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Forum > Anonymous > Lord Andrew William Jones Confession

Confessions of

Lord Andrew William Jones
“I’ve got split personality – that’s the way it is”

Ok, where do I start? I’m from Liverpool. Since leaving school and partly finishing Manchester University, I’ve been working as a waiter, barman, receptionist, reservations person in Thistle Hotel Manchester, Everglades Hotel (Cheshire), Hilton (London) and some bars and cafes - no longer than a year each. I never had any money and been involved in the sex industry in order to make some and to keep my cocaine habits in place (I’m off it now but still am a sauna lover). I have worked as a barman for AXM Bar in Manchester and later at AXM bar Gran Canaria. Business was a huge loss as no one ever came. People know me as a Coutts Bank account holder, even when I’m on JSA.

Me, serving drinks at AXM bar, Gran Canaria

Since bar idea was a loss due to my incompetence, I was visiting Club Mancha as a daily guest for a drink, and that is where I have met one of Mantrav’s consultants, they’ve been selling this place for quite some time successfully.

I had no money to get back from Gran Canaria when AXM bar went down, so I reported my wallet as stolen to my insurance company to claim costs for an airline ticket. Since then I have worked for Mantrav in their Gatwick office as a consultant in 2008-2009. I had no experience in travel business before whatsoever. During my work I was abusing two of the other employees, both were calling sick most of the time, but hey, who cares. They were my staff! While working for Mantrav I ran up a debt for the company under one of their HotelBeds accounts of nearly £20,000 (I was staying in 4/5 star hotels during weekends with room service, etc.) and hiding up the bills behind my bed. During the time I worked there I have given away free holidays and discounts to up to 40% to my friends and family members. I’ve also done unauthorised advertising under company’s account, there were some other accounts with hotel suppliers (Rooms XML, Serhs tourism and some others) which I had full access to, some - were consequently closed down because of my abuse spending. I got away with putting client’s money to my personal account once (it was so amusing when I read in a paper that someone has gone to jail for exact same actions, phew!). I was buying IPhone Apps on the company’s debit card without authority. Every hotel I was staying at was informed to be “upgraded to a VIP level” because of.. “client is the owner of a travel agency”, “client is a lord”.., I’ve used different explanations every time ;-) I called myself a “director”, ”the owner” of the company in order to boost my ego when speaking to others or get in to somebody’s pants. I think it went too far at some point.

Anyway, when they found out and decided to fire me – I was prepared. I have threatened them that it will cost a lot of money to get rid of me with a help of my “farther” – Alun Jones QC. Some bits:

A little bit of Hotelbeds:

Funny enough - HotelBeds is part of TUI Group now, it wasn’t at that time.

Sabine Beale – product of my imagination, my PA

There are more, but I don’t have time and space here I have given away a free holiday under Mantrav’s expense to the Hull Pride visitor (one of many competitions they had). Andy Train who was the organiser of Hull Pride and my close friend for years somehow has won it, what are the odds!

Me, Chrissy Darling, Andy Train (Hull Pride organiser)

One of many holidays I had at Club Mancha

All that time (over a year) I was living in a house with one of the Mantrav’s executives. Rent free, free food (funny enough cooked by the person I took photo of – he was one of many other directors in that company), free laundry, free alcohol, free chauffer to/back from the office (I don’t drive), I went to a number of free fam trips including a trip to Israel (fascinating country) I never found my own place to live, which I never did because of my spending attitude – when I arrived from Gran Canaria I came with a rucksack and at the time I was leaving this company I had 3 big suitcases of shoes and designer clothes which was struggle!). One day I called in sick and when no one was around the house – I went through all the stuff of all the occupants and took photographs of their personal documentation. I have written some articles about ATOL and how useless it is, explaining that it does not protect land only holidays or anything other than flights or extras packaged with flights, it only applies to flights and only applies to UK bookings, ATOL does not protect your holiday otherwise. But after leaving Mantrav I have changed my mind and now fully support Andrew Roberts’ Amro Holidays in this and have given all the information to them about Mantrav including operation procedures and contacts. I cannot get protection myself for bookings as have no credit or reputation to back it up, currently my Gay Travel Group has no protection, ATOL or insurance and I process credit cards via 3rd party terminal. I’ve tried to steal Mantrav’s booking programme and their massive client’s database but due to my lack of IT knowledge I did not succeed, apparently I stole client version, not the server one, all customers data is encrypted anyway, which I didn’t know at the time. I have forged their debit card to buy stuff online, here is one of the samples:

