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Forum > Internet & Media > Please help take down these scamming SOB's...

For those who have ever been scammed, you'll know how I feel.

Myself and others have been robbed of our precious earnings by this company which continues to make false promises. After talking to a very condescending CEO, they continue to ignore my efforts to get my money back.
I've tried so many government agencies and they do nothing to help!!!!!!!!
All this does is encourage these scumbags to keep scamming the public.

Here are their details, please help bring them down.

CEO: Timoti Reedy / Lydia Reedy

(07) 5531 2316

[email protected]

[email protected]

Ashleighs mobile no: (+61) 413 911 870

Company ABN: 24 501 099 407

Company Bank Account details:

Account Name: ETM Group
Bank: NAB
BSB: 084 510
Account No: 143426885

Thankyou Anonymous.
Definately a scam. They started as 'GLOBAL TALENT MANAGEMENT (GTM)', apparently ripped off countless aspiring models, changed the name to 'UNIQUE 1', then changed the name to 'TIMKAREN', and now its called 'EXCLUSIVE TALENT MANAGEMENT (ETM)' all run by Tim Reedy. The info on his website should be enough to see it's a scam. “I could give you a giant bio and artist statement but who really cares?" - surely people in the industry and all the models/actors being ripped off care! They'll get your joining fee (which is apprently is highly illegal), photo fee, promise show reels etc and promise to contact you further once money has been paid. pay the cash and you never hear from them. most calls just go to answering machine.

government agencies usually don't do anything, the only way to have them exposed is usually by drawing media attention to them. contact channel 7, 9 or 10. they can't get away with it forever.

a place with Exclusive Talent Management is $300, plus extra fees to create a port folio and show reel.

It is Australian LAW that they do not charge you any membership fee.

steer clear.
yes, i have heard of that company. and yes it's a scam. tim reedy is no good.
GTM was run by Karen Jenkins as was TimKaren. Tim and Karen went their own way and Karen created KRJ Management and Tim created ETM. Karen has now closed down but the people working for her Rachel and Rosalyn have created R&R Talent Development and do exactly the same things as TimKaren and ETM in asking for a development fee.
shocking. these rip off scammers calling themselves 'agents'. what a joke.
I have been contacted by Antonia at ETM and was told I needed to give them $300 in order to get started with their mentoring program. I had a feeling, being from L.A. and have seen many scams in my day that they weren't a legitimate company and thanks to this website, it confirmed my gut feeling. Thank you to all of you that have posted on this website, it has been quite helpful. I would like to do whatever I can to help bring these scammers down, so if anyone has any suggestions on how to do so, I would be more than willing to participate. People like this deserve to burn in HELL!!!
THEY NEED TO BE REPORTED TO THE "DEPARTMENT OF INDUSTRIAL RELATIONS" (They deal with agents and agencies and their website states that its illegal for agents in QLD to charge any kind of joining/registration fees.)

Report them here:

Office of the Attorney-General and Minister for Industrial Relations
Phone +61 7 3247 9068
Email - [email protected]


you could also sned channel 7 and channel 9 a news story tip - they love stories about people scamming the public.
I AM a victim of this.. I was phoned up and told to pay a $300 Joining fee. Being new into the Modelling and Acting world I DID.. I then had to pay for online websites to set up a portfolio through ETM. In three months I have not received one job. All the job listed at crappy uni students asking for models for unpaid or TP shoots. Only today I received an email saying that the person dealt with at ETM as resigned.. Back up with an Anonymous FB message giving me the heads up about the scam...
CAN I and HOW CAN I get my $300 back!!!
Im going to this trouble as well. But they keep explaining me that they are not charging for a registration fee, they say its for development training and that they wont charge anything else.

They said its for development training and wont charge anything else to me too... So why is no one getting jobs and all the jobs on Star Now are only unpaid uni projects? Wheres all TV Ad's and big Model jobs as promised!!! I'm not paying them nothing!!
Development training?? What Development Training!! They take $300 off you, you then pay for photos, Have to apply for roles (which to you never get a call about) for 3 months (there so called development stage), fill in a fortnightly job application form to only be told that at the end of that 3 months you MAY still be able to be apart of ETM IF TIM thinks you have "the look" to only then they say they will start applying you for big paid roles..!!! Hmm so $300 and 3-4 months later you MAY get jobs!!
Answer that ETM!!!

Nothing SUS!!!!
As a previous employee of ETM, I sincerely apologise for any hurt I caused in my time with the company. I resigned as soon as the devious and vindictive nature of Tim and Lydia showed itself, along with a number of other staff. Tim was not only ripping off his clients, but bullying his staff, threatening them they would be fired, or would not be paid if they did not sell 6-10 packages per week. They have since lost all of their staff in the Gold Coast office, apart from one woman, Karina Kennedy, who is happy to do Tims bidding. She also worked for Blackbox which was also a scam and previously closed down before she joined ETM. It seems to be the only staff that reside with the company are the Tim and Lydia, Tims mother Toue, Antonia and Karina, who are all professional liars and scammers. The $300 goes straight to Tims pocket, and does not pay for any registrations fees. You can join all the websites and databases yourself online. They have no intention of taking anyone on, they have no 'big jobs' at the end of the 'development' period.. the $300 is how he makes his money. He refers to you all as 'muppets'. What a classy guy.
Disgusting and sick.
Karen Jenkins Management has not closed down and charges no fees, her clients have been in numerous commercials and a regularly attending auditions. GTM was run by Jana Jaros and Karen she bailed from there however managed to get tangled up with Tim and walked away from that also Karen now just trades alone.
Karen was the one who started all the illegal fees with Tim and I have emails. She didn't get too far away if stayed and created "TimKaren" with Tim. And yeah they do charge fees. Unless they've quickly stopped in the last couple of weeks, quickly trying to do the right thing to stop her business from getting a bad name with ETM. As far as I'm concerned, Tim and Karen are both as bad each other. GTM was a big scamming company and Tim and Karen were both involved. Stay away from both of them!!!!!
I can't get over that. What a scam.. Is there any way people can get there $300 back? Is Legal help advised for the young kids out there that have fallen victim to this??
the police won't do anything. they've gotta be reported to the union cos they deal with agents scamming. the department of industrial relations need to be informed about whats going on. call or email them. they'll probably get the office of fair trading onto it and will have them shut down.

