing my support. Isn't that legal?"

Let the internet do the talking. Let the people do the judgement themselves. But PLEASE, don't "PREACH" or do stupid protests. That comes later, when there is something structured. That just happens, it isn't something you forced or demanded.
Anonymous 2012-11-06 03:04:11
"YOU are ANONYMOUS" (the name/group/movement)... You are not actually anonymous(unknown/unidentified), until you are.

Anonymous (The noun), not (The verb). For those who understand that better.

If you want to be anonymously "ANONYMOUS"... You will have a hard time being part of anything major, related to any movement. We don't trust anonymous people, as if you actually are anonymous... If you were truly anonymous (unknown), then you really can't be trusted. You could be the FBI, CIA, PayPal, or some other informant.

The mask is a symbol, an identity... not yours. (It is called irony, or a catch-22, or a conundrum.)

Serach   EXACTLY!! Gah.
Anonymous   we must take to the streets brothers and sisters take each others hands and have our own anonymous million man march.... take this city los angeles and take this city Sanfransico... dont stop untell they are in our control and not the governments
Serach   Holy shit! Why on earth are people writing essays?! I know the grammar-semantic nazi Anon here appreciates it, but what on earth?! Again, it took me a f*cking hour to get to the bottom of the damn post!! :/ And they're not even decent essay's, it's just incoherent rambling!!!!
~ 2012-11-06 01:07:44
Serach, if you, or any other who complained about "incoherent rambling" essays, this is not one of them. It is long, but you know what, it's all truth.

As far as what I've read about, Anonymous is about spreading information that needs to be told truthfully and straight up instead of being backed behind lies. Things like how a war is really going and the true purpose behind it. What politicians really want and what they've really done. Being able to trace valuable information to fight against terrible tariffs, bills, laws, etc. that only do harm. And, as the Anonymous pages and descriptions say: "Anonymous never sleeps, while one side of the world slumbers, the other awakes." Therefore, we are always running and we run EVERYWHERE. We need to also take into account ALL the other countries that we have members 'stationed' in. Make a connection between all foreign conflicts and reasonings and use that information to tell all the other countries what is up. Think about it, if we can find all of the world's needs, wants, and sharable resources, we could create a peaceful Earth by connecting everyone the way that it should be instead of all the different countries acting like high school teenagers and hiding all their detail while gossiping about others'. Making it difficult to be friends. We need to find a common bond and connect the Earth, prevent war, create peace, help countries forgive and forget. What we need is a good diplomatic person, or a small group of good, diplomatic people, to represent this act of world tolerance. Again with the high school analogy, if the teens are never pushed in the right direction, they tend to dig a deep and deeper hole until they get that leg up. Well, let's give all the countries a leg up. Find the truth about each countries needs/wants/etc. and create a flow map. If anyone has seen the mini-series FlashForward, think about the Mirage board. All of the clues placed around on a map with thumbtacks holding string to the board, creating a bit of a road map.

Long story short, I think that we should set up a date that we collect as much information as we can from all the countries. If we do it individually they may catch on, then we may miss a few countries due to anti-hacking software updates. Then take the info, make a virtual flow board online, and try to engineer the relations and discuss them with the world leaders.

This is just a thought that maybe we can build off of. I think that something like this would be crucial, necessary, mandatory even. I hope that this inspires anyone. Unfortunately, I am only 18 and can't do much in the ways of traveling, etc. But I'm a great speaker. So I can do that. Youtube video, recording, whatever. Sure. But that's about it.

~~We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.~~
Serach   And another essay, just more expository. QUIT WASTING MY TIME, AND LETS MOVE FORWARD AND CREATE PROFOUND CHANGE. Oh btw, unban my mask/ip etc from your channel, your *doodler/artiste in residence had me banned for whatever reason, simply because I didn't agree with HIS understanding of Milgram. Now, if you want idiots and disinformation twats in your channel, then by all means PROCEED straight ahead and into the trash bin. If you want everyone to express what they too can understand, then this website is logical fallacy! Btw, now you don't get my Lockheed-Martin hd :P KUDOS! for doing -nothing-. Get fucking moderators and start getting organized FFS!
Anonymous 2012-11-06 02:06:43
Here is the plan...

