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Operation Westboro: Jumping the Gun

I know that 99% of you hate the message WBC is conveying. I do too, and I agree that they should somehow be destroyed in a spectacular way.

But let's not jump the gun with a DDoS.

How should we approach the Westboro Baptist Church? They have a lot of similarities to Scientology which are absolutely undeniable: they're a cult; they have weird beliefs and practices; and their litigious, money-mongering nature would make them a perfect target for a raid from us. They have demonstrated their cocky and pugnacious nature on the Internet enough to warrant an attack.

Although it would be warranted, Anonymous hasn't dug up enough dirt about the WBC to merit a raid - YET. Sure, they're loud-mouthed assholes who brainwash their children into hating everyone that isn't in their church. When the KKK says that you're radical, you KNOW you are doing something wrong. But still, how SHOULD we take them on?

The answer will not lie with the Streisand Effect. As opposed to Scientology, the WBC are complete attention whores and see anyone who hates their church as an example, not a threat. Like many of us, they are trolls exercising their right to free speech. However, they aren't trolling for the lulz. They are trolling in the name of a perverted fictionalization of the Christian God and are warping Bible passages to fit their goals of hate.

The answer will not lie with prank calls, or black faxes. While these will help our causes, they are not the answer for dismantling the church in its present form.

The answer WILL lie with the "story behind the story" of the WBC. With Scientology, the DDoS helped, but it wasn't the best part. The best part was what we uncovered that gave us a motive behind the protests. Look at the spectacular way we ruined Scientology's credibility. The crowning jewel of Anonymous vs. Scientology was all the dirt dug up about Lisa McPherson and the rest of the cult's egregious human rights violations.

What we need is a motive. There just HAS to be something we can dig up about these people. Sure, they may be a fringe religious movement with an extremely loud voice. But we have to really hit them where it hurts and prove to be the better trolls.

It's time to dig up the darkest secrets of the Westboro Baptist Church and its members. It's time for the fight to go to the insane people who manage the church. Let's figure out what they're hiding and publicize the hell out of it. If we attack them because we hate their message, it will only publicize their radical views even more.

Fred Phelps, be afraid. We are coming for you. We apologize that we jumped the gun earlier and without a proper motive. The next time we contact you, we will have something to talk about.


We are Anonymous.

We are legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us.

Join the conversation! 8 comment(s) already posted - click to post one yourself, anonymously of course.
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