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Forum > Notices & Feedback > Sandy Hook shooting was staged

I came upon a video that explains how the sandy hook shooting was staged and this must be awareness
At first when I saw this I was pissed that someone would call this a conspiracy, holy crap this blew my mind.
wow, this just shows that main stream media can pull anything off.
we are all in trouble if we do not unite
It should also be mentioned that supposedly the latest Batman movie actually has a scene in it where a map of "Gotham" is show where one of the parts of the map is named "Sandyhook".

and comment below, which I haven't verified yet.

"Jaxx Fluxx December 18, 2012 at 5:45 pm

More weirdness… In the Batman universe Sandy Hook is also known as South Hinkley.

S. Hinckley was the brother of John Hinckley who tried to assassinate Reagan.

Sam Hinckley was due to have dinner with George Bush’s son the day after the attempt."
So what are we saying .... Was it real or staged???
Possibly staged, since the identity of the shooter caught in the woods was never released, nor has mainstream media even mentioned it. Also if you listen to the police radio during that time you can hear one of the officers mention that there were two shadows running across the gym, and again another officer say " they're coming at me" they're as in plural, crazy stuff.
The father in this case is clearly an actor.
Why can't we get the truth! They use innocent lives of children and pry on the hearts of the caring to promote a cause!!?? This is a sick world!! And the people responsible should be punished!

it's as if to avoid such an attack on wall st (stock exchange) for real, they put it in the film as fiction, therefore the displacement would need to be occult-staged elsewhere. that's how that kind of 'black magic' works - they can try to avoid things by sacrificing others in its place. there's probably other layers to it too, always are. and when i say who is doing it, well i'm meaning peoples controlling things like that in general - it doesn't mean everyone directly involved is going to know about what it will be used for. secret society types that work for what they perceive as forces they serve, controlling events and so forth.
go play connecta its probably easier then to try to make a conspiracy out of thin air...or even better!...Watch FOX News!
ive been watching alot of those videos on youtube. we were also told they had footage on security cams. i wonder what my brethren can get a hold of or if they can shine any light on the matter.

synchronicity is a key part of how reality is organised. the sad fact is, there are those in occult groups etc and they are aware of some things that are not allowed to be admitted as being true in this world, as to how reality works. well you can say them, but - as your comment proves - people are programmed to be part of the conspiracy to deny things work in those ways. and they use those things to control and influence how events unfold.

the situation is a bit like this - there are such things as hardware backdoors and firmware level backdoors and passwords. service codes. etc. compare that fact to facts about how the universe is actually organised, how it operates. so there are those who have some knowledge of the backdoors, and they wish to keep it to themselves (to misuse it*), so that no security people etc can ever say 'that bastard got into my network from one of those backdoors', because they have poisoned the collective mind into accepting there is no such thing as those backdoors.

*which they would not do, if they understood more of how the universe works, as they would realise how it will come to affect them

Anyone that truly believes that they did a photo shoot in commemoration of Emily Parker, and fucked up by accidentally inviting her in to the photo's is a fucking idiot. Whomever is indeed hoping to stir up drama by pretending the deaths of these children is a fallacy, deserves more than DDoS attacks and "hacks", they deserve to be killed for causing the families of these children to be ostracized by some as "parts of a conspiracy". There may be some fucked up issues relating to the Sandyhook shooting, but accusing members of the family as being "actors" is absurd. You are attempting to discredit the grief and denying them support which they deserve more than anything right now.

I am ashamed for all of you.. to see so many of you righteous, "defenders of the truth" feeding in to this.. Wool is draped over your eyes with startling ease.
We saying one family, not all, and if you love one was kill you would not be behaving like that man was.
Fortunately, I am not in the man's shoes nor have I been. So therefore it is difficult for me to gauge the way I would react. Everyone reacts to things differently and using the way he handled it as evidence of fowl play, deeming it reason to out him as a fraud, and belittle his grief just sounds wrong to me. The only basis for guilt is good composure during an incredibly tragic event and youtube video's by 8th grade level videographers.
Yes everyone react different, I just don't see why he has a smiles then get himself in the mood before he speak.

