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Forum > Anonymous > Green Tree Services set to steal hundreds of thousands more homes; a crime in progress...

This is right up Anon's alley, and is a rare chance to make a positive impact and really help a lot of people BEFORE the crime has been completed (it's currently in progress). There is a class-action lawsuit in the works since this company has been engaging in it's criminal fuckery for many years at this point but the company's scams have just recently expanded on a massive scale thanks to Bank of America (thanks again, BoA, for screwing America on oh so many levels...).

While I was motivated to post here by the case of a friend just beginning to go through a typical (and horrifying) experience with this company (Green Tree Services LLC, subsidiary of Walter Investment Management Corp.), this is something being faced by untold thousands of homeowners who are current on their mortgages and have never even been late on any payments (not the classic sub-prime "deadbeats"). This is wholesale theft of the type that only a sociopathic corporation or government can engage in (stealing real estate).

This company specializes in illegal foreclosures through deceptive and criminal tactics (or borderline-criminal; they're expert at lawyering around the relevant -but inadequate- laws) that have been well-documented in many thousands of online complaints and their demeanor indicates they arrogantly believe they're untouchable. You quote the law to them on the phone, they laugh in your face and hang up and keep on stealing your house. Ok then, so what other recourse do The People have, then? (I could think of one, so here I am...)

This is a quote from the site of the law firm filing the suit (link below):
"In January 2013, Bank of America (BOA) sold mortgage servicing rights (MSRs) on roughly 650,000 residential mortgage loans (worth $93 Billion) to Green Tree’s parent, Walter Investment Management Corp.
For many consumers who have had their mortgages transferred to Green Tree Servicing, it is the final unpleasant chapter in the mortgage meltdown.  People whose mortgages have been passed along from lenders like Wells Fargo, Countrywide, Bank of America, and GMAC, are now stuck with Green Tree Servicing, LLC.
If recent calls are any measure, being introduced to Green Tree Servicing has not been a positive experience.  In the past few weeks, upset Americans from Arizona to Vermont have voiced their opinions that Green Tree Servicing is an “evil company,” and a company that employs “mafia tactics.”  One issue that remains to be seen is how consumers who were in the process of undergoing loan modifications during the time of the transfers will be affected."
(the class-action appears to just be about their collection tactics on the phone, so obviously a lot more action is needed to reign in this predatory company)

Quote: "A list of the most frequent complaints to follow:

Adding junk fee's to a Borrowers Account that they do not owe .

Withdrawing money from borrowers checking accounts without authorization.

Force placing an expensive Green Tree Insurance Policy when there is already an insurance policy in place

Failing to credit payments to a borrowers account in a reasonable length of time or failing to credit those payments at all .

Repeatedly calling borrowers who are either not late or within their grace period with intent to harass .

Repeatedly calling people who are not the borrower . As reported on 800 Notes and whocallsme .

Becoming verbally abusive with borrowers and using profane language with intent to harass.

Using 3rd party contacts to harass borrowers by contacting friends , neighbours , employers and relatives of borrower.
(above taken from:!/2013/02/welcome-to-victims-of-green-tree.html)

The growing list of utterly screwed, about-to-be-screwed, or really-scared-of-being-screwed homeowners can be found here:

A related Facebook page:

More complaints:

This case of rampant unchecked corporate fuckery needs to be "checked" ASAP. The suit is a nice start, but this is an arrogantly-evil company that feels it's above the law and will get away with this since they are careful to target people who are least able to defend themselves (a victim may be current on their note, but they don't have the money to fight the bullshit being pulled on them so they lose everything anyway). Over a million (so far) honorable but about-to-no-longer-be-homeowners would really like to see them be proven wrong about being untouchable.

And the PR value for Anon if they went after these bottom-feeding parasites would be spectacular, of course. Save someone's home, you got a friend for life.

Thanks for your time.

I am a victim of Green Tree myself. It would take forever to tell you about my situation but if you would like to email me that would be great. [email protected] I a still looking for an attorney as we speak and have a conference call today. If you have any advice please email me..
I would love to hear from you if you are serious about filing a class action lawsuit against Green Tree. We have experienced the threats and are tired of finding issues with our statements and payments. We are to the point where we are about ready to tell them to take the house and walk away knowing the consequences. We were threatened that they are going to ruin our credit and that we were deadbeats for falling behind on our mortgage. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information at [email protected] Include information requested in the subject line to ensure that the email does not get deleted because of the email address is unfamilar.

I'm in AZ my loan just got transferred to greentree from GMAC I'm worried I have got the unnecessary calls. I do pay my Mortgage on time with in the grace period but for fear if I ever have a problem I would like to share all experiences with this company... Thanx Robert
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I have had a horrible time trying to make extra principal payments to GreenTurd . They wanted to let my money set in some silly unapplied funds account. I called those idiots over and over and told them to apply my payments to principal and I mean now. They never did until I called Bank Of America and the BOA rep did a 3 way call to GreenTurd. During the call grilled those retards regarding how they treat less fortunate people in trailers who make a payment a little late. I reminded them those struggling people have a contract and Green Turd and gives them a rash of shit until they cough up their last dime to pay their mortgage. Next I reminded Greenturd that I have a contract that reads "I can make a principal prepayment at anytime". After that was understood I told the GreenTurd rep to get the damn payments applied now. Also I told GreenTurd I will be getting BOA back on the line with me the next time that I have to call them. Since that call all my principal payments are credited to my account the same day that my bill payments are received by GreenTurd.
I would suggest that everyone who had their BOA mortgage hijacked by GreenTurd to get BOA involved. Most likely GreenTurd will beg BOA to take my loan servicing back to get my off their ass. I was ahead on my payments when GreenTurd stole my servicing so I don't know if making the monthly payment will be successful or not.. If they apply my 1st regular payment as principal it will be a real bad day for the asshole that calls me to make a payment.

Their website is the most rudimentary POS that some 3rd grader created during recess and they are suppose to keep our sensitive informative secure? Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
Where is the secure site key? Where is the detailed information regarding my account? Is there anyother online financial website on the internet this bad?
I would GLADLY join any lawsuit against this "company". I have only been with them for THREE MONTHS and so far they have called me SIXTY times-home, work-it doesn't matter. I have made May,June and July payments-which are sitting in an "unapplied" account. I cannot get an explanation of what is happening. They argue with me, call me stupid (that along with many other insults),and have told me they are sending a truck to take my belongings on July 28th. I feel like I am in the Twilight Zone and can't get any help.
You fucking sons of repoed my elderly mother's double-wide mobile home after her husband died....after they payed $56,000 on it. They lied to us, evicted us by impoper methods...when you evict someone and repo their home, you have 30 to 60 days and you have to be served by a sherif...they do underhanded practices, they lie, cheat, and steal....GREEN TREE is run by Lucifer himself....bc he is a liar, a cheat, a their, and a murderer. Geen Tree, you will crash and burn and go down in I always say to greedy motherfuckers like can't take it to hell with you......God will get vengence on you and He will let your empire fall, just as he did the Egyptians and the Persians......they will get what they deserve.......

Angry goth chick from AL, but who lives in TX.....
Crap! I was one of the many sold to Greentree earlier this year. I was never sent a statement or how to make payments so I called them. I can't complain as they tried to help but said due to my Chapter 13 they couldn't contact me about a balance owed and that included statements. Nor did they have the information on the web. He verbally gave me the mailing address and stated the monthly payment was unchanged from BOA. So I have been mailing it in every month since then and never have seen a statement but they do cash the checks. BOA sent me a balance statement each month clearly indicating this was not an attempt to collect a debt, but I knew the balance.

All I have seen from Greentree is through my bankruptcy attorneys about an offer to refi, HARP, modification, short sale or other option "in this time of possible financial struggles". All of which I just ignored because I'm underwater in the loan and anyone that ever has filed a 13 bankruptcy knows it is called bankruptcy hell for a reason. You can't even attempt a loan withou per approval from the Trustee. And since I'm not behind on my mortgage I don't need to get out of the loan. Or at least I didn't think I did.

Friday my wife and I received an official notice that Greentree had motioned to take our home because we are behind in the payments. I pulled my statements since Jan (was with BOA until March) and the only month not paid was April. And that was because I was waiting on something from Greentree as BOA instructed would be coming. I have never been "sold off" before so I figured it was like a new loan where there is a month where there is no payment. Again with no statements or Internet access to my account how am I suppose to know? But in any case, it is not "payments" as the suit contends but one payment.

I have to call my bankruptcy attorney on Monday to see what is going on. But from what I have found on the web I may be in for a fight.
I just had the same problem today with Green Tree. First they called my and informed me that I didn't make the payment for July. Then I asked them how is that possible when I have automatically payment. They further looked into it and told me that I was short with my payment because I didn't pay the insurance. I told them how is that possible, I had my mortgage with BoA for 10 years and this had never happened. I didn't want to argue with them, I got the fax number, fax them the declaration again which also showed GTS as the mortgage servicing agency. I even had a letter that my insurance company notified me that they had sent the insurance to GTS. So after I faxed the insurance information again, I called them, they said I would have to call back next week to check. They told me that if I don't pay the insurance portion by the end of the month, which is the portion that I shorted them, it will affect my credit score. I was totally being harassed over the phone. After I spoke to GTS, I just realized that all they want is nothing but the extra insurance money. They just want the money so they have to repeatedly harass their customers. I hope someone will start a lawsuit against GTS soon
Three months into my Green Tree mortgage. They claim I haven't made last months payment.
Even though I have sent every payment certified mail. They have to sigh and return a receipt.
Checked with the bank and the check was cashed. SEND YOUR PAYMENTS CERTIFIED MAIL.
Still doesn't seem to matter.
What the hell is going on ,when a company like this is allowed to stay in business. I can't believe this. I'm only three months in.
Isn't there a lawyer out there could just slam dunk these shitheads
Sounds like they're just getting started on me.
I too was grandfathered in from GMAC. Let me know if I can be of assistance with any of my data or.

[email protected]
I, too, am a former BOA customer who was bought out by Green Tree and "nightmare" is less than half-way to my experience since APRIL of this year! Please let me know if there any legitimate lawsuits out so I can join. I am writing the President to see what he says and to see if he knows that his representatives do not know what in the heck they are doing! I've never dealt with a company like Green Tree in my life and I pray God helps me get out of this and Green Tree is shut down for good. Does Keith Anderson know that our lively hood on the line? Who hires and trains these people? How can we get credentials when we can only get first names and so called ID numbers! Ridiculous!!!
I am a former BOA customer and my loan was transferred to Green Tree as of May 1, 2013. I was in the middle of a loan modification with BOA and was told that I have to start the entire process over. I've sent all of the necessary documentation and so I'm anxiously awaiting the response. I have to be honest, after reading all of the stories about others experiences with Green Tree, I'm a little apprehensive. The first sign of worry for me was when I received a 4506-T form with someone else's social security number on it. There appears to be a level of incompetence that I've never witnessed from a mortgage company before.