Office of the Attorney-General and Minister for Industrial Relations
Phone +61 7 3247 9068
Email - [email protected]

If youve been scammed, let them know. we need to make a stand otherwise tim and lydia will just keep scamming!!!!!!
I recently quit as a talent agent for 'Exclusive Talent Management" I can confirm that Tim Reedy and his sister Lydia are scamming hundreds of innocent people.

Being illegal for talent agencies to ask for joining fees Exclusive Talent Management are exploiting a loophole to take money from unsuspecting hopefuls by recruiting 3rd party contractors to sell inexperienced talent applicants $300 "development" programs through reciting carefully formulated scripts. The fee is split between the agency and the contractor. The client receives nothing of value.

The loophole is that it's not the agency asking for fees it's the contractor. You're paying for 3rd party services they call "development"

So what do you get for your $300 investment? A "welcome (email) pack" with a list of online talent platforms for self promotion that you could easily Google yourself. "Mentoring" where a contractor will (supposedly) contact you weekly for 8-10 weeks. And a non exist-ant possibility of getting on their books to be promoted for the "big jobs" that they don't have. You also have possibility of being "dropped" from "development" completely.

During this 8-10 week "development" you will not be promoted or put forward for work, you will receive nothing tangible like photos, show-reels, website exposure, talent platform registration or composite cards. You will not be given any industry training such as deportment or acting classes. You will not be put on the agency books and will have no guarantee of representation upon completion.

This is a revenue generating SCAM and needs to be exposed!
I got ripped off by that Antonia she won't refund my $300 so I created a facebook page to spread the word so please create an alternate account (if you wish to remain anon) and add then post your story on it's wall for all of facebook to read :)
has anyone tried to get their money back? has anyone reported them?
I worked as a photographer for this mob when they were still Global Talent Management / Unique1 and I can verify that they are bad news. At one point they owed me a large amount of money for work I'd done and chasing up pay week to week was a nightmare.

I've been told that Mr. Reedy has been using my name and possibly a fake email address as part of his scam. Be aware that any information he gives you is completely fraudulent.
If any aspiring models or actors need affordable headshots or studio portraits feel free to contact me directly through "Christopher Goode Media" on Facebook :)

I apologize for anyone who has been hurt in this scam. Rest assured I feel your pain.

i asked for my money back and still havent got it.

DJ JOLYON PETCH is a friend of Tim's and is happy to go along with the scam. Jolyon's girlfriend is ANTONIA is currently one of ETM's employees scamming countless people at the moment and not refunding anyones money!

Im down to try and take there site down any other anons willing to join set a date i hate scams. Makes me sick when people rip off hard working people. Fire my cannon whenever others are ready.
Thank goodness I've just read this before paying up!
Such a shame that they can get away from this.
A complaint has been lodged with the QLD Justice Department and they are investigating. Channel 9 are interested in hearing from anyone who would like to share their stories - please contact them direct as they are gathering information for an episode SOON, and Tim is also being investigated for fraud - creating fictitious email addresses for other companies and refering clients to their websites when they are not affiliated in any way with ETM, and also for having NO ABN and paying NO TAX. His ABN was cancelled in 2012. Do not pay them any money, you will NOT get it back.
I saw that ABN thing on another site... if you go look at this it shows you all his dodgy name changes over a small amount of time, and then if you click on ETM Group, it shows you that he applied for an ABN and then cancelled it.. and his current status is CANCELLED.. so he is not paying any TAX on all that money that he is stealing. What a cheat!
its just been confirmed that the artist kid mavrel is not involved. he left the agency and cut ties ! He did the right thing! kid's got his head screwed on. He's not a friend of tim's. never was. They only had a professional working relationship. That was it. Good on kid for getting out and leaving the agency.