I will also point out that if CNN is trying to dis created it, there may be something here.
Sandy Hook conspiracy is bigger then I thought. WoW there a lot of bull shit with it.
The worst thing to call someone is crazy.
Did 3000 people really die on 911, is another video that comes to mind and bears looking at along with many regarding the theatre shooting.I wonder if setting up the donation fund website before the "incident" resulted in a significant increase in terms of cash inflow.Obviously they have actors to pay and productions need cash inflow or production quality suffers.Perhaps next we will see some product placement ,major soft drink manufacturers as in this staged event brought to you by who, lately weve seen the major armaments firms getting in on the game and obviously 911 was brought to us at least partly from the good folks at Halliburton , both the armaments division as well as the construction division as both work very well together hand in glove with Government who gets the war rolling then the armaments division knocks them down and the construction division builds them back up and they build pipelines too, is there an unknown opium poppy heroin manufacture and shipping and distribution division or is that all left up to the CIA, likely with military flights as weve seen is the case in CIA Torture flight crashes with six tons of cokaine on board.Who foots the bill for security for the whole operation I mean not just sandy hook but the oil acquisition through force and security provided for Halliburton and others all oil firms free security once again provided courtesy of the American Taxpayer cause as we all know when emotionaly distressing false flag staged events are staged and a complicit corporate media does what it does best and repeats things adnauseum the people are right there with pocket books open and ready to do as ordered be it buying guns blaming guns hating Muslims enlisting, supporting new sweeping security legislation which is less rights for people but increased security for "them" well the media manipulated emotional wind sock people are there to do as FOX and CNN ordain and decree.Just make us afreaid and well what is it this week buy assault rifles and blame guns or hate and torture Muslims . Just repeat it enough times and make it rally emotional.Whats that You want to make lots of money from selling out the Constitution and creating Blackwater Security, and Trapwire and Indec, and Fusion Centres , another Dick Cheney holding by the way, and then theres Ministry of Homeland Security , remind you of anything that name, as subtlety isnt their strong point, answer Nazi Germany had a ministry of the same name, the same folks who blew up their own Reichshtag, ringing any bells yet, it should.Presto chango the hand is quicker than the eye and more smoke and mirrors is on the way Im sure as they seem to be on a roll.Remember the Gulf of Tonkin, an american ship was said to have been torpedoed by North Vietnam but once again it was a staged event but the US went to Vietnam anyway spending tons of public money and spinning billions in private corporate profits.That seems to be a big trend , a false flag event appealing to emotion to move the agenda ahead taking money or rights from the public sphere , remember the Contitution and all those rights just one example among many , anmd that public money or right and benefit goes much more easily into private hands when theres a big emotional distraction like the war in Afghanistan or Vietnam. Then noone asks anyu question as the fog of war provides the smoke and mirrors.What major Corporate media outlet is digging up as good journalists do the truth about the ninety five percent increase in opium poppy harvest in Afghanistan, answer none of them cause they are owned by about six really rich guys who probably dont want to rock the boat too much as they collecively know who butters their bread.But in terms of guns or butter their very much in favor of guns as they help to provide the smoke and mirrors as public money flows much more easily into private hands when an emotionally distracting event such as staged wars real or fake or shootings real or fake are distracting the public. Weapons of mass distraction , remember those, bet you almost didnt and they know youre memories are short. They count on it.So drink youre fluoridated water , same as hitler put in the water of the jews to make you compliant and corporate media made for TV events like this are the same a drug as fear is the drug of choice dispensed at a profit with many sponsors who vie for your dollar as well.Watch out for product placement and corporate sponsorship , the next "war" or "massacre" or "terror attack " might be brought to you by the good people at Coca cola or Ford motor company and youll buy it, I know you will. Why not we all love a spectacle dont we as Guy Dubard said were a society of the spectacle and we just want to be a part of it . It gives us all a sense of belonging doesnt it , I mean we know theyre lying and picking our pockets and or taking away our rights which werent really rights if they could be taklen but we aslo know were being sold something, a bill of goods .Id love to hear Im not buying it and that should be our battle cry as it is a silent war for hearts and minds, a war for your soul as theyre really religious extremists , satanists in on the human trafficking and human sex slave trade replete with auctions in major North American cities along with satanic sacrifices and "cullings" which is their term for mass killing of people not seen as equal in value or"unauthorized".I encourage you all, Anderson Cooper included to do your own actual research and prove me wrong on a factual as opposed to adhominem basis ,point by point an feel free to include operation northwoods and the Gulf of Tonkin incident as well as the Century Cinema media events as well.Of course Anderson cooper feels he must protect his own Corporate media Credibility with adhominem attacks and criticism of specific individuals as opposed to seeking the truth through scientific method and being meticulous on a point by point basis.Be that as it may Ted Gunderson in twenty eight years with the FBI learned quite a lot and tells of this in You Tube videos pointing to what he and JFK both describe as monolithic conspiracies in just those words. The false flag for profit and slave and murder stuff is real so do some research.
