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Anonymous   So... Anyone have any info about this, showing that it is probably true/false?
Anonymous   I think something to the effect that "anyone" can do a defacing and call themselves "Anonymous." Have any other real ones not been claimed either before during or after?? No target? What I wanna know is who did Kim Jong Eun's birthday surprise lmfao.
Anonymous 2011-01-10 21:51:07
It shows on this website that message.
but at the end it is not showing the following
"We are Legion
We do not forget"
We do not forgive
Proving this was not done by Anonymous but was done by another party trying to play off the blame to Anonymous
Anonymous is a peaceful Protest that would only hack peoples account if it was intirally nessicary and wouldn't send it to the Press.
please spread this message.
From Anonymous
We are legion
We do not forget
We do not forgive
Anonymous 2011-01-11 10:45:22

Srsly, I've never seen that on anything that Anon has ever posted.

Also: Anonymous as a peaceful protest? Lolwut? Welcome to the party, summerfag

On a side note, ever consider that the oldfags are tired of the "We r leejun, we not forget" shit that has bouncing around since Chanology? Anyone can quote that shit, cdo it an anonymously and suddenly hey! It's the work of Anonymous!

Lurk moar
Anonymous   We are Legion has been around a lot longer then the shitty fucking chanology bullshit. Bounced around more times then you can fap in a year.
Anonymous   That's a lot of times.
Anonymous 2011-01-11 11:53:17
>> Anonymous is a peaceful Protest that would only hack peoples account if it was intirally nessicary and wouldn't send it to the Press.

Uhuh, I smell a newfag that just wandered in during chanology.

Sure, we do good things. But you have to accept the good with the bad. I dont know how many crusades against myspace, gaia, and facebook there have been for one fucking reason alone.

For the Lulz.

People dont seem to fucking remember that that is the core of /i/nvaders and /a/nonymous. We do things for the Lulz.

or to defend our own, or because of some absolute shit. Now days we are always in the news, as good guys, as "vigilantes" But long before that, we were legion as you say, but not in peaceful protest, Legion for the Lulz, Legion against people who do bad to us, like stealing longcat, spreading aids in pools (which we must close).

Everyone knows when it all comes down to it, We do whatever the fuck we like, we do not forgive, we do not forget, expect us.
Anonymous   What happened to the lulz... :/
Anonymous   +1
Anonymous   they are applying a false flag ...
Anonymous   454654
Anonymous 2011-01-11 01:18:00
>>Anonymous is a peaceful Protest

I dont even know where to start.

Anon isnt you, your morality, your culture, or anything else.

If someone wants to do something anonymously, they are by definition anonymous. just because you subscribe to the newsletter and post hurr derp on ebaums, that doesnt give you or anyone else ownership of the certificate of anon approval. There just isnt one. The hivemind is neither peaceful nor agressive, it just is.

It's long past time to give up your conceptions of personal identity and ownership. The fianna gael thing happened, it was funny, and it was due to the hivemind, either directly or indirectly through copycats or false flags. In either case, we got the credit. Sounds like a win to me.
Anonymous 2011-01-11 01:26:32
And that goes for the "official anon watermark" too
we could all agree that the new slogan would be "here comes the raeptrain, chooo chooo" and it wouldnt make either one any more or less official. there is no ownership, there is no slogan tie pin, home and away jerseys or complimentory spicerack. just what suits our purposes at any particular time. "expect us" would have had no bearing on the FG raid.
Anonymous 2011-01-11 01:29:12
No, you're full of nonsense. Why don't you try to actually realize what's currently happening - Anonymous is taking out government sites, and this site was hacked with the usual style of image, with a stupid "owned by" message, thus EVERYONE thinks it was on Anonymous' anti-government plan. It wasn't.

FACT: You do NOT put the fucking Anonymous logo on a site and then spam your goddamn nickname on it for attention.

Fucking imbeciles @ whoever did this
Anonymous 2011-01-11 01:39:37
lol ok, we'll put it on the agenda for the weekly meeting.

what are you like mate.
Anonymous   well, they shoulda left the tags off -1, but that site probably deserved it and your points have some merit +1.
Anonymous   If anonymous was given a D&D morality group, we would be chaotic neutral
Anonymous   Moar like chaotic lulz
Anonymous   Moar like "all of the above". For all the "gtfo moralfag"ing, it IS part of what we are.
Anonymous   I wish someone would do a DDOS on the ROS site so people can't pay the banks their tax money.
Anonymous 2011-01-11 10:53:16
>>The hivemind is neither peaceful nor agressive, it just is.

That's one way of deluding yourself into believing you can 'attack' someone else without being personally responsible.
Anonymous 2011-01-12 23:17:52
I'm not deluded, I am very aware of the fact that i act as an individual, and this bear responsability for my actions.

The point made is that my outlook is coloured by the collective wrangling and thought processes of the hivemind, which can sway in either direction: agressive, passive, lulzy and all other parts of the spectrum. The collective "we" are none of these things, and all of them.

