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AnonNews is an independent and uncensored (but moderated) news platform for Anonymous. Anyone is welcome to post a submission, and can do so by clicking the "Add" button for a category.
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Censorship and criticism

manifesto is a public declaration of principles and intentions.

This IS a manifesto. Entries to AnonNews are not censored on opinion, but they must meet a standard which qualifies them as a press release or manifesto. We need this standard available to everyone so that no idea is censored simply because it is not couched in a format that is so very loosely defined. Upon requesting details for formatting, the moderators have reacted in anger. To question their moderation is to have your voice revoked, to be banned from irc chats and labeled a troll. We must fix this immediately! Moderation CAN be censorship when there are no well defined rules to play by.

We must be open to criticism.

We must be open to even consider criticism from the media, because it is they who have given us a name that is feared in households across America. Yes, we are feared where we should be respected, even by those who may agree with our cause only if they knew us better.

We need to be able to separate the best press releases from the worst so the world can see what Anonymous truly is.

Why can we vote to bring the best and worst outside news sources to the front page, but not our own press releases and manifestos? If we fix this, it will only be the first step to fixing the image of Anonymous everywhere. The first step is often the hardest to take.

We are civil disobedience and the triumph of information over tyranny.

It is hard for the world to understand at this point, but we must create a voice that they will hear!

Administrator note below.

This particular manifesto sparked some debate in the IRC channel, but seeing as it appears to conform to the guidelines, it has been accepted, although a response has been added, as you can see.

To address a few points in your manifesto:
First off, while I understand your opinion, I find it rude to not send an e-mail (as others in the channel have told you, as far as I know), but immediately post things on here. If you don't agree with what a moderator does, it's perfectly normal to first address the administrator before starting to complain in public. We're all humans, and humans make mistakes, and in this case I haven't yet been able to determine who was on the 'wrong' side.
I am not sure what exactly happened in the IRC channel (as I was not there at that moment) but as far as I know, when someone has questions (as has happened a few times in the past) they can just be asked in the channel, and they will be answered. I don't have any logs of the conversation yet, so I cannot be sure who says what, but this is definitely not how questions are usually answered.
There is a reason for formatting not being explicitly outlined; you can't really set up general rules for something like this. Every case may require a different way of formatting and it has no use to have a manual of a few pages long for submitting a manifesto or press release. There will be a trashcan section soon where removed items go, with additional notes on why it was rejected.
I believe your ban has been removed, so you can visit the IRC channel again. If anything like this happens again, please just send an e-mail so it can be solved.
(Additionally, the title of this item has been changed to more accurately reflect the contents. The manifesto itself is not edited.)

Regarding voting on press releases: this has deliberately not been implemented. Voting up/down naturally invites people to briefly show their stance on something, but not elaborate. If someone votes something down, there is little chance he will elaborate on his opinion, or even explain WHY he voted it down. This is very clearly shown by the amount of comments on press releases, as opposed to the amount of comments on external news sources. If something just gets bashed down without any explanation, this may discourage those that DO agree with the press releases, manifesto, or operation, while leaving them completely in the dark about why other people don't like it. By not implementing a voting system and only opening the comments section, people are invited to voice their opinion, and not just their approval or disapproval. This was feedback can be used to improve the operations, and also improve the activities from Anonymous as a whole.

Join the conversation! 6 comment(s) already posted - click to post one yourself, anonymously of course.
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