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Forum > Anonymous > Pedophile Rings - I really need your help!

My late husband was a victim of ritual child abuse in Maryland. His family and all the families he knew were CIA or FBI. It was a common story for him growing up that one of the male neighbors would inevitably kill their entire family and mysteriously disappear. Throughout our relationship of 22 years he had horrific flashbacks of being a young child in an elaborate bed surrounded by naked adults, and being told to "consummate" the marriage to his bride, also a young child. He would wake up screaming and I would have to tell him where he was and that it was ok. He also used to speak of a serious guilt about having killed someone at age four! He was an incredibly strong person, so these episodes were quite uncharacteristic and very striking.

In an effort to understand all the bits of data I mined from my recollections of him since his death from cancer (I think his childhood anger about the abuse ate him alive), and to try to piece together some explanation for his bizarre memories and the fact that he was made a member of Skull and Bones for no apparent reason, I began doing searches on Secret Societies, which inevitably led to Illuminati and Child Sacrifice no matter how I started searching. Then I suddenly recalled a particularly brutal memory he had of being made to watch a tiny baby get decapitated and being forced to drink its blood from a chalice. That one took a lot of time for him to get over, and he had vomit grade nightmares for years afterwards.

I've been doing a lot of youtube searches under Paul Bonacci, Larry King, Marc Dutroux, ritual child abuse in France, Jimmy Saville, and Jerry Sandusky, and it is eerie how much the stories match and put into context the things my husband used to recall. I am writing to you because it is now becoming clear to me that the reason for the crackdown on internet freedom is because the highest levels of global government, law enforcement, and aristocracy are involved in a rigidly controlled and deeply interconnected network carrying out brutal child abductions, trafficking, rape and murder of children on camera for a very lucrative and insatiable market of incomprehensibly evil pedophiles. Quite simply, they don't want you to find out.

These subhuman monsters want total control of the internet so they can carry out their online child porn and snuff activities unimpeded by law, morality, or justice for the victims. As an added side effect, these very same bureaucrats and world leaders have been caught on camera doing these heinous things, so they are easily manipulated into doing whatever the controlling agenda is, whether it is starting endless world wars, controlling the internet, oppressing women and minorities, or any number of other nefarious things the power elite can't live without.

Some of the videos that pertained to or corroborated my late husband's stories were:

Ritual Child Abuse in France:

Jimmy Savile - Exposure - The Other Side Of Jimmy Savile:

Exposure Update: The Jimmy Savile Investigation:

Sand, Sea and Satan:

The Perverted World of Marc Dutroux:

I am writing you for the sake of the innocent victims in all this, the children living and dead whose terrified voices never got heard, or were ridiculed or tortured out of being able to speak. My husband was one of them and I know it killed him. He used to tell me about lavish parties at his grandmother's house where he would be called into the living room, be hit in the back of the head by someone, then wake up the next day feeling drugged and with a black eye or bruises all over his body. His father would threaten to beat him if he didn't tell the teachers it was from clumsiness and bumping into the door! And this happened routinely, without any warning, throughout his childhood. Looking back on it, I'm starting to feel like he was some sort of Manchurian Candidate in training.

One of the most striking things to me is that in the Exposure Update, the filmmaker gets to interview Savile's assistant of almost thirty years, and at one point he goes to her garage and gets to see all the documents she accrued with Jimmy over the years. One of them is what she refers to reverently as Jimmy's Bible. In it are the names and contact info of all the incredibly powerful people Jimmy Savile came to know over decades, including the Pope and the Royal Family. I feel it is an unspoken gift from the souls of the dead children he hand fed to the elite, who want to end this nightmare once and for all. It is basically all the names you would need to know to crack the global pedophile rings. And if anyone could crack this you folks could, and bring down some of the most evil, controlling forces in the world in one fell swoop, because they are all in collusion and they all are working together towards a one world government where they can do anything they want to anyone and get away with it.

They are actually a very easy target - they all work together, whether in the Vatican elite (denying contraception so there is always a fresh supply of unwanted young victims), the military (using drugs and compromising footage to force leaders to engage in illegal warfare), the government (Paul Bonacci and the Larry King scandal from the Washington Post), or Law Enforcement (the endless cover-ups by the authorities in Belgium, France, Germany, England, the Sandusky case, ad nauseum). Interesting to me is how almost all of these groups are old boy networks (Secret Societies) that women have little or no influence over. And most compelling to me of all is that they can only control each other through evidence, so all of this evidence is out there in plain sight so to speak, since they need it as much as we do. Without it they have nothing to manipulate each other with, so they are actually extremely vulnerable.

I believe that is why they are terrified, and why they want to take away your internet freedoms as soon as possible. And I believe that you will never really gain control of them until you can out the true global leaders of these pedophile networks. I know you have the genius, the intelligence and the integrity to do so. But will you? For the sake of the children who are being kidnapped and tortured by these evil monsters as we speak, will you please?