mindcontrolhumanrights Sonoma State University 2006 Media Freedom foundation
Ted Gunderson 28 year Federal Bureau of Investigation You Tube Videos Gulf Coast symposium
Loose Change, you tube
CIA Insider tells truth about 911: time to change your worldview
Did 3000 people really die on 911
Detectives are what if not conspiracy theorists until they secure a conviction.Ignoring the smoke and mirrors and obvious obfuscation and follow the money as it usually leads to the perpetrator and if theres more than one perpetrator that meets the dictionary definition of a conspiracy.Most people in jail today are in jail as the result of a conspiracy unless they acted alone. Very few crimes can be done alone so most crimes are conspiracies.Ted Gunderson all indications are was poisoned to death was this because he was lying.IM NOT BUYING IT'IM also mad as hell and Im not going to take it anymore...IM NOT BUYING IT Five Trillion dollars made its way from public hands to private hands via the false flag of 911 and FBI Vet Ted Gunderson before he was killed said that terrorism all terrorism as he adresses it all point by point through the last few decades has all been lies.FBI vet of 28 years says all terrorism is lies. 28 yrs with FBI, giving evidence, I think Ill believe him as opposed to slick talker adhominem Anderson cooper.
Fear is what these secret society types use and have used to manipulate events.Fear has been used by them for years and there are many examples.When an individual points this out the standard response is an effort to discredit the individual and those like him or her by calling them crackpot or paranoid or crazy and so forth.And the process of manipulation of the public using false flags and fear continues and as the public is distracted and the television airtime is filled with endless repetition ,money in significant ammounts finds its way from the public sphere to the hands of private profiteers like clockwork.How many examples would you like.Thr false flag Gulf of tonkin incident led to Vietnam for America and how much public money went under cover of war as a distraction from public hands into private profiteers.Nine eleven which has been proven as a false flag event , thermite,building seven ,shanksville with no bodies or wrecksge and so on just watch Loose Change or pilots for truth or architects for truth, and the list goes on and five trillion dollars and more went from public hands to private hands.Lets not forget the creation of The ministry of Homeland "Security", I use quotation marks as its added security for "them" in case the people chose to fight back against the various forces arrayed against them.They really do fear this and are preparing to guard their position of priviledge no matter how many regular people would have to die to get the result of continued priviledge for them.Then theres the crashing of Wall Street and the publics money used once again to bail out privately held banks who for once arent crying less government and no more nanny state as they had their hand out.Once again an emotionally distracted public forked over the dough. Then theres the Constitution which is also a salable commodity was sold to create profit for private "security" firms,in quotation marks as its more "security" for them as were tracked facially recognized and constantly more than ever surveilled and wiretapped by Blackwater, Trapwire ,Indec, Fusion Centres, Stellar Wind,and habeas Corpus and Posse Comitatus are things of the past, add the Patriot Act renewal and NDRA, NDAA and the latest emotional pleas for disarmament which is probably more "security "for the secret society types who control things and create emotional fear based manipulations.
Guns obviously arent the real threat as those who subvert the good of the many to the benefit of the few secret society types who manipulate and are in fact the real and pervasive threat.What weapons and technologies do they employ.They use sophisticated pentagon developed communications developed using the public purse, surprise surprise, under black budgets which means no supervision and thats the way they like it and that describes forty percent of Pentagon spending.With microwave silent sound they can speak directly to your outer ear or directly into your mind using microwave technology that was meant to speak to pilots in the air force from ground controllers. The pilots didnt like it and I dont blame them as they might as well have been drones. Now they use drones to do their dirtywork inmore ways than one and the drones just arent in Afghanistan and Pakistan and not all of them are in the sky and not all of them are for sueveillance some carry a lot of them carry weapons.Who do we know carries weapons.They are part of it too a major part of it.Who carries out surveillance.Their has never been a society so surveilled as our own and yet sixty thousand people in the country go missing does this happen when everyone is surveilled.What is this surveillance for , for whose benefit.If these fear based events take place with seeming greater and greater frequency as though an agenda were at work from observing the timing of such events and their relation to votes on gun control and other events such as banking scandals. How much of the Libor banking scandal did you catch on the news.None, just fear and gun stuff, well, things must be proceeding more or less according to plan.You can distract people from a story or you can fill their head with other things includung emotions and you can simply eclipse one story for another and it appears all as the choice of editorial staff and it very welkl might as the rule goes if it bleeds or