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Anonymous don't has 2B USA-Citizen 2013-01-10 10:12:39

News in GERMAN:

Anonymous   awesome, love it.
Anonymous   yes, nice
FSCK Anonymous 2013-01-20 19:26:39
This shows the real power of anonymous which is.... none on a political level.

SIGNATURES NEEDED BY FEBRUARY 06, 2013 TO REACH GOAL OF 25,000 - 19,659 still to go.

You are a pathetic group of american haters (probably Iranian as much as they hate the US).

Nothing you have ever done has had a significant impact on the world. No arrests or resignations have happened do to your pathetic threats against 3/4 of the nations of the world, and anyone with half a brain realizes that you are nothing more than an anarchist group who hates all law and government. That's he only viable explanation for making threats against 3/4 of the governments in the world.

You are one of the most hypocritical terrorist groups ever created. You oppose politicians breaking the law but have a complete disregard for law yourself - breaking into websites, releasing secret documents to the world, causing deaths of many by outing undercover military spies, destroying the lives of good people who have had credit cards stolen and used on illegal websites, broken into completely legal sites, stopped small business by using denial of service attacks on the very payment system these small businesses reply on for livelihood, and the list literally goes on and on and on - even to the point of... you are wasting my tax dollars ASSHOLES! That money could go to something - like cancer research, but nope your greedy asses have it all tied up in trying to catch you.

You think you are better than the law breaking politicians you claim to be fighting? You are seriously a pathetic group, and as far as I am concerned being as how 'anonymous' fully came out and issued a statement (a year or two ago) saying they declare war on america gives america the full right to accept that declaration of war and treat them (you) as terrorists and enemies of the state. They are well within their rights to shoot and kill any and all people supporting this group - just like we do with Al Qaeda.

Now that I have said all this, I expect one of two things to happen - my comments to be censored (oh the irony) or a bunch of wannabe hackers trying to find out who the hell I am loading up their script kiddie tools (hint insecure wifi exists everywhere in America).

So why don't you all go dig a giant whole, and perform mass genocide on yourselfs. It will save us tax payers some money in the long run.
John Milton 2013-01-23 22:43:54
Recognize destruction as "free speech". Only a bunch of idiot script kiddies afraid to use their own names would see this hacktivism as free speech.

Grow up, get a life and some balls and fight for what you believe in with your flesh and blood! Stop hiding behind computers and go take the system apart with your bare hands puSS*es!

What in the world will you really accomplish with taking down websites?!!!
Nothing but destroying the income of those who actually try to work for a living or create something.

Nothing you do LASTS!!! many days?! Then business as usual. I know the truth hurts. Free speech? Stand up and say it like a real wo/man!

F'cking idiots.

"Anonymous"! scared punks can't and wont do sh*t.

My two cents worth.

RoboCopandFBI   Arctic CobraandLulzSecandAnonymous , you are under arrest. You have the right to remain silent...

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