the other artist however, jolyon petch, IS a friend of Tim's and IS involved and aware of the shonky etm dealings. Jolyon's girlfriend Antonia is one of the scammers ripping off innocent people!
KID MARVEL is amazing! I am so glad he got away from this horrible company. I saw he posted something on his facebook page. Would have been such a shock for him to find out the company that was representing him was a fraud! It says alot about him that he was able to cut all ties and loose his first album deal for the sake of the people that were scammed!! WHAT A GUY!
Im a victim of this too, mum paid $300 to a woman called karina because I could not afford to pay for it as i have school. i had to beg mum to pay it. we asked her if it was a scam and she assured mum that she would do everything she could to help me in the industry. she said i would get 2-3 jobs each week. Karina also said that I had a "beautiful look" and that i am "stunning" i must have got rapped up in this because im actually really average, and have braces and a scar on my eyebrow. i dont even know how to join the database to find jobs. we havent heard anything from them since i paid they money. mum rang twice but there is not answer. we contaacted a lawyer and he is looking into the next steps to get her to pay me my money back.
I have called that office so many times and there is NO answer EVER!!! they ignore all calls!!!! and yet they still seem to make constant updates on their facebook page like work and jobs are happening but its all CRAP AND LIES!!!!!! its the biggest scam ever!!!!
such a joke completely unprofessional hearing people being called sh!t n personal things being said about there weight never be apart of anything with etm don't do it to urself
This is a JOKE! We can do something about it if we all act together . I'm pissed off that I got scammed , and i want to do more than winge about on the Internet . Yes I do want my money back but more important I want those thieving bastards to pay . If anyone wants to do something about this I am willing to discuss things in more detail by phone in email. Just voice your interest on here and we can go from there .
I'm interested. Channel 9 is after stories. I have been contacted. How can I contact you? The government is also after complaints from people who have been scammed. the gold coast office of fair trading. they want to hear from people who have been scammed.
What is all this spell rubbish? Another scam? I hear about another scam around here ill scream
Everyone that was scammed by tim reedy and ETM was truly scammed. They've changed all their numbers. Tims number is finished. Lydia's number is finished. Karina never answers. The office number just rings out and goes to answering machine. They've taken the telephone numbers and contact numbers off the facebook page and we site. You can't contact anyone. THEY HAVE TAKEN ALL OUR MONEY AND RUN!!!!!
everyone go to this website fill out the form they can help try get your money back nad bring the company down
ETM, Tim Reedy & Lydia Lawrence or Reedy (whatever you want to call her) are the biggest scammers .. They continue to promote business through there Facebook page and are probably still scamming people for money. I have been ripped off by ETM and have had no luck through any governing bodies in attaining my money.
If anyone has any suggestions for what to do next please reply!
luckily I was not one to fall for talent management REMEMBER YOU DON'T NOT HAVE TO PAY FOR A FEE TO JOIN AN AGENCY. Also be cleaver why would you pay a three year fee when you don't know if your guaranteed work which your must likely not.
Hi everyone,
I had the anything but pleasant experience of being Tim Reedy's flatmate for the past 8 months. I can personally say that everything reported on here is true and correct as a first hand witness to his deception, manipulative nature and carefree attitutude towards exploiting other people. During my time living with him he was forced to close down both his Gold Coast and Melbourne offices due to the financial problems he encountered from the backlash of scamming so many people. He began working out of his bedroom- and later moved his sister up from Melbourne to also work out of a bedroom when the Melbourne office closed.
While I was still there he was creating yet another Talent Management Agency alias. I am posting this as I have found out this new business has recently been launched and I hope you all take this information and ensure he does not continue to further scam other people.
The new business is:

VogueHouse Management

Good luck xx

Hi Everyone!!!

Omg I CANT BELIEVE HOW STUPID I WAS TO FALL FOR THIS!!!!!!!!!! I am a victim of this same matter!! This ETM need to rot in absolute hell. They take your money do the runner. I asked for a simple " Tax Invoice" and funny enough that couldn't be supplied!!! How can people get away with this and they the police or government say theirs nothing we can do. HOW BOUT YOUR JOB TO START WITH!!!!!!!!!!!! if someone stole from a police officer im sure he would be the first to make an arrest wouldn't he!!! Makes me sick to the stomach and the more I read about this the more it makes me angry!!!!!!!! GRRRRR!!1 usually I AM SMARTER THAN THIS BUT THEY BEEN SCAMMING FOR SO LONG NOW THEY KNOW HOW TO DO IT PROFESSIONALLY!! The law or government or police are not going to do anything about it so why cant we all get together and fight it? I know I want my $300 back and im sure you all do to!!! If people are serious in fighting this lets all join together and fight this dirty scum bag because one day he is guna pay for all this. He is living the high life living in a penthouse apartment on the goldcoast that we have paid for!!!!!!!!! If anyone wants to reply to me!!!
Hi All, I'm Rachel the one mentioned in the above posts. I worked for Tim Karen now etm and Karen Jenkins management. I in know way am associated with either and the reason I started my own agency is because I wanted to make a difference and actually support the models in my team. We are not a big agency. we do offer new models a actual training program that involves shoots, and theory sessions. plus lots more. I hate to think people are being ripped off I believe its a agents job to protect there models and that we all work together as a team to get the ball rolling. If anyone needs any help or has any questions please call me 0449766923 or email me on [email protected]
I worked with those scum bags full time for 3 weeks and was never paid any wages. I was told Tim had no money so therefor he couldn't pay me. What a load of shit!!! They scammed each client $300 so they clearly were making money and continue to do so by changing there business name. They had no overheads, they didn't pay there employees nor did they pay there rent at the Melbourne office and they didn't pay there rent at there Docklands penthouse and were later evicted. SO WHERE IS ALL THE MONEY GONE???
Both Tim & his sister are the lowest form of human beings and should be stopped. They need to be stopped so they don't continue to rob innocent people of there hard earned money so they can live the high life.

