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Anonymous   this whole sony thing is cancer
Anonymous   This
not a sheep   Elitism is a cancer
Anonymous   Guy below is a depressed loser, then again I would be too if all I did was sit on my computer and never got out. Anon is full of these lonely jerk offs we should feel sorry for them.... Nah fuck em stupid nerds hope I bashed 1 or 2 of you back in skool!
Anonymous 2011-04-22 14:27:04
Hey asshole,
Dont be a fucking dbag and lie by saying you "bashed" anyone. You were most likely the bully who got his ass beat by one of these nerds because they got tired of your bullshit. Get a life and quit messing with people.
Anon basher   Big words coming from a nerd hiding behind a boy band called anonymous. I would eat you little boy and your faggot friends too.
=)   You would eat a little boy..? and his gay friends too? Sounds gay to me but hey whatever floats your boat buddy...
Anonymous   Gayness it teh new hotness! All everyone loves teh cock!?! I know I do?!?!
shannon   not only does he sound gay, maybe he should register as a sexual offender, put a tracking device on his free candy van....
Draldon   vans only deliver ice cream and rape. mostly rape.
Anonymous   hahah
Anonymous   chump
Anonymous   i know that you guys are not the bigest fans of sony,and it feels kinda strange to ask you guys to do their job, but since they are too ignorant to their costumers,not to mention you guys seem to know more then they do,when do you guys think psn will be back up? if you tell me to fuck myself i will understand. thank you for your time
Anonymous 2011-04-27 13:48:39
If someone would say fuck yourself in response to your comment its most likely and xbox fag

you point out in your question that sony fucked up, Sony who are responsible for all of your information and money you give them when you interact with PSN and DLC ect. PSN will be back up when Sony does what theyve should have been doing from the start (IMO)
Anonymous   +infinity
shannon   thanks for your time and for not telling me to fuck off. my son is 10 and i promised him i would download a couple of games for him for easter, he keeps breakin my balls about it,i just wanted to give him a timeframe.oh yea.........happy, peace, and chicken grease
Anonymous   Dude anonymous rocks .. even tho i own a ps3 .. You guys stand up for all the right things I support anonymous
Anonymous because I'm a scared!   Yeah, they stood up for you so good that the online entertainment is shut down. Thanks anonymous you definately rock (a cock).
Anonymous   How would we know when the psn will be back up???
Anonymous   GET IN MY BELLY!!
Anonymous 2011-04-26 06:48:13
"hiding behind a boy band called anonymous"

Really and you arn't anonymous? I don't see your RL name on here...
Anonymous are you not hiding behind your computer too. you're fucking posting under anon basher. thats really fucking specific. and its easy to say "you're hiding behind this, or that" when you arent even intelligent enough to realize you are doing the same fucking thing. MORON
Anonymous because I'm a scared!   Your wrong as usual you confused son of two dads. I'm mocking you.
Icarus Gray   sorry what website are you ?....the mass of idiots who array themselves with egotistical pathetic insults like yourself may want to reflect on themselves "Guy below is a depressed loser" to have too make such a mark surely implies how lonely and desperate you are now do us a favor and remove your cancerous being off this planet ill even teach ya how to tie the noose yourself if ya like ?
Anonymous   Well you put A name but how can we be sure that this is YOUR name... I'm sorry but we are going to consider you still anonymous until you post Your address as well and where we can find a pic of you...
Anonymous   Or even better, your PSN information, since that's about as public as Lindsay Lohan's cunt right now...
Anonymous   You cannot find him to eat, because he is Anonymous, as we all are, you cannot find us as a single person or a whole group.
Azn Spy   To hell with you, they fight for what they think is fair and they do what they think is NEEDED, who are we to judge them? They take their stands knowing the costs but dont care. We all know the things they do are things none of us even dream of doing, while we play it safe they take risks for what they believe in...and to me there is nothing wrong with that.
Anonymous because I'm a scared!   Did you wear your knee pads for the whole time you were on your knees putting this reply on? Did you wipe your chin afterwards or simply swallow? Who cares what they think is NEEDED? Doesn't that make them just like any corporation when they start deciding what is right and wrong for everyone else. Catch 22 dumbass please reply.
#1L0KTH0L-9p2p   if you did obtain millions of valuable personal details, what would you do?
Anonymous 2011-04-27 06:24:24
Продаем детали к нам...或我们的中国朋友

We know what to do with them~~!! 0-)

from#1Anonymous=above   you should be a politician lol , 8¬!
Anonymous 2011-04-27 13:45:28
To make an assumption someone would be "hacked" for posting

What he doesnt agree with you? do you not like his opinion so bomb him? fuck off with that. keep giving anon a bad name . .
Anonymous   +1
Anonymous   +2
Anonymous because I'm a scared!   Just a heads up, if you do try to use my identity or credit info you may want to consider paying off some debts and building some credit there to use. Good luck, I'm sure most of the info you have from the rest of the network would look a lot like mine.
js portugal 2011-05-07 13:33:49
what would you do? lol
i would like to know more about you... even be part ; )

its nice for someone stand up for truth. keep up the good work
js portugal 2011-05-07 13:35:45
Anonymous - 2011-04-27 14:24:24
Ð�Ñ�одаем деÑ�али к нам...æ��æ��们ç��ä¸å�½æ��å��

We know what to do with them~~!! 0-)
Anonymous   I only wish u realized how futile it is to talk shit online especially to people who possess a much greater intellect that yourself. I am one of those nerds and I can assure u that you would have given both my "gay" friends and myself a wide berth. If u truly must conceal yourself behind the shroud of insecurity, please don't embarass yourself in the midst of nerds and geeks, trust me there are always more of us than of you and we come with the blend of brains and braun. Just sayin.
Anonymous   If you have such a high intellect, then why do you use "u" as a pronoun. It's not a word, it's a letter. So to me it seems you are bluffing and just using vocab words you learned in middle school. So class what have you learned today? Before you try to criticize someone else make sure you have actually have an intellect higher than that of a middle schooler.
Anonymous   ^ Nerd Rage. lulz
[email protected]   when will this be fixed "PSN' cmon tell me or add me on FB
Anonymous   Anonymous Are RETARTS
Anonymous   You did read your nick, right?
Anonymous   Well tbh, in his own Anonymous case, he's actually somewhat right, considering a major spelling error, then again, correct the error and his statement loses proof; don't correct it and it's almost right, it's what proves what it says for their own anonymous self... Just sayin
Anonymous   Whatever anon is doing its still nice to see someone stand up to these big fucked up corporations and governments. I spent 2 years in iraq fighting for our constitution and free speech and god damn it people should have it.
Anonymous   You spent 2 years in Iraq fighting for haliburtons rights you dumb nigger
Anonymous   TRUTH except the end , we all know niggers arent on the internet . .
C'mon people.   Lets chill with these words, just because your on the internet doesn't mean it's okay to say "nigger" not one of you would dare even think of that word around one of your negro compatriots. Secondly, theres no reason to be hating on each other, so you don't agree with one another, just live and let be, it ain't worth the nerd rage building inside y'all.
Anonymous   Saying things on the internet for lulz , or to get a response out of them has nothing to do with your actual feelings. . . If I say "Nigger" to get a response that I want out of someone doesnt meant that im automatically even a white person.
Anonymous   Because it is the response I know I will get from it. Simply a "troll" tactic
Anonymous   Case in point , look how well it works
C'mon people.   I like how all of you focus on a single example instead of what I'm trying to get across, well... whatever. Xbox>PS3
Anonymous   Nigger.
Anonymous   Nigger nigger nigger. Words only have the power that the listener allows. Give it up protesting the word who gives a dam I don't and I'm black.
Anonymous   +1
crazy 4 this   Really man, you can bash a man's intelligence without bashing his race. You're no better proving the level of your intellingence by stooping to his level. I agree with ANON and believe they are not responsible for the outage.
Anonymous 2011-04-26 12:38:04
Oh look another bad ass anti-war hippie talking shit on what his betters have done. What does it matter who was in charge of us, the American's in the sand box are not fighting on their behalf but yours, and more importantly those poor bastards who were unlucky enough to not be born American.

People seem to forget that regardless of who gives the orders, men find reasons to motivate themselves, especially in war, and the man said he fought for our rights, if that was his motivation who are you to detract from the purpose he assigned to the task he was given?
matt russo   yea well they also attack churches and religions. dont people have the right to believe in what they want to? there a bunch of Hippocrates. i did 2 tours in iraq, if you really faught in iraq then you know what real war is, how can you stick up for people saying there at war with theses corporations, when there hiding behind a keyboard. war is putting your life on the line to fight for what you believe in. these anonasses are to pussys to face these big corps head on
Anonymous   COD does not count as a real war faggot, take the ps3 controller out of your sonyfag ass.
soumynonA   COD is very fishy
Anonymous   You didn't quite spell it right.
Anonymous   It's good smoked lol
Anonymous   you stupid fuck that is what they believe in. who said a war is putting your life on the line? and if you think about it they are they can spend the rest of their lifes in jail if they figure out who they are. they are facing them through cyber war.
Anonymous   You are a fucking chump. Our government did not even need to be in Iraq. you risked your life for NOTHING ASSHOLE! These guys are risking their life too. not death, but imprisonment for 10 years to fight for what they believe in.
Anonymous   your dumb man. They specifically said that they arent against religion or churches. Get your facts right before you say stupid shit like that and embarrass yourself
thankful   thanks for your service
Anonymous 2011-04-26 05:39:14
Do you have any clue why they protest against Scientology or attacked the Westboro Baptist Church website?

A little research goes a long way, you COD-loving faggot.
Anonymous   Who the fuck attacked the WBC again? It's good that you mention doing research and all, but you might want to take some of your own advice as well, because Anonymous DID NOT attack the WBC. The WBC set the whole thing up themselves to make themselves look more 'edgy'. Everyone should know by now that if Anonymous DID do anything, then EVERYONE would know about it direct from Anonymous. After all, what is there to fear? No nation in the developed world is going to be dumb enough to try and arrest the ENTIRE FUCKING INTERNET - that way lies madness and lulz!
Anonymous   , u can watch the video of them hacking wbc live on youtube actually just for lulz
Anonymous   Ahhh, Topiary...
Anonymous   Uh. Dude. They protest Scientology and Westboro, because THEY ATTACK OTHER PEOPLE. Do some fucking research on who they're attacking and why you prepubescent puss-bag.
Anonymous   Do not use that as an excuse. I served overseas as well and I do see the need to bring down the whole infrastructure. Sony never did anything other than remove an OS option to STOP pirating. So your boy decides to hack the system and like a dumbass share it with the world. We're not in a world where money is not required so that was a dipshit move. You wanna fight evel, hack the fuck cigarette companies, or the fast food companies who poison the american population. You think the Government is corrupt, fight the fucking powers that be. Your war on Sony is idiotic and pointless. Get your bearings before going on a rampage.
Anonymous 2011-04-24 04:23:21
Actually, if you've ever been reading, we do not have any stance on OtherOS (Though we do like the idea.)

Instead, it was the way the trial was handled. Why the hell is a company allowed to find out the IP addresses of the people who visited Geohot's site?

Viewing a site has nothing to do with crime, or a trial. They are also pressuring Youtube and Twitter to give up the IPs and account names of anyone who even clicked on it.

Fuck Sony. If they think they are able to do this, that's why we fight.

60% of us don't own PS3s (Because we have actual JOBs and HOBBIES.), so we cannot have a stance on whatever hacks they've done.
Anonymous 2011-04-24 12:53:21
spot on
Anonymous   +1
Anonymous st george   seriously i agree with you, what sony are doing annoys me, if they can get the ip addresses than we are all seriously screwed. keep up the work anonymous! you have a friend here.
Anonymous   The conversation should have ended here, for this post is truth. But oh well , bring on the SonyFags
Anonymous   +1
Anonymous   slippery slippery slopes
Anonymous   how rude...I have a PS3 AND a life AND hobbies...thanks for insulting a supporter :(
Anonymous   no JOB ??? :P
Anonymous I Cptn Nice I   lol nice one.
Anonymous   That's a nice statistic you've got there, did it hurt when you pulled it out of your ass? You sanctimonious prick.
Anonymous   this is just something i lerned looking over the internet and from co workers.. you can find anyones ip or mac adress with one command in command prompt and it is legal as for youtube its not hard.. youtube users sign for a account to post and add comments there for when they sign up for a account its not hard to use the show original command in the side menue and trace ip^using whois or im not a hacker im just educated enough to find things when needed.twiiter is even eazeir
Anonymous 2011-04-27 14:03:08
Thats in a way common knowledge.

You must remember the amount of security you give yourself is related to the danger you expect on the CURRENT machine and ISP you are using ect.

also if you have nothing to hide, do othing illegal, or use a bait trap pc youll find security purposfully lax
Anonymous   +1
Like Really 2011-04-25 18:21:39
That seems kind of dumb to say that people that own ps3's don't have lives or hobbies. I mean playing video games is as much a hobby as hacking, supporting hackers are whatever you do in you grand life.

And one other point, these "rights" you're said to have are just ideas on a piece of paper. There is no "god GIVEN RIGHTS" cause there is no god plus you're just another animal like a fish, do fish have the same rights?

So either way you are both acting like kids anon and Sony.

Only way to stop a war is for people to stop fighting. Live and let live.
Anonymous   +1 for noting that we are not basement dweller codfags that have no lives and should be an hero.
Anonymous   Yeah this is going the article
Anonymous 2011-04-25 06:22:11
OtherOS wasn't the root of the piracy and Sony knew that, they went after George because they wanted to scare us off, that worked well didn't it? All it did was piss us off even more, why do you think piracy on the PS3 is still rampant. Sony can not win.

-- One of the hackers that hacked the PS3 ;)
Anonymous   hahaha XD im sure you are m8 im sure u are LOL
Anonymous   Get a life you fucktard
C'mon people.   Heh, are you really hating on cigarette and fast food companies, those are 100% optional items, I live on near minimum wage, I can barley pay bills, but I don't live on fast food, I don't smoke, but I still get by just fine, no one has tried forced either of those things on me. Their just selling a product that some people choose to buy and slowly kill themselves with, in all honesty, if your not going to do something about it, then don't say anything.
Anonymous   Nobody lives on "near minimum wage" and can pay bills, even barely in the U.S. $3 above minimum wage in most regions leaves you approximately $500 in the hole in the most minimalist lifestyle without excessive overtime. And let's face it, if you were making that much overtime, you wouldn't be here.
Anonymous   While you were fighting your illegal and shameful war, killing innocent people in Iraq, Bush and his pals were busy trashing your constitution.

Anonymous   LMAO u spent two years in iraq fighting for the U.S's oil and regional interests lol .. sorry man .. but this whole "freedom of speech is a sham .. made by the "system" to keep us occupied .. and justifies to the public em killing innocent people, tht they're fighting for a "bigger cause"
Anonymous   You spent 2 years fighting in Iraq to secure oil supplies, dumbass. You were corporate cannon fodder, nothing more.
Anonymous   I actually have respect for you after this whole Sony crisis. I know what your trying to do and help with all kinds of things and for that my friend I give Kudos to you. Happy late Easter as well.
Any   No fagget actually u didnt how bout you get a life then and mind your own shit if you dnt like what people are saying then go to hell cause its not a worry to u asshole u couldnt afford to put a credit card on the internet any ways so why are you worried about the network being hacked
Anonymous   Philippines is a Corrupt Country :(
Anonymous   Philippines is not the topic that's makes u a retard. But ur spot on what the situation in Philippines now.
Anonymous   "anon" are queer as doughnut shaped chud dumplings - i hope u greasy-haired dunces aren't starting to feel like ur good just cause the PSN is offline. ur not good and u never were... try running your fingers thru ur hair - see how greasy that shit is? now look at your dicks - useless huh? kill urself. thnx.
Anonymous   fuckin faggot tellin people to go kill themselves, i have several friends who had psycological problems and were put on suicide watch, i myself have been diagnosed with depression so next time think before you speak. as far as anon goes, i love u guys(girls) albeit i have a ps3 myself. Still, although some malinspired projects have been started, some of you have helped people in other countries get thier word out so i thank you. Man i wish i was as good as you(i got caught lol)
Anonymous   good you should kill yourself ;)
Anon   Be thankful that we do not block or restrict anything, be thankful that u can speak out your mind (as disturbed as it may be), Be thankful we dont censor. We are anonymous and so are u whether u like it or not lad. Just be thankful for something. I do not like your words but then again i do not oppose em, Why! because even if I did hack you, U ARE ANONYMOUS, I will not, cannot, shall not try and find u. U have your rights as a human being to be free of guilt.
Anonymous   + trillions
Anonymous   +++++++++++++++++++++++
I Cptn Nice I   Maybe XBox live should be taken down for charging to use your own systems and bandwidht as servers sometimes. Maybe then, just maybe, this guy (anon queer basher) will go do something more productive like eating a chud dumpling. People behind a keyboard talk BIG. He's mad because he has no life and wants his psn network back up. LoL...Here's what I can tell you. Join the class action lawsuit against them. Maybe next time they wont fuck with Goerge and the people in failOverflow. Simply put Playstation lied and we are due for restitution. Don't sue 100 people because 1 guy mainly out of all of those found a way to make the ps3 do what it was supposed to do. Anon and anyone who actually hack for legitimate causes are supported by all. I wouldn't call them hackers, simply put, they are pioneers on the digital front. Oh one more thing for the queer doughnut guy... If I sold you something saying it could do this; however, later simply take it away in an update; which is a breach in initial contract (consumer purchase based on features, selling me something saying it can do this--then it can't, etc.). Then you (doughnut guy)--(highly unlikly) found a way to get the "feature" back that was one of the deciding factors for your final purchase. Later, you then decided to share your knowlege with others seeking to gain that same "feature" back that was "taken" from them. Should I as the company that sold you this item be able to sue you, your family, retrive information of those that even looked at it? Should I be able bring litigation against you and everyone else, by falsely accusing them of something that was not their (most not all) intentions? If you think that's fair you're an idiot. Know your rights; we have them in place for a reason. Don't get mad at anon and those who try to hold people (companies, Governments) responsible for their actions. Everyone should be allowed freedom of speech, information, religion, etc without any censorship. In closing, lol....Thanks for reading I know it looks like a rant, however, I simply wanted him to look at it logically, and not like a psn twat. Maybe this will give you time to pick up a hobbie. Ohh well maybe not off to work now.
Anonymous   +1
Anonymous   weeds out the weak
Anonymous   Dont feel bad getting caught. they have the best slaves money can buy. You were up against some impressive talent.
Anonymous   agreed
Anonymous 2011-04-29 01:42:06
are you gonna take our credit details
im for what you are doing giving piece of mind
Anonymous   Everyone on the Internet is selfish and arrogant. Those who are bawwing over their loss of Linux on PS3 as well as all those millions self-righteous bitches now crying they can't play their fucking games. Get over your shitty self-entitlement, pathetic worthless assholes!
Anonymous   Anon are the selfish ones for deciding that we shouldn't be allowed to use our PS3s.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 04:38:21
You are the ones who are selfish for deciding you care more about your playtime than someone going to jail for making changes to something HE BOUGHT. He has just as much right to take it apart as you have to play.

That you can't gove up some comfort is selfish.
Anonymous   If he wants to fight some personal battle against license agreements that he doesn't agree with, the legal problems he then runs into are his problem, not mine. He shouldn't thrust responsibility for his own actions onto me.
Tl2IGG3l2   This is a war and if you know what war is, then you know there will be casualties.... But i believe this is a war worth fighting for, because there is no one dying on a battlefield here my friend. We as people of whatever country must stand up for our rights. It is people like Anonymous that stand up and make us see that sometimes wer'e being blinded the Elite. I am not from Anonymous, and i love playing Ps3... But i see what they are trying to do, and it is appreciated.. So if you can't give up your Ps3 for a few days and go do something productive, then your'e just a drone my friend.. And you will do nothing but like sheep stare at your telivision screen. We as the people of any country must stand up and soon, because i do believe that things are coming that will catch us by surprise... The elite have plans for us, that is unless we can wake up. So Anonymous for this i thank you, keep on pissing people off... Make them wake up and see what the hell is going on in this world... We must help humanity all of us, wer'e all brothers and sisters like or not... And we can finish by destroying humanity, or waking up into a higher conscience and helping everybody become better. That's all i have to say, i know im going to be bashed on but it doesn't matter... Because me myself, i want to wake up my brothers and sisters and make them see. Even if i am seen as a nut. Let's get this world and humanity to the way it was meant to be. Money doesn't rule Love, Peace, and Compassion do. Learn to be selfless.
Anonymous   So the only way Anon can make their point is to deprive tens of millions of their PSN? That won't make many allies for Anon.
Tl2IGG3l2   If i was with Anon i wouldn't be concerned with so much as who we piss off, but the change that will be made by they're actions... I think there is going to be many people that hate them, and then there will be many people that applaud them. I think that what they're doing is great because as long as the message gets out there, that we the people can and will change what needs to be changed that which the corrupt elite have created. So i applaud them (Even though i miss Black ops =( ) Our countries, specially the elite of our countries have been tearing us apart bit by bit each year.. To the point that we really don't think for ourselves anymore, I think it's time to take the stand. Show them that humanity is not about money, hate, or war, but we as humans must put are differences aside and come together for our future generations.
Dokejema   Now we know what's motivating you "speeches" you want to join Anonymous and do what they do. Not because of some need to inform humanity of the dealings of the world. You want bragging rights to say to your friends.. "Dudes.. I got a job with Anonymous.. whoohoo!"
Anonymous 2011-04-27 23:21:54
One; That wouldn't qualify as a job.
Two; You don't "join" anonymous. All you have to do to be anonymous is...just that. Be anonymous. You don't even have to be a hacker. In fact, some of Anonymous's biggest 'scandals' were merely acts of social engineering, which, let's be honest, any fucktard can do. Remember Sarah Palin's personal e-mail and the stinkfist Fox News raised over that incident?
Anonymous   you changed nothing
Anonymous   wrong - f***k stick
Anonymous   Actually he has a point.Nothing will change or be accomplished.You threaten and take action in all the wrong ways.You talk about wars and how this is a war.Well if you've studied war you'll be familiar with vietnam.You guys are like america big and pumped full of your own ego.Your bullying gamers and consumers the vietnamese of this battle of stupidity you call a "war".All your doing is pissing off the "little guy" who would have supported you.You ruining peoples gaming doesn't accomplish anything.A chap above me said you don't have consoles because you have lives.A bit hypocritical in my opinion if you have a life and work then whats the point of hopping on your computer day after day to make lives a living hell?You do it for the "lulz" well were not laughing (even with my twisted since of humor).You say your standing up for the consumer and our rights....really?Most ps3 games are psn driven.Dont get me wrong i enjoy single player (ala the 16 bit days).But we payed for the system,the games,the subscriptions and some of us PS+.So if your standing up for the consumer and the "Little guy" Then why are you putting the consumers through hell?You've went from activist to hypocrites.If you look at your plan you'll see how it's flawed.But thats just my opinion and im glad you at least have this place to hear our opinions.Thank you for your time.
Anonymous   when will everyone learn a few pimple faced nerds can not change the world.... ever....they may inconvenience the world but change no all attempts will be in vain. so why do they do it??????...... the same reason a dog licks his balls .... because he can! no amount of talking arguing or debating is ever going to change that live with it deal with it and when psn is back up and running be thankful to all the other pimple faced nerds that know how to stop intruders are working on our side......out.
Anonymous   Do you ever think before you speak? How can you not see that what Anonymous is doing, is for our own good. People can get off PSN for a little while, get some fresh air, hang out with your family, do all sorts of stuff. It's not the end of the world. Though i do miss PSN, I can see what Anonymous is trying to do. Just like the other guy said, " Just like in war, there will be a few unfortunate casualties." That's all we are...... Casualties caught in the crossfire. Just wait it out. In the end, You WILL see what Anonymous was trying to do, and you will most likely feel like a dumbass.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 14:12:28
those who have risen up to BAAAWWW about not being able to play their games have proven to be valuable, if unwitting, allies

by being so perfectly contemptible in every way, and by bleating away their allegiance to the forces which enslave them, they cannot but have helped some more salvagable souls amongst them to recognise that they are what stand between humanity and its potential; not the elites who seek absolute control, but the portion of the population who mindlessly cheerlead their totalitarian agenda (like Ferris F Freemont's 'Fappers')
Anonymous   you fucking nerd lol fucking enslavement from sony lol , leave the baseent and get a life. there are bigger fish to fry. wet pussies over Playstation and a homo geek lol
Tl2IGG3l2   Sony being one of the biggest companies out there, yes enslavement by the elites, the rich, and those who consider themselves the power by way of wealth.. Get off the porn, and its "basement".
Anonymous 2011-04-22 18:03:51
"A great empire has been established for the sole purpose of raising up a nation of customers who should be obliged to buy from the shops of our different producers, all the goods with which these could supply them. For the sake of that little enhancement of price which this monopoly might afford our producers, the home-consumers have been burdened with the whole expense of maintaining and defending that empire...

It cannot be very difficult to determine who have been the contrivers of this whole mercantile system; not the consumers, we may believe, whose interest has been entirely neglected; but the producers, whose interest has been so carefully attended to..."

-Adam Smith, 1776
Anonymous   If one doesn't want to use the products of such companies, go get products of the companies that have the same thinking pattern and give their products for free. This would make things a lot easier for all parties.
Anonymous   agreed - it would also defeat the purposes (and require the defiance of) the government-granted monopoly
Anonymous 2011-04-23 08:04:13
Bullshit bullshit bullshit. Boycott does not work in the mass market. "Voting with your dollars" is sitting down, shutting up, and taking it.

Vote with your fucking power.
Anonymous 2011-04-27 13:42:55
^my rage in calling him a fucking nerd and his "new allies" BS and shit was just becuase hes obviously an XBOX fag who just now has heard of anonymous and has no understanding.

My rage bahh i admit.. his retardation he will not admit
Anonymous 2011-04-22 15:15:56
"Your mind is totally controlled,
It has been stuffed into our mould,
And you will do what you are told,
Until the rights to you are sold."
Tl2IGG3l2 2011-04-22 15:51:58
we observe today not a victory of party, but a celebration of freedom - symbolizing an end, as well as a beginning - signifying renewal, as well as change. For I have sworn before you and Almighty God the same solemn oath our forebears prescribed nearly a century and three quarters ago.

The world is very different now. For man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty and all forms of human life. And yet the same revolutionary beliefs for which our forebears fought are still at issue around the globe - the belief that the rights of man come not from the generosity of the state, but from the hand of God.

We dare not forget today that we are the heirs of that first revolution. Let the word go forth from this time and place, to friend and foe alike, that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans - born in this century, tempered by war, disciplined by a hard and bitter peace, proud of our ancient heritage - and unwilling to witness or permit the slow undoing of those human rights to which this Nation has always been committed, and to which we are committed today at home and around the world.

Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe, in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty.

This much we pledge - and more.

To those old allies whose cultural and spiritual origins we share, we pledge the loyalty of faithful friends. United, there is little we cannot do in a host of cooperative ventures. Divided, there is little we can do - for we dare not meet a powerful challenge at odds and split asunder.

To those new States whom we welcome to the ranks of the free, we pledge our word that one form of colonial control shall not have passed away merely to be replaced by a far more iron tyranny. We shall not always expect to find them supporting our view. But we shall always hope to find them strongly supporting their own freedom - and to remember that, in the past, those who foolishly sought power by riding the back of the tiger ended up inside.

To those peoples in the huts and villages across the globe struggling to break the bonds of mass misery, we pledge our best efforts to help them help themselves, for whatever period is required - not because the Communists may be doing it, not because we seek their votes, but because it is right. If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich.

To our sister republics south of our border, we offer a special pledge - to convert our good words into good deeds - in a new alliance for progress - to assist free men and free governments in casting off the chains of poverty. But this peaceful revolution of hope cannot become the prey of hostile powers. Let all our neighbours know that we shall join with them to oppose aggression or subversion anywhere in the Americas. And let every other power know that this Hemisphere intends to remain the master of its own house.

To that world assembly of sovereign states, the United Nations, our last best hope in an age where the instruments of war have far outpaced the instruments of peace, we renew our pledge of support - to prevent it from becoming merely a forum for invective - to strengthen its shield of the new and the weak - and to enlarge the area in which its writ may run.

Finally, to those nations who would make themselves our adversary, we offer not a pledge but a request: that both sides begin anew the quest for peace, before the dark powers of destruction unleashed by science engulf all humanity in planned or accidental self-destruction.

We dare not tempt them with weakness. For only when our arms are sufficient beyond doubt can we be certain beyond doubt that they will never be employed.

But neither can two great and powerful groups of nations take comfort from our present course - both sides overburdened by the cost of modern weapons, both rightly alarmed by the steady spread of the deadly atom, yet both racing to alter that uncertain balance of terror that stays the hand of mankind's final war.

So let us begin anew - remembering on both sides that civility is not a sign of weakness, and sincerity is always subject to proof. Let us never negotiate out of fear. But let us never fear to negotiate.

Let both sides explore what problems unite us instead of belabouring those problems which divide us.

Let both sides, for the first time, formulate serious and precise proposals for the inspection and control of arms - and bring the absolute power to destroy other nations under the absolute control of all nations.

Let both sides seek to invoke the wonders of science instead of its terrors. Together let us explore the stars, conquer the deserts, eradicate disease, tap the ocean depths, and encourage the arts and commerce.

Let both sides unite to heed in all corners of the earth the command of Isaiah - to "undo the heavy burdens -. and to let the oppressed go free."

And if a beachhead of cooperation may push back the jungle of suspicion, let both sides join in creating a new endeavour, not a new balance of power, but a new world of law, where the strong are just and the weak secure and the peace preserved.

All this will not be finished in the first 100 days. Nor will it be finished in the first 1,000 days, nor in the life of this Administration, nor even perhaps in our lifetime on this planet. But let us begin.

In your hands, my fellow citizens, more than in mine, will rest the final success or failure of our course. Since this country was founded, each generation of Americans has been summoned to give testimony to its national loyalty. The graves of young Americans who answered the call to service surround the globe.

Now the trumpet summons us again - not as a call to bear arms, though arms we need; not as a call to battle, though embattled we are - but a call to bear the burden of a long twilight struggle, year in and year out, "rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation" - a struggle against the common enemies of man: tyranny, poverty, disease, and war itself.

Can we forge against these enemies a grand and global alliance, North and South, East and West, that can assure a more fruitful life for all mankind? Will you join in that historic effort?

In the long history of the world, only a few generations have been granted the role of defending freedom in its hour of maximum danger. I do not shank from this responsibility - I welcome it. I do not believe that any of us would exchange places with any other people or any other generation. The energy, the faith, the devotion which we bring to this endeavour will light our country and all who serve it -- and the glow from that fire can truly light the world.

And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country.

My fellow citizens of the world: ask not what America will do for you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man.

Finally, whether you are citizens of America or citizens of the world, ask of us the same high standards of strength and sacrifice which we ask of you. With a good conscience our only sure reward, with history the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love, asking His blessing and His help, but knowing that here on earth God's work must truly be our own.

Anonymous416   I like how you quote JFK but your writing and grammar of it completely exemplifies the fact that you're a kid who clearly is still in elementary school. SO HERE, reality check: life isn't solely about revolutions. I get what you guys want, but what you guys are doing is actually terrorism by depriving PSN users of what they paid and by ruining the jobs of those who make games. Sure jailbreaking seems like freedom, but why fight so hard for it? Do you really think life is just one big revolution...? Maybe you watch too many movies but fyi George Hotz is just another 21 year old. Infact he didn't even lose the case. So.. wtf?
Anonymous   ROFL. Oh noes teh terrorists got mah video gaems! Are you fucking kidding? GTFO sheep, you are thoroughly fucking brainwashed.
Anonymous   10 years from now, when you grow up, you will look back at your NWO/ Sheep/ Lizard people Illuminati theory and think. "WTF was I thinking, haha stupid kids"
Anonymous   Lmao agreed
Anonymous 2011-04-26 07:21:40
Lol gotta love how the word terrorist is tossed around these days, because DDoS is totally like flying planes into buildings and KILLING THOUSANDS...