I was near tears reading some of the stories of how homes have been taken from hardworking Americans by Green Tree, and there was nothing that they could do. After reading all of this today, I plan to call my attorney tomorrow to see if she is interested in filing another class action suit. This is reprehensible! And, we need to do more than just talk to each other about this - we need to take action.
Green tree put insurance on my property even tho I had it I sent all the info my insurance company gave me to prove coverage. They still kept charging me and taking it out of my morgage payments then charged me late fees because now the payments weren't enough to cover cover the remaining balance. I hady insurance company fax the info to them, they kept charging. I called and have all the info to them over the phone, they kept charging. I had my insurance company call and fax again they finally stopped eight months latter. so I finally called them and told them to reimburse me for the payment they took out they told me I didn't give notice that was my responsibility to contact them and tell them that I had insurance which I did on 4 different accounts. I called Green Tree to get a refund for the money they took off my count for insurance that they put on it, and they told me they wouldn't
refund my money. if you know anyone doing business with green tree tell them to run as fast as they can away from them. they are nothing but a den of vipers.
I am in the same situation as all of you.We all know what they are trying to do.We need to contact investigative news station,like Clark Howell,
and ruffle GREEN TREE's feathers.
When they call tell them that you are going to record the conversation and then ask them for their full name and company they work for,
They will tell you to have a nice day and hang up.
I have been with Greentree now for 15 years. They were our original loan company. We financed for $40,000. We were in a bankruptcy that ended last year but I still kept up my payments. I have been harassed by them for years. They even called people that live on my street trying to get me to call them back! First of all, isn't there something called private information?????? They told them exactly why they were calling. Well, I finally was told by my lawyer when the bankruptcy started that I needed to tell them that we were in a bankruptcy and when I did that they immediately hung up the phone.
Well it is now 5 years later, still having harassment from them. So I called to get my payoff information because I am going to try and refinance what is left of the loan. They are now telling me that the payoff amount is $37000!!!!!!!! What??????? My original loan was for $40,000. Are you telling me that I have only paid $3,000 in 15 years????? This was a 30 year loan. What the crap?
Any help would be appreciated. Does anyone know of a good refinance company? My credit is not good due to the bankruptcy. My lawyer did tell me that I needed to refinance to get a better rate. Currently my rate is 9.25%
My sister, who is mentally disabled financed a mobile home nearly 15 years ago through greentree. Her husband, who also is mentally disabled and her seperated about 4 year ago. She lost her home. Greentree harassed her and harassed her, until they decided they would set her up on a payment plan. $100/month for 24 months to settle her debt and keep everything off her credit, and spoke with our father about this and we had it set up for automatic draft. Well, the last 2 payments were for May and June of this year, but they did not come out. Then the phone calls started again, with the harassing and threats to take legal action, etc... I still have not paid them the last 2 payments because there story just did not add up, they said the payments they were missing were from last year and some other crap that I knew was not true. My sister received SSI as a child, and then once she was 18 and married, she no longer received anything. After losing her home and ending her marriage, I contacted Social Security they re-evaluated her and she has been receiving Disability ever since. She has a very high learning disability but she can perform many normal functions, she is just really slow about it. She was born that way. I did the math, she paid on her mobile home for a little over 11 years @ roughly $220/month, thats $ 29040.00 plus the 22 months of payments = $2200.00 for a total of roughly $ 31240.00. It was a $20,000.00 trailer, how in the heck is that even possible. Not only that but the letters I have received since this started again recently are saying she still owes them over $20,000.00 dollars. I just dont understand. In other words they are hoping to get $50,000.00 + for a old trailer, that they never even went and got, after threatening her, they left it to sit there and rot. This just overwhelms me....and I do not know what I can do or if there is even anything to do about it. If you would like to contact me, best way is via email: [email protected] My name is Jennifer and my sisters name is Cynthia. I would love some insight on all this as to what to do. Thank you in advance!
Same story here. Greentree bought my 1st mortgage from BOA in April. Ever since I've been in "default." Why? 1st of all they wont credit my payments in a timely manner. Secondly, they have credited payments to the wrong account. The only notice I got for that was a "youre in default" notice. It took me 3 months to realize the reason, and that was because I figured it out on my own. I honestly feel like they are deliberately setting me up for foreclosure. Worst part is there is nothing I can do about it to make them stop. Craziest thing Ive ever experienced. Not sure what to do. Every month it's something else.
Green tree is the biggest corrupted company I have ever run into.
My Mortgage is with Green tree and I have called a few times for questions and I have never met rude people like these. I really believe they have a bunch of loser and uneducated folks working for them. Do we have anyone investigating this company. It has corruption all over it. Someone has to be doing something about this companygurepmany.
A good start to draw attention to the abusive action of Greentree is to file a complaint against them with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, ( As it is a Federal agency, Greentree typically responds to them quickly. As well, the CFPB looks at all complaints for possible violations of laws and maintains a database to identify trends. They also pass the information to the FTC. If the CFPB gets inundated with Greetree complaints, may be the Federal Government will step in to take legal action.
I too was grandfathered in from BOA - THREE MONTHS AGO. Same issue here; they claim I haven't made August payment even though it was automatically drafted from my bank account. The representative (OLIVIA) said...well maybe it was returned NSF and I told her I had just checked my bank account. She put me on hold (45 min)to review my account with her manager. Then informed me that on 8/28/13 - 3 payments were pulled out of my green tree mortgage account for whatever reason & only 2 were applied back on, leaving August payment delinquent. Stated as a rule, anyone making account changes should make comments but no comments were found. I told her this is not right why is my account in collection when my account was transferred in May - I called in June & July payments & August payment drafted from my account on 8/15/13 and posted into their system on 8/17/13. I asked to be transferred to a manager (KEKO)- said, they will schedule a payment research & get back with me. I told him I need some type of documentation reflecting this situation to call the credit bureau to get any discrepancies corrected on my credit account. He said only customer service can do this & transferred me over. Spoke with Anthony - after reviewing my account status, said that he will have his supervisor (no name given) to resolve this issue & call me back. I NEVER had anything like this happen at all! I told them I will file a complaint with BBB.
Would love to fight Green Tree, they are saying they are working with us to modify our Tree instate or loan while proceeding with foreclosure. They refuse to put anything in writing, halted or repayment plan, we are unable to access our online account and have not received A statement since May. Or local lawyer did not feel they were being lawful but they managed in away to make that very difficult to prove. What can we do to save our home????? Contact us if a lawsuit is possible, we reside in Vermont, [email protected] a
All you people needs to file a complaint with the consumer financial bureau besides posting your complaint on the web.
I am having similar problems and am sick to my stomach with not only what I'm going through but also with what I read. I am definitely going to file a complaint. This has to stop!!!!!!!!
I would surly like to know if anyone has EVER received a Modifcation. B of A gave our loan to Green Tree and it has been total HELL ever since. We applied for a Mod. 2 months ago, did all the paper work and they said it would be a month before we would here anything. Since then we get calls from J. every day sometimes 2-3 times a day and yesterday he said it would take 90 days. Thats when I went on google to Green Tree Complaints..Yikes..I don't think they really intend to ever give us a Mod. We came out of a Bankruptcy in June, lost our gorgeous rental home, B of A gave that one to Nationstar, not much better than Green Tree, but we surrender the home in the Bankruptcy so it's their problem now.We are now living on soc. Sec. and are both 75 and no jobs on the market, and I have looked for a long time. After reading these horrible stories I am just sick. Our problems look minor to some of them. But really how can this company stay in business. I hope someone gets on them and our government should be ashamed to allow this to happen to our people.
If it were me, I would have made a payment, and added my own condition that if they ever transfered it, that the house would become mine, and all further obligations on my part would be complete.

Many people would take action, and would not care if the final results were legel or not.
They keep trying to get my checking account number and telling me if I don’t give it to them they will foreclose on me. I tell them I do not trust their company or care how they do business and will not give them the information. Once they even called me stupid and said they already have my banking information and made the comment "Don’t you write a check to us each month" we can use it whenever we want”. I have come to the point where their tactics are funny to me and I enjoy making them annoyed as they have done to me for so many months. Once, I received 18 calls in a 72 hours I told them the first time they called I would be mailing payment the same day but they kept trying and trying to get my checking account number to schedule a future payment. I let them keep on calling, threaten me, calling me names and of course allowing them to” educate me on how financing works” on the 18th call, and the 4th manager they transferred me to, I informed them that they have already signed stating receipt of my payment the day before. When they asked me why I did that I informed them I told the very first person who called me I was mailing that same day and I wanted them to waste their time. She was so mad she hung up the phone. I loved annoying them and wish I could do it every time, now I just let everything go to voice mail and I save it so I can use it against them later if I need to.
I have already filed a complaint wlith the BBB, and now I am going to file a complaint with the and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. My mortgage payments from day one when my loan was transferred from BOA in 2012 have never been correct. My statement never shows when my last months payment was received and my payments are not credited on the day they are received? I also get charged late fees when I in fact are not late on my payment and my statement every month says I have a unapplied funds balance due to a partial payment. I now get told that they will not accept my extra payment I make towards my late fee balance that I have to pay it in full because now I am in default? Please everybody lets do something about this we have to fight, contact the BBB,the CFPB and the we have to get these crooks to stop what they are unlawfully doing to innocent homeowners!
Why don't we all file small claims actions to get our money back for forced insurance, fees, etc. They are going to keep doing this until it becomes unprofitable. So long as we don't do anything but "complain" they won't stop. Just haul the asses in to court and state your case to the judge. File a new lawsuit every month if you have to. When they end up having to defend 500,000 lawsuits they will knock it off.
oh my word , i often wondered what they were doing to other people.....we had the same problems :-( we took a PAYOFF in March or April and we are still waiting for the paper work saying the loan is satisfied. after the 3rd phone call and a promise that we should receive it in a week , i'm not holding my breath !we are so relieved to be done with them , in the 13 years that they held our mortgage only hundreds of dollars were applied to the principal of the mortgage , we actually paid it off years ago ! dirty , rotten , thieving scum :-( they had the nerve to say they didn't have a proper mailing address ? more lies.....
I recently received correspondence frm GT after demanding to see my original ink-signed note. Along with their photocopy of a photocopy of photocopies, i received an internal memo approving payment of a $12,800 invoice, I Also received the invoice of 30 pages with names, addresses and bankruptcy info. I will make it my mission to contact every person and tell them where I got their info. I'll even fax them a copy.
We are having the same problems with GT. They say we owe $150 for July payment but the check was paid for amount they asked for, so they put it in an Unapplied funds balance it is now Oct. they harass us constantly at work and home wanting the $150 the check was for $572, $177 for escrow remainder for principle they paid escrow but put $400.22 (which is our principle) in that funds balance and say we didn't pay enough WTF we paid our payment, I don't get it! Is foreclosure, bankruptcy or a lawyer the answer?! I don't get how they are allowed to do this! What is the answer? How do they get away with the threats (which are plenty) and harassment?