Hi All Rachel again, sorry I know this is meant to be anonymous but Id rather say who I am as I don't want to get lumped in with them. best thing to do Is contact the bank and dispute the charges as you paid for a development program and you didn't receive it. the bank will help you. for the ex employees I feel your pain we wont ever get any money that we are owed unless we go through small claims court, but its allot of Hassel.
Hi All, for those who are QLD based models who have been ripped off I just want to say I'm offering a one day modelling workshop free of charge to prove that R&R has no associations and I do the right thing by my clients. I can only offer QLD at this stage as I'm not due back in Sydney for a month. We have a rural office in Mudgeeraba where training will take place. If you are interested please contact me 0449766923 or email me on [email protected]

The workshop goes through pose practice
Bio Building
Writing applications
designing a shoot
what you should be aware of in the industry
do's & don'ts
and how to build your portfolio & market yourself
I have just got all call and have paid the 300 and am only reading this now!
I am feeling ripped off and now unsure about this whole development plan she has sold to me!
Tim Reedy now works from home under a new business he has just launched Vogue House Management
He lives in a penthouse in Surfers Paradise.

Mantra Wings Resort and Spa
Apartment 1407
18 Fern Street
Surfers Paradise 4217
So I am the one who posted a comment above!! I GOT my money back from the bank which was great but tim does not know this!! He has been trying to call me to " pretend" he has work for me but isn't aware that I got my money back. I am so happy that I did but now I feel the BALL is in my court and that I want to play the game with them now. Let them believe that I am willing to do what they want me to but make life living hell for them. I guess when I think about it I haven't been "scammed" yet but by all the comments im not willing to put in the hard yards to get nothing out of it, not be paid, the use of MY photos on their website without permission I rather not bother with that headache!! I wont post what he said to me in email cause I don't want him to see it on here cause he will know its from me and then im going to be uncovered and cant play his games back with him. So I got my money back and he doesn't know that so how can I make him work for me NOW!!!!!
I want him to rot in hell and its CRAZY that we now have his address I kind of feel like paying him a friendly visit!!!!! BUT please no one else join up to them, stay clear and make sure they don't con you into it as they do a good job of reeling you in.. Id be more than happy for ideas on what I can do to them and the high life their living. Its far from fair and it needs to stop.

Thanks all
To the last person who posted, if you see this. How did your bank get it back? My bank says I most likely won't be able too.

Yes I have embarrassingly recently believe I have been scammed by this Tim and Lydia now 'running' 'Voguehouse'. I've spoken to Tim about getting my money back and he says I can only do this by doing the 10 week program and then if i'm not happy he will refund it. He has sent me email saying this also. Now I really don't know what to do. Is an email enough to say after doing this 'development training' I can get my money back from him if I'm not happy with it? Is it illegal then for him not refund my money?

Hi there,

last comment posted my answer to that is my bank! I might have got onto it quick enough. I did my researching and could not find anything negative about this company so I went ahead with it. About 2 hours later I then called my bank and said cancel my card as I have think I have been done b fraud. She at first said there was nothing they could do cause it was in the " pending process" and then I said ok, I thought bout it the next day I called up and said I know this company is a fraud and I WANT my money back and she said well your card is cancelled so they can not take anymore money I will issue you a new card and we will put you onto a higher rep, which I think its something like the " card peoples in the bank " cant member exactly what they are called BUT their trained for this stuff so what ever the nice girl over the phones says say may I speak to your cards team. Tell them you have been scammed and its fraudulent and you want ur money back, it took me 3-4 working days to get my $300 back and then i got an email from tim saying his accounts team have realised that I used a fake c/c ( so he tried to turn it around on me ) and he said i told my accounts team this must of been a mistake cause the bank contacted him and said this client thinks its fraud, n he said I don't see u doing that so I wnt call the police and I just played dumb. I would cancel your card as well in case they wrote your cc number down. So hopefully this works and defiantly let me know how you go!! BUT DONT DONT DONT FALL for tim saying he will give you your money back after the program is over he will tell you, you did not succeed and that he cant give it to you. TRUST ME!!!! NO MATTER HOW NICE HE IS DO NOT LISTEN TO A WORD HE SAYS!!!!! He is so manipulative that he gets his way every time!!!!!!!


i can't believe what I'm reading! these reports need to go to channel 9 !!!! asap. they want to hear from epple like us who have been scammed? let me know if people will give a statement and i'll post the reporters contact address. thanks
I have literally just reported ETM to I suggest others do the same. I hope I get my money back!
I have a mate looking at working with him i realy need to talk to someone about him. I dont want my mate to be heart
Report them to the office of fair trading !!!!!
I have been trying since January 2013 to get my money back off these bastards. I was repeatedly told my Development Program was 'on hold' by talent agent Danielle Swain - until March when I received an email saying she was going to be uncontactable now that she had resigned. I rang ETM and the new talent agent, never got an answer. Sent several emails, got no reply. My bank contacted NAB demanding return of money for goods not received, NAB refused to help saying I had to contact ETM and discuss it with them. I took it to the police who put me on to Fair Trading. ETM has refused to comply with two court summons, and despite that, the Tribunal Court still won't pass verdict that these people should return my money. I have gone back to the police who have filed a report. ETM is no longer active, the bank account had with NAB has been closed. I'm not giving up. I know I am not going to get my money back now, but I'll be damned if I let these people rip off any one else under ETM or any other name.
If others are doing the same thing, I ask you help me by not giving up either.
Tim reedy is now