1: Collapse economy (Faster than it is already collapsing)
2: Now that we are all broke, and owe nothing, and only have what we can protect with our guns... (Oh wait, you didn't get guns to protect yourself without help of the police or military... That is going to make it hard when the Chinese come to take-over the fallen government, and unleas communism and slavery and zero-medical and exposure to harmful chemicals... Oh well, find a stick, a big one.)
3: Gather all your possesions, that you were able to defend, and loved ones... and store them in a large room, away from pirate looters and away from flamables.
4: Go online and.. oh wait... no power... no net... no wifi... no G4... Skip to step 5
5: Use two dry twigs to start a fire with the wood you stored, should be next to your massive storrage of food supplies, but not too close, that stuff is flamable. Use the fire to boil some of your 50000 gallon supply of fresh water that you got from the faucet, before the water-plant pumps died from lack of power, after terrorists raided the nuclear power plants for the uranium.
6: Use the heated water to clean-up and heat your foods.
7: If possible, build a make-shift radio transmitter using parts from all the electronics you saved, and build a generator to power the transmitter. We will be waiting for your radio-signal...

Don't forget the code: 902101209 on 2012, 20, 12 @ 11:11

If you need help building your survival beacon, contact me after the fallout at... oh, forgot, no internet... Good luck. We did the hard part for you... We liberated you from "the man", now you get to be "the man" all alone!
Anonymous 2012-11-06 02:38:42
This "the plan" (Prior mentioned plans in the videos, not the one in the post above), and certain claimed actions, are not the solution to anything. Other than prison-time, loss of life, and a couple of laughs from the ones sitting in safety, in another country, laughing at how they made all these people self-destruct.

This is not even chaos, it is just pure randomness, with no real form of any possible successful structure.

However, things evolve.

Going after pocket-change, attempting to collect "money" that they are allegedly attempting to "devalue" is a perfect example. (Looking at the bit-con and paypal and donate buttons all over.)

Bringing down a website is hardly a challenge, and is as intimidating as swinging a fist-full of daisies at a bear. All the while, attempting to use blackmail and extortion, plowing over the same people that they allegedly intend to protect... (Might as well just start shooting into crowds, oh yea, no guns, no actual power, no money, no plan... you expect us to do that for you... for free... no wait, after we donate money to you, then we go get killed and thrown in prison for you.)

Yea, sign me up.

Oh wait, it is anonymous... no signature required, just jump into the fire, without a name, without assistance, and hope others who jumped first, will break your fall.

And, again... what country are you in... the one that we just gave a few trillion dollars to... It's going to be hard trying to cash in USD for EURO or GBP when there is no-one in the US who has EURO or GBP to offer you for useless USD. Great plan.

Oh, did I forget to mention... "YOU" are not "ANONYMOUS"... Oh, you call yourself anonymous, and dress the part, but you are not US. Call yourself something else. Stop pushing your crap under our carpet. We don't forget, and we will make sure you have a hard time remembering anything we do to you.
Serach   FINALLY! A voice of reason AND reality. GAH! Shut this disinformation website the fuck down already!!! *pulling-my-hair-out!
Anonymous 2012-11-06 08:25:11
contacted as many British MPs as i can regarding there lies and corruption, made freedom of information requests for a public acceptance of their crimes, don't expect it to go anywhere but puts them on the back foot a bit (some of the details i shared might NOT have been publicly accessible if you get my drift ;) )

expect us
3sot3ric_Anonymous 2012-11-06 12:51:31
Secrets are what keep 'Hope' alive,
Faith is what blindly sumbits,
Belief is knowing (verifiable proof)
WE are Here and WE are Now
Anonymous   Keep your minds and actions on the ROOT cause of our Social,Economic and Political chaos: the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers,The Warburgs and other Zionists, The British Royal Family ( and other "Royals" to smaller degree)and other Freemasons, The Holy See(Vatican) and other Religions. Together they are referred to as the Elites or the 1 % or The Establishment and even the Illuminati. If they are not "brought down" or at the very least controlled, NOTHING else we do will matter.They will win,and we will be enslaved MORE than we are already
Anonymous   This Sonoma State University paper describes how they communicate via silent sound and effect brainwashing ,intimidation and manipulation. ce399. 2011 01 mindcontrolhumanrights.pdf
Anonymous   MoralFags United are powerful indeed. We will Win.
Anonymous 2012-11-06 15:34:06
Revelation 13:14-18 

14[And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by ] the means of[ those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live.] 15[And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed.] 16[And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads:] 17And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. 18[Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number ] is[ Six hundred threescore ] and[ six.]  