Your use of such buzzwords belittles the suffering of all those people that had family members who went up in flames, or the sacrifice of the firefighters who gave their life for others... And all after you called someone else a kid...
Anonymous   Get back on your meds ass.
Anonymous   TL;DR
Kidrocku   So you're saying that since I spent my hard earned money to buy my PS3 and go to work every single day to support my family that when I come home and all I want to do is a little brainless gaming to unwind that I'm being turned into a mindless slave to Sony? Sounds more like I get something for my money.
TRY HACK ME CUNT!   You's are a pack of fucking weak cunts that's why you's stay anonymous! If your a good hacker you should be able to trace the address of this computer, I CHALLENGE YOU to do just that, and come see me face to face! Pretty tuff fucking over little kids! YOU FUCKING GUTLESS CUNTS!!!
Anonymous   Thoroughly brainwashed corporate slave fail troll is fail.
Buster_   Love it!!
Anonymous 2011-04-22 16:27:33
I agree with you bro. Great work Anon, show them who is boss. Fuck their shit up.

Data can and will be manipulated. Playstation just can't handle the fact that people are exponentially smarter than them.

Anonymous 2011-04-22 18:15:01
"A group of hyperconnected individuals choosing to hyperdistribute their knowledge around an identified domain can engender hyperintelligence. That hyperintelligence is not a static actor. To be in relation to a hyperintelligence necessarily means using the knowledge provided by that hyperintelligence where, when and as needed. The more comprehensive the hyperintelligence, the greater the range of possible uses and potential effects...

Hyperempowered individuals and networks are asymmetrically empowered relative to any individual or group of individuals (whether as a collective, an organization, or an institution) not similarly hyperempowered. In any exchange, hyperempowered actors will always be more effective in achieving their aims, because in every situation they know more, and know better how to act on what they know. The existence of hyperempowerment simultaneously creates a new class of selection pressure; as various social and cultural configurations interact with hyperempowered individuals and networks, they will be selected against unless they themselves use the techniques of hyperconnectivity, hyperdistribution and hyperintelligence to engender their own hyperempowerment. Once any one actor achieves hyperempowerment, all who interact with that actor must either hyperempower themselves or face extinction...

Hyperconnectivity, hyperdistribution, hyperintelligence and hyperempowerment have propelled human culture to the midst of a psychosocial phase transition, similar to a crystallization phase in a supersaturated solution, a ‘revolution’ making the agricultural, urban and industrial revolutions seem, in comparison, lazy and incomplete. Twenty years ago none of this toolkit existed nor was even intimated. Twenty years from now it will be pervasively and ubiquitously distributed, inextricably bound up in our self-definition as human beings. We have always been the product of our relationships, and now our relationships are redefining us."
Anonymous 2011-04-22 23:04:24
See Peter F Hamilton's vision of a commonwealth future where such Hyper-intelligent societies co-exist with all manner of societal variants. Acceptance of another's will, motivations and passions are at the core of freedom, a freedom to be or not to be. Consider the prime directive of any superior species to not interfere in the evolution of another species of lesser technological or social levels, but to accept their differences and observe what will come to be.
Ultimatum is the weapon of choice for the rigid of will and narrow of focus, the dictator of virtual choices.
Personally I choose advancement of the extreme but do not wish to impose my course on those who wish to express their evolutions in directions not aligned with my own.
I express this to you now as a brother...I hope for you success in all matters.
Anonymous 2011-04-23 00:06:28
here's a video made by Mark Pesce (the author quoted above) nearly 10 years ago:

claimed at the time to be the first 'Napster' movie
Anonymous   of course sony is smarter, they have that kitchen wear to fall back on if ps goes down lmfao
not that Anonymous   BlaBlaBla, Me need Black opps zombie now
Anonymous   he he
Dokejema   Oh Shuttup!!! God.. did you hear the bad playing Glory Glory Halleluyah(Sp)?? Wow. Do you even know what Anonymous is trying to do? Cause you really didn't seem to know other that they like to piss people off. Me.. I'm not afraid to ID myself.. If you have something to say or do.. stop hiding behind the "anonymous" titles and tell us who you are. The fact is they don't cause what they're doing is ILLEGAL. The can be arrested, and imprisoned for what they do. Course that's ok.. you talk about helping humanity or people need to know the truth.. why do it with terrorism? There are literally hundreds of ways to get your point across (ie: Wake ppl up).. you don't have to bring down a service that for some that's all they have. For instance: Me- I'm a 58 yr old disabled American VET, I don't go anywhere because I can't .. I'm in a lot of pain, I suffer for acute service related injuries. I live alone, have no friends other than those on the internet.. or they live out of my state. All I have is my PS3 and XBox 360. I play them because it helps me escaped the physical and mental parts of my pain. How is bringing down PSN doing me any good? I'm not saying I'm the only one, I'll bet there are others in the same boat as I. Unable to socialize outside of our livingrooms. Our only contacts is thru gaming, or social sites. You learn to be selfless or learn what that really means. Anonymous claims they didn't do it, this time. Ok.. I have no reason to doubt them.. Could have been someone who is Anonymous, and Anonymous knows him/her/them. I say STOP pissing people off who can't do anything to stop the BS being handed to us. I like to think that I'm pretty knowledgable to know what's truth or what's BS. But Tl2IGG312.. shut the fuck up. You aren't going to be rewarded for being a dumbass who just wants to make people think he's so righteous and honorable. Lastly Money DOES buy love, peace and compassion, that's the nature of the beast. Therefore it's also ruling them. That's the kind of society we live in. Enough money can turn Anonymous into a real serious threat to our economy, security, and peace of mind. I don't support what they do, I don't condone what they do, and I don't respect what they do. Because as a soldier, I know there's ALWAYS a better way.. the system works but only if you try it.
Tl2IGG3l2   Pffft... What have you done for anyone else other than yourself that would force you to be Anonymous? Nothing so rage on my friend.. You say your a soldier? What Army or Marines? Only the brain washed military believe that. Me Ex-Military with the knowledge i have now, i know better.. =)
Anonymous 2011-04-23 16:42:20
the system works to achieve goals compatible with the system - increasingly, such goals are incompatible with humanity

one exists to serve the other, but somewhere along the way, the roles have been reversed
Anonymous 2011-04-24 13:03:56
I have been reading a lot of these comments. Most of it are just people who like to assert some form of authority through an anonymous channel. In doing this though they seem to only show how ignorant they truly are. There is no need for these people.

These companies are not taking over the world, or our country, or anything really. They will rise and fall like everything else in this world. I have a large amount of respect for you Dokejema, for pointing out things that others can not see.
Anonymous   forever alone
Anonymous   i dont mind this but this is just stopping me from preordering this 1 game untill the whole thing is resolved so i dont waste any money
Anonymous 2011-04-24 22:53:28
There seem to be a lot of people blaming Sony for a problem caused by someone else illegally hacking into their system.
By that logic, if you lock your doors and somebody kicks it down and slaughters your family it must be your own fault for not having a 12 inch thick steel door on a concrete bunker 30 meters underground to protect them.
Whoever hacked the network went to a great deal of trouble to do something they knew was illegal and the responsibility lies COMPLETELY with them.
I don't believe it's possible to design online security for a system that cannot be broken when so many hackers devote their time to just proving they can do it.
If security is so easy why does Windows need constant updating and your antivirus downloads a new definition file everyday? Only one reason, 99.9% of us are happy to use the technology for the legal purposes it was designed, the other 0.1% think that somehow the law doesn't apply to them or that they know better than everyone else what the law should be.
Hack away all you want to change a game or application on your own system but leave the rest of us out of it.
I don't care if it's Anonymous or just another nobody hacker, once the hacking leaves your own system you are just another cyber terrorist criminal and you deserve nothing less than the full force of the law coming down on you.
Anonymous   what a fucking idiotic analogy
LoneWulf 2011-04-25 08:24:49
One problem: Anon is telling you that they DID NOT DO IT! Anon is high-profile. If they are the reason why PSN is down, then why are they outright telling you, "We did not do it!" Simply put, you're doing the human thing: Demanding a reason. When one isn't supplied, you create it. Anonymous admitted that it did some DDoS attacks before, but they stopped them. Why would they go through the trouble of firing up the Low Orbit Ion Cannons and then and then lie about it? They're Anon! There's no benefit in lying about it, only admitting they did it when it does happen.
All you're doing is taking what Sony's saying and what Sony's implying and running with it, much like a fanboy will. It doesn't matter whether or not it's the truth, Sony said so, so it's gotta be right.
Oh, and about this whole Cyber-Terrorism thing, give it up. What, people sending data around the world make you scared? That's what you're implying by calling it Cyber-Terrorism.
Anonymous   for some reason im kind of sad though to say,..but this is truth.
Laughing-MaM-   Eh, i jailbreak my ps3 any chance i can when a new CFW comes out im balls deap in it, Now sony wants to take this away i guesit really comes down too, Do you really own ur PS3, its able to do a hell of alot more than wut they let u do with it
Anonymous_sucks   You idiot, it would do nothing if the company went broke and never designed PS3. Be grateful for what you have. If these anonymous clowns are so fantastic let them start their own company and give morons like you "what you deserve". I doubt they could do it, it takes a lot more effort, talent and imagination to create something than it does to belittle and destroy someone else's work.
Anonymous   well lets consider the facts here. what did HE do to the system abd what was HE doing with it. and was HE doing something with his illegal shit on SONY's network. if you actually read their liscence agreement which HE should have done. then this prob would have never happend. putting your own shit on something you bought prob wasnt the issue. him using it on something that is still SONY's is what prob pissed him off. that is why you guys are kinda selfish in that sense. and how long did he have to sit in jail anyways
Anonymous 2011-04-25 01:46:43
"and was HE doing something with his illegal shit on SONY's network. if you actually read their liscence agreement which HE should have done."

srsly readup bro.. Geo never signed into the PSN (at lest on that system) so he never agreed to any terms..

Anonymous 2011-04-22 07:15:28
Ok couple things,jb device if you got one for your emulators,hombrew and playing pirate games,fine.
why are you then trying to get on psn?
just don't update correct .so why try attack sony is it because you want to cheat and mod shit in games like mw2 infected lobbies ,other wise you would be happy.And the legal battle has been going on since last year ,yet you barge in there few weeks ago.Whats up with that.was there not a update round about then.
sony gave your geo more than get out jail you think he will thank anon, or is he trying to keep his head down.
And if psn is decoy against anon its working because the hate is spreading.I just keeps backfiring.
Anonymous   sony gave nothing - they saw they were bound to lose, and managed to scare GeoHot into settling so they didn't have to contend with yet another court decision telling them their view of the law is wrong
Anonymous   You fuck tard! He used a copied disc in his Internet video where showed off his hack. Then he distributed the circumvention on the internet. That is 2 counts of illegal activity right there. Whether you agree with the law or not is irrelevant.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 14:19:42
what the law actually means, and what it prevents as opposed to what it allows is, however, highly relevant

given Sony's decision to drop it, they have prevented the world from knowing whether what he did was illegal or not
Anonymous   He is not going to jail for making changes to the ps3 you fool. he is in the shit for telling the whole fucking world how to do it. Sony are a buisness who NEED to turn a profit to keep there share holders happy. geohot jepordised this.(since you all are about rights) its there right to protect the company and there employees future. All you have done(if you have done anything) is made sure that while the ceo is away having a fun holiday joe blogs is working trying to fix it. You want to make a diffrence try attacking anti net neutrality companys pedo rings etc. you call your self a army, your just a band of thugs whole hide under the activist banner.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 14:38:47
I'm pretty sure Mr. Hotz wouldn't have gone to jail even if Sony hadn't decided to settle with Hotz out of court. If I remember correctly, the Hotz case was a tort or civil case and NOT a criminal case.

According to wikipedia, Sony filed against hotz on the counts of including violation of the DMCA, computer fraud, and copyright infringement which I think are all civil claims and not criminal (haven't researched what these claims would be filed as so if anybody is more enlightened than I, please feel free to politely correct me)

Technically, if some anon (or group of anons) is/are behind this outage, it means everybody else are just their pawns, they're sacrificing everyone's right to play the games we have bought for a self serving philosophical view.

Whomever brought down PSN should first be lauded for their incredible talent, then promptly shunned for their clear disregard for EVERYONE ELSE'S RIGHTS.

If this was a war as some commenters claim, between the "government" of Anon and Sony, then every single user on PSN are the people (some of whom have duel citizenship, and many are not for such a war). If an Anon made the attack, that Anon has decided to attack the civilians rather than the military. Furthermore, by attacking the civilians, that anon has also attacked his own people. If this was a war it would not only go against the Geneva Convention, but it would also be considered genocidal campaign against ones own people.

Perhaps wanting to play games despite some guy going through a legal battle is selfish. But sacrificing the entire world of PSN players (and some Anons may I remind you) for one person is grossly selfish and despicable. Please I challenge you to reconsider your positions anons!
Anonymous 2011-04-22 18:36:24
well you made me reconsider me initial assessment of your post as relatively well-reasoned by the time we got to the Geneva Convention[s] and genocide

does that count?

btw, there are criminal provisions under the DMCA, and the computer fraud statute (18 USC 1030) is a public, criminal law (the same one used to prosecute DDoS), albeit with additional civil remedies available upon conviction
Who The Fuck Cares 2011-04-23 13:00:55
IDK what this whole thing is about but i got the idea of some guy re-custimizing his PS3 and making a video on how to do it. (If i'm wrong plz correct me.

But if this guy really did do that then he shouldn't be jailed for that. If he had re-custimized his PS3 and claimed that as his own product then thats another story where he should just get finned (Not really good with spelling so I don't know if I spelt anything wrong).
Anonymous   You guys are like the faggotry of politicians. Leave facts out of shit you talk. Hes so innocent , he just taking it apart for reason wait Linux!! cmon no one fucking buy that shit . The basement dweller wants to play pirated shit on there and got caught. He should have been less a faggot and not have gotten caught .. like most of us better pirates
Anonymous   not everyone thinks like you as mindblowing as that might be to you
Anonymous   So he has the right to take it apart and ruin the experience for millions of other paying customers? Yes that seems fair that now our games are cheated in and it is unsafe to keep credit card details on the console now...
Anonymous   who is going to jail? I thought he settled.
Anonymous   He made changes to it that was against the Terms and Services, which he had to agree to in order to operate PSN. Because of that violation, Sony has every right to press charges, and sue him. However a hacking attack like this is illegal and is defined as "cyberterrorism," so legally, Sony is on the right side. They;ve done nothing wrong. It's the arrogant pricks who believe that it's right to hack Sony and deprive over 50 million people of a service that they bought. What, mess with the lives of 50 million people so one guy doesn't have to spend time in jail for a crime that he knowingly, and definitly comited. That sounds pretty fucking selfish to me. BTW, it's not Sony's fault that you guys have no friends, were abused as a child, molested by your uncle, or beat up in high school. You guys have to grow up and learn that that freedom of speach, doesn't mean you have the right to conduct Cyberterrorism. I hope that whatever worthless, arrogant piece of shit who is hacking Sony gets hunted down by the FBI or any other government group, and thrown in jail so they can finally see what the world looks like outside of their mom's basement. In my opinion they should all be dragged throught the streets and hanged, but we all know that won't happen.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 18:50:44
I respect your choice to exercise your freedom to spell "speech" incorrectly.

The other shit, Lrn2RuleOfLaw.
Anongay 2011-04-22 20:17:10
And why did he do the changes then?
Everyone who say they dont modify their PS3 to be able to play pirated games lie.
cripple J   please if you are with anonymous stop this Psn shut down thing i got hit by a car going 60mph last month i snapped my fibula and tibia in half im 16 now im stuck home and all i have to enjoy in my life at the moment is playing call of duty online on my Ps3 PLEASE PLEASE anonymous stop this D':
Anonymous   What if it was a B-day present then HE didnt buy it anons are selfish for stopping the psn community!
AnonymousFTW 2011-04-23 06:24:11
I agree with what you are trying to do. I don't believe someone should go to jail for modifying something he bought and legally owns. But hey, thats just my opinion
Knowledge is free
I am anonymous too
Anonymous   shut up.
Kai   If you want to install other OS' and do whatever you want with what you bought - use a pc! Sony can do what they want with their product. If you didnt like the changes they made to protect their product from hacks... Then piss off back to a PC. Why bother Sony's customers. I dont believe for 1 second you have nothing to do with this PSN outtage. This is NOT the answer.
dislikes selfish pampered pricks and supports anon 100% 2011-04-24 05:22:00
Yo Anon's are far from selfish

You mister should really get out side and stop living in a bubble.

boowho ps3 is down go cry me a freaking river.
Think about how lucky you are to own a ps3. and think about how lucky you are that you dont live in a 3rd world country where they have NOTHING.

Im guessing you didn't have to suffer a natural dissater like huracaine katrina.
why dont you take a trip to mississippi and see the destruction that has yet to be fixed. that will put you in your place!
fact checker   new orleans, that hurricane affected new orleans, which is in louisiana.
Anonymous   That hurricane hit a lot of shit. While this poster's comment is a bit... unrefined, he does make a point that some areas of Mississippi were hit by Katrina and are not yet recovered.
Anonymous   Doesn't make it 3rd world country, though. People in 3rd world countries don't need natural disasters to own absolutely nothing. His post screams 'pampered prick' which he claims Sony is.
Anonymous   y dont u guys go fucken hack the damn xbox¡¡¡¡
Anonymous 2011-04-22 16:36:48
Because they can already pirate on it and play online with pirated copies.

Mission Accomplished.

LOL they cant even get xbox media center running right on the xbox 360... such great hackers LMFAO...

Anonymous   Your comment seems arrogant yet pathetic, your tone is misleading the truth, you don't belong here.
Anonymous   Seriously dude? You are such an asshole. If you keep talking shit you might end up being a target. I hate fucking dbags who fuck with people just because they're smart. You are worse than scum
Anonymous=gay   know what u fucking people on shit..FUCK YOU..your fucking retarded..i never get to fucking play..then when i do im at my cousins..which i only get to see 1 every 2 years..and u hacked the fucking PSN..FUCK YOU, ALL OF YOU FUCKING FAGGETS GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!
:D!   I wouldn't call it crying over not being able to play games but being pissed off and rightfully so. We all decided to buy the console and games and now because of some "activist" group we can't use our investment. Wouldn't you be pissed if you invested in a stock then a few jackoffs with a shitty group name came in and fucked shit up. I can neither confirm nor deny if they were involved in this "attack" however; they are still a bunch of lame assholes for being mad at sony for sueing someone who hacked their shit! if you don't want to be sued then stop being a faggot and get a real job. You can't live in your parents basement your whole lives guys so it's time to grow up, cut the cord and get the fuck out into the real world.
Anonymous   and
Anonymous   hacking is illegal George and his group of faggots broke the law and got punished, i dont see the problem, go hack a xbox microsoft wont take you to court sony do, thats why they got sued.
Anonymous   pff
Anonymous   Yet Anon said they'd keep attacking PSN. And so they have.
Anonymous   Stockholm syndrome fags
Tl2IGG3l2   You can always tell when people work for the government, they tend to be stupid and use profanity alot...
Anonymous   hacking is not illegal
Anonymous   I would like to interview you over the phone or Skype about the problems with Sony and get your take on the recent outage of the Playstation Network, as well as your establishments animosity towards them. You can voice your opinions on this matter and send a broader message to a vast community of gamers as I will post our interview to Machinima Respawn, the largest gaming community on YouTube with over 2 Million viewers. I have no intentions of pointing the finger, I would just like to get your take on this matter and have a mature open discussion. We can prearrange the questions if you like. Please get back to me as soon as possible, [email protected] Thank You.
Anonymous   nice 1 well put :)
Anonymous   All Hackers should be Shot.Hacking is just pathetic.
Anonymous   Hackers shouldn't be shot. and plus hacking isnt pathetic, most of the time the things hacker create or do is alot more imaginative that what the company can think of
Anonymous 2011-04-22 06:41:22

Fucking elitist selfish immature children
Anonymous 2011-04-22 14:29:09
I hate people smarter and more capable than me too

who the fuck do they think they are making me look all pathetic and shit?

kill em all
Anonymous   More capable at sitting behind a desk, pushing pencils and crunching numbers but at everything else they get put to shame. Sorry bud no offense but if they put the same amount of time into having a real job or doing something useful I'd have some respect.
Anonymous 2011-04-24 17:31:03
SXSW 2010: Program or be Programmed: Ten Commands for a Digital Age
Anonymous   Well without hackers there wouldnt exactly be the games you play or care so much about, and before people respond to this with an immature post about "How is hacking related to making games?". Hackers can be categorized into a few categories, Programmers and security specialists for example. So if all hackers should be shot in your opinion, then the people that make the games you care so much about should be shot too?
Tl2IGG3l2   You could say that about Lawyers, Elites, Corrupt, Misinformation agents.. But you go attacking hackers that are trying to help people and future generations out?... Interesting how people can be so stupid at times...
Anonymous   So hackers are trying to help us by taking away our PSN access. Oh, yeah, thanks assholes. If we wanted help, the people would ask for it. Who's asking? That's right no one. And by "helping" the people, hackers are just making most of the population hate them. Anymore of this shit and the half the world will be calling for your heads on a platter, and the world's governments will be more than willing to deliver it. For right now over 50 million people, I being one of them, want every last one of you to die horribly and rot in hell. And next time you hackers want to "help" the people, put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger. We'll all feel pretty grateful if you do that.
Anonymous   well put my friend
Anonymous   Over 6 billion people would think that's rather presumptuous.
Anonymous   HELL YEA!!! Bro. I got the guns if you got the time.lets fuck them up.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 05:39:41
It's all BS. I own a lot of assault weapons. I OWN them all legally. Now if I want to make my AK-47 full auto I can't because federal law prohibits it. But wait. I own it, its registered in my name WTF. People are dumb.

If you want to hack shit do it but don't distribute. Its that simple. As for my AK well it may or may not become full auto. If it does and I get caught I will have to deal with the consequences. No different than Geo's mess. Welcome to the party.
Anonymous   Censorship is a bunch of bullshit! Keep up the good work anonymous!
Thorn 2011-04-22 23:53:50
If it's cancer, then remove yourself from it and stop harrassing 60+ million gamers, you power-hungry fucks.

Hackers, as a whole, prefer to modify someone else's IP instead creating their own. They use means to dishonestly embue their wills to things in ways that contradict the wills of said IPs owners/users. When I play BlackOps, I don't wish to deal with lag-switching losers (and that's what YOU are, or YOU wouldn't feel the need to do it), or script wielding hacktards. You ruin the fun of others to gain fun for yourself...not much unlike how parasites hurt their hosts for their own growth.

Why not just go jerk-off to pictures of your daddy sodomising you and his own daddy?? I'm sure you fucks are the best at it, and it doesn't ruin anyone else's fun.

This advice is free, unlike what Sony is going to do to you and your parents in court once they've tracked your mommies and daddies down.

Have a bad day.
Anonymous   What I want to know is, whats the point of hackers and hacking? what is it that these people try to achieve or obtain? I mean there has to be a reason why they're doing what they're doing right. I got a ps3 not because of the games and the movies theeyhave I mostly use it as a source of communication with friends and family. Im currently in Japan in Camp Zama, I use the ps3 camera to talk to family in the states and mexico and my sister in spain,its alot easier and way cheaper using video chat instead of a long distance call. But like I said what is it that these hackers want?????
NaTuRaL 2011-04-28 04:57:37
Well brother, hacking is the idea of exploiting things to make them do what you want them to do. An act of curiosity which makes us human. This curiosity got you the personal computer you have today. The reason why the psn was hacked follows the same philosophy. Without this need for exploitation in pushing the boundaries of what is logically possible, humans would be stagnant creatures lost of creativity. As inconvenient as this may appear it is an inevitable and necessary part in evolving society.

The only thing that is constant is change.
Anonymous   hey get sony back online i got to play my game i spend all this money on the internet and can't even play the game and if anonymous didn't do then help the people out by getting it back online but HELP THE PEOPLE OUT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Longhorn   Im new i barely have a clue what anonymous is can u explain and i am bothered psn is down whats the whole story behind that too...
Anonymous   Anonymous is anonymous.
Anonymous   Looking all this sewage on here, you have truly drank the kool-aid. You did exactly the same thing that you claim to be wanting to stop. You can't force your will on anyone which is what you did. This is the nail in your collective coffin and you made an avalanche of enemies not supporters. It will be nice to see your cowardly faces on CNN. Whether is happens now or later it will happen.
Anonymous   why not take xbox :) just 4 the fun of it :) we will all be playin the wii !!
Anonymous LOVES THE COCK! 8#####@ 2011-04-24 15:24:58
The world of PS3 gamers hate your Fucking Guts, all 150million of us, ps2 & psp psn's offline because of your stupidity. Egosnot's not in jail, you ain't savin us, but the question is; Who's gonna save you terrorists??????????????????????????

posted from a ps3
A somebody   Everyone STFU and stop trying to sound scholarly and make a point. please all you guys are doing are insulting each other. And anyways, you guys are just stating the exact same opinions. Mmkay?
Anonymous801   I completely agree with this movement. Modifying a product that you spent your hard earned dollars on shouldn't be a crime. Imagine people getting sued by Ford for installing lift kits on their trucks. Imagine Honda suing ppl for installing turbo kits on their tiny engines. The car industry lost this war before when they tried suing companies because they made alternative stereo decks for cars. Thank you anonymus!!!
Anonymous   Anonymous are just a group of hackers with too much time in there hands
Anonymous   So what's the deal with Sony? Can't u guys just reboot the system for us? I mean sony is taking a long time to get the update going. If u got the hacks to shutter down why not starter up??
Im not Anonymous 2011-04-25 04:56:50
The FBI has issued 40 arrest warrants for members of the Anonymous group ... after PSN hack!/search/anonnews
Bazza   Hasnt Sony just shot themselves in the foot by taking PSN offline ? Showing the world that they have no confidence in their own networks security...
Anonymous   I love the way you all talk about freedom of speech, yes its true we have it the only problem is we as human beings tend to abuse things in life and consider things that come out of our asses to be a form of it. Therefore we shit on our country everyday because of it. And to all the folks who like to use the word nigger, how about using that freedom of speech and walk up to a black man and call him that. That comment is what separates the power of those behind the keyboard in the real world.
What it means to be anon 2011-04-26 08:15:28
Anon is not a nerd behind a pc. Anon is not a group of people hacking. Anon is not people argurging endlessly on a website.

Anon is pure. It is free from all the rubbish that me, you, anyone posts on websites like these, harassing other people and restating the same thing thousands of times. Anon does not sit behind a computer screen, thinking about a smart of funny reply.

What anon stands for is something we are unworthy to even claim to. We are all flawed, and we all make mistakes. Anon is better than we can ever be.

For those who are still confused, anon is a new start for anyone who has done wrong and wants to change. Anon is a way to defend other people, because it does not matter who you are, how old you are, weather you kill people or sell flowers on the street. Anon is something we can never be. It is free from prejudice and prejudgment.

Anon gives EVERYONE the SAME voice and the SAME opportunites. Anon makes people free from fear about what they say, and who will see it. Anon is how our tiny world should hope to be. Its not some sort of communism or economic policies, that share out money or give people a 'vote'.

Very few of you who use the name anon, know what power and freedom you hold. It disgusts me the way people abuse eachother, even when they no absoulty nothing about eachother, they still take morally high grounds, still believe that they are better. That kind of person has no place in a fair world.

I hope that some of you might realise, what it truely means to be anon. I don't believe that im worthy to use such a name

Tim Bradshaw, Upper Brook Street, Stockport, United Kingdom. SK1 4AA Just next to the 4x4 repair place.

Tel :020 7354 5055

We are Anon. And that makes us invincible.

Anonymous   Fucking asshole hackers...nothing but thieves..thanks a shitload for "punishing" sony...or is it your peers you really punished?
Anonymous 2011-04-26 19:51:45
Although I agree that what Sony is doing is wrong. Specifically, they shouldnt be allowed to obtain the IP addresses of persons that accessed this website.

Targetting the psn network and in turn denying access to millions of gamers on their holiday weekend was an ill-conceived idea turning many against Anon.

This is especially true if peoples personal info gets leaked out whether thats intentional or not .

Stick to the things that matter like the things done with Scientology and Egypt . The ability to jailbreak a ps3 and install an aimbot for Blacks Ops or to download a game meant to be purchased for free should be a low priority or not one at all.

Everyone deserves to be paid for the works they create

Choose your targets wisely in the future.
Anonymous   listen you mother fuckers, im not sure if u did it or not, Im also an anonymous hacker() i do not approve of this but if u did this put it back up! otherwise ill do it myself!
Joel   Lol, Hacked and print. You should hack into my work server. lol. I think the sony this is unfortunate but, crap happens. I am just waiting to play MW2, thats all.
Anonymous Dragon   Hey Anonymous, I have a question. Do you guys know about the Illuminati? If you do you should stop them.
Anonymous   I have a PS3 and am pretty pissed that my information may have been leaked, but I'm proud that people like the hackers at anon are willing to go against companies like Sony to establish and defend our rights of ownership.
Xbox   Well im only gonna say that im happy xbox 360 or microsoft actually keeps there network safe.
guardian of hasgard 2011-04-28 01:53:07
A good Anonymous's a Anonymous dead.
I hope one day i katch a Dbag like you!
How many kids can escape of family problems with a PS3? Now wahts do that kid? He try drugs? or real guns in the streets?
I hope FBI put you in jail for many years.

Anonymous   I think people can be really short sighted, theres entirely too much injustice going on for this kind of outrage to be displayed by people who cant play their games online. I also think people not having access to psn is a start when it comes to reforming these corporations and fixing our society to accomodate the hungry, sick and dying but i guess thats just me. I consent.
Anonymous   Please if anyone could tell me how to hack tell me now. Trust me it is for a good reason.
w.hewson   wow sounds good!! sorry for my English a little bit more I'm Italian so I'm good in the kitchen to write sweet words ... For the record, Sony has made great shit but no need to belittle the work already done by hackers do not like ... I do not want their names because of free advertising! open your eyes but who else but someone who works at Sony could have the keys? but themselves and who would do this circus to expand sales of a console that is now for sale since 2006 has been a dramatic decline in sales? Sony said this ... fuck ... I'm going to get a good lasagna!
Anonymous   sorry for my English a little bit more I'm Italian so I'm good in the kitchen to write sweet words ... For the record, Sony has made great shit but no need to belittle the work already done by hackers do not like ... I do not want their names because of free advertising! open your eyes but who else but someone who works at Sony could have the keys? but themselves and who would do this circus to expand sales of a console that is now for sale since 2006 has been a dramatic decline in sales? Sony said this ... fuck ... I'm going to get a good lasagna!
Anonymous   Stop picking on Sony! They just want to make us great games and make the world a nice place to live in.
Anonymous 2013-01-18 22:12:17

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Anonymous   This outage is all YOUR fault Anonymous. I don't care which supposedly "rogue" members are doing it now (by your claim) started the whole attack idea. You have no sympathy from me anymore, or my family & friends, we don't care that you want to be able to hack your PS3. What we care is that for days we can't play, can't stream Netflix, etc....and that is 100% your fault. You have abused all of us for your own selfish ends. I hope Sony finds a way to lock you out of hacking PS3s forever, then you can go find something else to amuse your destructive tendencies with and stop abusing all the rest of us with your little projects.
Anonymous   Obvious Troll is Obvious.
Anonymous   I am a troll because I don't agree with you guys interfering with my use of a product I purchased? You guys don't like that Sony won't let you hack...yet you guys prevent us from even using the product as advertised. I am pissed! Does that make me a troll? Fine, whatever. You guys are incredibly selfish. Who cares about your "mission". We certainly don't. My house-bound 70 yr old mom streams Netflix, an important pleasure to her. If she were posting, do you think she'd care about your freaking "mission"?
Anonymous 2011-04-22 02:24:11
thx 4 teh lulz

maybe buy ur mum a DVD?

enjoy bluray b4 sony takes it away to
Anonymous   You guys are all selfish children, & terrorists. What's next, you guys going to blow-up a nightclub to raise attention over this "critical" jailbreaking issue?
Anonymous 2011-04-22 04:40:56
You are paranoid.

Anon didn't do this one dumbass.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 04:51:07
I don't believe Anon. They took credit for taking it down before.

Either Anon is attacking now. Or they've told others how to do it, and are happy to see it continuing. Or they did enough damage recently that it's causing problems now. Any way you slice it, Anon is responsible.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 12:02:24
"They took credit for taking it down before."

>implying Anon wouldn't have taken credit again this time, for some reason?