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Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, you are a waste of time. I filed complaints on 8/23 and today, 10/6, you are still sitting on them. Why is that? Are you on Green Tree's payroll too?
Green tree started a judgment on us , for foreclosure. It was all in the process already. Out of the blue, we got a call saying they would give us until the end of August to pay legal fees, and what we were behind. I said, you've already started the process, isn't it too late ? They said they could stop it. So we sent the 3100.00, and a month later, thinking we were in good standing, we received the judgment in the mail. They still took the house !!
Your correct. My statements, if I even get one, doesn't say when my last payment was received. I also have had payments I sent, they claimed to have never gotten, that were cashed. Money orders. In the process of waiting for the copy, seeing it had to be signed
10 years into greentree holding our mortgage my husband lost his job here in michigan , it was the begining of our nightmare with greentree ! we got behind more than once and made arrangements with them to make up payments and one lady named kathy was very helpful but the rest were absolute assholes ! anyway we were out of town when we received a phonecall from our daughter and she tells us there is a man in our house who says he is from the sheriffs office and we have to be out of or home by monday ! i started laughing and told her to put the guy on the phone , i explain the situation and give him names and he tells me it doesn't surprise him cause this is what greentree does ! so we get home and i make some calls and greentree puts me in touch with their district manager who proceeds to call me a liar and i can hear someone talking to him when all of a sudden he says "oh yea , i don't know why that wasn't brought to my attention" that son of a bitch didn't even have the decency to apologize ! thats ok cause i tore him up ! 2-3 years later after trying to sell the damn thing forever , we called them and said "remember when you wanted to throw us out on the street , well now you can have it" we walked away...not how we really wanted to handle it :-( no regrets , we took the payoff they offered 3 years later and our credit has recovered :-)lesson learned.....
HATE HATE HATE GREENTREE! Tried to short sell. They appraised the house at $302K. I owe $240K. The value of the house is probably $200K. Had an offer of $195K, they said no. Appealed their appraisal. No luck. They basically said they would rather foreclose.

Greed Tree makes more money Foreclosing . The investors and the public loose out unfortunately .
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Are you out of your fucking alleged mind?
I received my bill this month and had extra charges for some legal fees that I know nothing about. This is the kind of stuff they do. I never received a phone call or letter stating why but it was just added to my bill. Really Green Tree Really. I don't think so!!!!!!!!!!!
Green tree is the worst mortgage company I have ever dealt with I got a call today saying I did not have sufficient funding to pay my mortgage which is totally untrue I did sign up for the ach withdrawal and was told the reason why there was insufficient funds was due to an incorrect account number--I am not a moron I know that the account # is 10 digits with a leading #1 to add insult to injury when I got my bank conferenced in on the phone call Green tree wanted to charge me $12 to make a payment by phone which is absurd to do there job--I am currently trying to refinance my loan thru my banks home equity line of credit so I don't have to deal with the incompetency of this organization and my stupidity that I refinanced with this company to begin with--
this company is full of lies and should be put out of business!!!!!
BirthDate 01/22/1943
SS# 355-34-7921
ISSUED: 6/6/05 EXPIRES: 1/22/2012
License plate: DV2833A (FLORIDA)

Address: 827 SW Marsh Harbor Bay
Port St Lucie, FL

749 SW Saint Croix Cove
Port Saint Lucie, FL 34986

CREDIT CARD Owner: Frances Powell
11/11 expiration
security code: 404
good through 11/11
Billing to: VISA ending in 6871
Selected for: americahelp1

Daytime Phone: 772-359-8400
Address 1: 1740 SW SAINT LUCIE W BLVD
Address 2: PMB 160
Date of Birth: 7/7/1950
Gender: Female

Frances Powell
7186 S US highway 1
Port Saint Lucie, FL

Phone: +1 7723598400
Type: Visa Credit
Number: ************6871
Card Holder Name: FRANCES POWELL
Billing Address: 827 Marsh Harbor
St Lucie West, FL 34986-3440

[email protected]
[email protected]
Alternate Email: [email protected]

Billing Contact Name fran
First Name:
Last Name:
2. Phone Numbers on Account
Day Phone: ( 772 621 8066 )
Evening Phone: (7723598400 )
3. Payment Methg od on Account
Last 4 Digits:billin 6871

dale bday 1-23-49
fran bday 7-7-50

fran cc last four digits 6871 exp: 11-11
ebay fditto77
7777frantweety parker500
dp 8797799
fp 1202 sw asturia ave portsl
Frances W Powell Is this you? Edit
1202 SW Asturia Ave
Port Saint Lucie, FL 34953-4829
(772) 785-7885
12323 Highland Road, Highland, IL Monday thru Friday 10 am - 2pm
[email protected]

[email protected]
[email protected]>
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

Dick Yahnke
6116 Bighorn Crossing
Fort Collins, CO 80526
970-631-4662 Dick cell

588 St Johns' Bay

970-631-4661 Lee cell

Billing Contact Name fran
First Name:
Last Name:
2. Phone Numbers on Account
Day Phone: ( 772 621 8066 )
Evening Phone: (7723598400 )
3. Payment Method on Account
Last 4 Digits:7871

I have been switch from GMAC to Green Tree the first of 2013. I haven't talk to them to much but when I did they were fine at first. I talk to a guy name James about a Loan Mod. and he sent out all the papers. Well I called to ask a question and he was GONE so I talk with another guy and he said that it is illegal to do a Loan Mod. in Texas so I could not get one. Well I am 57 years old and I know I wasn't bone yesterday I just hung up. Just about 3 months later came the first letter in the mail from an attorney now keep in mind I have not made one house payment in the last 22 months. Anyway the law office has threatening me with foreclosure. This is what I have been waiting for. Now it is my turn to get back at these greedy banks and Mortgage Company's. See Green Tree is nothing but a collection agency they bought all of these loans at penny's on the dollar from greedy banks and mortgages company's and the way that they make their money is by making our life's just as miserable as they to make us pay but their over all plan is to take our homes not help us THIS I PROMISE! YOU. See Banks and Mortgage company's got so greedy that they didn't do their paper work right and now that have learned that they DON'T NOT have the legal right to foreclose on our home they can't do it. You heard of the bailout that the we all did (I mean the tax payers) for the banks guess what it was all about.The banks screwed up the mortgage loans when them turn them into stocks and sold them on the stock market see they destroyed our original wet ink note when they turn our notes into stock. When they themselves learned this one banker and I "quote we are screwed unquote". Their greed screwed up so bad that if the US government (the tax payers) didn't bail them out they were going out of business (you know to big to fell right)and this is what caused the house bubble to burst and bring us the worst economic turn in the history of the world. We will not recover from this our country is done.I Prey everyday for Jesus to return and we can all go home. But for now I plan fighting back. Google Foreclosure Defense Handbook,Google Foreclosure Nation, Google Securitized back mortgages loans, Google Securitized Audits,Google George Tran one of the guru's he has taking 3- of his homes free and clear from the banks. George Tran is who I am using as my guide to try to fight back and if lord willing take my home free and clear. I have had read on forums and even a person told me it is a scam that I am not going to get a free home. Well then what do I HAVE TO LOSS NOTHING they are going to take my house but maybe! See I have to file Chapter 13 because of lost of work see I am a cabinet maker house building no work,also I have been sick for 2 1/2 years and my wife was laid off from work for all most two years and we went though all our saving,retirement money,cash out my life insurance. Our son has paid our water and light bills and our church family bring food and money for gas to help my wife get to work. We are truly bless. So has you can see money is not something we have alot of but the Lord gives just what we need and not a penny more or a penny else. If you really want to get at Green Tree study up on everything you can learn about fighting foreclosure and fight back see the odds are in our favor just learn take a chance fight back. If we all stop paying Green Tree and fight back this will bring them to their knees and they will regret the day that they disrespected us. Now I know that this is a leap of faith to stop paying their house payment but I do understand. So just keep paying them but they are still going to get your house this is my all the banks put us with Green Tree because of the way they do business and they are every good at it RIGHT. Well I wish you all the best and my prayers go out to you all. OH ! I did mention I have file a Civil law suit against Green Tree Serving LLC on Nov. 8th 2013 to prove to me that they have the legal right to foreclose on my home. Wish me luck and prey for us. Doug from Texas
I suppose if you denounce Green Tree as a Jewish run scam, that makes you a Nazi, and you don't want to be called a Nazi, do you?
We just recently were notified that Flagstar Bank sold our mortgage to Green Tree Servicing, beginning Jan 1, 2014. My spouse and I are both on Social Security, and can't afford the bullshit I've seen noted here. Should we be worried?
Is someone on this site responding to emails or giving direction to real legal law suites ?
I just got a letter that Flagstar sold my mortgage to Green Tree Servicing, starting February 1. I have excellent credit, have never been late on anything in my life including my mortgage, and pay extra on my principal every month. I live in a single family home. Why on earth would they sell my mortgage to a company like this? I am horrified by the things I am reading about it.
I also got a letter that Flagstar sold my mortgage to Green Tree. It started on Jan 1st. I've never missed a payment, always paid extra to pay down the principal. I tried to pay online today. Costs $12, I called, their phone tree is horrible, after 10 minutes of navigating and waiting on hold, I was told they are not a bank, just a processing company.
I have to say, I'm scared to death. My house is about 40% paid off, so they would make a nice profit if they pull the shenanigans that it sounds like they do.

Just scared.
I was notified by Flagstar that my mortgage servicer was changing to Green Tree Servicing starting January 1. It's the 6th now and Green Tree's website and their customer service people still can't find my information using from my loan number, social security number, or property address.