appears to bleed it leads and as we all know banking scandals are rather dry stuff. Who wants to learn that G.E. paid no tax last year and H.S.B.C. a huge bank, paid no tax as well or CitI Bank paid about as much tax as the average American homeowner, dry stuff I know but they know its the dry stuff that really matters to the bottom line and if the people were fully informed they would just not understand that moneys beeer off in the hands of slick banksters rather than theirs . What was it Gordon Gecko said a fool and his money were lucky to get together in the first place.They have all sorts of mechanisms to ensure a "fool" is quickly separated from his money and as I said of the technologies involved , you paid foer that as well. Its almost better if you were left ignorant because if you knew youd get your assault eifles and be marcdhing on your local police station to disarm them of their much more powerful weaponry that of microwave silent sound technpologies, including artificial telepathy and augmented cognition.OOps I wasnt supposed to tell you that but if lawmakers have their way youll all be disarmed anyway and like the saying goes If all the people are disarmed then only the criminals will have guns.What if all the people have guns and someone controls their minds however isnt that a much more powerful weapon. How bout a tv news station do they make a lot of profit or is there some other motivation for owning a news outlet.Interesting word outlet what do you get from an outlet.Power. Thats what its all about.Power and control.You are being controlled like those radio controlled airplanes. Like those pilots who didnt like being controlled like toy airplanes who were replaced by drones.Beware of the drones with weapons some look all the same from their similar modes of dress and they respond to orders from above.The surveillance is a large part of this and the surveillance takes place at probation offices, police stations, and other government buildings as well as more covert locations such as urban and suburban homes that look like any other , the neighbours know and a little detective work can go a long way.
i speak of course to those who would like us to have our rights, our Constitution and an end to these incredibly costly and destructive goings on that have devastated the middle class the poor class and led to constant war and continuing enrichment of the already rich.They never mention CLASS on the news either and why do you think that is.The trends are clear here emotion based fear based false flag or staged events to distract from the game plan that takes money from the public sphere, meaning taxpayers into private profitteers , the gordon Geckko types who laugh at regular working people like youre stupid calling you slaves and drones and so on.Angry yet.They pick and choose who of the drone classes dies on the news and they do this for fun.Not all those who dress as police are police , they do that for protection and to carry a gun and wear a vest in public and to get sex easy and for free.Also so they can get away with killing. Im speaking to those whove had enough of this type of sick exploitive sick exploitive nazi bullshit. Iknow theres lots of you out there.Its been done before and they say history only repeats itself well in this sense it has and theyre back only they did it by stealith this time and this time theyre over here.Like that saying oversexed,overpaid and overhere only they arent the doughboys,they look like doughboys but theyre like the guys you guys interrupted your lives to go up against. This time we dont have to travel as far to take em on .I include some information on their communication and mind control technologies.Much more is available , reams of information on this is available you might say this is the best kept secret that apparently everyone knows about. Occupied France and Netherlands was like that.Lets not be like that ,freedom is better.Priviledges always come at a cost that always rises, rights on the other hand come freeof cjarge and cant be changed or taken away and belong to everyone. Freedom is always better than the alternative, what could be better than freedom. If someones trying to sell you something thats supposedly better than freedom ,no masters no slaves, theyre lying to you.We need Radio free America, this is like RED Dawn and we Need Wolverines who love true freedom.This is RED DAWN only it isnt them taking our freedoms its the otherstifflegged guys.WOLVERINES!
mindcontrolhumanrights 2006 Sonoma State University Media Freedom Foundation
Ted Gunderson FBI 28yrs ret. YouTube Videos,Gulf Coast Symposium
good reason to '' ban your guns '' but they will not ..they just want see reactions,fear, etc. This we call it THEATRE ACT. If you kill 10 person you can control 10 million ..this is the price ..Nobody give a fuck about our rights or our life ..they make 9/11 the best reason to invest in war..then shoot kids in school because kids are more sensible for civilians ..reason for sale more guns not to ban them .. think about ..alex jones and piers morgan ..what a joke ..they play very good ..the true is nothing true .. as long u keep them play they will be happy ..Luck at Bradley Manning .He is your Hero ..but they don;t give a sheet ..CAN WE REALLY DO SOMETHING ... NO ! U know why .. because we are afraid ..we are cowards ..we are talking here on ( forums ) anonymously and we live in our world ..but when we go out ..we are afraid of everything ..this is why nothing will change because we are controlled by others ..we like to have someone to control us !
I know everyone disagree with me on write ..but on his mind he give me right ..
Lets turn this fake life in real then we will se some change until then ..dream well and pretend online to be an masive solder with 10 guns and tons of muscle ..maybe one day you will scare someone ..
sorry for my englesh .. by the way im not from pakistan or syria or iran or afganistan from europe ..and my name is Alina Balerina
We are Anonymous we don't used name for we all are one.

