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Letter to My Fellow Man

My Fellow Man,

Is it not time to rise from the ashes and be reborn? Is it not the time to cast off the heavily burdened coat of oppression? Cast it off fellow men and rise and open your eyes to the horizon. Yes the light is bright and blinding but do not falter brothers. You are not alone in this new light that we must face headstrong. We have been too long lead with our heads facing the ground blind to our surroundings, led like lambs to the slaughter. With blind faith we trust that we will be treated with equality and freedom. Instead we seem to still reside in the ancient caste system. Why is it that one man’s word means less than another when there is no difference between them except the amount of money they have in there wallet? Are they both not the same entity? Yes they are, except in one aspect. The man with the most money can buy his ideas and thoughts into favor, no matter what the nature of these may be. This in turn causes him to lose the concepts that every single human is born with. He loses his morals, values, and sense of self. Whereas the man with less money cannot simply buy his way out, he must fight for his beliefs and for his ideas with everything he possesses, and is ignored because he cannot supply to the greed of others. But in this way he grows stronger. He embraces everything within himself that the rich man has already given away to pay for his desires. This is what we must do. We must fight for our ideas, but we cannot stand alone. One voice in a thunderstorm cannot be heard, but with thousands of voices we can create our own thunderstorm that will cause previously deaf ears to suddenly hear and to perceive that we will not stand for this oppression. Why should we be ruled by the rich and we but made into the poor populace who are forced to empty out our pockets to fill theirs. Man’s greatest desire is only to be comfortable, to feel secure and safe in his surroundings, to live without fear and without oppression. Man has a right to be free and treated as equals instead of a lower caste to other men who are no better than us. We cannot be tamed and broken like domesticated animals we can only be suppressed. This cannot stand. This will not stand. We must act. We will act.

Join the conversation! 6 comment(s) already posted - click to post one yourself, anonymously of course.
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