They have assured me that I will not be liable for any late fees or have any negative credit reporting for the next 90 days, since the loan was transferred. Based on the many posts from others with negative experiences, I will be paying close attention to this. I may send a check off to them in a little bit just in case.
Green Tree will also block where you cant pay online then it goes to the rep lady or man who deals with your account you leave vmail after vmail they don't call back.You go to foreclosuer...They wont except your payment via phone because your waiting on him or her to call you to tell you the full amount owed on legal fees and ect. Best thing to do is western Union your payment!!!!! And file a suit against them.. you need proof that payment was on time even if they try and take your home... We need to put a stop to this guys!! Afterthat, Numerous calls and rude. Calling family memebers making your credit score bad. you have to file a complaint!!! More info about green tree on there website under licensing!!!!!! There is so much more to explain its ridiculous!!!

Why the fuck isn't there a Green Tree getting rid of the scum at 2/1, 96, G12 0EB? They should have been evicted before I moved in here. Their fucking landlord should be being bankrupted by a Green Tree for letting them live there. Even if the flat is bought outright - now I know Glasgow has a big problem with non-payments of council taxes, but in this instance the council is well aware of that address. And I fucking know they ain't paying their taxes.
My mortgage loan was transferred from Bank of America to Green Tree Servicing LLC in the first quarter of 2013. I sold the property on September 16, 2013. The overpaid escrow (>$6k) was due to be returned to me 30-days after closing. Upon closing, I immediately provided my forwarding address to Green Tree.

At the end of October I was informed by Green Tree that a check was sent to me on October 3rd for the overpaid escrow. This check never arrived.

Mid-November Green Tree agreed to send me a replacement check. This check had not been received by mid-December.

Mid-December Green Tree agreed to send me second replacement check.

On December 30th I received a check dated December 18th. The check was sent to the wrong address. I deposited the check on December 31st.

Was informed by my bank on January 6, 2014 that the check from Green Tree bounced.

I immediately contacted Green Tree and was told the check, dated December 18th, was actually the first replacement check. Recall this check was supposed to have been sent to me mid-November. Green Tree could not respond as to why the check was sent to the wrong address.

Today, almost 4-month after selling the property, I am still waiting to receive the refund from Green Tree.

Interesting point is that one of the customer care representatives I spoke with the first part of November actually told me I should be glad to receive the funds closer to the end of the year because I could use it for Christmas presents. Hmmmm.

Still waiting…
We also have had our morgage sold to Greentree. Now Greentree wants to repo our home. My wife was ill for years and then passed away. I had to chose between keepiong warm, or eating to pay my morgage with Greentree. Now they are telling me that " They are not a charitable organization, we do not refinance morgages for needy people" and they hang up on us or want me to okay a transfer of funds from my friends bank account to pay a morgage payment ahead of time. What can we do to keep our home or do we just give them the home after paying for it for 25 years????????
I have never been late or delinquent. My mortgage was transferred to green tree (Greed Tree..I just made that up right now) transferred from Bank of America not too long ago. I am going to post what has happened and what I did and what you should do. I will fuck them up....just kidding ha ha ha. you should tooo..They fucked with the wrong person. I would never condone violence however if people are that pissed just remember the workers are not the problem, they are just trying to make a living and not lose a job, despite there bullshit too. The leaders are the problem...They are organized crime with what they do. No they are worse at least with the Mob you know what the fuck to expect, well they won't know what to expect after they get their teeth knocked down their throats by someone that has that lost it all to those fucking vultures. So here we go. MY state attorney read my complaint and took immediate action to assist. The Federal trade commission has taken immediate action to assist.

1- Stop answering any phone calls from the SOBs, Keep their messages and re-record them with dates so you have copy. Android apps have a number of free recording apps. Make sure you are covered by knowing that you have checked to make sure your payments and other financial issues are in order and Greed Tree is wrong. Start a simple journal of events, who, what where, when and how, and inform Greed tree you are recording there statements, "I would tell them "This conversation is also being recorded for quality purposes and record the mother fuckers. Put your phone on speaker phone too record.
2-Note all financial transactions. contact any agency that may be sending money to Greed Tree and get names, dates, routing and tracking number. Believe me they have tracking and routing numbers. if you have a hard time tell them the truth and that your home and financial future rely upon this information for legal purposes.
3-If possible have any agency that send money to Greed Tree perform a 3 way conversation and have the agency inform greed tree about any payments made. Again tell them you are recording for quality....whatever. fuck it record the mother fuckers anyways. some states allow one party approval, that you fuck Greed Tree and their approval.Fight fire with fire, no use nitro.
4-If you are certain you are not wrong begin the more serious legal issues.
A-Send a Dispute to Validate Debt......registered, certified mail.
SAMPLE dispute letter.
Your Name
Current Phone: (###) ###-####
Your Mailing Address
City, CA ZIP Code
Certified mail, return receipt requested
Names of Each Debt Collector Employee Involved
Name of Debt Collection Agency
Address on Agency Letterhead
City, State ZIP Code
RE: File No. ###
Account No. ###
Creditor's Account No. ###

To the Management of this Collection Agency and the above-noted employees:

Please show in your records that I dispute this account. Please verify this account by providing me with copies of the following documents: credit applications, contracts, account statements, . . . [read the articles for your particular dispute, to get other ideas of documents that might be appropriate].

Your reporting of this account shows a $______ balance has been overdue and is now delinquent since ________ [date]. This is not complete or accurate, because I do not owe this balance, because it is was ________ [use plain-English to describe the truthful reason, such as paid on _____ date, settled in full with _____, not my debt, etc.]. A copy of _______ [describe] showing this is attached [copy both sides of checks, any correspondence, prior bills, etc.]

If you refuse to report this account accurately and completely, then please notify each credit reporting agency that the reported information is disputed by the consumer.


Next Send a cease and desist letter about a week later.
Sample: Check it carefully i may have missed a couple things but it is close and worked for my use.

Certified mail, return receipt requested
To: Green Tree Servicing, LLC Walter Investment Management Corp.
PO Box 6176 3000 Bayport Drive Suite 1100
Rapid City, SD 57709-6176 Tampa, FL 33607
Phone: (813) 421-7600

Account No:
RE: Cease and desist from harassing/stalking calls to my home phone or any other phone I may own. In addition you are ordered by me to not contact any person or place about me (Your Name) from Green Tree Services, and any representative of Green Tree.
Dear Green Tree Services LLC,
This CEASE AND DESIST ORDER is to inform you that your persistent actions including but not limited to calling me daily and sending me a letter of delinquency have become unbearable. Green Tree calls my home (Whatever is correct-daily and at times more than 1 time daily regarding my mortgage. I have indicated to Green Tree in the past that ____Name of who paid__________ has submitted payment. I was also informed that there is a grace period for mortgage transfer (if appropriate). I began receiving harassing phone calls shortly after my mortgage was transferred to Green Tree. I informed Green Tree numerous times to stop calling me or contacting me in any form, that payments have been sent and on what day sent. Your refusal to stop calling me despite my numerous requests for you to stop is not tolerable any longer.
On __Date__________ (representative from agency submitting your fund or you), contacted Green Tree and spoke to your representative, (Name, try to get full name and id). I indicated to all parties I was recording the phone conversations. All parties indicated approval of recording. (i.e we will use Bank of America) representative instructed Green Tree representative, (name of rep), regarding payments submitted to Green Tree for my (what dates) payment and my upcoming Dates payment, including the dates wired, the amount of funds wired, (and the amount of a pending submission if is the case) to be sent to Green Tree. (I and who ever was confirming payment or listening) confirmed payment to Green Tree and my request for Green tree to stop phoning me. (The rep may have indicated they will not stop so document this her) and stated so with Bank of America or whoever representive acknowledging hearing the representative statement. You, Green Tree and any representative of your agency, or agency representing you are ORDERED TO STOP such activities immediately as they are being done in violation of the law.
I have the right to remain free from these activities as they constitute harassment/stalking, and I will pursue any legal remedies available to me against you if these activities continue. These remedies include but are not limited to: contacting law enforcement to obtain criminal sanctions against you, and suing you civilly for damages I have incurred as a result of your actions.
Again, you must IMMEDIATELY STOP calling my home or any other phone I may own. In addition you are ordered by me to not contact any person or place about me. You must also not report any adverse credit score to any credit reporting service. You must send me written confirmation that you will stop such activities. You risk incurring some very severe legal consequences if you fail to comply with this demand.
This letter acts as your final warning to discontinue this unwanted conduct before I pursue legal actions against you. At this time, I am not contacting the authorities or filing civil suit against you, as I hope we can resolve this matter without authoritative involvement. I am not under any circumstances, however, waiving any legal rights I have presently, or future legal remedies against you by sending you this letter. This order acts as ONE FINAL CHANCE for you to cease your illegal activities before I exercise my rights.
To ensure compliance with this letter, and to halt any legal action I may take against you, I require you to fill in and sign the attached form and mail it back to me within 10 days of your receipt of U.S. Postal service return receipt signature of this letter. Failure to do so will act as evidence of your infringement upon my legal rights, and I will immediately seek legal avenues to remedy the situation.


Your Name typed here


Account No: 822014528
To: Green Tree Servicing, LLC Copy to: Walter Investment Management Corp. Copy-1-Federal Trade Commission
PO Box 6176 3000 Bayport Drive Suite 1100 2-Consumer Financial
Rapid City, SD 57709-6176 Tampa, FL 33607 Protection Bureau.
Phone: (813) 421-7600 3-Florida state's Attorney
General's office.
I, Green Tree Services and any other representative do hereby agree to stop Harassing/Stalking contact including phone calls to Your name and address (Fuck the phone number they already have i) or any other phone, person, place or agency which are in violation of Your name’s rights. I understand that this is my final chance to cease these activities. I understand that Your name potentially has the right to pursue legal action against Green Tree Servicing LLC relating to Green Tree Servicing LLC engagement in these activities, but Your name will not pursue those rights in contemplation of Green Tree Servicing LLC compliance with this written demand. Green Tree Servicing LLC further understands that Kevin Patterson has not waived his rights and may pursue legal remedies against Green Tree Servicing LLC if Green Tree Servicing LLC fails to abide by this agreement. Green Tree Servicing LLC understands that this agreement is not specifically limited to the activities named herein. Green Tree Servicing LLC will not engage in any activity now or in the future done for the purpose of stalking/harassing phone calls or any other phone, person, place or agency to Your name. Green Tree Servicing LLC furthermore agrees not to engage in any activity, regardless of its official title, that is done in violation of Your name’s legal rights. If Green Tree Servicing LLC fails to cease performing these activities, Your name may pursue legal action against Green Tree Servicing LLC in accordance his legal rights. This agreement acts as a contract between Green Tree Services LLC and Kevin Your name and address. Forbearing enforcement of legally enforceable remedies is sufficient consideration to support this agreement. This agreement represents the entire agreement between the parties. Any statements made orally, written, or otherwise which are not contained herein shall have no impact on either parties’ rights or obligations elaborated in this agreement.