We only seem like we are doing nothing.

if lies are what are made to run to, then people are going to go along with the craziest shit. if people know something is not right, then if you go saying that things are actually the way fake-media and fake-beliefs say they are, then people will believe even madder stuff, and they won't trust anything you say at all. since you have proven to be fake by denying some of the obvious.

all of those kinds of shootings are staged. that doesn't mean those involved all remember it or know about it.
Watch these videos again after reading up a little on unconscious cues and facial mapping watch them with out sound the ppl all shake their heads when talking about their "loved" ones and half of them do one shouldered shrugs both unconscious cues that say I have no belief whatsoever in what I'm saying besides the fact that even when they are feigning sadness you can see them smiling the opposite would be true if they were putting on a strong face in a time of grief in the smiles you would see grief and the smiles would not have laugh lines around the eyes those are only found in genuine smiles

Just speaking for myself I don't watch the news I heard about this shooting but didn't read or think about it until I read this thread an hour ago I then watched the videos and to me it seems obvious that this is a social propaganda tactic to sway public opinion before an eo is issued to abide by un firearms regulations ie ban firearms again I'm just saying what seems obvious to me
It is time to revolt it is time to take down these satanist and fight the dark energies around us it is time to become the warriors of light and awaken. Awaken warrior and overthrow your oppressor awaken citizens and reclaim your country turn off the television quit drinking fluoridated water and regain your power use thought form to battle thought forms of these dark powerful Freemasons in a meditation I was just told I was to die in the coming revolution so be it I was also told that it would succeed so my death will not be in vain I am a warrior of the light and will not be tarnished by their darkness and to steal a quote from someone who posted earlier "I'm not buying it" not your lies not your drugs and not your darkness I will sleep no more this time has come to wake and fight it is time to be awake
This thread is disgusting and a complete injustice to the goal of Anonymous. I was looking to Anonymous to play a role in bringing down the Sandy Hook Truthers movement. Now I see this is a website that tolerates paranoia, conspiracies and lunacy.