Your logic fails.
Anongay   Like ur face, enjoy beeing a virgin for the rest of your life. LOLZ
Anonymous   Good one.
Anonymous   Hmmmm Uk Nerdsss ! Ahahahaha Kids Have No Fuken Lives go get sum pussy Yu God Damn Jew, Instead of staying home Learning how to hack Sony , ahah uMad bruh ya u mad umad , umad , umad bruh bruh , u mad yep , ur mad , u mad bruh , your mad , your very MAD! yeeee yu mad bruh bruh ye yu mad ! YU MAD ! kids mad , he mad , yu mad ? ye u mad bruh bruh , No pussy ? yu mad ? no girl ? your definetly mad , lol yu mad bruh bruh , DAMN UK Nerds . UR MAD!
a somebody   you guys need to start acting more mature, I mean you can insult people, but try being a little more creative, mmkay?
Anonymous   Anonymous is repsonsible for everyting bad that ever happens to anyone. Even if they didn't do it, they existed at the time it happened so it must be theri fault.
Anonymous   Anon didn't do it. I believe it. I think the problem is that everybody who is planning on hacking something, uses the name 'Anonymous' => gives Anons a bad name. They have no leader, if there is a discussion if they are going to attack sony's PSN or not. Everybody who is against Sony think: we are anonymous, we can do it. everybody who is against, just don't... Leaders aren't always good, but in this case, it's just hard. It will never be good.
Hate Anonymous   You already took responsibility now u are taking it back because the world hates you now. Once again you stupidy has dug u a hole and you are trying to lie ur way out. WE DON'T BELIEVE U!
Anonymous 2011-04-22 14:37:32
an Anon DDoS, as opposed to any other, is conducted by volunteers - by definition they can't be done without people knowing about it

IF the PSN outage is the result of a DoS of some sort, it's not one being carried out through Anon organisational channels
FBI, Agent Douglas    all I.P. addys from the attack point right back to anonymous main site and irc channel so yes you are the ones responsible and the fact that real players in the hacking scene are coming out of the woodwork sort of speak to hunt you down shows me that you did do it. some facts cant be altered ever. you did it, you realize that you have now majorly fucked up and you are scared. wait till the swat teams beat in your doors. you like to coordinate an attack. I dont think having fully automatic weapons pointed at your heads was in the game plan, but thats how it's going down. a coordinated attack in REAL LIFE on you, not online. Be prepared because WE ARE COMING FOR YOU.
Anonymous 2011-04-25 19:28:00

I'd say "nice try", but it wasn't
Anonymous   >implying anon gives a flying fuck about public opinion
Anonymous 2011-04-22 05:05:08

Tell me this, was 9/11 performed by muslims too?

You really asked if they're going to blow up a night club because they took down PSN weeks ago (they're not responsible for this btw).

Sometimes I wish survival of the fittest actually was a law and we could get rid of the dumbasses in this world like yourself to lower the statistic of stupids running around.

Baddie gonna bad in an anon thread...
Anonymous 2011-04-22 06:47:06
Yes, "terrorists" is over-stating things. But it expresses the gist that you guys don't give a crap what you do to innocent bystanders.

Either Anon is attacking now. Or they've told others how to do it, and are happy to see it continuing. Or they did enough damage recently that it's causing problems now. Any way you slice it, Anon is responsible.
Anonymous   Technically, this would be cyber-TERRORISM, which is illegal (kinda why it has the word TERRORISM in it). So, with that being said, I heard Gitmo was nice this time of year. Maybe they could learn a few things from real terrorists, like, oh, I don't know, where the door to their mom's basement is, so they can get the fuck out of it, and stop messing with people.
Anonymous416 2011-04-23 03:12:55
HAH. Your fat ass couldn't survive today outside your safehaven you call your mother's basement.
But in a serious note, what if that kid's underaged? You must understand that the internet is comprised of all ages. You can't simply stereotype bad spelling as a retard. It's the same as me calling you a fatty, fatty.
Anonymous   Y U NO GET IT
Anonymous   Fucking 'terrorists'? What? You brainwashed fool. Do you have any fucking clue what real terrorism is? I suggest you see 9/11 and shut your fucking mouth about not playing PSN. What a fucking disgrace you are to people who lost loved ones to actual terrorism. This is the future of america... everything is fucking terrorism.
Anonymoose   beware the child terrorists!
Anonymous 2011-04-22 02:25:41

We get off our asses to defend someone facing jail against a corporation, and the only time you get off your ass is when you can't vege in front of the TV.

I don't know how many times I wished it were us from every time one of you fat twunts came in whining.
Anonymous   Selfish...because you don't care how you impact anyone else as your pursue your "critical" mission. I'm sympathetic to people wanting to jailbreak devices...I'm not sympathetic to selfish people using terrorist activity to advance their personal agenda.
Anonymous   terrorist? You watch too much FOX news.
Anonymous   You're "attacking" a bunch of innocent bystanders to advance your personal cause. That makes you terrorists.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 02:35:08
Your ps3 isn't broken, your pc isn't broken. Psn is down for three days. ooommmmgggg.

Besides, Anon didn't down PSN anyway.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 02:38:29
We can't stream Netflix, we can't play online, it's 2 primary functions for my family are gone.

Sure, Anon CLAIMS they didn't do it. Maybe. But even so, they launched the whole attack idea, probably told others how to do it, thus enabling supposedly "rogue" members to continue it. Probably with Anon's tacit blessing.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 02:42:03
To ddos something that large you can't have five "rogue" members do it unless they have a warehouse of pcs. Anon did NOT do it. Amazon went down the same time as psn. It's an error with cloud networking.

Oh heaven forbid your family can't be no life dirt ball christians that need technology to raise their children.

Go outside and stop blaming people. PSN will be up when sony fixes their problems. Learn the facts before you keep pissing people off.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 02:44:31
If 5 rogues can't do it, then you've just shot down Anon's own claims that it must be outsiders...clearly then, it is Anon.

Why don't you go outside & stop hacking?

Pissing people off? So, what, if I disagree with you, you're going to hack my p.c.?

Selfish children, all of you.
Anonymous   It's neiither. Anon had nothing to do with it. Amazon also went down due to the same technology. It's called cloud networking and no one anon or some average joe tampered with it. No, I won't be hacking your PC. I'm not a hacker or anon. I'm just a free thinker.
Anonymous   There isn't a single "cloud network" that every online company is all using to run their online activity. Sony's servers going down have nothing to do with Amazon's servers going down. The Internet is still working fine for's at their server end where Anon's attacks have messed things up.
Anonymous   They are saying that it's the same type of technology that's having problems, not that one has something to do with the other.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 03:51:03
or it could be sony's shity ass PoSN?

think before you speak.. it's not that hard..
Anonymous   Sure. Years without an outage like this. Then Anon starts attacking. Then, coincidentally, a severe outage? Nope.
Anonymous   Once amazon went down everything in the playstation store could be downloaded for free and Sony had no choice but to shut down psn
Anonymous   Utter b.s.
Anonymous   I was online in the store when it happened. Absoloutlyneverything could be downloaded for free even people on sonys forums said everything was free
Anonymous   I don't believe you. I just Googled. There'd be at least 1 story from at least 1 credible news source if that happened. I think you're an Anon member trying to spread lies.
Anonymous   Sony is trying to cover everything up and say as little information as possible if anything would have been posted about it they would have it taken off the web on the spot like they have with a ton of other articles
Anonymous   Uh... what?
Anonymous   Sony doesn't have that power. Even the government couldn't kill a story if a lot of people knew about something that had happened.
Anonymous   the sheep says "baaaa"
Anonymous   Have you noticed that even murderous, tyrannical governments in the Mid East can't keep news a secret? Neither could the U.S. gov't. Or Sony.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 05:32:34
right.. keep telling yourself that..

Anonymous   lulz tooo troooooooooooo..... mmmmbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaAAAAAaaaa....Baaaa.
Muz 2011-04-22 21:03:15
What incredible debating skills we're seeing here. "Baaaaa", followed by " lulz tooo troooooooooooo..... mmmmbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa baaaaaaAAAAAaaaa....Baaaa".

The facts are thus:-

a) If it is indeed Anonymous who are to blame then they are being no better than the corporate evil that they seek to teach a lesson to, in that they are deciding when and if PSN users are allowed to use online features. In fact, by making decisions for all of us, the lose the moral high ground that they may have had to begin with. Affecting 70 million users because of a minority on a crusade rapidly loses support for said minority.
b) If the outage is to do with the Amazon crash and Sony are using it to make Anonymous or A.N.Other group of hackers look like the bad guy, then tbh, it's pretty decent marketing.

None of us know what's going on. Although Anonymous have denied responsibility, we can't be sure that they''re telling the truth. Likewise with Sony.

Both side are now enmeshed with each other and neither has the total right on their side.

I saw a couple of people mention that this is a deliberate attack on Sony to force people away from PSN and onto XBox Live to make a statement. What statement would that be? We don't like you, big, bad Mr. Sony, we're all off to play with Bill Gates' machines. The biggest corporate bastard on the planet.
Anonymous   some would argue there's still an important semantic difference between "decent",as used above, and "effective"
Anonymous   You clearly have no idea how things work do you? I assume you mean the Amazon cloud going down meant that transactions stopped going through. If a step of a purchase is unable to be completed because of technical complications it doesn't just skip over it, it cancels the whole thing, Sony isn't stupid.
Anonymous   Just a side comment. Anon couldn't "tell" people how to take down a multibillion dollar corporation network. The DDOS was meant to simply remind them hackers exist and can cause annoyance. If a few hackers are behind this current downtime they are more than likely skilled in their own right and no one "told" them how to do anything. Hacking isn't like making a pizza. It's not for the weakminded. but seriously? Get off your ass and go outside, it'll be fixed eventually and you wont die cause you can't play Co-Op Portal 2. People did DO things before games existed.
Anonymous   Anon has no right to decide whether or not I'm allowed to use the PSN.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 19:05:07
the game being played on all sides is not about rights, but capabilities

no single Anon has the capability to deny you access to the PSN, but as was shown by the initial downing, enough people who feel similarly, acting together, can do just that and (as seen elsewhere), much more

that's a powerful message for governments and corporations, and one which, with a little perspective, you might come to appreciate
Anonymous   to be clear that "with a little perspective" should be read as "when you stop being such a selfish child"
Muz    I wholly agree.
Anonymous   Your family could just go outside.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 04:44:41
We are not advancing anything.

We got media attention.

That's it.
Anonymous   what wrong with FOX news
Anonymous 2011-04-22 04:43:01
Terrorists kill people.

Nobody died.

You're paranoid. It's not about his PS3. He was going to have to pay huge and possible go to jail.

Hello, fucking priorities.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 04:53:25
Yes, "terrorists" is over-stating things. But it expresses the gist that you guys don't give a crap what you do to innocent bystanders.

If he wants to fight some personal battle against license agreements that he doesn't agree with, the legal problems he then runs into are his problem, not mine. He shouldn't thrust responsibility for his own actions onto me.
Anonymous   that stupid ass hacker george should go to jail, you bunch of gay ass nerd little shits should all go to jail, why not buy the console and play the games the way they were meant to be played instead of hacking them and making yourselves feel "special" because you can shoot through walls and shit in cod or some other crap like that, build your own console if your so damn smart and fuck with it anyway you want thats what i say, faggots
Anonymous   well, building a console cost billions, sony invested over a billion into the ps3 alone, development etc. The reason George Hotz hacked his console was not to Download illegal warez onto it. it was to use linux. His jailbreak didnt even allow the capabilities to play .iso games on it. Someone else added that functionality later on. Altho Anonymous did not have to go to the lengths of DDosing sony, I actually agree with them on one thing: The guy bought the ps3 for himself, he should have the right to do whatever he wants with it. Sony doesnt think that way. In sony's eyes we are just buying the rights to use the console, not buying the console itself. If you dont believe me, read the court documents from the case at .
not a sheep   Absolutely !!
Anonymous   Yeah, he is getting sued and going to jail because he BROKE THE FUCKING LAW, and he violated Sony's policies which he had to agree to when he started using PSN. Sony has every right to do what they are doing to him, and these Cyber-terrorists have no right to interfere. I don't give a fuck about this guy's life, for all I care he could be publically executed. He broke the fucking law, and that has consequences, and now some group thinks it's ok to fuck with everyone's lives because they think he shouldn't have to face the consequnces of his actions. In my opinion you should all go to jail, or be publicly executed. I would definitly go out and see that.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 19:56:58
do you people understand that there have been ongoing battles (both ideological and military) for centuries to prevent the law from becoming the totalitarian nightmare you seem to believe it is?

maybe you should move to somewhere whose laws are more in touch with your values rather than seeking so intently to undermine the values that people infinitely better in every way than yourself have fought so long and hard to establish
Anonymous 2011-04-22 05:50:52
Who was facing jail? And didn't they settle anyway?

BTW, Sony is a Japanese corporation, and in case you didn't know, there's a lot of goodwill towards that nation right now due to the fact that *a good deal of their country was destroyed and a good number of their people were killed by an earthquake and tsunami*. So, that timing thing is sort of a bitch, no matter how much you hate Sony.

Also, even if it is an internal PSN problem, blaming Anon was a brilliant move because it's clearly undercutting support for Anon. I ought to know; I was at the Scientology protests in my city, unmasked arguing with the "church" folks. But this move seems sort of counterproductive and a little stupid. I've got no real dog in the hunt over the geohotz issue, other than that he sort of comes off as an arrogant little prick, so I'm sort of less likely to care what happens to him anyway. The messenger is kind of key to the perception and reception of the message, and all that.

Additionally, the Anon FB post that alludes to responsibility didn't do the cause any favors. Nor does the constant waffling between denial and self-righteousness.

Try to pull it back together and get on to some good work.
Anonymous   Either Anon is attacking now. Or they've told others how to do it, and are happy to see it continuing. Or they did enough damage recently that it's causing problems now. Any way you slice it, Anon is responsible.
Anonymous   The flipflopping is largely due to the decentralized nature of anon. While the whole "chaotic hivemind" deal is what makes anon a formidable force it is not without its drawbacks. The "waffling", as you put it, is a manifestation of this.
Anonymous 2011-04-23 02:04:36
So one wronged individual is worth wronging millions?I don't know who did it.But If i were ever guilty of something.It would be playing my games and never disturbing anyone.You want people on your side yet ruin the fun of the people who mostly support anonymous gamers,nerds and geeks.I think this is utterly ridiculous.If you wanted our support for geohot i think theres less drastic ways to spread the word.The scintology shit was priceless and im glad anonymous put those scammers in their place.But if you wanted everyones attention you went about it the wrong way.You wonder why you have gamers bashing on here?Well since anonymous and i love v for vendetta so much heres a quote.

"If your looking for the guilty party,you need only look in a mirror."
Anonymous   Amen brutha! My PS3 is also down but who cares. Just do something else right. Can believe how many whining cunts there are on here. Get a life clowns. Fucking slaves to the corporation.
Anonymous 2011-04-24 16:26:12
I'm still able to stream Netflix, even with the failed sign-ins.

Also, your frequent use of "you guys" leads to the impression that you think every Anonymous commenting here is in on it.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 02:25:30
something tells me if you have a ps3, you have a computer, and your family can suffer with watching movies on it, or not. how about just go retro and get the dvd?

what real abuse have you had because of this? you havent been entertained by something outside your own imagination for a few days? people are being sued and/or being fined for learning and teaching each other to be better at their own skills. how is learning and teaching (legal) skills illegal?

you may not listen, you may not even entertain this thought. but we hope you do.
Anonymous   What a pain in the neck all your options are. You guys ARE Sony...telling us what we can do with our PS3...which is to say, you let us do nothing with it. So you've decided it's your place to enforce what you feel like we should be able to do with our PS3s? Screw you. I'm sympathetic to people wanting to jailbreak devices...I'm not sympathetic to selfish people using terrorist activity to advance their personal agenda.
Anonymous   I'm surprised you didn't say terrorististical agendaness, Bubba.
Anonymous   Yes, "terrorists" is over-stating things. But it expresses the gist that you guys don't give a crap what you do to innocent bystanders.
Anonymous   you guys are a bunch of circle jerking pivot men with nothing in your pathetic lives to keep you from hanging ya selves, so you fuck with other peoples shit. do ya self a fuckin favor and put ya hands in a blender.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 02:26:23
You could just download movies via torrent then TVersity them to your ps3. Netflix is so 2006.

Or you could just go outside.
Anonymous   That would be a pain to figure-out how to do. I have no interest. You guys ARE Sony...telling us what we can do with our PS3...which is to say, you let us do nothing with it. Why don't you stop hacking and "just go outside"?
Anonymous   Mediocre life you have. It'd be "a pain" to learn something educational. I am not anon, do not reference me as anon. Anon isn't telling you what to do with your systems, they are allowing you to do as you please with it. I heard somewhere that the charges were dropped and they will settle outside of court with geohot...which may mean modding will still continue. That opens plenty of doors for ps3 users.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 02:51:17
I have better things to do with my life, which you know nothing about, then to screw around with torrent. I have other things I'd much rather learn than how to work-around Anon's attacks on my PS3 usage.

Anon IS effectively telling me what to do with my not letting me do anything with it, because of their PSN attack.
Anonymous   I'm not interested in the doors they've opened. I'm interested in using my PS3, which they are preventing.
Anonymous   your able to use your PoS3 just fine bro.. it's the PoSN your havn't issues with... and like it or not The Hivemind didn't do it..
Anonymous 2011-04-22 04:18:14
I can't play online. I can't watch Netflix. The 2 things I want to do with my PS3.

Anon did it. They're either attacking now. Or they told others how to do it, and are happy to see it continuing. Or they did enough damage recently that it's causing problems now. Any way you slice it, Anon is responsible.
Anonymous   Im tired of being told to go outside.Thats something you tell a child.Im a 22 year old man.It's been storming here for over a week.Next mother fucker tells me to go outside im strapping his ass to a lightening rod and putting his ass on a roof. XD
Anonymous   I second this^
Anonymous   Although the network is down, I have been able to use netflix just fine. As I am upset about not being able to play online, Anonymous is not against the user, just the corporations that abuse them. Either Sony is having a issue all on their own, or someone acted on their own. In my understanding, Anonymous will shutdown playstation store, not shutdown the ability to play games online. I am in full support. It's not just about being able to hack into the ps3, but a freedom that allows you to do what you want with what you have as long as it doesn't alter someone elses freedom. Whatever happened to psn, I would like to be able to get on again, but if it means going without to help against a twisted corporation/government then I'm all for it.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 04:21:13
You can't stream Netflix if you can't login.

Anon is against the user, they have attacked all of us. Sony has not abused me, only Anon.

Either Anon is attacking now. Or they've told others how to do it, and are happy to see it continuing. Or they did enough damage recently that it's causing problems now. Any way you slice it, Anon is responsible.

Anon is attacking my freedom, Sony is not. Anon are the only twisted ones here.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 19:42:18

I choose to drink East India Company(TM) tea(TM) because of its superior brewability(TM) and its full aroma and unbeatable taste.

Who the fuck are these 'Sons of Liberty' to decide for me that I can't enjoy the only tea(TM) that really soothes and satisfies me after a long day?

I go along to my neighbourhood East India Company(TM) store to replenish my stocks, only to learn that it's been dumped into Boston Harbor.

Fuck you, Sons of Liberty!

The East India Company(TM) have only my best interests at heart, it is YOU who have wronged me, and history will record how you were punished for the greatest crime of all: temporarily inconveniencing a myopic serf.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 20:30:24
"A great empire has been established for the sole purpose of raising up a nation of customers who should be obliged to buy from the shops of our different producers, all the goods with which these could supply them. For the sake of that little enhancement of price which this monopoly might afford our producers, the home-consumers have been burdened with the whole expense of maintaining and defending that empire...

It cannot be very difficult to determine who have been the contrivers of this whole mercantile system; not the consumers, we may believe, whose interest has been entirely neglected; but the producers, whose interest has been so carefully attended to..."

-Adam Smith, 1776
Anonymous 2011-04-23 10:09:59
Yes you can, dipshit. Just press circle every time it complains. But wait, you have got this all figured out, surely you were competent enough to have realized that already?

Depending on how long you have owned the system, Sony has abused you by removing features included with the system at the time of purchase. That is attacking your freedom. Admit it, what you want is not freedom.

We are twisted? Do you hate us? Do you hate our sense of entitlement? Do you despise how our politics have affected the manner in which you may waste your life?

We don't give a fuck. We are just in it for the lulz.
Anonymous 2011-04-24 09:58:04
> You have no sympathy from me anymore, or my family & friends

Of course, we had your sympathy until fighting for free speech slightly inconvenienced you, right? Go fuck yourself, turncoat.
Anonymous   I am a troll but only because I look up to anonymous you guys are my heroes
Anonymous   Nobody truly understands what the motifs are in all of your doings and if they did they would see things in a different light
Anonymous   I've read about their motives. I stopped caring when Anon attacking my PS3 usage. I'm sympathetic to people wanting to jailbreak devices...I'm not sympathetic to selfish people using terrorist activity to advance their personal agenda.
Anonymous   They have specifically stated days ago that they were done with attacking because geohot and Sony settled in court. This is because amazon servers are having trouble and everything in the playstation store was for free and Sony had no choice but to shut everything down
Anonymous   B.S. I should believe Anon's claims? Why? Even if they officially stopped, they encouraged attacking, probably showed people how to do it, so, ultimately, it's their fault it's still happening.
Anonymous   so by your dumbass logic, anyone who shows someone else how to shoot a gun is at fault for everything they do with that gun?
Anonymous 2011-04-22 04:25:44
If I teach an irresponsible, mal-adjusted person how to kill people with a blow to the spine, I bear some responsibility for what they do with that knowledge.

If I teach a North Korean scientist how to build a nuclear bomb, I bear some responsibility for what happens.

If I teach a bunch of selfish, immature, irresponsible children how to take out their petty anger on a bunch of PSN users, I bear responsibility for what they do.

You don't show selfish babies how to use a gun in anger. Because they'll use it. When they get angry. Because they didn't get their candy or whatever b.s. pisses them off.
Anonymous   Bottom line, fuck off. Noone gives a shit if Sony sued him. HALF Of us didn't even know he got sued so why would you hurt the consumer? If you were smart, you would have profited "x" amount of money that Geohot was charged. Of course you have to do something that in the end wasn't worth it....
Anonymous 2011-04-22 02:30:34
I give a shit. I pay 60$ for an OPENED case at some shitty electronics store then the greasy emo kid puts his hands all over a disc and I pay full price for an opened, handled game.

Because of him I can now download ps3 games and play them. Eventually I can play NES games, the ps2 games that don't work on ps3 and N64 games on a ps3. Why wouldn't someone want that information and just because he's a free thinker who modified his own ps3 that he paid for, he will be sued.
Anonymous   I don't care. Our PS3s have served us just fine as-is. Until Anon attacked all of us.
Anonymous   hes getting sued because he was using his modified shit on the damn networks and illegaly d.loading shit from their store. if he modified his shit and just played single player without any connection to their network. you really think they would give a damn. NO he was iterfering with their network with un-authorized shit. that is completly fair that they sued him and tried to put him in jail
Matt 2011-04-25 04:34:37
I completely agree. After skimming through all these posts I've deducted you're all either two kinds of people:
1. Thinking intelligently like this post above.
2. Saying their heroes, or something to that regard.
Either way, they are retarded. It's some pathetic hackers throwing a temper-tantrum because they're not allowed to hack a console and STEAL content by downloading it freely.
To all the damn naysayers, I'm pretty sure if you were in the Video game market you would not want your hardwork and money being distributed for free. Sony was completely right in bringing this fucking loser to court, and they were the nice ones who settled out, when he could have potentially went to prison for his illegal actions. Think critically for once people, in all likeliness, this attack is Anon's fault, it's as clear as OJ's guilt. That said, can people also stop bringing in conspiracies and other shit to the table. If you're going to debate, do it with some dilligence and intellect.
Anonymous 2011-04-27 01:59:16
3. Peoples who think in absolute and think they are the absolute truth.

Was the complain only because they sued him? NO. It's because of the scale it took. Sony taking down videos merely showing the hack, Sony tracking the IP of peoples who visited the site, view or commented on the video. It is a denial of information and liberty.

Sony protecting their PS3? Yes. Sony acting like dictators of the internet? No.
Anonymous   Thank you for admiting you are a selfish twunt who would walk over a bleeding man to get to your precious PSN.
Anonymous   WE'RE SELFISH? We're consumers. I have no sympathy for someone getting sued for the correct charges. He has nothing to do with Sony and should NEVER have created Challenge Lobbies. Now because of YOUR selfish act, the people that play this game for fun, and the people that ONLY have a PS3 not an xbox, are forced to do nothing over a long weeked. Good job anon, you really proved a point.......
Anonymous   Selfish?! My God, do you idiots even listen to what comes out of your moths?!?! You are about the most self-centered and selfish little cunts that there is!!! YOU belong as Sony's bitch and ass buddy.....have fun with those Depends you'll have to wear from years of having your ass reamed out!
Anonymous   Stop being such an elitist
Anonymous   Stop being such a faggot
Anonymous   If a man decides to throw himself under a bus, he should expect to bleed, and not attack me because I'm not running over with bandages. You guys are the selfish ones.
Anonymous   Hm, so we all have to suffer? Have you thought for one second that what you're doing is wrong? YOU are so fucking selfish it's not even funny. You're not doing this for geohot, when did he once ever ask for your help? Charges were dropped dumb cunts. Get over it, and don't hack Sony again. It's HONESTLY not a big deal.
Anonymous   Selfish? So because I want to sit and do nothing while a man who broke the law goes to jail or gets sued, I'm "selfish?" So, using your logic, I should jump up and make sure that murders and rapists stay out of jail, or else that would be "selfish." No, what's selfish is the bunch of little whinny brats who don't want their fucking messiah to get sued for breaking the law and violating Sony's policies, attacking the PSN and the over 50 million people who use it. You guys are fucking retarded. You guys may know how to use a computer, or a PS3, but you're all still fucking retarded.
Anonymous   +1
Anonymous 2011-04-22 06:19:17
Maybe you SHOULD know. Maybe you should realize that if they can simply "decide" to remove certain clauses in their contracts and change the rules whenever they feel on a device that YOU paid anywhere from $300-700 for that belongs to YOU, then they can surely continue to do it.

The only way Anon could get the point across was to piss off the consumers i.e. the fucking money. Hit them in their pockets and they pay attention.

The point is NOW you know. Now you see the injustice. Now you can do something, say something or continue being a mindless fucking sheep. The majority of you will just continue to be SHEEP, but maybe a few will recognize, learn and become a part of the free thinking revolution.
Anonymous   and if you guys are so high and mighty about your cause. why do you gyus hide behind the name anonymous? why dont you come out and show yourselves for everyone to see. but you dont you hide behin your masks and demand shit just like those punk ass sand niggers i shot in IRAQ. even though they had masks on at least some of them showed themselves for the fight though not smart on their part because thy were to fuckin stupid to sight their weapons. im not callin you terrorist but i am saying you do some of the same punk ass things they. and that is not an example you want follow. chicken shit
Anonymous   You have issues. And a weak argument.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 06:57:48
I don't care.

I do care that Anon has decided I don't get to use the PSN. You don't give a crap what you do to innocent bystanders.

Elitist immature selfish children
Anonymous   This...induced no lulz.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 02:43:30
The fact that a bunch of fatbeards got no fun from Sony's own mistakes is lulz, kinda.

To the fatbeards:

Sorry, I actually was against hitting PSN, but after yesterday's bawwwwwfags invaded, I'm quite for it. Go outside you fat morons. Your life doesn't revolve around PSN.
Anonymous   And you prove my point. Anon is a bunch of selfish children.
Anonymous   And it wasn't Sony's mistakes, it's Anon's attacks.
Anonymous   i am a ps3 owner and a cod player, and i support anonymous, i have not hacked my ps3 but if i want to i will....i cannot play cod boo hoo o well im off out for a game of football :)
Anonymous   Same here. I play bops on the regular. I'm not anon. I support anon. Oh darn, psn is down, guess I'll go skate.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 02:49:21
Some people just don't get it.

Who is john galt?
Anonymous   A neo-conservative prick.
Anonymous   +1
Anonymous 2011-04-22 03:07:15
look at me I'm educating my family throught a ps3 and with psn down we have to look for something else to do and possibly go outside.
No one of these gamerfags have made a valid point here, just childish rants cause they cant play.
Anonymous is NOT here to help you, anonymous is a double edge sword it can help you today and fuck you in the ass tomorrow.
I'm a ps3 user and I had a masive amount of lulz from all these self righteous faggots thinking their support is needed in any way.
Anonymous   Anon has no right to tell me what to do with my time.
Anonymous   You have no right to tell Anon what to do with their time.
Anonymous   I am not attacking Anon. Anon is attacking me, by taking away my PSN usage.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 14:34:26
If you think taking away your gaming time is "attacking" you got another thing coming kid.

I wouldnt have hit sony before, but with all the bawww fuck it, its kinda starting to sound funny.
Anonymous   What the fuck are you educating them on? How to pwn noobs from half a map away with a sniper rifle?
Anonymous   im glad this happend it promted me to look in to the problem and discover anonymous i have spent the day educating myself about anonymous i dont watch tv or read the papers let alone the goverment controlled news giants so sadly i have been in the dark about the movement the only indoor entertainment i partake in is my ps3 i am not mad i am exstatic that people are doing something most of you have been lulled by the man with nonstop entertainment so that they can take your civil rights as for the mask you have to understan if corporate controlled countries know who are making waves going against the grain end up dead ask kennedy,martin luther king, john lennon,and the list goes on endlsly so most people wont stand up.alot of people have stage friet but the mask makes it easier to stand and be heard the same way pamperd little brats get to be cod trash talking thugs but would never be able to be in real life i hate were mankind is heading with evrything going on around us to be mad at were focused on not being able to play on line wake up people join a cause make a diffrence think of it this way if we all took one hour a week out of our gaming a week and apllied ourselvs collectivly we can make a diffrence i have been a loyal ps3 user since the beginning its worth the sacrafice to piss people off to bring awarness and make a difrence i am not mad i am now ANONYMOUS thank you for enlightening me and making me aware that others feel the same as i and are doing something about it pluss i have the urge to watch v for vendetta lulz
Anonymous   +1
Anonymous   Ever heard of punctuation, you illiterate?
Anonymous 2011-04-22 03:16:20
LMAO What a bunch of lame, snot-nosed little bastards on here. I have a PS3 as well, but I also HAVE A FUCKING LIFE!!! I would suggest that you get one as well.

Anonymous DID NOT do shit to PSN, so why don't you little brain-dead nerd fucks go blame the REAL problem and stop showing your stupidity on here! Quiet frankly, we don't have the ability to crash both Sony's American AND European PSN servers, but thanks for thinking so highly of Anon all the same.

Now why don't you go on into you little bedrooms and pop up some webporn and hammer on that little thing that you call a dick for awhile to pass the time til SONY pulls their heads out of their asses and fixes THEIR problem.

Thank you and please go fuck yourselves!
Anonymous 2011-04-22 03:41:49
Anon's already taken credit for downing the PSN. Obviously they can do it. Are still doing it.

Anon has no right to tell me what to do with my time.
Anonymous   the hivemind isn't doing shit to PSN... think about it..
Anonymous   Either Anon is attacking now. Or they've told others how to do it, and are happy to see it continuing. Or they did enough damage recently that it's causing problems now. Any way you slice it, Anon is responsible.
Anonymous   Copy pasta
Anonymous   Yeah, so?
Anonymous 2011-04-22 03:16:26
Then stay here and rant all you want, that will bring psn back up in no time. (lulz)

Everything shall be done for the lulz and guess what you are generating a big amount of them.
Anonymous   im asking. why are you guys so pissed. that you violated Sonies liscened agreement and got punished for it? it makes no sense. lets say you own a strip joint and you have fully posted on walls no touching the girls no hitting the girls play nice. if some guy dis obeys those rules. what do you do. you kick the fucker out. now lets say the guy comes back and cuts the electricity and it takes you a few days to repair. youd be pretty fuckin pissed off and want sum acction takin towards him right?
Anonymous   The U.S. government should hunt down Anon
Anonymous   aren't they still looking for that Osama guy?
Anonymous   lol
Anonymous   Fucking idiots sitting on your comps causing shit telling ppl to get a life blah blah... some of us work and enjoy coming home and relaxing. maybe you didnt "hack" or ddos or wtf ever but now about 70 million ppl hate you. Good luck going out in public once ppl know who you are.
Anonymous   cool story bro
Anonymous   what the strip joint. im just sayin its a liscenced agreement and that they broke. and their pissed that sony took the action they said they would take if it were broken. fuckin typical spoiled american who has an over sensing feeling of entiltment for some reason. but thas a whole diff basket of eggs.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 03:36:04
Did you just pull that number out of your worn out ass, or what?! Speaking of a fucking idiot sitting at a computer - Does your monitor show YOUR reflection?! You're just another retard out running off at the mouth because your poor wittle self can't play online and you want SOMEONE to blame. Why don't you bastards try blaming Sony?! Oh, that's right.....Because Sony would kick your lame asses of their boards if you even thought about running that cockhole mouth of your's like that there!!!