Date ____________________

Printed Name
Green Tree Services, LLC representative

Green Representative Signature

Indicate you are also contacting the following and if sending by mail registered receipt
Next contact all the following
Copy sent: Regarding formal complaint against Green Tree Servicing, LLC and its parent company Mark J. O'Brien, Chairman of the Board of Green Tree's parent company, Walter Investment Management.

Copy sent: Regarding formal complaint against Green Tree Servicing, LLC and its parent company Mark J. O'Brien, Chairman of the Board of Green Tree's parent company, Walter Investment Management with the Federal Trade Commission.

Copy sent: Regarding formal complaint against Green Tree Servicing, LLC and its parent company Mark J. O'Brien, Chairman of the Board of Green Tree's parent company, Walter Investment Management with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Copy sent: Regarding formal complaint against Green Tree Servicing, LLC and its parent company Mark J. O'Brien, Chairman of the Board of Green Tree's parent company, Walter Investment Management with the Your state's Attorney General's office.

Contact the area better business bureau in this case was South Dakota.

Contact LSC Legal service corporation

go to website for Leonard Law Office, LLP, 139 Charles Street Suite A121 Boston, MA 02114. Look at the recommendations.

contact lawyers that Leonard law office recommends

Good luck

I'm nervous after reading these posts as my primary mortgage has just been transferred from Flagstar to Green Tree. We have never made a late payment & I do have a second mortgage with Green Tree with no issues. The red flag has gone up for me however since our first payment is due to the new company this month and we did not receive a statement for either loan from Green Tree. Flagstar provided me with my new Green Tree loan number & payment address. Fingers crossed that everything will transition smoothly...
GOOD LUCK to Anonymous January 20, 2014 @ 19.40.19 hour.
It should have read Good luck to anonymous January 20, 2014 @ 19.50.19
Hmm. Is Green Tea a Chinese owned company?

Maybe all their tea (records) need dumped into a harbor.
My post was January 16, 2014 (the only post that day). I also received a fucking foreclosure notice. Shortly after the state attorney and the FTC got involved I miraculously received a letter from Walter Investment Management group, the parent company of Greed turd. Apparently they had my money after all. Hmmmmmmm! held on to it for over a month apparently and would have held it, and me hostage had the FTC and stated attorney not gotten involved. So the lying cheating assholes had it all along. I like that response from anon 01/21/14 @11:13:19. This is just the tip of the fucking iceberg, 90% of the issues hardly ever get noticed by the many. Fuck them.....Arrogant, stinky asshole, lying, cheating, self entitled, mother fucking bastards....There i said it. And that was being nice....I have a appointment now with an attorney. My father, who was a honest and respectable big businessman in the oil industry (He was threatened with being killed and our family wiped out by the oil company directors when he discovered millions of dollars being used in corporate corruption). This was in the early 80's. Alright Now I am not saying he was also working for the following oil company but lets just say he was. Google this-"Total Agrees To Pay $398 Million To Resolve Its FCPA Scrutiny" Another example of how companies that are not run by ethical and legal means will do it over and over until some serious shit hits the fan. I am afraid that Greed Tree and it's parent company will probably be the same. My father said, fight back with logic not emotion. Your house is top heavy, short sell or use any legal technique to dump the home and put the debt on those SOB's but don't let them foreclose if you can avoid it.You have to look at all the options and issues clearly. He actually liked the idea of me taking my arsenal to the leaders and settling the score, he laughed and new i was joking. That is how angry thousands of people are. I have great self control, what about those that are pushed over the edge, pretty scary, huh?
BoA sold my mortgage to this company last year, and although I haven't had any real problems with them, I was appalled by the "welcome" letter I received. I have been current on my mortgage for seven years (since I first got the mortgage through Countrywide), yet the letter I received was more of a threat from a collection agency. Pissed me off! I had a problem getting my information as to where I was supposed to send my payment, and I was half afraid it wouldn't be applied to my loan. I called the company, and the person I spoke with was very nice, but I still had a very bad feeling about the company. This page, among many others I've read about this company, just confirms my feelings.
FROM: Mr Anonymous123

WARNING: YOUR CASE MUST BE ROCK SOLID against GREEN TREE & NO LATE PAYMENTS WHATSOEVER...These people feed off your tears. For every night you can't sleep, an Executive at Walter Investment Group gains a pound. These are very FAT CATS.... THESE ARE THE REAL "GOOD FELLAS".....

We as Americans, KNOW HOW and to WHOM to send our complaints to. RIGHT? YOU ARE PISSING INTO THE WIND...



EX-Bank of America Executives ware now Walter Investment Group Executives. This is a little known fact. This is HOW Walter financial gets all these juice deals from BOA !!!!!...

Charles CauthenCharles E. Cauthen, 55, Executive Vice President since August 2013 and Chief Financial Officer of Walter Investment since September 2011. Mr. Cauthen previously served as the President and Chief Operating Officer of the Company since April 2009. Since November of 2006 he served as the President of WMC, and as the Chief Financial Officer of JWH Holding Company, or JWHHC, the parent company of WMC. Prior thereto, he served as President of JWH since August 2005. Previously, he served as Chief Operating Officer of JWH since February 2005 and Senior Vice President and Controller of Walter Energy since November 2000. Prior thereto, he was Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer — Consumer Products Group, Bank of America, from 1999 to November 2000.

For 1.5 years we have researched, read, written letters and accumulated data against Green Tree. We know what time Green Tree Executives get up to brush their teeth....

Go to the SEC website. SPEND A MONTH THERE: Symbol (WAC).
Don't bother complaining at the SEC. They are all in in BED together. This is where the millionaires hang out all day long. Anyway, your problem is NOT SEC STOCKS RELATED. They will ignore any non-related complaints. However, this is the SNAKE"S HEAD.

The FBI will also ignore your complaint ( we did ). The OFFICE FOR FINANCIAL REGULATION (OFR) is a bigger joke than a team of clowns. Your Governor & State Attorney will also send you a DEAR JOHN LETTER. Don't waste more of your time. They will refer you to AN ATTORNEY. The POLICE will also refer you to an ATTORNEY... WARNING: YOU NEED A LARGE LAW FIRM NOT JUST A SMALL TIME ATTORNEY (PRO_BONO)


Pay particular attention to the sub-menu = INSIDERS:

This is how Walter Financial makes the bulk of their money:STOCKS.
EACH EXECUTIVE get FREE SHARES every so often, and then SELL WHEN THE PRICE IS HIGH. The average Executive makes over 1 Million dollars just in STOCKS. EACH EXECUTIVE NAME IS LISTED HERE. All the addresses point to the same building in TAMPA.

GREEN TREE CORPORATE STRUCTURE: ( 40 Corporations + Walter Financial Corporations )

This is a LEGAL MAFIA CARTEL with over 40 CORPORATIONS so you can't practically sue them at all

THIS IS WHY YOU NEED A LARGE ( PRO_BONO LAW FIRM ) do not mess around with small law firms!!!

For 1.5 years, all of our letters to 100 different agencies/Governors, State Attorneys, FBI, BBB for help went unanswered, ignored or we received DEAR JOHN replies. APPARENTLY, EVERYBODY is in BED with Walter Financial Group/ GREEN TREE. DO NOT WASTE YOUR LIFE GOING THIS WAY. ( we have over 100 letters and responses back & we wasted many months hoping for the WHITE KNIGHT that never arrived )

In the end, only a VERY LARGE LAW FIRM ( PRO BONO ) took our case. We had OVERWHELMING RECORDED AND PHOTO EVIDENCE of the EVENT. Still, it takes a very LONG time to bring these people to court.

IN SUMMARY, regardless of what you do or try to do will NOT WORK.

GET A LARGE PRO-BONO LAW FIRM. You cannot afford 250,000 legal fees. Small law firms can't handle GREEN TREE...


Got to go. Next time I will keep adding other juicy URLS for you to follow....

Much Love
I am so with you on everything you have said. i am anonymous dated 01.24.14. These fucks need to be dealth with.

I also got a letter that Flagstar sold my mortgage to Green Tree. It started on Jan 1st. I've never missed a payment, always paid extra to pay down the principal. I tried to pay online today. Costs $12, I called, their phone tree is horrible, after 10 minutes of navigating and waiting on hold, I was told they are not a bank, just a processing company.
I have to say, I'm scared to death. My house is about 40% paid off, so they would make a nice profit if they pull the shenanigans that it sounds like they do.

Just scared.
We will have to start sending our mortgage payments to Green Tree Servicing, LLC on the 1st of Feb. 2014. I'm not a happy camper. We sent two letters of protest to Freddie Mac and Flag Star Bank. Tried to sign on to G.T. web site...wouldn't let me. So We will be sending our payment with a Certified return Green card by U.S. mail. I will also draft a letter stating that the at first misappropriation of my payment, call to my work, neighbor or family member... that I will be joining the new class action lawsuit that is posted on Green Tree Sucks Face Book site.
FROM: Mr Anonymous123

OK I'm Back.... This time with positive - forward-looking vision...

# 1 - DO NOT EVER: CALL GREEN TREE BACK FOR ANY REASON UNDER THE SUN. They record your conversation and save the recording against you in court. They clearly state: "it's for Customer Service Training, WHICH IS NOT THE REAL REASON".... so they are legally covered.



Believe it or not, LEGALLY this means nothing, only that you SENT SOMETHING to Green TREE. (Maybe a happy birthday card) - BUT at the very least, you have SOMETHING to show - but not much... ( tack on another $7 dollars as the cost of doing business with Green Tree until you hit the Lotto.

If you do hit the Lotto, move to Mexico and join the Mexican Mafia. BECOME THE SUPREME COMMANDER, then send your new friends over to the TAMPA BUILDING where the executives work out of, and hold a CHRISTMAS PARTY for them..... help them celebrate their good fortunes...