Good riddance.
Watch these videos again after reading up a little on unconscious cues and facial mapping watch them with out sound the ppl all shake their heads when talking about their "loved" ones and half of them do one shouldered shrugs both unconscious cues that say I have no belief whatsoever in what I'm saying besides the fact that even when they are feigning sadness you can see them smiling the opposite would be true if they were putting on a strong face in a time of grief in the smiles you would see grief and the smiles would not have laugh lines around the eyes those are only found in genuine smiles

Just speaking for myself I don't watch the news I heard about this shooting but didn't read or think about it until I read this thread an hour ago I then watched the videos and to me it seems obvious that this is a social propaganda tactic to sway public opinion before an eo is issued to abide by un firearms regulations ie ban firearms again I'm just saying what seems obvious to me

Paranoid huh I posted this a day before our "president" passed 23 eos on gun control wake up
We are going to have to take a new angles on this. Looking at the parent and the children are not making us look good, at all. Yes we can say there proof but using this is also what they have done. We have to stop using children and their parent like they have done.

We have to go at what the media reported and then took back. Like the fact their where more then one shooter, the medicinal examiner couldn't even answers simple question, like the number of boys and girls kills. How did he get through the door or the fact we haven't see picture of the door that he so post to have shot down. That fact there not area video of the school when they where getting the kids out.

The media has already came out saying we should shut up, that the did their job right, we all know what bull shit that is. They point and show us what the deem us to see, and it time they realize that we are know what they are doing and we will not put up with it, we will keep looking and saying what we want despite what they call us.
Of course it was real, poor little kids died and their families lives are ruined. Guns are BAD.
I didn't realize Anonymous was so full of paranoid dipshits. You people disgust me. Children were murdered, and you are trying to erase the actions of a psychopath. If you believe things such as "Satanism" have any power or there are such things as "dark energies" you should test them. You will find any super-natural powers disappear upon attempts to observe them.

This thread is full of idiots with a few glimmers of hope. May some of you realize how dumb you are and correct it.
How awful can you people be? You are calling parents that lost their children liars. I hope you wiped your ass after you took a shit in those children's graves.
I don't believe in God or Satan.

11:03:52 I will asked you without using the, 26 dead and their family, why haven't we seen picture of the door. The media also said they have picture of the shooter with is gun.

I am not saying this didn't happen, that their wasn't 26 people dead. All I'm saying they are leaving important information out that could make thing a lot clearer to how something like this took place.
In Wirklichkeit können wir nicht einmal die Wahrheit herauszufinden, sind wir abgeschirmt, nicht wie eine Mutter, sondern wie ein Tyrann, doch die Wahrheit ist viel mächtiger als die Macht selbst

in reality, we can't even find out the truth, we are being shielded, not like a mother would, but like a tyrant, nevertheless, truth is far more powerful than power itself

en realidad, ni siquiera podemos saber la verdad, estamos siendo protegidos, no como una madre, sino como un tirano, sin embargo, la verdad es mucho más poderoso que el poder en sí mismo