Bring him down
Here they are! Report it! When I called the number 'Lydia' answers. I could have given her a piece of my mind but I didn't want to stoop to their level. Go go go report this ad!
I will speak to channel 9- does anybody have the reporters details?
Tim reedy has changed to Tyson VOGUEHOUSE and kid marvel has changed to MAXIMO. whyyy? seems dodgy I reckon
Is Maximo managed by Tyson aka Tim reedy? Probably is. Scamming more talent to pay for his cds
$300 that lydia charged me at etm was used for his cds. my money and many others. they'll use whoever they can to get to the top
ask sarah
she'll know the truth.
same here ! charged $300 for nothing then Tim posts photos on the ETM facebook page holding kid marvel cds. Hmmm wonder how much they cost!!! the artists were the only ones not being charged illegal fees. Tim was using our money to look after these artists. looking after the artists at our expense. what about all the aspiring actors and models that were taken for a ride!!!!
i just want to share my testimony here.. i was married for 12 years to my husband and all of a sudden, another woman came into the life of my husband.. he started hailing me and he was abusive..but i still loved him with all my heart and wanted him at all cost…then he filed for whole life was turning apart and i didn't know what to do..he moved out of the house and abandoned me and my 3 kids.. so someone told me about trying spiritual means to get my husband back and introduced me to a spell caster called ashra so i decided to try it reluctantly..although i didn't believe in all those things… then when he cast the spell, after 3 days that he told me, my husband came back and was pleading..he had realized his mistakes..i just couldn't believe it.. anyways we are back together now and we are case anyone needs this man help, his email address [email protected] his spells is for a better life
O m g !!! last year e.t.m. put a casting notice on starnow looking for kid marvel national tour dancers, I auditioned as dancer- they were so rude! calling dancers fat and ugly telling them they were no good. maximo Facebook page promotes new cds- Tim and Lydia must be at it again scamming to pay for them. I wish people would make a stand about this, how is Tim still getting away with it????
According to Lydia maximo is managed by voguehouse
what a douche!! sounds like tim reedy. Real arrogant doesn't care about the people or ripping us off, as long as Tim and Maximo get to the top. I think it's disgraceful
I'm going ask around about this to find out more. I know some ex etm clients who were aware of what was going with Tim and the music artists.
Before I found out etm were a bad agency, they told me they had to stop working with kid marvel because he turned violent and hit one of the dancers during a etm workshop. Really abusive and violent towards women. Did anyone else hear about this? I'd like to know if it's true
Oh my goodness!! WHAT THE.............
I heard it aswell. and I heard it's why Tim reedy got him to change his name to maximo instead of kid marvel. after his violent meltdown at the workshop they let him go then Tim got him to change his name so they could manage him again. probly hoping people wouldn't know that kid marvel and maximo is the same person.

it could be hearsay im not 100% but it is what I was told by other models. I'm going to ask where they heard it
The artists tim was managing were all mates of tims, like kid marvel aka maximo. They're all buddies. They'd be fully aware of Tim's shady dealings but they still remain involved with him. It's outrageous that Tim has gotten away with everything so much that he has now opened a new agency VOGUEHOUSE and is doing the same thing all over again! Are we going to make a stand about this? It needs to be reported. Office of fair trading Gold Coast.
VOGUEHOUSE website states the office is in Melbourne but both TIM AND LYDIA ARE LIVING ON THE GOLD COAST SND THE VOGUEHOUSE CONTACT NUMBER IS A GOLD COAST NUMBER. report it to channel 9 / 7 aswell!! I also suggest not supporting any of the music artists he manages either, Tim rips money from models and Sctors and puts it towards these artists. It's just not fair. It has to stop.
and the dancer who was hit by kid marvel at the workshop should have reported him. [if that's true????????] Real men don't hit women.
I don't think this kid marvel talk is true. what about the dancer putting up a post defending him saying he wasn't involved. it was professional and well written. Unless he made her put it up and she did cus she was scared of him.........?
Doubt it's true. It would only be Lydia and Tim making up stories to get back at kid marvel for leaving the agency.
They would have made up stories because he left the agency because he found out they were ripping everyone off. If anyone wants to know the truth I'd ask the dancer
This would be lies. Kid marvel found out about Tim and Lydia ripping people off and he cut ties. I suggest asking the dancer because she cleared things up about kid marvel in the past
Tim reedy has changed his Facebook name to TIM VOGUEHOUSE and Lydia's name is now LYDIA VOGUEHOUSE. the etm FB page has been taken down but the voguehouse page is now up "managing models, artists and sport players". Wtf is wrong with these people??????
How can the dancer be contacted? Is it Sarah?
Waiting to hear back!
dont listen to any rumours or stories coming from voguehouse or etm. its all lies. of course they would try and put the blame on others.
Sarah has said none of it is true. It's been twisted and taken out if context n just lies. Don't believe it at all. Sarah says it's completely untrue.
Sarah has said none of it is true. It's been twisted and taken out if context n just lies. Don't believe it at all. Sarah says it's completely untrue.
Maximo is probably the nicest guy you could ever meet. Kind, polite, professional, a gentleman with true talent. I loved dancing for him and being involved with his projects. It was so much fun and a great experience. Any talk suggesting he has been involved with bad things is really untrue. He's not like that at all. Maximo is amazing! :) :) :)
It's not true. Maximo is a lovely guy. Sarah and all the dancers love and support him. silly rumors It's time to let it go. He's done nothing wrong His music is incredible so much talent epic tracks. The focus here should be Tim and Lydia
Yeah it's lies. Sarah and all dancers have said it's not true. They only have praise n respect for him.
listened to some of his tracks on iTunes. Pretty sick tracks
Do not fall for voguehouse and their promises. THey are now advertising on gumtree giving similar promises to their old etm ads. Voguehouse website says the office is in Melbourne but contact numbers are on the Gold Coast. people who have called say Lydia answers the phone and still request the $300 joining fee. Joining fees for an agency is illegal in qld
It is illegal to charge registration, joining fees etc in QLD but it's not illegal in other states. Having said that .... even though it's not illegal in other states, other states still do not charge fees because it's not the way agents work. A legit agency should be able to make their money by taking the commission percentage from the work they get their clients. You've gotta question why an agency would be charging joining fees, it's likely because they aren't able to get their clients work.