Blow me you waste of skin gamerfag retard!
Anonymous   lots of foul language and name calling...... way to get your point across......
Anonymous   he spelled off wrong too lulz!
Anonymous   Oooooooo.....I missed an 'f'!!!! Considering the illiteracy rate on here, I highly doubt that anyone but you noticed....Anal much?!
Anonymous 2011-04-22 03:44:23
I don't blame Sony, because Sony isn't the one attacking the PSN.

Anon has no right to tell me what to do with my time.
Anonymous   This^
Anonymous   Oh, Anon is doing it all right. Or, at the least, they told people how to do it, and are happy others are continuing the attacks.
Anonymous   it's time you guys grow up, and actually focus to target real information that people on earth need !!! we need nuclear data censored by tepco, aeia, usa gov, france, areva, those are real targets, you actually loosed 3 weeks into something that is simply ridiculous, at least have the decency to switch an operation to something serious, when something serious, has a contaminaded northern emisphere with radiation (fuck iodine, all media speak about it, we need to know the other particles that have far longer lifespan, particls that are really going to fuck the people, the earth in the long run, don't forget, some radiation is something, a long term accumulation is another, grow up and start using your strenght to something that matters !!!
Anonymous   Anon's a bunch of selfish children, they only care about b.s. like hacking PS3s, not about important stuff like you're talking about.
Anonymous   i wish there was a webcam at sony ps headquarters . . .
pissed off psn user 2011-04-22 03:45:11
OMG Anon u say it's not u but as u sent the msg to sony if it's u or not yer fucked. i think it was u but thats me.
if it was not u it was becose of you and u can't say it wasn't you are up set cos they where getting sued well let's look y becose they opend the ps3 to play ps2 and N64 games prob not becose they opend the ps3 so they cud download (= theft) YES my god sony did him for that well NO SHIT.
becose of u (ether direct or indirect) my PSN is down that i pay for (psn+ meber) so i'm lossing money that i work hard for i can't play the games online that i payed for all becose u have a stick up yer ass well on b-harf off all psn users THANKS FOR FUCKING IT ALL UP ASS HOLES.

p.s and sitting on here getting pissy with all the pissed off players and telling them wot to do... hang on is't that wot you didn't like about sony telling you wot u cud or cud not do with the ps3 i think so. so u are worse the sony the one's yer pissed off with bcose thay stop some u (or who ever) have stoped all of us (and don't for get when hits my pocket i only start backing sony) u r costing me my pay.
Anonymous   This
i agree   I do!
Anonymous   TL;DR
Anonymous 2011-04-22 03:53:34
Dude almost all of your text is ilegible, you should really work on your grammar instead of being here trying to make a point with the intelligence of a 12 year old.

stay in school, do some drugs, live life
Anonymous   thas your response? is an attack on his grammar? and not adressing the very true point he was making. whos the 12 yr old here?
Anonymous   You! you are twleve.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 03:48:40
To all the gamerfags failtrolling in here cause they cant play their Black cocks online.

dont like you   oh the trolls are just starting to wake up.... Soon you might realize how many people dont like you
Anonymous 2011-04-22 03:55:07
OOHH NOES, some guy who I never saw in my life and I dont even care about dont like me.

What do?
Anonymous   i thought Anonymous cared about people????? lots of oxymoron examples going on in here
Anonymous   We care about the intelligent people who can see beyond their noses and notice when there's a giant oppresing the small ones, but I guess thats not you.
Anonymous   all I wanna do is play some games man. I could give two shit about what you think is oppressing. Oppresing is hacking sites that I use because you think it oppreses you...... Amazon, ps I use and love so do millions of other people
Anonymous   Dude, anon did NOT do it go bitch at someone else why dont you go and ask around in the PS forums they are undergoing maintenance
they did it   sure they didn't...
Anonymous   so why dont you guys post who the fuck you are and wher you are located. im pretty youd be caring about who you previously stated dont care. and being opressed LMAO are you fuckin kidding go do a tour in IRAQ or one in Afghan then tell me about opression. sony made rules that you broke and now you get punished for it. you think your being opressed but by trying to get your message across youve aparently done nothing but piss alot of other people. off. your so set on this "opression" your certan of. they go do a protest outside the US hq for playstaion and dont be chicken shits and threatn attacks causing millions of others who really dont care bout your cause to be affected and pissed off at you
Anonymous 2011-04-22 04:31:42
Either Anon is attacking now. Or they've told others how to do it, and are happy to see it continuing. Or they did enough damage recently that it's causing problems now. Any way you slice it, Anon is responsible.

The "maintenance" is Sony trying to deal with Anon's attacks.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 04:53:19
This is not something you tell others so they can do it too.
This is not a game, and you sir are clueless.
Anonymous   not clueless just a shill, its fairly obvious there are only about 3 of them here, and if they arent being paid, its a fucking sad waste of time
Anonymous   No, you are selfish, terrorist children, and you don't care who you impact while you pursue your stupid agenda. Oh, you can't hack your PS3. Who cares?!? No one. I do care that Anon has decided to tell me that I can't use the PSN.
Anonymous   George Bush?
Anonymous   Whats all this talk about Georges bush?
Anonymous   Can you show me where they said you can't use the PSN?
Anonymous   By attacking it and taking it down for days, that is their way of saying "we've decided you don't get to use it". Immature, selfish children.
Anonymous   Fuck you
Anonymous 2011-04-22 03:49:42
Anyone with an elementary understanding of how to internet could simply hop on the public AnonOps IRC and see for themselves that Anon isn't trolling PSN. But of course, the Sony faithful will believe anything their corporation tells them.

Also, haters gonna hate. :3
Anonymous 2011-04-22 04:34:10
I'm not going to waste my time looking for a way to get on IRC.

And, of course, there's NO WAY AnonOps could communicate other than on that 1 chat relay. Because that's the only way people talk to each other over the Net. Only in IRC. And only in that 1 specific spot.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 05:19:17
There's a link on the top of this page, you dipshit.

And well, apparently this site was not enough of an alternative method for you?
Anonymous 2011-04-22 07:03:40
It isn't worth 1 second of my time to go look. Oh yeah, if I don't see them in IRC, then clearly there is no other possible way on the Net for them to communicate.

I'm sure they have other ways to hide setting-up this attack.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 14:42:45
Oh, you dont know irc?

Thought you said you were a gamer

Ex-Blade 2011-04-22 03:55:27
I don't really care if you guys did it or not but please leave Sony alone. Sony had the right to do what they did and they did it for us PS3 owners. They didn't want hackers to ruin our online experience so they did what they did. Please leave Sony alone. I beg you guys to leave Sony alone. You guys do anything for a online citizens then listen to this online citizen and leave Sony alone. Please if you guys care others then yourself. Please.
P.S. Please don't hack my computer, I have it for 2 years and I don't have the money to replace it.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 04:01:18
what do you mean "you guys do anything for the online citizens"?

Does this look like the salvation army? Sony violates the customers rights daily and all you people do is come here and defend their precious company.

one of us must be hacking your pc right about now for this bullshit, I sugest you press alt+f4 to activate your antivirus.
Ex-Blade   Yeah right. Sony doesn't violate our rights, please tell me how Sony violate our rights.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 04:15:32
eeeerrrmmm lets see...

>appart from the obvious removing otherOS (wich you all retards didnt care about cause it excedes you IQ to know how to use it) there is.

>the sueing people cause they messed with something they legally bought

>The asking for privates ip's to sue them aswell just for watching a video ( privacy violation)

I can see that all bitches fall in love when they get fucked in the ass cause of how diligent his customers are to defend their precious company.
Anonymous   well you might as well attack wal mart, xbox, the fucking government, north korea, ford, gm, any bank, those fast cash places, my parents, the phone company, china, .... to name a few
Anonymous   all in due time my friend, all in due time.
Anonymous   sweet, as long as you go after everone I will stop complaining about ps3. BIGGER FISH TO FRY!
Ex-Blade   First I don't love Sony and I don't get a damn to the company. Second every company sue assholes who have to do anything with privacy. Third I didn't get a chance to use Linx.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 04:44:02
You dont love sony? If I quoted you on every post you have posted here it would say quite the oposite.

how does it have anything to do with privacy? well lets just say it was the hot video of the week, or a friend sent it to you cause it was cool, or even you came across it by mere coincidence, it means you are fucked and your beloved company will be doing what it knows best give it to you up your ass.

You never had linux, its easy for you cause you didnt lose anything.

Anon did NOT do it, they are undergoing maintenance.
Why are you still here?
Ex-Blade   I did lose something for not having linux, it's called a chance to try it. I am defending Sony because Sony is right and you guys are wrong. If I get banned because of my friend being an asshole then I would blame my friend not the company who banned me. I am not blaming Anon, I am just telling Anon to fuck off!
Anonymous 2011-04-22 14:45:42
"I did lose something for not having linux, it's called a chance to try it. "

Hey bro cool story, get some rope and hang yourself
Anonymous 2011-04-22 05:02:58
Either Anon is attacking now. Or they've told others how to do it, and are happy to see it continuing. Or they did enough damage recently that it's causing problems now. Any way you slice it, Anon is responsible.

The "maintenance" is Sony trying to deal with Anon's attacks.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 04:36:44
I don't care about OtherOS.

I do care that Anon has decided I don't get to use the PSN.
Anonymous   as much as the internet doesnt care about you, isn't that ironic?
Anonymous   thats not ironic at all, go look up the definition
Anonymous   Alanis Morisette has a lot to answer for...
Anonymous   Sony hasn't abused me. Only Anon has.
Anonymous   I sure did. I didn't even have the manners to give you a kiss.
Anonymous   Nobody is out to get you. Anons just happen to like the free flow of information. Sony got in the way of that. Laws be damned, Anonymous didn't like that.
Ex-Blade   You mean piracy. We PS3 owners lost our Linx because of that and if hacking continues then I guess we will lose more features.
Anonymous   Piracy is on the list, yes. You lost features because of Sony's reactionary policies. DRM and the sort only ever hurts regular users because such companies care more about revenue than satisfied customers.
Ex-Blade   Yeah but we live in a capitalist world. Every company on this world is greedy I don't get why you guys are after Sony. Look at Nintendo, if anybody sell illegal copies of Wii games they sue them and make them pay over a 1 million dollars.
Anonymous   GeoHot wasn't selling his work.
Ex-Blade   But others will. He put the source code on his site which anyone can view and can use it for illegal use.
Anonymous   And anyone could stab someone with a pencil. Therefore, we must ban all pencils.
Ex-Blade   There is another way to stop someone from stabbing other with a pencil without banning pencils is to punish the one who did it to teach a lesson for others to learn.
Anonymous   That totally worked with the Prohibition.
Ex-Blade   Did you read 1984 by George Owell?
Anonymous   Obviously you haven't
Ex-Blade   I did apparently but you haven't. But thats not the point. I planned to have intelligent talk by coming but it seems you guys don't talk but fight.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 14:54:43
"I did apparently but you haven't."



go die fag, geohot wasnt selling anything, and equally its ridiculous to try to remove the information of how he worked out what he did.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 04:39:36
I lost no features I cared about.

Anon has decided I should lose the only feature I do care about, the PSN.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 14:57:19
If the PSN is all you care about, you sir live a sad life and I pity you, maybe loosing the PSN will be a wake up call for you.



Anonymous   Anon doesn't give a crap about what they do to people. They don't mind at all deciding that I'm not allowed to use the PSN.
Ex-Blade   If you guys are referring Brittney as Sony then you guys don't give a **** to regular online goers and Sony consumers. You guys only care for other hackers not us.
Anonymous   Who'd care for you? You're a whining contemptible cunt. You catch more bees with honey than dogshit, you konw.
Anonymous   This thread is worse than all of /v/ combined
Rather Intellectual   Netflix still works. Who the fuck said it didn't? Are you fucking retarded. Just hit the login button and it will say signed out then Netflix will load the red screen and maybe ask again. Then do it AGAIN and you are in. Man this is why I hate you fucking dolts. You wah wah wah about something not working without even trying something so easy as logging in twice to make it work. Obviously your 70 year old grandma isn't that desperate to watch the piss-poor selection that Netflix has to offer.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 06:38:15
No, it doesn't work! It yells at me over & over to login, gives me various error messages, then drops out, or just gets stuck in an endless login loop.

And thanks for having no sympathy for senior citizens who get confused on how to overcome technology's malfunctions. You're right, only hackers have the right to use their PS3, computer, the Net, etc.

Fucking immature selfish child hackers.
Anonymous   to be fair anon the fb you does seem to be taking credit for this so you can understand some ppls confusion
Anonymous 2011-04-22 04:12:03
SOME of the FB Anon pages are nothing but trolls, like many of the people posting in here. AnonOps DID NOT do this and anyone who thinks that we could have gives WAY too much credit.

Do you have any idea the shear numbers and effort that it would take to knock Sony down worldwide for 2 days like has been down?! A DDoS wouldn't do it, that's for damn sure!

And if any small group or individual did it, then my hat is off to them!

Sony says the problem is in Japan and they have NOT said that it was ANYONE who did it. Hell, who knows, maybe their servers are suffering from radiation poisoning!
Ex-Blade   You guys really a better website!
Ex-Blade   I meant you guys really need a better website!
Anonymous   We accidentally a Coca-Cola bottle.
Ex-Blade   I don't get the joke.
Anonymous   And hopefully you never will.
Ex-Blade   I hope so.
Anonymous   amen brother
Anonymous   You are the joak.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 04:42:28
I don't believe Anon. They took credit for taking it down before.

Either Anon is attacking now. Or they've told others how to do it, and are happy to see it continuing. Or they did enough damage recently that it's causing problems now. Any way you slice it, Anon is responsible.
Anonymous   If you shit yourself going to work on teh bus. Any way you slice it, Anon is responsible.
LOL   lol its not anon cuz i know who it was, but nobody is stupid enough to own up to it, you got no PSN for a few days go read a book, or write one, do something useful. If anon supposedly dose nothing useful then you should probably go check out some of the things they actually do, and if you are so worried about your precious PSN go teach yourself how to hack it and then get it back up yourself.
Anonymous   It's Anon's fault, and they have no right to decide what I should do with my time.
Anonymous   You really think people are gonna believe you when you say you're not the cause of this. We know it's you.
Anonymous   Who are we?
DaKing   Truth of the matter is, if Sony's PSN is so week that it can be hacked like this and shut down, they're not protecting your info very well. Whether this is Sony themselves or an outside source, at least it will wake them up to making their network more secure.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 04:46:57
Gee, I'm so grateful for Anon's actions now, and their attack on my PSN usage.

That's like knocking over a speeding motorcyclist and giving him a TBI...rather than just warning him he should wear a helmet.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 04:36:20
You have no source to back up that Sony even suggested that their PSN is down due to some sort of third party attack. Nothing but lies, typical of you losers.

Cry about the fact you can't leech off the gaming industry without repercussions somemore.
Anonymous   Sure. Years without an outage like this. Then Anon starts attacking. Then, coincidentally, a severe outage? Nope.
Anonaly 2011-04-22 04:49:01
You sir, are stupid. Check out the psn community page. Or other forums at which their mens are postin'. They suggested that's what it could be, they refuse to admit what is legitimately going on.

Anyway, I'm only posting on here because I really like the rug. Kbai ~lulz

Lol sony, they can't even make proper headphones.. Leave computers to the pros. )x
Anonymous 2011-04-22 04:55:54
you mean that fail post, posted by a speculating mod with no source to back him up either?

yes I saw it.
Anonymous   You mean to say that your fail paranoia, backed up by a vague itch in what was once your right testicle that was the first sign you were having a stroke inspired insight that Anonymous makes you more in the know...

Anonymous   OK, fine, PSN was one thing, but just now I tyried to make a cup of tea, and the I spilled hot boiling water all down my trousers and pants. DAMN YOU, ANONYMOUS, when will this madness end!??!?!
Anonymous   Anonymous - you are all assholes. eveyone hates your stupid shit. If you don't like Sony or Playstation, buy a fucking XBOX and leave all the playstation network users alone. Fuck you idiots. Your big picture is bullshit.
Anonymous   needz moar lulz!!!!!
Anonymous   your little picture is pathetic
Anonymous 2011-04-23 13:18:47
A cage!

A Black Iron Prison of Mind!

Cast off your mind-forg'd manacles!

Or don't
Anonymous   How much did Microsoft donate for this
Anonymous   This is exactly the thing for people who are into this sort of thing. As the thing that it is, it couldn't be more that way
...   Interesting, my friend.
Anonymous   This is exactly all off the bits which aren't the parts of the things which it isn't. It's something like that, isn't it? Or is it? I couldn't disagree with you more, or maybe I could? But then of course I'd say that wouldn't I? Or would I? Or did I already? Or haven't I? Or have I? Or isn't it? Or is it?
Anonaly 2011-04-22 05:05:51
They said they didn't do it and yet you still rage - That is good fun.

Well, I'm glad you saw it. Regardless speculation was made, but you act as if Anon pulled it out of their asses.

I wouldn't be surprised if this was caused by some angry asian kid, tbh..
Anonymous   Why would anyone believe Anon? They don't care what they do to other people. Bunch of elitist immature selfish children.
Anonymous   I don't believe you!
Anonymous   Blade.
Anonaly   Why do so many of you think Anon did this? When have they not owned up to something they have done? If they did cause this to happen they would be fucking celebrating like no other, and I assure you all of us would know it was them. You're fucking ignorant to think that they are capable of bringing down Sony to this extent, this goes way beyond their jurisdiction let me assure you. I do wish it were Anon that did this, that would be quite the landmark.
Anonymous   Why would anyone believe Anon? They don't care what they do to other people. Bunch of elitist immature selfish children.
Anonymous   I don't believe you!
EWP 2011-04-22 05:16:56
Seems like a Geohot op to me.

Anon, I hope you are learning from this.

You attacked Sony, said you would continue the attacks after the settlement, and now you'll be blamed every time the PSN goes down, whether you did it or not.

Receiving great Lulz from this. Thanks!

EWP   ...and another LEMMING...
Anonymous   You're important. I'd better listen to you.
A nun & mouse   You whiney-trollfags need to educate yourselves before ever coming on here. In fact, use this opportune moment to do so. Expand your knowledge until ignorance is no longer a part of you. When you decide to take Sony's cock out of your mouth and stop being their little bitch, then you can have your say.
Anonymous   Shut up elitist. Everyone here just want to get on the PSN and play they're games. We don't give a shit about the whole Geohot case.
Anonymous   ...a whiney-trollfag says what?
Anonymous 2011-04-22 05:34:09
It's all BS. I own a lot of assault weapons. I OWN them all legally. Now if I want to make my AK-47 full auto I can't because federal law prohibits it. But wait. I own it, its registered in my name WTF. People are dumb.

If you want to hack shit do it but don't distribute. Its that simple. As for my AK well it may or may not become full auto. If it does and I get caught I will have to deal with the consequences. No different than Geo's mess. Welcome to the party.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 05:34:38
Just a wild guess, but maybe Sony is taking this opportunity to upgrade/replace servers and tighten security, so as to prevent future DDoS attacks? Sorta pinning it on Anon to kill two birds with one stone.

Also; wow, people seem really butthurt about not being able to play CoD online or whatever. Can't you just invite some friends over and do multiplayer the old fashioned way? It's not even like you have to pay for PSN.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 07:12:31
Sony wouldn't do this all day, for days, and with a holiday weekend.

We're pissed at Anon for deciding that we shouldn't be allowed to use the PSN.
Anonymous   wull if u wanted to ues the PSN, then you shulda bought a PS3, retard! I'm playin Portalz 2 on mah PS3 & it's teh AWESOM! betcha youz jelaous!!
Anonymous   Yes, we are all completely jealous of your illiteracy.
Deadpool   Agreed, its not the end of the world
u twats   anonyous u a fat wanker, and psn will be back and stop u from hacking,your videos are bullshit and your bullshit why dnt u just fuck off
yeh   yeh i agree - u should all a fat wanker and should all stop vidoegames go and bullshit. why dont u go back to hacking liblya for teh cia agen
Anonymous   Excuse me for asking but why doesnt Anon hack into sony and find proof of their innocence? I personally dont care one way or the other. I dont care if I cant play online with a buddy. But that doesnt mean I wouldn't like to. As to the legal retribution to your comrade in arms, I doubt you will change anything with attacks on the PSN other than antagonizing the users. If you want to hurt sony get their data for projects (upcoming) and leak it like crazy to their top competitors.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 05:59:56
Nice troll. Good troll. Sweet troll. DIE TROLL!
AnonymousOne   Dont you think if Anon did this they would take credit, or at the very least ask sony to meet some demands. This isnt Anon, its sony's faulty servers again!
Anonymous   Actually you make a good point have a cookie. :D
... 2011-04-22 06:07:21
Anonymous wouldn't do this a second time, this goes against their goals. Now then
Faulty servers? Possible
Rouges? Possible
Inside job? Possible
Come on people, think about this.
EWP 2011-04-22 06:25:08
This is the problem with Anon. It does not think, it acts. Generally without thinking.

No real leadership = no structure.

No structure = anarchy.

This whole Anon thing is group think at its absolute worst.

Someone comes up with a gripe, complaint, issue etc. They suggest to the group that the issue should be dealt with through some kind of Anon action. If it gains enough snowball support then an action is taken.


Anon 1: There's a bridge that has a sign that says not to jump off it in my town. That sux.

Anon 2: Yeah that does sux. We should all go jump of the bridge at the same time. They'll never catch us all!

Anon posts video.

Anon's all over the world jump to their doom.

Freaking lemmings.

Anonymous   Lemmings is an awesome game. LEMMINGS FTW!!!
Anonymous   key phrase, overlooked in example: "If it gains enough snowball support"
Anonymous   Could Anonymous actions earlier have resulted in a negative effect later?
Anonymous   Absolutely. One of the difficulties of debugging code (I'm a programmer), is that unlike the real-world, where cause & effect are usually related by either similar timing, or spatial proximity, in the world of computers, an action on 1 computer can cause a breakdown in another one, weeks later. Depending upon what the routine interaction between those 2 computers is, of course.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 07:16:06
Anon doesn't give a crap about what they do to innocent bystanders, they've proven that already, and are proud of that.

Sure, no outage like this for years, then Anon attacks, and suddenly...coincidence? Nope.

They're hiding now, trying to avoid some user outrage, but they just can't help themselves from continuing to attack Sony.
Netflix   Actually... you can stream Netflix o_O. Whatever the problem is, whoever is repsonsible, it'll be fixed and all the losers who can't live without playing a video game for a few days can be happy once more.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 07:20:44
No, it doesn't work! It yells at me over & over to login, gives me various error messages, then drops out, or just gets stuck in an endless login loop.

I'm pissed that Anon has decided I don't get to use the PSN.
Anonymous   Anon fucking sucks go hack xbox faggets
Anonaly 2011-04-22 06:47:09
Naive retards, you act as if they planted a virus into sony's database or some shit. Stfu, their network just got rocked because they fucked up, again. This isn't the result of some DDoS attack. zzz.

Anonymous   Sure, no outage like this for years, then Anon attacks, and suddenly...coincidence? Nope.
Anonymous   Quite.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 06:49:54
Wow haha that message is awesome. lol you got to hand it to the guy for pressing "ctrl V" so many times.

Hey why dont you guys help Sony get their servers up. Pleeeease we are dying. lol
Anonymous 2011-04-22 06:52:49
Heh. It's amazing what kind of power is attributed to Anonymous. We all used to depend on government conspiracies to explain unsettling things or unexplainable events. But now we can diversify! Now we have Anonymous to explain away all of our internet ills.

Saying this is all due to Anonymous MIGHT be true... but talking about an "agenda" or "goals" with regard to the big A, besides the general concept of "lulz", is patently absurd.
Anonymous   lmfao nerd rage
Anonymous   if Anon didn't do it, maybe they will do a better job at fixing it
Anonymous   so mr anon you dont think sony can find you like how cops find serial killers? sooner or later one of you anon will slip up
Anonymous 2011-04-24 16:00:54
> you dont think sony can find you like how cops find serial killers?

Leaving aside the obvious low-hanging fruit, such as the poor spelling and punctuation, this sentence fragment reveals and worrying array of semantic and logical errors. The OP seems to be trying to remind us that Sony has a vast array of forensic specialists available to pore over the contents of sites such as this looking for... ?? ...dissident posters expressing invalid opions on the internet, and confusing regular folks who don't care for the internet and wish it would all be over like it was with garbage pail kids and the hoola hoop? wtf ??
W1ck3d_p   What I find rather interesting is I have kept my mouth shut about this ENTIRE ordeal. I know what took place with Geohotz and why Sony slammed him in court. But here's the thing, I simply cannot condone attacking a giant corporation simply because you don't agree with their business practices. I'm not saying they attacked them, but I know you have in the past. Hack your PS3 systems all you like, but Sony has every right to ban people who hack their systems and connect to their network with hacked systems. The bottom line is do you want access to PSN? Yes? Then don't hack your system. End of Story. Now because YOU feel like you have a right to demand something and attack a company the legit gamers have to suffer? That's not very fair for consumers who like to play legit is it? You claim you are the intelligent bunch standing up for people's rights? But your the first ones to cripple gamers rights to a network.
Anonymous   This
Anonymous   No, not that. Not that at all.
Anonymous? 2011-04-22 07:26:45
I've been using Netflix fine actually. It tries to log me in to PSN several times through the opening process but I just keep hitting "sign in" and then cancel after the sign in fails. After two times (pretty much thirty seconds), it gives up and just launches the Netflix queue screen.

Patience people. Just patience. Not even ingenuity is required. It's pretty much just keep clicking buttons and Netflix will work. How hard is that?
Anonymous 2011-04-22 11:08:35
Doesn't work for me. I end up in an endless loop of login attempts and error messages.

Confuses the crap out of my mom too, and she gives up very quickly.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 07:29:51

If people showed the same passion for life as they do for their stupid online games the world wouldn't be going down the crapper and their politicians would be the most honest people on the planet.

You guys slagging off Anon should be ashamed of your stupidity!
Anonymous   Anon should be ashamed of their own existence
Anonymous   Everyone in /this/ /thread/ should be ashamed of their own existence.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 07:30:02
Enjoy the weekend kids! (:

It'll be back up and you can once again spend endless hours aiming your attention to nothing but the television.

In the meantime, go do something.


Enough of the bitchin.
Anonymous   Stop with the fucking hacking. You don't get to decide what I'd like to do with my free time!
Im Not Anonymous   Why doesn't Anon think about hacking Iran's Nuclear Facilities? Or something the world would actually want.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 11:12:30
Because Anon is a bunch of selfish, immature children who only care about their petty shit. Oh, boohoo, I'm not allowed to jailbreak my PS3...who cares!

Anon would rather attack innocent bystanders, rather than do something useful.
Im Not Anonymous 2011-04-23 04:57:39

They are immature, mis-guided in there aims

Its a shame - They could do a lot of good
Anonymous   can you guys hack it and fix it for them... and then back charge the shit out of sony
Anonymous   If Geonutz actually did something constructive and beneficial to society. But devoting time to "modding" a gaming console was the best he could dream. And now, anon has decided to step in and defend what? What really could come of it? Disrupt the service of people who actually work and pay and could care less that some idiot wastes his time and so-called talents writing code to mod a game console. Brillient.
Anonymous   Brillient!
Anonymous Sucks Ass   FUCK YOU HACKERS... WTF its been 2 days and many people are BORED OF watching TV all day...
Anonymous   fags
Anonymous   i woldn't really be calling anonymous "fags" or saying fuck you to them considering they could fuck your life over if they wanted to lol
Anonymous 2011-04-22 11:14:33
Oh, real mature.

Anon sez: "Agree with my petty, immature shit, or I'll attack you".

Fucking selfish children. I hope the Feds hunt you all down.
Anonymous   +1 Go Feds !! Yay !!
Anonymous   And so it begins...
Anonymous   Haters gonna hate!
Anonymous 2011-04-22 11:37:44
PSN goes down again and Anonymous gets blammed = LOL

Anonnews goes down = LOL

Members of Anonymous in UK and USA get arrested by Scotland Yard and FBI = LOL

Anonymous = LOL LOL LOL
Anonymous   Alot of people are attacking anonymous just because they cant get on playstation network. Quite sad if you ask me. Did it ever occur to people that it could be the fault of an IT at the place sony is hosting the psn servers at? If anonymous actually did kill the psn servers, they would have admitted to it. They would have announced it. They had no reason to attack sony's servers a second time because george hotz and sony settled out of court. Also, for those who do not know the reason WHY anonymous attacked sony's servers; go to and read the court documents from sony's lawsuit against George Hotz. In those documents Sony states that they are selling the rights to use the console, not selling the consoles themselves. In sony's eyes these playstation 3 consoles are still theirs and we have no right to do whatever we want to them; even though we paid between 400 and 700 usd for them. Also if anyone who has used the playstation network actually read through the terms of service it actually states that sony reserves the right to invade your privacy by seeing what's on your consoles, what messages you send, what sites you go to on your ps3, and they reserve the right to send that information to the police. That in itself is a direct violation of our rights. This is America, we have a right to our privacy. We have a right to use something we paid for in any way, shape or form we choose. Those who violate those rights should be punished, and altho Anonymous chose the wrong way to punish sony, it proved a point to those actually paying attention to something other than themselves. Now to those complaining about the PSN being down: Go outside, spend some time with family, play with your kids. To think that just 30 years ago people werent so dependant on technology. For those complaining about "Netflix", theres a place near you called Blockbuster. Go there, rent a movie, watch it with family, return, repeat. Playstation network will be fixed soon, until then, enjoy some fresh air.
Anonymous   And anonymous is attacking Sony Coz they can jailbreak ps3, that's even sadder
Anonymous 2011-04-22 12:07:26
Actually, you didnt read my comment thoroughly, Anonymous was attacking sony because of sony's blatant disregard for our rights as americans. Should i quote myself just so you can see?

"In those documents Sony states that they are selling the rights to use the console, not selling the consoles themselves. In sony's eyes these playstation 3 consoles are still theirs and we have no right to do whatever we want to them; even though we paid between 400 and 700 usd for them."

Also: "Also if anyone who has used the playstation network actually read through the terms of service it actually states that sony reserves the right to invade your privacy by seeing what's on your consoles, what messages you send, what sites you go to on your ps3, and they reserve the right to send that information to the police."

Basically those are the reasons that anonymous was attacking sony. They dont care about the jailbreak, they actually care about the legality of the matter. What sony is doing is illegal.

I mean think about it this way.... I sell you a computer, top of the line alienware, but in order to use it I have you sign a document stating that i have the right to view whatever you do on that Alienware computer, whatever you tell your friends on facebook, whatever you say on Yahoo messenger, whatever you download and i also reserve the right to send such data to the police as i see fit. Dont you consider that illegal?
Anonymous suck   Then don't buy the computer, if I sell u a house and in the contract I say i can come in a visit u whenever I feel like with my own key would u buy it?. If you don't like it buy a different house, or an xbox.
Anonymous   Thats true, but not too many people read the contracts nowadays. They just wanna get in and enjoy themselves. I myself disagree with the tactics used to punish sony. I do agree with the mentality behind the attacks, but i dont agree with the attacks themselves.
Anonymous suck   Then learn to read dude, don't go fucking my day because you made a mistake
Anonymous   dont take this the wrong way, but how would a comment mess up your day? Im just speaking my mind, same as you. I apologize if my comment messed up your day, just wanted to try to get the air clear on this whole anonymous mess. Im just not fond of seeing people blamed for shit they didnt do. The way i see it, both sides should help each other out, anon helps fix the servers, and sony puts the other os feature in a firmware update, that way everyone's happy, but i doubt it's gonna work that way.
Anonymous suck 2011-04-22 13:25:43
You messed my day Coz I'm not using my ps3, If anon didnt do this then u are still responsible as your recent attacks exposed a vulnerability. What is very likely is you have rogues out there that are still part of your group meaning u still did this, you put the idea in their head with your hatred for Sony.

