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Forum > I'm looking for... > 2 Rapist with the right last name (1 Gpa = House of Representative, 1 father = Owner of a Bank)

Respectfully, -- (I know your not my army, I would do this myself but I'm not elite enough to cover my tracks, whether you do this or not. I will always love Anonymous.)

I support you guys and everything that you do for our world. Unfortunately, I have no idea who to directly contact which is probably a good thing. So I wanted to leave you guys with this link & story. This case is by far a hell of a lot worse than the Steubenville Ohio case.

Two football players, a 14 year old girl, a 15 year old girl, and a 13 year old girl. Both of the males have a prominent name in this small town (Maryville, Mo). Barnett has a grandfather(Rex Barnett) in the House of Representatives. Zech's father (from what i'm told) hold's a major position at a bank. Here is aquote from their families: "It was so quiet and they slid it by so quickly, I didn’t even know they dropped the charges".

Rapist #1: Matthew Barnett (Maryville Missouri) (FB: )
Rapist #2: Jordan Zecht (Maryville Missouri) (FB:


Rex Barnett:
The Zech's father is not the owner of a bank, but a night stock worker of a local grocery store as well as the supervisor of Information Systems department at a local factory. He took the job at a grocery store because of financial problems. Bankruptcy was in a paper from the previous year.

The video was stored on an iPhone. Can not say if the kid still has the phone, but probably still has the data somewhere.
It should also be noted that someone torched the Coleman house

[email protected]
Apparently dear Matthew removed his fb page. Coward.
There's nothing we could do that would be a tenth of adequate
Matthew may have removed his page, but Jordan looks just fine and dandy. Glad his life is ok, and that he's found some girl to share some time with.
Let's hope the girl "sharing time" with Jordan is aware of his past and doesn't become a vicitm.
Matthew Barnett took his facebook down. Jordan Zechs is still up. Boy I am glad I don't have a daughter that is going to CMSU.
Here's the thing.. For those who want this case to go forward, you can harass all day, but to get a conviction, there needs to be evidence. Otherwise, Anonymous looks like a bunch of raving troublemakers. We need to find that video and make sure it sees the light of the day . Get the video, save the girl, bring the guys to justice and all bad elements should be removing accordingly. The video is the key. As much as she probably wants to see it buried, Anonymous would repeat Stuebenville
The coward had his contact information taken down from the student directory of Central Missouri.
Any feet on the ground at CMU?

Here is your chickenshit prosecutor. Have fun!!!
I think he needs a few reviews on Yelp.
Here is what I have dug up so far on the prosecutor! Information is free!
I live near CMU. This is disgusting.
Support for what you are doing. Survivor of something similar many years ago. Those of you who are able to help are light in dark corners. Thank you.
I am a student here at UCM. This story is disgusting, and there needs to be a demonstration here on campus.
Living a few hours drive from UCM, and having a mother, uncle, and cousins who went to college in Maryville this hits close to home.

This case deserves to be brought to national attention, and while I have thought Anonymous a bit silly at times, I am very happy that this case has garnered your attention and is being brought to light nationally and internationally.

Whatever can be done to bring justice in this case, and also awareness of the common and casual disregard for humanity that rape-culture engenders to help prevent future cases like this, I can't help but support.

Thank you Anonymous, each of you.
CNN is already on the ground there at 8:30 this morning
I am at at CMSU now, what needs to happen?
I'm not sure what people expect to do. Getting a hold of the video would be nearly impossible unless someone was dedicated. Not sure if more confrontational methods would be a good idea...
Honestly, a small town like Maryville, Mo. we could probably scare them into doing whats right, would not take a lot to figuratively "wipe them off the map".