Im pretty sure Lt. Col. ret. US Airforce Michael Aquino is part of this as Satanist Temple of set leader in whose home a pedophole ring bust took place . He claimed no knowledge. Dont you think you would know if a pedophole ring were to be operating from your home. at the tome he was involved in Iran Contra arms deal with George H. W. Bush and Lt. Col. Oliver North and perhaps his teflon came from having as you refer to dirt on the right people or the unliform complicity of those sworn to serve and "protect".The technologies employed in microwave silent speech psychotronic harassment and mind control include augmented cognotion, artificial telepathy , forced twinning ,along with silent speech and were developed with cold war black budgets without oversight at the urging of the Comittee on the Present danger whose name implies if there isnt a danger well invent one, in fact the name implies that finding an enemy , perhaps to deflect anger fom the situation domestically, is a mission statement.They brought us the missile gap, the bomber gap , and the psychotronics and brainwashing gap. D.A.R.P.A. developed this at public expense and now its used at the expense of the public.The public are now used as lab animals in unlawful testing but its proliferated to widespread commercial sadistic criminal use in government buildings and neighbourhoods all over.The surveillance apparatus including satellites are employed to blackmail and exert power as well as gain profit and attack perceived enemies to the process.the last private place is under attack, the privacy of the human mind is now at risk of being a part of our past.Creative people are oft targetted to steal intellectual property and activists are targetted to protect the criminals. Thoughts can be read and stolen in real time and constant harassing sounds and voices can be made to be audible in the targetted persons mind. To get an idea of the physical health effects one need nlook no further than the US embassy staff in Moscow where white blood cell counts average fourty percent higher than the norm. That of course indicates leukemia.All aspects of life are affected and apparently the goal is homelessness, poverty and suicide which is often the case.Its quite likely that Aquino was a provider of classified defense weaponry to these cultish criminals who use the weapons against the public. That was after all what Iran contra was about, spreading weapons and drugs around and supplying weaponry to enemies of the public was a part of , apparently daily business.In his treatise Mind War Lt. Col. Aquino urged the use of psychotronics full time as weapons used against the public, to brainwash. If we had a functioning law enforcement mechanism of any kind such things would be brought to light and such individuals would serve lengthy terms of incarceration.Isnt supplying what were then top secret newly developed weapon technologies to enemies of the American public and the public of allied nations a criminal act, I thought it was . I think you call these peoplee who spread and use these weapons domestic something or others. The augmented cognition surely is new and therefore a classified US military defense technology. The mere posession let alone use against citizens of said clasified equipnment is a life incarceration federal offense. This would of course include the providers of said technology to the user. Isnt that why Guantanamo Bay Cuba was set up. Thats where these people should be.Thats where they should be , a cell in Guantanamo bay, isnt that what you call them , cells. Many people know where at least one cell is , some know where many are and for many who are there it is a cell, certainly those operating such weapons deserve a cell. Cell phones can be traced. all signals can be traced by tracking pulse rate and band width mand strength.You cant operate a pirate radio station without the FCC tracking the operator down and shutting him down and jail is usually involved and thats just a pirate radio station. Not many of those around anymore, they mustve been sucking up all the bandwidth of the real pirates. Whats their symbol. Part of it anyway, and from the looks of it it means never having to go to jail, only a benefit if youre a criminal but there must be an awful lot of them because none of them ever seems to go to jail. Or is that just the nature of an interwoven criminal syndicate which involves all law enforcement , government ,miliary and obviously intelligence as the satellites are obviously involved.They seem to be able to blackmail, harass, use government surveillance satellites, use the latest military hardware against the people , murder and threaten with seeming impunity, keep sex slaves, "harvest" they call it others would call it murder , brainwash, harass, and steal intellectual property directly from a persons mind , and the satanic ritual child abuse child sexual abuse and brainwashing or trauma based Monarch mind control and satanic ritual "sacrifice" others call it murder in the first degree. Are there any people who talk like that anymore using phrases like murder in the first degree. I mean lawers and police and judges who actually enforce the law as written. Any real cops around. This is the world wide web and im told this site is monitored for just such things , news and tips on criminal activity, enemies of domestic security, threats to the security of the people. How may times have we heard that. How much extra budget money has been leveraged using that phrase or one like it. You could as NSa, or FBI, or whatever trace my IP and interview me and i guess Id have to break down and tell what ive learned and where the threats to public liberty and security emanate from mas well as they can easily be traced.But what would you do with that. would we see perps do time or would you simply leverage dirty info for betteruing your own personal situation. Children are being killed and sold , killed in rituals, people enslaved, Its the year 2012 do you realize that and this is happening and I dont trust any law enforcement if you can call them that to do anything but gather information to use to better their own personal situation, and we pay them for this. I say cut all police budgets to nil for all the good they do.The home invaisions and serial rapes started with the police an the problem started with just a few bad apples. Ted Gunderson was FBI apparently if that was his real name and now , apparently hes dead , some say poisoned for saying too much and digging too deep, finding tunnels used by satanic pedophiles and so forth.His videos are on you tube. Thats what they try to do they try to muddle the facts thats why I question everything. Who benefits from muddling the facts, criminals fearing prosecution, there doesnt seem to be much history of that for these perps, criminals among fellow criminals fearing leverage moves based upon blackmail seems more likely.They should be in Guantanamo Bay cuba in a cell. Thats what it was constructed for, to serve and protect the public, protecting the Constitution from all enemies both foreign and domestic. To examine the technologies see, ce399 electromagnetic weapons and human rights and click to see entire document. I urge Annonymous to make cognitive as well as internet freedom as well as constitutional freedoms and rights we all deserve as well as the victimised women and children a prioroty.It seems that in the absence of a credible law enforcement mechanism we are all we have.

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