Regardless you can still use other os, you just can't use your ps3 on psn as well. If you want it so bad don't use psn and your ps3 as a game console. You can't be allowed to cheat and hack on psn anymore because it's not fair on people who want to use their ps3 as a fair online console.
Anonymous   ur days must suck. on the other hand you said they exposed a vulnerability. isnt that a good thing? imagine if Anonymous was much more evil and wasnt sorry about taking down the network. at least now Sony can increase security to protect against worse attacks from people who dont give a fuck if you ever play your gay little games again. play outside for a week and then PSN will be back and you never have to leave the house again
Impressed Free Thinker 2011-04-24 22:05:52
My reply is in no-way meant to slander you. Both of you have a valid point. The point I want to clearly make is that the comment your replying to has stated several times in various forms that he/she/they are not Anon. Please understand the comment before you reply.

United we stand, as one, for all!
Anonymous 2011-04-23 00:54:19
what if it didn't say THAT in the contract,but it did say you could could unilaterally change the terms of the contract - and then, after I bought it, you decided to but in a clause saying you could come in whenever you liked?

and when I complained, you could just point to the clause that I agreed to stating that you could change the contract?

sure, I could say 'I never expected you'd try to use it for something so patently absurd as retaining a right to enter my house or to make me choose between continuing to run Linux or to continue playing games', but you would apparently counter that the law is whatever the stronger party to the contract says it is,and anyone aggrieved should learn to get over it or risk imprisonment
Anonymous 2011-04-23 15:37:19
The main problem with this analogy is that it is totally false, and doesn't compare with the PS3 situation at all.

Let's instead go back to the old standard of shit analogies - the car.

You buy a car. It's all yours. You decide you want to replace the ECU, or fit bigger wheels or something. Obviously, this isn't a problem. However, you decide that you want to mount big spinning blades to it. Or flamethrowers. Or even just remove all of the rear lights. Again, this isn't a problem - you can do that if you want.

In the first situation, you have no problems at all - you can do it and carry on using the car as normal. When it comes to the second set of modifications, you can make them, but you can no longer take the car out on the public roads, legally at least.

The PS3 is the car. PSN isn't the car, it's the roads. You didn't buy the roads. You CAN do what you will with the car, but be aware that if you make certain modifications, you will no longer be allowed to use it in public. The PSN is exactly the same - it's a private club. Sony can kick anyone off it for any OR NO reason, and consequently any talk of terms of contracts is irrelevant. Note that they did not simply take OtherOS away - they simply decided to no longer allow consoles with OtherOS to enter said club. And, let's not forget, they did so solely because Geohot published a means of using OtherOS to gain root privileges.

Of course, this doesn't really cover what Geohot was sued for. It wasn't for modifying the PS3, nor was it for taking a modified console online, nor was it even for publishing a means of gaining root via OtherOS. Many companies would have started a lawsuit then and there, and Sony possibly should have done the same, in hindsight. Remember, at this time PS3 users already had Linux support on the PS3, and with a bit of wangling and until Geohot came along, could actually develop homebrew games without issue.

No, Geohot was sued for then going on to find a way of gaining root outside of OtherOS, and most importantly of publishing said material. He did so not for you, or "the community", or for open rights, or for the principle of the matter. He did so to satisfy his own ego, largely because Sony had spoiled his fun. He didn't want Sony to "win", simple as that. Geohot has no interest in homebrew or the indie development scene; he just goes from device to device, finding ways to subvert security, and to allow unsigned code to be run. There is no moral reasoning behind this - usually the reason why a dev or techie will choose to follow this route is that they are not sufficiently skilled to create worthwhile content themselves. Remember, it's a thousand times easier to subvert security, than it is to implement - believe me, I've done both myself.

People like Geohot are the exact reason why we have draconian DRM. It doesn't matter how many checks you put in place, how many security layers you add, he will just sit there, day in day out, trying to break past it - not because he's some kind of hero, but simply because he has nothing better to do.

I am perfectly capable of thinking for myself, I don't need "educating" about the matter, and have no use for suggestions to "go outside". I know Sony don't give 2 shits about me, and believe me, the feeling is mutual. However, having worked for 18 hours developing, (anti hacking countermeasures as it happens) I think I'll decide what the fuck I do with my time. Gaming is one of the few things that actually relaxes me enough to sleep these days.

I wouldn't like to say that Anon is totally behind all this, because let's be honest -

A) Anon couldn't organise a piss up in a brewery.
B) A DDOS attack would AT WORST cause PSN to run "a bit slow for a while".
C) Anon's idea of "proper hacking" is downloading the LOIC *and* using a proxy.

You will be your own undoing. Attacking cults and standing up for free (terms and conditions apply) speech is one thing. Hell, even attacking Sony is one thing. Attacking a public service provided BY a company is quite another. A few people have said "if you want to hurt Sony, attack their bottom line". You're quite right, it will hurt Sony - so what are they going to do about it? Their choices are either:

1) Give in to any and all demands of some bunch of script kiddies.
2) Improve security, and prosecute people attempting to disrupt their service.

I think I know which they will go for there.

So, anyway - you all have your little "war" with Sony if you like. God knows they deserve it, if not necessarily for this. However, I seem to remember having OtherOS, and developing for the PS3 myself, until a certain little selfish, egotistical cunt with an especially stupid screen name deemed it necessary to ruin it. But at least we all know now that Geohot is TOTALLY cool and l33t, and I think that's the main thing for me, us, and the consumer.
Anonymous 2011-04-23 18:51:59
first, the house contract analogy built directly from the point in the post it responded to, and was entirely apt to address that point

on the car analogy, I agree all the way down the line, but would point out that Anon's response was not about hacked consoles being banned from the PSN, in fact, that was repeatedly pointed to as a legitimate and necessary response to the situation (in contradistinction to the heavy-handed exercise of subpoena power and so on)

as to GeoHot, you may not like him or what he does, but as long as he's just picking apart the security systems that people like yourself develop, he's perfectly within his rights, just as he is to publish his findings (including, arguably, the software keys, given that they have been judicially determined to be too insubstantial to qualify as 'works' attracting the protection of copyright)

the RIAA, on announcing that they were dropping the case brought against Professor Edward Felten for seeking to publish his findings on the vulnerabilities of the SDMI DRM tech for Audio CDs in 2001, stated: "everyone benefits from research into the vulnerabilities of security mechanisms."

they dropped their case after significant embarrassment, with the government also agreeing that the DMCA anti-circumvention provisions would never be used against those merely exposing security flaws in copyright protection technologies (hence the Librarian of Congress' specified 'fair use' exemptions)

again, you may not like the idea of people out there working away at finding the holes in the systems you put together, but they have every bit as much right to do so as companies do to keep trying to lock down content
Anonymous   George hadn't signed the terms of service that precluded the modification. Sony's lawwers were overreaching. Same arguments failed when the iphone was unlocked from the ATT monopoly. Sony was just trying to hide the unfavorable precedent and steamroll George. Thanks Anon for giving him some of your juice. It made Sony settle REAL fast.
Anonymous   Fuck ur politics dickhead if you don't like the way Sony sell u the ps3 DON'T BUY IT. Your a tool for thinking u can change anything, if you were really successful there would be no xbox no ps3 no Linux no computers because there would be no value in inventing anything.
Anonymous   and the sheep says baaaa
Anonymous   Yeah I'm a sheep because I respect the law? What do you go out stealing from everyone and attacking people you don't like? ... Oh wait yes you do you pirating hacker. Your no hero mate, ur just too young to kno how the world works. I have freedoms of choice and I choose to agree with Sony, if you don't fuck off!
Anonymous   God bless america
Anonymous   Yeah typical Americans attacking innocents to prove your politics why am I not surprised. You guys a taught from a young age that if you don't like it attack it. Your the disease of the world!
Anonymous   My the diease of the world?! Baaaa Gaahhhd bless Amurka.
EWP   ...and the LEMMING jumps off the cliff....
EWP   ...look! Another LEMMING...
Anonymous   yes sheep say BAAAA BUT THE HARD CORE GAMERS SAY DIE MOTHERFUCKER DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous 2011-04-22 13:12:23
Years without an outage like this, then suddenly it happens now? It is definitely Anon. Why would I believe the innocence of a bunch of selfish, immature hackers?

They said they weren't going to stop. Ok, a few are backpedalling now, to avoid user rage, but it is them. Or a supposedly "rogue" group of them. Or someone they told to do it. Or just leftover damage from their attack causing more problems.

I've read their reasons. I don't care. Deal with it on your own, don't attack my use of the PSN. If you don't like Sony's products/terms, don't buy it.
Anonymous   u guys r assholes! all i want to do us use me ps3 and ply online. if u wanna hack, than go hack ur own ps3's AND STOP HACKING PSN>:0 THIS AFFECTS A LOT OF PEOPLE! STOP MESSING WITH SONY's SERVERS WTF!. BECAUSE OF U PEOPLE I CAN'T SEE MY NETFLIX, USE MY PS+ AND MOST IMPORTANT PLY ONLINE. FUCK U ASSHOLES!!!!!
Anonymous   maybe you fags should just play a sweet offline game, like DYNASTY WARRIORS 7
Anonymous   Maybe you should stop taking away our freedom of choice and replacing it with your stupid ideas.
Anonymous 2011-04-24 22:50:03
i didnt do anything. i have no idea what anonymous members do im a dumbass video game nerd like you. i havent even played dynasty warriors 7 cuz i cant afford ps3, but i really want to play it cuz dynasty warriors 3 was awesome.

the way i see it tho, this could all be a psy-ops by the cia. we're all fucked dude. some people will die trying to fight for freedom and some will die happily thinking they are free with controller in hand. you are just as much of a parasite as i am. even if your a cop, or a business owner, or a doctor, the elite dont give a fuck about you. but dont worry, psn will be back up soon with better security and you wont have to worry about anything
Anonymous   go hack xbox 360 and make it free and leave psn alone!!!
Anonymous   AnonOps, what a fucking joke. You're losing supporters and if you keep this shit up you'll look like legit terrorists. Don't be suprised to be hacked by your own supporters, and be given away by your 'so called friends'. And even if this was a rogue job. The hates still on you. The only good thing you 'really' ever did was Project Chanology. nuff fucking said
Anonymous-Irish 2011-04-22 12:36:49
I agree with the basic premise of Anonymous,unfortunately
you put yourselves into a position where a corporation could point your own weapon back at you.
Self Inflicted wound AnonOps.Figure out a way to control the fall out.
Sony;you make crap products,serve your customers well and the stock price will take care of itself. For Sony rear projection TV owners who got fucked over by Sony, go to Facebook's Ï have a defective Sony"page
Anonymous   That is one of the best points said here in this comment thread.
Anonymous-Irish   Thats ""I have a defective Sony" page on Facebook
Anonymous   They should stage another store protest, although I am not so sure anyone would really want to be caught by a mob of gamers wearing a Guy Fawkes' mask - hey, is that why the last one failed?
Anonymous   Please protest somewhere... Please, I will kick your scrawny little heads in!
Anonymous   Hmmm. Where would you like me to protest?
WTF   Why do soo many people claim, even anonymous, that they are responsible for PSN outage Eu and NA. And in so many comments here peole are saying the opposite, who is the actual admin in this? lol
LEGION   We are Anonymous. We are Legion, for we are many. We do not forgive, we do not forget. United as one, divided by zero. Expect us.
Anonymous   Your just a snotty kid hiding behind a name that every1 hates
Anonymous 2011-04-22 13:19:34
For those accusing anonymous, theres news as to the playstation network being down and can be seen here:

and i quote:
"As you may be aware, some customers have been unable to connect to the PlayStation Network today. This problem affects the models other than the new slim PS3.

We believe we have identified that this problem is being caused by a bug in the clock functionality incorporated in the system.

Errors include:

•The date of the PS3 system may be re-set to Jan 1, 2000.
•When the user tries to sign in to the PlayStation Network, the following
message appears on the screen; “An error has occurred. You have been
signed out of PlayStation Network (8001050F)”.
•When the user tries to launch a game, the following error message appears
on the screen and the trophy data may disappear; “Failed to install
trophies. Please exit your game.”
•When the user tries to set the time and date of the system via the
Internet, the following message appears on the screen; “The current date
and time could not be obtained. (8001050F)”
•Users are not able to play back certain rental video downloaded from the
PlayStation Store before the expiration date.
We hope to resolve this problem within the next 24 hours. In the meantime, if you have a model other than the new slim PS3, we advise that you do not use your PS3 system, as doing so may result in errors in some functionality, such as recording obtained trophies, and not being able to restore certain data.

As mentioned above, please be advised that the new slim PS3 is not affected with this error. We are doing our best to resolve the issue and do apologize for any inconvenience caused."

There ya have it, anonymous was not to blame after all.

Anonymous   btw that was posted by Patrick Seybold // Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media of sony
Anonymous   fucking moron. that was posted March 1st 2010.
Anonymous   Correction. Jan 3rd 2010
Anonymous   That is dated 01/03/2010 it's 2011 now you dick
EWP 2011-04-22 13:38:59
Aww c'mon. Let's be nice.

OK Anon, we no longer hold you responsible for the 2010 PSN fail.

But you are still LEMMINGS.
Anonymous suck   I like you
EWP 2011-04-23 00:41:43

Oh look -- There's a Cliff up ahead....
Anonymous   Stop your rightous 'we are legion' shit, almost everyone supported you who were gamers. Not so much now, think again if you want to hack a company who tries to put spice into our dull 'average joe' type lives. Why fuck with the low/middle class when there's a bunch of other rainbows you can piss on.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 13:33:59
Dear Anon,

Please assist Sony in their ignorance and help get the PSN back up. It's my day off and after cleaning the house, doing the dishes, laundry and taking care of the kids I would like to play some Black Ops.
Anonymous   Its only playstation.
Anonymous   Exactly so why do you need to attack Sony again?
Anonymous 2011-04-22 13:44:20
Anon. You've said the most recent attack on the Playstation Network was not Anon's doing as a whole. However, the group is partly to blame for the recent attack. You've stated that some Anonymous members may have acted individually which resulted in this current outage, but as they are members of Anonymous, they are representatives of Anonymous. As a group, it is your responsibility to regulate your members and their actions. A bad apple can spoil the tree, and you have a bad apple among you. It is your responsibility as a group to take action against such individuals within your group as well as take responsibility for such individuals actions. During this outage, your group has done everything it can to dodge blame, however, by not doing nothing, you are all to blame and should be ashamed of yourselves.
You'll act as a group, but point the finger at each other like little children trying to stay out of trouble with mom and dad when something goes wrong. If you want to be respected and taken seriously by the world, then you must act as a TEAM, and as a team, you must take responsibility for a team member's own individual actions.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 13:51:07

And, Anon already proudly showed their extreme, selfish immaturity by even doing their earlier attacks. They don't care what bystanders they hurt as they pursue their petty, b.s. goals. Oh, we can't jailbreak our PS3s...who cares?!?
Anonymous 2011-04-27 14:43:29
jews killed jesus

muslims perpetrated 9/11

Anonymous   You're right! OP is a fucktard with no comprehension of the conceptual grounding of criminal liability in enlightenment understandings of personal autonomy and responsibility!
GG 2011-04-22 13:54:01
If you're gonna hack, do something important and useful like breaking into NASA/CIA/Govt files on things like 911, WMD, JFK, etc etc.

To hack into gaming consoles and networks, while a show of skill, is still a waste of talent when there are far greater issues out there that need to be exposed.
Anonymous   These guys are 12 years old man, playstation is a Big issue when ur 12
Ex-Blade   You want hackers to control WMD?
Anonymous   Sure, why not?
Anonymous 2011-04-22 23:48:07
Friday, February 11, 2011

Archives of all of HBGary's conversations with the FBi, NSA, CIA, US Army, House and Senate ! : The Hacker News ~
Anonymous 2011-04-22 14:17:39
Well, I for one am glad for two things.

a) That there are people out there living in our society willing to take great personal risks in supporting freedom of speech, the same freedoms that are slowly being eroded by legal precedent and Intellectual Property/patent ownership.

b) That I have better things to do tomorrow than sit in front of a PS3, seriously, use this rare occasion to get out into the real world, meet some real people for a change, try interaction with no latency. Deal with it, in the big scheme of things the perpetual misery of your lives will soon be resumed.

Whether or not Anons did this, the movement is rapidly becoming the single most powerful force at reversing the ever increasing encroachment on the rights of free expression of information.

Anonymous is dying   Ha, you are now more obvious then ever, and hated by the world. Won't be long until you are hunted by law. Your not fighting for freedom of speech, your fighting for the ability to steal from others and share how to do it among your friends. Then cry when that is taken away from you.
GG   Lol, no. I meant, instead of hacking gaming consoles, and hurting millions of people, they should hack things that are important, like releasing secret files on things, where govts and intel are lying to the world. Not saying them controling WMD itself.
Ex-Blade   Oh. But some things should be kept secret.
GG 2011-04-22 14:31:12
I disagree with that. I know from the govt-intel's pov, they'll see it that way, but remember Benjamin Franklin's words on the Constitution.

Govt's and Bankers and Intel have assumed power OVER people, when they were all set-up merely to ADMINISTER. By the power they've assumed, they threaten the lives, literal lives. Whenever some bullshit happens in the world it must be exposed.

GG 2011-04-22 14:25:07
Btw, just on the whole 'freedom' thing...

Conceptually, Anon are right...if you buy a vehicle, you can dismantle it, modify it, etc.

However, the difference here is that the PS3 hardware comes with an on-going company service attached to it (the PSN). It's like if you buy a vehicle, you're also getting an on-going service to use a lane on all roadways. Those vehicles come with in-built monitors to ensure all those vehicles comply with company policy and are not using other lanes, etc.

In buying the vehicle, you're agreeing to comply to on-going checks and balances, the company releasing firmware updates to improve and remove/add features to that vehicle and the use of a lane. Not only voiding warranty when modifying the vehicle, but you become unlawful to use that lane with all the other owners of that vehicle.

By attacking the PSN, you're hurting millions of gamers and consumers. A small percentage of hackers want the right to reverse-engineer and hack the PS3, but it's at the expense of the millions of people who want to enjoy the product "as is".

If a company (Sony, Nintendo, MS, Apple, etc) want to release a product with and without certain features, that's their prerogative. A consumer who may want to be able to instal extra OS or have backward compatibility or blu-ray capability, etc, can refuse to buy the product that the wanted feature isn't supported on or that the company changed their minds on and decided to remove that feature.

As architects and financiers of that product, Sony have a right to remove these features that Anon are protesting about. It's THEIR product, not yours. It's theirs AFTER you buy it because it's an on-going service incorporating PSN.


I'd like to hear Anon's reply to that sort of argument against their philosophy.
Ex-Blade   Well said! The first intelligent comment on this website.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 14:34:30

Fuck you, information is free, that includes techniques required to modify hardware that people own, GETTIT? It's quite an important fucking concept once major corps have tech in your own home with complete control of everything you do with it, welcome to i-faggotry, a nice sanitised world where your only requirement is to buy the shit that is spoonfed into your useless blubbering self. The fact is that even if Anons did do this, they have still done a fuck of a lot more than you have to promote freedom of information.

Fuck you.
Ex-Blade   First of all your use of language tells how ignorant you are and second we don't have the right to mess with a product because when we buy a product we have to follow the terms of company. It's called patents.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 15:29:41
Oh im sorry your actually foolish enough to read everything at face value, and possibly stupid enough to misread the above argument, what hes saying is

"go fuck yourself k mate your legalese bs aint going to fly this time we pay for a ps we can play with our ps fag godiekthnxbai"

Whats funny though is that you have no understanding of the patents system which is patent in your misapplication of the label. Its not patents bot try harder.
Anonymous 2011-04-23 01:06:56
"when we buy a product we have to follow the terms of company"

do actual people really believe this?

thank fuck you're wrong
GG 2011-04-22 14:41:13
That's not a good reply to my post.

A consumer who has the right to enjoy a product "as is" is The Devil? Hacking a gaming console is not a promotion of freedom of speech, or freedom of information.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 15:14:46
It relates very much to freedom of information because SONY were not specifically targetting the hack itself but the dissemination of how it was done, i.e. they didn't want other people exploiting the flaws in their machine which would restrict their ability to control (and profit from) EVERYTHING that happens on the platform.

Again, if you want to live in a world where technology vendors determine everything then that's cool bro, no jailbreak, nothing, just a few major players and none of the innovation or freedom that we used to have as a fucking standard with ALL technology we owned.

In terms of freedom of information, well, ACS Law were royally buttfucked by anons for their extortion racket which was aimed at obtaining large sums of money from p2p users - many other rackets (solicitors) gave up on the idea after seeing the risks they'd have to face and we are all slightly more secure as a result.. The same may eventually apply to companies to sony, apple, who might open up their platforms and let actual some fucking innovation happen.

To think we used to call MS the bad guys.

Fuck you.
GG 2011-04-22 15:33:49
"i.e. they didn't want other people exploiting the flaws in their machine which would restrict their ability to control (and profit from) EVERYTHING that happens on the platform."

---That's their right to do that. They are architects and financiers of the product. You are not. Have you ever owned a business? It's no different to Facebook who constantly update their service to remove security risks. It's not an open-source product. If you created an application for the web, and you wanted to profit from it, that's your prerogative, as it is to increase security to ensure your hard work and ability was rewarded, people not stealing your work, etc. Especially if you had a patent.


Again, if you want to live in a world where technology vendors determine everything then that's cool bro, no jailbreak, nothing, just a few major players and none of the innovation or freedom that we used to have as a fucking standard with ALL technology we owned.

-----See previous comment again. If a vendor wants to create an open-source product, and another vendor wants to create a closed-source product, that's up to them. Consumer right is you can buy whichever one you want. You can also get funding and go create your own open-source console then. As a vendor, there would be no law preventing you from doing such a thing. As a vendor then doing it that way, you can lawfully hurt all the greedy for-profit vendors by having your product dominate market share. Just like how Google hurt MS with their Office suite, etc.


In terms of freedom of information, well, ACS Law were royally buttfucked by anons for their extortion racket which was aimed at obtaining large sums of money from p2p users - many other rackets (solicitors) gave up on the idea after seeing the risks they'd have to face and we are all slightly more secure as a result.. The same may eventually apply to companies to sony, apple, who might open up their platforms and let actual some fucking innovation happen.

-----The only issue I have with the vendors is them resorting to IP address intrusions etc. That unfortunately is a result tho of hacking groups who either hack just to exploit other network users (like COD cheating), or those who may have a 'higher' cause like yourselves.


To think we used to call MS the bad guys.

Fuck you.

------Why "fuck me"? I'm not The Devil. A vendor has the right to control a product it manufactures. The only way to stop them is by competing in the market place with your own open-source product. And don't tell me you wouldn't at some point then decide "hey we could make millions of dollars" you'd want to profit from inventing something and you should be able to.
EWP 2011-04-23 00:51:25
GG -- I award you with the non-LEMMING award of the day!

Nicely responded!

Anonymous 2011-04-22 15:25:44
tl;dr immafaggotbawwwerrrrrr

get a life kid go outside and stop playing PS for a few days, will clear up the acne maybe?
Anonymous 2011-04-22 15:35:58
Actually what seems to be happening here is a clash of the newage kiddie culture that love plastic prepackaged faeces scraped from out of dead roadkill vs a rather long held and established tradition of modding and tinkering with your computer hardware.

Now playstation can run out the line that people arent buying the equipment, but frankly thats a bit of a joke and rather insulting to any sane minded person.

Thanks for the try, hopefully your paymaster paid well for that one, id imagine that selling my self out that hard to the growing idea that the items that people buy are not actually theirs to do with as they wish, which frankly is some of the most sick and twisted corporatised crap ive ever had the pleasure to lightly skim and not seriously read

Anon are tools   If your so concerned don't buy the technology, simple. You have done nothing for freedom of info and Sony aren't taking that away from you. You can still mod your ps3 the details are still on the web, u just can't use psn too, your freedom is still in tact you can still tell the world how to do it. It just won't let you steal and cheat ne more. Lulz!
GG 2011-04-22 14:47:03
Freedom of Speech is the freedom to speak freely without censorship. The synonymous term freedom of expression is sometimes used to indicate not only freedom of verbal speech but any act of seeking, receiving and imparting information or ideas, regardless of the medium used. IN PRACTICE THO, the right to freedom of speech is NOT ABSOLUTE in any country and the right is commonly subject to LIMITATIONS, such as on "hate speech".

Freedom of information legislation comprises laws that guarantee ACCESS TO DATA HELD BY THE STATE. They establish a "right-to-know" LEGAL PROCESS by which REQUESTS may be made for GOVERNMENT-HELD INFORMATION, to be received freely or at minimal cost, barring standard exceptions. Also variously referred to as open records or (especially in the United States) sunshine laws, governments are also typically bound by a duty to publish and promote openness. In many countries there are constitutional guarantees for the right of access to information, but usually these are unused if specific support legislation does not exist.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 14:51:42
Probably taking 2 days to fix and clean all the faggot you guys unleashed.

What a way to fail , That basement dweller would have had more support if you guys didnt dick us over
Ex-Blade 2011-04-22 15:04:59
So you guys really did hack the servicers:
Every PS3 owner to Anonymous: Fuck you and get a freakin life!
GG   In other words, Anon guys, you're playing with your dicks, wrong to think you're changing the world or promoting any sort of freedom of something. You have pent up hormones + hacking skill. Like someone said before, at 12 years of age your 'world' is gaming consoles, but you're being incredibly selfish, and hurting millions of people enjoying a freaking entertainment device. Your "war" is misplaced, incorrect.

Anonymous 2011-04-22 15:23:17
#1 Anonymous your a bunch of cowards who hide behind the internet. How pathetic are you pimple faced nerds that you dont put your names behind the selfish "work" you do.

#2: If you clowns wanted to hack the network for a day I would be upset but ultimately your point would be proven. However this has been going on for DAYS now and your fucking interupting my free time. I have a few days off to play the new games I got and rewind from work and I cant do that because of you nerds... thanks assholes go to hell.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 15:31:45
I agree..., you guys are 12..., i mean it may seem like serious business to you now but your efforts wont change shit. im 20 and i can remember this bullshit arguement about "owning what you buy" since 1994.

Soon you will all be able to get drivers liscences n shit and have shit to do , you will all have to move out of the basement eventually , and see whats really important in life.
Anonymous   ^ directed towards the influx of PSN butthurt and Xbox opportunists fyi
Anonymous   And this is why we never should have had OpSony in the first place. We've lost all credibility with gamers because we let some trolls and 360 fanboy faggots operate under the banner of Anon. Fucking morons. You've lost all sympathy there might have been for GeoHotz.
GG   I replied to your reply Anon....see above and start a new reply please.
Anonymous   your a shill, do you seriously think anyone will take you seriously?
GG 2011-04-22 15:50:18
Haha, how paranoid. I'm not a shill. I'm like millions of others here complaining...I'm a regular guy who is royally pissed off that I can't enjoy my product as is because of what you guys are doing.

I dont hide behind anything. I'm GG Eden, i have a hotmail account @hotmail. I live in Australia. I'm just sitting here on Easter, days off, wanting to play my PS3 and the freaking PSN. Geez.
Anonymous   Did they even have the internet back then?
Anonymous   lol yea man , it really started with the petagon and shit for nasa 50 years ago or smething like that. Hell i dont know lol look it up brah
Anonymous   I miss Anon when the great attack on scientology happened over 9000 years ago
Anonymous 2011-04-22 15:47:39
Fucking hell, /b/.
Remember when you guys fucked with Gaia Online and Habbo Hotel because that shit was funny and didn't affect anyone important? Yeah, that shit was the bomb.
This? Now you guys are just being insolent 13-year-old pricks who want to fuck with a big corporation but instead are pissing off a bunch of guys that just want to play some fucking games.
GG 2011-04-22 15:48:06
Look, there are two things in this world, Anon Guys.

1. people who create
2. people who destroy

When people/companies create something, they are entitled to own it, control it, prevent it from being stolen and modified against their plans/wishes. Think also of artists, who create a song, book, movie, and then struggle or fight against editors or producers etc who modify their work, try to change it and these directors or writers get angry and divorce themselves from the product, rally against it, or fight a legal battle against them for doing that.

Also creators help many....they provide employment to others, many families. Like big factories in the past, when other organizations/people tried to or successfully closed them down, they hurt millions of people. Creators also provide mental well-being to many. A great song, movie, game, book allows people to enjoy something, and share in something, or help them in life in many different ways.

There are very few examples of destroyers whose destruction helped create something. You guys are destroying without offering a creative answer or step. Like I said before, go get funding and destroy the vendors you dislike by CREATING your own open-source console. That's when a destroyer has a higher purpose, is promoting something beneficial, and is helping not just hurting, especially as your hacking is ONLY hurting millions of PSN users. It won't hurt Sony and wont change any laws etc.
Anonymous   You rock GG ! Your too smart for these kids and they are giving up
Anonymous   >>Implying we destroy everything.
Anonymous   Well what have you actually created that helps anyone?
Anonymous   LuLz! This entire page is laughable atm...
Anonymous   I think the problem that most of us (who support Anon, but arent involved in Opsony) have is that...the great powers anon has have been wasted. Like one before said compare the glory of the attack on Scientology and Tea Party , to this disaster :s
Anonymous   Seems to me that Sony aims to make everyone hate Anonymous by blaming an internal issue on Anonymous, this way all blind PSN users back Sony 100% against Anonymous. Take an EPIC 3+ days to repair it, to ensure hatred is gathered and hopefully aimed at Anonymous.

Anonymous   I didn't even know who you guys were until today - now I hate you and everything you stand for. Die anonymous die
Anonymous   Yeah, right, Sony's going to intentionally take down tens of millions of users through a holiday weekend, damage the livelihoods of developers that are busy preparing for E3, & force network engineers to work through a holiday weekend instead of being with their families. That's the kind of shit that immature, selfish Anon children do for lulz & to protest not being able to pirate games.
Anon h8r   You should join a new group buddy your name is mud now! Next time think b4 u act.
Anonymous   Anonymous didn't op against the tea party.
I WANT CASHMONEY!   Can u guys hack sony by making everything in the playstation store free? I could get some awesome add on content and you could ass rape sony out of billions of $$ WE ALL WIN! HAHAH
Anonymous 2011-04-22 16:16:09
didnt do it my ass. do you realize your double talk?

you want to attack sony whey psn is back up, then say you didnt attack but others may attack and that attack is not your attack but it could be an internal party.. if your all one your all guilty.

Protest the protesters. every where these faggots protest send anti protesters to remove their masks and expose these faggots.

face it, you have no control over your own. and if you do have organization, then your actually involved. with all your so called skills and network you cant find out who is doing it internally and stop them from making your words sound meaningless?

You need to police yourselves. this is not a movie saying that others actions are not your own is not going to cut it.

Same way the hackers asked for donations, I say the people use their free rights to donate to the forces established to fight criminals like anonymous.

report all illegal internet activity. unmask those cowards in their masks where ever you see them.

It's not about piracy LOL. I've run linux before it was removed. It ran like crap. I ran a jailbroken ps3. none of the apps work except for piracy.

Face it, this is about piracy and xbox fangirls playing internet gangster.

Funny how these faggots get mad when people dont agree with them but its all about free speech and rights.

nothing but double talk. It's no wonder the media has been treating you like a joke since this whole sony fiasco. You all were held in such high regard. And even with psn down, its you that looks bad.

Truly pitiful. The embarrassment your parents must feel after raising such failures.
An0nym0u$uck$   I agree with this.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 16:18:17
Im gonna headshot fuckers on bad company like crazy after this shit is over.