vnitis: united as one
Maybe the shooting was real, and this is not so much conspiracy as cover up... That's what it seems like to me... Like someone knows something the rest of us arnt meant to? Where not meant to see the real families who suffer... There hiding something... But what? We can't target kids and parents, that is cruel. Someone needs to target the media... Find out why there are holes in the stories...
Why was a donation or tribute site up three days in advance for example did that help with donations or can someone predict the future as well as setup websites multitalented.What about the maroon van with shot out rear windows that sped off and was taken down by police and what about the two guys in the woods dressed similarly to the supposed shooter."theyre coming at me"qute from police officer.Shame on you believe what youre told by corporate media and shut the hell up .Sorry were not in Nazi Germany because I refuse to let that be a reality.Journalists shouldnt be critisizing seekers of truth journalists should be seekers of truth.
see , they count on the emotional reaction everytime the hand is quicker than the eye and oops wheres your wallet.SO ban emotion,they do and remember details and look for inconsistencies because this thing is supposed to have us up in arms at each other arguing over guns when the real story the one were supposed to pay attention to if we want to know how were being manipulated and stolen from is the libor banking scandal H.S.B.C. is laundering cartel money and gets a light kiss on the wrist and the distraction, priceless.
Are guns the weapons we should be worried about or microwave silent sound ,Psychotronics Aumented cognition ,artificial telepathy expensive military weaponry used to coordinate either false flags , staged events or brainwash MK-Ultra type manipulations of people so they do unusual or sometimes violent things. Either way they are the problem along with the hidden controllers who use such weapons.Want to know more , check out the band called HAARP in the forum politics section.Look it up and look up microwave silent sound and v2k and augmented cognition and artificial telepathy.You people just paid five trillion dollars for a bogus war on so called terror and had your Constitution sold out for a profit while the CIA is importing cokaine while you pay billions for a war on drugs meanwhile you have to report all transactions over ten thousand to the IRS and cant take more than ten thousand out if the country meanwhile H.S.B.C. launders cartel money and pays zero tax while they do this and youre angry at the messenger who points out the distraction.WAKE UP.Six guys own major media and guess what if they dont want you to know something or theyre told that, you dont know it.So find out about the real weapons of mass distraction, Microwave silent speech and augmented cognition.mindcontrolhumanrights 2006 Sonoma State University Censored
then nget your torches and gather a croud and if youre really angry direct it at the ones doing the damage.Illgive you a hint they are in government buildings and in homes that look like regular homes but arent.Well have to track them via their microwave transmissions or we can do iot the old fashioned way as lots of people know where some of them are .We can try taking them to court but do you think theyll show up.Maybe.Maybe not so who do we send, the same type of people you know the ones with guns and badges the same type of people.Would that work.Maybe Maybe not.We could get an angry mob but wed need a lot of angry mobs and you know whod show up would they do their job or say nothin to see here folks.Maybe not when people are angry and know whats been going on and if theres enough of us.The usual ploy is to divide and conquer which has worked pretty well so far and so they use threat or bribe or blackmail but we all know what cdoercion is and so do judges.So thats a pretty weak threat and whatever they offer as bribe isnt anywhere near as good as true freedom as rights may be expensive at first you nonly have to pay for those with activism and vigilance and asertiveness and in the case of world war two it was am lot of lives but theyre killing us anyways so we might as well try foer freedom amd rights as priviledges which in coercive societies or totalitarian societies rights devolve into and thats whats happening devolution,priviledges come with an ever increasing price tag and the enemies of freedom are going to find that out when we arrive on their doorstep to shut them down.If we took the bribes wed be the ones finding that out which would you prefer us being abused and or killed or the controllers who hide out if fear finding out how expensive their priviledges have become, I thought so.
Why arent these weapons of mass distraction banned and rounded up and destroyed under civillian supervision with complete transparency,Ask the white house.All of you. Then demand it.Then campo out on his lawn oh yeah I forgot , free speech zones so well have to shout real loud.But dont the white house and congress people have email and websites. They could be flooded with requests like a radio station.Do you think if we call the tune enough time swill they play it .At least wed find out whose calling the tune or who isnt.A radio station isnt a bad idea and we could tell people about this , but dont a lot of people know about this , maybe not ,maybe not enough,maybe they havent been told clearly enough or in the right way .Theres a lot more of us than there are of them and we can sit around waiting to be killed and thats what Im talking about no metaphor or forced into slavery again no metaphor.Which would you rather be a slave waiting to be dead or a free person who fought for and regained his or her rights.Which is it.
There used to be a song like that.Which side are you on.We all know and understand what coercion is and some of them are on the wrong side of coercion.They are the true terrorists and the only terrorists and enemies of freedom and democracy.Fight them , learn more and fight the enemies of freedom , fight them at every turn and yoiu just might get freedom.Theres a hell of a lot morwe of us than there are of them.
C.I.A.Psychotronics and A Secret Dirty War You Tube
mindcontrolhumanrights 2006 Sonoma State University Project Censored Media freedom Foundation
^^F&ing assholes are just trying to take us down. That's all. The way I see it, I watched batman - there was a scene in it that depicts the mind of the aurora shooting. There was also a scene that depicts ties to sandy hook. I think it's all a bunch of government-ran bs. It makes me leary to think I saved us all from a 9/11 disaster book burning back in 2010. Because it may be the case that even that was staged to push some political or elitist agenda. Personally, I think they've been trying for a new world order. I've heard that term over and over at my recent jobs, especially in government jobs. What they will get instead is utter chaos. Unless everyone is actually cows. Then they will get to smile as they hear the 'moos'...


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