Mr. Mark J. O'Brien, Chairman & Chief Executive Officer -
Mr. Keith A. Anderson, Chief Operating Officer & Executive Vice President
Mr. Charles E. Cauthen, Chief Financial Officer & Executive Vice President
Mr. William J. Batik, Director-Information Technology
Mr. Denmar John Dixon, Vice Chairman, Chief Investment Officer & EVP
Mr. Brian L. Libman, Chief Strategy Officer
Mr. Joseph Hunter Kelly, Vice President-Business Integration
Mr. Curtis T. Witherington, Vice President-Operations
Dr. James L. Pappas, Independent Director
Mr. Alvaro G. de Molina, Independent Director
Mr. Michael T. Tokarz, Independent Director
Ms. Ellyn L. Brow, Independent Director
Mr. Bill J. Meurer, Independent Director
Mr. Steve R. Berrard, Independent Director
Mr. Shannon E. Smith, Independent Director
Ms. Cheryl A. Collins, Treasurer & Senior Vice President
Ms. Kimberly Ann Perez, Chief Accounting Officer & Senior Vice President
Ms. Whitney Finch, VP-Investor Relations & Head-Media Relations
Mr. Stuart Douglass Boyd, Chief Human Resources Officer & Senior VP
Mr. Delio Michael Pulido, Vice President-Human Resources
Mr. Jonathan F. Pedersen, Secretary, Chief Legal Officer & General Counsel


# 4 - WATCH OUT FOR CORPORATE FEES ON YOUR MONTHLY STATEMENTS. They will routinely add these randomly.






Happy Hanukkah....

I am in the same fate as above. My loan, which had never had a late payment, was sold to GreenTree. After a year of them adding illegal fees, illegal insurance costs (AFTER I had my insurance payment documented by GreenTree).....Green Tree now has a loan balance showing an additional $12K added to my balance from when they took over my loan, AND I HAVE MADE EVERY PAYMENT!

You can also contact Mark O'Brien at BillFish Foundation, 5100 N. Federal Highway, Suite 200, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308 and he has a beach home on Gulf Shore Drive, Boca Grande, FL 33921

Another director to contact is Ellyn Brown. She is on the New York Stock Exchange Regulation, Inc. 11 Wall Street, New York, NY 10005. What a riot. Ms. Brown is in charge of investigating fraud. What a rip
FROM: Mr Anonymous123:


Change in Directors or Principal Officers, Financial Statements

Item 5.02 Departure of Directors or Certain Officers; Election of Directors; Appointment of Certain Officers; Compensatory Arrangements of Certain Officers.

On January 28, 2014, Walter Investment Management Corp. (the "Company") entered into an agreement (the "Employment Agreement") pursuant to which Mr. Gary Tillett will become the Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer of the Company. Mr. Tillett's employment with the Company will commence on March 1, 2014 (the "Effective Date") and he will assume the position of Chief Financial Officer subsequent to the filing of the Company's Form 10-K for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2013 with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

The Employment Agreement provides that Mr. Tillett (age 54) will receive the following compensation:

� Annual Base salary - $500,000.

� Bonus Eligibility - Target bonus equal to 170% of base salary with a maximum bonus eligibility of 230% of base salary (subject to the receipt of a minimum bonus of $600,000 for 2014, a minimum bonus of $600,000 for 2015 with this bonus being subject to a performance condition that all Company financial reports are timely filed, and thereafter, all bonuses are subject to meeting corporate and personal performance criteria to be established). If, in any year, the bonus exceeds $1,000,000 the Company retains the right to pay the excess over $1,000,000 in equity or equity equivalents.

� Long Term Incentive Eligibility - In each of 2014 and 2015 awards pursuant to the Company's long term incentive plan ("LTI") of at least $600,000. The components and methodology for determining the economic value of these awards, and any subsequent awards, will be established by the Compensation and Human Resources Committee of the Board of Directors.

� Sign-On Bonus - An award, to be made on March 3, 2014, of restricted stock units ("RSUs") issued under the Company's 2011 Omnibus Incentive Plan, having a fair market value on the grant date of $1,050,000. The number of RSUs shall be determined based upon the average of the high and the low selling price of the Company's stock on the grant date. Subject to Mr. Tillett's continued employment with the Company, the RSUs will vest and the restrictions will lapse one-third per year on March 3, 2015, 2016, and 2017. In the event of Mr. Tillett's death or Disability, or if his employment is terminated by the Company without Cause, or Mr. Tillett terminates his employment as a result of Constructive Termination, or there is a Change of Control (each of "Disability," "Cause," "Constructive Termination," and "Change of Control" being as defined in the Employment Agreement), the restrictions on any unvested RSUs will immediately lapse. In the event Mr. Tillett voluntarily terminates his employment, or is terminated for Cause, any unvested RSUs will be forfeited.

� Benefits - Participation in the Company's group life and health insurance benefits programs and retirement plan, and four weeks vacation.

� Relocation - Reimbursement of up to $200,000 in reasonable relocation and related expenses, subject to repayment on a pro rated basis in the event Mr. Tillett's employment is terminated by the Company for Cause or voluntarily by Mr. Tillett for other than Constructive Termination.

The Employment Agreement includes the following severance provisions:

� In the event of termination for any reason - payment for accrued but unpaid base salary, unreimbursed expenses and accrued but unused vacation.
FROM: Mr Anonymous123:

"If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles."

"Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win."

Did they think that all these foreclosure & harassment games would not go unpunished by the affected?

This is why: You must READ & LEARN all about your ENEMY MY FRIENDS.

I figure that it's just a matter of time before justice will catch up to them. Just make dammed sure that you & I will be there to make sure the axe of justice befalls upon them... AL CAPONE FELL. SO WILL GREEN TREE & WALTER INVESTMENT GROUP FALL.

To anonymous, January 12, 2014. They tried to block me from paying online by claiming that my bank denied the payment which was total bullshit so now I pay the extra $3/month for Bill Pay to have my bank make the payment. I am waiting to see if they try to somehow say they are not getting paid by Wells Fargo which I know is a lie.
Anonymous has been against Bank of America for a long time. Anybody dumb enough to sign with them deserves what happens.
Did any of you idiots talk to lawyers?

FROM: Mr Anonymous123:

Dear Anonymous
February 3, 2014 - 16:07:08
RE: Did any of you idiots talk to lawyers?

Apparently, not only are you a bigger shithead than Green Tree, and in an unbelievable way, You are an ignorant arrogant shithead. This makes you a very big, gigantic, immense, shit head. That's quite a statement to make on this Forum.

Some of us lucky ones ,have in fact filed major lawsuits & in fact are winning most of them. We will soon be rolling in cash big time (over 6 $$$$ figures). This Forum is just to warn other consumers about what they are facing or might face in the future. Just like you will someday.

We - The people in this Forum, are victims - unlike yourself, whom are just a shit head. If you have nothing to contribute to this Forum, kindly go back under your shit hole and go back to your shit head life.

We all hope and wish your home one day is foreclosed upon and you try and get a lawyer & he will not be able to go up against Green Tree.

God works in mysterious ways !.... ( KARMA )

Piss off - shithead....

FROM: Mr Anonymous123:

Pissed Off, Ranting: A Matter of Perspective Assumptions...

When we are pissed off - as humans, make a lot of assumptions;

WE ASSUME that other readers with similar Green Tree problems will carefully read and analyze every one of our skillfully crafted words. In reality, we are just giving verbal encouragement for them to spew their own problems online. Your problem, effectively becomes a smaller problem in comparison. Your problem is no longer imminent because is in the past tense. (2013? - shit, you may have died since)... This reality sucks and should not be overlooked....

We assume that by writing our Congressman, Senator, State Attorney, they will actually and personally receive| read | analyze | act | react | reply to our individual problem. In reality, Golfing in Hawaii usually takes precedence - and is far more important - that a citizen's constant whining...After all, companies receive complaints all the time. How bad can they be if they are listed in the New York Stock Exchange?...

WE ASSUME that by sending our complaints to the various Consumer Protection Agencies this will shine true light and prompt attention to our problems. In reality, we don't want to recognize that 500,000 other people have also filed their complaints before you did. Not only are their complaints older than yours - (and thus have seniority), those complaints are also clogging the system.

Sure, you may get around this by re-writing and re-submitting your original complaint multiple times, which will - invariably - confuse their fancy computers with different case numbers. This will piss them off against you, resulting in your case being filed permanently in the round file.

In summary, writing Consumer Protection Agencies is like complaining to a Madam in a whorehouse about receiving bad service on your last visit. It's kind of fruitless. However, in some cases this may get you a 15% discount on your next visit. Almost like doing business with Geico!...

WE ASSUME that by contacting an attorney to hear our problem he would do so for FREE. Of course, there will always be a small matter of some kind of RETAINER FEE which may way half way into the conversation. A letter of CEASE & DESIST will only cost you $3,000 dollars. Other similar results will be prorated at a simple rate of $300 - 900 dollars the hour. This may not be a concern to you if Donald Trump is your lost half brother....

Green Tree is the final solution to your problems. If Nazi Germany would have really implemented their system back in the 1930's, they would still be in power...

The reality of all of this, is that we - as trained sheep - believe in our system. We are the chosen ones. We are the people. We are the best system that money can buy.....

MMMM.... Let me think about that last sentence a little while longer....

Much Love
FROM: Mr Anonymous123:

February 6, 2014

(Reuters) - A nuclear-capable U.S. B-52 bomber sortie over South Korea has endangered plans for reunions between families from the North and South of the country and risks triggering a further escalation of military tension, North Korea said on Thursday.

North Korea said a flight by the nuclear-capable B-52 took place off the west coast of the Korean peninsula on Wednesday.

A U.S. military spokeswoman said she could not discuss details of specific missions, adding: "The U.S. Pacific Command has maintained a rotational strategic bomber presence in the region for more than a decade."

THIS IS ONE OF THE MANY REASONS that your case against GREEN TREE is of lesser value for the "Powers to Be".... In other words - proportionately speaking, the United States Eagle has just defecated on your face a little bit. Just like a little bitch, you are now constantly complaining about it. Grow up.

Instead, you should be worrying about how the Pentagon should continue to taunt these commie bastards out of their miserly existence before they can blow all of us up into oblivion... How would Green Tree survive if we all die?. MMMMM....Technically speaking, I wonder if they could force insurance or foreclose on the remaining homeless people?...Probably....

I also hear you off the coast of Japan, one can eat sushi right our of the ocean water because the fish is already pre-fried....

Anyway, the reason why Green Tree does NOT have a branch in North Korea, is because North Koreans are not stupid enough to get into silly-ass 30 year high risk mortgages in the first place. What's more, they don't really even like Basketball for that matter....Dennis Rodman is another matter altogether. Apparently, they had never seen a crazier weirder bastard than their leader before.

In effect, due to less stress caused by not having a mortgage is that North Koreans live almost as long as U.S. Senators...

