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So, anonymous. One idiot has decided to post a press release against Westboro? I have a bad feeling about this operation. Everyone's watching us now, but this bullshit is taking away valuable resources that could be used, you know, actually fighting dictators, not failtrolls? THINK BEFORE YOU SAY SOMETHING STUPID.

But there's no way Anonymous can go back on it's word now. So, I, a good old /b/tard, will help guide you newfags to succeeding in this assault, trolling them in the best way possible, without getting pwned in the worst way possible.


Yeah, you may be thinking, WTF? Don't think I'm going full moralfag and telling Anonymous to stop. Read on.

Listen to me first. The Westboro Baptist Church are professional trolls. Not only are they the same level as /b/, they make all their money from suing people who fight back, so they're just waiting for IPs to sue. I have a bad feeling that it's all a trap, made by them so they can get some money and attention.

And it's not just that DDoSes pose a safety risk. A DDoS is useless, it's just a symbolic act. It doesn't do any damage, and it gives them undeserved media attention.

I ask you, anons, to stop and put this tactic back in the bookshelf. The costs are too high for a gain that is too low.

TL;DR: Don't DDoS. The site is likely a honeypot, it's a waste of time, and plus, we've got safer, better tactics. Read on.


Now, I envy you kids with your newfangled DDoSes, and yer operations against entire countries, and your newfound lulz.

Back in my day, we didn't have that sort of thing. If we were going to do shit, it we could only ruin the lives of a single person, such as a cat abuser or an asshole like that.

Here are some of our tactics. You've heard about sending a fuckton of pizzas to people. But anon is crafty, and has a lot of other methods.

Also, here are the WBC's addresses for sending mail:

(Note: These methods are so easy a caveman could do it. Even taking over a facebook account is just some script kiddie shit. Just remember to use a proxy or Tor, and iCall/skype for phone.)

Those are just the tip of the iceberg. More methods and how to do them are here:

4chan's information library is here. This is anonymous's greatest repository of information.
RULE #2: Be careful.

I have every reason to believe this was a trap. They want more people to sue, so they posted an operation to attack their site.So please, Don't DDoS. Use anon's good ol' life-ruining methods.

Stay safe, anon. And rape their asses in the most unpredicable ways possible.

Join the conversation! 105 comment(s) already posted - click to post one yourself, anonymously of course.
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