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WBC (Troll Attempt?...)
WBC (Troll Attempt?...) image


This is not a press release, just a thought.

The past few releases seem to be advocating the dumping of OP Westboro or putting it back.

Anyone else think anonnews is being trolled into the shit by the religeous right?...

And as for the post stating that "People in Libya need us"... They don't! We did our work back in December starting OPTunisia and attacking the first few targets. Where were you then? Exactly! No fucking where (Probably praying at the WBC). It was people like us who took out the stock exchange and most of the governmental websites that started this! We don't get to finish it though, thats down to the citizens.

We need a new target, someone who pickets soldiers funerals, someone who pickets the funerals of little girls, someone who hates fags be they new, old, ameri or just plain vanilla same sex. Someone who actually thinks putting another right wing retard in the White House is a good idea. Do you remember Bush? Bloody hell it wasn't that long ago and he fucked the world up never mind America!

From over here (The UK) America looks like its fucking burning! No jobs, no house, no future... Yet instead of tackling the issues all you ever hear on Fox is "Oh my god, black man as president" or "Oh my god, gays"...

Do you realise one of the top signs of fascism is "The use of minority groups as a scapegoat for the countries issues". Yes! fascism, that little thing you sent a tonne of men and planes our way 70 odd years ago to stop. Yet its alive and well, and its gonna fucking end your ass.

For fuck sake! You bitch about the Middle East, YOU fixed that (Well in the process of). Now you can fix your own country!

If you don't get your house in order you might find an increasing number of Anon's (Myself Included) fighting against you. People in glass houses and all that!

Fix the base (America), build a Big Bertha, some Nukes, some level 2 tanks and a Kroggoth cos all we have at the moment is shitty Flash Tanks, and our enemies are starting to build HLT's!


is actually


If you can't see that your stupid, or you need to look out the window more often!

Join the conversation! 27 comment(s) already posted - click to post one yourself, anonymously of course.
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