Much Love...
First off my mortgage was with bank of america, they transferred it to green tree. I have been in the same home & built it in 1996, I have never had a late fee. Also with bank of america I had a 15 day grace period. I pay mine 1st of each monthy loan by the 5th of every month it is due the 1st. I just sent green tree the mortgage payment they got It the 6th///now it was due the 1st, they billed me a late fee...I said with bank of america we has a 15 day grace period. Green tree informed me, we have no grace period.. If boa is selling my motgage to another co, dont the terms have to be similar??? According to green tree they bhave no grace period if not posted & received the 1st of every month i will receive a late on march's bill there is a late charge because of feb them getting it the 6th not the 1st....any responders to this or is it time to lawyer up...
FROM: Mr Anonymous123:

February 22, 2014

Any problem - regardless of its size - with Green Tree is very very very worrisome.

Know your enemy, but most of all - STOP DEAD ON YOUR TRACKS AND THINK CAREFULLY.

Essentially, you are dealing with LEGAL Gangsters, which in fact are running a Collection Agency. ( AKA: AL CAPONE RUNNING DISTILLERY MILLS ) Mind you, that they come at you using a vast amount of borderline criminal techniques. Each one is tailored to enforce their own "Rules". These change every hour. If you can image it, they do it. Fake employee names, conversation recordings, good cop/bad cop techniques, Foreclosure mentions, bogus charges, and a hundred others.

Green Tree's mother company - Walter Investment Group - is a multimillion dollar enterprise. It sells stock shares to its clients. They are solely in business to make money. There are many stock holders. They trade on the SEC Board. Make no mistake, they are VERY POWERFUL.( Judges and some Law Enforcement individuals have probably bought STOCK SHARES from them )... The RATS are guarding the cheese...

They sell stock shares, by by claiming in their selling prospectus that they have the "BEST CONSUMER PAYBACK RATES IN THE MORTGAGE INDUSTRY" and or "THE LOWEST LATE PAYMENT RATES IN THE INDUSTRY".

Of course, this is accomplished by using hundreds of bullshit/criminal activities and techniques against consumers. INTIMIDATION AND FEAR are their biggest weapons. Together with FIVE BROTHERS MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS whom will actually kick your door down, make them a very dangerous (but again, a LEGAL enterprise machinery composed of OVER 40 CORPORATIONS DESIGNED TO DISGUISE THEIR ACTIVITIES AND PROTECT THEM FROM LAWSUITS)... YES, major banks have actually contributed to their growth by dumping all mortgage loans to these goons...

AL CAPONE had many Judges and Politicians in his pocket....because many were making money through these rackets. Likewise - in modern times, there are many VESTED INTERESTS for Walter Investment stock shares to perform. This is done at yours and mine expense.

My absolute point is that consumers have 99% FAILURE RATE in trying to fight anything having to do with Green Tree ____ BECAUSE _____ THERE ARE VIRTUALLY ZERO EXISTING GOVERNMENT AGENCIES / STATE GOVERNOR / STATE ATTORNEY THAT WILL OFFER YOU ANY HELP or ADVICE WHATSOEVER. Somehow, your problem is a LEGAL PROBLEM and not a CONSUMER PROBLEM. Of course, LEGAL = $$$$$. The monkey is on your back. Good Luck with writing to your Congressman / Consumer Agencies or any other similar jerks on the payroll...


So, welcome to the "Walking Dead Forum". You life has changed, and you don't even know it yet.

Is it time to lawyer up?. YES. - for a price and NO GUARANTEED RESULTS WHATSOEVER.

Depending on your problem, You should REALLY GET a VERY LARGE PRO_BONE LAW FIRM. Anything LESS puts you in the center of the CIRCLE JERK.

Sounds like "Mr Anonymous123" works for Green Tree....

Been reading a lot of reviews regarding Green Trees, and unfortunately they are all true. I recently lot my job after 36 years and coming up with this month mortgage payment was difficult since I am waiting for unemployment to kick in. I was able to scrap together the mortgage payment (P&I) and sent this to them showing good faith in trying to make the payment. I did not include the escrow and explained it would be sent soon, but no later than next Friday. Apparently that was not good enough and they suggested I make the payment and let my banks 'overdraft' protection kick in. I flat out told them this was not acceptable and that if they didn't want my money to send it back. After telling me that I've been a good customer, he then went on to lecture me on what 'escrow' means and how lucky I was to be able to pay my taxes monthly instead of in a lump sum. After my lecture he suggested I check with my bank to see what my overdraft amount is and call him back...yea right. There is no way on God's green earth that I am going to give them my banking information or call him back. They will get the money when I can send it.

someone please tell me from a 1099 that you may have gotten from GT, what is their fed tax ID? I didn't get a 1099 because I paid less than $700 interest, but I still want to claim what I paid, but I can't find their tax id on anything.
You all hate Green Tree because your have been living in your home for 3 to 4 years with making a payment..And now GT will foreclose and

take your home..Must me nice to not pay for your home for 3 years then complain when your told you must pay now..I rent my Apt if I'm 5 days late I'm threatened with eviction..You people make me sick your just mad that the free ride is over l//l
Ignoring calls is the worst thing you can do..Based on the state you live..They may be able to forclose after 30 days with out customer contact..letting them know The reason for hardship they may be able to offer assistance.such as Modification, short sale. Foreclose will destroy your credit and the legal fees are very high knowyouroptions.com58289
My MIL owns the property my husband and I live on and we have recently been transferred to Green Tree Servicing. We are continuing to pay the mortgage payment like normal while I do the research on how to proceed with these people. So far all we are getting from GTS that I know of is a "not-bill" statement in the mail that always says we are two months late. At the top it posts a "Corporate Advanced Balance of $9.5K and change. But online the real balance is still 24K... The CAB is some sort of "acquisitions charge" assessed on the account lines, but no further details are available. I will be doing a Qualified Written Request as required by RESPA to find out: A) What the real payoff balance is. B) To acquire every single accounting line posting since origination NOT since acquisition. and C) To acquire a statement of escrow. I will also be going to my county clerks office and doing a Chain of Title Assessment (COTA) and a Notary Bonding Assessment. I will be looking for robo-signatures and cloudy titles, messed up dates and mistakes. I will be taking this information to my County Attorney and hopefully he can help me go from there. I will not allow these cocksuckers to take my home and I hope all of you find this information helpful.
I got a call today from greentree collections telling me I was late 49 days and they had reported me to the credit bureau. Since 2003 the payment has been made via automatic draft from my bank account. For awhile I was making double payments. I took the loan out in 1998 and the mature date was 2018, so Ive basically paid it off 4 years early as they informed me that my principle was $3.21. They took their regularly scheduled payment out on Feb 19th last month same as they do every month and yet they are telling me I am late. Then they said I owed additional fees due to insurance. When I told them that I had my own personal insurance, the same insurance they had on file for the last 15 years they then said the fees were for legal fees due to them foreclosing on me. I explained that they had never foreclosed on me and must have my account mixed up with someone elses. They said there were legal fees from 2000 and 2004. so I asked them when I started the automatic payments and they said that was in 2003 and was for double payments for a coupe of years. So I asked how they could foreclose on me in 2004 when they had been receiving double payments for a year and they said they didn't know. They couldn't tell my anything other than I was charged legal fees that they cant fully explain. So I asked how I can be late when they take the payment out themselves and they said it was due to the legal fees and I asked how, if these fees were from 2000 and 2004, and they had been taking payments automatically and double payments for at least 2 years, it was just now showing as late and they had no answer. I also asked why they would just now contact me about these fees after they had sent me to collections and not given me a courtesy call since I've been such a good customer and she said she didn't know. They said I had to pay all these fees before they would release the title to me basically they are extorting me for money they cant explain. Now they are going to show my payment as late on $3.21 and ding my credit. No one could explain anything. They are sending me THEIR invoices for the legal fees but that wont tell me anything. I know I'm going to have to pay the $1000 as they got are holding my title hostage. I have filed a complaint with the better business bureau but greentrees rating is an F there so that tells me Ill get no help from them as greentree doesn't care what their rating is. Maybe this posting will help someone else
we live in alabama, gmac was our mortgage company for many years. i was notified in jan of 2013 that we had been sold to greentree. at first all was fine with greentree, but not now! greentree has reported us for a missed payment that is totally untrue. never even been late with one! i contacted them by phone to inquire as to why this was done? they said "we show nothing deragatory in your payment history".
i told them i had seen it on credit, he suggested i fax the credit site to him which we did.
recieved a letter telling us they were investigating my complaint and an explanation was forthcoming.
they sent me a letter stating the reported info was true and correct and if i disputed it to send them cancelled checks, or bank statements as back-up of my complaint.
just wondering about our credit score. i rechecked with the credit site and they had reported another missed payment! today i called them and again was told there was nothing deragatory reported in our payment history.
i asked to speak to my personal rep and was told " he will not speak to you unless you are 30 days behind in your payments".
my question in all this is if someone reported us as being 2 payments behind.. why would he not speak to me?
i keep very close records detailing all of my payment history including confirmation #s when i made a payment over the phone. i admit i do not know alot about the law or the legalities involved in what they are trying to do, but i am not stupid either, so if they want to fight about it, i have the proof that never have i made a payment late and certainly never missed one.
thank you for listening.
there is a john with GT that is awful until he gets put in his place
From Anonymous 123

These gangsters are so good, that now they are MORPHING into a new name: JUST WHEN YOU THOUGHT THE GOVERNMENT USELESS BUREAUCRATS WHERE HONING IN ON THEM AFTER 50,000 ++++ complaints:

"Keeping on with company-specific news, Green Tree is now rebranded to Ditech Mortgage.
(The transition from Green Tree Servicing to Ditech Mortgage Corp occurred on March 1.

Ditech Mortgage is one of the companies under the parent holding company, Walter Investments, and was included in the acquisition from ResCap last year.) Ditech spread the word that it now accepts FHA Safe Harbor loans, have removed most of its FHA overlays and accept FICO scores for FHA to 620. Ditech has opened up AOT as a delivery option & Bank of Oklahoma is now added as an approved dealer, added a 2/2/5 conforming ARM product, and told clients that its LPMI (Ditech-paid mortgage insurance) program has become very "QM Friendly" since it does not need to be included in the 3% QM fees."

So, they have now totally pissed on the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, BBB, and all of us together. With OVER 40 corporations, these gangsters reign supreme. ALL RECORDS ARE NEATLY WIPED CLEAN.


Green Tree waits to be judged... CFPB working on enforcement action
Brena Swanson
February 27, 2014 2:34PM

The Federal Trade Commission issued a civil investigation against Green Tree Servicing on Thursday, along with an unknown number of mortgage servicers.