Bad Company rapes CoD in the ass
I WANT CASHMONEY!   @ the guy 2 comments above. Nobody understands what ur saying! I DONT FUCKING CARE I WANT SOME FREE ADD ON CONTENT FOR NFS HOT PURSUIT! AND I WANT TO DOWNLOAD A BUNCH OF GAMES OFF PSN FOR FREE! If these assholes are gonna hack I want some fucking benefits! and What you say makes no sense. how am I a faliure when you have the grammar of a fucking pre-schooler? I have no major involvement in any organization and I dont give 2 shits about what these assholes are doing. I just want some free things I cant afford. its a win win situation.
Anonymous   I mean @ the fuck nugget who is running his mouth about 'double talk'
Anonymous 2011-04-22 16:31:39
Normally, I wouldn't give a shit. But I'm a PS Plus member, so I actually PAY for my service. Then there's netflix and hulu, both things i pay for and both are not game related. I PAID MONEY FOR THIS DAMN PS3 AND I PAY MONEY FOR THESE DAMN SERVICES and I cant utilize them because apparently Anonymous took down the network, according to "Anonymous" Facebook page.

And who gives a shit about Sony? This is a consumer/business relationship. I give you money, you give me product. And like ANY product, I can do whatever I want with it as LONG AS IT DOESNT break any rules, guidelines, and laws set forth by the government or the manufacturing company. SO whoever has hate towards Sony is a piece of shit. If you ran the business, you'd do the same thing.

If you guys did it, I give you a BRAVO for being the biggest dickface on this planet and a big fuck you for interfering with my shit. Fuck with your own PS3's not mine.
Anonymous   Why dont you just go outside and throw a ball or something? Instead of sitting in front of a fucking comuter 12 hours at a time?
Anonymous   Nice try but I work and go to school. Why can't I enjoy what I pay my hard-earned cash for? Since when is THAT a crime?
Anonymous   Who cares bout singleplayer? WHAT BOUT MY NETFLIX? and most games arent fun without multiplayer ;)
An0nym0u$uck$   I care about Single player and multiplayer. This shows people's inability to live without multiplayer.
Anonymous   you can have black ops if you give us back PSN
Anonymous   u guys suck, ruining my weekend, go fuck yourslef, u dumb motherfuckersss
AnonymousSavage 2011-04-22 16:35:11
Im still young,But i wonder...How did you people get so smart. Right now im trying to learn as much about computers as i can.

I am mad about the ps3 outage...But even if Anon did not do this...i want to know,how did they do this.

Im Not Annonymous 2011-04-23 04:37:02
Its called a DOS Attack. (Deniel of service). Basically they create a script to ping an address, any address, such as for instance. In fact anyone can do it using CMD

But what they do is they install that script on 1000+ computers and launch the script at the same time which basically pings the address X number of times (X Being the number of computers with the script installed)

The problem with Annonymous' Script is they had a lot of normal people, like me and you, volunteer to have the script on there computer. So as a guess there could be up to 50,000 computers infected with this script, maybe 100,000? Nobody knows. But what everyone knows is that servers are only capable of handling so many connections per second.

So if 100,000 computers hit a server at 100,000 hits per second for 60 seconds, that server would be crippled for 1 minute and has the potential to crash that server and bring the network with it.

Meanwhile, some networks have spinter groups of servers which operate different functions of the network

So say you have 5 groups, group 1 is sercurity, group 2 is PSN... and so on..

If you DOS Attack group 1, it leaves group 2 exposed and allows another attacker/ hacker to carry out his 'mission' ( Weather thats to obtain information about the network or retrieve users details)
An0nym0u$uck$   Maybe Anonymous should go hack the greedy company Micro$oft. They are worse than Sony in my book.
Anonymous   Microsoft sucks Bill Gates's c0ck. FUCKING RED RINGS OF DEATH!!! YOU ASSHOLES!
Anonymous 2011-04-22 16:39:12
I kinda believe that they had nothing to do with it. Yet they say maybe there is a chance of some of the group doing it.

My opinion is that the group should keep the leash on it's members not to sour thy name.

As I've interpreted the groups slogan as "We the people, for the people".
Anonymous   well if the people at anonymous were outside throwing balls would any of this happened in the first place?..............
Anonymous   best shit i read on this damn site. i applaud.
Anonymous   and if its easter that means today is good friday or saturday so how about you show some respect for a holy day that your just laying out there and dont swear
I WANT CASHMONEY!   Why dont you suck my dick? and get a life?
Anonymous 2011-04-22 16:50:04
Wasnt talking to you and i do have a life. I have a job that i go to i put in over time everyday and I come home, change, go to the gym come back and proceed to destroying people on homefront . Then after that i go out drinking or i go visit family.
so i see a life.
i just got on here within the last hour to figure out what is going on. So go back to badmouthing people who badmouth you but dont come at someone who hasnt done anything to you.
An0nym0u$uck$   ooh, sorry to say this, but "drinking" is not a good life to live...
Anonymous 2011-04-22 17:01:09
Ahh but you see i dont drink in excess like most people do.

Most go out to get drunk i go out and have a good time. Besides an 8 oz glass of beer is actually good for you.
An0nym0u$uck$   Not to me, I wouldn't drink anything like that in my life.
Anonymous   Well thats your opinion and i have mine.
An0nym0u$uck$   Easter is tomorrow....
Anonymous   Beat it leach troll.
An0nym0u$uck$   Says the one hiding behind Anonymous.
Anonymous   Says the one hiding behind An0nym0u$uck$
An0nym0u$uck$   Yes I am, so now we're both equal now.
Anonymous   Fail...
Anonymous   Yeah, you fail it...
Anonymous   Boring...
Anonymous   I would like to please play my ps3 now mr. anonymous sir. great lulz, for certain. I was just thinking if it wasn't too much trouble could you please turn on the psn, thank you in advance. sincerely, impressed.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 16:55:08
Everyone for Anonymous just wants to DL free games and have a hacked system.

What about old school REAL gaming? When we went out and BOUGHT video games like REAL gamers did? Waited all year for a game and skipped school to go buy it and be the first to play it. Thats how it was and thats the way it is now. So the fact that you cant get free games, shouldnt really piss you off.

One minute you guys take credit, the next you dont. I honestly dont care if you did or not. But hacking is illegal anyway you shape it, so dont do something illegal and expect no consequences.

Wanna help the greater good? Put your skills to use and do something productive besides hide behind your little friggin keyboard and fuck with a huge corporation, which could take you down if they really put in any effort, just sayin.
Anonymous   Quite the stereotype.
An0nym0u$uck$   What the....?
Anonymous   and you onder why we troll nigger jokes on them . . .
Anonymous   +9999999999999999999999999999999999999
Anony-mouse   Call of Duty is fuckin gay.. the bullets shoot like fucking nerf darts and the soldiers run like they have a cock up the ass. Such a stupid fucking game.

Anonymous   UMAD bro?
DataByne   Are you implying that Call of Duty is in fact, not a Nerf licensed game?
LEGION   Is a couple of days without online play really that bad?
Anonymous   Don't mind the lynch mob. They assume guilt with no evidence.
Anonymous   A bunch of immature, selfish kids taking out their petty anger on tens of millions, yes, that's bad. And damaging the livelihoods of developers that are busy preparing for E3. And forcing network engineers to work through a holiday weekend instead of being with their families. Yes, that's all bad. Bunch of fucking spoiled children you all are.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 17:10:05
AnonFags, yup you did it,
Anonymous   So this is your big evidence? LuLz, move along troll, nothing to see here... That blog never once even assumes that anonymous attacked PSN.
Anonymous   So says the AnonFag.
Anonymous   So says the lynch mob. You and your lynch mob band of PSN gamers are no better than the Salem trials.
Anonymous   Don't you get it? You = fail. Like I said, the only thing you 'really' did was raise awareness to stop Scientology. Which was good, but this, this is crap. You're losing support left and right, isn't it obvious? Most of the gamer community supported you. And people are probably right in saying that a group of rogue hackers did it, but you know what you started it, now YOU end it. nuff fucking said
DataByne 2011-04-22 17:36:17
The logic as to why Anonymous as an "organization" is not behind the most recent PSN attack is that they gain nothing from denying their role.

To put it simply, why hide what's already hidden?
Anonymous   Agreed ;)
Anonymous   Anon is trying to avoid the backlash of what they already promised they'd do, and are doing. Sony's worst outage ever happens on a holiday weekend, just coincidentally after Anon says they'll keep attacking even after the settlement? Nope, not a coincidence.
GG   Have you been reading and absorbing what everyone has been saying, Anonguys. Millions of consumers just like you are pissed off with you because of what you did. We aren't shills. Lol at how paranoid you guys are. As others have said....your group is probably a bunch of MS fangirls with an agenda. And....people have paid for product and want to be able to use it. You guys have crossed the line by fucking up PSN.
Anonymous   Where is your proof that Anonymous did any action to contribute to Sony's issue at hand?
GG   The proof is you admitted it already. You stated last week your intentions, and regardless whether YOU did it yourself or some other Anon-member (rogue or not) did, is irrelevant. Because it's associated to your group and your intentions and stated purpose/actions.
Anonymous   So if Anonymous stated they would do something, you assume once they did it, they would deny it? What I believe Anon actually said was Anon would cease attacking PSN out of respect to gamers world wide.
GG 2011-04-22 17:39:29
Bullshit, and you anon guys know it. You've been bragging about it the whole time, AND....retorting to people's comments here justifying your actions to hack the PSN/Sony that you are then trying to deny.

You have the FBI on your case now. That shit is real, and it means there's proof out there you can deceive people on here by denying, but it's out there.
Anonymous   +1
GG 2011-04-22 17:20:14
Lol at Anon....

"We have been bombarded with story after story about anonymous attacking Sony, and gaining as much personal information as they can on people apart of the Sony case, including the judge. This has caused the FBI to start looking into the case, and apparently they have seen enough. The FBI has officially issued 40 arrest warrants for members of Anonymous in America "

Anonymous   Yep turns out they got into psn but were detected, network was pulled down to stop Anonymous downloading private user info (bad anonymous and you say your all about preserving privacy). Now Sony are plugging the security hole, good old Sony watching out for the users, who knows wot these brats would do with your info, they are terrorist after all.
Anonymous   Where is your proof that this was Anonymous?
Anonymous   It's on this site, you are threatening to attack Sony, you did it 2 weeks ago, and admit it may be members of your group but ur not organized enough to tell. anyone else dumb enough to tell the world they are attacking Sony?.... No just you guys. Prove to me it's not you!
code_name_jenks 2011-04-22 17:30:11
Yes that's my psn id. I am a gamer. I am also a firm supporter of ANONYMOUS. I am a US Marine. A Marine who fought for the freedom to make my own choices, to seek out whatever info I feel like. For Sony to threaten legal actions against people like me just for simply looking up a few videos on YouTube is completely Bullshit. In my eyes its no different then communism. Forcing the masses to act the way you want them to for whatever reason is bullshit, weather it be for personal gain, money, power or what have you there is no reason for it that is actually justified. To be completely honest I don't care if I'm slammed for saying any of this its the truth and my freedom of speech. For two days I've been watching the blogs on playstations sites and have heard the Bullshit crying from pussies that can't seem to pry the controller out of their hands for a couple days and spend some time with family, friends, or anything else for that matter. Yeah it sucks but get over it, read a book we don't pay for the service so chill let's watch this unfold in our front row seats. On a personal note to the members of ANONYMOUS my hat is off to you all I'm envious of the knowledge you all have. Believe me if I wasn't just a dumb jarhead Lmao is love to be right there with ya standing up for the little guy, in this case the gamers that are to busy whinning to see that this will hopefully pan out to be in their best intrest.
On one last note.........
HACK THE PLANET!!!!!!! LMAO Had to throw that in there some where!!!!
Anonymous   ;)
GG 2011-04-22 17:33:29
Absorb what you have done! You not only stirred the FBI hornet's nest, arrest warrants have been ISSUED. That proves your culpability and you can't do shit like this without paying the price. You guys HAD a crusade one time, but you crossed the line with privacy theft, breaking a service that millions have lawfully paid for and entitled to use 24/7.

My suggestion is always the correct path to follow -- get funding and create your own open-source gaming console, fight the market share, go make millions of dollars even.
Anonymous   Meh.
DataByne 2011-04-22 18:18:42
Just as a philosophical query, are you suggesting that Anonymous take the blame for this incident? That they become the bad guy, on to whom we place our burdens and our sins? To give you someone to curse as you are forced to play Black Ops's inferior single player campaign rather than its addictive multi-player, which you deep down know to in-fact be only incrementally differentiated from Modern Warfare 2? Do you need Anonymous to be your Batman?

Ha! I'm just kidding. That would be ridiculous. You weren't suggesting any of that! ... or were you? After all, Batman follows what most would assume to be the correct path, makes millions of dollars, has fought and gained significant market share, is occasionally guilty of the odd privacy theft (shame on you Dark Knight, greater good my foot), has been known to break "things", deals with the police, is known to crusade from time to time, and has been accused of (and accepted that blame, again for his cheap whore known as "greater good") crimes for which he is indeed innocent! But that's silly, right? Right?!

Absurdity aside (unless of course, you know truly that it is in fact the case in point), the devil is in the details. Specifically, the digital devil delves deeply down desperate dregs. Sure that may be drivel, but the alliteration made you think it meant something, and that's what truly matters. Anonymous is concerned FOR your privacy, not IN your privacy. It is not in Anonymous's interest to steal users' information because Anonymous can't use it. You may not know this, but Anonymous is not a person. Anonymous cannot profit since it has no means by which to spend. Anonymous does however make a great scapegoat since, Anonymous is not a person, has no face, and it therefore cannot be absolutely proven that Anonymous IS innocent. Though, that is a fairly tyrannical manner by which to try a man, even a faceless, non-man like Anonymous.

Or you know, that Batman stuff I said earlier. That too.
Anonymous   YOU ALL FAIL. Attack was on qriocity, and as a result Sony decided to pull the plug on PSN temporarily. Know it all fags.
Anonymous   +1
Anonymous   -1
Anonymous   +/- 1

Edician   Anon you have my full support. Do not feel pity or remorse for those who cannot see the truth around them. The effort was made and was always made to help them see, at some point they will have to open their own eyes. When the line is drawn in the sand I will stand with you shoulder to shoulder.
Anonymous   So you're saying that average joes should watch Animal Planet, Faux, MSNBC, ect. instead of playing games, listening to music, or watching Netflix movies? Help us see what? I don't see anything other than corruption in the masses. Most of the AnonFags defense to this is right here, look and see people. This is who they really are.
Anonymous   An external intrusion on our system has affected our PlayStation Network and Qriocity services. In order to conduct a thorough investigation and to verify the smooth and secure operation of our network services going forward, we turned off PlayStation Network & Qriocity services on the evening of Wednesday, April 20th. Providing quality entertainment services to our customers and partners is our utmost priority. We are doing all we can to resolve this situation quickly, and we once again thank you for your patience. We will continue to update you promptly as we have additional information to share.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 17:43:31
I think sex is needed here. Much rage goes away after a good fuck and getting high.

If anything i enjoy the many lols to be had here. If the very skilled anons would only fuck with China instead of something so trivial and irrelevant as video games.

We need to start fucking China in the ass
Anonymous   Lol. Nice. Agreed.
DataByne   You mean turn our vengeful wrath away from petty causes and the occasional moral high ground? I think you're missing the joke!
GG 2011-04-22 17:44:47
They took away Instal Other OS call the waaambulance, we're gonna hack and steal info and break PSN waaa.

Pot Kettle?
Anonymous   OtherOS was part of the selling point for the PS3. So your logic fails.
GG 2011-04-22 17:56:15

A company can remove/add whatever the fuck features it wants. If Sony decides to make PSN paid subscription, that would suck, but it's THEIR choice. That too is a selling point. If Sony removes it, that's their prerogative. How people hurt Sony back for that decision is by refusing to buy their console. That's how you do it.
Anonymous   So, what if they remove the option to play online next? That's their decision? How about they remove blu ray abilities and netflix? That's ok too? How about they just stop the system from playing any games at all, and make it a multimedia machine? That's ok too? How far is too far?
GG   That's their prerogative! That'd be business suicide on their part. Why? Because consumers would cease supporting Sony, buying Sony products, buying games for Sony, devs would cease creating games for Sony's PS3, companies associated with Sony like Netflix etc would cease supporting them, Sony would fail.
Anonymous   But it's ok when its something effects others, as long as it's nothing that effects you, or developers?
GG   It's very simple. Sony can do that if they want. If they think it's bad business, hurt sales, devs, whatever, they can do it. In the end it's only hurting themselves. But it's not ok for a group to go hack and destroy it because they disagree. You disagree by a) ceasing buying that companys stuff, b) by fighting something thru legal channels, or c) by creating your own console for consumers and devs to buy, own the market place, push out the other company.
DataByne 2011-04-22 18:37:37
Actually, the courts have actually sided with the modders on this topic. Turns out, you buy, you can go all out. Granted, you may be forced to disconnect your PS3 from the internet. That last one being the real bummer, but unfortunately, the service is just that, a service that can be pulled.

I'm not supporting modding a console to avoid paying for games, mind you (game developers themselves aren't the wealthiest bunch), but rather a consumer's right to their property (implied right). Sony settled because a likely victory would have, in their eyes, given cart blanche to users to download copies.

Plus, you can make your own console. We call them PCs though.
Anonymous   Less than 1% of everyone who bought a PS3 bought it for the OtherOS feature. Everyone else like me bought it just to play games.
Anonymous1 2011-04-28 17:19:42
95% of statistics are bullshit and exaggerated.
15% are under exaggerated.

Troll   it's raing all long weekend here, so i can't go out side, guess ill just have to go fuck your mom again *sigh* all of her sex moves are getting pretty boring.
Anonymous 2011-04-27 15:18:17
^ learn how to properly troll . . .

This induces no lulz but only makes you look dumb with the 3rd grade put-downs
SpYd3R 2011-04-22 17:50:23
I support some of Anon's goals and views but not all, I agree Sony Should be punished in the long run regarding OtherOS, I do believe that GeoHotz was wrong in displaying his findings on the net and should be punished for that regardless.

I'm not saying I don't have blood on my hands, God Knows I do, I've cracked games, pirated games, movies , software, the works. Most people in here cannot deny that. But what It all boils down to is the fact that there are more important things to look at besides Sony's Transgressions on a few people's right to have something they paid for (OtherOS).

For example: Senator Patrick Leahy's COICA act threatening censorship of America In general, My biggest concern.

I'm Not saying Anon Did screw up PSN or not, there's no way to honestly tell. Anyone here who is being blinded by this rage and trying to point a finger at someone truly needs to grow up. If you can prove anon did it then stand up and show the proof otherwise just shut up and save your oxygen.

I know most of what I say here will fall on deaf ears but the truth is most of the people here are acting like ignorant sheep because they can't play a game online. I'm Not trying to troll or upset anyone, I'm looking at this from a calm rational manner.

I grew up with NES, SEGA, SNES, etc. I think I'm going to go dust those off and relive some retro memories or watch an old DVD with my wife, makes more sense than to try and throw the blame over the net like your actually going to hurt anyone digitally.
Anonymous   +1
SpYd3R   Thanks for the support, trying to stay awake as I tpye, LOL.
GG 2011-04-22 17:53:01
Depending on how broad your vision of your philosophy is....

Like I and others have said, you're wasting your talents hacking PSN/Sony over a freaking ability to run another OS. Remember, a creator has a legal right to control, own, and update the security of its product, and protect its patents. These consoles these days are not just stand-alone hardware, they're also tied in with on-going online services.

Sony seeking to IP ban people who look for information is wrong. But it all came about BECAUSE OF hacking groups like yourself. I and many have said.....either get funding and create your own open-source console, or if you're gonna hack (which is illegal), then do something constructive and important, like exposing the lies and secrets of Govt/Intel that greatly affect the livelihood of billions of people around the world.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 18:00:16
You can thank hackers for calling Sony out on this one...

SpYd3R 2011-04-22 18:00:37
I agree on some of this, but again there is no proof they actually did attack PSN this time, they have not laid claim to it, and have actually denied it.

Sony Should have no business seeing anyone's IP regardless of what they look for, That's intended to be private, unless you actually utilize those tools and they detect it on their networks there should be no reprecussions as to what people decide to look at.

I do believe that Sony SHould be able to modify the console to an extent but I Can Clearly see on my PS3's box boasting the ability have an operating system installed on my console, as well as the fact that it's more than a console it's a computer too. Sony Should not be able to remove those abilities no matter what patents or so forth that they control.
Anonymous   Anon denies it to dodge backlash. They're doing it, or a smaller group of them are. Sony's worst outage ever happens on a holiday weekend, just coincidentally after Anon says they'll keep attacking even after the settlement? Nope, not a coincidence.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 17:58:49
This entire comment section is cancer.

Stay classy guys.
Anonymous   Cancer is an understatement, maybe AIDS will suffice? FACEPALM
GG 2011-04-22 18:05:13
Sony only removed the OS feature to protect the console's security. Further, to protect DRM. These things they're entitled to do. Again, if you guys ever own a business then you have a right to protect your income.

It's the same with your bank accounts that you want protected from theft and loss of income. It's just an analogy, but again, you guys don't own businesses etc, so everytime I say that you dont get it, why I have to use another analogy. When you create something to lawfully earn income/profit, you're entitled to protect it and make money for fuck's sake.
Anonymous   That's nonsense, all they had to do was fix the issue with otherOS, instead they found it not worth fixing and removed it. It's false advertisement. Like I said, you don't get it. The machine is no longer theirs when you own it. It is yours to do with as you please. If that kills your warranty so be it. What if they decide to stop it from playing downloaded games due to security risk? That's ok? How far is too far? Before the OtherOS was removed it was never even attempted to be hacked. There was no reason for it.
Anonymous   If you were only using it for other os why did you update? You could have not updated and you would be fine
Anonymous   Why should I have to choose between 1 function that I paid for to get another that I paid for?
Anonymous   Because you are either using the machine to play legit games without cheating, or you are using it to pirate games and cheat online. Don't BS me dude you did it to hack games and pirate software, don't give me you wanted to use linux on your box for fun, considering you must have had a PC there somewhere to hack the thing to start with. You guys are so full of shit its not funny. Admit you were cheating and now your pissed because they stopped you doing it.
Anonymous   It's a GAMING console! OtherOS was just a stupid unadvertised extra feature that almost no one cared about. They legally removed 1 stupid feature that almost no one cared about, in order to stop hacking/piracy. Then you Anon guys decided to take away a primary usage of the PS3 from all of us.
Anonymous1   So, because you don't care about it, you assume no one does? Who said it was legal? That case is still pending. Again, I am in no way affiliated with "Anonymous" I am just simply telling you and the other moron above, that you are wrong, and you have absolutely no idea what you are yappin on about. Do you even know what capabilities you could have on a PS3 with the otherOS feature? Fuck pirating and cheating. Shit is limitless when you can install your own OS. BTW, it was advertised, so maybe get your facts straight before rambling your nonsense. Maybe Anonymous did do something to fuck psn, but then again, maybe they didn't. I can tell you that many members of Anon are just as pissed as every rage poster here, I know this because randomly browsing while bored without my ps3 online, I stumbled into another anon forum (google psn search), and they were posting almost the same shit randoms are posting here.
SpYd3R 2011-04-22 18:18:55
So basically what your stating is that when I Purchased my PS3 on Launch and paid I think it was $860, Sony did not recieve the money I used to purchase the system? Wouldn't that technically be called "Income" ?

I in fact do run a business I build Custom PC's and design motherboards, chips, etc. for personal and corporate use. Business Policy Is that once something has left the store it's out of your hands, it becomes the responsibility of the consumer to maintain the product they purchased.

Now that being said let's bring patents into the picture since i see it being thrown around way too much in these threads. I have a Patent which means I legaly own the designs of the product I create, It does not mean however that I can create hidden software or known software and interfere with it's use in the privacy of your home. That's Illegal and considered invasion of privacy and property.

When I purchased my PS3 I purchased it because I wanted to have the console in my home and use all of it's core abilities i.e. OtherOS, PSN, BlueRay, Games. When Sony forced me to make a choice on what I was allowed to keep or lose I became somewhat aggrivated at the thought process behind all of it.

The Fact that Sony even went in and changed the ToS was pretty nerve racking as well, I did compare the original to the current at the time. Sony is attempting to turn into Microsoft and every other giant conglomerate out there. Still Doesn't change the fact that I love Playstation in general, I chose to update and lost the function of OtherOS, I'm still upset about it, but I'll eventually get over it.

Before you assume that no one here has or doesn't run a business think about what your saying and put some thought into it, again not trolling, just pointing out innaccuracies in your thought pattern.
Anonymous   +1
Anonymous   The simple fact is no one is going to jail for hacking the PS3, (they settled the law suit) and Anon says they called off the attack. I, for one, like the fact that if you hack your PS3 you get kicked from PSN. I have played PC games for years and i'm sick of all the aim bots and wall hacks there are. Does this make any game fun? (not to me) Just beat me straight up like a man, not like some pale skinned anti social little geek in your mom's basement that has nothing better to do with his time then cheat at games. So, whether or not Anon is behind this I blame Anon. How convienent that Anon started the attack, and then get yelled at by PS3 gamers. (NOT SONY) Then they publicly say that they are stopping as to try and avoid the backlash when they take down the PSN. The only thing we did was buy a game system to play games. Why are you attacking gamers? Are you standing up for the little pepole, or just standing on us?
Anonymous   Your post contradicts itself more than George Bush Jr.
Anonymous   did you think of that all by yourself or did you have help?
George Bush jr   No I don't think u can read buddy, what you get when your are 12 and still learning to read big words.
Anonymous   Get lost witch hunter.
GG 2011-04-22 18:19:18
Creators of product have a right to update and remove/add features --- for security and other reasons. If such a company does so and loses business over it, that's their choice. Hurt Sony by not buying their stuff. But by crossing the line and waging a cyberwar, that's the wrong way about it. You're hurting millions of regular consumers just like yourselves. Many who are happy to enjoy a product "as is". Who paid for stuff to be operational 24/7 etc.

A company shouldn't be going around intruding into people's private information either. Sony going around trying to ban people for accessing information online. That's wrong. But you don't fight that wrong with another wrong -- hacking and in turn intruding into people's private information.

Sometimes what MS/Sony do to IP ban people for cheating online is fine. They're merely trying to administer their gaming network, ensuring it's a fun and fair environment for online play.

Bu you guys set all this extra nazi/communistic Sony action off when you took the battle thru a cyber war, not thru a proper legal process.
Anonymous   You are wrong. They don't. That's like saying if I buy a car with a dvd system and gps. The company who made the car has the right to come remove my dvd system because they think it posses a security threat. And leave me with nothing in return.
GG 2011-04-22 18:28:33
If the car manufacturer has legal grounds to remove the capability to run a dvd system and gps, they can do that. It will be business suicide on their part, because it'll hurt their sales. But that's their choice. And that's how consumers make them realize their ceasing to support/buy that company's product.

Or you fight them thru proper legal channels. Or, you go manufacture your own car to destroy them in the market place. All done legally and with correct measures.

But if a group of hacktivitists go out and fuck up the product for the millions of other consumers as a way to "make a stand" you're only hurting the consumers. Remember....something you guys keep ignoring....millions of consumers are very happy with the PS3 "as is". Many are paying for it and its services and have a right to enjoy those services without external hacktivists fucking it up.

Anonymous 2011-04-22 18:34:55
You seem to have missed this...

On another note, who said I myself am part of the anonymous movement? That's an assumption on the part of all of you here.
SpYd3R 2011-04-22 18:35:20
With that Concept in Mind let me throw a hypothetical at you.

I sell you a Custom built PC, Built from the floor up with raw materials, I decide that it's not safe for you to use anymore because I Have noticed you gain weight and I am terrified and paranoid about the obesity state in America(Not really, Just as an example). Now Keep in mind this PC blows government PC's out of the water so to speak, you paid a lot of hard earned money in order for me to make this machine for you. How would you honestly feel if i entered your home and took the PC off your desk and walked away with it. Was I within proper rights to take the PC you paid for away because I felt it unsafe for you to get fat? Or I decided to activate a program within the system I created to fry the electrical circuits in the hardware because It was my intellectual right to do so?
Anonymous 2011-04-24 15:21:31
Your analogy sucks. You talk about buying a PC, then having your entire purchase taken away from you.

Sony did not take their ENTIRE product away from you. They legally removed 1 stupid feature that almost no one cared about. It's a GAMING console! Did you ever believe that Sony had a strong commitment to having the PS3 be a game console, + a hacker's O.S. device?

But you Anon guys did decide to take away a primary usage of the PS3 from all of us.
SpYd3R 2011-04-22 18:25:12
Again I agree with some of this, But not all.

I don't think Sony had any right to remove the features originally built into the existing consoles, they could have patched the problem just as easily as releasing the FW update that removed it.

I do hopwever agree that proper legal action would have resolved the issue better, but, truth be told as a conglomerate, Sony can, and has postponed hearings and court appointments for 10 years+ until the console and the original lawsuit was pointless to continue, (Money Is Power).

The IP banning is a good thing though, I do appreciate the hard work they do to keep the games as fair as possible for the consumers to enjoy the game as it was originally intended.
Anonymous   The IP banning of game aim bot users, sure. But, banning the IP of those who visited GeoHots site WAS and IS wrong.
SpYd3R   Agreed.
Anonymous   +1
Anonymous 2011-04-23 01:42:38
the OtherOS issue is still before the courts
GG 2011-04-22 18:31:59
Too many comments branching off from older posts, and new posts, very hard to read and reply to them all.
Grr, lol.

I'm gonna stop posting for a while so I can read everyone's replies.

Wish you guys would make it better by installing a better forum system. That's something proactive you guys can do in the meantime.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 18:33:02
Problem is that Sony ps3 is a linux os.

So that makes your fight against them a mute objective,unless your saying we should be able to run windows on the ps3.

If you support jailbreaking,does that mean you support online gaming cheating too?

Anonymous   If I wish to run an OS created by myself, that should be up to me (I never once mentioned linux). Jailbreaking to run an OS has nothing to do with cheating in games. Which I find pointless.
Anonymous   You might find it pointless but others use these tricks to cheat and pirate. Why should Sony have to patch every five minutes like apple does because GeoHot figures out how to bypass them. It cost money which in turn gets pushed back onto me the consumer. Just use the damn thing for games, stop screwing with it. Put your own OS on your own machine.
Still Anonymous   All this pain an anger its delicious,,,more please.
SpYd3R   Replies Like these have no intellectual basis whatsoever, it just shows inferiority of the mind and immaturity, Try to speak in complete sentences, you'll look smarter and sound like a halfway educated person.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 18:53:27
Fries, all you can eat. Just stick your hand in the 32oz soft drink cup, and think of me. <3

AnonFags GO!
SpYd3R   As well as these.
Anonymous   That gave me a laugh, please entice me more with your chip business you 'say' you have. Add it to his cup of fries.
SpYd3R   At least it's a complete sentence. LOL, I have been talking read down or up, whichever way your brain takes you.
DataByne 2011-04-22 19:06:02
Truly, you shall never taste sweeter tears of misery than those of a Nintendo fanboy (though I don't recommend the Nintendo Power forums to find them, since they only cater to the Nintendo faithful).

I have found Sony fanboy tears to be of a different nature. For one, they are laced with iron (whether this relates to guns, swords, or blood I do not know), but have a savory finish that has hints of hibiscus.

(Xbox fanboy tears are inedible. There unique taste can only be summed up with the phrase "LOL FAG!" with a disturbing aftertaste of balls being dipped in one's mouth repeatedly. For the good of all, any crying Xbox fanboy should be consoled with a new Halo game. Failing that, it is one's duty to silence them. Well, not silence them silently, after all, they have delicious screams: regret, longing, and a winning Madden play.)
SpYd3R   Just to be quite honest, as an avid gamer, I own all 3 of the consoles on the market right now, And truth be told I'm pretty sure anyone on this site is and always will be a Nintendo Fan due to the fact that most of us grew up with the console or started a gaming binge on a Nintendo System.
Anonymous   That's true to me, I played Zelda like no other, I remember searching for those hearts that gave upgrades to health, brings back good memories.
SpYd3R 2011-04-22 19:24:43
Playing Legend Of Zelda: Link's Awakening as we speak, LOL.

I wasn't kidding when i said it's time to dust off the old consoles.
Anonymous   Nice, yeah I still have my N64, maybe I'll bring it out... play some good old fashioned Mario64.
SpYd3R   Or GoldenEye 007, Perfect Dark, Mario 64, Smash Bros., The list can go on forever.
Anonymous   When I was 11, Me and my buddies across the neighborhood would play GoldenEye 007 for hours at a time. I also played with a guy I looked up to, then he left for college (UCSB). Good times though. There was a kid around my block, he had a nice shiny new xbox, and we played that action game where you would have to do little races like roll in a ball, or activate fireworks, or jump obsticles and whoever had the highest score won.
DataByne 2011-04-28 14:39:36
Until my Nintendo 64 broke last year, it got as much play as my Wii, 360, and PC. I don't play my Wii so much ever since I got a new TV (I keep forgetting to get some clay to stick the sensor on top) but I can play the Virtual Console, GameCube games, Brawl, and Monster Hunter Tri since they don't need the pointer.