Now with Tim's new voguehouse agency, if their still charging fees, that would explain why they are making out their office is in Melbourne, so they charge fees but the number is a hold Coast number and Tim and Lydia are living on the Gold Coast? Personally I wouldn't trust it. Stick to agencies with creditable reputations.
So lucky i found this this morning!!! i was contacted by lydia yesterday claiming to be from voguehouse and yes i fell for it and payed the 300 over the phone.
Contacted my bank this morning to cancel my card and the money going through! and it was still pending. Lucky have cancelled it just in time! Hopefully i dont hear anything from them..
I fell for this too but it was convenient to know that you can go to the bank and reissue your card, that's what I also did. I am a freelance model and I am disgusted in Lydia and Tim. Thanks so much for this thread! I would have lost my money otherwise.
I'm so that i looked voguehouse up to see if it was a scam! just asked me for $300 to do their model bootcamp and said i should pay in the next 2 hours or the spots will be taken.. talked to a woman called Olivia
I myself have been scammed by Antonia Basile, (ETM) I so wish I had of seen this post before handing over the $300 + in cash!
I am however dissapointed that I heard about it through Star now Website :(
I paid in cash deposit into bank an had 6 conversations over 4 months with her an then NOTHING.
Email changed an phones answering message the same everytime but no one answers
I hope more people read this post before handing over money an actually meet any "agents" they are thinking of signing with.
We live an we learn. I was naive an young. I have learnt since then an its made me really think an research before I sign for anything now. I guess that $300+ was a good lesson learnt!
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Hey guys i got ripped off as well and I have started a Facebook page so that all victims can rally together and fight back against them. The page is Time for a Crackdown on Scammers
Thanks to all who posted. We live in Perth and I just saved my daughter $300 from these people who are now trading as

I paid these two criminals $300 last year. I suspected they were a scam after endlessly demanding to pay the money. Justice will prevail one day. Prison for fraud charges, profit making and deciet would be served best cold. I hope the Australian Federal Police crack down on these two and all bank accounts are refunded accordingly even if they have to go into debt to finance it. You should treat people they way you'd like to be treated. I'm sure they wouldn't like to be fleeced like this if they were on the wrong end. Police should raid Tim and Lydia's properties and send them to jail for life. Fuck them
After going through the feedback I thought it was really a scam as they said little until I tried the agency. The services that I got were extremely good. I was assigned my own manager who assisted me on nurturing my talent. Highly recommend to anybody pursuing into this industry.
I wanted to get some photo-shoots and Exclusive Talent Management (ETM Group) assisted me on that by securing a 70% discount and they didn't charge any commission in return. I was pleased of the quality photos in return. The agency does not only assist on modeling but model photography. Thumb up…
I applied at ETM Group, got a call immediately then proceeded on making necessary arrangement that will mean pay 300 $. I was assigned to my own manager who was to guide to the proper skills of becoming an outstanding model. It was really worth my money, highly recommend it’s not a scam.
Unlike other agency you will have to go for a thousand auditions and in which you will be paying fees for all of them and end up not getting enrolled with any but Exclusive Talent Management (ETM Group) is the way round. They take and train you with modeling expertise who will transform you from a normal person to an extraordinary model. I was glad I had enrolled with them.
When I moved to Australia recently I wanted to enroll to an agency that is going to guide me on nurturing my talent since in my country was not developed. I had checked through the internet and discovered about Exclusive Talent Management (ETM Group). They had low fees and offered better services unlike other agencies around Australia.
the above comments praising the agency are a joke. "they had low fees". it's illegal to be charging any fees at all!!!!!!!!
**************** probably tim and lydia posting those comments about how good the agency is, so they can scam more people and take more innocent people for a ride. DONT FALL FOR IT PEOPLE! DO YOUR RESEARCH. TALK TO LEGIT ESTABLISHED AGENCIES AND THEY WILL TELL YOU!!!! CALL CASTING DIRECTORS AND ASK IF THEY HAVE EVER USED ETM OR VOGUEHOUSE. THEY WILL TELL YOU THEY NEVER EVER HAVE!!
You may be talented in a variety of things like modeling or even good in sing but you lack the knowledge of how to perfect your talent and that’s how Exclusive Talent Management (ETM Group) comes through to assist you. Since I enrolled with them for the few weeks my voice control has improved. I can assure anyone that they are the best agency in town.
May agency will take advantage especially modeling agencies. Me and my friends we have fallen victim to many scam agencies and lost over 1000 $ from them. But since I enrolled to Exclusive Talent Management (ETM Group) I have been enjoying the value of my money because I have seen my improvement from a fresher to an expert, thanks to the equipped manager I was assigned.
May agency will take advantage especially modeling agencies. Me and my friends we have fallen victim to many scam agencies and lost over 1000 $ from them. But since I enrolled to Exclusive Talent Management (ETM Group) I have been enjoying the value of my money because I have seen my improvement from a fresher to an expert, thanks to the equipped manager I was assigned.
As their vision statement states “manage the best move on from the rest”. I can indeed testify to that. Since I joined Exclusive Talent Management (ETM Group) my personal manager has equipped me with enough knowledge to help me succeed in this modeling industry and so far so good. Highly recommend.
I have previously enrolled to a few Modelling agencies and have ended up losing a lot just by pursuing and nurturing my talent. I can around to ETM Group (Exclusive Talent Management) online and I gave it a try, the price was relatively cheap compared to others that would range twice or thrice and what is most special about ETM Group is the privilege of having a personal manager to guide you on the right path on nurturing your talent.
The person above with good comments about etm is the same person. Look how times they used the "nurturing" HAHAGAAA. Tim and Lydia are on the loose.