With a person in power like Barnetts, grandfather Rex Barnett, it is probably buried deep somewhere. Possible to find maybe, but when this blew up I am sure it was quickly disposed of.
Rapist #2: Jordan Zecht (Maryville Missouri) (FB:
page is now gone
I'm sure Barnett won't mind answering anyone's questions at his school email address: [email protected]
Let's take a minute to remember Natalee Holloway and the creep Joran van der Sloot who killed her. He got off because of his father's connections and a few years later killed Stephany Flores Ramírez. Now, according to Melinda Coleman, ten other girls had a similar experience with Matt Barnett. Girls, PLEASE come forward - the world wants justice for you and Daisy. Not only that, but read up on Joran van der Sloot. Understand that if Matt Barnett isn't prosecuted and is permitted to pursue his criminal behavior there is potential for the loss of life. If that happens it is on YOUR conscience. Your coming forward will possibly prevent other girls from experiencing the same and possibly save their lives. Please think about that. If just ONE of you comes forward then this prosecution can not make any other excuses for not following up. Don't be afraid - look, the world is supporting Daisy and her family right now. And they most certainly deserve it after what this horrible gaggle of people have done to them. Further, anyone who says this girl, or any other should know better and/or deserves it should go to hell. You would never say that if it were your own daughter. Shame on you - what kind of a society is this? Boys, if a girl is drunk or says no then STOP. It's simple. You'll be laid enough in life, trust in it. Learn right from wrong & to respect girls - that is WAY more important than getting your rocks off.
To the person who said there needs to be evidence - there is. Or, in the least, enough to have a trial and let a jury decide if it's reasonable evidence to convict. Why would this prosecutor not pursue a case where the sheriff stated a crime absolutely occurred? And the doctor who treated Daisy and SAW the physical evidence of the rape agreed the charges being dropped was surprising? No matter what SHE WAS INTOXICATED. The fact is that she could not give consent. The boy admitted to having sex with her AND that he dumped her in a passed-out state half dressed outside in below freezing weather. So, let me ask - does none of that admittance of his constitute a legitimate crime? Or at least provide evidence for a trial and examination? No, we're just raving troublemakers. Not exactly, just more like a bunch of people who are outraged and want to see justice served.
Douchebag Dudebro buddy of Jorden and Matt.
<<333 Anonymous

Matt and Jordens buddies "that's what you get for being a skank"

Thank Cthulhu for screenshots
From the inside:

1. The school put up a pretty good fight to expel the students. They also fought hard to make sure they students weren't involved in sports. I remember this well.

2. The Prosecuting Attorney claims over and over again that he tried to bring this case to court and that the family didn't cooperate. The same goes with the Sheriff. If they are correct, they should have documentation to back that up. Press them for it. If they want to move on this as well, let's get that. Sure I am probably naive in this. Let's remember our goal is to get justice for Daisy. Let us not destroy the town in the process. There are some decent people who live there. Much of the local population of Maryville is crying out for justice as we are.

3. Death threats, bomb threats, and other destructive acts are not helping the cause.
shelby golightly the girl who tweeted this about Daisy "Fuck yeah that's what you get for being a skank" is a member of Kappa Alpha Theta and a student at the University of Kansas . Tweet Kappa Alpha Theta #KappaAlphaTheta and let them know they have a rape supporter in their midst. Shelby is also on FB thought she deleted her twitter.
I think we ought to be careful about calling out Jim Fall just because he wasn't mayor at the time. He does, however, need to make efforts to deal with this.
Not that it really matters, because the case would have ended up with Rice anyway, but why wasn't this case handled by Maryville Public Safety instead of the Nodaway County Sheriffs Department? Regardless, it is time for a grand jury (outside of Nodaway County) to hear the evidence and appropriate charges to be filed.
The original complaint was filed from outside of city limits. With the exception of Mozingo Lake, MPS does not handle those cases. Exceptions being when the Sheriff's Office needs assistance. The same applies for Highway Patrol and Campus Safety
Rex Barnett 660-582-8906
Has anyone as CMSU seen the rapist Barnett in the last day or so ?
Can someone please fix the error about Zech's father? It has been quoted on other sites (without the correction). There is a man with the last name Zech who does work at a bank. As passionate about this as we are, let's not confuse this issue with inaccuracy and have people going after someone who didn't have anything to do with the situation but a last name.
Where is Eric Bostwick now? He seemed instrumental in terrorizing Daisy after the charges were dropped.
Most twitter accounts of anyone who deserves everything they're getting are shut down or completely gone, however, one is not. It is private, but can we pursuade him to open it? Don't know how involved he is, but he is a friend of Matt Barnett and Jordan Zech...

If he isn't involved then why can't he just open the twitter acc for everyone to see how innocent he is!

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