I agree that many old school gamers are Nintendo fanboys at heart (since Atari and Sega aren't really options any longer), but I think that if we can't laugh at ourselves then we've sorta missed the point of gaming.
Anonymous 2011-04-28 07:32:12
I love this post. HAHA in reading back through this page this gives me the fullest lulzbelly

Fucking with fanbois is so much fun , its so easy due to their immature passion
Anonymous   +"To infinity!!! And Beyond!"
TUPINCHEMADRECULERO   Pinches tetos ijos de puta mierdas culeros.. Pendejos mal cojidos.. Solo porque tiene millones de barron en el pinche ocico se creen con el derech ode fastidiarnos.. Hijos de toda su reputamadre Culeros pendejasos ijos de su putisima amdre.. De verdad dejen de estar mamando o en la carcel terminaran Pinches maricones del la puta cara y quitence las pinches mascaritas Gays que usan para disfrasarce Aprendan a aceptar lo que hacen cara a cara Y si los meten al puto bote pues que bien hijos de mierda
DataByne 2011-04-22 19:19:34
I do not know what you said, but I think I should be offended.

I'm gonna go out a limb and say "Fácil allí. Estamos todos los amigos aquí. Con excepción de ese tipo allí. Él es un idiota."

Then more relevantly, "Seguro que debe estar de acuerdo que Sony ha sobrepasado algún límite, aunque la respuesta no estaba justificada? Además, anónimos no tiene la culpa de este ataque más reciente."

And then absurdly, "¿Qué? ¿quÉ? Gugenheim!"
GG 2011-04-22 18:56:04

Your analogy with your business selling chips is incorrectly applied.

The PS3 is not just a stand-alone hardware, like your chip business is. The PS3 is an on-going service. There are many analogies like....

Mozilla who create Firefox, or any company that creates a software, like Adobe with CS. They constantly update and upgrade the product. In adobe's case, they're out to stop piracy which is a threat to their income/profit. CS might be very expensive, but it's not right for people to hack it as a way to protest. Adobe is a creator, and has thousands of staff, it's providing employment to many families, and think about all the people who designed it, they should be rewarded for such a great software.

There are laws preventing people from hacking it, reverse engineering it even to re-sell it as their own, etc etc. All these kinds of laws are there to protect the creators, as they should be.

Firefox is free etc etc, but it's the same principle. You receive a product that is constantly being update, having features removed/added, security fixes etc etc. When at one time you COULD do something, you cant later when updating to the newest version.

In your chip business. Youre just selling the chip and that's it. Once the product goes out the door, that's your business finished. That's why you're not on the same page here. But if your business was something like a store that sells downloadable movies to people on a device they first buy from you, (for instance), then that's more like it. Because youre selling the device itself AND that device's very purpose is to provide online content on-going. So if you then start seeing people pirating your business, hurting your sales, people finding a way to bypass your network measures and downloading content free, having people distribute their membership details around allowing thousands to log in and download for free, then you have every right, especially in your terms of use policy, to crack down and update your device and services to protect your income.
SpYd3R 2011-04-22 19:06:22
I don't think you understand the full process of my business. As a custom board and computer chip designer I also have to make software that runs that hardware or it's unusable, Now with that in mind, I have to update that software if any bugs or corruption occurs to patch the issue,

Same concept as Sony, or FireFox in your example. I have to constantly maintain the equipment I produce in order for my business to be effective, a better example to understand would be the PC's Boot Process(I've had coffee I'm awake now :) ), I have to design a program to take full advantage of the hardware that I have produced as well as it to run an OS I designed or any current, which means sending signals to the varying equipment in the PC, say There's a loophole in that program that would allow you to see some of the hrdware's technology that I have a patent on and you would like to use it to create your own system, If I had found out about the issue yes I own the patent I can change the programming anytime I like, But I would not remove the Program because it would make the product inferior to what it was originally designed for.

Say I halved the PC's performance by doing so because I didn't want you to get to patented secrets, was it right to make your "supercomputer" inferior to a Dell Brand PC? even though you could have spent 5 times less on a different computer without having to deal with the issue?
GG 2011-04-22 19:13:23

Thing is, if you wanted to remove a program/feature from your business service, you are legally entitled to. Yes or no? Whether you do it or not, is up to you. And you would know the risk to do so was an unhappy consumer base. Loss of sales. That's your choice.

But it in no way entitles all your consumers to go and hack your actual business, and disrupt services for all the other consumers of your business who paid for it and services. You're going to have many consumers who don't care about that program/feature you removed, happy with the product.

Again, you would NOT want some hackitivist group out there to go and destroy your business. Hack into your account details, hack your network, hack your consumers, etc. You'd go and file a lawsuit against them.

Instead, the unhappy consumer base of yours, should go and fight your business decision in the appropriate either suing you and your company for failing to provide services/features that were promised.....or by conducting a boycott of your business and its products with thousands of other disgruntled consumers (to force you to re-instal the removed feature)....or by setting up their own rival company offering the same feature/product to hurt their market share as payback.
Anonymous   bacon
GG 2011-04-22 19:16:00
Speaking on the PS Blog in what will no doubt be a deeply embarrassing admission, SCEA comms head Patrick Seybold said Sony made the decision to take PSN offline after it was hacked earlier this week.
“An external intrusion on our system has affected our PlayStation Network and Qriocity services,” he said.
“In order to conduct a thorough investigation and to verify the smooth and secure operation of our network services going forward, we turned off PlayStation Network & Qriocity services on the evening of Wednesday, April 20th.


Anonymous   Ahh, see... Anonymous didn't take down PSN, Sony turned it off.
Anonymous   All of this anger for nothing. Hopefully I can own you all on Black Ops tomorrow. ;)
GG 2011-04-22 19:23:18
No, anonymous hacked, forcing Sony to close it down in order to improve that security breach.

Anonymous 2011-04-22 19:25:35
Wrong, Anonymous didn't hack PSN. Here is a quote from your own link.

Sony’s network service had recently been the target of hack group Anonymous in relation to legal action against several hackers, but the attacks had ceased due to a user backlash.

The security breach could have been anyone.
Anonymous   If this was the works of Anonymous, they would gladly say so I would think.
Anonymous   Bullshit by you own admission in the release this conversation is about anonymous says it could have been rouges within our group, Thats still you dickhead! You want to be a big bad gang of hackers don't pussy out now because we all hate your ass!!!
Anonymous   Right, because I or even anyone in Anonymous would care who hates me\them. Your intelligence is astounding.
SpYd3R 2011-04-22 19:22:28
I never disagreed on the fact that I would or could remove features, but if i advertise a feature of something i create and you purchase the product did you did you not intend to use all advertised features of said product?

Again I agree with you that no one should technically hack someones property to destroy a business but also keep in mind that there's not much you or I can do about the situation. I Agree legal actions should be ensued to make sure appropriate actions are taken and those are still in the mix for Sony, Only issue is, Sony is pushing the dates back, and changing documentation around to make themselves in the right or lessen the damage.

While I agree that attacking them is not only wrong but also illegal and morally wrong (Based upon my own personal morals) Action does need to be taken to the extreme sometimes to get results, for example, the Human Race, everytime we have a war our technology advances extremely quickly, to compensate for lack thereof or to get the upper hand.

I truly do enjoy speaking with you about this, makes me glad that someone out there has some decency and education to actually maintain a conversation or debate whichever you'd like to call it.
Anonymous   You have Anonymous written all over your post!. you have no respect from me no matter how you wrap your bullshit, you talk like something had to be done about your rights to hack a PS3 and Sony being a big bad corp. Grow up man! Its a fucken game console not apartheid and you ain't Nelson mandela, your a grotty kid who support an organisation of terrorists. Your the osama bin laden of the internet!!
Anonymous   This dude is bringing classy back, hahaa! Terrorist is so overused anymore, who the hell did Anonymous kill or get killed by their actions? Go back to Salem witch hunter.
SpYd3R 2011-04-22 19:35:02
I'm only stating the truth, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, All have Class action Lawsuits being thrown against them, how many of those do you think ever go in favor of the consumer?

I am in no way shape or form a part of anon, I just have respect for some of the goals and views they percieve and do something about.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 19:41:19
Old trick new name dude, I don't buy it! You are either with them or again them on this site today. You don't just stumble onto this site for a debate.

Nice try thought dude but your Anonymous brand is ruined. You can try and put your bullshit impartial comments in as much as you like we don't beleive you!!
SpYd3R 2011-04-22 19:46:10
Say What you like but the thing is your probably the dumbest person here. Anyone with a brain can locate this webpage by a google search, I actually just stumbled on it earlier this evening while rumming around on the Playstation webpage and hearing everyone getting mad about anonymous so decided to do a little research myself.

It's people like you that ruin the chance of civility and reason within a forum or chat board and it's sad to say I'm ashamed to say you share my species.
Anonymous   Ha, says the hacker who is trying to defend his immoral actions!
Anonymous   Whatever dude go to bed you hand is waiting for you
Anonymous   Google lead me to this page on the 20th btw lol google knows. . .
Anonymous   Blah, blah, blah...
Anonymous 2011-04-22 19:31:22
Well done you guys you have now have an entire community that hates you guys NOT sony. You have acheived NOTHING apart from no one will take you guys seriously or believe you
i might have supported your cause but not now anyway you look at it you guys have affected innocent consumers and that is an unforgiveable act
Anonymous   Another witch hunter who didn't get the memo. Anonymous didn't take credit for the PSN being shut down. If Anonymous was responsible you would know it, because they would say they did it. Anonymous came out long ago stating Anonymous ceased their attacks on PSN because of their respect for gamers. MMMKay?
Shut up witch boy!   Shut up dude, your in the wrong you tried to fuck over the PSN community and you got rolled. Stop with you BS sympathy note. Your a dead beat hacker who is apart of a group that everyone hates. Anonymous will be remembered as those retards who tried to take on Sony and ended up pissing off 70 million people!
Anonymous   Cute name, in fact I'm not a hacker. I am just someone who believes in rights. The right to be innocent until proven guilty. I myself am anxiously awaiting psn to be back online. But, I'm not here crying the blues that I hate everyone because my PS3 won't go online. So fuck off ya half a communist, witch huntin' fanboy.
Shut up witch boy!   Story of everyone in Anon "Where not hackers" We are freedom fighters. Grow a dick moron you ain't saving the world by taking on Sony.
Anonymous   2nd, I have no affiliation with Anonymous, moron.
AV 2011-04-22 19:57:13
Thats bullshit. Anonymous doesn't want to take credit for this so they can spin the story as if Sony was incompetent.

You dont take credit for something you know will anger a ton of people when you can try and spin it back around on the person you are attacking in the first place.

Not only that but even if members of Anon didnt hack it themselves they incited the "hack Sony" platform which no matter if they deiced to draw the line somewhere, there are always others who will use this platform as a jumping off point to bring it to the next extream.
Anonymous   Right, because gamers are far more terrifying than lets say the U.S. govt. who Anonymous has no issue with claiming their dirty work against? Nonsense...
GG 2011-04-22 19:32:50
Spyder, and actual Anon members...

I appreciate the open forum, and likewise enjoy(ed) the civil and intelligent debate.

Regardless of who's wrong or right, overall or in many little topics within, it's always good to have open intelligent debate, and I personally can admit when I'm wrong about something and learn new things etc.

I go back to the same thing I keep saying as my main points......not good to hack, hurt consumers, better appropriate methods are suing Sony itself, creating own console, or just keep up the protests/boycotts of Sony product. I dont want anyone to go to jail over all this.

Anyone who knows me knows im very anti-authority, i support the little guy. Sony has done many bad things like privacy intrusion, attempting to ban people for accessing free information online etc. MS and many other big corps all display the same evils etc etc.

If youre gonna hack (which is illegal) at least do something more important, like exposing possible BS like 911, WMD, JFK, and many other political/banking/intel type things. Those are the really evil forces out there.

Sony is just a company trying to protect itself, protect it's income. Same with MS, Apple, Adobe, etc. They do evil corporate things. But in the main, it's a thing providing entertainment (gaming). All this was over the Instal Other OS. I dont know the full ins-and-outs of it all, but that's what started it. It's just some crappy feature anyway. It never was gonna be PC-like anyway. If Sony removed it for security and profit reasons, at least understand that it was legitimate of them to do so. Unpopular to many/some, but legitimate. Creators should always be protected for their hard work, income.
SpYd3R 2011-04-22 19:39:54
I Agree With most of this post, everything you have said has been correct in some way shape or form.

Sony or any other Coorporation may have the rights to change the software on our consoles, but it doesn't make it right for them to do so.

I chose to post the screen name I use for all of my other many accounts and so forth so I wouldn't be labelled as an anon member because I am not, In all reality My morals are too high to do what these folks are doing, I do agree with some of there tactics and arguments, peacably boycotting and protesting is well within our rights and so is freedom of speech.
Anonymous   For the most part, jailbreaking is legal. Apple lost that one.
Anonymous   Yeah but people don't attack apple when they bring out new firmware that means you need a new jailbreak
Anonymous   apple doesnt ban for jailbreaking either
DataByne   I don't think that's related.
SpYd3R   Well I'm Out of here wife wants me to come to bed already it's 3:45AM here, I Wish you all a good night and let's just hope PSN is back in the morning, No use getting upset about something out of our control.
Anonymous   Still not going to stop me holding you responsible!
SpYd3R   LOL, Hold me responsible as much as you like your half baked theories and immaturity go hand in hand. I do have a life outside of my computer screen and anything that appears on my computer screen can be gone in a blink of the eye wonderful thing about Trolls is they lack the bite behind the bark.
Anonymous   your sounding more and more like the guys who run this site and arrange hacking attacks on companies like Sony.
Anonymous   Troll = FAIL
Striker 2011-04-22 19:48:06
anonymous says they didn’t do it but their probably playing off the fact that Humans are stupid and by saying that they didn’t do it thaen it must have been Sony and they get what they want which is people against Sony, and if Sony did do it then they wouldn’t have had to do it if anonymous would have left their shit alone so either way the fault falls onto anonymous.

So please eat shit and die anonymous and seeing as you probably won’t kill yourselves you could at least post your addresses so we Gamers could help you along the way.
Striker 2011-04-22 19:54:53
Stupid board cant even properly read text here’s a revise.

anonymous says they didnt do it but their probably playing off the fact that Humans are stupid and by saying that they didnt do it that it must have been Sony they get what they want which is people against Sony, and if Sony did do it then they wouldnt have had to do if anonymous would have left their shit alone so either way the fault falls onto anonymous.

So please eat shit and die anonymous and seeing as you probably wont kill yourselves you could at least post your addresses so we Gamers could help you along the way.
Anonymous   Grammar is your enemy, not Anonymous.
Anonymous   I... can... grammar..?
Striker   anonymous if your going to hack then hack into government networks and delete every thing the first step to taking down a country is to take down its system and i wouldnt mind seeing the destruction of america even though im an american citizen.
Anonymous   Yet, people call Anonymous terrorist. Are you remedial?
Anonymous   You got us (the consumers) all wrong we don't think you're terrorists, yet.
Anonymous 4ever   So what the fuck are we supposed to do, bend over for the corporations? The way I see it, we need people like Anon, not only for awareness from tyranny and the like, but also for the sake of humanity. We need people to take the fight back to those billionaire corps who make the laws. Besides what are laws if not to be broken? In my book, Anon works for the greater good, they always have, sometimes there's mess-ups, but fuck, who doesn't mess up. When I tie my shoes, sometimes the loop gets caught between my fingers, shit, that's a mess-up. All I'm saying is even if Anon did this, which they didn't. then wouldn't they say so. They don't lie, that'd be like corruption? But they aren't corrupt, look at what they have done for us the past years, most of which arose awareness. So the fuck what you can't play CoD for a day or two, it's not the end of life. Please for the sake of sanity, stop hating and look at the big picture. nuff fucking said.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 20:30:52
What are you supposed to do? Don't buy a playstation!! They took away your ability to put a different OS on the system because people were using it to pirate and cheat, it ain't fucking child labor or something. You can't cheat on PS3 now STOP CRYING AND LEARN HOW TO PLAY THE GAMES!!

Anon started this shit storm and whether the Ops (Losers) meant to or not they are responsible for this.
Anonymous 4 ever   Maybe AonOps did do this, maybe it was a rogue group underground, ever think about that? Please for the love of life. Don't go ape shit for something that hasn't even been proven yet, yes I've read the post from one of these gracious posters here that stated Anon (or a rogue group) actually did hack into it, but guess what, they did nothing, it was SONY who took the power offline, it was SONY who had unencrypted html files of your credit card info, it was SONY who had so much info leaking out of it's ass, not to notice it's own loop-holes. But hey, Anon or some other party found those loop-holes and now SONY is making new codes to cement those loop-holes. fuck
Anonymous 2011-04-22 20:58:17
Every site has security holes, you of all people should know that. It sometimes takes someone to point it out before you know where it is. Fortunately Sony saw it and stopped it, good on them!

But BAD ON ANON for looking for holes in the first place, and for spreading that hate that may have encouraged this from others. You guys started this now your backing down because every1 hates you.


You guys are weak children who hide behind the name Anonymous
Anonymous1   Where does everyone get this nonsense about cheating?
Anonymous   Sorry maybe your only trying to steal then??
Anonymous1   You sir are an idiot =)
Anonymous 4ever   Do you really think that's what they or the groups were thinking when they were chatting on their IRC board, GeoHot went down, so who get's the blame when something, anything goes wrong, with SONY, WE DO. Not you, not SONY itself but us. The ones who try and repress the hate casted upon us the citizen, the repressed, look at America, look at the workers unions being squashed by the republicans in their self-righteous attempt, maybe it is them you should throught your anger twords. Petition them to stop union rights from being stripped away, Low/mid classes all across America are worried that it might happen to them next. You work for UPS, they have a Union, now when the republicans over-vote democrats to eradicate the union, where will their 401k go? It will be gone.
Anonymous 4ever sucks balls 2011-04-22 21:38:11
You declared war on Sony you retard, of course everyone thinks it was you.


Your not repressed your retarded and American which makes you a retard with the opinion that everything is solved by starting wars and attacking innocent people.

Make a real difference and kill yourselve before you become another American idiot!
Anonymous   yes you can cheat on Ps3 you noob look at gameplay vids from some of the top players on Black Ops like rcn hacker an others an you can see them manipulate online multi gameplay giving themselves highly advanced twerks. Gain some knowledge b4 you try to seem smart it makes you look very asinine(that means foolish).
Anonymous1   OK, but what the fuck does that have to do with using your own OS, which is what PS3 was advertised to have as a selling point?
Anonymous   Mistakes, like I tied my shoe wrong and have to put in the extra 5 seconds to correct it. Sony realized that if you had your own free will, greed would put you in the way of playing games, ripping games, cheating games. What GeoHot did was nothing but a personal thing, he went wrong when he advertised his jailbreak to the masses. That is why Sony took him to court. They want to protect their developers, but in doing so it's a love hate relationship. On one hand you have gamers who just want to play games, on the other it's gamers who want to use Linex to use the PS3 as a personal computer, hey, if I were as smart as GeoHot, I'd want to use my PS3 as a PC too. But I digress Sony has rights to it's own creations no harm in that, and what I think GeoHot was trying to accomplish was the freedom to do what you want with a PC which is actually what the PS3 is, I mean was.
ND 2011-04-22 20:08:50
This isnt just effecting gamers. Its effecting studios who develop for the PS3.

Since all multiplayer gameplay/diagnostics/accounts/testing is tied to the PSN we cannot work on any aspects of multiplayer at my studio. With E3 right around the corner and the need to this ready/fixed/and polished losing days of being able to work on these features just means more late nights and more days that will require coming in on the weekend to meet our deadlines.

The ones really getting screwed over by this are the Sony Media Network Solutions (the team who develops new database platforms for the PSN and the team that helped develop the PSN while they were still under the Sony Online Entertainment umbrella) Have all had there weekends officially canceled and are being requested to come in to try and bring the Network back online and secure it from future attacks for the 70 million users who did nothing wrong.

Anon might not have done this attack, and then again they might have. Makes no different. They started this shit storm and it was only a matter of time before someone within them or outside of them went too far.
Anonymous   +1 - Well put buddy!
xD12x Dragon   I think this is so stupid. You guys think you are so smart and get some sick fun out of hacking stuff and fucking companys over to make some dumb point nobdody cares about. Anonymous is just a bunch of nobodys who want some Attention. GET A LIFE.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 20:29:36

Erica Ogg at CNET and Dean Takahashi at VentureBeat have both mentioned the outage in their blogs.

Speculation is rampant. Is the PSN outage related to the server crash? Is it a denial-of-service attack? Is it a software screw-up related to the new version of PlayStation home software? Who knows?

Anonymous 2011-04-22 20:33:29
Sony confirmed it was hacking, there is no speculation Anon did it!
Anonymous1   Time for a name change, to many same name post around here. Any way, like I said before, if it was Anonymous, you would know it. They would tell you. Gamers are far more terrifying than lets say the their home govt. who Anonymous has no issue with claiming their dirty work against right? Nonsense..
Anonymous   Yeah because your not friends with Obama but your mates who play playstation want to kill you if you admit it was you.
Anonymous1   Um, again... I'm not affiliated with Anonymous, and I myself play playstation.
Striker   anonymous is not corruption free any group of people and I mean any group is corrupted, even the base morals of america are corrupted
Anonymous   +1
Anonymoussucks   motherfuckers hope geohot & graf_chokolo go to jail and have a few big afro american dicks up there tight nerds ass .. hope ur next 2 bitches!
Anonymous1   Your way in the dark, Geohot's was settled out of court. And the other was dropped.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 20:39:52
Can someone tell me where on this site the press release is that plans an attack against PSN? There was a press release stating that the DDOSs were not continuing (the same one that announced the IRL protest, I think), it must be after that one.

It MUST be there somewhere, cuz anon OBVIOUSLY did it

There is no such press release on this site, some anons MAY have done this but they are not the anons here. It does not seem that there is a good reason to be angry at anons here when they did not do it.

I see that the two most probable explanations for this are:
1) Some anons, but not the anons at AnonNews, were attacking PSN after being outraged at GeoHotz being arrested over running OtherOS on the PS3. The actions of a few do not speak for the whole, and these few anons do not automatically make Anonymous evil.
2) Alternatively, this might just be a small technical problem, or some server maintenance (Sony said that there was an external intrusion, so who knows)

So Sonyfags, stop commenting here blaming and attacking Anonymous, and maybe read up more on what's going on, or better yet, just be patient, the PSN is probably going to be back up soon.with (maybe) a formal explanation by Sony. Understand that this is not the direct actions of Anonymous and stop attacking people on AnonNews.

(Not that anybody will listen to me, just continue, don't mind me, just keep on flaming, whatever, I gave my two cents, and I'm done here)
Anonymous   +1
Anonymous1 2011-04-22 20:45:17
I think you mean this, I just read it while browsing bored...

Also, the case against Geohot has been settled out of court.
Anonymous   They must have some humor, that was pretty funny. tbh
SpYd3R is gay   He truly is.
Anonymous   i wish i could punch ur face ....
Anonymous   Whose, mine, please by all means reach through your monitor and try it, I have pepper spray ready and willing. FACEPALM
Anonymous   no need 4 that .you have all the fun you need every time your dad sneeks in ur room late at night
Anonymous   I lock my room up at night, you got it right when you thought that I live with my parents, which I do, but if my dad came in to MY room at night, I'd mistake him as a thief or a rapist and blow his head off. The next day I'm not so sure though. Probably be some drama, but I can handle killing my dad. LOL
187 on a anon 2011-04-22 21:01:53
why are you believing the anons? read the post here and in other forums and you will see that they give a fuck about us users!!!! They attacked the PSN once so why they shoudn´t be this time again?
I don´t believe the shit youre talking you have startet Operation Sony so its normally that every Psn - user blames it on you. And as i read the interview in playstation lifestyle where one of you fucking anons called us users collateral damage i get enought of this shit. You are complaining about sony is protecting theyre products? youre so dumb. Think about it if sony be youre firm and you giva away a lot of money to produce that shit and sombody jailbraeks it wouldn´t you protect youre investments? I think i would and everybody whos honorst in here say the same. Or have you money which you can give as a gift? And then to expose where the kids from the firm goes to school and shit like this its terrerism not the fight for the free speech. Youre like a fucking diktator nothing cares for you then youre opinion and your afraid to cause "collateral Damage" dumb kids go to school and learn something for life and not how i can follow an idiot group get lost faggs
187 on a anon   i ment youre not afraid to cause "collateral Damage" sry im in a hardcore rage since nearly 4 days guess why ^^
Anonymous   i am happy that sony wont let a bunch of fags bring aimbots and wallhacks to the ps3 .....
Anonymous 2011-04-22 21:07:21
How is Anonymous any different in their actions and mannerisms, especially towards Sony and it's end users, than the Church of Scientology?

Surely I should have the right to use an item I purchased without the influence of a third party trying to force their views onto the world?

On another note, one user mentioned having the right to 'modify a car, was the same as the right to modify a PS3'. Well when I modify my car it doesn't end up affecting the performance and enjoyment of other peoples cars does it.

If even one of Anonymous has caused the outage, then ALL of you are responsible. You cannot wash your hands with the excuse that '..the actions of a few do not reflect the majority..'

Next time Anonymous or any associated group decide to have a public display or protest, I for one will visit them in person to take out my frustrations, wankers.
Muz 2011-04-22 21:32:43
"You cannot wash your hands with the excuse that '..the actions of a few do not reflect the majority..'"

It is exactly this that negates Anonymous' position. Their small group should not affect the PSN usage of the many. However many there are in Anon, their views DO NOT reflect the views of the majority of the 70million PSN users.

They are no better than the corporate whores they seek to undermine.

I put it that they are the sheep.
Anonymous 2011-04-23 13:51:21
8 million tea-drinkers in the American Colonies

30-130 anonymous COWARDS who didn't give a fuck about all of those who just wanted to enjoy their tea
Anonymous   I'm trying to play some games, you assholes.
Anonymous   public display ? nerd attack hahaha
187 on a anon   Im with you boy !!! I will specially fly to amerika to get some of them faggs on a protest!!!!! Dont mess with PSN!!!! I support sony since the ps one so sony been with me the most time of my life!!!!! I love this firm not everything is okay with them but its like that in every firm go fuck microsoft or better APPLE they are collecting information about theyre custumers worser than sony because apple Knows every step you make as long you got youre fucking I-Phone in youre pocket dont you think that it is importenter for the free speach? i think so fuck apple theyre bastards but you wont i guess 90% of the fucking anons got a fucking mac @home so they think "UUUUUHHHHH better dont fuck with APPLE we got no chance agianst this m*****uckeres
Anonymous   Good thing about using an Apple is you don't gotta worry about being hacked. Most of the time.
Anonymous 2011-04-22 21:35:38
Yes, why don't we start our own anonymous group to media storm, harass and harm Anonymous.

Someone needs to teach them a lesson.

Please Anonymous organise your members to protest somewhere public ;)
Anonymous   And wear the masks please... I love those masks can't wait to shove one up your ass!
Anonymous   +1
Anonymous   +1
Anonymous   +1 I will even sacrifice my PS3 and use it to beat you all to the ground before shoving your masks up your arse
TheGayRevultion   Hey Guys, why u must hack Sony on the Eastern Weekend? I want to play online with my Friends All over the World and now i can't. Why? Please make this under the week, but not on the weekends. *snif*
Anonymous   yes protest somewhere public please =)
GG 2011-04-22 21:40:18
Another thing about Anon that is pretty poor, is how they go about holier than thou, talking down to the consumers, belittling them, telling them to shut the fuck up, fuck you, fuck off, and persisting with their efforts without listening to the consumer base.

Sony is a creator and has every right to remove the OS feature. For security and/or profit reasons and/or viability reasons. And every right to protect themselves and their product from hackers.

On top of that, the OS feature was stupid anyway, and better off being removed. And even if it's sad to see it go, it's just a fucking instal other OS feature anyway. it's a fucking gaming console for fucks sake. Leave it be.

Of the 75 million PSN members, how many are Anon? How many are pissed off about Instal Other OS? There's like 0.01% of the 75M deciding upon themselves to destroy something that the vast majority of consumers are happy with.

You are not representing the 75M. Did you get a petition from 75% of them agreeing with your cause and condoning the actions you've done? Then you have are in the wrong to speak for 75M.

Fight your war against Sony via the legal system. If you won't because you dont have the funds and/or don't think you can win, then suck it up and deal with it.

Sony doing what it can to guard against hackers is for the benefit of the 75M.....removing online cheaters in games, protecting all the private information and credit card details.
Anonymous   The only reason why Sony shut down their servers was to embed their new codes to the security system to prevent the hacking of their system again. Yeah, blame Anon for helping prevent any future credit thefts that you would see after a real hack happened. Money being used on your card, money being taken from your bank account, ect...
GG   Anon's war is purely and simply a waa about the instal other OS feature.
187 on a anon   dont get wrong i love this shit wich you do to gouverments...... Thats cool the anons wich make this do the right think for the free speach but fucking sony ??? I swear ( and this go to the Operation sony team) the psn users will get a few of you!!!!! Dont you realize that you got nearly 60 million haters? Dont you have to think about it? when so many people saay that you are wrong how can it be the real way for the free speach? The free spech of 60 million people say to you leave sony alone its geohots own fault !!! And what have sony brought to him ????? They stoppt the court and you think you have still to fuck sony???? Man the monster you have maid is out of control! Do you think sony will stop chasing you when you got what you waant?? i dont think so you have to be chased down the worst way !! Youre team is not the free speach youre team are fucking terrorists and i hope law will threat you like that!!!
Anonymous   The overload of LULZWUTS are too much for my very baked mind to process. I am High and anonymous . . holy fuck im tripping is this real?
GG 2011-04-22 21:48:39
Lol at the idiocy of this Anon member posting a comment on the VGN365 site......


SparksWillFly April 23, 2011 at 8:22 am - Reply

The internet is being stolen from you.

The more people understand the severe and sinister implications of the Digital Economy Act the better.

This isn’t about some nerds wanting the latest movie for free. Your digital freedom and rights are at risk from governments and greedy corrupt corporations like Sony.

We are ALL anonymous!
187 on a anon   no you are not trippin nobody wants youre help on psn go leave us alone!!!!!!!!!!
Anonymous   i will not forget
187 on a anon   You are all anonymous?? Lol does it means i have go to my neightbar and whop his ass because he is an anon? lol dont you think youre a little bit to big? And who stole the internet from us?? YOU!!!!!!! nobody else!!!!!
187 on a anon   YAAA BITCH YAAA I wont forget too and 60 million others others too ;)
Anonymous 2011-04-22 22:04:40

GG 2011-04-22 22:06:43
Look at how little support you have.

Geohotz pictured like Christ crucified on the cross, asking all to fight Sony. 99% of replies are telling Geohotz and Anon what they think. But Anon here are NOT listening still. And trying to spin-doctor, and garner sympathy by pretending to be about civil liberties and the protection against evil, etc etc. It's all just bullshit and all you hackers know it deep down.

It's all just a waaa about instal other OS.
Anonymoussucks    why support someone that makes it easier for people to ruin online gaming?
Anonymous   i has an bery big vagaja..heheheee
Anonymous 2011-04-22 22:14:24
So how do we get back at Geohotz and anonymous for instigating the recent events?

Does anyone have personal details for these people, maybe we could put up a monetary reward for names, I'd donate to that cause
Anonymous h8r 2011-04-22 22:26:56
take it to their home these fags all live on IRC. You can hassel them there by going to

Find #OpSony channel they are a little toey about you baggin them, I was just there and they weren't happy
Prank   tell em Prank sent you
Anonymous   Why don't u guyshack PSN and solve the problem so i can get online again, Thanks in advance!
Anonymous   George Francis Hotz
Anonymous   Hahahahahaha he shouldn't be too hard to find!
187 on a anon   why are you still fighting against sony read the comments in all plattforms in the world nobody wants you. How can you call this fight for the free speach? The free speach ( wich you call sonylovers or sheeps) say stop this! We are not the sheeps you are the sheeps of them who say fight sony youre geohotlovers !!
Someone Anonymous 2011-04-22 22:28:20
geohotz is wrong and you know it, you can't just hack something without consequences...
it's good he's being sueed(i'm srry, my english isn't that good) hope he gets a fine for over the million dollars
Anonymous   I like getting high as hell by smoking like 4 bowls of weed , go on PSN and and trololololololo people.
GG 2011-04-22 22:36:38
They're full of shit too.
They admitted their agendas earlier in this thread, and along the way when replying to people.