Please casting Casting Directors Brisbane and Casting Directors Gold Coast, give a few of them a call and them if they have heard of etm or VOGUEHOUSE. I myself have made some calls and they suggest not getting involved because etm and VOGUEHOUSE are not accredited agencies and are not used in this industry.

Do your research before believing the lies.
Some of you need to get a life- I was sent this link from a friend and I am amused how many people on here have no I idea what they are on about. Im currently working with Voguehouse don't knock it cause you failed. Its amazing how many people have nothing better to do but make excuses and create stories.
I agree this is so stupid. Instead of complaining about shit, go out and do it, why sit here and post negative slander because of your own failures. Stop passing the blame on other people and get off your ass and do something worthy instead of living in misery and hatred. I dont know about ETM but I am with Voguehouse model Boot camp and they have helped me. Any beginner models out there give it a go dont listen to these idiots
It’s fascinating how many people on here have put so much energy into negative posting. Find something better to do with your time lol. I am a model of 8 years now and I have come across Agencies that are scams, after much research and speaking with the right people and other reputable agencies, I was referred to Voguehouse by another agency . How is it that other companies on this post are bagging them when Voguehouse are the only ones that has produced results. I have been on Karen’s website for models and don’t see real results, I have been on R&R’s and again no results. I go onto Voguehouse Model Boot Camps page and I results after results with their models, pushing through photoshoot after photoshoot. Come on people, wise up… in this industry it’s all about results. Keep up the good work Voguehouse.
I am am another vogue house model completing the boot camp. I thought it was a scam after reading this info. I had already paid so I was unable to get a refund :-) so I decided to stick at it. Thank God! The people at Vogue house are NOT a scam, they were very helpful and knew what they were doing. I will say that model boot camp was not easy but defiantly worth it, I lost a dress size and gained more confidence with my posing. I also got to work with Tim and Anthony who were very helpful.
Soooooooo cant believe the BS on here about Voguehouse. Get a freaking life haters, My friend and I did a "Tanya Powell" modelling program cost $3500 each. voguehouse was $750 and it was way better. Def not a scam, check out the results they get from newbies. Any newbies starting with them, I did a vintage shoot with Mikella. Shes amazing.
Same here, I also shot with Anthony who sent me this link. Voguehouse is good and the people are awesome, the boot camp was a little expensive for my budget but I am glad I did it.
I have just started with The Model Camp, Im a little nervous and have may reservations about it, will see how we go :-)
This Forum is complete bullshit. the bullshit about kind marvel and tim working together and changing kid marvels name is a lie. No one got violent. Who ever made up this rubbish is only trying to start rumours and you all brought into it. Tim and Kid Marvel had a falling out because of all the lies on the internet. Because of lies that one person can create and start a forum and post as an anonymous poster over and over again. Come on people have we not learnt anything form the death of former model "Charlotte Dawsons" suicide caused by cyber bullying. Are we all going to listen to posts by Anonymous people or person who has nothing better to do?

So I had my first Orientation period with Tim today. I also asked him about Kid Marvel and the rumours on the internet. He was shocked, laughed and said Kid Marvel was never violent and never hit anyone and hasn't spoken to him in over a year.
I signed with R&R Talent with Rachel and I got nothing from it. Yet she's posting all these comments of how good they are? I am beginning to think they set this whole forum up to make them look good hahaha! If its lies its coming from them anyone els been scammed by R&R?
I used to work with Rachel and Roslyn when they worked for Karen Jenkins. They left and started their own agency called R&R Talent. From memory Roslyn was a fitness instructor and Rachel a telemarketer. I don't think this qualifies them to be an agency and thats maybe why you didn't get anywhere.
So I just want to say that I have been on the Boot Camp for 3 weeks now and I love it. Tim and Ayla @ voguehouse have helped me so much already. At first I was really scared especially after reading the things on here. But I am happy with everything so far will keep you all updated.
Funny how ETM have deleted their own website and use fake addresses and names for their workers. Peasents. Why do Tim and Lydia Reedy write fake comments for most of the positive reviews above. We already know the truth, so don't go on lying hiding behind a computer screen to give yourself credit for no work, disrespectful staff and false messages. Life isn't always fair but you have hurt many innocent people who don't deserve it. How would you feel being broken, used, treated like shit just for someone else's enjoyment. I know your spending young people's hard earned on holidays, nice clothes and other assets. Dreams can be broken in a matter of days from the inhumamie acts of self scammers like you. I'm not sure how you were brought up but I'm sure you were always told to live a life which gave back and helped others and not destroy theirs. I will never forget you. And when I'm successful I will tarnish your name and reputation like you've never imagined. Peace.
WOW... The person above needs to stop hating on people and spend time more time on positive actions that would maybe make you successful and less time blaming others for not being successful. "when I get successful I will tarnish your name and reputation like you've never imagined" just saying
HOLY FUCK SO MANY REPLIES can we all just agree on the idea of taking information from these people and shutting down this modeling site with spammed DDos attacks? i mean really just call teh news or attack it
I've been on their boot camp for 8 weeks now and Voguehouse have helped me heaps with portfolio and photo shoots,. I was with R&R beefore them and it was shit. Rachel didn't even know what she was doing and I didn't even meet Roslyn. Waste of my money. If anything R&R are the scammers. But hey what would I know, I'm just a model trying to get by and so far Voguehouse have been the only ones that have helped get this far.
It does not take a genius to realise that the first ten or so of the positive comments that appear on this thread were done on the same day (3rd March) and within a couple of hours of each other... Obviously Tim and Lydia found this page and have quickly tried to do something about it. Bahaha. U guys r not only greedy and caniving but ur sloppy, lazy and stupid. There r sooo many loose ends left on the internet. There r sooo many people who know exactly who u r. There r sooo many people who u have completely screwed over.