I have also stole a number of cheques from the chequebook at where I’ve lived and later forged a signature in order to get the money, but it was too late – they have reported it to the Police and Barclays Fraud Department and they unfortunately shut down my Barclays Premier current account. On my twitter that day I said that Barclays manager has given me an overdraft of £2,000 - that was just a lie.

I was trying to take over this company with a help and money of someone else (can’t say who ;-) Our plan was we set up a Limited company with a similar name – Mantrav International Ltd. And we got it registered to my mother’s (well where I was from) residential address:

We set up bed bank accounts as well (because I had full access to the address and the mail):

Unfortunately this whole plan was discovered and I was let go before this was about to work. When leaving I had been warned that I will not get a penny for my thieving. But I went and sued one of the individuals. Stupidly enough I have sued the wrong entity and Mantrav does not owe me anything. Mother has helped me to pay solicitors costs (tens of thousands of pounds, we even took out a loan) with an idea that we as a family can get some money out of them. We were wrong, because Mantrav now owes me nothing. Since I left them I live in East Dulwich in a flat share and hope for the best. Now I am trying to come up with “nice and clean” start of my own business. I am determined to stay in this gay travel market industry not because of what I know but because I can get freebies so easy – it is a lot better and easier than being a barman, free accommodation, fam trips, travelling to other countries always excites me since I’ve seen it all – as long as you tell them something to believe in. I have brainwashed Israel Tourist Office with my ability to bring gay travellers to Israel, got free wine and advertising money from them, who cares – it is free! They don’t know that I’ve sold nothing to Israel over these years; I don’t even have a proper company. I’ve set up the “Gay Travel Group” and, but cannot get it off the ground for 2 years now due to my lack of IT skills. To be honest I have lost control of those sites because I have not paid the guys who created them. It is really bad because one of them contains information which is in breach of Advertising Standards code ( and ) and unfortunately I cannot change it. Currently I’ve decided to trade without a Limited company as it is safer – authorities cannot trace me, I trade as a sole trader. Gay Travel Group has no Limited company, I operate off my mobile phone, got no office, only office desk space. No protection for holidays unfortunately at this point. I had two young guys (Peter Wilson and Max Gyte) working for me as freelancers (so we can avoid any legal issues with employment), but they both left due to non payment and illegality of the whole operation. The most important part is I am working as a sitting Magistrate and make decisions on people’s lives now. After I have been involved in an industrial Tribunal, I want to know more and exploit The System; I want to get to the other part of it. I used to work for Alex Erfan (, who’s personal credit card I’ve used to pay £4,500 for advertising (for myself), I took photographs of his credit cards off his wallet on my IPhone. I have been sued by Alex, but failed to respond. I’m still in control of his Twitter ( account and use it to spread false information under his name about anyone I don’t like. Attitude Magazine ( - I owe them £4,000 in advertising which I run for Gay Travel Group and never paid. Sanctum Hotel, London – I owe them £3,600, I had a booking from Canadian guys who I put in to Sanctum and have charged card back when they left. Axis Globe ( ) – my company has got CCJ from them and owe £1,800. I have tried to steal the name “Attitude Holidays” from another company without success. In order to do so, I have registered a Limited company which now has CCJs and which I am trying to get rid of.