But in the end it's my decision to involve myself.
Anonymous 2011-01-11 11:07:08
I hate Enda Kenny because he's a jumped up cultie.

Hence although the main body of Anons definitely didn't do this, it works for the lulz.


Love the logic.
Anonymous 2011-01-11 13:54:29
I came from the BBC.

Then I pooped my pants.

Bye bye
Anonymous 2011-01-11 14:12:58
Wow, this article has sure attracted a lot of trolls and oldfags...

You may want to remember you don't "own" the name Anonymous.
Anonymous   I do, however, rent it and am willing to sublet for a very reasonable fee. Interested?
Anonymous   do you take paypal?
Anonymous   Sure, we also accept Visa and Mastercard.
Anonymous   Damn, thats a lot more succinct than my rambling post above. +1
Anonymous 2011-01-11 14:54:43
Anonymous = 13 year old emo hipster faggots who are too cool for any socially acceptable activity and/or a direct social life. They're members of the secret club 'Anonymous' which is comprised of 'hackers' who like to 'raid' facebook.

anonymous = 1.
without any name acknowledged, as that of author, contributor, or the like: an anonymous letter to the editor; an anonymous donation.
of unknown name; whose name is withheld: an anonymous author.
lacking individuality, unique character, or distinction: an endless row of drab, anonymous houses.

There's a huge fuckin difference between the capital and lower case 'A'. Let the kiddies have their secret club, and let the bros do it for the lulz anonymously.

As to why someone who might actually be a hacker is claiming the nomer 'Anonymous', I have my theories neatly backed by a complete lack of evidence.
Anonymous 2011-01-11 21:15:17
Jesus christ, the mainstream media has as little understanding of anonymous as all the anons/b/tardz put together.

Anonymous means exactly that, pick up a fucking dictionary if you need to. Anon isn't a coherant movement orchestrated by some shady kabal of hacktivists, in some cases it is, and in some cases its scriptkiddies doin it 4 da lulz, and in some cases it'll be governments/private industry who wish to remain unknown. This disambiguation of what the word Anonymous actually means is starting to piss me off. Its not a group you can point a finger at, its everyone and it is no-one.

Why is that so hard to comprehend?
Anonymous 2011-01-12 07:20:39
Here's the problem. This was indeed done by "Anonymous". However, it was NOT done by "anonops" or by "Operation Payback", and this is what the media has been attributing. The Irish media is repeatedly claiming that the hacking was done by "pro wikileaks hackers" or "anti piracy protesters".

I really think that it's extremely important for us to make it clear somehow to the press, that Anonymous is comprised of many different groups and movements, and that just because an action was taken by "Anonymous", this does not mean that it was attributed to whatever big Anonymous operation is currently making headlines in the news.

In other words, this was an Anon action, but it was completely unrelated to the anti piracy or Wikileaks raids. It was not done by Operation Payback.
The media do not seem to understand the distinction between different operations within the wider movement.
Anonymous 2011-01-12 09:51:16
OMFG!!! How fucking ridiculous do you sound man!!!

---"Ummm yeah it was us, but like it wasn't us, ya know"---

I sense out-fucking-standing logic at play, the kind of logic that no sane individual, even ones wearing black hats would want to be associated with, for obvious reasons.
Anonymous 2011-01-12 11:06:08
this explains it in perfection imo - fucking brilliant!! This is the heart of the re-Birth of Tragedy, the struggle of the archetypal brothers Dionysus and Apollo, the chaotic cosmic ecstatic state beyond good and evil vs the world of form, light and order. Dionysus correctly surmises that his world is threatened by the intruding do-gooders. But these paragons of order are the true nihilists, believing neither their own lies nor the expectation of bliss. The world of order is constrained by language.

from the Manifesto of the Anonymous Nomad (on this site):

We embark, then, in a kind of raft of “the Medusa;” bombs fall all around the raft as it drifts towards icy subterranean streams -or toward torrid rivers, the Orinoco, the Amazon the passengers row together, they are not supposed to like one another, they fight with one another, they eat one another. To row together is to share, to share something beyond law, contract, or institution. It is a period of drifting, of “deterritorialization.”
Anonymous 2011-01-13 07:43:33
or, how about anonymous is anyone who doesnt bother to sign their fucking name and thats why we're everyone and no-one. the fine gale thing? yep that was anonymous since nobody knows what fuckers did that. and it was lulzy, that helps =)

and seriously, that "explanation" there only works if you have an immense understanding of greek mythology. i had to wikipedia half that shit lol =p
Anonymous   apologies >< .... imo Nietzsche was saying "go for the lulz" or = "revolution for the hell of it" if you're an activist. hell isn't all bad, we are intimately familiar with it, as it (and heaven) is all around us... there are plenty of other well-intentioned activities that are more "serious" but lack lulz and therefore will likely go nowhere in the long run. So imo "go fuck shit up" in a comedic way when possible - it wakes people up and stirs their imagination. it's all about "de-TERRITORIALIZATION" - seizing ground, even temporarily.

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