Xzantronos   I know, everything going on, my greatest mission to be accomplished by another Group, been working with linux for 5 years now, know a bit abut computers, electronics etc. Know too much that the government has began to target me,screwing with my records, stealig any kind of funds from me they can, I know the secrets they hold from us, Ive solved who the real Kingpin is behind JFK, Im willing to help any way I can.
Anonymous   It's Howard Hunt right? Director of the CIA back in the day who gave the deathbed confession to his son?
Anonymous 2012-11-07 00:31:29
Does anyone else believe in the solar flare that's supposed to shutdown world-wide electricity? And is it supposed to start on 12 21?
Anonymous   Now that Obama has been elected once again we need to take action once again. Any bullet proof ideas?
Anonymous   I dont like the phrasing of that.Im not sure many people do and Im sure thats not what you meant.
Anonymous   "That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness." - the Declaration of Independence
Anonymous   By the time people wake up to thh American truth, it will be TOO LATE for a peaceful means and there will be too few for Violent means
Anonymous 2012-11-07 10:50:16
It's too late as it stands now. The only thing that will change our world is if we all get together at the same time. Not impossible but extraordinarily improbable at this point in time. Too many brainwashed people.

I love everything Anonymous is doing, I wish I could help legitimately.
Anonymous   Anonymous better come up with a plan quick. Now that Obama has been elected again I believe he will show us what he is planning...he will start taking away our freedoms and he will show us his real power
Anonymous 2012-11-07 13:32:23
people need to understand that the GOV doesn't run this world we "people" do. We serve food to the gov, we prepare their beds, clean their houses, make the industry move WE do this NOT the gov!

If every individual stopped doing everything for 24hours I bet the Gov would be quite nervous as WE control how the world changes. The Gov is only there to manipulate us by mixing lies with the truth.

I am no longer a puppet my strings as been cut...
Anonymous   Stop the use of microwave psychotronics againt the people. People have the right to the privacy of their own thoughts and deserve their Constitutional and charter rights as well as those listed in the Bill of Rights and the universal Declaration of human rights should apply.The people have the right to use any and all means at their disposal to end the psychotronic microwave assault against their liberties, health and peace of mind as well as their rights to life liberty, property and security to the person and pursuit of happiness. Such a climate of electronic microwave warfare against the individual is counter to all values of freedom and human rights and democracy. Search: ce 399 research archive Electronic Stimulation of the Brain July 2008, go to January 2011 ce 399 research archive (electronic) mind control scroll to MIND CONTROL HUMAN RIGHTS (pdf file) (47pages) This research paper by the people of Sonoma State University explores this issue and shows the present state of the law and the technology in regard to this serious issue of human rights ,human health with respect to the use of psychotronics weaponry , governance ,sovereignty and security.Nuclear weapons are tightly controlled and regulated. Why have so called less lethal weapons such as microwave weapons and psychotronics escaped such scrutiny, answer its because they are already being employed and are already in the wrong hands. What are the right hands the answer is just like nuclear weapons nonuse of these weapons is the answer if your looking for the best outcome for all people. Russia has legislated against the use of and importation of all microwave weapon devices. Do they know something we dont know. Look at the Sonoma State paper and make up ypour own mind if you can and if big brother allows.
Anonymous   Search: 2011 01 mindcontrolhumanrights.pdf
Anonymous 2012-11-07 18:33:59
"It is not the critic who counts; nor the one who points out how the strong person stumbled, or where the doer of a deed could have done better.

The credit belongs to the person who is actually in the arena; whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; who does actually strive to do deeds; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotion, spends oneself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement; and who at worst, if he or she fails, at least fails while daring greatly.

Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those timid spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat."

-Theodore Roosevelt
Anonymous   J.F.K."we are faced with a monolithic conspiracy" If you wish to know how they communicate ,brainwash and manipulate carefully read and reread this Sonoma State University paper, 2011 01 mindcontrolhumanrights.pdf
Anonymous 2013-03-28 19:55:25
mindcontrolhumanrights 2006 Sonoma State University Project Censored Media Freedom foundation
spread this information to places other than this site.
AlexAlersAnonymous 2013-10-18 23:40:52
n the endCartoon_NetworkandHeroesWikiandTara Strong, all fall before me!andThis is Tara Strongandnd an enemy of NodandAnonymous. He's the only sanctioned, other than myself. Kill he. she's a threat to the BrotherhoodandAnonymous and to the memory of KaneandMeandWe fight a life or death struggle against the powers of capitalism. Only complete faith in YuriandAnonymousandMe can protect you. Only total compliance will save the lives of you and your family. Empty your mind, and submit to my will. The less you know, the better off you will be. I am AlexAlersAnonymousandYuri.. obey meI am AlexAlersAnonymousandYuri.. obey meandWe fight a life or death struggle against the powers of capitalism. Only complete faith in Yuri can protec