Jones Watson Media Ltd – I had to rename to JWMedia because I put my partner Mr. Watson ( in a nasty situation (oops!), so he left and doesn’t want to be involved with me anymore. This company is to be struck off for non payment of corporate taxes. Attitude Holidays Ltd’ strike off proposal is currently on hold (because of debts against it.) “before” and “after”..

Addison Lee (a Taxi company) – I owe them around £1,000 for ordering stretch limos at 3am to/from the clubs, I paid with a cheque which has bounced (oops!) Shadow Lounge – I went on my birthday & launch party for Attitude Holidays with my family but was kicked out half way through when they asked me for payment, I had no money on my debit card and could not pay, now barred as I owe them £1,500 Beach Boys resort in Gran Canaria looking for payment of €650 for more than a year now from me.

The Gay Travel Group presently has a desk space in Soho and I’ve got HotelBeds account which I’m currently trying not to abuse (ha-ha). Since I was fired from Mantrav for theft, I decided to create a plan to bring Mantrav down. My mother Monica Williams works for the NHS (Lancashire), my step farther Syd Williams is an electrician, real farther Alan Jones is a caseworker for child protection cases (he doesn’t want to know me for what I did to him), but I tell everybody that my father is a QC Alun Jones ( (fair enough they look alike). He has no complaints, neither does my mother.

Alun Jones QC (my farther “when it’s necessary” ;))

Alan Jones (my real farther)

Alan Jones (my real farther)

Alan Jones (real farther)

Alun Jones QC (similar... mmm... but no ;-)

I am in love with the facebook and social networks, that’s why I created over 20 fake profiles in order to promote and advertise what I like and to and use it as a tool.

Kicked out of IGLTA members and tried to redesign Attitude Magazine logo in order to gain well established and recognised brand.

With my mother, Monica Williams

My step dad (Sydney Williams), mother, me and step sister

That’s the holiday I sent my mother and dad to and refused to pay (love freebies, happy days!):

And that’s how much it was; “AJFAM” stands for my “Family”:

You are probably bored by now, but that’s the end my friend, here are some extras to entertain you.

I am Lord Andrew William Jones and that’s the story of my life. Thank you for listening.
I know this fraud, he stole from me.

Andrew William Jones - Co-Chair of London LGBT Community Pride C.I.C Limited - he is one of directors of this company but also committed fraud by registering fake name in his own company GEMINI PR & EVENTS LIMITED (Company No. 07949667) so creditors can't chase him for the money he owes to people. His mother Monica Williams is a secretary.

Lord Andrew William Jones residencebusiness address for creditors:
SE22 9JU

Check this out:

Lord Andrew William Jones facebook page -
Lord Andrew William Jones twitter -
Gemini PR and Events -
Attitude Holidays -
useful information guys, good work! after my little research it appears these companies belong to Andrew Jones
of 2 Jennings Road, London, SE22 9JU.
Another address is just a formation office at
3rd Floor
207 Regent Street
also see (Dissolved) (Active) (Active)
heh! Alan Partridge is still around - I know this guy - his name is Andrew William Jones, he is now working for London LGBT pride as a marketing guy, using many fake facebook/twitter accounts to boost the failing pride image, which has failed previously! What a pretentious twat!
Music For DJ House Techno Trance Hardstyle -
Music for Dance - Best Club Music
So-called "The Gay Travel Group" in Soho tel. 02084259160
+44 020 84259160
Very dodgy..

the problem there might be - that in the uk, and i presume elsewhere meant to be 'civilised', the mental health services consider personality disorders as different from mental illnessness - in that they are considered to be untreatable! i'm not kidding, i recently found this out after some of them tried to label me as 'schizoid personality disorder' all because i refuse to take any of this fake liar-worshipping corrupt societies lies and abuses. so when he says 'that's the way it is' he may be referring to the concept that he is that way inclined and can't do anything about it. anyway psychology and psychiatry are a load of pish - they don't even build upon what freud and jung found, nevermind reich, or god forbid anyone who ventures into the realm of defining reality from a holistic perspective.

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