So what DOES it feel like to look over ur shoulder constantly? To go to sleep knowing that people know exactly where u live? The stress of this is cumulative and will make u sick eventually. It's ur conscience betraying u.

Anyway- u never got my money cos I went with my gut after I visited the Docklands apartment last year and I did a little googling which uncovered everything from the above mentioned activities to Tim's early life as a used car con artist in New Zealand. I have no beef with these people now but I DO find it amazing that they continue to just get away with setting up fresh with new business names in different locations and just ripping off people mercilessly.

I hope u guys out there get ur money and some revenge via the proper channels- Good Luck :-)
We are going to get our money back because the Federal Police already have Tim and Lydia under investigation. It won't be long until their once fruitful lives are turned into the dark depths of fragility. From my sources I have knowledge that Lydia & Tim are working on a number of new projects. These will be stopped as well. I don't understand how they can keep building business ideas without ABN numbers. Yes people do know where they live. This is not good.............. One day I'll dump a shit on their lawn!
Tim can be contacted on 0406 229 182, I am sure he is happy to take calls
Why does Tim change his name to Timoti Reedy? Is he trying to be too swag for everyone out there? The same must be said of Lydia who calls herself Lydia Lawrence. No wonder they are both dumb fucks and probably dropped out of school at an early age. How these two villians are going to get a job in the future is beyond me. Their reputations have been tarnished to the point of no return. Lydia's facebook is open to all the public. Tim's has recently been name changed. Lydia has also many friends and family from New Zealand as friends. You can follow her too to know her happenings. Here is the link:

Recently Lydia has been seen at Room 81 Sofitel in Broadbeach. Spyglasses Activated!
I expect Lydia and Tim to do a runner soon. Do they realise the actual crimes they have and are comitting? Jail for fraud and deception have big penalties. Once the QLD police force the issue further then the consquences will be devastating. I'm not saying this literally either, it'll be shocking. Australian Courts are very tough to beat and with outstanding evidence from the general public, then there's no way a guility verdict on a number of counts can't be overturned. I can see them in court on more than 10 counts of law involving fraud, deception, money laundering, false business, tax evasion and using the proceeds of crime for personal benefit. Knowing people involved with Law, the system won't budge and act sympathetically to anyone who has continued to break the rules consistently. It is unfortnate that people spend their lives creating something illegal multiple times for profit. Makes no sense? Go out and make a real buck and see how real hard work relates. Jail is not a pretty place either, especially for Men. Knowing Tim would not be isolated from high level criminals and pedo's isn't pleasant. We have all heard the stories that happen with fashionable looking men in jail who are exploited by those around them. Tough women are also broken but those around them. People in jail for life or long sentances which would be the outcome also find it difficult to transfer back into a normal lifestyle. All I can say is, Jail would suck. If you haven't yet, please contact all authorites from the QLD, VIC Police, ATO, ACCC, Media Outlets, Scam Watch, Government Fraud Agencies and alert others and send photos of their depections. We are all not alone in closure on this issue. Good to hear that people are tracing their movements. I'd be freaked out if that happened to anyone! Any step could be there last...........
Tim Reedy haha what a joke. Hope that muppet sucks a few more dicks. He looks like a mut too. Dresses like a fag and dumb as a door post! Too bad he has nothing to show but a few handbags in his bedroom. Lydia probably borrows his clothes too.
I have contacted fair trading and scam-watch websites in regards to e-t-m. I have tried to contact them for many months trying to get my money back. The phones have been disconnected. The website removed. The facebook page has also now disappeared. I should have listened to my gut in the beginning but felt pressured during several conversations over the phone and was told I was "stunning". Almost instantly communication stopped and I was always chasing them. I was suppose to be contacted every few weeks in regards to setting up my portfolio, this didn't happen. Eventually, some five months later I contacted Karina and Tim stating I was not happy with this situation and wanted my money back. No response. I have kept trying and unsurprisingly the phone numbers were disconnected, one-by-one. I feel so incredibly stupid, but knowing there are other people in the same situation makes me feel a lot better. If you have not done so, please contact fair-trading and/or scam watch.
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