Walter Investment Management Facing Enforcement Action
FTC, CFPB Advised Mortgage Servicer
Andrew R. Johnson and
Alan Zibel
Updated Feb. 27, 2014 5:43 p.m. ET

Federal regulators plan to file a legal action against a unit of mortgage-servicing firm Walter Investment Management Corp. over alleged violations of consumer financial laws, the company said in a regulatory filing Thursday.

Walter said the Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau advised Walter's Green Tree Servicing LLC on Feb. 20 that the agencies have sought authority to file an action and...


I am also being harassed by Green Tree after my mortgage was sold to them by BOA. I had not missed a payment but had been late once and was told i had to pay 5200 to keep my home from being forclosed on. My payments are 1680 a month. I paid the 5200 to shut them up and have paid 1700 a month since then... i rececived a letter today saying my mortgage is 63 days behind and i owe them 7200... i have copies of every check that has cleared my bank they have cashed. even if it was two months behind it would not add up to 7200 dollars. If someone is getting up a class action law suite I am all in. If not i am seriously considering hiring a lawyer just for my case.
Sign me up before bad things happen to them all.
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Original mortgage was with GMAC in 2003 who has sold it to Green Tree Service over the last two years.

We have had no problems until today. A Green Tree Service CS called stating we were late on the mortgage payment. Wife works for a bank and traced deposit of mortgage payment more than two weeks before it was due a few weeks ago. She stated to CS when it went to their account and CS said he saw no record of deposit.

I understand there are many class action suits against this company. What is the best means to deal with said company. I want to "nip this in the bud" as soon as possible.

"Keeping on with company-specific news, Green Tree is now rebranded to Ditech Mortgage.
(The transition from Green Tree Servicing to Ditech Mortgage Corp occurred on March 1.

Just received a letter from CitiMortgage that my account is being transferred to Green Tree effective April 1st, 2014. Letter dated March 17th 2014, and received March 20th 2014! WTF?!? Nothing from Green Tree yet. Have been with CitiMortgage for 10+ years and never been late, and always rounded my $850 monthly bill up to $1000 and applied the extra to principal. Why would they send a no problem customer like myself to Green Tree?
Has anyone else been transferred from CitiMortgage? Just wondering if it was a wholesale transfer like apparently happened to BoA customers.
Just submitted this through the "Contact Us" link on the CitiMortgage site. Let's see what kind of response I get....

I have been a great customer for many years, and have always been pleased with CitiMortgage services. I always pay on time, and even pay extra each month on the principal. You are making money on me with no related problems whatsoever. You don't have to worry about my account at all. You just sit back and watch the money roll in.
Why the hell would you sell my account to such apparent assholes as Green Tree Servicing?
After doing some research on them, I have decided that I will refuse to do business with them if at all possible.
I will be seeking to re-finance with my local credit union today.
I will make my next 2 payments through the CitiMortgage website as I always have, to protect myself from these predatory animals. (Your letter states that federal law provides 60 days transfer allowance without penalty which I will take advantage of.) Hopefully I can have another mortgage completed within this time frame to avoid having to interact with Greed Turd at all.
I can't believe you would do this to a customer in good standing. Greed Turd is infamous for charging outrageous fees for online payments, adding proprietary insurance to their accounts without notice, then saying you are behind on payments because they deducted the redundant insurance fees from the payment, again without notice. They are known for holding checks until after the due date so as to apply late fees.
All in all, Greed Turd is the most infamous criminally predatory mortgage servicer in the country.
Thanks CitiMortgage. I'll remember that...
I am so upset with "Green tree"!!!! My "Bank of America" mortgage was transferred to "green Tree" and I have had nothing but trouble since!!!!!!!! They keep telling me that I am late and I have given them two visa debit cards to take the 2 mortgages late payments OUT and they keep telling me that it isnt working. NOW they want me to "Western Union" my $ to them today and I can't. I feel like I am getting scammed!!!!!!

Now my other mortgage company is transferring over to "Green Tree". I dont know what to do. Something isnt correct here!!!!!!!!
2 years after my husband died I was switched to greentree due to a late payment. I have been paying them for about 13 years now.

They will not work with me on the fact that he died, they could careless. Why do I have to pay $12.00 to proccess my monthly payment? This ends up costing me $144.00 every year for 13 years is $1872.00 which is almos 6 months worth of payments. I am never going to ne able to pay it off. The original cost was $38,000 15 years later I still owe $31,000. I want to move and get a new job im another state and this makes ot IMPOSSIBLE. What can I do?
I am in the same boat as you. Citimortgage, 10+ years, never late, never missed, April 1, 2014 transfer date. From what I have researched so far, the critical thing will be to get this Insurance form to Green Tree showing them as Loss Payee and also make a payment on April 1. Without the insurance form they will apply their own insurance, deduct the cost from your payment and say that your payment was short. Also if you pay too early, it will count toward the previous month cycle and result in non payment for current month. If you pay late, they will charge you a late fee/legal fee for collections. They also indicate that I may recieve a statement up to 25 days after my payment is due.
I had them. They took over my acct from GMAC last year. Come last Sept and I got my yearly escrow summary. I have always been right on the money or slightly in the surplus for 20 years. Green Tree tells me I am $853 short and that I need to pay up now or they will increase my monthly payment to make up the short fall. When I called them to find out where the hell my money was, I got the BS run around and no straight answer. So I paid the $853 and they still increased the monthly payment.
Their monthly statement makes no sense and the numbers don't add up. At the beginning of the year they informed me that they could not get a hold of my insurance company to pay the yearly homeowners premium, I called my insurance company and they twice got in contact with GT to make sure they sent the $$ to the right address. GT ended up sending the $$ to an old address that had not been used in three years. Finally got that straighten out.
At this point screw GT. We went to our local bank (BoA) and got a home equality loan to pay off the house from GT. I have five year left on the "mortgage" and I handle the monthly payments and escrow myself
Does anyone have the fax number to send a cease and desist?

Greentree bought our HELOC, then they doubled our payment , we couldn't pay it. Anyways we have not paid them in over a year. We got an attorney, he started dealing with them for about 4 months asked them for all the usual paperwork, they kept telling him they just service the loan , he asked them who owns it , they said Wells Fargo, I said thats news to me. Irwin Home Equity was the orginal owner. We are current on our 1st mortgage never been late and thats with PNC. I even called PNC and told them what was going on, they said as long as I pay them not to worry because they have first right to our property. So now its a waiting game to see what they are going to do, I noticed on our credit reports Greentree said it was a chargeoff account closed. I KNOW THEY HAVE SOMETHING UP THEIR SLEEVE, I'm just waiting.
My attorney did send cease and desist letters to them, they were calling me at work and calling my sons at their homes. Our attorney told them he was the only one they could contact, and believe or not that worked. Been a year and have not heard from since.
I am a former BOA mortgage client transfered to GT. I send every month my payment on time and they charge late fees. On top of it some of the money that I send for principal disappears and they do not give any explanation where to. Even if it costs me refinance, I will take my mortgage elsewhere. Those are crooks and the government is doing nothing. I will audit my account by a professional and see they return every penny.
Sad to say my mother is disabled and now shes filling bankruptcy after paying 15 years on her home shes moving as we speak SMH! please send info to [email protected] I will gladly send tell her to participate in the suit.
Thanks a lot !!!!!!!!! I hope you nail them sons of Bitches.
having the same than with these ass wholes email me more [email protected]
To: TotalResistance

I too had Citimortgage for quite some time. I have never been late. This month they decide to send my mortgage over to these apparent crooks. Never received any kind of letter so I go on Citimortage as always and find out they sold my mortgage to these crooks. So I go on their web site and make my payment. AND notice they charge the $ 12 "speedpay" fee. So what the hell else am I gonna do so I did a web pay and gave them my bank details. Based upon this information above from here on out I'm sending certified mail payment or western union, whichever I can. I am closing that bank account effective next week as soon as it is taken out. And I'm withdrawing everything except $ 5 to lower the balance.
We also had our mortgage for over 10 years with Citimortgage. I am horrified that Greentree is such an undesirable mortgage company. I am not looking forward to this experience.
Here's an idea: Go right to the top with your complaint. I contacted one of the chief Greentree executives in St. Paul and actually got a polite response. Won't go anywhere probably, but it felt good to pass on information about the rudeness and unprofessional behavior from some people in their New Hampshire office. Bedford I think. Some angry folks who hate their jobs up there for sure.
Any other Bedford Office victims out there?
I'm frightened. I just got a Notice of Service Transfer to Green Tree. We had Everhome that was crap at best. We have had some problems paying, but have been in a modification program. The mortgage is NOT in a chapter 13, but some other stuff is. Reading these comments are making me nervous.
I just received a Notice that Everhome transferred my mortgage to greentree. I owe them for a equity line of credit. and have not paid in 2 years. does anyone know if they can foreclose? The letter says servicing only.
Everyone please make sure you lodge your complaint with the CFPB. Greentree and Walter
Investment are being investigated for their handling of mortgage business. You
Can search on the internet and ready it yourselves. Hopefully the fed will take
Greentree out of the business.

GMAC sold my mortgage to Green Tree in 2013 and I have had nothing but headaches since. My contract states that payment is not considered late until after the 15th of the month, I send payment in the first week of each month and GT sits on it until after the 15th then applies a $23 late fee. I just had one late fee removed this week because my April payment check was sent in with two escrow items: quarterly taxes and annual hazard insurance. Everything was sent in one envelope, the tax bill was paid on 4/4, the insurance bill was paid on 4/16, and the mortgage payment was never posted until 4/22! They told me by phone I hadn't sent in a payment and should wire it asap for yet another fee. I ended up mailing in a second check on 4/21 which was cashed two days after arrival and two days after they processed my original payment dated 4/4 which they told me they had never received! So now my account is paid through June 1st with my May payment submitted three weeks early - meanwhile there is always some sort of un-applied funds balance with no explanation and always a different amount, makes no sense to me but I told them why not use that and put it towards one of their freaking late fees?? Dummy said that was a good question!! Last but not least they also messed up my escrow analysis causing my mortgage to rise by $250 a month starting in January - this was their way of building up a buffer in escrow at my took two faxes and four calls to straighten the payment out - their math error, my expense. I learned through this experience that they raise escrow by $600 yearly to create a buffer rather than send you an shortage's ridiculous! I have also received calls from them using other company names as well like Penske Truck Rental - this company is a boiler room operation and I hope they do go out of business.

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