It's all about instal other OS feature, and as an extension of that, a way to circumvent DRM, so they can pirate. Or as they put it, "allowing ingenuity of people to create stuff".

The PS3 is not an open-source technology. Sony created it to make income from it, as too all their business partners (games devs, netflix, etc etc). If you guys want to make software then go create a company, make software, and try to sell it thru the PSN and XBL services legitimately.

The internet is not being stolen, civil rights are not being stolen. All that rhetoric is utter BS and you all know it.

Everyone had the choice to accept the latest firmware and lose the OS feature, and by doing so, complying to terms of use that they'd lose online functionality. Or they could ignore the firmware updates to be able to keep the OS feature. Sony did this to fix security flaws, prevent online cheating, and to protect DRM. They have every right to do that.

Geohotz/Anon should just keep their existing OS PS3's and buy a new one for gaming online. And leave the 75 million happy PSN users alone.

Anonymous   why support someone that makes it easier for people to ruin online gaming?
GG 2011-04-22 22:44:38
Proof of that is what came about because of Geohotz hacking of the only opened the door to piracy.

In terms of PS3. the same happening would mean piracy and also unending cheaters online. It has NOTHING to do with geohotz personally crying that he cant run linux on a computer. As he has a computer with linux on it. Sony once had that vision, but rightfully changed it (removing OS) to protect against piracy, cheating, etc. So go buy a PC geohotz/anon, and run your linux homebrew there and accept the PS3 for what it is now - a gaming/multimedia entertainment unit.
Darky   fuck your self Anonymous idiots..
Boonking   add me on psn.................... oh! u cant :*(
Anonymous   all i want to do is get hold of you small children and shake you and get you to face reality, the IRA, beleive they are fighting for good but there are ways and this isnt it. When you finally grow up a little and not the few years you have been on this earth you might understand what is important and how to go about things and learn a selfish way is not how to go about it and thats what this all is Selfish and immature.
Anonymous   cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuntss
Anonymous 2011-04-22 23:35:39
Cracking the PSN network is no difficult feat. Back in the day I would leave my door unlocked when out and about. And breaking into my pad was no difficult feat either. Now I have more precautions but still do not consider it to be difficult to crack into to, it is because I have prepared myself against the honest opponent. Be the Samurai warrior. Just because you can do a thing doesn't necessarily make it so.
For those that have an eye for detail can see my door is now no different than before but I choose to believe there is more good than naught be told.
Peace and sacrifice.
Anonymous   u sad lil hacking cunts, so basically we all have to wait 4 sum super nerds to finish having their period, theyre probably shitting themselves now because alot of people including me want to crush their skulls, go take apart ur dildos and leav ur ps3s alone, u wudnt buy a car n take off 3 wheels n run it on jizz so why do the same with ur ps3s. sort it out pull ur fingers out n wipe urselves u queer hobo homo freaks go geta life start up ur own software company jeeez
Anonymous   just phoned psn again they said that it should be back on by the end of 2day but they said that yesterday
Anonymous   above are some intelligent and also some moronic comments.. personally i have no sympathy for somebody who has knowingly broken the law, being aware of consequences. as for he bought it therefore he can do as he likes with it. for arguments sake lets say you are smart enough to design an original product, so you copyright yea, and become rich.. if some kid wants to break user agreements and fuck with a product he has paid for, does that bother you?? not really (assuming you even found out) because you still made money off him and are still making money.. if that kid wants to use information gained maliciously, sharing it world-wide, basically sending your unique product down the toilet, are you glad you have copyright laws on your side aswell as a legally binding contract ( user agreement ), F oath.. also, i agree with a comment above that anybody with the skill ( and it is a skill ) to manipulate computers should be putting their time and knowledge to better use ( i.e killing pedophiles ).. lastly, spamming is not hacking. so while you may associate with people with real skill your best weapon is ping attacks ( you know who you are )
Meneyda   How convenient for Microsoft....
Anonymous 2011-04-23 00:27:09
This battle over the PSN is pointless. Yes, someone is being wrongly accused of modification of something he has purchased, but interfering with other people's daily ritual is unacceptable. Claiming you're doing this for people's rights is comical, seeing how PSN will be down for a whole two-three days (OMG PLEASE NO), and the subscription fee to the PSN is... free. Why doesn't Anon waste their useless, unimportant, wannabe apart of an underground society which is similar to that of fight club; but really, is nothing but a internet forum, time and fight for something worthwhile. Fight the corruption in our government, or do something altruistic, like help the poor - oh wait, you guys don't do anything nice, because you all feel like you matter to this world when you don't follow societies norms, and cause constant grief. In the end you all fucking die, at least die being happy about your self-image and positive relationships you had. Most of you will die with no friends, because you're too tied up with your online society.


Get over yourselves, you're not helping anything.
I'mYourGrandpa 2011-04-23 00:27:53
So PSN is down. Yeah, it pisses me off. No point in attacking a group that has denied doing it. I played my Xbox instead. Let's hope whoever did this to PSN leaves Xbox Live alone til PSN comes back up! ;-) Please?

PS: I can still stream Netflix through my Playstation.
Anonymous   a group of nerdy fags*
your mother   If i'm ever up on charges , fighting a billion dollar corporation .. and the only help I get is a bunch of nameless newbs performing dos attacks.. lol.. someone kill me, Please!
Anonymous   Sony Can Lick My Ring Hole.
Sony   Dear Imbecile, We at Sony Would lick your 'ring hole', except we don't want to upset your dog. Especially given all the hours of practice he has put in. Thankyou, Sony corp.
GG   Lol, talk about "cyber freedom of speech" etc. They just booted me from the IRC chat for posting their goal is piracy.
GG   Unban me now, i have a right to freedom of speech, to discuss with others and anon themselves.
Anonymoussucks   a bunch of hypocrit motherfuckers
geezebee   dear hacking cunts, i hate u for 1 reason ,which is obvious , tell ur dad to get off your ass , and repair what u destroyed ps hack microsoft as well , its shit anyway
GG 2011-04-23 01:11:41
haha, what a bunch of hypocrite babies....

23:14 You are banned from the channel #opsony
Anonymous   I can speak for all anonymous members when i say "we didn't do it, honestly, we were all busy at the time in question, ..... fapping over gay porn in our mothers basements ".. I will post webcam captures of all our skinny pale asses for non-believers
Anonymous   I love my PS3, but Sony has done things wich I can't stand, and they deserve this attack, did by Anon or whoever.
Anonymoussucks   why support someone that makes it easier for people to ruin online gaming?
Anonymous   Keep on ranting you faggots! this fucking amuses me!
Anonymous   all those wanting to learn how to flood domains thus earning the right to call yourselves l337 h4x0rs like the rest of us anonymous homosexuals.. contact [email protected] ... the more the merrier.. if we do not reply withen a few minutes, keep sending emails, we here at anonymous love recruiting more n00bz, particularly young boys ;)
reasonable person   im not mad at anonymous for bringing down PSN and i admire them for standing up for what they believe in, but i feel their actions are selfish in this instance because they are stopping the people that are happy to use their PS3 the way it came out the factory. if anonymous are all about freddom, this is not a good way to demonstrate it.
Anonymous44   Anon i used to respect you, and support most of the things you did..................... but now i'm afraid you've gone to far, and now i hope you lot pay for what you've done.........
Anonymous 2011-04-23 01:39:03
you can all anonymously suck my dick if you like no name required just sucking or blowing. I'd say most of you have quite developed lips/facial muscles considering how long you've all been talking shit.
PSN is down because of their own fuckups
make yourselves useful and blow me bitches
lmao i dont get a choice and bullshit ahahaha im luvin this no you do not get a choice your'e all robots designed to suck it TY that is all
Non-Anonymous   Thats mature, i take it all Anons are childish like you.
Anonymous 2011-04-23 01:50:05
You are making yourself an awful lot of ennemies there, dear anons. Is it really worth it? What are you trying to achive with this anyway ?

Geohots case is settled. Why continue to attack sony, no, why continue to harm millions of innocent ?

People who enjoy PSN are not your ennemies, they might even never have heard of geohot and what he did. So why harm them ?

When you attacked Visa and Mastercard (for greater goals than those of OPsony) you didn't aim for their services, only for the front pages. You didn't have to hurt innocent before to reach your goals. Why start now just to defend some hacker that got owned?

What you are doing now is what Kefka did to Doma castle in FF6
If you believe that you should attack Sony then please do this instead of PSN. Gamers have nothing to do with Sony's policies or actions.
If you want rights to be respected please start by respecting the rights of others.
Anonymous   anyways i dont know what the big deal is. you can all just FUCK OFF AND PLAY MY LITTLE PONY ON THE Wii
shanonymous 2011-04-23 01:53:13
By Shawn Hawk
Standing with our backs
To a wall of desperation,

Eyes burning with tears,
Our minds seeking some direction.

Peering through a wall
Of illusions and shattered dreams,

Enclosed in self-made prisons,
Screaming silent screams.

So caught up are we
In our petty little cells,

Concerned with only "me,"
Unable to break the spells.

Unable to realize
It's we who are the makers,

We who crafted each wall,
We who are the breakers.

Unable to understand,
Unable to simply see,

Be of the world and trapped,
Or of the spirit and free.
Anonymous 2011-04-23 02:00:00
to be honest i think all anon people should die they are fucked up assholes who act like spoilt brats because they are not getting what they want, plus if you want change ask nicely! And maybe they might give it to you all hackers should die take what you've got and like it, who cares about 10th prestige 15th prestige, modded cars on GTA IV, spas-12s shooting out rockets NO ONE except the dirty little hackers who have no girl friends live in with their parents at the age of thirty and cant play the game Anon's get ready because your gonna get fucked up by the FBI, the government and rebelious Groups.

Hackers Go Die,
Lots Of Love
A Rebel xx
Anonymous <3
Anonymous   Sony and it's business partners deserve to turn a profit on their copyrighted products and services, thus enabling them to continue doing so at the simultaneous expense and benefit of self aware individuals choosing to partake, if at any time I do not agree with Sony and affiliates terms and conditions I simply choose to discontinue any support for such parties in future and align my loyalties else where. There is no time to get ahead while too busy getting even, especially as we entered into this agreement through choice. Again having the ability to do a thing does not necessarily make it so, when the beginning began with a choice of agreement. Interpretations aside within current systems of economics there simply is no room for such behavior. Opting to forcibly excite change against the will of consciousness and self awareness is in itself a crime against freedom. It maybe that one day such a maturity of spirit will be adopted and is a characteristic of purpose worth exploring, but not at the cost of choice. I chose to agree to abide by the rules of my agreement with Sony when signing up on the PSN, it is that simple. Man can be so much more than just a reactionary animal. In this case minds and opinions were changed but sadly agreements were forgotten.
Anonymous 2011-04-23 02:14:24
I think what Anon did was actually pretty good. It's gotten me out of the house, i've been losing weight and been out a lot more! Thank you Anon! Do it a few times a month!(:
Also my friend.. all he does all day is sit in the house playing ps3 with no friends. but now he doesn't have any other choice but to go out and talk to people... Thank you Anon.
Anonymous   Do you really need to get your PS3 hacked to go out and do exercise? I hope you were being sarcastic because if not you need a fucking slap in the face. Noone has the right to force me not to play that's your choice and when it is forced then is just basically fascism, you fucking idiotic.
Anonymous   Wow, you must have lost a lot of weight in the whole three days! Your lame attempt to support anon shows how oblivious you are in the real world. Fatass
GG   Anon IRC got pwned hard by me on their IRC, they had to extra extra ban me cos they know they're hypocrites. The whole "we beleive in freedom of speech" is a lie.
Anonymous   But on the other hand... it kind of sucks, because around here the weathers been shit. so there really isn't much to do.. haha oh well...
Anonymous 2011-04-23 02:18:11
Dear anons,

If you are so fucking desperate for something to do, why don't you create your own system to modify. Stop screwing everyone else. Until I saw this tread, I have never heard of geohot or anons. Now I just think you are all dicks who need a real career. Do something useful with your talents dirt bags.
Anonymous   Why dont you "Anons" (YEAH WELL COOL NAME) Just shut the FUCK UP and do something else with your lifes like go outside?
Anonymous   NO U
Anonymous   Your just scared that you wont be able to perve children anymore because they will get free flowning personal info cut off wah wah go lick a dildo!
Anonymous   O RLY? That's your fantasy, not mine lol.
Aguacater   It doesn't matter if you didn't do it, it is because of you that happened. You opened the door to hackers, now people steal acounts in games, they ruin sesions by cheating and now PSn is getting attacked and millions and millions of gamers are the only affected by this, yous hould be proud, you have ruined your name, you have only attacked the gamers and regular people by denying us our right to simply sit and play. I really hope some of you get caught and send to jail, you really deserve it.
Anonymous   *yawn*
To Anonymous   Being Anonymous does not mean being without cause or purpose. To this date your intentions are not fully known. Consider releasing them for topical debate. And through the looking glass I shall go.
I'm not yo daddy   I'm yo grandpa!!
Anonymous   i was looking forward to sniper fagging on battlefield bc2 this weekend :(
hairypalms   i've already hand like 15 wanks this weekend, there is nothing else to do!, i now have cramp and a sore penis, i hope you are happy
GG 2011-04-23 03:09:14
Go here to chat about how Anonymous suck

if there's a password, it's: anonsuck

no one will get banned for freedom of speech lol
GG   irc://
MajestiK   When psn went down... I realised I was free from it. No joke I was addicted to playing war games and so on day n night. I was good at playing ps3 and was satisfied. Now I have the opportunity to do other things and appreciate this lifestyle.. I have a military interview next month and all I was doing is playing n playing n playing for the last few months... Finally I have a chance to practice my interview and not ps3. So I guess I am appreciating that this has happend and whoever did these did favours to alot of people without them realising. Thanx.. for now (ATTACK SOCIAL NETWORKS!) *COUGH*
Anonymous   Please tell me you have more self control than that....
Anonymous   its only been down for a short while, all of you "ive had an epiphany" idiots, are pathetic, do you really think you won't be crusting over your underpants when it's back up?
Anonymous   yeah dude, we all will you ignorant prick, but he has a point. at least he has time to do shit other than play all day, like myself too and other people. you are the pathetic one calling all the other people pathetic. good work
Anonymous 2011-04-23 03:26:55
First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me.

I think it was pretty stellar myself.
EWP 2011-04-23 04:51:45
Thank you. I've been waiting for someone to make this point.

The problem with this concept is it depends on which side you are on.

Anon's side thinks they are the Non-Nazi's.

In my opinion Anon IS THE NAZI's, not the other way around. The problem is your perspective. From what I have seen and experienced of Anon, they choose to block other's freedoms (DDOS attacks) without considering that they are being hypocritical.

It is painfully obvious from this thread that Anon does not get it; they cannot understand simple logic or complex concepts; they are LEMMINGS:

From the wikipedia entry on lemmings:

Because of their association with this odd behavior, lemming suicide is a frequently used metaphor in reference to people who go along unquestioningly with popular opinion, with potentially dangerous or fatal consequences. This metaphor is seen many times in popular culture, such as in the video game Lemmings, and in episodes of Red Dwarf and Adult Swim's show Robot Chicken. The Blink 182 song "Lemmings" also uses this metaphor as does the 1973 stage show National Lampoon's Lemmings starring John Belushi and mocking post-Woodstock group-think.

So once again:

Anonymous = LEMMINGS
Anonymoussucks   we are speaking out ....
Anonymous 2011-04-23 03:49:30
To Sonyfags- Grow up and find something more productive to do with your time other then pointing blame away from your precious sugar daddy.
To Anon-I wish this was you guys downing PSN, maybe a better #op for these kids would be #opgetlaid. Then maybe they wouldn't whine so much
Anonymous > Sonyfags
nobody   whomever it was i would like to thank. im usually on psn for 5-10 hrs daily . since i have not been able to do so actually made it out to a (hed) p.e. , mushroomhead show last night not saying i couldnt have done this had the network been up but it does make for a good excuse to miss out on experiencing the world . what are all these complaining people to do when "lifes" network seems to fail and theres no electricity among many more missing luxurys due to an extinction level event that may or may not occur . and im sure ill play ps3 again soon as problems are allowed to be resolved but im just thanking some one for the friendly reminder of things ive allready known.
Anonymous   Hai Anonomus, pleez can u ficks the PSN so eye can play mai favorate gamez, i have gotz no frendz and my onlay frendz r teh wuns on teh psn so pleez fiks the psn so i canz hav funz tiem wif mai frendz and play teh call of duty blak opz plz k thx bye, ps can you make it so ai hav all teh gunz and kant be killed by n00bs in teh blak opz thx
not very Anonymous 2011-04-23 04:43:11
Anonymous   lol this whole sony outage thing is humorous! my friends are going crazy without psn
Anonymous 2011-04-23 04:09:17
Hey there you really entity... I know you did not cause the PSN outage, but do the unthinkable for us. FIX IT! And then be like "we did not cause the outage but we just saved PS3 gamers and the Playstation corporation by fixing the minor issue!"

This would make you like Superman!

Cool Thanks!
Anonymous 2011-04-23 04:20:01
Hey there you really entity... I know you did not cause the PSN outage, but do the unthinkable for us. FIX IT! And then be like "we did not cause the outage but we just saved PS3 gamers and the Playstation corporation by fixing the minor issue

I agrede if your so smart and so great fiz the network for all those who want to play...i dont care if anyon hacks anything until it effects do what you want!!! But would be good for you to get in there and fix this shite
Anonymous   They can't fix it.. Once it goes down its upon Sony's shoulders to get it back up and there so fucking stupid and useless at assessing and repairing the problem that fuck all is getting done.. ANYONE can have psn back up straight away but the chances are.. ANYONE can take it back down again. this attack was for a reason and if PSN goes back onlin it will go back down if whatever it is isnt sorted.. ony will be shitting themselves and therefor psn probably wont be ack up until shit is sorted with the hackers..
Anonymous   Why would anonymous put it back online? Sony should put their own service back up.
Anonymous   Fixing the PSN will prove the power of the Anon... Its called reverse psychology! I think it will help prove they did not take it down if they contacted PS and told them how to fix it! Hahaha can you imagine that email from Anon. "Click here and all your problems are solved.... PS: Stop blaming us for your shitty server protection and also Click here for information on how to not let this happen again!"
Anonymous   that it not reverse psychology, you are a moron
oh no! 2011-04-23 04:32:16
hello, could anybody help?

I had sex with my neighbours dog.
I then found out my neighbours dog was male?

Does this make me gay? i don't want to be gay? i didn't know it was male at the time and to be honest i didn't have that much fun having sex with my neighbours dog anyway?

oh no, i'm not gay am i ?

Anonymous 2011-04-23 04:35:59

Relax Patton.
Anonymous   Keep it up Anon im with you all the way
Anonymous   My UV aint online.....? whats up with that?? lol!
Anonymous   the only thing anon is good at are ddos attacks .... spaming nubies
Anonymous   hello i am not playing battlefield bad company 2 at the moment, it's a shame because i like hiding in bushes being a sniper fag.
Anonymous   Alright. Well this is getting fucking stupid. People are acting like a breech in a free fucking console network is an apocalypse. I understand both sides; money spent on a console that doesn't know how to protect their shit is infuriating, and hackers don't know how much damage they cause. On the other hand, people need to get lives and stop sitting around playing games. But the problem is, this is all generalization. You ASSUME people are upset because they have nothing better to do. You ASSUME Anon hacked PSN because they have nothing better to do. If you thing this is an apocolyptic sign from the gods, (Whoever you believe in, it doesn't matter at this point) then tell me, has it done any good? People are still bitching that their PSN is down, and it sucks. Hard-earned money spent on games that aren't even working properly because of a 'system intrusion' isn't the happiest news to wake up to. I myself am upset about it, but I have other things to do, as do most other people. No one does shit like this because there's nothing better to do with their lives. They're doing it for a purpose, to prove a point. I'm not saying I agree with the shit they did, or even why for that matter (I would beat the shit out of one them if I wanted to waste my time on it) but they at least had a *reason* to. Everyone calm down, this isn't a sign that humans need to get off their asses; no matter what you do, people will do what they want. If you want to stay at home, go ahead. If you want to go out, go ahead. Worry about your own life, not someone elses. It's none of your business what others want to do with their time.
not very Anonymous    TL;DR
Anonymous   What was the point of that comment if you didn't read it? Lmao...
Anonymous   to explane y it wuz not read
Anonymous 2011-04-23 04:57:17
First They came... - Pastor Martin Niemoller
First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.

Then they came for the trade unionists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.

Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.

Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me.
DO TELL   this whole thing is useless. whats the point? can someone explain it to me or is everyone so wrapped up in all the press anon is getting?
Anonymous 2011-04-23 05:00:10
its not caused by human error or humans hacking
it's the start of the invasion of the machines
they are starting to cut off global comms,
people are always talking via machines, once tech is cut- comms is down
beware of skynet?
beware of machines do not trust them
anon could be our last hope if millitaries lose control of their WMDs
DO TELL 2011-04-23 05:05:42
Jesus Christ these posts are unreadable. Skynet?
Seriously? "anon could be our last hope if millitaries lose control of their WMDs " What the fuck are you talking about?
DO TELL   Those captchas are useless by the way. I would think you guys would know that.
DO TELL   What?
DO TELL   Because you're writing like an idiot
Anonymous 2011-04-23 05:11:51
most of you faggots probably never ran linux on the ps3. its trash. lack of memory, you can run snes emulators that quite frankly run better on my mobile phone.

this is terrible cause. i lost respect anonymous. all that great build up just to throw it away on something stupid.

anonymous is fooling all of you, they are trying to get more and more people to protect themselves not you. sony wasn't going to take sue those people that visited the page but if one of those people is a hacker and has left a footprint then that person can be found.

the marine above that posted is only looking it with his eyes half opened.. for one thing he should know better.

and if he were sent in to a location to find someone with a bomb he might have to search everyone to find the one offender. is he taking peoples rights or just sifting through the people to find the one criminal? samething sony was doing.

I have family in the military and your comment was saddening to hear.

i dont know about everyone else but i ran linx and the jailbreak. its only good use is piracy. every other codec player runs like shit.

ask them why they haven't hacked the 360? they still cant get apps and software to run on it, but they can play pirated games online.

mission accomplished.

Anonymous   Whenever I see someone with an anon mask in the streets I will call the police about a potential bank robbery being witnessed.
Anonymous   lul how strange you are
DO TELL   Best comment so far
GG   Anonymous' cause is purely about piracy. They are full of it pretending anything else, and all this civil liberties bullshit. They were behind the latest attack too and are going in damage control saying they werent so that they can try to mollify all the pissed off consumers and try to fix their broken image.
DO TELLL   Can you do us all a favor and stop posting.
DO TELL   Why doesn't "Anonymous" just become a legitimate company of sorts. Hail yourself as security specialists or some shit. All these huge companies sabotage each other publicly everyday. What's the need for this anonymous bullshit? Google is trying to take over the world right in front of your eyes. Also do you think any of these billion dollar website actually register with the W3. C'mon its called business. If you want to change it make it known. This anonymous shit is childish.
Anonymous 2011-04-23 05:27:49

How can I report a hacker?

You can report a hacker by contacting your local FBI local office, U.S. Secret Service, or the Internet Crime Complaint Center.
Anonymous   Call the cyber police.
OH HAI GUISE 2011-04-23 05:29:42
Anonymous   guys ever consider talking to people irl?
Anonymous 2011-04-23 06:40:17
Yeah I do it at work 5 days a week not including when i get a night time call cause i'm on call that week, or the family i live with or my kids that are grown and we speak as adults do not just as father and son.. and after all that..

I like to play my playstation 3.. thanks for nothing faggots, why don't you all go outside. preferably in traffic

Not sure if the anon assholes pay attention but most of the consensus is that the majority of the ps3 community are older gamers, over 30 with jobs and families not college kids like the 360 community.

go outside LMFAO.. some of been outside so long we needed to grow up and stay home after a while.

But i love the talking out of both sides of anon's mouth.

dont let corporations tell you what to do, but we should listen to what you want us to do right?

fuck off
OH HAI GUISE 2011-04-23 05:36:45

Anonymous 2011-04-23 05:49:00
To hell with Sony
To hell with Anonymous
Both as bad as each other
Famous shamus   You can buy spray paint but when you turn it into a drug or a flame thrower you break the law, this is different than the PS3 how? I can buy a car that I can modify untill it is no longer legal, this is different than the PS3 how? I can buy a guitar but if I smash you in the face with it, it is now an illegal weapon, this is differnt from the PS3 how? I can own a dog but if I train it to kill you it is illegal, this is different from the PS3 how?
Anonymous 2011-04-23 14:13:12
you will not be sued by the manufacturer of the spray paint, the car or the guitar, you will be punished by the state for your criminal conduct

if you use your PS3 to beat somebody to death, then you're right, there's no difference, but cracking anti-circumvention measures is not, in itself illegal (being a 'fair use' exception specified by the Librarian of Congress), nor is sharing that information with the world (Felten v RIAA) - only when you actually make an infringing copy are legal rights implicated, and these are not crimes, but civil wrongs
Famous Shamus 2011-04-25 11:57:07
Wow first good point made since the OP.

I want to get this right since there is a bit of an issue here. The masses liken the moded car (PS3) to the road (PSN) but what you are saying is that you have the right to mod the PS3 because Sony does not own the road (internet for those not following) and that they have used their preceived ownership of the internet to influence US law to side with them on a case that breaks our (collective) rights to free information. Am I close?
Anonymous 2011-04-26 01:36:26
no, that's not it - the issue isn't about whether hacked consoles can go on the PSN (which is a lega lmatter only insofar as it is a breach of a private agreement)

the point I'm making is that it is not illegal to modify your console, nor to figure out how to do so, nor to publish details of how to do so - all of these things are protected by law, because the content-locking mechanisms prevent not only copyright infringement, they also prevent making 'fair use' of copyright works (this is why Sony lost their modchip case in Australia)
Anonymous   I can brain you with a PS3. This is very different from modifying my PS3.
Anonymous 2011-04-23 06:18:40
I don't care who did it. If it was Anonymous or some other hacker group.
But whoever did it had no right in doing that for some personal bullshit that they *think* they're entitled to. When their little "war" affects others who purchased a gaming console, computer, or some other device who don't give a shit (like me), it becomes my business.
So whoever did this and thought they won some "battle", think again, you just pissed off a lot of people and now you just single handily made the hacking/modding community look a lot worse than they actually are.
Anonymous   We didn't do this. Sony did this. Sony being greedy is the reason the PSN is down; they shut it down in order to save money.
Living in London 2011-04-23 06:19:56
You guys are obvioulsy extremely talented but I've got to question your choice of target. The world is fully of corrupt governments and corporations and you target a company that was big in the 80s and 90s and has been in terminal decline since and might not even make it to the end of the decade the way it is going.

Go after the Chinese/Iran government, go after Haliburton, or the oil companies. Use your talent to take down a big target not some piece of shit company.
Anonymous   I just want to say thank you to whomever is responsible. Thank you for ruining my gaming experience. I don't care when people want to hack their own systems, PCs, install pirated software, cheat at single player games, but don't ruin my online experience. Speak and be heard, i understand the intend, but whoever you are you've ruined few good days of gaming for millions of people.
Anonymous 2011-04-23 06:27:12
Hey, I have a 360 but the only hacks i've found are for playing pirated games.

Are you guys going to help us be able to user our xbox 360's they way we want to as well?

You guys have been pretty silent on this, shouldn't your stance be about all consoles not just sony's?

Come on guys i want to use my 360 as it was intended or as i see fit.
Anonymous 2011-04-23 08:12:01
No one? No one wants to fight for my right to use my 360 the way I want?

Outside of piracy its untouched? why is that?
Anonymous   i need my ps3
Anonymous 2011-04-23 06:50:55
Fuck, I say take ALL multiplayer down across all systems. This way game developers will remember there is a fucking thing called single player.

Theyre too reliant on faggot multiplayer (all the same..deathmatch,flag ect.) and nigger DLC

Anonymous   Guys I think some of you are missing the point. Just take a few minutes to think about this. If Sony had their way, all that viewed GeoHot’s YouTube channel and his website would have felt the fallout from Sony. It’s highly possible that Sony would have banned you from PSN. Now is that justified, just by (looking) at a website. Of course it isn’t. I myself looked at that video just to see what all the fuss was about, if Sony and the U.S legal system had their wish I would have been punished for that. Anonymous made a statement, it may have not been what we all wanted but it pushed home a point. Now don’t get me wrong, I am not defending Anonymous by any means. I just feel that Sony was wrong in trying to obtain and (use) the I.P addresses on all who looked at that video or website. And the U.S legal system for granting them access. It simply isn’t right to punish people like that in that way.
Anonymous 2011-04-23 07:10:19
Only people that need to worry are people doing something illegal.

If sony has to sift through those IP's to get to the hackers that is not my problem its yours.

They sift through the ips and find the offenders, me being a gamer and not a hacker, i'm safe. dont drag me into your nonsense.

go outside and do something other than hacking.

there are 3 game consoles choose one that allows you to hack.
Anonymous 2011-04-25 03:15:21
That's ridiculous.
You'd so willingly allow Sony to stalk you? You don't deserve to use the PSN. GTFO!
Anonymous   If that what's Sony was up to, I agree with anon hit Sony where it hurts hard.
Anonymous   heres another idea if you did hack the psn why dont give out all the dlc of psn for free that woud piss off sony. And you would not hurt the gamers.
Anonymous   Thats a good Idea LOL that would fuck up Sony
Anonymous   @ Anonymous or whatever Anonymous splinter group or individual is messing with the PSN: Please let me play my video games and 'waste' my life in peace. What did I ever do to you? I'm seriously on the verge of sighing and rolling my eyes.
Anonymouse   Too right bro.
LibertyisAlive   The nwo will die one step at a time!
Anonymous 2011-04-23 07:25:10
Everyone just stop crying about psn it will be back up soon. THE WORLD DOSENT REVOLVE AROUND THE PLAYSTATION 3
just get an xbox
Anonymous 2011-04-23 07:42:42
further proof that its also partly done by xbox fanboys

speak with your dollars not these silly attacks, ms tried to make games for windows live a pay subscription like they do with xbox live. the pc community spoke and did not spend their money. now games for windows live is free.

all done in a adult and legal manner unlike these xbox fangirls hiding behind the anonymous name.
Anonymous   This is what was going to happen when Anon got behind OpSony, XFags taking up the Anon name and shitting on it. I just want to know how they got LOIC working on their 360, since the only reason to own a 360 is because you're too shitass poor to get a decent PC.
Anonymous   The douchebag who MODIFIED software that to even download LEGALLY you have to accept an agreement that says you are not allowed to change the software. I'm almost 100% positive anon's leader is tom cruise.
Anonymous 2011-04-23 07:35:54
Those poor PS3'ers wont be able to talk to eachother while playing different games anymore... oh wait.

Stay classy anon.
Anonymous 2011-04-23 07:44:16
maybe i'll just jump on my 360 and play co op portal 2 with my pc friends...

oh wait...

Anonymous   +4536/9000
Anonymous   Of course you guys didn't do it... but why not? I mean, when Sony has completely rebuilt the entire network, why not show them you still have the power to destroy them? Make it a challenge.
PepperJacked   Really guys, I think you just pissed 75 million people off, I don't sit on my ass every hour playing a game but after a hard day at work I want to relax for an hour on my game and you have to go and do some bull shit like this,,, really pisses me off of how selfish this organazation is......Probably not your brightest move as a hacker,,,,,,,,
UrDaysR#D   The funny part is how Anonymous everyone who post's here and on the website believe they are. Anonymous members should fear the .gov presence. Proxies, Shell accounts, and other obfuscation techniques are a joke if you stir the nest. I'm guessing that when this settles you will have sufficiently stirred the nest and you will follow the road of Shadow Market. Cheers